Chapter 12 Intervention

Chapter 12

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Bella turns as her husband whistles out. She blushes a bit. He was leaning against the doorway of the bathroom. He tilted his head looking upon the little black skirt she was wearing.

“Daddy like!”

He came up behind her and lifted up her skirt. He pressed himself right up against her black panties.

“Fuck…” He growled out in longing.

She softly giggles as she’s brushing her hair.

“Wade baby, I need to get ready for school.”

He shakes his head and runs his hand along her panties. Suddenly she feels herself being lifted up. He places her on the counter and yanks her panties off.

“I’m going to be late…”
“I don’t really give a damn.” He quickly frees himself and spreads her legs.

He relentlessly starts pounding her. Bella surrenders to the pleasure as she leans back. Deadpool watched himself plunging into her tiny mound. She was literally milking him with each stroke he gave her.

“I’m gonna come so fucking much it’s going to be dripping out of you at school!”

At this she screamed out gushing hardcore. He followed not long after. Sure enough he pulled out and it was massive and thick to the point it was dripping off the both of them.

“Hmm, I like you in skirts. We should get you more! Really short ones too!”

Bella laughs as she cleans herself off.

“Well thanks to you I’m late for class.”

“I didn’t really hear you complaining.”

She couldn’t argue that. When it came to Wade it was damn near impossible to turn him down. The sex was entirely too hot. Once she got herself good and clean. She sprayed some perfume along her neck to keep the smell of sex at bay. Not that she really gave that much of a damn. It was more about getting through a day then it was about making friends or what people thought of her. She was beginning to care less and less what other’s thought.

Her husband had already cleaned himself up and tucked it away within his suit. He was still hard she noticed as he was poking about. She teased him by rubbing against it as she walked past.

“Ohhhhh. Ok let’s go again!”

“Sorry I really got to go.”

“Dammit! I hate school.”

“You’re not even the one having to go.”

He sighs.

“But it’s soooo boring without you Stella baby!”

She smiles thinking that was actually rather sweet. Bella grabs her bag.

“It won’t be long.” She wraps her arms around his neck.

He grumbles under his breath. They appear in front of the school. He lifts his mask slightly and kisses her. Deadpool places some sort of odd necklace around her neck.

“Um what’s this?”

“Panic button…”

She laughs.

“Panic button?”

He nods.

“You mean for like the elderly? You know when they’ve fallen and can’t get up?!”

“And for Hawt girls like you.”

“Wade I don’t need this. It’s silly.”

“It doesn’t phone the police. It sends a personal alert to me. If someone’s fucking with you this gives me your exact location. All you have to do is press it. I’ll appear and take their motherfucking asses out!”

“Aren’t you going a bit over board?”

She utters and tucks it underneath her white buttoned blouse.

“I never go overboard Stella babe.”

“Sure you don’t.”

She starts to walk away and head on to class.

“LOVE YOU!” He calls out.

She grins and turns back facing him, but he was already gone. She softly laughs.

“Love you too…” She whispers.

Bella heads on to her locker. After she exchanges her books she rushes to class. The teacher cuts her a disapproving look.

“You’re late Mrs. Wilson.”

Bella nods and takes a seat.

“She had to get another pregnancy test.” Trish mouths off.

Bella ignores her and takes out her pen and paper from her bag.

“Yeah for your trick ass.” Alicia adds nods towards Bella.

Bella smiles in return and waves.

“Look at your badself looking all hot and what not. Not bad for a white chick.” Alicia whispers.

“Um thanks?”

Dominic looked back towards her. Trish reached over and smacked him in the back of the head.

“You best knock it off Dom!”

He sighs and shakes his head as he faces forward again. Her classes seemed to go ok. Come lunch time though Bella was following Alicia, Chelsea, Derek, and Tyrese out, however she felt a hand along her shoulder. Bella turned to see it belonged to Clarence.

“Why don’t ya come sit with us today babygirl?”
“Um I’m good actually, but thanks.”

Alicia and her group of friends turn towards Clarence and his boys.

“Come on bro, just leave her be.” Derek uttered and stood guard beside Bella.

Clarence raises his brows on this.


Derek nervously swallows back.

“She’s not one of your girls Clarence.”

Alicia cuts Derek a concerned look. Clarence shoves Derek away from Bella. He holds out his hand.

“Come on baby…” He encourages.

“I already said to quit calling me that. I’m also not going anywhere with you.”

“You scared of me?”

“No, I just happen to have a mind of my own.”

“I just want to get to know you that’s all.”

“Sorry I don’t feel the same.”

He laughs.

“I bet I could change your mind.” He says with a wink.

He puts his arm around her shoulder and starts to lead her away from Alicia and her group. The guy had enough bling to anchor him to the ocean floor.

“Don’t do this Clarence! Not her!” Alicia calls out with desperation.

Derek and Tyrese rush up and yank Bella back towards them.

“Knock it off Clarence. She’s not that kind of girl and you know that! Leave her the fuck alone!”

Clarence hauls off and pops the shit out of Derek. Bella screams out as the guys start brawling. The girls quickly jerk Bella back out of the way.

“STOP IT!” Bella shouts as Clarence picks Derek up by the throat and tosses him across the parking lot.

She runs to his aide. Derek groans out and rolls over.

“Shit!” Bella yells as his face was all kinds of fucked up.

“Dammit, what is wrong with you?!” She shouts at Clarence.

Clarence looks as though he was about to back hand her.

“I swear to GOD if you hit me that’ll be the last thing you ever do. You’re not the only one that knows people. You haven’t any idea who the FUCK YOU’RE MESSING WITH!”

He tilts his head a bit and chuckles.

“Laugh it up asshole, see where it gets you!”

Bella braces Derek up against her. Tyrese helps her take Derek to the nurse’s station. Once they’re out of sight. Clarence nods towards Alicia. He snarls back and grabs her by the hair. He drags her back behind a building. The other guys hold the other girls back.

“Alicia!” Vanessa screamed out with tears.

Clarence grabs Alicia by the throat and lifts her up against the building.

“You ever pull some stupid shit like that again and I’m gonna seriously fuck you up. Do you get me?”

“Clarence please…”
He slaps her across the face.

“No one stands in my way. Not even you.” He presses himself against her.

“I already had your cousin’s fine ass. I’ve yet to have yours.”

She grimaces as he licks her across the cheek.

“Why her Clarence?”

“Do you know how much bank I’d make off her? A fine white piece of ass like that?”

“She’ll never agree to that and you know it!”

“You seem to forget I always get what I want. ALWAYS! The white bitch is mine. Stand in my way again Alicia see where it gets you! I’ll rip you from V to A then come for your little sister!”

He throws her down and walks away.

Bella and Tyrese help Derek into the ambulance as it pulls up.

“I’m so sorry…” Bella said.

Derek shook his head.

“Don’t… Seriously girl you need to watch your back.” He says as the paramedics shut the door to the ambulance.

“It’s him that needs to watch his.” Bella replies in a certain tone.

Tyrese pats Bella on the back.

“He’ll be fine. Trust me Derek’s had much worse.”

“What the fuck is Clarence’s problem?”

Tyrese sighs and looks around.

“Around here he’s God.”
“That’s so stupid.”

“That’s just how it is.”

Bella softly laughs.

“Trust me if he only knew…”

Tyrese looks to her oddly.

Alicia and her friends come around the corner. Bella’s jaw drops. Tyrese runs up to Alicia.


Tyrese looks her over.

“I’m alright.”

Bella ground her teeth together and anger coursed through her.

“Clarence?” Bella questioned.

“Girl, just let it go.” Alicia undertones.

Tyrese wraps his arms around Alicia and kisses her forehead. Bella hadn’t realized they were a couple.

“I’m sorry baby.”

Bella and the other girls give them their space.

Once the principal gets word of what took place. He freaks out. He has Bella sent to his office. He personally scans her over and thoroughly questions her about if she’s ok. She thought it was odd considering he was one of the ones the other day that hadn’t so much as even budged when those girls were beating on her. She wondered why he’d a sudden change in heart. She convinced him she was fine and exited his office puzzled.

Bella rest her head in her husband’s lap as she does her homework. He was watching one of his annoying reality TV shows. Clarence stuck into her mind like that of a sore thumb. She remembered how fancy his precious car was. A mischievous smile formed along her face as an idea came to mind.

Her husband noticed this.

“Now that’s a scary look if I ever saw one.”

She softly laughs.

“Hope that’s not directed at me babycakes.”


He sighs in relief. After she was done with her homework, Bella started some supper.

“Got a job Stella babe.”

He pops her on the rear as he passes by. Before she can say anything he’s gone. She shrugs and finishes cooking their chicken. She fixes their plates and goes to sit them down. Only to see a woman with a black spot around her eye and she was in a black bodysuit. Her feet were propped up on the table.

Bella took notice of the guns within the woman’s black holster.

“And you are?” Bella inquired as she discreetly grabbed her hidden gun.

She stayed behind the counter cautiously.

“You first…”

Bella shakes her head.

“You broke into my apartment.”

“Correction this is NOT your apartment. It’s Deadpool’s…”

“Um yeah my husband so that makes it my home too.” Bella slants her head ever so slightly and narrows her eyes the woman’s direction.

“Let me guess Domino?”
The woman nods. She takes out a knife and starts cleaning her fingernails with it.

“We eat there you know.”

“You still haven’t given me a name.”

“Bella Wilson, now that we got that out of the way. You can get your feet off our fucking table and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Domino laughs.

“Do you have any idea just who I really am?”

“Not particularly, but I’m beginning to learn. Not so sure we’re going to be friends. For one thing I don’t appreciate you coming in here like you fucking own the place! Secondly, Wade Wilson is my fucking husband so keep your slimy hands off him. Thirdly, this is OUR home! And I say you’re NOT welcomed here. Now you’re pissing me off Patches.”

Bella takes out her gun and aims it right at Domino’s eye.

“I hear a good glass eye is hard to find these days.”

“Oh please, there’s nothing threatening about you. You look as though some washed up housewife. So what’s your game? Why are you messing with Wade Wilson?”

Bella sighs and fires at Domino’s feet.

“You’ve worn out your welcome.”

Domino takes out her gun and Bella fires again. The gun is shot out right out of Domino’s hand.


Domino shouts.

Bella makes her way over she keeps the gun steady.

“If I have to tell you to get the fuck out one more time…” She puts the gun directly to Domino’s eye.

“You will earn that little nickname I gave you!”

They both turn to a knock at the door.

“Bella? It’s Nathan…”

Bella keeps her gun aimed at Domino. She then bends down and picks up Domino’s gun. Bella keeps her guard as she opens the door. Cable looks directly upon Domino.

“That’s about what I thought. I can’t believe you took it this far! You had better leave and NOW before he gets here or you’re dead. You think he’ll even bat an eye if he sees you messing with his WIFE?!”

“How are you doing that?!” Domino ignores Cable and looks to Bella.

“How are you reversing it?!”

Cable looks to Domino puzzled.

“Reversing what?” He questions.

“My luck!” She barks.

“Maybe you just suck at this.”

Cable chuckles at Bella’s remark. Domino cuts him a rueful glare. He rolls his eyes and grabs her by the arm.

“Let’s go before Wade gets here and your brains end up splattered against the wall.”

Bella hands Domino her gun back.

“If ever see you in this apartment again. I will not hesitate to shoot you down.” Bella warns as Cable drags Domino out.

Domino rolls her eyes as Logan’s already waiting at the bar. He chuckles seeing the look on Cable’s face.

“So you were right…” Logan says as he leans back and sips at his beer.

He slides one over for Domino.

“Drink up cupcake.”

Cable sits her in the middle of them.

“What is this?” She scoffs.

“Think of it as a little intervention.” Logan gruffly replies.

“A much needed one in fact.” Cable adds.

Logan twirls around and faces her as he lights up one of his cigars.

“Think of it like this. We’re trying to keep YOU alive. You know damn well what Wade is capable of and how his mind works. You two might have some history, but that’s all it is now sweetheart. Face it he’s over yah he’s moved on. Wade Wilson is married now. You need to really think about what you’re doing Neena. If you keep this up we’ll be attending your funeral within the next month or less. And believe me I’m all out of suits ruined my last one in fucking Toyko. I don’t want to have to buy another for quite some time and I damn sure don’t do rentals. So don’t be an idiot.”

“So neither of you is concerned?”

They both shake their heads.

“And how was she doing that?” Domino looked back to Cable.

He sighs. He already knew what she meant. It was the same thing about the white noise he was picking up. Cable wasn’t certain what to make of it either. Still, he didn’t see Bella as a threat.

“Doing what?” Logan asked curiously.
“Neena claims Bella can reverse her good luck charm.”

Logan chokes back on his beer in laughter.

“Oh I bet you hated that. Not used to having rotten luck.”

“Shove it Logan.”

Neena sips from her beer.

“What is your problem exactly with this girl?” Logan asks with interest.

“It’s how he’s acting. Like he’s been brainwashed or manipulated somehow. I truly feel she’s up to something like she’s using him or…”

Cable loudly sighs.

“And you have room to talk? Even if she were which she’s NOT. You of all people Neena can’t talk.”

Logan looks to them both oddly. He knew they had history as well he just wasn’t sure what all had taken place. From the look on Cable’s face it must’ve been pretty serious.

“How long are you going to hold that against me?”

“You’re the one that left before we even had a chance to talk about what went haywire. You never could make up your mind what you wanted, even now we both know you’re only upset, because you can’t use Wade to your advantage now. You will actually have to start doing things the harder way. You already know I won’t fall for it. I will say this much though. If you’re in some kind of trouble you could have come to me, instead of trying to swindle something out of Wade. I might not do it to your exact expectations. But I’m right here Neena, I always have been. Now when I say this, I mean as a friend.”
Logan cocks a brow at this.

“Not so sure I wanna know.” Logan utters taking a plunge off his beer.

Cable takes in a breath.

“Logan’s also right. Wade won’t hesitate if he even catches so much as you batting an eye his wife’s direction. He’s very protective of her. We’ve both witnessed this side of him.”

Logan grimaces in memory.

“You need to take our warning serious. Think of this as a couple friends giving you helpful advice. Stay away from Wade Wilson and his wife. It may very well save your life.”

“Wade wouldn’t kill me…”

Logan has a good laugh at this. Cable ground his teeth together.

“You obviously don’t know Wade as well as you thought!” Cable snaps at her sheer stupidity.

“It’s like you said Cable we have history. Wade and I go back hell the three of us go back.”

“Sounds like some demented ass love triangle to me.”

“If you could even call it that.” Cable mouths bitterly.


“Oh come on Neena even Wade knows a good thing when he has it.”
Logan chuckles shaking his head.

“I bet that’s the first he’s ever turned down a good lay.”

“That’s to be debatable.” Cable fires back.

“You certainly never complained.” Domino says behind gritted teeth.

She finishes her beer and slams down the empty bottle.

“So good to be back, feeling right at home!” She smarts off.

Cable shrugs as she hops down from the barstool.

“Welcome home Neena…”

She flips him off as she heads out.

“And what was your appeal?” Logan questions.

“You’ve no idea just how many times I asked myself that very question.”

“I never dreamed you and Wade would share a love interest.”

Cable half laughs.

“Honestly, neither did I. I doubt he did either.”

“Whoa… are you saying what I think you are.”

Cable sighs.

“Trust me that’s a part of memory lane I wish to not revisit.”

Logan nods in understanding. He buys them both another round.

“Think she’ll listen?”

“I sincerely hope she does, for her sake. I’d hate to bury a good friend.”

“Did you ever call Wade to tell him the mission was a bust after all?”

“Shit…” Logan mutters.

He quickly calls Wade.

Cable shakes his head. He couldn’t believe Domino had set up a fake mission for Deadpool. He had called them wondering if he was in the wrong area. He thought that was pretty low even for her. That’s how he knew this was a set up. So she could meet Bella on her own terms.

Bella was lying on the couch watching TV. Deadpool appeared before her. She rose up and looked to him with concern.

“I was starting to worry.”

He shrugs.

“There wasn’t a job after all.” He sighs as if disappointed.

“So you didn’t get to kill anyone?”

“No…” He says in a disappointing sulking matter.

Bella came to her feet and kissed him on the cheek.

“Sorry Wade baby.” She narrows her eyes on her own behavior.

Did she honestly just apologize for him not being able to take a life today? She rubs her temples in thought. She shakes it off and heads into the kitchen. Bella begins to warm up his plate she had saved him. He looks to her strangely.

“What’s that?”

“I saved you a plate.”

“Saved me a plate?” He asked as if baffled.

“Of course… wait… did you already eat?”


“Oh well… You hungry?”


She smiles and finishes warming up his food. Bella places his plate down and sits beside him. He looks to his plate as if confused.

“She saved me a plate…” He whispers to himself.

He notices the bullet hole in the floor.

“Did my little pumpkin butt get trigger happy while I was gone?”

“Had a minor rodent issue.” She says with shrug.

“Yeah we get those. You’re lucky it was small. I’ve seen some big ass bitches babe.” He exaggerates with his hands.

She softly laughs. He looks to his plate.

“Cool chicken bewbs! I love bewbs.” Bella watches him eat for a few moments.

She then rises.

“I’m going to shower and get ready for bed.”

He nods and continues to demolish his plate.

He hears the shower start. He looks around the apartment. Something didn’t feel right to him. He felt as though his wife was hiding something from him. He just couldn’t quit peg what it was. Then again he wasn’t in the greatest mood. He didn’t like wandering around aimlessly for a few hours for fucking nothing!

Deadpool finished his food. He caught himself doing something he’s never, ever done.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” He shouts out as he was cleaning up after himself.

“Nooooo… oh noooo! No, no, no!”

Bella heard him shout. She quickly wrapped a towel around her and was dripping wet as she ran out of the shower.


He looked over and raised his brows.

“Well someone’s all wet and HAWT!”

“I heard you yell, what happened?”

“YOU that’s what?!”

She rears back in wonder.

“Excuse me?”

“I washed my plate and put it in the dish drainer!”

“Um ok…”

“What are you doing to me?! Don’t you get it? I made a mess and I cared! What the fuck?! HELP ME!”

She presses her lips together trying not to laugh.

“Now Wade, I never said you had to do that.”

She rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Bella heads back to the shower. After her shower she heads to bed. While her husband was gone, she’d stuck a nice little surprise in her backpack for Clarence. Her eyes were coming to a close, when she felt her husband wrapping his arm around her. She enjoyed the feeling of his bare body next to hers.

Before long she hears him snoring. She smiles and she too conks out.

Deadpool wakes the next morning to have his wife riding him. His hands automatically latched on to her hips. Her breasts were bouncing about and he fought not to come immediately. Which wasn’t a very strong battle. Just a couple more sways of her hips and he came like a damn fountain. He wasn’t about to let it be left at that.

“Keep going.” He demanded as she was about stop.

She smiled and continued.

“Fuck yeah, baby ride my cock don’t stop.”

They began this rolling around thing. They eventually ended up in the floor. That didn’t stop them. Bella gasped back as he began bucking his hips wildly in the air. This caused him to go even deeper inside her.

“I’m not stopping until I feel you fucking saturating me!” He uttered breathlessly with a beast like growl behind his words.

“SHIIIIIT! I fucking love that!” He calls out as he feels her beckoning to his command.

He comes yet again. Only once he pulls out he quickly replaces his dick with his fingers. He loved watching her coming. He could watch her orgasm all fucking day.

“Wade…” She cried out with sensitivity as she kept coming.

That vain grin formed along his face. He removed his fingers and licked them clean watching her reaction. He then kissed her.

“That’s what you taste like.”

She just laid there as he hopped up. That grin was still planted on his face. That shouldn’t turn me on she thought. Wade was a bit of a freak in bed. Bella found herself loving every minute of it. There wasn’t a single complaint in that department. She giggled to herself and forced herself to get up. Today would be her last day. She found herself thankful it was the weekend. Still she found herself pondering where Wade was taking her.

She joined Wade in the shower. He was soaping down. She laughed as he was soaping down his balls real good. She shakes her head. He makes his way to his dick.
“You know if you stroke it more than twice you’re playing with it?” She teases.

He has his dick still in his hand. His eyes were wide.

“I think I have a problem.”

She dies in laughter.

“You?! Never…”

Deadpool hikes up her leg as he kisses her goodbye for school. He disappears once he’s done. Bella takes in a breath as she gazes upon the school. However, she’d plans for Clarence. She wanted his ass to pay for what he did to Alicia and Derek. She made her way to the parking lot. He’d a very expensive black Cadillac. A grin came about her face. She looked around making sure the coast was clear. She assumed there were no watchful eyes about her. Bella unzipped her backpack.

She took out one of her husband’s grenades she’d taken from the house. Bella felt this surge of excitement flowing through her. She didn’t quite understand it. She knew this was wrong. She could spend years in jail for this. Her father would beat her ass. Her husband however would love it. A small giggle left her mouth as she pulled out the clip. She then rolled the grenade perfectly under Clarence’s car. Bella quickly began to run to get away from the impact. She thought she had enough clearance. Only the blast hit and it sent her flying back. Her ears began to ring and she couldn’t hear anything surrounding her. Not even Clarence and his boys running up to her. They had caught this as they were in one of his friend’s cars smoking joints.

Clarence promptly grabbed her and covered her mouth. He began to drag off with her. Bella’s heart raced and fear took over once she realized just how fucked she was. Still she couldn’t’ hear a thing. Her body was sore from hitting the pavement. She was choking from smoke inhalation.

They stuffed her into a car. Bella kicked her arms and legs about as she struggled to get away from them. She was trying to hit the panic button on her necklace. Her eyes widened as they held her down. Clarence tied something around her arm. He began to tap for a vein. Once he found one he stuck her with a syringe. Her body jarred about with desperation.

“Shh… You’ll feel better soon babygirl. Just relax. I’m gonna take good care of you.”

Her hearing was finally coming back. Still they rang. Her body began to feel warm and funny. She felt thirsty as well. She swallowed back.

“You owe me big time! What the fuck were you thinking? I own your ass now babygirl. Every damn dime you make will go to me! Until you earn enough to replace my Caddy! Then we’ll talk about what percentage you get. Do we have an understanding?”

They pull up into an alleyway.

“It’s too bad you’re not wearing that sexy little skirt of yours from yesterday. But we’ll work on your style. I want you in dresses, sexy ones. Leave your hair down.”

He tilts his head a bit. He nods then rips her shirt open. He ties it into a knot and fixes it up.

“That’s better… Sexy little tummy…” He grins.

“Damn you’re gonna score me so much doe! Fuck!”

One of his friends reaches out to touch her.

“Don’t touch the merchandise!” He barks.

The guy raises his hands in the air.

“Sorry bro.”

“How you feeling now babygirl? You feeling good yet? Sexy?”

She blinks a few times as the area rather spun around her. Slight nausea was hitting her. She continued to feel funny and confused. He wraps his arm around her and points out a certain area.

“That over there is Monica and Desiree. They’ll show you the ropes. Do me proud… Just remember I got my eye on you. Just flash that pretty little smile of yours and the ladies will show you the rest.”
He motions for her to head that direction. Bella did her best to keep her mind intact. Once Clarence and the others dropped their hold on her, she bent down as if to hurl. Only she discreetly grabbed her butterfly knife from her boot. She did her best to hide it in her hand. The dizziness continued to take over, yet she found herself feeling other things she knew weren’t right. Bella hit the panic button on the way up. Clarence rolled his eyes and roughly grabbed her arm.
“Look at you all messed up. I guess I should have given you a lighter dose. You’ve never done X before have you babygirl? Don’t worry your body will adapt to it soon. You’re gonna feel real good.”

Bella knew he had a gun in his pocket. She’d seen the black handle. She had to act fast. Through her drugged and confused state. She yanked her arm out from his hand and brought her up her blade. She slit his throat just as he was taking out his gun.

Deadpool had appeared just in time to take in what was taking place. He’d witnessed his wife slitting the bastard’s throat. The other guys shoved her down and began kicking and beating her. Deadpool became manic. He took out a blade with one hand and a gun with the other. He ran his katana through one of the guy’s backs. He lifted them up with it as it sliced right through them. The other four took out their guns. One had Bella by roots of her hair and held a gun to her head.

“Just one more step fucker and the bitch gets it!”

Deadpool takes one step back with a nod. He teleports directly beside the guy, he yanks back his arm breaking it. He then takes his blade across the guy’s throat stabbing right through it.

“I didn’t step asshole!”

Deadpool shoots the others all head shots without hesitation. He turns towards Bella. He lowered his brows as she was acting unusual. He also took notice that she had a hand mark around her arm and was bleeding. He gently grabbed her arm and knew she’d been injected with something. He turned to see the car just a few feet away from them. He took Bella’s hand and led her that direction. He picked her up and placed her on top of the hood. Her head swayed about and she lay down.

He began to dig through the car searching for the syringe. Once he found it he licked the tip of it.

“X…” He murmured.

He got out and looked back towards her. She had helped herself back down and was staggering around. He heard her giggling. She leaned back against the alleyway wall. She was biting her lower lip something she usually does during sex.

“So you gonna tell me what’s going on babe?”

She runs her hand along his chest as he stood before her.


“Everything?” He questions with a tilted head.

“This guy fucked up a couple of my friends from school. So I got mad. I stole one of your grenades. I blew up the asshole’s car because I wanted to. He didn’t like that. So he wanted me to become his new hoes, to pay off his precious Cadillac.” She sighs as if bored now.

“You stole one of my grenades? Damn, how’d you get that past me? First one of my doorknobs now a grenade? ” He questions as if in surprise and rather impressed.

“Yeah, yeah… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, I slit his throat and now he’s dead. Then you came and fucked them all up, because that’s what you do. Which is like way cool!” She giggles a bit and covers her mouth.

“Yeah, you’re really fucking high right now my little sexy rebel.”

“I feel funny.”

She wraps her arms around his neck.

“Can we go home now?”

He nods and they appear in the apartment. He feels her snuggling up against him.

“Hmm, you smell good.” She declares as she breathes him in.

Bella was actually humping him and moaning softly.

“Damn…” He muttered feeling disordered himself now.

There were two things and two things only on his mind at the moment. He wanted to fuck the living hell out of her. Make her fucking sweat that X within her system out. However, she was pretty beat up. He knew he needed to tend to that first. His mind was this spinning vortex of misperception on what to do first.

She’s high as a god damn kite. Fuck her brains out!

Come on now, she’s bleeding and needs some TLC first.

Ah, she’ll be fine. Look she’s horny she knows what she wants.

It’s the drug talking not her.

It’s only showing what she’s been holding back. Face it your wife is a FREAK!

Don’t be a dick WADE!

Nah, man put that dick to use. That’s what she wants. It’s what you want! Why should either of you suffer. Fuck, fuck, fuckity, FUCK!


WHOA, who are you? (the voices chorus)….(where did you get those pants?)

Deadpool shakes his head as the inner battle continues.

His wife was all over him literally. She was kissing along his neck and chest as he carried her into the bathroom. He was in agony with a boner from hell. He placed her on the counter and began to clean her up. This wasn’t an easy task. Bella continued to squirm around, giggle and was even touching herself. He figured it best to run her shower. He turned the nozzle towards the cold side. He stripped her down. She took off his mask and threw it off. Bella began to eagerly kiss him. Her legs instantly wrapped around him.

Once he got her under the water though she gasped out.

“Wade! That’s fucking cold!” She reached back to turn it to warm.

He stopped her and shook his head.

“It stays where it is babycakes. Sorry, but you’re all kinds of fucked up right now. I gotta wake you up just a tad.”

She began to shiver as he made certain she was good and drenched. A little bit of remaining blood ran down the tub.

“I don’t like being cold and wet!” She whimpered with a pouty lip.

He chuckled.

“Huh… well I know one of those things isn’t necessarily true.”

She smiled, but it soon faded. Even as she talked though her hands continuously ran along his body.

“What do you even see in me Wade? I’m weak and pathetic. You’re always having to save me! Why haven’t you just left me to die? Aren’t you sick and tired of it?”

“You weak? Now that’s a fucking joke right? As to all that other bullshit… you’re my girl. Leaving you to die is never an option and what’s there to get tired of?” He utters with a shrug.

“Besides you play with my doorknobs.” He says with a grin.

“Um like I was saying…” He groans as she starts rubbing her hand along his cock.

He gives in and latches on to one of her breasts. His eyes practically roll back as she continues to fondle him. He pulsated greatly in her hand.

“Wade will you just fuck me already?!”

He raises his brows on this.

“No need to tell me twice.”

He twirls her around and bends her over. He bobbed about as he took his fingers along the little kitty shot before him. She was warm and rearing to go. Bella was actually humping his hand.

“Please Wade.”

He slithered his way inside. As he fucked the daylights out of her he reached around cupping her breasts.

“That’s right fuck me Wade baby. God I need to come so bad.” She moaned in a begging matter. She was driving him even more insane than he already was.

He gritted his teeth and gave her all he had. He lost count of the amount of times she’d came. She cried out and moaned ceaselessly at each plunge he gave.

“I’m gonna come babe!” Bella felt the intense throbbing and soon the warm contents filling her.

He helped her back up after he pulled out. He nodded seeing he’d done his job. Just as he assumed her eyes were growing heavy. Her arms automatically locked around him.

“I think it’s time for sleeping beauty’s nap.” He whispered as he rinsed them off.

He helped her out and dried them both off. Her eyes were already starting to close.

“Whoa…” He barely caught her in time.

Bella was out cold. He carried her to the couch and laid her down. He left her in the nude, but placed a blanket over her. Deadpool got in his suit. He then sat and waited. He’d begun to make plans to keep a better eye on his wife. The only thing he was truly tired of was death knocking on her door constantly. If he lost her, the old Deadpool would be reborn. He would no longer fucking hold back. There would no longer be a point. His hands balled up in thought. If she hadn’t already ended that pimp’s life he’d be torturing the son of a bitch about now. He wished he could revive his ass just to do so.


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