Chapter 13 Honeymooning Deadpool’s Way

Chapter 13

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“You’re seriously bringing your guns on our honeymoon?!”

He sighs.

“Why do you nag on me constantly babe?!”

She rolls her eyes.

“Are you sure they even allow guns where we’re going?”

“I don’t know do they?” He questions with a shrug.

“Um how would I know you’re the one that planned this remember. I haven’t a clue where we are going.”

“Didn’t we go over all this already?!”

“Um no Wade baby we didn’t.”

“Yes we did like just a couple minutes ago.”

“Wade we’re still having this discussion. It’s the SAME ONE!”

Bella finishes her water.

“Look just one gun and keep it hidden please.”
“What about my katanas?”

“No Wade.”
He folds his arms about his chest bitterly.

“You’re mean!”

“Wow you’ve got to be the most immature person that’s ever lived!”

“Now that’s just silly have you met everyone that’s ever lived?!”

“WHAT?! Babe stop yelling it hurts my sensitive ears!”

“You use guns and grenades for a living yet, you have sensitive ears?”

“It’s your voice it’s like…”
She gives him a look of sheer hell.


“It’s exactly like… Ohhh wait… you almost got me.”

“Heaven…” He says putting a hand to his heart.
“You’re so full of shit.” She says with a grin, shaking her head.

She makes her way over and runs her hand along his chest.

“Please?” She whispers in his ear about what she’ll do for him if he does.

“DEAL!” He whips himself out already rock hard.

“Not now Wade I meant later.”


“Yep I do, but later.”
“Ohhh that was good!”

He tucks himself away and begins to put away his weapons.

“Better now?”

She nods.

“Much thank you!”

“Thank you…” He mocks and taps his foot.

Deadpool took it upon himself to place some of her ointment on her face. She winced a little as it was still sore to the touch.

“Why do they always go for the face?”

“It’s your best feature that’s why.”

“I thought to you my boobs were.”

He laughs.

“Oh yeah, I do love your bewbs soooo much.” He wipes the ointment off his hands and starts feeling her up.

He lifts her shirt up.

“Nooo… it’s that stupid contraption again. Babe bewbs are meant to be free. Tits need to breathe Stella baby, why do you insists on punishing them and me?!”

He snaps her bra.

“Wade! That hurt!”

“Oops…” He leans down and kisses each breasts.

“Glad I could help.”

“So where are we going?”

“Grab your bags and you’ll find out.”

“We’re only going to be gone for a couple nights right? I mean I got school Monday. I only packed enough for two nights.”
She places her backpack on. He doesn’t answer he just wraps his arms around her. He lifts his mask slightly and kisses her.

“You talk too much… Less talkie more face sucking.”

Bella looks around as she felt a draft. She saw an all too familiar castle and Minnie Mouse had just walked by.

“Disney World? You took me to Disney World?”

“Yep! Awesome huh?”

Bella grins ear to ear.

“I’ve never been to Disney World. I always wanted to go when I was little.”

“You’re still little. You’re like short and petite! Like a little doll!”



“Shut it.”

Bella tugs on her husband’s arm.

“I wanna ride that!”

He grins beneath that mask. She sounded damn near childlike. He was getting a kick out of her reaction. Deadpool easily teleported them towards the front of the line for each ride. Naturally, he got some very odd looks nothing new though for Deadpool. They rode the teacups, the Dumbo ride, Bumper cars, Meteor hits and many others. Deadpool even convinced Bella to ride on the roller coasters they had. She screamed the entire time and buried her face into her husband’s shoulder. He laughed and made fun of her as she promptly threw up after the last ride.

“You ok babe?” He patted her on the back as she yacked in one of the nearest garbage bins.

She flips him off then goes back to hurling.

“Yeah you’re ok…” He says behind a chuckle.

“So you’re a light weight and you have a weak stomach.”
“Suck it!” She snaps at him.
“You said I couldn’t suck on your bewbs in public? Remember that time I tried at the gas station? You got all huffy and acted ridiculous over it!”

They visited TomorrowLand and then went and rode all the water rides.

The smile never his wife’s face. They went to a few of the shows afterword. Bella elbowed him at one point though as the Disney Princess’s walked by.

“No…” She scolded.


“I mean it Wade knock it off.” She whispered harshly.

“But…” He was gawking at Ariel and her seashells as she walked past.

“Hehe! Bewbs.”


“What? Yours are bigger. We should get you some seashells babycakes.”

Bella rolls her eyes.

“You’re about to lose your favorite doorknob.”

As she threatens this though Aladdin walks by and gives Bella the once over. He does that smug grin and winks at her.

“What the fuck?!”

Deadpool started to hop up. Bella forced him back down.

“He was totally eye humping you. That little Arabian FUCKER!”

Jasmine walks by and Deadpool places his hand over his eyes, but spreads his fingers.

“I saw that.”
“Saw what Stella baby?” He says all innocently with a chuckle.

Bella sighs and rolls her eyes. She folds her arms about her chest as they continue to watch the show.

“Aw, don’t be made my little love muffin.” He puts his arm around her and kisses her cheek through his mask.

“You know you’re all I want!”

(Sirens go off)Warning! Warning! Jump ship! It’s official he’s lost his ever loving fucking mind!


No, no, no, no you just made it known that you don’t want any other pussy! Like ever! WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK?!

Um didn’t he do that when he married her?
I think you’re overreacting.

DUDE SHUT THEEEEE FUCK UP! It’s not just him in this relationship it’s us. You do realize if he goes without the enjoyment of other women so do we?

I’m actually ok with that…




Deadpool pulls Bella into his lap.

After the show he stole her a few souvenirs that she’d pointed interest about. He just didn’t let her know they were stolen. By the end of the day Bella had a stuffed Animal doll from the Muppets. She’d let him know that was her favorite. They both had a set of Mickey Mouse ears and balloons. They both had Disney World shirts over their clothes. Deadpool had a stuffed Goofy that was his favorite. They had popcorn, drinks, and cotton candy. Bella smiled nearly the entire time. He liked seeing her happy and relaxed. He actually felt accomplished and like he did something right for once.

However, just as they were about to leave Animal was walking around.

“OH MY GOD!” She tugged at her husband’s sleeve.

“It’s him!”

Deadpool looks over to Bella take off towards Animal from the Muppets.

“Son of a bitch!” He utters as Bella hugs him.

Animal pats her on the butt as he hugs her in return.


Deadpool teleports behind Animal and pile drives him to the ground.

“Deadpool!” Bella scolds furiously.

Bella pinches the bridge of her nose as Animal and Deadpool roll around decking one another.

“Stop it now Deadpool!”

“But he was getting his freak on with you!”

Bella rolls her eyes and helps Animal up. Animal hugs her once more and takes off running. Bella dies in laughter.

“What a little dick! PERVERTED FUCKER!” Deadpool shouts on top of his lungs and he shoots Animal’s tail.

Bella’s eyes widen as children were around. She quickly takes his gun away from him and hides it in her bra. “That’s right touch my wife again you little shit and…” Bella covers his mouth.

“There’s children…”

Deadpool looks around and waves.

“Hey kids!” They take off running behind their parents.

“You scared them!”

“Huh… not my fault they’re so sensitive. OH LOOK GOOFY!”

Deadpool takes off running. Bella follows him as he takes a selfie with Goofy. He takes picture after picture. Bella becomes bored as he and Goofy hang out.

“You get all mad about Animal and you and Goofy are now buddy-buddy? YOU ASS!”

“She’s always jealous! About everything!” Deadpool mouths off to Goofy.

Bella looks around and discreetly fires a shot at Goofy’s foot. Nothing that would injure the person inside, but enough to get her point across.

“What the hell babe?!”

Deadpool picks Goofy up and cradles him like a baby.
“Oh come on he’s not even hurt!”

Deadpool starts crying.

“I can’t believe you shoot Goofy!”

“Yeah well you shot Animal!”

“He’s a jerk.”
“And Goofy’s an idiot!”

Deadpool pinches the bridge of his nose and continues to hold and console Goofy.

“I’m so sorry my wife’s a crazy bitch. I know it’s my fault… I drove her to that point, but still…”
“I SWEAR TO GOD!” Bella shouts at him.

“We gotta find Donald!”

Deadpool wipes his eyes.

“We gotta give him the terrible news.”

“You mean Donald Duck?”

He nods and places Goofy down gently. Bella looks to Goofy.
“Oh get up you horses ass you’re fine!””

Goofy shrugs and lies down.

“Oh my God you’re totally milking this!” Bella shouts at Goofy.

Deadpool takes off to go find Donald and tell him the horrible news about Goofy being shot. Bella narrows her eyes at Goofy. She makes her way over and takes off the mask. It was a chick.

“That’s about what I thought.”
“Get up you bitch.”

Bella forces the young teenage girl up.

“He’s a married man you should be ashamed of yourself.”

The woman smiles.

“But he’s Deadpool. He’s like hot!”

“Ok so we agree there, but still. Oh shit…” Bella places the mask back on.

“Don’t let him know you’re not real. Just trust me. He doesn’t quite think like we do. It’d break his heart.”

He had Donald by the hand leading him over. Bella sighs and finds herself laughing a bit.

“Oh thank God he’s ok!” Deadpool says as he rushes over.

Bella smirks Goofy’s direction.

“You just remember what I said.” Bella harshly whispers to the girl within the costume.

“It’s ok I saved him!” Bella calls out.

Donald Duck looks to the both of them oddly. Deadpool puts hand to his heart.

“OH thank god babe. I love you!”

Bella looked to see they were being surrounded by security guards and they were on their radios.

“Um I think we better go.”

Deadpool nods taking notice as well. He flips Bella over his shoulder and they appear at a boathouse.

There were candles and roses on a round table with two chairs. Champagne was on ice and food was already set out.

“How’d you…?”

He shrugs and pulls out a chair for her.

“Who’s place is this?”



“Cable or to you Nathan… He’s letting us stay here a couple of nights.” He says with a hint of jealously.

Deadpool lights the candles and pours them both some champagne. The moon was reflecting over the water.

“I can’t believe you set this up. This is beautiful Wade.”

“So I did good?”

“Yes, Wade baby you did perfect.”

Bella sips from her champagne.

“This is really nice.”

Bella lifts the silver cover off her plate. There was fresh fruit and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches shaped like grenades, cheese cuts shaped like hearts. Bella softly laughs. She eats one of the sandwiches. Deadpool had taken off his mask and was eating.

“Did you make these yourself?”

He nods.

“That’s kind of cool actually.”

After she finishes her glass of champagne he refills it.


He lifts his eyes her direction.

“Thank you…”

He looks to her confused. Bella bit down on her lip a little.

“I actually had a really good time. You make things… well interesting and it’s never dull that’s for certain.”

“I still can’t believe you shot Goofy…” He utters softly.

She smiles.

“What can I say Wade baby when it comes to you I’m a very jealous woman.”

“Jealous of Goofy?”

She nods with a giggle.

“Aw, babe it’s not like he’s Captain America.”


He frowns and looks to her in skepticism.

“What do you mean who?”

She shrugs.

“Wow you really are cracked babe! Who doesn’t know the Cap?!”

Bella takes off her shirt and bra. He freezes as she starts stripping down. She winks his direction and leaps off the boat into the water.

“Ok well Captain Boner just arrived. Holy shit!”

Deadpool immediately strips down and jumps in. Bella splashes him in the face and starts to swim away. He grabs her ankle and pulls her towards him. He looks down seeing her breasts were pressed up right against his chest. He slightly lifts her up and starts sucking on them. He takes his time and flicks his tongue along her nipples. Bella wraps herself around him as they heavily make out. Bella began fondling him beneath the water. He throbbed intensely in her hand.

He gets them back onto the boat. Bella drops down keeping her promise. He pets her head and watches. Bella comes back up and pushes him back into one of the chairs. She gives him a little lap dance as a teaser.

“Jackpot I married a stripper!”

Bella softly laughs and rubs her tits in his face. As she comes back down he slides on in. Deadpool grips her hips moving her about him.

“They don’t let you do this in strip clubs. They tend to frown on such things. Or shoot at you…”

She raises her brows on this.



She puts a finger to his mouth.
“Shh…” She kisses him.

“Ok…” He mutters in her mouth.

Bella rocks harder about him and licks along his chest and neck. She hugs herself against him as she picks up stride.

“Fuck Bella you’re about to make me come.”

Bella gasped out as he instantly got a firmer hold on her. He robustly moved her about him. He felt even harder and swelled up even more inside her.

“Fuck Wade…”

“Shit you feel so god damn good.” He announced as he came.

She taunted him by continuing to move about him a little. He groaned out at the sensitivity. She laughed against his neck.

“Cruel woman, fuck I love you….” He said then started kissing her again.

“Love you too.”


He doesn’t move as she continues to lie against his chest.



“Why did you really marry me?”

He takes in a breath before he answers. She knew at this very moment Wade Wilson was speaking and not Deadpool.

“Because I saw someone real.”

Her heart literally melted and she wrapped herself even tighter around him.


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