Chapter 15 Meeting The Avengers

Chapter 15

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“Are you ready?”
“Ready?” Bella questions as she finishes tying her shoes.

He merely nods.


“You’re going with me sweetcheeks!”

Before she can even get a direct answer from him, Deadpool grabs her and teleports. Bella’s eyes widen as they’re now standing right in the middle of Avenger Headquarters. Everyone stares directly upon them. She tugs at Deadpool’s sleeve.

“Um where the hell are we and who are these people?!”

“Yah brought her here? Jesus Wade!” Logan mutters.

“What you’re the one that interrupted our weekend! I didn’t even get my nooner because of you cockblocking son of a bitch!”

Bella lets out this nervous laugh as the other men cock a brow, but towards her. Before her stood five other men, one was in some sort of Spider getup, the other had a giant star in the middle of his stomach and was decked out in patriotic colors, another was leaned against a wall with his arms folded about his chest, he was huge and had shoulder length blonde hair, the other had some sort of glowing object in the middle of his chest and his eyes were bloodshot and hair was untamed, beside him was another man in some sort of reading glasses. He looked to be working on something.

Bella clears her throat and timidly waves. They each wave back, but continued to cut her strange looks. She stepped back behind Deadpool and grabbed his arm as though she were hiding.

“Would you please warn me next time! I don’t even have a bra on you idiot!”

Naturally every man in that room heard her.

“Heh, awesome.”
“I’m being serious.”

“Ugh my least favorite thing about you.”

“Um what did you just say?”

“I was saying how much I love you!”

“You’re such a liar.”

“That’s not a lie I really do love you!”

“I’m so going to kill you for this.” Bella places her arms over her chest.

“Someone’s excited!”

“I’m not it’s cold in here!”

“Sure… Whatever you have to tell yourself babe. If it was honestly cold in here I wouldn’t be sporting a hard on from hell!”

Deadpool sighs and pulls her to the side.

“I’ll make up for it later… Promise.”

Bella sighs, but cracks a smile. She points directly upon the big blond haired man.

“So how much elixir do you think it would take for him to respawn?”

Deadpool dies in laughter and reaches to his gut.

“Oooohhh good one!” He high fives her.

He then takes her hand.

“Babycakes this is Spiderman, Thor, Tony aka Ironman, Bruce aka Hulk, and The one and only Cap.”

“Cap? As in Captain America?” Bella asks wondering if this was the hero he was always referring to.

Both Spiderman and Captain America chorus. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge say no more…)

“Do I know you?”

Deadpool rears back at the both them as they eye Bella. Bella starts laughing.

“I’m pretty sure that’s a resounding hell no. AND… I’m right here!” Deadpool utters in a hissy fit.

Deadpool: You selfish BITCH! You honestly let them drop into MY STORY! THIS IS UTTER AND COMPLETE BULLLSHIT! You think I didn’t catch that!

Author: Are you done?!

Deadpool: No! I’m NOT! You can’t tell me what to do! You don’t own me!

Author: In a way I do. I can write whatever I want. I could make you a tofu farting fairy if I wanted to. What if I made your obsession with the Captain a bit more personal?

Deadpool: Huh?! But it is…

Author: Huh?

Deadpool: What?

Author: (Pinching eyes shut) Nevermind … dumbass merc…

Deadpool: You know I don’t have to take this abuse!

Author: Oh yeah and just what are you going to do about it?!
Deadpool: I’m going to take my cold, stale chimichanga and LEAVE!

Author: FINE!

Deadpool: FINE!

Author and Deadpool stare one another down…

Deadpool then looks over to screen on laptop…

Deadpool: So what happens next?!

Author: (Sighing deeply and covers face for a moment)

Deadpool: You got a headache?

Author: Yeah he’s sitting right beside me.

Deadpool: Huh?

Author: Deadpool hun?

Deadpool: Yeah?

Author: Go back to your chimichanga I got this…

Deadpool: Um ok… (he says childlike)

Captain America and Spiderman shrug on this.

“I just thought…” Spiderman starts to say.
“SHUT IT!” Deadpool shouts.

Spiderman raises his hands in the air.

“Um whatever…”

Bella sighs.

“It’s nice to meet you all. I think… I’m Bella Wilson.”

Deadpool makes a fist pump motion.

“That’s right I nail this nightly! Hm! Any junk in her trunk is because I filled it. That’s right bitches!”

Bella’s face becomes very rosy.

“Deadpool baby?”
“Yes Stella baby?”

Logan dies in laughter and Cable shakes his head with a smirk.


She cuts him a go straight to motherfucking hell look.

Tony sighs.

“Well that was entertaining and all, but do we really need him?!”

Logan takes in a breath.
“Wade knows how to get a job done. Sure his way is a bit unethical and questionable, but it gets done. I figure we could use all the help we could get. With Jane now missing as well…”

Thor grits his teeth and starts pacing the area.

“Wait we got three chicks missing now?” Deadpool ask.

“Yeah she came up missing not long after I called yah.”

“Seems someone’s targeting the significant others of this group.”

“That’s stupid…” They hear Bella undertone.

“What’s that?” Logan curiously inquires.

“Why would they go after the companions of heroes? That’s just asking for trouble.”

“Maybe that’s what they want…” Deadpool says with a shrug.

“I’m just saying it doesn’t make sense. Why would you want that sort of attention? You might as well be suicidal.”

“Maybe they are…” Deadpool adds.

“Yeah well whatever the case. Yah need to watch yer back as well.” Logan warns.

Deadpool laughs.

“They’re not dumb enough to come after my girl.”

Logan shakes his head.

“It’s that shit right there that’s gonna have you eating those words later you fucking dumbass merc!”

“Um have you seen my wife when she’s truly pissed? She’s taken a vampires motherfucking dick off! She blew up some thug’s car with a grenade! And she sliced a pimp’s throat open! They come after my girl they’re in a world of hurt! Cause she kicks ASS!”

Bella smiled taking that as a huge compliment coming from Deadpool.

“And she neutered my dog with a spoon!”

“I didn’t do that?!”

“Well you should he’s getting too out of hand! The little fucker needs to know his place!”

“He’s just a dog baby.”

“Little shit’s always getting all the attention and you always defend his sorry little ass!”

“Leave Ryan alone!”



“There’s vampires? And how’d you manage that?” Spiderman questions.

Bella shrugs.
“I just aimed and fired.”

Captain America grins shaking his head.

“You’d be good on the field.”

“Oh no you don’t… you’re not recruiting my girl, Cappytain!”

Tony clears his throat.

“Well she sounds insane, which makes perfect sense.”

Bella cuts Tony a glance.


“I call it like I see it.”

“Then you’d sure hate to hear what my first impressions of each of you are. Nice pornstache by the way…”

“Oooohhhh nice! Please, please, please… Do tell more!” Deadpool begs.

Bella sighs.

“Babe I’m begging you.”

“They just had their girls taken away from them. Even I’m not that cruel.”

Bella turns to her husband.

“And if it were me missing?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time and I’d find you I always do.”

“But what if you couldn’t…? Would you appreciate jokes being made at your expense during that time?”
“…Eh… maybe…”

Bella rolls her eyes.

“Nevermind, I seem to forget just how truly DEAD you really are sometimes!”

“Aw, come on babe!”

“Stuff it Wade! Just do your thing…” She waves her hands about with full irritation.
“I’ll just sit here like a good little wife.” She utters rolling her eyes.

Logan walks by and smacks Deadpool in the back of the head.

“Idiot…” He muttered as he walked by.

“What?!” Deadpool says all innocently.

Cable smacks him as well.
“Wake up.”

“OW! Knock that shit off! I get why he hit me he just wants a baby! But why’d you hit me?!”

Bella softly laughs.

“Oh come on that puts in you a good mood?”

She shrugs. He turns to hear Spiderman chuckling.

“See! He’s not all that upset about his precious M.J!”

Spiderman sighs and sends a ball of web at his mouth. Deadpool takes out his gun.

“You little shit!” He mutters into the web.

Bella sighs and comes up behind her husband. She starts taking all his weapons away.
“What the fuck?! We’re not going to do it in front of the Captain babe.”

Captain America narrows his eyes.

“Wait do you want to see this? I mean cause… I might be ok with that! Yeah you wanna see this! OK Stella babe get naked! Let’s give him a show!”

He turns back around and she’s got a lap full of his weapons.

“OH come on! When do I ever get to win an argument?!”

“As long as you’re married to me?”

He nods.

“Never.” She says with an evil grin.

Bruce is the one laughing now.

“I think I like her.”

“You would.” Tony states.

“What do you want for her to call you daddy?” Deadpool mouths off to Bruce.

“Wade!” Bella scolds.

“I’m just saying maybe he’s one of those sick fuckers.”

“I wouldn’t make him angry Wade.” Logan warns.

“OH yeah that’s right you’re the one that gets all big and green when pushed over the edge! Heh, Jolly Green Giant! But you’re not jolly are yah big fella!”

“He what?” Bella questions curiously.

“Oh please show her!”

Bruce rolls his eyes and leans back in his seat.

“Please? I’ll be your best friend.”

“Enough Wade…” Logan warns.

“Gees no one ever wants to have any fun!”

Deadpool sits down and pouts with his feet kicked up on one of Tony’s consoles. Tony walks past and shoves his feet back down. Deadpool mutters slurs of profanities under his breath. Bella covers her mouth in laughter and twirls around in her chair.

“OK so this is what we’re dealing with…” Captain America starts to say as he comes to his feet.

“M.J came up missing when she was coming out of the mall. Her car is actually still there right Spiderman?”

Spiderman nods.

“You said there was a small trail of blood like she’d been dragged off? And the surveillance camera’s magically caught nothing?”

“Actually the footage was all gone when I went to check on it. There’s no evidence of what actually took place. M.J’s keys were on the ground and her door was open. It looked as though she were attempting to get in her car when she was swiped.”

Captain America nods.

“Pepper?” He inquires.

Bella listens with interest and she felt rather bad for these guys. They each looked so miserable. The tall blond one continued to pace around twirling some sort of hammer around. He was grunting off and on.

“She was taken after a meeting with SHIELD. Right out of the parking lot. Our driver was waiting for her, but she never made it to the car. The only thing left behind was this…”

Tony slides over Pepper’s briefcase.

“Jane was taken from her home! When I arrived Darcy was knocked unconscious. She’s currently in the hospital. She will be staying overnight. She says someone attacked them, but it was dark and it happened so fast she couldn’t see who it was. There were signs struggle as many things were knocked over around the apartment.”

Bella got chills as she heard these men talking and saw the determination in their face. She could also imagine the women’s fear. She just hoped they were still alive. Even Bella now wondered what was going on. She listened to everything each man had to say taking mental notes.

“So no fingerprints, hair follicles nothing?” Bella questioned in wonder.

“Fraid not.” Spiderman answers.

Bella looks to the other two men.

“So any significant others we have to worry about?”

Deadpool dies in laughter.

“The Captain doesn’t have time for relationships. Pfffft! Duh!”

Captain America raises his brows towards Deadpool.
“I do date you know.”

“Sure you do…” Deadpool says with a chuckle.

“Isn’t he cute?” Deadpool covers his mouth and whispers to Bella.

“Um you really want me to answer that? And I’m starting to worry a little you know.” Bella hints.

“Worry about what Stella baby?”

Bella cuts Captain America a look. She still needed to get Deadpool back for signing that girl’s breast. She just hoped Captain America knew she was messing around. Bella tilts her head slightly and gives him the once over.

“Actually he is kind of cute. You must work out constantly! I mean look at those muscles!”

“I know…” Deadpool agrees knocking her out of her game. Bella sighs with frustration.

Deadpool looks to Captain America.

“Would you mind signing something for me?!”

Bella and Captain America look to Deadpool oddly. He takes out a picture from his suit. Bella’s eyes widen and she turns rosy red and pinches the bridge of her nose.

“Why me…?”Bella whimpers to herself.

Logan pats her on the back and shakes his head.

It was a picture of Captain America in one of those Coppertone baby poses. Only it had Ryan with a Deadpool mask pulling Captain America’s suit down exposing his rear end.

“I painted it myself!” Deadpool says proudly.

Captain America sighs. Deadpool points to one of the buttcheeks.

“You can just sign right here. To my BFF always and forever Deadpool Love The Captain!”

Everyone looks over as Captain America reluctantly signs the picture. The Captain looks towards Bella.

“Would you like for me to sign anything?”

“Um I’m good.”

Spiderman, Tony, and Logan die in laughter. The Captain sighs with disappointment and hands Deadpool back his picture.

“Look babe!” Deadpool proudly shows off his autographed picture.

She nods. He puts it away then pulls her into his lap. Deadpool wraps his arms around Bella’s waist and rests his head on her shoulder. After they’re done going over everything they can think of, Tony looks to Bella. He wiggles his finger for her to follow him. She looks to him puzzled.

“Ah nah, you don’t just because you lost Pepper doesn’t mean you can have my wife!”

Tony sighs.

“I just want to show her something.”
“Sure you do… that’s where it always begins! How do you think I got her in the first place? Once she got a load of what I was packing she was sold. Now unless you’re packing more than me, which I highly doubt…”
“Um Wade baby.”

“Yes pumpkin butt.”
“I don’t really think that he’s interested.”

Deadpool looks back to Tony.
“So what my wife isn’t hot enough for you?! Jackass…”

Bella takes in the deepest of breaths as she follows Tony.

“Hey Fabio what conditioner do you use? Is it Mane and Tail or…”
Thor sends a bolt of lightning his way and Deadpool yelps.

“Holy shit! That was awesome! Can you show me how to do that?! Is it like a static electricity thing?!”

Tony leads Bella into another room with a High Definition TV. He pops in some sort of disc into a Blu ray player.

“This is why your husband was kicked out of headquarters never to return. You might want to have a seat.”

Tony motions towards the black leather sofa behind her. Bella shrugs and takes a seat. Tony presses play on a recording of an old newsfeed. Bella was looking to the screen wondering where Deadpool was.

“Um who’s that?” Bella points out the man in the gold and red suit.

“That’s your husband in one of my Iron Man suits. He stole it and decided to take it out for a joy ride. Everyone assumed it was really me!”

Bella’s jaw drops and her hand clamps over her mouth. Deadpool was smashing into buildings and cars. He was firing random beams about the area and being very destructive. Bella bit her lower lip trying not to laugh.

“Hmmmm.” Tony grunted taking notice.

Halfway through Deadpool stopped and started signing autographs under Iron Man’s name. Women were hanging all over him. He gave the reporter that was recording this a thumbs up then asked her out.

“She thought he was me…” Tony explains as she says yes rather exuberantly.
By the time the footage was over Bella was dying in laughter. Tony sighs.

“Well I can see why you two seem to mesh. You’re just as jacked up as he is.”
“He didn’t hurt anyone.” Bella says with a shrug.

“That maybe, but do you know how much it cost me to repair the damage he did to the city?”
“Doesn’t look like you’re exactly hurting.”

Tony raises his brows.

“Maybe I should kick you out too.”

Bella shrugs looking bored now.

“You can try…” She says in taunting matter.

“Hmm, did you know that when he returned he spray painted my suit red and black, even the face so I couldn’t see out of it? He made it like Iron Man’s retarded brother Dead Iron or something.”

“That’s a terrible pun.”

“Is it?”

Bella nods assuredly.

“And shame on you for using the word retarded. That’s mentally instable Tony.”

Tony finds himself smirking.

“IS that so Mrs. Wilson?”

She and Tony exit the room and Bella see’s Thor sitting beside Logan and Deadpool getting drunk.

“I WANT ANOTHER AND FILL IT TO THE BRIM!” Thor demands slamming down his drink.

Cable sighs pouring him another.

“Rather barbaric don’t you think?” Bella remarks.

Thor cuts her a look she sits across from them and rests her head on the palm of her hand. Cable places a shot in front of her. Logan grins.

“See he’s learning…”

Cable rolls his eyes and sits beside her. Logan goes to light a cigar. Tony reaches over yanking it out of his mouth. Logan cocks a brow.

“Wanna give that back now?”

“No smoking in…”

Logan pops out his claws.

“WHOA!” Bella remarks in awe.

Logan looks towards Bella. Tony places the cigar back in Logan’s mouth and pats him on the arm and lights it for him.

“Easy Stella baby those things are sharp!” Deadpool warns as she reaches over.

“How do you do that?!”
Logan chuckles as she runs a finger along one of the claws. Tony rolls his eyes.

“Sure I can shoot web and that’s what impresses you?”

“Aren’t you one of the ones with the missing girlfriend?”

“OH that just makes it better.” Bella sarcastically remarks.

Spiderman sighs.

“I was just merely making a point.”
“So was I.”

“What can I say my girl likes things that are long and wide! That’s why she’s with me!”

Logan smirks and his claws retract.

“That’s so cool.” Bella says with a grin and takes her shot.

“You should see him on a kabob night!”

Bella giggles in thought of Logan standing over a grill with his claws. She clears her throat though as she see’s Tony pinching the bridge of his nose. The poor guy looked as though he were about to have a meltdown. She couldn’t see Spiderman’s face of course, but figured it was about the same as Thor and Tony’s. Both men were drinking down their sorrows.
“I’m sure it’s not what any of you want to hear right now, but I’m sorry. I truly hope you find your loved ones.”

They merely nod her way. Deadpool looked upon her for once he kept the jokes at bay. He saw the sincerity in her face. Tony decidedly shows her pictures of each girl. He figured it was worth a shot. Between all of them someone had to be getting word soon enough. That’s why they found themselves desperate enough to get Deadpool involved. They’d do whatever they had to in order to get them back.

“Wow they’re all very pretty…” She says, but takes in the deepest of breaths as she hands the pictures back.

“You about ready to head back?” Deadpool asks rather softly.

She nods not knowing what else to say. It suddenly felt very gloomy in here. She wished she knew how to help. Deadpool grabs his weapons and gets ready to go.

“It was nice meeting you Bella.” Captain America was first to say.

“Likewise… just sorry it was under these circumstances.”

“Just be careful. Don’t wanna hear yah ended up next darlin’.”

“I will be Logan. It was nice seeing you both again.”

The others wave and Deadpool grabs hold of her as they return to their apartment.

“We’ll find them you know that right?” Deadpool says as he lifts her chin with his fingers.

She nods as he puts away his weapons.

“Just hopefully before it’s too late.”

“This is what I do Bella. We’ll find them, just like I always find you.” Once again all Wade.

Bella leans into his chest. They appear on the couch and he has her lying against his chest.

“So now what?” She inquired curiously.

“Well once it’s dark I go do my thing.”
“And what’s that exactly?”

She rolls over straddling him and looking upon him. He runs his hands along her waist and ass. He starts grinding her against him.

“Hmmm… I do what it takes to track down the motherfuckers. Once I find the ones responsible I fuck em up babycakes.” She takes back a breath as he grinds her even harder against him.

“But right now…” He grunts out moving her about him more robustly.

He throws off his mask. His teeth were gritted.

“I reaaaallly need to fuck you.” He moaned.

He literally rips off her shirt and jeans. Her jaw drops. Quickly he freed himself and already had himself inside her. His hands return to her hips. Her perfectly round breasts bounced about. Bella kept rocking her hips, but came down and kissed him. She felt him grow even more resilient and she moaned against his tongue. He slightly pulled at her hair and kissed her even more eagerly. He had this way of kissing her that was damn near like having her mouth fucked. Once they started both found it hard to pull away. They stopped only for a breath of air.

“Wade…” She cooed his name.

At this he growled under his breath and smacked her on the butt.

“I’m about to fill you to the damn brim!” He announced as he shot off.

“FUCCCK!” He shouted as he finished draining within her.

Bella giggled as he started sucking on her neck.

“You’re going to leave a hickey!”

“SO?” He said as he licked the area.

“Not my fault you taste good.”

“I can’t go to school with a hickey.”
“Perfect!” He went back to sucking on her neck.

She felt him chuckling as he continued.

“Ow shit! Why the hell did you pinch my nipple?” Deadpool rubbed the area.

She laughed.
“I can’t have a hickey at school.”
“Dammit! Such a nag babe!”
“Oh poor you.”

“I know finally you see it.”

Bella laughs.

“Yep you really have it bad.”
“You really should be nicer to me!”

“I’m going to buy you a violin for Christmas.”

“Violin? Eh… couldn’t I just have a new gun or something? New set of blades?”

“Later babe!”

He calls out as he gets ready. She turns towards him as she does the dishes. Deadpool was already gone. But on the counter he’d set out her weapons and she noticed he had the entire house locked up. Proving to her that he was taking extra precaution as well.

She’d plans to stay home, unfortunately mother nature decided to make other plans. She wasn’t about to use Domino’s tampons, in fact she threw them out. There was no telling how long those had been there. Bella packed her heat and knife. Bella was going to rush to over to the nearest store and get what she needed.

Irony have it a couple blocks down Domino jumped out from what seemed like nowhere.

“It’s time you and I had a little heart to heart.”

Bella sighs.

“You really just can’t stand it can you?”
Domino raises her brows.

“Get the fuck over it and move on!” Bella snaps and tries to walk past.

Domino puts a hand upon her shoulder.

“You’re not going anywhere, until I know everything!”

“It’s none of your god damn business sweetheart! NOW MOVE ALONG BEFORE I KEEP MY PROMISE PATCHES!”

“You haven’t a clue who you’re messing with.”
“Neither do you”

Both women were eyeing one another like a couple of vultures fighting over the last scrap of road kill. Bella and Domino circled one another.

“Why Wade?”

“Why do you even care?! You used him like sluts always do.”

Domino shakes her head.

“I’m not a slut.”

Bella starts laughing.

“Could have fooled me, from what I’ve heard you’ve damn near spread your legs around any man you’ve worked with.”

“You don’t know shit about me!”
“DITTO! Seriously, what the fuck is your problem?!”

“YOU! You think you have everyone fooled? You literally have everyone even Wade thinking you’re truly in love with him. Just between us girls we both know that besides killing there’s only one thing Wade Wilson is good at. And I highly doubt a girl like you would marry him based on that principal alone. There’s no fucking way you’re in love with him. No woman in their right mind could honestly live with him on a 24/7 basis and not go insane! You two should have killed one another by now. Hell how are you even still alive? He should have lost his cool with you by now and bust a fucking cap in your ass! You’re just some washed up little housewife. YOU’RE NOTHING! We made sense not you and Wade, but Wade and I!”

“Excuse me?! You’re the one that didn’t want him! You tricked out bitch!”

“Once again you don’t know shit about me. I tried to make it work with Wade, but just couldn’t. That’s why I broke it off!”
“Yet you kept crawling back to shag his ass when you wanted something from him! Yet you’re suspicious of ME?! Because I actually choose to live with him as husband and wife? GOD DAMN IT DOMINO WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THIS?!”
“Wade has never and I mean NEVER turned me down. He was always head over heels FOR ME! He even discussed marrying me!”
Bella laughs again and both women freeze eyeing one another.

“And you snooze you lose. Wade Wilson and Deadpool belong to me Patches so just get the fuck over yourself. If you truly cared about him and wanted him for yourself then you should have found a way to make it work awhile back. It’s too late though now. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. Unlike you I have his back and I always will be there! ALWAYS! So you can just suck it up! Tuck your tail in-between those loose legs of yours and MOVE ON!”

Domino punches Bella across the face then shoves her back.

“WHY THE FUCK IS IT ALWAYS THE FACE!” Bella shouts out irately and wipes the blood from her lip.


Bella takes her entire body and slams it into Domino and shoves her down on the concrete. She quickly comes down with her elbow right into Domino’s sternum. Domino loses the air in her lungs and rolls over trying to catch her breath. Bella sends her a few kicks.

Bella starts to walk away from there. Only Domino hops back up.

“We’re not done. I still have a few more questions.”

Bella shuts her eyes for a moment and her hands ball up into fists. She shoves Domino back away from her.

“I don’t owe you SHIT! Neither does Wade. I get that you two have history. But that’s exactly what it is! HISTORY! You are and will always remain in the past. I am his present and future. If he wanted you he’d have fucked you that day you came by the apartment. He didn’t though. So he made his choice. Besides you can’t stand him remember? To you all he’s good for is a good fucking and a partner on the job. To me however he’s so much more. It’s a shame you never took the time to see that. Your loss my gain.”

“When you love someone it’s not all that hard. You might have cared, but you never loved him. If you had, you’d have stayed by his side no matter how mad he drove you. That’s real love. That’s just how it goes and I am by far perfect. I drive him just as insane. That’s why we work though. We knew each other’s quirks and inside out. What we have is real. What you and Wade had wasn’t. I’m sorry, but it’s just a matter of fact. If you would treat men better perhaps you’d find your match as well. But if you continue to hold on to this… You’re only setting yourself up for a lifetime of loneliness and disappointment.”

Domino takes out her gun. Bella rolls her eyes and takes hers out as well.

“So how you wanna play this Domino? You really want to take me out of the equation? Is that it? Then what? You run away with Wade and live happily ever after. Even with me out of the picture you two were done a long time ago. So what will it be?” Bella cocks the chamber.

“I’m not going to kill you. I’m just going to make us even.” Domino says with a small grin.

She fires her gun and shoots Bella in the arm.

“Just pluck out the bullet and sew yourself up you’ll be fine.”

Bella stumbles back and looks to her arm. She began to feel woozy. She went to shoot Domino in return, but Domino shot the gun out from her hand. Domino’s boots ground against the asphalt as she made her way over. She roughly cupped Bella’s chin.

“If I found out you’re a fake. The next bullet will go right through here.”
She jabs her finger into Bella’s chest the area of her heart.

Bella grits her teeth. She rapidly brought up her leg and takes her blade out from her boot, before Domino can even think. Bella cuts her eye out.

“Now we’re even BITCH!”

Domino fell to the ground with her hand over her eye socket. Bella stomped on her eye and headed to the store. Everyone gave her odd looks as she placed her tampons down and checked out. She was bleeding out and down her arm. She ignored the odd and disturbing looks. She walked out of the store. Domino was still writhing in pain on the way back. Bella placed down an eye patch she’d bought at the store.
“Can’t say I never bought you anything. Chow!”

Bella dizzily made her way into the apartment. She locked up and leaned against the door for a moment trying to keep from passing out. Bella grabbed her husband’s whiskey and headed to the bathroom. Her hands shook as she searched for the first aid kit. She found a needle and thread. She doused them in alcohol first and cleansed up the area on her arm. She then sterilized her knife.

Bella looked in the mirror and took in a deep breath. Her teeth ground together as she took the blade to her arm and began to dig for the bullet. She growled out in agony. Her eyes closed as she took a break and leaned back against corner of the wall as she sat on the counter of the sink. Once she psyched herself up again she took a swig from the bottle of Jack. Her nose wrinkled at the bitter taste. She then went back to digging the bullet out. She screamed out as she felt the knife hit it. Bella maneuvered the knife beneath the bullet.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKK!” Bella hissed out as she forced the bullet out. It landed in the sink.

Bella cried out at the pain as it shot through her arm and through her entire body now. She wiped her face getting the blood from her hands onto her face now. Blood was all over the floor and sink and all over her. Tears ran down her face as she downed some more whiskey. She was trying her hardest to slide the thread through the needle she had. But her vision was blurry and her hand shook. Her eyes grew heavy and she lost the battle.


Deadpool shouted as he came home and saw the drops of blood leading to the bathroom.


He teleported into the bathroom as he’d seen her on the counter. He took notice of the bullet in the sink. Deadpool picked it up with gritted teeth. He’d seen where she’d attempted to take care of the matter herself, but didn’t make it far enough to finish. Deadpool’s jaw clenched tightly. There was only one person he knew that used these kind of bullets. They were her trademark.
“FUCKING DOMINOOOOOOOOOOOO!” He shouted on top of his lungs wrathfully.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 15 Meeting The Avengers”

  1. Someone’s a dead bitch. And the whole thing with the avengers was hilarious. Except for her finding it funny that he destroyed the city and put peoples lives in danger. He’s crazy, she’s not. I kinda wanted to punch her.

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