Chapter 16 Meeting Death

Chapter 16

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Bella groaned out. She looked over to see she was already stitched up. Someone had also changed her clothes and cleaned her up. A pillow had been propped behind her head. A blanket was draped over her. She was still on the counter in the bathroom. Bella moved the blanket and hopped down. She felt slightly ligh headed.

“Wade baby?” She called out again.

She walked around the apartment. Her husband though was nowhere to be found.

“And how was your day?”

Domino freezes as she hears the familiar voice. She turns her head towards the couch. Deadpool was kicked back on it with his legs crossed. He’d his gun aimed right at her. Domino sighs and starts to put away her weapons. Deadpool tilts his head he fires just barely missing her hand.

“What’s with the eye patch?”

“Why don’t you ask that little housewife of yours?”

He grins beneath the mask. He teleports before her and rips off the eye patch. He dies in laughter.


Deadpool puts his gun to her chin. He cocks the chamber and yanks her head back by the locks of her hair. He laughs as she had a gun to his heart.

“Go ahead try it. I dare ya!”

He growls and yanks back even harder. He moves the gun to her other eye.

“COME AFTER MY WIFE AGAIN… I MEAN IT DOMINO, I WILL TAKE YOUR OTHER EYE, ONLY I WON’T BE AS GRACIOUS AS MY WIFE! I WILL BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT ALONG WITH IT! SHE USED A BLADE! That’s the only reason you’re still alive. She should have killed you! I will never work alongside of you again. You ever need help don’t you dare come crying to me! From now on you’re on your own. You go crawl up to Cable or Logan see if they’ll let you suck some cock for a favor. Cause there’s only one woman that can make me blow a motherfucking load down her throat. And it sure as hell isn’t you.” He laughs again.

“By the way you’re not even half the cocksucker she is. In fact when I really think about it. You just suck in the sack babe! My girl’s a god damn firecracker. Smoking hot! SHIT! I’m getting horny just thinking about it!”

Deadpool tosses Domino across her living room. Her body gets slammed up against the wall. He fires right at her crotch barely missing as the bullet goes through her carpet floor.

“You always did like a good bang! Well there you go! I see ya around again you’re going to be pushing up daises!”

“Jesus Wade!” Bella jumps as she turns around to see him directly behind her.

He says nothing. He takes the carton of milk from her hand and places it on the counter. He slightly lifts his mask and kisses her. He firmly grips her ass and his kiss becomes more eager. Bella winces as she forgets and goes to put her arms around his neck. He catches this and scoops her up. Deadpool takes her to the couch and lays her down. He takes himself out hintingly. His teeth ground together as her wet warmth glides along his cock.

“Fuck…” He groans out.

Deadpool couldn’t help himself. He was very cautious of her arm as they continued, but he couldn’t get the image of Bella sucking him off, when dealing with fucking Domino.

“Keep going…” He damn near pleaded.

He ached tremendously in her mouth. Bella could feel the vibration of his excitement along her tongue. This instantly made her wet below. She rubbed her thighs together in anticipation. Before long Deadpool looked over to see her hand down her blue pajama shorts.

“Take em off.” He wanted to see more.

She lifts her hips slightly off the couch. Bella slips out of her shorts. Deadpool instantly shot in her mouth as he witnessed her fingers in her little mound. He felt Bella licking him clean afterword, but he couldn’t pry away from the show she was giving him. He was in a trance. He could see the wetness along her fingers. As she cleaned him off he was growing hard again. The smell was getting to him though. He licked his lips in thought and threw off his mask.

Bella cooed out instantly as he dived on in. Deadpool wasted no time. His tongue ran along her juices. He was rock hard like he hadn’t even come at all. He continued until he had her squirming on the couch and begging to be fucked. Bella felt him entering her. Her juices drenched him the moment he plunged inside. Within a few hard strokes they both released.

They both lay on the couch for a little while. Bella had fallen asleep. She twitched off and on in her sleep. Deadpool merely lay there. He still fought to keep from going and ending Domino after all. Every time he looked at Bella’s arm he grew furious all over again. He knew that was Domino’s way of getting her point made. If she wanted Bella dead she’d have done it. Then he’d have cut her into tiny pieces and ate her for dinner. He growled under his breath. He teleported off the couch and put his mask back on.

He got online and checked on some jobs and did his Facebook. Bella woke after a couple more hours. He watched as she staggered to the kitchen. She pours out the milk they’d left out knowing it’d be ruined now. Bella grabs some pain pills and a beer. She leans against the counter. Her body ached and she felt like shit.

“No way I’m cooking tonight. Mind ordering something?”

“Nope! Pizza?’

She shrugs.

“I could care less.”

She downs her beer and grabs another. Her arm felt like it had a million needles coursing through it. She reached to it as she went to the bathroom. Bella ran her a bath.

Bella went on to school the next day. She spent the next few weeks trying to heal. The Avengers, Logan, Cable, and Deadpool were growing more frustrated in their search for MJ, Jane, and Pepper. Spiderman, Thor, and Tony were losing their minds. Thor swore he wouldn’t return to Asgard until he knew Jane was safe. Bella kept her eyes and ears open hoping she’d hear something, but so far nothing. Mrs. Proudstar had finally got Bella caught up with everything she’d been behind on. So she was all set up to be able to graduate when it came time.

To her surprise Deadpool had slowly, but surely been bringing home actual furniture. He got them a bed, new couch and love seat. He got Ryan his own bed and new red collar that had his name engraved into it only it spelled Ryyyanne. Bella thought it was cute. It was all still very much Deadpool like everything was dark colored. Still, she found it interesting that he was beginning to care about things like that. She never asked him to change anything.

Domino did as told out of fear. Domino fears no one usually. Only she knew Deadpool meant business. So she stayed clear. Logan and Cable found out what happened once they saw her again. They couldn’t believe Bella had taken her eye. Then again they were surprised she was still alive, when she admitted Deadpool came after her later. Logan had to keep from laughing as Domino’s hand shook around the beer bottle when she explained how bad she fucked up. They both did their “told ya so’s.”

Bella and Deadpool continued to visit Charlie often. Since Deadpool could simply teleport that way they had dinner with him often. Bella would cook for the three of them. Nevertheless, Charlie and Deadpool still had their moments of arguing. Bella learned to either tune it out or distract them with something else, usually beer or desert.

Bella however, she found herself in something she’d never imagine. With her husband out on a hit and no one else to contact, she found herself doing things her way.

“You should totally come party with us this weekend.”

“Yeah bring your man!”

Alicia and her friends encouraged as they walked throughout the hallway. Bella shrugged.

“He’d probably get a kick out of that.” Bella admitted.

“Cool! Does that mean you’ll make an appearance?”

Bella laughs.

“Sure Alicia why not.”

“Fucking A!” She high fives her.

“Yous just make sure you wear something that’s got more flav.”

“What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“They’s white.”

“I am white.”
“That you is, but you don’t have to go announcing it my pasty friend.”

“Well fuck you too.”
Alicia dies in laughter and waves her off. Bella shakes her head in laughter and grabs her books she needed for her homework. They were heading out for the end of the day. Bella passed by Mrs. Proudstar’s room on the way. She had the news on in her room. It caught Bella’s attention it was Tony Stark making an announcement about the missing girls. He was offering an award for their safe return. The other Avengers were with him. Bella felt a knot forming in her throat as the poor man broke down in the middle of his speech. She took in a breath. The teacher however, was facing the TV and Bella lowered her brows as she heard the teacher talking to herself.

“They don’t deserve them. Little bitches just wait till I get home.”

Bella reared back a bit. The teacher was about to turn her direction. Bella quickly dodged out of sight. She wondered what the hell that was about. Deadpool had a cab waiting for Bella outside. He had a had another job with Logan and Cable he wouldn’t be back till late tonight, just came with the territory. Something Bella had got used to. All she cared about was that he came home safely which he always did.

Something heavy though set within Bella she found herself doing something she never dreamed, she’d do. She decided to take matters into her own hands.

“Just wait right here.”

Bella told the cab driver.

“There’s going to be a white Lincoln Oldsmobile pulling out of the parking lot soon. I want you to follow it, but not too close understood.”

“Lady who the fuck do you think you are?”

“I’m fucking Deadpool’s wife. So if I were you I’d do as you’re told.”

The guy starts laughing.

“Wait you’re fucking Deadpool’s wife? That’s gotta be hot!”

Bella rolls her eyes.

“Whatever you say lady, you honestly expect me to believe…”

Bella sighs and takes out her gun. Something she’d been hiding on her as of late with the way her crazy life was.


“I sure am, now follow the fucking car when it leaves.”

“Jesus Christ! Ok!”

“Thank you!”

“Crazy ass white chick shit!”

Bella keeps her gun on the cab driver as it follows the teacher’s car. Bella sinks down in the seat so she can’t be seen.

“Not too close.” Bella reminds.

They follow her to a suburb area. Bella had the cab driver stop at the curb of the street. Bella watched as the teacher went into a baby blue Victorian home. Something that was a bit pricey for a teacher’s salary she thought to herself. Bella handed the guy his cab fare and a bit of an extra tip for being held hostage.

“Um thanks lady.”

She simply nods and makes her way out. Once the cab driver leaves she tucks her gun away. Bella tightens the straps to her backpack. She peeks through the windows doing her best to remain discreet. Bella watches as Mrs. Proudstar takes out a bowl and some ice cream from the fridge. She then sits down and begins eating it.

“You idiot Bella, there’s your kidnapper alright. A sweet highschool teacher that happens to enjoy ice cream after a hard day’s work. She just has issues with the news or something.” Bella utters to herself and rolls her eyes.

She was about to call a cab and head on home. Something however, caught Bella’s attention. She turned to see some sort of cellar on the side of the house. The only reason she’d even thought to look that direction was because she’d heard some sort of scrapping metal sound. Bella looked around cautiously, before making her way over to the cellar. Bella takes the red bungee cord off the door and lifts it open. Her jaw dropped. The scratching sound was Pepper!


The blonde haired woman looked to Bella confused. She was using some sort of scalpel to try and break out. She had lost significant weight and was covered in sweat. Bella immediately crouched down and helped her to her feet.

“How do you now my name?”

“Long story, where are the others?”

Pepper points and Bella carefully helps her down the stairs. Bella’s heart sank as she saw the view before her. There were four beds. Pepper had somehow managed to gather the strength to get out of hers. Meaning she had to fight through leather straps and other medical equipment. MJ and Jane were still strapped to their beds and had IV’s connected to them. They two had lost significant weight. The cellar was sweltering.

Bella looked up to the ceiling. It read… Even God’s Can Fall. It was in blood. Bella propped Pepper up against the wall.

“I’m going to get you all out of here ok?”

Pepper nodded, but looked as if she’d pass out any minute. Bella grabbed her knife from her boot. She used it to cut the other two free. However, MJ and Jane were out cold. Bella looked to Pepper trying to figure out what to do. Bella took out her phone and called Logan knowing he’d more likely have the Avengers contacts than her husband would since they didn’t care for him too much.

“Bad timing whoever this is…” Bella winced hearing gunfire in the background.

She heard her husband yelling something about dynamite.

“Um what’s he talking about Logan?”

He chuckles.

“Well hey there darlin’.”

“Hey yourself… Logan I found the girls you need to contact the Avengers right away. I can’t do this on my own. They’re in pretty bad shape.”
“Wait you’re telling me you fucking found Pepper and them?”
“Um yeah and could you speed it up times a factor!”

“Well, well what do we have here?”

Bella turns and Logan perks up on the other end. He looks to Deadpool with concern. Deadpool nods his way.

“What is it?”

“Your little wife found the missing girls.”
Deadpool laughs.

“Heh! Way to go baby! See I told you she kicks ass!” He calls out after shooting down a target.

Logan however, comes to a complete stop as he hears gunfire.


“She’s in trouble! We gotta go Wade!”

“Get back with the others Pepper.” Bella says after Mrs. Proudstar shot the phone out from her hand.

Bella quickly grabs her gun and stands before the other women.

“Well if it isn’t the last puzzle piece. You’re a hard one to get alone, to track down much less outside of school. You’re bed’s right over there princess. Now we’re just like one big happy family!”

Bella tilts her head eyeing the woman.

“I suppose a thank you is in order. I no longer have to concern myself with gathering you. You’ve not a clue just how frustrating it was, waiting. Everyday it was something getting in my way. Well you decided to do me a favor and welcome yourself right on in.”

“Crazy woman say what now?”

“You’re not worthy of your man! None of you are! You see, even heroes die. It’s women like us that hold them back! Each of you holds your loved ones back. You’re all completely selfish! Trust me I’m doing you them a favor! With you they are weak! They cannot give the world what they need, because they must concern themselves with you. Believe me, you’ll thank me when I’m done. No longer will you hold them back from their destinies. I’m setting them free! Hmmm now onto the bed… go on now or I’ll shoot the pretty little blonde.”

“I’ve a feeling I’m a quicker shot than you are sweetheart.”

Mrs. Proudstar laughs.

“Oh I seriously doubt that. I was married to one of the best. He taught me a lot.”

Bella smiles.

“I’m married to a crazy ass son of a bitch. You do the math.”

“No one even knew I existed! He wanted to keep our marriage secret for my own safety he feared his enemies would come hunting me down to gather information.”

Bella sighs as if bored.

“Poor baby would you like some cheese with that whine?”

The teacher ignores her.

“Then each of you goes around flaunting your relationships in public. It makes me sick. How foolish can you all be? You made it so easy for me to find you, each of you. You however, were just harder to snatch!”

Bella shrugs.

“You’re the one married to the dead guy. You tell me… sounds like this is more personal than it has to do with any of us. So who was this hero after all?”

“John Proudstar aka War Path…”

Bella raises her brows.


The teacher grits her teeth and shoots out Bella’s kneecap. Bella instantly falls to one knee trying to keep from hitting the floor.

“NO!” Pepper shouts and goes to help her.

Bella quickly fires in return.


The teacher puts a hand to her stomach and brings it back up seeing the blood.

Bella laughs.

“You’re not walking away from this one!”


The teacher yells and fires again. Deadpool and the others enter the cellar just in time to see the aftermath. Bella grabs her gut. Deadpool freezes as Bella looks to him in panic.

“NOOOO!” Deadpool rushes over as Bella falls to the floor.

“Bella baby come on.”

He grabs hold of her. She starts to say something, but blood drains from her mouth. Her eyes widen once she realizes the truth.

“NO! DAMMIT NO YOU’RE NOT LEAVING ME!” Deadpool rips off his mask.

Bella takes in one last breath and her eyes come to a close.

“NO baby. No, no, no!”

Logan shuts his eyes as he heard Bella’s heartbeat come to a complete stop. Every man there stood there in disbelief. Deadpool scoops her up. He aims his gun at Cable.


“I can’t Wade…”

He shakes his head and shoots at Cable. Logan quickly steps in front taking the hit.

“Knock it off Wade we’re not the enemy.”


He continues to hold her as he drops to his knees.

“Please one of you must know something anything.”

Tony cautiously makes his way over. Pepper nods and comes up from behind him. They both carefully disarm him.

Deadpool brings her to his chest and rocks her back and forth.

Everyone moves off a safe distance to give Wade some space, but they all know it won’t matter. Suddenly a shot rings out and they all turn back in horror, apparently he still had one more gun. The women are all sobbing, the men are holding them but it might as well be them holding each other. Shot after shot is fired, each one seemingly louder than the next. Deadpool fires his gun into his skull. His healing factor spits it right back out. Faster and faster he goes trying anything to be with his wife until the magazine in his gun is empty. As empty as his heart.

Bella walks amongst the never ending vast of nothingness. Blackness surrounded her and it was cold.

“Hello?” Bella called out with a quivery voice.

“You’ve no idea just how long I’ve been waiting for this very day. It seems you have a gift. Only you don’t realize it yet… only now it is to become my gift.”

Bella looks around trying to figure out where the echoing voice was coming from. She couldn’t’ tell if it was a man or woman. She gasps out as someone appears before her.

“We must hurry we’ve not much time the portal is already opening and you will soon wake. Only it won’t be you.”
They laugh in this odd echo sounding like voice.

“Who are you?”

They lower their hood and Bella swallows back. Their face was nothing, but a skull and they reached out their skeleton hand to touch her.

“Get away from me.”

“We haven’t much time!”

Bella shakes her head and takes a few steps back.

“I’m dead aren’t I?”
“Yes and that’s how you will remain. You will take my place and I will take yours.”

Bella continues to back away. They both turn to a blue portal door opening.


“You’re her aren’t you? You’re Death?!”

They nod.

“And finally we can be reunited.”
Bella looks to the portal again to see Deadpool holding her lifeless body. Bella looks to Death.

“What do you mean you’re going to take my place?!”

They laugh again. Death reaches out to her once again. It’s fingers are just about to graze along Bella’s hand. Someone comes sailing through the area and a whole line of other portals open ones of red, blue, purple and green.

“NO THANOS!” Death shouts.

Bella feels herself being suctioned back through the blue portal she turns though to see a massive man with blue skin and golden armor trying to pull Death back however, just as Bella gets sucked in the blue portal. Death is sucked into the red.

Bella takes back a breath. Logan jaw drops as he suddenly hears her heartbeat coming back to life. Bella jumps out of Deadpool’s arms and scoots back wide eyed. She looks to everyone in a panic. Bella looks down to her body and see’s the bullet holes are gone.

“What the living fuck?” Logan utters.

“What the fuck was that?!” Bella shouts hopping to her feet.

“White noise…” Cable says with a grin.

“What the fuck are your rambling on about?!” Logan snaps.

“She can’t die. That’s what I was hearing.” Cable shakes his head.

“I knew you weren’t human! What are you?!” Cable says in disbelief.

Everyone in the room looks to Bella in wonder.

Deadpool however, remained on his knees. He heard no one else in the room. He looked to Bella.

“Am I dead?”


2 thoughts on “Chapter 16 Meeting Death”

  1. Ah’ve made her a Mary Jane. 😑 Perfect shot with no training. Can fight with no training, and now you’ve made her immortal as well, which makes no sense since she’s been injured a few tumnes and showed no healing ability.

    1. Thats actually a good point. But i think the abilities and healing came in when she met and accepted Deadpool; as her ‘soul-mate’ you know, at least that’s what I think.

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