Chapter 17 Aftermath

Chapter 17

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“No more than usual, babe.”

He comes to his feet and slowly walks over to her. Deadpool begins to look over his wife’s body where she had been shot. All that were there now were scars. He rears back and runs his finger along her kneecap and tummy. He hugs the living daylights out of her.

“Easy baby, still not feeling so great.” She warns, hugging him in return.

“Scars…” He undertoned.

“You were shot, dead, now alive and scarred…” He whispers and shakes his head.


Everyone raises their brows on this, except for Bella she just let out a nervous laugh. Still her body felt funny and she felt weak, dehydrated and as though she was starving. Bella looked around gathering herself. She saw Spiderman holding MJ and Thor had Jane. Tony and Pepper were sitting on one of the beds. She then looks back to Mrs. Proudstar’s lifeless body. She swallows back and heads that direction. Bella hunkers down and scans her over.

“Who was War Path?” Bella questions.

Each man there looks to one another.

“Yah mean James Proudstar?”

Bella nods. Cable and Logan share a glance.

“Why do yah ask darlin’?”

“She claimed she was his wife.”

“Wife?” Cable questioned.

Bella nods again and shakes her head.

“Eh… that’s something now isn’t it?” Logan says to Cable.
“He was married?” Cable questioned in disbelief.

“Who was he?”

“He was a member of the X-Force at one time and had a bit of a grudge towards the X-Men mainly Xavier. His brother John died on the job as he himself was an X-men.” Cable explains.

“Well whatever all that is… Apparently he kept the marriage a secret in order to protect her. He ended up dying anyhow in order to save her. Causing all this crazy train shit. I guess in some sick way she thought she was honoring her husband and helping men such as himself, heroes. She seemed to think you’re lives and destinies would be better off without your loved ones holding you back. Her guilt became her illness.”

Bella reaches over and grabs a blanket. She places it over the body. She takes back a breath and begins to look around. Meanwhile, Tony, Spiderman, and Thor were taking the other women to the ER. Just before they exited the cellar Spiderman turned back and faced Bella.

“Thank you…” He said sincerely.

Bella gave a simple nod his direction. He nodded in return and left.

The others stayed back and helped with more investigating. Bella entered an office area and began to dig around. Bella narrowed her eyes towards a particular file. She sat down and began to read through it. She could feel her husband’s presence behind her.

He put a hand along her shoulder. She swallowed back that knot. Bella was doing the best to ignore the fact that she’d just died. But her husband was having an even harder time dealing with it. She just hadn’t a clue because he’d put his mask back on. Behind that mask a whole other world of emotions was on his face and in his eyes. She placed her hand along his as Bella read through the file.

It showed where her husband had died in order to protect her. Even after all he’d gone through this to keep their marriage a secret and went out his way to keep her safe. His fears had come true after all. Word of his wife got out and to the wrong people. Ones with vengeance it all went back to his brother the X-Men and Weapon X the Brotherhood was mentioned and someone by the name of Stryfe and Whitecloud, even some one by the name of Ghostrider. To Bella it was one giant mindfuck she hadn’t a clue who any of these people were. So she handed the file over to her husband.
“Um I can’t make heads or tails of this. I don’t know any of those people.”

He nods and looks it over for a split sec. Deadpool then promptly hands it over to Cable.

“Bella said you should read this over and stuff.”

Bella half laughs. However, the memory finally hits. She gasps out and shoots to her feet. She then turns to face her husband.

“What is it with you and dating psychotic women?!”

He raises his hands in the air.

“Whoa now you’re not all that psychotic babe you just have your moments! But I still love you and you’re fucking hawt in the sack!”

“I’m not talking about me!”

He tilts his head looking confused.

“I meant your other bitch of an ex.”

“Eh… now which would that be?” He starts counting fingers.

“Who do you suppose it was? Considering I just died and all?”

He shrugs.

“Death ring a bell by chance?”

Logan and Cable’s jaw drops. Deadpool freezes.

Bella nods.

“You saw her?” He says a certain way that unnerves Bella.

“Um yeah I did.”

“How was she?”

Bella rears back in bewilderment.

“How was she?”

He nods.

“Still pretty much like Death and all.”


“Is she really even a she? I mean honestly what the hell did you see in Death?”

He shrugs.

“So how’d that go?”
“How’d what go?”

“Meeting her and all?”

“Which part exactly? The part where she made it apparent she’s not over you? Or the part where she tried to take over my body in order to be with you?”


Bella sighs.

“Yeah… That all happened.”
Deadpool nods.

“But she didn’t take over… right?”

Logan rolls his eyes.

“Yah idiot.”

“Just making sure you never know!” Deadpool fires back.

“Couldn’t you date normal women?”

“You want me to date other women?”

Bella hits him on the arm. He chuckles.

“Ow, why do ya have to be so abusive?!”

“I don’t know. Why do you have to be such a dick?”
“I thought you liked my dick baby. You’re always asking to suc…” She quickly clamps her hand over his mouth.

“Don’t even.”
“What?” He mutters into her hand.
He moves her hand.

“What exactly do you mean by trying to take over your body?”

“Just as I said… She wanted to take over my body in order to be with you.”

Deadpool nods.

“Well that would have been awkward!”

“Ya think?!”

Deadpool chuckles.

“She thinks I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference? You two are waaaaay different!”

“Um well I hope so, seeing as how I can’t kill people with one touch.”

“Wouldn’t that be awesome though babe?”

“Um no it wouldn’t.”

“Actually yes it would.”

She ignores him, shaking her head. Bella however still felt pretty weak. Logan heard her irregular heart pattern.

“Why don’t yah get her home? We got it from here Wade.”

Deadpool nods.

“You got one hell of a wife…” Deadpool turns towards the Captain as he says this.

He’d his arms folded about his chest, eyeing Bella.

“You must take great pride in that knowledge.”

“Everyday…” Deadpool utters softly.

He then grabs Bella and they disappear. Once they appear in the apartment Deadpool looked down to see his wife had passed out. The teleporting alone was too much for her body to handle after dying just a few moments ago. He lay her down on the couch and wrapped her up in a blanket. From there he merely sat on his recliner. Ryan hopped onto the couch with Bella and curled up beside her. Deadpool took off his mask. He leaned down resting his elbows upon his knees. His hands ran along his bald head. He continued to look towards the floor. A couple drops of salt like fluid landed on the wooden floor. That couple drops eventually became several.

Domino looks into the mirror as she brushes her hair. She then opens it revealing a medicine cabinet. She pops a couple of pain pills and turns on the sink to fill up a cup with some water. She swallows down the pills and the water help to wash them down. Domino then shut her medicine cabinet and looked back into the mirror. She froze, behind her stood a cloaked figure.

“I suppose you’ll do.” The chilling echo like voice declares.

Domino gasps back as the entity becomes nothing more than black vapor. It enters her mouth. Domino reached to her throat and staggered around, trying her best to fight off whatever it was. Domino screams out as it continues to course through her entire body. She rips off her shower curtain and begins to destroy her bathroom in a panic. She continues to shriek out in sheer agony. Domino pulls at her hair and drops to her knees. She’s no other choice, but to give in and let it take over. She rips the patch off her eye. The empty socket revealed a swirling element of utter darkness.

Bella awakes to realize she was in her husband’s lap. He was sound asleep in his recliner with his arms around her. Ryan was at his feet sleeping as well. She carefully and quietly rose from his lap. Bella went and took a shower. She looked to the scars still she couldn’t truly fathom that she had died. How is that even feasible? How does one die and return? Was what Cable said true? Can she not truly die? Bella shut her eyes as the water ran down her body. She felt a set of hands wrap around her. Kisses ran along her neck and shoulders. Her arms wrapped around him just as her tummy started growling.

“Growling at me?” He questions.

Bella laughs.

“Man, even your stomach tries to cock block me!”

Deadpool chuckles as he watches his wife eat her seventh slice of pizza.


She nods and continues to stuff her face. He slides over another beer.

“You’re like a little piggy today!”

“Shut it Wade.”

“I’m just sayin’ babe save some for the rest of us!”

“Us? You mean the voices in your head? I hope so cause Ryan will have the shits all damn night if you feed him pizza.”

Dude, she knows about us!

Yeah she does!

This can’t be a good thing! She’s already got his balls in a vice. What will she do with ours?!

Wait do we even have balls?



“Earth to Wade?”

Deadpool shakes his head and lifts his eyes toward her.




After supper Bella decided to call Charlie. Yet again she wasn’t aware of the emotions that would take toll at just hearing his voice. She knew her mind was still somewhat traumatized. After all it’s not every day you come back from the dead.

“Hello?” Charlie answered and a few tears trickled down her cheeks.

She cleared her throat.

“Hey kiddo!”

Bella took in a deep and quivery breath. She leaned back in the dining room chair. Deadpool was taking a shower.


“I was just calling to see how things were going.”

“Bells? What’s wrong hun?”

“Nothing dad I’m fine.”

“Come on now Bells. I know you and I can hear it in your voice kiddo? What’s wrong?”

“I just wanted to hear your voice that’s all.”

“Getting home sick? About time kid!”

Bella softly laughs. But the laughing becomes crying. Her hands ball up as she wasn’t prepared for her to react like this.

“Bells?” Charlie questions with concern.
“Are you hurt? What’s wrong hun?”

“I’m fine dad. Just been a long day.”

“I’m all ears.”

How do you tell your own father you died? Meet Death which is your husband’s ex by the way. Then she wanted to take your place and leave you stuck in another realm. Some random blue demon looking guy put a stop it. Then you were sucked through some sort of blue portal and came back to life? She laughed to herself in thought. Yeah nothing about that is farfetched or anything. Charlie would have her committed.

“Just missing you dad that’s all.”

“Well you know you can come visit anytime.”

“I know.”

“I miss you too kiddo.”

Bella wipes her face and hears her husband coming out of the bathroom.

“We’ll come by this weekend. I’ll cook some chicken fry or something.”

“Sounds good, Bells.”

“Ok dad, see you soon.”

“Love ya kiddo.”

“Love you too dad.”

Bella hangs up and Deadpool plops down on the couch.

“HAHA you love your daddy!”

She raises her brows on this.

“Wow, you really went there.”

“Went where babycakes?”

Bella sighs.



She lifts her head his direction.

“Just don’t ever really die ok?” He says with that childlike tone of his.

She nods not sure what to say to that exactly.

“Cause I can’t…” He adds softly.

Bella comes to her feet and makes her way over. She sits in his lap and leans into his chest.

“I suppose that’s a ditto now.”

He lifts her shirt a bit and runs his finger along the scar yet again. Still he was in disbelief. He shook his head. He took off his mask and softly began to kiss her. Every touch he gave was gentle his hands caressed along her arms, tummy and waist. Bella took in a breath as he rolled over her. Soft kisses continued to run along her body. Bella was taken back. She wasn’t used to this side of her husband. Not a word left his lips as he continued on. He made his way down to her sex. He ran a hand along her jeans feeling the heat signature coming off her. The scent of her arousal carried over and he breathed her in deeply. Then he unfastened her jeans and slipped them off her. Deadpool tossed them into the corner of the living room. He took his tongue to her sex and licked all the way up her belly, chest, and neck, ending the lick with a kiss.

Bella felt him enter her she couldn’t get over how he was acting. Slowly he began to make love to her. She could feel the warmth and him pulsating inside her. He brought his hands up beneath her and thrust harder about her. His hands gripped her ass firmly. Her back arched off the couch as she climaxed. His mouth eagerly found her lips again as he came.

Deadpool didn’t sleep that night. He just lay there and held her.

Bella went back to school. Jane, MJ, and Pepper took Bella to dinner in appreciation for what she’d done for them. Each of them said if it weren’t for her they’d all have died. In fact the four of them made a pact to meet up for lunch or dinner at least once a week. This way they’d always keep in touch. She and Deadpool’s lives went back to normal. Well normal for them. The only difference was Deadpool was teaching his wife a bit more about being a merc. She just wasn’t aware as to why. The more time progressed the more he wanted his wife alongside of him. Bella just hadn’t a clue what he was honestly up to. She thought that this was for mere survival purposes. That was until one weekend after they’d returned from eating with Charlie.

Her husband had mentioned he had a job lined up. Only she hadn’t expected he’d teleport along with her. For the first time ever. Bella witnessed her husband on a job. He put her down on a rooftop.

“This will only take a…”

Her jaw dropped as he set up his sniper rifle. Within seconds he had his target down and was already picking up. People around the body were screaming. Some were running and others were calling the police.

“So hungry? I know this great taco place!”

Bella looked to her husband oddly.

“That was it?”

He nods.
“Like that’s all? You’re done?”

He nods again and puts up his stuff.

“But you are usually gone for hours.”

“I get bored sometimes and want to prolong it.”

“And how do you go about that?”

He shrugs as if it’s no big deal.
“I like to torture them a bit or take my time fucking around with them.”


He chuckles.

“You’re so cute when you’re all confused and whatnot babe!”

“I just can’t believe that’s how you make a living!”

“Don’t go getting all sappy now babe. He was a bad guy I promise!” He starts humming as he grabs hold of her.

He teleports them in front of a taco place.

“So what happens when you go with Logan and Nathan?”

He grins under that mask of his.

“Awww baby! I thought you’d never ask!”

She looks to him oddly.
“Ok, ok you twisted my arm you can go on the next job. Just keep close you know. I doubt you want to die and all, again.”

She takes in a breath.

“You want me to go with you?”

“Sure, just don’t get in the way or I’ll have to punish you.”

“Punish me?”

He looks to her.
“Is that a question or a demand baby? Like I’ll punish the hell outta you. Sugar daddy would love to spank your little ass!” He points directly upon her.

Bella blushes as the cashier and other cooks behind the counter were looking upon them oddly.

“Yeah we want 20 tacos and don’t be cheap fuckers on the meat!”

“Deadpool!” Bella scolds.

“What? They know what I’m talking about cheap asses. Get a taco with nothing but the shell half the time!”

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose. She takes in a breath.
“You’ll have to excuse my husband he’s mentally jacked in the head and thinks everyone’s out to get him.”

“I don’t think Stella babe I know!”

“Sure… I suppose I’m out to get you to?”

He chuckles.

“Are you? Cause that’d be kind of hawt!”

Bella softly laughs and shakes her head. Once they’re done with the tacos. Deadpool grabs them and they teleport back to the apartment.

“So that settles it. You’re going on our next mission. This is going to be AWESOME! I promise I’ll kick total ass for ya babe!”

“And how do you think Logan and Nathan will feel about me going?”

“Why do you care what they think? Screw them fuckers.”

He sets down their tacos. Bella grabs them some beer. Halfway through their tacos and beer…

“Hey babycakes, what do you think of becoming a Merc like me?”


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  1. Its about time they made love instead of fucking. And double brownie points to him for not trying to screw her when they got home.

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