Chapter 19 I’m Turning Japanese!

Chapter 19

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Bella pulled her hair up into a ponytail and got into her merc outfit. She loaded up whatever weapons she could think of. Once again she tried to reach her husband. Still there was no answer. She dialed Logan to see if maybe he’d heard from him yet, but he nor Cable had any word. There was only one person left she could think of. Bella began to dig through her husband’s things desperate to find the bitches address, phone number or something. But it looked as though anything that was left of Domino he’d rid of. Bella’s teeth grind together the more time went on. The worst things imaginable were coming to mind. Bella looked to the corner of her husband’s closet and saw some sort of small file cabinet. She brought it down, but nearly dropped it. The cabinet was very heavy and she didn’t expect it to be as bulky as it was once she started to bring it down. She scooted it out into the middle of the room.

She picked the locks on it feeling as though a horrible wife at the moment. Bella hadn’t any other sources to go to though. She got the drawers open and lay her knife on top of the file cabinet. The very first file she grabbed was her own. It was beside Carlisle Cullen’s and her father’s. He wasn’t lying when he said he did his homework. Bella found herself taken back. Ok so her husband was clinically deranged, often enough he had the mind of a 12 year old pubescent boy. But this only proved to her that Wade Wilson was a very smart man. When he wanted to be… He had files for every hit or investigation he’d ever done. She opened her file and couldn’t help, but to smile. He had red hearts circled around her pictures and D & B or W & B even S & D (Static and Deadpool) 4ever written on some of the papers and all over the file folder itself. Yeah it seemed a bit juvenile, but that was just Deadpool. He had a ton of pictures of her. Some she wasn’t even aware he’d taken since they’d been together.

Bella got to the very back of her file to see an envelope with her name on it. She looked upon it curiously. It was sealed shut with a red waxed sealed heart on it. Bella took in a nervous breath and opened it. Inside was a letter.


If yur reading this, it means sumthang went down. It must be big kause I’m not easy to take down! I don’t no what to right really so… just know everythang I own goes to you. Kause I luv you baby and I really hope I’m not dead and stuff kause that would suk. It’s funy kause I wanted to die. I used to daydream about dying. But I don’t want to now. I want to be wear you are. But if yur dead two then I want to die. Yur not dead are you? Kause then all my shit goes to Ryyyyaaaannn. The fuker is already spoyled. He doesn’t need all them weapons and fuking money. Wat’s he gonna do with it?

If I’m dead or yur dead or watever. Then just no that I say thank you. I no I didn’t deserve you. I no I made you merry me. But I had to have you and new you’d say no. kause I’m not what gurls like you want. I’m fugly and I’m not normal. No gurl has ever touched me like you at least not without the mask. No gurl has said she luvs me like you. I don’t want to lose you ever so just rember that. Yur good to me. I don’t deserve it. Yur beutifewl I don’t deserve it. Yur my wife and I damn sure don’t deserve it. I wish I was smart, good lookin’, and everythang that you want. I no you love me though so that’s really kewl. I just want to be more fer you kause yur awesome! I don’t kare if I go to heaven or hell kause I just want to be wear you are. If I’m not then I’m gonna be pissed. I don’t want nothing else.

Luv 4ever always,


Bella put the letter to her heart and literally sank to the floor. She covered her mouth and tears streamed down her face. She didn’t agree with half of what he said. Her husband hadn’t a clue what she truly saw in him. He had her heart completely.

“Wade baby, where are you dammit?!”

Bella continued to dig through the files looking for Domino’s. Finally she came across a file pushed to the very back and the very last one. It was as if he’d purposely hid it so he wouldn’t have to see it. Bella blew the dust off the file and opened it up. She rolled her eyes as she looked upon Domino’s picture. She came across her address, social security number, and phone number. She jotted everything down. Bella then hurriedly hailed a cab and went looking for her husband.

Deadpool groaned out as he tried to move. Only he had nothing to move… except his head. His eyes widened as he looked across the room he was in. His arms and legs were hanging on hooks on ceiling of the room. He was pinned against the wall with nothing but a metal collar holding him up.

“Of course my nose itches now! Son of a bitch! Talk about overkill!”

He gritted his teeth and moved his head about desperately trying whatever he could think of to break free. He even tried to maneuver his head about and chew his way out. Only he couldn’t reach the fucking collar.

“Man , even I’m not this sick!”

He growls out with pure irritation.


Deadpool tried to think of how he got here in the first place. The flashes and images hit. He remembered answering the door and it was Domino. He rolled his eyes and slammed the door shut. He had turned his back to her. Next thing he knew he was laying on the floor. He could see his legs and feet, but was being dragged away from them. He was reaching out to them. Deadpool remembered calling out Hey… Hey I need those dammit as he reached out to them. He was thrown into a darkened area. He remembered having his arms and legs tossed onto his body. The area he was in was hot, confined, and he could hardly breathe.

But it hit him and he jerked his head about and his teeth grind together.

“BELLA!” He roared out in panic.

He hadn’t a clue if she was alright or where she was. A door opened and light temporarily shined right in his face. A cold hand ran along his face.

“Neena… What the fuck?!”

She smiled and kissed his lips. Deadpool froze. He knew that kiss. It damn sure wasn’t Domino’s. He swallowed back.

“You’re not Neena… are you?”

Domino shakes her head and runs her fingers along his cheek, neck, and chest.

“Death…” He whispered in disbelief.

“So you do remember?” The echo like voice rang along with a hint of Domino’s behind it.

“It’s been so long lover…”

Deadpool lets out a bit of a nervous laugh.

“Um well yep it sure has. Funny thing… I’m married now and stuff you know.”

“Not anymore… You’re mine.”

Deadpool sighs.

“I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works. Like don’t I have to be willing and things of that nature? I’m so not feeling this. I mean once upon a time I had this teeny tiny Death fetish. I mean come on now we were both young and well… I mean I was young anyhow but…”

He cringes with disgust and guilt as she licks his face.

“To think that used to turn me on! I think my dick just crawled up my ass and died. My wife’s going to be pissed if she can’t find my dick! Hell, I’ll be pissed if I can’t find my dick. I think he ran away! It’s like I got kissed by a corpse! I really can’t blame him for running though.”
Domino tilts her head and cups his chin.

“You once loved me! You wanted to die in order to be with me! Do you not remember everything we went through to try and be together?!”

“Eh, things change. People change… Deadpool changed… You however definitely changed. I never knew of an ex that wanted to take the body of another ex! So, l love my wife and all. Would like to go back now. So if you’d just put me back together we could call this a day!”

Domino grits her teeth and punches her hand through his chest. She squeezes her hands around his heart. He sucks back a painful breath.


“So forceful…” He utters in agony.

She yanks her hand back out of his chest.

“We’ll never be separated again. I promise.”

“I’m actually ok with being separated and all. Like there’s no need for closure babe! We’re good. Like I said I’m married and all now so… If you’d just take this off my neck now and give me back my arms and legs. I’d be good as new and out of your hair! I’m sure you got other things to concern yourself with. Such as killing people and all. I mean what happens when there is no Death? Won’t that over populate the world if you’re not doing your job?”

She sneers at him.

“That’s no longer my problem!”

“Well you know what is your problem? You took my arms and legs and you squeezed the shit out of my heart. I think I peed a little. And my wife, you know Bella… She also does my laundry and you’re just all kinds of pissing her off today.”
“Can you honestly say this Bella is hotter than me?!”

“What can I say I enjoy pussy with a pulse? There’s just something about it. That and she’s not insane! That’s always a plus!”

“You just need sometime. Soon you will remember what we once had. This is all Thanos’s fault!”

“Yeah, speaking of the big blue giant how is he? I mean I imagine he’s pretty mad about now right? You two are still together right? I mean he did curse me to live for eternity and all cause he wanted you to himself and all. How’s that going?! Isn’t there an anniversary coming up? Shouldn’t you two be cuddling and popping open a bottle of arsenic or antifreeze?”

Bella looked around to make certain she wasn’t being watched. She uses her knife to break into Domino’s apartment. She quickly shuts and locks the door back up the way it was. Bella takes caution by looking around to make certain no one was home. From there she cautiously looks around and keeps an ear out. She knew Domino would have to come home sometime. For now it was the only plan she had. After a couple more hours Bella heard the door knob jiggle. The sound of someone unlocking the door followed. Bella quickly sprang into action and hid.

Sure enough Domino entered the apartment. Bella patiently waited praying she would leave again soon and that she took her right to Deadpool. Only impatience began to creep up on her as the time flew about. Bella peeked through the crack of the doorway she was hiding. She reared back oddly taking notice of the darkness swirling within her eye socket. She mouthed the words what the fuck to herself. That and watching Domino eat was beyond sickening. She scarfed it down with constant burps here and there. Bella covered her mouth in grotesque.

“Humans are so weak! This is beyond irritating! This constant need for energy.”
Bella’s eyes raised on the echo like voice that chimed from Domino’s lips. Human’s? Bella mouthed to herself again. What the hell was going on? Bella felt she’d lose her mind waiting much longer. Thankfully, Domino finally came to her feet after she ate. She headed for the door again. Once it shut Bella quickly came up with a plan on how to follow her. She very quietly stepped out of her hiding place. She rushed over to the door and cautiously opened it. Domino was turning the corner just as she opened the door. Bella ducked back to remain out of viewpoint. Once Domino was out of sight, Bella rushed down the hallway. She peeked around the corner and began to follow Domino from a safe distance. To Bella’s surprise she didn’t have far to go.

She followed Domino to a boiler room of the apartment complex. Bella took back a breath and stayed hidden. She was apprehensive about opening the door. She’d not a clue what she’d be walking into. That and Deadpool might not even be here. That made her panic in thought. What if she’s way off about this and Deadpool’s far away? What if he’s being tortured or worse? She grimaced and shook her head.

“Toughen up don’t be a bitch.” Bella muttered to herself.

She leaned back against the wall and focused on breathing. Her nerves were getting to her big time. All she could think about was the desperation to get her husband back. Bella decidedly and bravely opened the door. She quickly shut the door and took off into the darkness.
“WHO’S THERE?!” She heard the echo like voice with that hint of Domino’s.”

She shook her head in wonder. Bella felt around the room trying to find a place to hide, but couldn’t see for shit.

“HELLO? I know you’re there!”

Bella turned the direction of the door again. She grabbed one of her throwing knifes towards the door hoping for a distraction away from the area she was actually in. The voice growled out as it worked like a charm. The door opened again and Domino exited the room. Bella quickly got her flashlight out. She shinned it about the room and squinted her eyes as she looked around. Her jaw dropped and she dropped her flashlight. It rolled amongst the ground and she stumbled back. She covered her mouth as the flashlight however continued to shine directly on him.

There her husband hang about the wall. His arms and legs were gone. She backed into one of his legs hanging from a hook in the ceiling of the room. Bella shrieked out and continue to stagger back away from it only to run into one of his hands.

“Wade…” She whimpered out and came to her knees.

“No…” She whispered feeling as though she herself had just died.

The door flew open and the lights came on about the room. Bella quickly hid. Her heart raced and she tried her hardest to control her breathing as she covered her mouth.


Bella snuck about the room as she managed to get closer to Domino. She hid behind a pillar. Her heart beat so loudly she could hear and feel her own pulse through her ears. Bella took her husband’s katana from its sheath. She snuck up behind Domino. She swiftly placed the blade upon her throat.

“Don’t move BITCH!” Bella demanded.

Demonic laughter escaped Domino’s mouth. Bella went to end it once and for all, only to end up flying back against the wall of the boiler room.

“Fuck!” Bella groaned out as her head hit one of the metal pipes.

She rolled over on the ground and reached for her husband’s katana. Only to have her hand stepped on during the process. Bella’s eyes watered at the pain. She didn’t want to give the bitch satisfaction of screaming. Bella forced her body into an awkward position bringing up her legs. She wrapped them around Domino’s body and sent her sailing back as well. Bella quickly scrambled to her feet. Deadpool weakly made out what was taking place before him. He saw his wife and Death in Domino’s body beating the shit out of one another. He wanted to call out to his wife. To warn her that it wasn’t Domino, but he was too weak. Death had been torturing his ass nonstop. For some odd reason she thought that was a good way to get him to love her again. Then again Death wasn’t human and didn’t know shit about humanity. He was truly beginning to see his wife was right, before she came along he had fucked up taste in love interests. Both of them had proven themselves to be literally psychotic. At least Domino though had some sense enough to finally take a hint after a few battles of course. Nevertheless, she got the hint. Death however… she wasn’t having it. She wouldn’t hear of it. In her mind they were meant to be and that was that. No one was standing in her way.

Pride washed over this man though as he watched his wife give it her all as she fought Death. However… he knew there was no defeating her. Even he wasn’t strong enough to take on Death. So fear now resided in Deadpool as he looked on, he was just waiting for that final blow. The one to drive him completely insane, well more so than he currently was anyhow. He wasn’t ready to watch his wife die yet again. What if she didn’t come back this time?

Bella continued to block Domino’s attempts as they fought. Domino knocked the blade out from Bella’s hold. She head butted Bella and Bella hunkered down to one knee. Domino laughed that maniacal demon like laugh again. She grabbed Bella by the collar of her shirt and lifted her into the air.

“Remember me?!”
Bella narrowed her eyes taking notice of the spinning darkness within Domino’s eye socket yet again.

“What the hell?”

Domino smiles.

“That’s right. I had to find another host.”
“Death…?” Bella questioned feeling slightly ill in memory on how she exited one of the portals when she did.

“That’s right and I plan on making sure you stay dead this time. He is mine…” Death points towards Deadpool.

“Yours?!” Bella said behind gritted teeth.
Hello… Deadpool thought to himself. He rolled his eyes as he was getting wood.

Sure you have the energy for that, but you can’t utter a single word and let your wife know you’re alive?

Yeah man what the fuck is what that? You heard her reaction! She thinks you’re dead!

Anytime is a good time for wood!

Um no bro it’s not! He has no arms and legs at the moment and his ex is about to kill his wife.

Come on you piece of shit let her know you’re here! PUSSY!

Yeah you fucking pussy you’re making us all look bad.

Heh, wood…

REALLY?! (Chorus of voices)

Deadpool shakes his head and forces his eyes wide open. Both women had their hands clasped around the others throat now. Bella hissed out.

“I’m taking you with me!” Bella barked furiously.

“…hey babe…” Bella snapped her head her husband’s direction.

He weakly nodded. Her heart kicked back to life and a smile came over her face. Relief washed over her.

“FINE, YOU WANT HER SO BAD?!” Death rumbled with fury.

Domino’s eyes rolled back. The black entity escaped Domino’s body and began to enter Bella’s mouth. She looked to her husband in alarm and she reached to her throat. It felt as though a piece of ice was being launched down her throat. It hurt like hell. She hadn’t a choice now and she knew it.

“I’m sorry Wade!” She choked out behind tears

She hurriedly crawled towards her husband’s katana. She had to do this before Death took over her body.

“I need her back in her own realm!” She called out.

“NO! DAMMIT!” Deadpool shouted with what bit of energy he had left. As Bella took the blade and drove it into her own heart, Deadpool passed out.

Bella shot up in sucking back a breath of air. She crawled about the shadowy and cold floor of vast nothingness. Her hand flew back across her heart in memory. This incredible burning sensation coursed through her heart. The burning became more pronounced and unbearable. Bella cried out greatly as the entity that was still within her began to make it’s way out. She could feel it traveling through her body. It was fighting to stay. Bella however was doing everything she could think of to force the entity out!

“LEEEEAAAAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE!” Bella screamed out in desperation as she pulled at her hair in torment.

Her hand clasped around her throat as the black substance continued to travel throughout her body. Bella’s head swayed about and she rocked back and forth. Death manifested before her as Bella forced it out of her body.

“Welcome home…” Bella mouthed bitterly.

She came to her feet and stood before Death.

“This isn’t over!”

“Who’d have thought Death had such horrible self-esteem issues? Face it, you’re not wanted!”

Death reached out in attempt to touch her.

“I can’t die bitch remember, nice try!”

“No, but I can lock your soul away and take over your body! If I wanted I could make you take my place permanently! What do you say to a switch?!”
The area around them began to tremor. Bella narrowed her eyes and began to look around trying to figure out where it was coming from. The ground beneath them begin to crack and rise in certain places. Death and Bella eyed one another as they were being shifted about by the ground. A loud rumbling sound vibrated amongst them. Bella’s hair flew back at the impact of whatever it was.

“Oh shit.” Bella uttered as Thanos’s face suddenly came into view.

Death whipped around Thanos’s teeth were gritted.

“YOU GO NOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!” He pointed to Bella and she began to fly back.

Thanos looked to Death.
“You are MINE! YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN! The human is cursed with the spell of Lazarus. I made this curse years ago! I knew this would happen! If you ever saw him again! You would try and leave me! So I put a curse on the first person that Deadpool ever truly fell for! She will be like him now! Only unlike the healing factor he has. This human will die only to be risen again and again! She will age like that of Deadpool! She is his true mate and you belong to ME!” Thanos’s back hands Death and she’s sent sailing throughout the vast of nothingness. The both of them vanish and Bella flies back at great speed.

She groans out and rolls over. She narrows her eyes and looks around trying to adjust her eyes to the blurry vision. Bella sits up and rubs them.

“Oh no…” She utters in misery seeing she’d ended up at some sort of temple in Japan.

She sees the robes the people are wearing and starts to freak.

“Holy shit, am I in feudal Japan?”

One of the men passes by and she takes in a breath of relief seeing he was on a cellphone.
“Thank God.” She remembered her cellphone as well only when she took it out it was completely crushed, beyond usage.

Each man there looks to Bella oddly. One of them wiggles his brows.

“Great, I’m Kagome… I wonder where the fuck Inyuasha is…” She uttered thinking about the anime her husband liked to watch. How at times Deadpool acted like Inyuasha! If only she had an obedient necklace for his ass. She giggled to herself in thought and kept walking.

“I don’t have my gun, my grenades, my fucking knife. Dammit I’m pissed!” Everyone backs away from her as she continues to bitch to herself and she starts to exit the temple.

She begins to try and find a payphone or something. Bella continued to mutter to herself off and on.

“I want my Wade and puppy!” She whimpered under her breath.

She starts laughing and pinches the bridge of her nose. She was so tired she was damn near delirious. It took all she had left to stay awake. That and she were starving and thirsty. Her body felt weak as she forced each step throughout Tokyo. Once she finally found a payphone it took her forever, or so it felt to her to get a collect call through to Cable. The operators spoke Japanese. She couldn’t understand a word they were saying and visa versa.

Cable accepted the collect call thankfully.

“Um yeah… can you come get me?” She said rather childlike.

He reared back a bit as he was in his garage.

“Sure hun, where are you?”

“Tokyo…” She mumbled sounding as if she were about to fall asleep.

“How the hell did you wind up in Tokyo?!”

“I don’t know…” She whined.

Cable shut his eyes for a moment. Bella sounded so innocent like over the phone. Cable felt horrible he couldn’t pinpoint where she was right off the bat.

“Just hold on sweetheart I’ll find you. Stay put.”


“Can you send Logan to Domino’s apartment to get Wade? He needs to be glued together or something.”

The line went dead and Cable sprang into action he called Logan. He decided the best thing would be to go with Logan to hurriedly get Wade first. He would need Logan in order to find Bella. He could teleport there sure, but Logan could sniff her out.

Cable and Logan met outside the apartment complex. He explained what he could make of the situation to Logan. Logan nodded and began to search for Wade. He breathed in the air around them. They followed the scent to Domino’s apartment. Then it went on to the boiler room of the apartments. Once the men opened the door they both grimaced. Cable shined a light about the room.

“Jesus Wade…” Logan grumbled as he took in the scene before him.

Deadpool slightly lifted his head, but said nothing. Logan and Cable hurriedly brought Deadpool down and began putting him back together.

“Bella…” Deadpool called out hoarsely.

“Relax bub, we’re going to get her. You’re coming with us so we need you on top of your game ok.”

“She was kicking Death’s ass.”

“My wife is awesome.”

“There’s no denying that Wade. Why she loves your crazy ass? I’ll never know.”

Cable pats Deadpool on the shoulder as he starts to heal. The minute one if his hands reattaches he scratches his balls and then his nose.

“Ugh, I really should have went nose to balls on that one.”

Logan rolls his eyes and Cable half laughs.

“I’ve been needed to take care of those two things for awhile.”

Deadpool rolls over coming to his feet. He rubs his face then leans against the wall with one hand.

“I’ve had better days.”

“I bet you have.” Cable agrees.

Cable gives him some sort of vitamin shot loaded with other elements to help Deadpool regain his strength. Neither had seen Deadpool this bad in a very longtime. It takes a lot to get the man down. He’d been put through the ringer.

The three of them turn to the sound of Domino whimpering out. She was crawling amongst the ground as she came to. Cable rushed over and helped her to her feet.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THIS NEENA?!” Cable questions as he slams her back against the wall.

She looked upon him in utter confusion. Deadpool sighs.

“This time it wasn’t technically her doing…” He begins to explain how Death took over Domino’s body.

Domino meanwhile looked to each man before her in complete shock.

Cable nodded and released his hold on Domino. Only to have her pass back out, Cable quickly caught her and got her back to her apartment.

“We better go Bella’s waiting on us. She called almost an hour ago from Tokyo. Probably wondering where the hell I am about now. Guess now’s a good time to try out my own teleportation device.” Cable frowns in thought the last time it damn near killed him. He doesn’t have the healing factor Deadpool and Wolverine have. That and he were sick to his stomach with nausea and diarrhea for damn near a week. But he wasn’t about to risk Bella being in another country alone with no ID, money, or anything. More than likely if Deadpool went alone he’d only get lost. They also needed Logan. Cable looked to Logan in thought.

“Tokyo?” Logan questions.

“Yeah, that’s what I was wondering.”
“She’s in Tokyo and without me?!” Deadpool pouts.

“Get your head outta yer ass, ya dumb merc. And I ain’t fucking teleporting! Why can’t we take the god damn jet?!”

“To Tokyo? And Bella needs us there now.”

Deadpool sighs he grabs Logan as the three of them teleport to Tokyo.

“We never cuddle anymore! I miss this!” He says as they appear in Tokyo.

“Get off me!” Logan shoves him off and growls under his breath. He and Cable blew chunks as they stumbled about.

“Dammit!” Logan complains.

Deadpool starts pointing and laughing at them both. Cable grumbles under his breath.

“At least it wasn’t as bad as my first time. Still… not a fan.”

Logan lights a cigar and begins to sniff Bella out. Within a couple hours they manage to find her. She still had the phone in her hand and was asleep against the phone booth. Cable pinched the bridge of his nose as people that walked by tossed loose coins around her.
“Huh! They think she’s a stripper!”

Logan shook his head and smacked Deadpool in the back of the head.

“Ow why’d you do that for?!”

Deadpool cursed Logan’s name under his breath as he scooped Bella up.

“Upsy daisy…” He whispers and holds her against his chest.

“I got ya babe.”

“Wade…?” She tiredly whimpers out.


“You got your arms and legs back?”
“I sure did baby. I never really lost them they just got put in time out. Naughty little bastards!

He kisses the top of her head.


“That was really gross!”

Logan and Cable die in laughter.

“That’s no damn lie.” Logan agrees.

“But you’re alive…”

“I don’t die remember?”

She nods.

“I do, but I come back…” She looks to Cable in thought.


He narrows his eyes.


“Thanos, he said something about giving me a curse he referred to it as the Lazarus curse.”

He looked to her confused.

“Why would he curse you?”
“The curse was for anyone that fell for Deadpool and he in return for them. Is how he put it.”

Deadpool froze.

“So you being in love with me is what made you a freak?”

“Just like you Wade baby.”


Deadpool clears his throat feeling a bit choked up.

“So what we have is real…?” He lifts his mask to wipe away a single tear.

“Can we please get the fuck out of here now?” Logan bitches.

“Why did you take on the Japanese mafia once or something?”

They each turn as sirens are heard and heading right for them.
“Oh crap!” Logan looked to Deadpool accusingly.

“You just had to say it you fucking merc!”


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