Chapter 2 Keeping The Swan

Chapter 2

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The merc leaped into the air and took the blond vampire’s head. Bella jumped at the sight. The man held his head in the air.

“Well that was easy enough.”

However, the other vampires looked upon the man and hissed, all, but one.

“Easy pussies…”

They each soared after the man. He jumped into the air and took out his guns. He began to fire. Jasper nevertheless, had other plans. He looked upon Bella and back to the distraction. He kissed her forehead and picked her up.

“NO!” Bella thrashed in his hold.

He covered her mouth and took off. The merc caught this, but had his hands full at the moment. He continued to fight off the other vampires, dodging their blows and attempted bites. The rustic haired boy must’ve noticed the girl was gone. He too took off.

“Huh, no blood. Well that’s dull.” He uttered as he took the long haired brunette woman’s head as well.

“How is he doing that?!” Emmett questions with a look of shock about his face.

Once the others realized they were facing the man by themselves they too took off. The merc shrugged he went to the kitchen. He cut on the gas stove and found some matches. He ignited the entire Cullen residence as he stepped out. He smiled under that mask of his as the sound of the explosion took place.

“Ah, sweet music to my ears.”

He tilted his head a certain direction, as he heard a scream.
“That however… not so much.”

He takes off that direction.

“Oh, sweetie a whole three inches?!” The merc smarts as he leaps down from a tree.

He stands over the girl. The vampire had her against a tree. His pants were down. His eyes were wild with lust. The girl had her hand over her neck, tears where streaming down her face. Her clothes had been ripped to shreds. She scooted back against the tree in fear.

“I mean can you even call that rape?”

He points to the blondish vampire.

“I hope she’s not a virgin. You won’t even get close to busting her hymen with that! It’s so cute and tiny! I want to put a little bonnet on it and give it a name!”

The vampire angrily slams him into the tree the girl was against. The other vampires make their appearance now as well.

“This is not what I signed up for!”

“Then leave!” Edward barks demandingly.

“Ok… but I’m taking her with me!”


The merc grabs her and an echoing dong sound is made as he disappears. The vampires look to one another confused.

The merc appears at his apartment. The girl had passed out in his arms. He shrugs and lays her down on his couch. He raises his brows a bit. The slight curves of her breasts were showing through her ripped clothing. He sighs and sits back in his recliner. He grabs the remote and starts channel surfing. Once he finds a station he’s suitable with, he begins to put away a few of his weapons. He rubs the back of his neck as he looks back to the girl.

“Aw, come here you little bastard you!”

A brown mutt runs up to him wagging his tail.

“I see you ate the arm to the couch again. Didn’t you? Yes you did!”

The dog pants and the merc feeds him an old slice of pizza.

“Now scram… You’ll scare away our hottie of a guest.”

The dog whimpers out. The merc points to the other room.

The dog growls at him.
“Aww, so sweet you truly do know how to make me feel right at home.”

They both turn as the girl rolls over in her sleep. She lands on the floor. The dog runs up to her and starts licking her face.

“Hey, lay off my Kool-Aid I saw her first! Don’t make me call the pound! Get, you little shit!”

The dog growls at him again. The merc sighs though as the mutt turns back to the girl and happily starts licking her again. The girl groans out and covers her face.

“See denied! HA!”

The dog whimpers out. She uncovers her face and sits up. She pets the dog on the head as she looks around.

“You little fucker! Don’t you dare pop a boner!”

The girl looks to him puzzled.

“Did you just…” She shakes her head and reaches to her temples.

“Just…?” He inquires with his hands about his waist.

“Where are we?”

She looks around to the rundown apartment. The couch she was on smelled funny. It had water damage from past leaks. The dishes in the kitchen were piled up. Dust was everywhere and it looked as though the guy never cleaned a day in his life. It smelled of dog. Old beer bottles and pizza boxes were scattered about the place.

“Home sweet home.” He says motioning his hands about in a welcoming fashion.

“This is where you live?” She says with a hint of disapproval to her voice.

He nods and makes his way over. He kicks the dog away from her.

“He wasn’t bothering me.”

“So you’re one of those kinds of girls?”

“Excuse me?”

“Glad I don’t keep any peanut butter around.”

She raises her brows and comes to her feet.

“Who are you?”

“You first.”



“Um no it’s just Bella.”

“Ok Stella.”

She rolls her eyes.

“Whatever… and you?”

“Some people call me Casanova, Romeo, Reaper, Death! But we’ll keep it personal! You can call me master or Deadpool which ever you prefer.”
‘Um I’ll stick to Deadpool.”

“So master it is!”
“I’m pretty certain I said Deadpool.”

“Fine if you insist Lord Deadpool is quite alright. A bit much if you ask me, but hey I’m willing to aim to please!”

“Are you like cracked or something?”

Deadpool does a complete circle trying to see if his suit was ripped in the back.

“Um what are you doing?”

“I thought you said my crack was showing.”

“No that’s not even what I said.”

“Oh thank God, because yours is!”

She lowers her brows and looks down to her clothing. Her jaw drops and she quickly covers herself.

“Aw man… why’d you go and do that?!”

Both Deadpool and the dog tilt their heads and whimper out. Bella looks to the dog and shakes her head.
“Did he honestly just whine?”

“I believe we both did.”


Her entire face was red. She shut her eyes for a moment.

“Could I borrow some clothes?”


“Isn’t it obvious?! Mine are ripped!”

He shrugs.

“Looks good on you.”

Her jaw drops.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I dunno what’s wrong with you and why are you shouting?”

Bella growls under her breath. She searches for her cellphone. She remembered Alice taking it.

“Dammit.” She gripes and looks around for a phone.

“Looking for something?”

She gasps out as he appears directly behind her.

“Yeah a phone.”

“Sorry fresh out of those.”

“Oh come on! Everyone has a phone or cell something.”

He folds his arms about his chest.

“Fresh out.”

“Look sir, I just want to go home please.”

“You are home.”

“Um no… My home, with my father.”

“No can do.”

“Excuse me?”

He plops back on the couch.


He starts scrolling through the channels again.


Bella begins to look around the apartment for something to wear. She knew she couldn’t very well leave like this. She was exposing too much.
“Where’s your bathroom?”

He doesn’t answer. She rolls her eyes and starts to look around the apartment. She finds the bathroom. She wrinkles her nose as it too desperately needed cleaning.
“What’s with this guy? He’s so nasty!” She utters as she pulls the door shut.

She looks in the mirror. She grimaces at the cut on her throat Jasper had made from feeding off her. She begins to stare without blinking. Everything begins to hit her. She sucks back a breath and stumbles in recollection. Bella brings herself down against the wall. She covers her face and buries her head into her knees. Her hands ball up, anger rose within her. Hot tears ran down her rosy cheeks. Her stomach growled only adding to her wretchedness. She forced herself up. She cut on the sink and washed her face off. Bella leaned over the sink as she gripped it firmly.

Bella stepped out and Deadpool was right at the door. He had some clothes in his hands.

“What are these?”

“Clothes last time I checked. They belong to some asshole named Wade.”

“Um thanks.”

He nods. Bella heads back into the bathroom. It was just a pair of boxers. She sighs and opens the door.
“Do you have a shirt?”

“Last time I checked.” He utters.

Bella slams shut the door. She puts the boxers on and does her best to tie her shirt back together. Once she steps out she welcomes herself to his closet and grabs a shirt.

“Nosy aren’t we?”

“I needed a shirt.” She replies as he’s standing in the doorway.

She turns her back to him and places the sleeveless black shirt on. She shuts the closet door.

He only had a mattress about the floor with black sheets and a comforter. She blushes at the Playboy beside his bed. It was open to a spread of Ms. September.

“So Ms. September huh?”

He looks down to the issue and picks it up.
“Huh, I wondered where this went.”

He starts flipping through it.

“You have like no shame, do you?”

“What’s that?”

Deadpool takes his Playboy to the sofa and sits down as he flips through it. Bella couldn’t believe the nerve of this guy. She takes in a breath.

“Look, I want to thank you for everything. If you hadn’t have…” She clears her throat. Her nerves were getting to her again. Her hands shook a bit.

“Anyways… thank you…” She reaches for the doorknob about to head out.

Deadpool tosses down his skin mag. Bella opens the door and he appears behind her and shuts it. He then locks it up tightly.

“What are you doing?”

“Make yourself at home baby.”

“You can’t just keep me here!”

He chuckles a bit.

“Huh, I’m willing to bet I can sweetcheeks!”

“Well you’re wrong.”

She reaches to the door and starts to unlock everything. Deadpool flips her over his shoulder and carries her to the couch. He puts his arm around her and grabs the remote. He kicks his legs up on the wooden coffee table and crosses them.

“I have HBO free for three months! And skinemax at night baby! Pizza’s also on its way. Hope you like it spicy.”

Her jaw drops as he pulls out a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs from the couch.

“Huh… there they are!”

He reaches over and cuff’s Bella to the arm of the couch.

“What the fuck?!”

“YES! Ohhh feisty! I like! Do tell me more.”

Bella struggles to break free of the cuff only to find out they were real.

“You can’t just keep me here!”

“And I won’t. If… you can drag yourself and this entire couch out of my apartment you are free to go!”

Bella growls under her breath. She maneuvers herself off the couch. She starts to drag the couch with Deadpool still on it towards the front door.

“Huh, you’re like pretty strong! For a girl! You are a girl right? Because I’m going to be PISSED if not. I mean if not you’re clearly a very pretty boy!”

Her jaw drops.
“I’m not a boy you ass!”

“Oh thank God. I mean I was about to comment on how great of a breast job, but… I’m just glad I know now. This makes this entire ordeal less awkward.”

“What ordeal?!”

Bella starts trying to unlock the door by bringing up her feet. He watches curiously.

“You’re very limber.”

Bella falls back and flinches at the uncomfortable situation she lands in. Deadpool grabs her by the arm and brings her back up.

“Please do continue, this is very interesting!”

“Great, just fucking great! Wonderful! I get fucking kidnaped twice in one day!”

Her stomach growls painfully. Bella starts to feel a bit weak.
“I just want to go home…” She says softly.

She starts to cry again. Deadpool undoes her cuffs her from the couch. He drags her to another room of the apartment.
“This is why you can’t go home.”

He opens a curio cabinet. Bella screams and buries her face into his shoulder. He grins under that mask. So that’s how guys do it? Awesome! I should have starting getting head a long time ago! He thinks to himself. He takes advantage of the situation and wraps his arms around her.

“There, there… I won’t let the bad man get ya.”

It was Carlisle’s head. The bottom of it, revealed the marble icy like material they were made from. The doorbell rings and he scoops her up.

“And that’d be our pizza!”

He places her back on the couch and moves it back. He cuffs her back to the couch and duct tapes her mouth shut. Her eyes widen and she mumbles into the duct tape.

“Just a precaution…” He draws a smiley face on the duct tape with a magic marker.

He playfully pinches he cheeks.

“Much better you should smile more often. It suits ya.”

He answers the door and hands the guy a twenty. The pizza guy peeks inside and sees Bella cuffed to the couch.
“She’s into kink… exciting right?”

The pizza man nods.

“I know right bro?” They high five one another.

The pizza man leaves after Deadpool pays. He makes his way back over and rips the duct tape from Bella’s mouth.
“You dick!”

“Awww there you go again, music to my ears Stella.”
“It’s BELLA!”

He nods and stuffs a piece of pizza in her mouth.
“Beer?” He offers and heads to the kitchen.

He returns with a six pack.

The dog is at Bella’s feet begging. He wags his tail and hops up in Bella’s lap. He steals the pizza from her mouth and takes off. Deadpool looks over.

“Damn you must’ve been hungry! Did you even chew pumkinbutt?”

Bella sighs and rolls her eyes.

“I can’t eat without my hands being free!”

“Oh I get it now… Ok, ok.”

He places Bella in his lap and starts to feed her.

“What the hell are you doing?”

He doesn’t answer as he stuffs a piece into her mouth. He then grabs a beer and pours some in her mouth after she chews and swallows.

“I’m underage.”

“Ah, nah you’re 18 babe. That’s perfectly legal. So we’re good babycakes!”

“How do you know I’m 18?”

He shrugs and pours some more beer in her mouth. She chokes a bit and he pats her back.

“Just like a wee little baby.”

“I shouldn’t be drinking I’m not 21.”

“I’m your supervising adult.”

“Adult? Really? You barely function as a man. Honestly how old are you and what’s with the constant mask?”

He raises his brows on this. He pours some more beer in her mouth. He feeds her some more pizza. She was too hungry to continue fighting on the matter. After three slices of pizza and two beers, Bella’s eyes grew heavy. She started to sway a bit in his lap. He lays her down and looks to his dog.

“Yeah I can totally see her bewbs through that shirt.”

The dog walks around in circle then lies down.

“She’s got nice bewbs doesn’t she?”

Deadpool grabs a slice of pizza and starts to eat. His cell that he lied to Bella about rings. He quickly answers it as he looks to the couch. He steps out to the patio.

“No one should be calling this phone…” Deadpool sarcastically remarks.

“Sorry man, but it’s the Chief. He wants to know if the job is done.”


“Cool… And do you happen to know where his daughter is? The guy is freaking out.”

Deadpool looks back towards the couch.


“And where is that exactly?”

Deadpool tilts his head a bit.

“Why don’t you tell him I’ve changed my mind on the payment.”

“But he already paid you.”

“And I’m returning the money.”
“You’re what?”

Deadpool smiles.

“Just tell him his daughter is one hot tamale! So I’ve decided to keep her instead!”


“Yep! Goodbye now!”

Deadpool crushes the phone in his clutch and dust off the remains from his hands, into the nearby alleyway his apartment overlooked.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 2 Keeping The Swan”

  1. ummm….. i am new to this whole deadpool thing. i love your other stories so i decided to check this out and i like it but i am really wondering on this dudes mental stability. is he all there?

    1. Not at all, darlin’. Deadpool is incredibly unstable. — HE has moments of lucidity but more often than not he’s completely unhinged

      1. Wasn’t quite sure how to read your review lol. And yes I know as to why he most certainly has more than his share of moments in this story.. I’ve nearly all the Deadpool comics even the Cable/Deadpool series. So if there’s one thing I know it’s Deadpool. I merely wrote this for FF reasons because he’s one of my favs. Like I said I couldn’t tell if you were being sarcastic or sincere. It’s hard to tell when you’re merely reading another one’s comments or review.

  2. Third time reading this story and it’s still amazing. I never knew who Deadpool was until this fic and now I’m obsessed with him. I love your stories:)

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