Chapter 3 Tightening The Screws

Chapter 3

I do not own Marvel or Twilight characters. Please read then leave your review. (Bold italics are still Deadpool. He tends to talk and argue with himself.)

Bella shoots up in a gasps. Drops of sweat run down her forehead. Her heart was racing. She looked around trying to gather her surroundings.

“I was thinking about painting the room. Maybe a nice shade of off white, or mother of pearl, or even just plain ole white out. Could you imagine the fumes? We’d be so high! We should totally do it!”

She turns to see Deadpool laying directly beside her his arms were folded behind his head. He was looking to the ceiling. They were both in his bed. He was lying on top of the covers. Bella looked down to see the dog was sleeping on her feet. Bella closes her eyes and flies back onto the pillow. She groans into it in misery. The dog wakes up and nudges her hand with his cold nose. She peeks through her arms. She sighs and gives into petting it.

“How come you never pet me?” Deadpool complains.

“You want to be petted?” She questions with sarcasm to her voice.


He says and lifts up to a sitting position. A small smile forms on her face.

“Like a dog?”

He nods. She reaches over and pats him on the head. He frowns as she pulls back.

“That’s not petting! You suck at this!”
“Were you dropped on your head as a child or something?”
“What’s that have to do with being petted?”

He shoes the dog out of her arms.

“Little fucker, gets all the attention! “

He pouts with his arms folded about his chest. Bella merely sighs; she wasn’t certain what to make of any of this. She comes to her feet.

“Where you going?”

“I have to pee. Is that alright?”

“It depends… where do you plan on peeing?”

She shakes her head on this. She ignores him and heads on to the bathroom. Once she’s done peeing she takes it upon herself to clean up a bit in the bathroom. After she’s done she decidedly takes a shower.

“There’s a naked hot chick in the shower!” Deadpool announces as he jumps to his feet.

“YES! I love naked hot chicks!”

Bella’s eyes widen as she hears the bathroom door open. She peeks out of the white shower curtain. He looks around the bathroom.
“What the hell did you ?!” He snaps.

“What do you mean?”


“Um I cleaned it?”

“Why would you do that?! IT’S TERRIBLE I HATE IT! I CAN’T FIND ANYTHING!”
Deadpool starts looking through his cabinets and drawers.

“Why would you do this to me? I don’t go to your house and mess up your things!”
Bella finishes her shower. She slightly pulls the curtain over and grabs her towel. She steps out with the towel around her. She looks to him bewildered.
“Do you always just walk in on your guest, when they’re in the bathroom?”

Deadpool just stared. She still had water dripping down from her hair. Slight cleavage was showing.

“Um hello?”

“So… wanna make out or something?”

“Oh my GOD!”


She opens the door and shoves him out of the bathroom.

“Aw, babe come on. Don’t be like that. Can I at least see your bewbs?”

“You’re such a JERK!”
“PLEASE?! It’d make us even you know.”

“Even?!” She yaps behind the door as she finishes getting ready.

“Yeah you know for messing up my bathroom!”

“It’s not messed up!”

“Yes it is!”


She steps back out with her teeth and hair brushed. He’d unopened packages of bathroom stuff about the cabinets. Her towel was still wrapped around her.
“What are these for?”

She showed him a box of tampons. He raises his brows on this.

“Well you see there comes a time when a woman…”

“UGH! I meant why do YOU have them?”

“Eh, they were Domino’s.”
“Who? I mean… nevermind. I was afraid you were going to tell me you used them for nosebleeds or something.”

She makes her way back to his closet and grabs another shirt. She also grabs some gray sweat pants. Once again he’s standing in the doorway.
“Do you mind?”

“Sure go right on ahead!” He says and just stands there watching.




She steps inside his closet and pulls the string to the light inside. She starts to get dressed. Bella steps back out.

“Dammit.” He grumbles under his breath.

“I just wanted to see some bewbs.” He sulks and walks away.

Bella covers her mouth. She couldn’t believe herself. She was laughing. Here she is stuck in this horrible situation. Yet she’s laughing at this man’s twisted mind. She sighs in thought.

“What’s wrong with me?” She whispers as she makes the bed and picks up the room a bit.

She knew that was odd behavior as well, but she couldn’t stand the pig sty. However, her jaw drops as she steps into the living room. Deadpool had a gun aimed at her. He was sitting down at the dining room table. She screamed into the palm of her hand. He shot the wall directly behind her. She turned in utter shock.

“Don’t touch my stuff. Don’t clean EVER. Now sit.”

She shook her head as her heart was galloping in her chest. He stands up and pulls out a chair for her. He taps it with the barrel of his gun. Bella swallows back nervously. She makes her way over and he sits down a plate of burned pancakes and bacon.

“So you like pancakes?” He says all chipper like.

She looks to him as if he’s lost his mind. He too sits down with his own plate as well. Her bottom lip quivers a bit. Her hands were trembling as she held the fork in her hand. He takes a couple bites and raises up.

“Gotta hit the head.”

He heads to the bathroom. Bella looks towards the door. She quietly scoots out of her chair. Bella hurriedly makes her way to the door. She starts to undo the locks soundly as possible. Once she gets the last lock she opens the door. Bella takes off running. She runs out of the apartment complex. She looks around realizing she hadn’t a clue where she was. She wasn’t even in Washington. Bella took off running again. She went down an alleyway. The fear was great in her heart.

Deadpool stepped out of the bathroom and made his way back. He sat down and looked to the empty seat. It was then he noticed the open door. He sighed.

“Ah, forget it.” He says with a shrug.

He starts eating his breakfast again.

“Hey it’s not my fault the girl has a suicide wish.”

You shouldn’t have shot at her. You ran her off.

“Nah, she’s fine. That wasn’t it. She knew I wasn’t really going to kill her. I was just showing her who’s boss.”


“Hey watch who you’re calling idiot!”

And if they find her and kill her?

“Not my problem… these pancakes taste like ass! No wonder she ran!”

He continues to eat.

So you have no issues with them making her into their little buffetand fucking toy?

“Nope, her fault, not mine.”

But I thought you wanted the girl for yourself. Remember you already sent the money back into her father’s account, this morning. You let her go that means you just did a job for FREE! AND You didn’t even get laid! YOU TOOL!”

“SHIT!” He hops up and runs out the door.



Bella continues to run throughout the alleyways.

“Hey watch it bitch!”

She slammed right into a group of thugs. She half laughs at the irony. They looked to be in the middle of making some sort of exchange. Bella takes a few steps back. The guys look to one another.

“She’s seen our faces.” One of the five guys says.

“Oh come on! What is with everyone? Do I have a target on MY FUCKING ASS?!” She yells in their faces.

They start laughing.

“This chick’s crazy… I think I like her.”

Bella goes to walk away. One of them puts a hand upon her shoulder. She twirls around and decks him across the face.


Deadpool was watching from one of the rooftops. He put his hand to his dead heart.

“Ah, true love at last! She’s so feisty! Damn, I bet she’s scorching in the sack!”

The guy returns the blow. Deadpool shakes his head.

“Now we can’t have any of that. She’s got too pretty of a face!”

He comes down in a crouching stance. He takes out his guns. Bella had her hand to her eye where she took to the hit.

“Sorry homies this one’s mine. She’s already bought and paid for!”

Bella covers her mouth as within a matter of seconds. Shots are fired. Bullets are flying all over the place. She covers her ears and people start screaming that are nearby. All five guys now lay dead on the ground.

“You killed them?!”

He nods and grabs hold of her. He has his arms around her waist, guns still in hands.

“Now how about that kiss?”

“You killed them. You just… like that… you…”

He sighs and teleports them back to his apartment. Bella starts pacing around and hyperventilating.

“I can’t believe you killed them.” Deadpool places his guns back into his holsters.

He shrugs and sits down at his recliner.

“It’s a thing of mine. I kill things. You can thank me later with a nice back massage. Or bewbs would be even better. I love bewbs. So that would be nice.”

“Who are you exactly? And what the fuck is going on?”

“I already told you. I kill, it’s what I do! What part of that is so hard? Don’t you get?”

“But why did you come to my rescue! And why are you keeping me here?”

“Now, who’s being high on herself? I wasn’t’ there to rescue you babycakes. I came there to kill the blond douchebag with fangs. You weren’t part of the plan. But then again did I really have a plan?” He questions himself.

“Noo…you didn’t have a plan silly.” He chuckles a bit and puts on Jersey Shore. Bella looks to him completely lost as he continues to babble on to himself.

“Ok so you were only there to kill Carlisle?”

He nods.

“You were just a bonus prize!”


He pats his leg trying to coax her into his lap.

“I love this episode. Let’s watch it together!”

She shakes her head.

“Seriously, what’s wrong with you?”

“If I had a dollar for every time…”

“So why Carlisle?”

“Ehhh, could we do something else this is soooooooooooo boring.”

“How long do I have to stay here?”

“Until I say.”

“And when will that be? And what about my father? He could be in danger?!”

He ignores her and starts to watch his show. He takes out a laptop from under the couch.

“You have internet?”

He still doesn’t answer. He leans back and yawns.

“Do you ever look up porn?” She knew that’d get his attention.

“SURE! Porn’s awesome! There’s this girl that looks like you and she does this crazy thing with her …

Bella nods, but tunes out the rest afraid of what else he’d say. She takes in a breath once he’s finished.

“That’s about what I thought.”

“Hey do you have a birthmark on your left buttcheek?”

“Deadpool!” She hisses.

She looks over.

“Facebook? You seriously have a Facebook account?”

“Yep doesn’t everyone?”

“I don’t.”

“Huh, what’s wrong with you? Are you a snob or something? You’re like crazy!”

“Yeah that’s it. Since I lack in technical social media, I’m a snob. And watch who you’re calling crazy!”

“That’s about what I thought.”

“So you have internet, but no phone?”

He nods.

“You should see this video of this kitten. It’s hilarious!”

Deadpool however, looks upon her face. He places the laptop down on the table. He makes his way to the fridge and grabs a beer. He hands it to her.

“Um I’m not really in a beer mood.”

“It’s for your face.”

She cuts him a puzzled look. Bella clears her throat. Deadpool sits back down and starts watching some kitten video. Bella places the bottle of beer to her face. She winces at first. Bella curiously watches as he starts laughing and pointing to the screen.

She takes in a breath. Bella keeps quiet and merely watches him for a moment. She couldn’t quite figure him out. Deadpool pulls up his Facebook account again. He goes through his profile and changes his relationship status from single to it’s complicated. Bella figured it had something to do with that Domino girl he’d mentioned. She wondered how this woman would feel about what he was pulling. Bella glances back to the hole in the wall where he shot at her. She grimaces and pinches the bridge of her nose. She decidedly opens the beer after all. Here it was 11 am and Bella was drinking a beer. She half laughed to herself. Charlie would rip her a new one.

She sits on Deadpools chewed up recliner. The dog hops into her lap and starts cuddling up next to her. She pets the dog and drinks her beer. Deadpool began to go through his list of jobs to see if anything new had come up. Sure enough one had come up. He shuts down his laptop. He sees Bella and the dog in his recliner.

“You know that’s my chair right?”

She sighs.

“You going to shoot me again?”

“I shot at you… there’s huge difference. If I had wanted to shoot you, I wouldn’t have missed.”

Chills filled her spine on how he said this. He didn’t say it in a sarcastic matter. He meant it. She swallowed back her beer. Deadpool grabs her beer. He lifts his mask just enough to expose his mouth. She noticed the huge scars along his neck and chin. This just had her even more curious about who this guy really was. He sipped from her beer. He placed his mask back down. He handed the beer back into her hand. Deadpool starts to set up for a long night. Once his weapons are intact, he picks Bella up and places her on the couch. He cuffs her to it and goes to duct tape her mouth again.
“Really?!” She snaps bitterly.

He says nothing. He yet again draws on the duct tape. This time it was a kissy face. He places a six pack of beer on the night stand beside her. He places a bag of opened chips on the other. He places the TV on Gone With The Wind. He then places a box of tissues in her lap.
“I hear this one’s sad!” He says with that sprightly tone again.

He kisses her forehead through his mask.
“Don’t wait up Sweetcheeks!”

He heads out. Bella and the dog lock eyes and both shake their heads.

“Can we make this snappy? I got a hot date waiting for me at home.”

Cable looks to Deadpool with a smirk.

“You? You got a date?”

“Yep! She’s all cuffed and ready to go!”

Cable lowers his brows on this.

Deadpool nods.

Cable sighs.

“What are you up to?”

“Less talkly more walkly. Let’s go!”

“Since when do you not want to talk?”

Cable looks to Deadpool in wonder as he starts on ahead without Cable.

“Don’t you go getting sloppy now!” Cable calls out.

Deadpool backflips off a nearby building.

“What the hell is he doing?” Logan barks over the radio. Cable sighs and replies back.

“Says he’s got a date.”

“The only date that idiot has is with a bottle of lotion and an oh faced doll!”

“Don’t call her that!”

Logan jumps as Deadpool stands behind him.

“She wouldn’t like that!”

Logan cocks a brow and blows his cigar smoke directly into his face.

“Get busy Wade we haven’t all night. Some of us have real dates.”

“Oh yeah and who?”

“None of your business that’s what, now let’s get this fucking job over with. It’s been a long day.”

Bella moves her hands about the cuffs they were getting numb. She repositioned herself. There was no way she could reach the chips or beer unless she went at a very desperate attempt with her mouth. She wasn’t that desperate. She wanted to kick Deadpool’s ass. The dog was lying beside her now. She wondered if it had a name. With everything that had taken place as of late she hadn’t thought to ask. Her head was killing her. Hours passed she was hungry, thirsty, uncomfortable and needed to pee.

Her eyes were burning as she was trying to stay awake. She glanced towards the movie on his small TV. Bella eventually shut her eyes.

Deadpool entered the apartment. His dog ran up to great him. He saw a puddle in the middle of the floor.
“Did you do that? Did you boy?! You know that the corner over there is yours!” He points to scold him.
“You little shit!” The dog growls and makes his way back over to Bella.

Deadpool had a bag of chimichangas and another bag of drinks in his hand. He threw down his keys and guns on the table. He looked over to see Bella was sound asleep. He sat down and was about to bite into one of his fried burritos. When an earth shattering scream left Bella’s mouth. He jumped and looked over to see she still had her eyes close. Bella’s entire body trashed about the couch as if she were being attacked. She kicked her legs out. Deadpool narrowed his brows a bit.

He makes his way over. He tilts his head a bit and taps his foot on the floor. He leans over and tries to hold her down. When he sees that doesn’t work he decidedly ties her up.

The next morning they wake in his bed yet again. Once she’s awake he reaches over and rips the duct tape from her mouth.

“You didn’t eat your fruitcup!”



He sighs and unties her. He hands her a red rose.

“You slept through our date last night.”

“Ugh! We never had a date!”

“Yeah I know tell me about it! I was out all night busting my ass for you. The least you could do…” Deadpool reaches to his head.

Bella looks to him oddly.

“What’s with you?” She questions with a bitter tone.
“Nothing.” Deadpool found himself feeling strange around her.

He didn’t know what it was.

“Whatever it is you’re doing, knock it off.” He utters and comes to his feet.

“Knock what off?”

“You’re messing with my head!”

“Oh please, something tells me the loose screws within your head, have nothing to do with me!”

“I know, but you’re tightening them down!”

There it was again. Bella covered her mouth in laughter. She didn’t understand it. Deadpool noticed this as well. It was the first time he’d truly seen her smile and laugh. He simply nods and exits the room. Bella rises up from the mattress. Her eyes widened as she remembered she needed to pee.

She rushes to the bathroom. When she’s done she steps out. Deadpool rushes past her and enters the bathroom. She jumped as she heard the shower start. She was half tempted to take a peek. She didn’t even know the guy showered. Was he still in his suit? She bit her lower lip in thought. She wondered how he got those scars.

Bella bravely goes against his warning. While he’s in the shower, she starts to clean up. She cleans up the puddle the dog left. She changes out his food and water and the newspaper in the corner. Once Bella hears the water stop she starts the dishes. She grabs a trash bag and starts picking up all the trash in the apartment. She also takes it upon herself to hide one of his guns. Just so she has defense if needed. She only prayed he didn’t take notice. Halfway through the dishes, Deadpool appears directly behind her.

“What are you doing?”

She shuts her eyes for a moment. Her heart was racing. She nervously replies.

“Just doing the dishes…” She says softly.

“Did I not warn you about my things?”

“Didn’t you tell me to make myself at home? I prefer not to live in a dump!”

He twirls her around and pins her against the counter. Her chest heaved along with her uneven breathes, the urge to cry was there, but she didn’t’ want to give him the satisfaction.
“I expected to have to chase you down again.”

He looks to the door to see all the locks were still intact. Her jaw drops… He was right… She had the option and it didn’t even occur to her. Her heart sank at this knowledge. It took the crazy ass motherfucker to point that out to her? Bella pushes past him and she darts off to the bedroom. She shuts the door and leans back against it. She closed her eyes and covered her face.

“Why didn’t she leave? Why didn’t the thought even occur to her?”


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