Chapter 4 The Man Within

Chapter 4

I do not own Marvel or Twilight characters. I just use and abuse them. Please read and then review.(Last time I read Deadpool could only teleport where Cable was. In my story however, I changed it up. I have it more advanced he can teleport anywhere he desires as long as he knows what the place looks like. So sometimes he may get lost lol… It is Deadpool after all.)

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

The guy nervously laughs on the other end.

“Hey look, I tried to warn you. There is no arguing with this guy. If he sees something he wants he takes it. Look at it this way. She’s in better hands. If he took her he obviously doesn’t want her dead. He must’ve seen something in her.”
“So you’re telling me I just hired someone in order to keep my daughter safe! Yet the very guy I hired has kidnapped my daughter?!”

Charlie slammed his fist onto the dining room table.

“Who is this guy?!”

“Dude, if I can’t give out that information. This guy’s crazy! He’ll have my neck! Look she’s alive and safe. You said so yourself you didn’t care what he did! You just wanted her safe.”

“That’s my god damn daughter. So you had better tell me or I’ll have YOUR neck!”

“Oops, tunnel…”
Charlie hears the line go dead. He comes to his feet. He takes a chair and throws it against the wall. He paces the living room in a fury.

“What the hell have I just done?!”

He stumbles back and leans against the wall. Charlie felt ill. He pulled at his hair and sunk to the floor.

“Jesus…” Charlie pinched his eyes shut.

“Bells…” He whimpered out and the guilt took him over.

But with that guilt came rage. His face grew hot with fury. Tears formed in his eyes. He grabbed his jacket, badge, and gun. He got into his truck and floored it.

Bella lay on the bed. She couldn’t sleep. Hell she didn’t even move she had the covers over her entire body. Bella heard the door open. She wrapped the covers even tighter around her. She buried her face deeper into the pillow. She feels Deadpool plop himself down on the bed.

He goes to pry the covers away from her face. She holds on to them for dear life.

“Come on now I just wanna cuddle.”

She growls into the pillow.

“Ohhh kinky…”

Bella throws the covers off in frustration. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying. She comes to her feet and storms out of the room. She goes and lies on the couch.

“Honeymoon over already?! Come on baby.”

Deadpool appears by her side. He’s on his knees and has a dozen red roses in his hand.

“How’d you…?”

She sighs and takes them curiously looking to them.
“How do you do these things?”

“What things?”

She shuts her eyes for a moment. Bella places the roses down beside her.

“All these things you’re able to do. You’re certainly not a vampire so what are you?”

“A merc.” He says with a shrug.

He sits beside her on the couch.

“And how’d you get these roses?”
“I teleported… duh.”

“Wait you can teleport?”

He nods and points to some device he had on his wrist.

“So that helps you teleport? Like anywhere you want to go?”

“Pretty much.”

“How’s that possible?”

He shrugs.

“I dunno, would you like to see?”

Before she can answer, he scoops her into his lap. She gasps out to see they appear in Tokyo.
“What the fuck….”

She looks around. He places her down and she clings to his arm. Everyone around them looked to them oddly.

“Are we in Japan?”

He nods.

“You hungry?”

“What we’re eating here?”

He takes her hand and starts dragging her to a nearby restaurant.

“I can’t be seen in public! Look at what I’m wearing!”

He raises his brows.
“Someone’s excited!”

She gasps and covers her chest by folding her arms over them.

“Aw, man… I wanted to see!”

“Deadpool, I seriously can’t go in there like this.”

He ignores her and drags her inside. It was some sort of sushi bar. He sits her down at the bar. He orders them some sake and hands her a menu. She looks to him strangely.

“I’ve never had sushi.”

She shrugs and leans back in her seat.

“You come here a lot don’t you?”

“How’d you know that?!”

“The way they act perfectly normal around you.”

The main chef high fives him and doesn’t even bother asking what he just starts making it. Bella shakes her head in wonder. Not a single person here seemed to be negatively affected by his presence.

Deadpool hands Bella a shot of sake. She drinks it from the cucumber made shot. She shrugs not knowing what it really was. She downs it and starts to choke a bit. She hits her chest.

“What the hell is that?”


“Jesus!” She hits her chest again.

The chef starts laughing. Bella’s eyes water a bit.

“Lightweight…” Deadpool scoffs and lightly hits her on the back.

“I can’t take her anywhere! She doesn’t even wear bras! She’s one of those bra burning hippy girls!”



“Shut up!” She whispers harshly with a huge blush about her face.

She covers herself best she can.

“I picked her up in the 70s.”

She grounds her teeth together and punches him in the arm. He raises a brow on this. He grabs her and tosses her. Bella screams out and he appears beneath her and catches her.

“YOU JERK!” She shouts.

“Who threw her?!” Deadpool yells and looks around the room accusingly.

She shakes her head.

“No one throws my fucking lady friend!”

The chef and the other workers raise their brows and look to him oddly.

“You threw me!”

“I’d never!”

“UGH! And get your hand off my breast!”

He looks down.


He squeezes happily. The others around them start laughing.

“I’m so going to kill you.” She hisses.

“Shouldn’t we save that kind of talk for the bedroom pumkinbutt?”

“Ugh don’t call me that.”


She sighs with agitation. Deadpool carries her back to her seat. The chef hands her another shot of sake.

“I think you need this more than he does.” His Japanese accent was thick.

He smiled warmly upon Bella. He was a short Asian man. He looked to be about her father’s age.

“Thank you sir.”

He nods. She downs the shot with more preparation now. She looks to Deadpool curiously as he lifts his mask again just enough to eat. He even had a few scars on his lips she noticed. They were discolored a bit. She tried to be discreet about watching, but he had her intrigued. He looks towards her halfway through eating. She quickly turns back to her plate. Her heart rather sped up a bit. Her face flushed. She took a bite of her sushi.
“Wow, this is actually pretty good.”

She looks over and giggles a bit. He’d his mask back over his face. But he had rice all over his chest and lap. She reaches over and wipes it off.

“You should have worn a bib!”

“A bib?”
“Like a baby.” The chef adds and winks upon Bella.

“Yep, just like a baby.”

She smiles and shakes her head as she finishes her sushi.

“Speaking of babies!”

He reaches over and places her in his lap. He stuffs a piece of sushi in her mouth. That was off his plate. Her eyes widen.


“Yeah it is!”

She hurriedly grabs his sake and downs it.

“What the hell did you just feed me?”

She motions her hand over her mouth. Bella pants as the burning in her mouth continues to spread. Deadpool chuckles.

“What can I say? I like things hot just like my women.” He smacks her on the ass.

“Where’s your bathroom sir?”

The man points to a certain area. She nods.
“Thank you.”

She heads to the bathroom. Deadpool swallows back he shakes his head for a moment.

“She likes you.” The chef says and points to the bathroom with his knife.

“I know…” Deadpool says sounding completely coherent for once and in full disbelief.

Deadpool: Ok this is getting stupid now. At first it was cool, but now… OH COME ON! You haven’t put one single strip joint in this story! And don’t you go getting all lovey dovey crap on me! I don’t do lovey dovey!
Author: Deadpool?

Deadpool: Yes?

Author: Just shut up! I got this; you just go play hopscotch or something.

Deadpool: I Love Hopscotch! I’m gonna go get my grenades!

Author: That’s a good merc! (idiot…)

Back to the story…

Bella steps out and Deadpool’s already on his feet.

“You ready?”

She nods, but stumbles around a bit.

“I knew you were a light weight.”

She giggles a bit as she tries to walk towards him.

“I’m am not.”

“Sure you aren’t!”

He quickly grabs her as she nearly tripped over the leg of a chair. Bella laughs again and leans against his chest. Deadpool appears back at his apartment.

“That’s so cool.” She announces and looks around.

The dog runs up to them waggling his tail. Deadpool places Bella down. She crouches down and pets the dog.

“What’s his name?”

Deadpool shrugs.

“Fucker, shit, bastard, turd, son of a bitch… Depends on what day it is.”
“What is today?”


“Ah, then bastard.”

“Why are you so mean to him? You should give him a nice name.”

“Nah, bastard’s good. You don’t know who your father is today do you?!”

“I’m pretty sure he thinks you’re his dad, all the more reason to be nice to him.”

“I hate to see who the mother his then. She must be a real dog.”

“We should come up with a name.”
“We?” Deadpool rubs the back of his neck.

“What like a celebrity name?”

She frowns.

“No… He looks a Ryan…”
“Ryan?! He looks nothing like a Ryan! He looks like a bastard. So I’m sticking with little bastard.”

“NO! It’s Ryan! You like Ryan don’t you boy?” Deadpool cocks a brow at this.

The dog licks Bella’s cheek and happily wags his tail.

“See he likes it!”

“Guess it’s better than Reynolds…” Deadpool utters.

“I bet he does. Don’t you… you little tramp?”

Deadpool makes his way to the couch. Bella sits on the couch as well and pulls the dog into her lap. Her eyes bat a bit as she pets the dog. Deadpool pulls the old the old yawning and stretching out his arms gig. Only he puts his hand to her thigh and runs his hand towards her crotch. She slaps him.

“You seriously just didn’t pull that… Wade…” She utters curiously and looks to see his reaction.

He raises his brows.


“You mentioned some asshole name Wade. It’s not that hard to figure it out.”
“So you agree that he’s an asshole?”


“Good.” He places his hand back towards her crotch.

She slaps him again. He pouts. Bella rolls her eyes and moves his hand and places his arm around her shoulders.

“I want his name!” Charlie demands and punches the guy in the gut again.

The guy half laughs as he catches his breath.

“Trust me whatever you do to me, is nothing in comparison to what he’d do. Sorry buddy. You’re just going to have to kill me!”

Charlie grounds his teeth together. He looked around the alleyway. He’d been trying to beat some information out of the guy, he had hire Deadpool. The guy however, was too frightened of Deadpool to utter a single word of his whereabouts or name. Charlie nods and takes out his gun. He forces the guy’s mouth open. He shoves his gun into his mouth.


The guy shakes his head with tears in his eyes. Charlie cocks the gun.

“You tell me where the fuck my daughter is and NOW!”

Charlie growls under his breath.

“Fine… you’re so scared of this guy? Wait until you get a load of me!”

Charlie knocks the guy out. He flips him over his shoulder. Charlie discreetly carries him to his truck. He throws the guy into the back of his truck. He speeds the entire way home. Once he arrives he looks around cautiously. He takes the guy from the back of his truck. He carries him inside. Charlie locks up tightly. He closes the windows and the blinds. Charlie then ties the guy to a chair. He gags him and pulls up a chair. He sits and waits for the bastard to wake up.

Bella moans out in her sleep. She squirms around a bit and bites her lower lip. She starts to come to and she rolls over. Deadpool was still sound asleep as well. However, he had his arms around her and was humping her. She gasps out once she realizes what’s truly taking place. He moaned out in his sleep and grew harder against her. She swallowed back. She shut her eyes for a moment. Bella knew she should shove him away or hit him something, anything. But several issues were working against her.

Edward was a frigid ass boyfriend until as of recent with his creepiness.

Bella was trying to convince herself it didn’t feel good. Yeah, that was bullshit.

She was tired of being the good girl virgin, living to everyone else’s expectations.

Curiosity consumed her. What would sex with Deadpool be like? What was he like during?

The guy was very well endowed… (Another gasp left her mouth) Very… She thought with widened eyes as he pressed himself even more against her.

No matter how much she tried to deny it. No matter how much she told herself it was wrong and disgusting! She knew she was gathering feelings for him. She didn’t understand it. He was literally insane, rude, foul mouthed, bad tempered, and another never ending list of reasons why she shouldn’t be with Deadpool.

“Fuck..” And no that didn’t come out of Deadpool’s mouth. That was Chief Swan’s precious little angel’s mouth.

Deadpool snapped to attention as he too heard this. His eyes flew open as he took in the situation. He saw her arched back in pleasure as he continued to rub himself against her. Bella was damn near panting. Deadpool ripped her shirt open. The only light about the room was the city lights that shined into the area. He lifted his mask just enough to free his lips. He instantly latched on and began sucking on her breasts. Something he’d been dying to do. He ran his hands along them. Deadpool hovered over her and kissed her lips. The sweatpants were next to be ripped away. He freed himself and rubbed his fingers along her sex teasingly. He could smell her arousal. His hand glided along her wetness. He placed his cock inside her. He pulsated greatly as he drove himself in all the way. He heard her groan out in pain. Virgin… Just as he assumed. This had him even harder. He’d never had sex with a virgin before. He gave a good thrust as he broke through her hymen. A grunting moan escaped his mouth.

Bella’s arms clasped around his neck tightly. She whimpered out a bit. He felt a bit nervous now. This was out of his realm. Since when did he care about hurting someone? He reared back at his own thoughts. Since when does he take time to think about anything? Especially, during something like this?

He starts back up pumping himself inside of her. Bella began kissing him. He stopped for a moment as she actually kissed along his bare neck. Something no woman has ever done. In fact hardly any women actually kissed him in return. Hell Domino made it clear she didn’t want to be kissed during. Actually, she made it clear she never wanted to sleep with him again! Bella’s tongue ran along his neck. He thought about his scars.

Dammit why are you thinking?! This is not the time to be thinking. You’re getting laid just fucking GO! You’re supposed to get pussy not act like one! FUCKER!

Shouldn’t she be puking by now? Seriously what’s with this chick? Is she crazy?


“Wade?” She questions in concern.

He takes in a breath. He starts back up. He feels her trying to lift his mask off the rest of the way. Deadpool pins her wrists down. He gawks at her breasts again. Soft coos and moans escape her lips. Deadpool bit into the pillow beneath her. He began to come hardcore. He continued to stroke himself within her as he finished coming.

He doesn’t move at first. He didn’t understand the difference. Before he can react or stop her Bella takes off his mask. She throws it across the room. He quickly rolls off her and covers his face.

She shakes her head and straddles him. Bella tries to moves his hands away from his face.


“Please don’t…” He says in a childlike tone.

Her heart sank at his plea. But she didn’t give in. She grabbed his wrists and pulled them back. He literally froze. She ran her hands gently along his face. He roughly grabbed her wrists and ground his teeth together.


“NO! Knock it off!” She demanded.

“You don’t have to hide around me dammit!”

He growled and rolled her back over. He stared her down.

“Is this what you wanted to see?! Take a good look!”

She swallows back nervously.

“I am…” She says softly.

“Who wants to see this?! I don’t even want to see this!” He barks.

“I DO! And you’re hurting me!”

He shuts his eyes and releases her. He feels her fingers running along his face. Though he welcomed the way it felt. He found himself recoiling. The lights blended into the room just right. She was able to make him out. She could also feel the indention of his scars. He was right… it wasn’t a pretty sight. His entire face was covered in massive scars. Bella however, didn’t care about that. She wanted to see the man behind the mask. He was bald and his skin felt as though leather. His eyes were light brown. She didn’t see a monster though. She also didn’t see a prince or anything of the sort. She saw a fighter, a man that’s obviously been through hell and back. She saw Wade the merc. Not Deadpool. She kissed his lips and then his cheek. From there she lay against his chest. Still he didn’t move. For once Deadpool was scared out of his mind.


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