Chapter 6 Deadpool’s Wrath

Chapter 6

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“LEAVE US!” Edward demands the others as Bella finally comes to.

Bella backs up against the bed. She looks around as her heart races. Edward’s eyes were dark.
“You not only cheated on me! You married another man!”

“This coming from the vampire that wanted to share me! And I know you were fucking around behind my back as well!”
“When it’s in the coven that doesn’t count! THAT’S DIFFERENT!”

“You’re so disillusioned. So it’s ok for you to fuck Alice, Rosalie and Esme?! Do tell me Edward are you taking it up the ass for Jasper and Emmett as well?”

He growls out and slaps her.

“By the way you and I are over! We have been!”



He raises his brows on this.

“No… you’re still Bella Swan. Whoever that guy is, he’s not your husband! I won’t allow it. He will just have to find someone else. You are home now. We are your family and coven. From here on you will abide by our rules! You will honor me and do as I say.”

“Oh Edward if you only knew…” She says with certain darkness.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’ll find out eventually.”

Edward nods. He takes off his belt.

“I’m sorry. Trust me this will hurt me more than it does you. I love you. Therefore, I have to punish you for what you’ve done. Perhaps, after this we can all live in peace.”

“Punish me?”

“Roll over Bella.”

She half laughs.

“The hell with you.”

“Bella! I will not tell you again ROLL OVER!”

She rolls her eyes. He shakes his head and takes his belt across her body.

“EDWARD!” She shouts out as she covers herself.

“I warned you!” He gets on the bed and forces her onto her stomach.

He takes the belt to her back. She screams out at the pain. He keeps going he doesn’t stop until he gets to ten. Big whelps form on her back and the skin is broken. She bites into the pillow. He grabs her by the hair and brings her against him.

“I can’t even stand to look at you right now. You disgust me! I picked you because you were different. You were peaceful in comparison to everyone else. Around you I don’t have to hear so much noise. I can finally think. Do you have any idea how distracting it is to hear exactly what a woman is thinking when you’re fucking her? With you I don’t have to concern myself with that. But knowing another man has already marked you!” He grounds his teeth together he flips her over and slaps her again.

“You will have nothing to eat or drink! You will be in total darkness! You will have no other contact with the world, until I say. You want to act as though a prisoner! Then I’ll treat you like one. You don’t know a good thing when you have it. Do you realize how many women would die to be in your situation? You’re acting as though a fool. Perhaps, once you’ve seen how a true prisoner is treated you will come to your senses. Why must we continue to go down this road? When we can give you everything you’ve ever wanted?” He breathes her in and kisses along her neck and shoulders.

“Once you’ve served your punishment. I will collect you. We will then start over from there.”

He reaches over and opens a drawer. He grabs a letter opener. He slits a place on her neck. His body lays on hers and it felt as though a ton of bricks. She tried to move, but couldn’t. She felt as though she were being crushed. Edward began to feed from her. She hit at his back desperately. He pinned down her wrists. He continued to feed.

“Wade…” Bella whimpered out before she blacked out.

Deadpool kneeled down. He picked up the ring from the floor. Cable let Ryan out before they left. Logan began to pick up Bella’s scent. He looked towards the window as the trail of blood and scent let that direction. He tilts his head a bit to the other familiar scent. He’d smelled this before. He narrowed his eyes.

“Is that leeches I smell?”

“Leeches?” Cable questions.

Deadpool stuffs Bella’s ring into his suit.

“Vampires… I think… Something’s different about the scent. But it’ pretty damn close.”

Deadpool hears what Logan said. He heads to his curio cabinet. He grabs Carlisle’s head. He heads out.
“Jesus!” Cable says as he sees the head.

Deadpool tosses it over to Logan.

“Is that the scent?”

Logan wrinkles his nose in disgust.

“Why the hell do you have this?”

“Just tell me!” Deadpool demanded.

Logan takes in a whiff. He coughs back a bit.

“OH yeah that’s it. What the fuck?” Logan lifts the head up as he looks it over.

“What’s that shit?”

“They don’t bleed.” Deadpool says with shrug.

“Yet…” Deadpool leaps out of the window.

They follow him as Logan keeps up with the trail.

Bella’s head pounded. She rolled over. It was pitch black. She couldn’t see a thing. Her entire body ached. She crawled along what felt to be some sort of cold concrete surface. Bella got just a few feet though and felt something jar her back. She reached up to her throat. Her hands ran along the metal around it. Some sort of metal collar was around her neck. A chain was connected to it. She followed the link of the chain. It was embedded into a brick wall. They literally had her chained up as though a dog. She yanked back at the chain with all she had, but there was no give.

Bella desperately began to feel around. She continued to run her hands along the ground and walls trying to find out where she was. She felt another chain amongst the floor. She swallowed back as she followed it with her hands. Bella made her way down from the chain. She felt the ground beneath it. Her fingers grazed up against something. She reached over best she could and grabbed the odd feeling item. She ran her hands and fingers along it trying to figure out what it was.

Terror came over her, as she continued to feel around. She threw the item and screamed on top of her lungs. The object felt as though a skull. She quickly scooted back against the wall. She brought her knees to her chest. Bella rocked back and forth she shut her eyes and yet again took herself to another place.

Logan continues to follow the trail. Deadpool grows more and more impatient. They were already about to cross Canadian borders.

“Great so these fuckers took this girl out of the country?”

“Good thing you both know Canada pretty well.” Cable mentions in thought.

For once Deadpool had no jokes. Not even in his head. All that was there were murderous thoughts. He simply trudged along irascibly. He was in full on assassin mode. Logan stopped for just a few minutes. Deadpool ground his teeth together.

“What are you doing?”

Logan cocks a brow.

“Chill out bub.”

Deadpool soars over and grabs him.

“We don’t stop until I have her back!”

Logan pops out his claws.

“Watch yourself Wade!”

Cable puts a hand upon Deadpool’s shoulder.

“We’ll find her. Let’s just keep truckin’.”

Deadpool shrugs Cable off his shoulder. He intensely shakes his head. He reaches to his temples as if in agony. Logan and Cable look to him in a state of shock. They weren’t used to seeing this side of him.
“I have to get her back NOW.”

Logan nods and starts picking up the trail again.

Bella squint her eyes as a door opens. The light hurt her eyes. She hears someone making their way over. Without warning she’s being hit with the belt again. Only this time it’s unrelenting and all over her entire body. She does her best to cover herself. She felt blows to her face, chest, arms, and legs.

It eventually comes to a stop. Someone roughly grabs her yanking up off the ground.

“Now we’re even darlin’.”

Her skin crawls at his words. He leaves without another word. Bella laid in a fetal position. Her body stung she felt her face swelling up. She shut her eyes as the pain continued to course through her.

Couple days later…

The three of them stood before the mansion before them.

“You’re certain this is where the trail leads.”

Logan nods. Deadpool is first to barge right on in. He looks around seeing no one around.

The three of them look around cautiously.

“I’m not picking anything up.” Cable says.

“She’s here though. The scent is strong.” Logan utters as he breathes in the air.

He heads towards a certain area. Logan opens the door, but sees nothing. It was just some sort of pantry. Deadpool looks down noticing a crease in the floor. He crouches down and runs his finger along it. He scoots out a garbage can that was on top. Deadpool opens the hatch door that matched the tile of the floor. It was some sort of hidden area. Deadpool sees a set of concrete stairs.

“We’ll keep watch…” Logan tells Deadpool.

He nods. Deadpool looks around the dark room. He starts down the stairs. He stopped for a moment as he heard something rattling. It sounded like metal. He looked to see there were several cuffs and chains about the room. A couple of very old corpses even. He continued down. He turned to a certain corner. He saw something moving. Just a little bit of light shined on the figure. Someone was hunched into a corner. Their face buried into the wall. Their back was to him. The closer he came he realized it was his wife. She wasn’t even aware he was in the room. Deadpool took out his katana and took his blade to the chain. Bella screamed out and twirled around covering herself protectively.


Deadpool puts up his blade. He hunkers down.

“Well that’s going to make our marriage totally suck ass. Don’t you think?” He softly says.

She uncovers her face.

“Wade…?” She says with a broken tone.

He nods. Bella reaches out to him. He instantly grabs ahold of her. She clings onto him for dear life. He carries her out of the basement. Deadpool places her down on the counter in the kitchen. His jaw tightly clenched as he looked her over. She’d been severely beaten. The entire right side of her face was swollen. Her eye she couldn’t even open all the way. She’d marks along her whole body. She was covered in fresh and dry blood.

“Jesus.” Logan utters as he and Cable finally take notice of her.

Deadpool put his hands upon her cheeks. He puts his forehead against hers for a moment. He then turns back to Cable and Logan.

“Take her with you and feed and water Ryan. I got some business to take care of.”

“Ryan?” Logan curiously ask.

“Wade…” Bella pleaded.

Deadpool takes her wedding ring out from his suit. He places it back onto her finger. He looks to it for a few seconds. He moves Bella’s hair out from her face. Her eyes were blinking a bit as though she fought to stay awake.

Logan and Cable yet again share a look of complete surprise. Only Logan got away with calling him Wade. That and Logan swore Deadpool sounded damn near lucid. It was as if there was something about this girl. Deadpool was different around her. Logan tilted his head in wonder. Bella was turning pale. Her body began to go limp against Deadpool. He scooped her up and handed her off to Cable.

“White noise…” Cable mutters as he looks down to Bella.

Logan and Deadpool turn to him.

“What?” Logan questioned.

“That’s all I can pick up from her. It’s rather intriguing honestly.”

Deadpool rather rears back at what Cable said.

“What the hell does that mean?” Logan says.

“Exactly as I said, there’s nothing… it’s just like static or something. I’ve never experienced such a thing.”

He looks to Deadpool.

“Are you certain this girl is human?”

Deadpool shrugs.

“Just get her out of here. I’ll collect her once I’m done here.”

“Whattaya going to do Wade?”

Deadpool’s smile returns.
“What won’t I do?”

Logan cocks a brow at this. He sighs as he and Cable head on out. Once they step out Deadpool plops down on the Cullen’s couch. He takes out his katana and starts polishing it.

Bella starts to come to. She rolls over and looks around. She was on a bed with grey sheets. She rises up, pain coursing through her. The room she was in was much modernized. Most everything in it looked very expensive or high tech even. Her throat ached with thirst. Her stomach growled. She made her way off the bed. She sucked back a painful breath. Bella walked about the room she headed towards the door.

She didn’t expect what she’d see next. This wasn’t a normal house or apartment. It was some sort of warehouse, with just a bedroom attached to it. She saw the two men that were with Deadpool. They were drinking beer and talking.

“Ah, she’s awake.” Cable states and tilts his beer towards her.

Logan twirls around in his chair. He shakes his head. He wondered how she could even walk. That’s how bad she looked. Her heart rate detected she was in significant pain. She forced herself over.

Logan leaned back and grabbed a bottle of whiskey and another beer. He poured a shot and popped open a beer. Cable pulled up another chair between them.

“This is Logan and I’m Nathan, we’re friends of Deadpool’s and we all work together from time to time.”


They both shake her hand.

Logan slid over the shot and beer.

“About the only medicine we got on hand for now.”

She nods and downs her shot. She makes that bitter face and wrinkles her nose. Logan laughs.

“Yah sure you’re married to Wade? Yah don’t drink like it.”

She takes a plunge off her beer.

“Last time I checked I was. Then again I don’t recollect our actual wedding.”

They both give her a strange look. She finishes her beer and Logan slides her over another.

“No offense, but yah sure look young. Especially, for being married and to Wade of all people.”

Bella half laughs and takes a sip off her beer.

“I’m 18.”

Logan and Cable choke back on their beers.

“WHAT?!” Logan mouths.

Cable goes to take her beer away.

“Um don’t you even think about it.” She snags it back.

“I earned this beer!”

Logan has a good laugh at this.

“You heard the lil lady!”

Cable sighs.

“You shouldn’t be drinking.”

“Oh I’m sure there’s a long list of things I shouldn’t be doing, but I have anyhow.”

“I can only imagine, being with Wade and all.” Logan replies.

She merely smiles and sorely shakes her head.

“So what’s yawl’s story?” Logan curiously questions.

“I mean how’d yawl two meet and all? I gotta ask!”

“I too am curious.” Cable admits.

Bella sighs she leans back. Logan goes to pour her another shot. Cable tries to stop him.

“She’s just a kid.”

“Hell she’s fucking married to Wade Wilson. Trust me she needs it!”

Cable rolls his eyes. He folds his arms about his chest.

“Are you in that much shock?” Bella questioned Logan.

“You just keep saying that… “married to Wade”.” She comments

Logan laughs and Bella sighs with slight irritation.

“You should know I don’t condone this.”

“Good thing he’s here then.” She affirms.

Logan chuckles.

“I think I like her already!”

Cable sighs.

“So the story?” Logan insists.

“How about we make a deal?” Bella offers.

They both look to her puzzled.

“What sort of deal we talking about?”

“I’ll tell you my story in exchange for Wade’s.”

Logan cocks a brow at this.
“Yah mean you don’t know?”

She shakes her head and takes her shot. She chases it back with the beer.

“I’ve tried, but he always changes the subject.”

“Sounds about like him.” Cable confesses.

“He doesn’t discuss it with anyone ever.” Logan admits.

“Yeah I wouldn’t take offense. That and honestly, I don’t think his mind allows it. Literally, I think once that subject comes up his mind pushes it aside.” Cable adds.

“How do yah put up with him?” Logan seriously inquires.

“Yeah most people want to blow their own damn brains out within 24 hours of being around Deadpool.” Cable admits.

She shrugs whilst running her fingers along the edge of the table.
“He’s really not all that bad. You just got to learn how to deal with his personalities. Study him a bit that’s all. Just takes some time.”

Cable cuts her a respectful glare. He nods at this.

“Amazing…” He mutters under his breath.

“That and you gotta learn how to get on his nerves in return.” She says with a mischievous grin.

Logan chuckles. He leans back and folds his arms about his chest. Logan and Cable take turns telling parts of Wade Wilsons’s story. About how he became terminally ill with cancer. How at the time he was in a loving relationship with someone. He broke it off so she wouldn’t end up with a terminally ill man. He didn’t think it fair. He had undergone chemo, but eventually gave it up. He didn’t want his death prolonged and he didn’t like how the chemo made him feel. Eventually, a special weapons development department known as Department K (in Canada, where Wade is from) of the Canadian government had Wade become part of the Weapon X program. Through this program his cancer was temporarily stopped through the healing factor that came from the mutant Wolverine. Logan admitted that he was Wolverine that it was his strand of DNA within Deadpool’s veins. His blood is what healed Wade Wilson of his cancer.

Through his later on missions he had taken the life of someone else. This was against the Weapon X program. He was dismissed from the program and became a patient of hospice instead. Unknown to the Canadian government at the time, the hospice patients were being used as though lab rats. A doctor by the name of Killebrew and his assistant Ajax. They placed their own bets in a “deadpool” as to how long their little lab rats would live. Wade became one of them and they began horrific experimentations on him. They continued on about how he’d formed a relationship with Death and about his friend Worm. How he ended up killing his friend so Worm would no longer be in suffering. This was against their regulations. Wade was to be executed at once! Ajax ripped out Wade’s heart. Assumed to be dead they had moved on. Little were they aware of the vengeance that resided with in Wade Wilson. Through the healing factor he’d gathered from Wolverine. His body began to rebuild itself. His heart had regenerated. Unfortunately, the healing factor did not heal his scars. They remained. He killed everyone there and released the other patients. Because of the pool the doctor and his aide had taken. Wade began to refer to himself as Deadpool. They finished their story leading up to how he became a mercenary etc…

Bella sat there as though in shock. She never uttered a word just sat in silence taking it all in.

Bella couldn’t believe her husband had dated freaking Death! Hell she wasn’t even aware that was possible or that she was female. That and she couldn’t help the lump within her throat at his story. It was seriously FUCKED UP. It explained everything. Why Wade was so screwed up and mentally unbalanced. She thought it was amazing he hadn’t completely gone off the grid. But from the sounds of it he used to be. Logan had let it be known that Deadpool was all about killing and nothing else at one point. That he still has his moments in fact. But he has “some” morals now just not a whole lot. They let her know a little bit about the X-Men and other groups that went along lines of that. Some, which her husband and they themselves had been a part of. It was known that Deadpool had been a full on villain once. That’s how much his mind had been shot. It took Cable and Logan to pull him out of that. However, it was no secret that her husband enjoyed killing. It gave him a thrill each time he got to take a life. She rather recoiled in thought. Then again she thought about everything he’d been through. To her it only made sense.

Once they were done, Bella began her story. Of the rustic haired piece of shit vampire she fell in love with. How her life had been literal hell ever since. After she told her story and how she met her husband. Both men looked awfully confused.

“Now why the hell would Deadpool randomly go to Washington of all places?” Logan wondered out loud.

“That’s what I was thinking. It doesn’t make sense, especially a small town like that. It holds no real thrill or interest for him. Someone must’ve hired him or leaked the interest about the vampires. He’d seek it a challenge.”

“But that doesn’t explain why he left the others alive. That’s sloppy even for Deadpool.”

Bella listens to the two men converse on the subject.

“Hired?” She questioned.

They both nod.

“He’d have no other reason to be there. That and no offense shortcake, but Deadpool resisting the urge to kill off the others. That’s very UnDeadpool like. Him taking off with you like that… even more so.”

“You should have died along with them. He wouldn’t have had any problem ending you as well. In fact I’m not sure why he didn’t.”

Bella got chills at this.

“He would’ve really killed me?”

Logan nodded assured.

“Don’t take it personally. It’s just how he does things. As to why none of this makes sense.”

“Everyone one of yah should be dead. That’s the Deadpool we know. If anything he would have considered it a misery killing. Hell and marrying you like that? That’s certainly NOT his style.”

Cable softly chuckles.

“My friend here is right. I believe you’ve done something to his frame of mind.” Cable agrees.

“But what? I’m nothing special, that’s for damn sure. Hell if anything I seem to invite death everywhere I go.”

Logan cocks a brow at this.

“Maybe that’s the excitement. Maybe having you in his life gives him a challenge he’s never had.” Logan says in thought.

Cable takes in a breath.

“I will say this much. He loves you there’s no doubt about that.”
“I agree, which is so weird. I have to say. You’re not his usual type.”

“No she certainly isn’t.”
“You’re too pretty, too normal, and entirely too sane for our friend. You’re the most normal thing he’s ever had in his life.” Logan admits.

Cable shakes his head on this.

“I’m not so certain she’s all that normal. I don’t mean that offensively. There’s just something about you. I can’t quite pick up on it. That and honestly you really shouldn’t be able to handle Deadpool. You should have ran or committed suicide by now.”
“He doesn’t mean that cruelly. He means it literally. His mouth alone is enough to drive anyone batty. Living with him 24/7 and being his spouse, I can’t even begin to imagine. Yer either a saint or a glutton for punishment.” Logan chimes in.

Bella shakes her head in disagreement. She thought about the Cullen’s and their plans for her. And everything they’ve put her though. In comparison to Deadpool, they were the insane ones. Sure he’s shot at her and mouthed off. But he’s never laid a harmful hand to her. He doesn’t verbally abuse her either.

Logan clears his throat. He looks to her a certain way.

“So have yah seen him?”

She looks to him peculiarly.

“Seen him?” She inquires.

Cable gathered where Logan was going. They both eyed one another in thought.

“Have you seen the man beneath the mask?” Cable reinstates.

She nods with a shrug. The both of them damn near drop their jaws. Logan rubs his face and looks to be in shock on her reaction.

“They’re just scars. What’s the big deal?” She says as if getting miffed with them both.

Cable looks to her admirably.

“Holy shit…” Logan emits in full on disbelief.

Bella sighs.

“Aren’t you both supposed to be his friends?”

“We don’t mean it impertinently. You’re just the only women we’ve ever known that wasn’t grotesque by his true image.” Cable indicates.

“Well it’s not pretty.” She confesses with a shrug.

“But there’s more to him than that. He’s like a kid often enough. The guy can’t even stand to look at himself. What kind of life is that? Everyone recoiling from him and acting as if he’s some sort of freak show isn’t going to help. That’s just ridiculous!” She remembered the pitiful plea the first time they’d made love.

She takes in a breath and covers her face for a moment. Her body continued to ache; the beer only seemingly numbed it. Cable rose up from his seat.

“I’ll be right back.”

She and Logan nod. Logan reached back into the deep freezer Cable had. He grabbed a frozen bag of vegetables. He handed it to her and lit a cigar.

“Um thanks.”

He nodded as she put the bag to her face.

“Those vampires are sure fucked.” Logan speaks with a hint of laughter.

“He won’t just kill the bastards. He’s gonna make em suffer.” He mouths as he takes a drag off his cigar.

Half an hour later Cable returns, he had a bottle of meds in one hand and some sort of rubbing cream in the other.

“These are both pretty heavy duty.” He shakes the pills.

“You’ve been drinking so none of these until morning. However, this one is a go. You just rub this on your wounds. The pain will subside. It’ll probably make you a bit drowsy as well.” He clears his throat.

“I’ve a bathroom connected to the bedroom you were in. Feel free to make yourself at home. I got some clothes you can borrow if you wish to take a bath. I’d suggest it in order to calm your muscles. I’d then put this on and head on to bed.”

“Thank you.”

He nods and hands her the meds. She comes to her feet. They watch cautiously as she makes her way back to the bedroom.

“Damn…” Logan utters once the door is shut.
“You’re telling me.” Cable says and sits back down.

“He doesn’t deserve her.” Logan mumbles.

Cable shook his head in disagreement.

“I couldn’t disagree more. I’d even go as far as to say it’s about time. He needs someone that can keep him somewhat grounded. Even you must’ve noticed how different he seemed around her. Even just the thought of her being in harm’s way… He’s slightly different somehow. I’d say even that without realizing it, Deadpool has welcomed the bit of normalcy she brings into his life. There isn’t a soul on earth that wishes to be alone for eternity. The look on his face when we entered that apartment said it all Logan. He had expected her to be there. He wanted to see his wife. He wanted her safe and sound. That and he’d a sense of pride to his face. Bella gives him something to feel accomplished about. She brings out whatever innocence is left within him. He strives to be better for her, even if he doesn’t subconsciously realize it. He’s rewiring himself in order to fit alongside of her. I think he craves more than what his life has offered him so far.”

“Yeah, but just how long do you think that poor girl will stick around? And what do yah mean look on his face. How do you know what he looked like?”

Cable smiles a bit. “I just do. I might not be able to read his mind. But I can see things when I pay enough attention.”

“Something tells me she’s in for the long haul.”

Logan half laughs.

“Whatever you say bub. A girl like that…” He shakes his head in a scoffing matter.

“Trust me I wish Wade the best of luck, but girls like that don’t stick around. She hasn’t seen half the crazy that comes with being in the life of Deadpool. Just wait until she gets a load of his enemies and the real way he lives his life.”

“Then it’ll take some adjusting on both sides of the spectrum.” Cable says with a shrug.

“Something tells me she can handle it. I believe she’s stronger than she looks. After all she did survive a coven of vampires and Deadpool. Who knows what else she’s capable of?”

“Hmm… I suppose we’ll see in another five years or so from now. Or a week if that…” He says with a chuckle.

Cable gathers some of his wife’s old clothes. He no longer had use for them. She’d died a few years ago. He laid them on the bed for her as he heard the bath running.

“When are you going to let her out?” Alice questioned.

Edward sighs.

“I suppose I can tonight. Bella must learn there are rules Alice. She cannot get away with the things she tries.” Edward looks to Alice.

“Have you seen anything yet?”

She shakes her head.

“I can’t see this guy. It’s like he’s not even real or in existence. That’s why it was so hard to find her.”

“So it’s like the wolves?” Edward mentions in thought.

“In a way yes, I don’t think the guy is human Edward. And Bella she’s been somehow pushing me away. It becomes harder and harder to see her next move. She’s blocking me somehow.”

Jasper sighs.

“I’ve noticed the same thing with my ability. It’s like what she does with your mind reading Edward. You can literally feel her fighting against it.”

Edward rolls his eyes.

“Then you and Alice must try harder!”
“Says the vampire that hasn’t’ been able to penetrate through that mind of hers even once! You also made clear you could not read this guy’s mind as well!” Jasper fires back.

Deadpool continues to listen to them talk as they enter the house. They don’t even take notice of him lying right there on the couch. He watches with interest.

“And knock that shit off!” Edward points to Jasper.

“I’ve already told you all. That I will be sleeping with Bella first. SHE IS MINE! It’s bad enough she’s no longer a virgin. That bastard took that away from me. For that he will pay! He will also pay for taking the lives of Carlisle and Esme!”

Deadpool raises his brows on this.

“Yeah well just so you know. I’m teaching her a fucking lesson when I do get ahold of her! Blowing my dick off like that! Not cool. It just now finally grew back.” Jasper fires back bitterly.

Deadpool puts his hand to his heart. Aw, I love that girl! He smiles with pride.

“You will do no such thing! You already handled that! I’m a mind reader remember! I already know about your little visit! You didn’t even bother to ask my permission! You took it upon yourself to beat her! I’d already punished her! You had no business taking matters into your own hands. I found her! I brought her into our coven as our pet! Therefore, I have say in what happens to her and when! Not a one of you do! If you have plans to torture her during sex, then I will have to deny you access! Emmett or even Alice will be next in line instead!”

A small giggle leaves the pixie’s mouth.
“Hell Alice we could share her if you’d like.” Edward says with a flirtatious wink.

“Bastard!” Jasper shouts.

“Oh shut up!” Edward replies back with an annoyance.

“You’ve been wanting to fuck my girl since you first laid eyes on her. You just need to chill the fuck out. She’s mine and mine to do what I want with!”

He turns to the blonde girl.
“Why don’t you go retrieve our little pet?” Edward hands her a key.

“She’ll need to be bathed and properly dressed. She looked like a damn whore the way she was dressed. I want her in a nice dress. I want her properly groomed and fed. When you are done bring her to me. We will try this all over again. Everyone is to keep in mind, not to frighten her. We are to make her feel safe and at peace from here on. We need to show her how much she means to us and that we love her. We do not wish this one to end up like our others. This one’s special, she’s rare and we all know that. We’ve never had a coven singer before. So we have to take extra care of her. I’ve been just as guilty in losing my temper with her. We forget she is human. We are much stronger than she is. From here on we are to show her what she means to us. We shower her with gifts, affection, and whatever else she may need or want. We need for her to love us in return if this is to work. We need to remind her how much she loves us in return.”

Deadpool merely waits for it… Sure enough like music to his ears…

“SHE’S GONE!” He hears the blonde vampire yell.

They all stop and look that direction. They all take off only Deadpool grabs the last one in line heading that way. He quickly snaps his neck and drags off with him. He drags the burly vampire off into a corner of the living area. He snaps his head completely off. He then starts chopping off body parts. He places them into the fireplace. Deadpool starts the fire as he’d already had the fireplace ready. He hums to himself as he stuffs his arms, legs, and other parts of the body into the fire. He warms his hands and rubs them together.

“Nice and toasty, I do love a good fire.”

He hears them making their way back up. Deadpool hides. The blonde haired vampire looks to the fire as she’s first to enter the room.

“Did any of you light the fireplace in here?” She calls out.

She makes her way over and peeks into the fire place. She covers her mouth as she takes notice of Emmett’s body parts inside. She goes to scream and Deadpool literally kicks her ass and she goes face first into the fireplace. He smiles and stuffs her inside.

“You’re quite bendy like a real life Barbie! Hot too! I mean you’re on fire baby!”

He chuckles.

“ON fire…” He shakes his head cracking up.

“I’m on a roll today!” He grabs his gut in laughter.

“Some marshmallows would be nice about now. I love marshmallows.”


He turns to the blond haired vampire.

“Do you have any marshmallows? Or wieners… Oh wait…” Deadpool takes out his gun and fires before Jasper can even think.

“I’ll just take yours! Thanks!”

Jasper’s eyes widen and he falls to his knees. Deadpool takes out his katana and he quickly takes his legs.

“You’re not going anywhere anytime soon!” He says with antagonism in his voice.

He grabs Jasper by the locks of his hair. He throws him onto the couch. Deadpool places his legs into the fire place. A nice little outburst of flames shoots up within the chimney. He chuckles again. Edward and Alice freeze as they enter the room. Deadpool happily waves.

“And now our little family is all complete. Please do join us!”

“Jasper…” Alice utters covering her mouth.

Tears were in her eyes.

“Aw, he’s ok! See?!”

Deadpool sits beside him and wraps his arm around his shoulders.

“He’s still alive and kickingish!”

He looks down.

“Oh wait…” Deadpool puts his hand to his forehead having a duh moment.

“My apologies! He’s not kicking! AND NEITHER ARE YOU!”

He teleports before her and takes his katana to her legs. He throws them into the fire place. He rapidly grabs her and throws her beside Jasper. Edward slams Deadpool up against the wall. He sends a few punches Deadpool’s way. Edward then snaps his neck. Deadpool sighs as if merely annoyed.

“That HURTS YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Deadpool snaps his neck back into place.

He moves it around.

“Much better! In fact I can cancel that chiropractor appointment now! Thanks buddy! Yah did me a real favor there. I hate spending money when I don’t really have to!”

“What are you?!” Edward shouts with fear in his eyes.

Deadpool points his katana at him.

“I’m your worst motherfucking nightmare you little shit! I’m going to fuck up your entire day, week, month and life!”

He swiftly grabs him by the collar. He lifts him into the air and shakes the living hell out of him like a rag doll.

“NO ONE AND I MEAN NOOOO ONE EVER TOUCHES WHAT’S MINE! EVER! NOT MY WEAPONS, MY MONEY, MY DOG, MY NADS, AND ESPECIALLY MY GOD DAMN WIFE! The only one that’s going to be fucking her is ME! The only one that’s going to punish her for her wrong doings is me! I might be a murdering crazy ass son of a bitch. I even take pleasure in my killings EACH ONE! FUCK, I LOVE IT! But even I’ve never taken control of someone else’s life and made them into my fucking puppet! She was never yours to have! Never yours to claim! Never yours to harm! You will suffer the most! I will make you hurt from head to toe. You and these other two will starve for days on end. I will torture the living motherfucking hell out of you three. I will make you scream and cry for help only there will be no one coming to your aide! You will fucking cry for death’s sweet embrace! Only it will not come until I give it permission. You fucked with the wrong girl and now I’m going to FUCK WITH YOU! YOU THREE ARE MY NEW TOYS AND NEW ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS! YOU’RE MY BITCHES!”

He manically laughs as he takes only one of Edward’s legs and one arm. He forces him to watch as he stuffs them into the fireplace. Deadpool sniffs the air.

“Ah, nothing like the smell of fear.”

He continues to laugh as he grabs the three of them. He heads into the area they had Bella. He chains them up just as they had her. He spends the next hour laying into each of them bare handed. He beats on each one of them inexorably. He then takes a break. He sits back and eats a candy bar he had on him. He offers some to them.

“You hungry? Any of you?” He shrugs.

“Eh, can’t say I didn’t offer.” He smacks loudly and irritatingly as he eats it.

“I wonder why they call it Butterfinger.”

He looks to the candy bar.
“I mean it doesn’t even taste like butter! And I haven’t seen a single finger in this! Lying sacks of shit!”

He takes the rest of the candy bar.

He makes his way over to Edward. He crams the rest paper and all into his mouth.
“Seriously, do you taste any fingers or butter in that?”

He moves Edward’s chin back and forth helping him chew.

“Yeah me either! Huh… what a waste of a dollar and seventy five cents! I think I will write the company a strongly worded letter!”
Deadpool sits down. He takes out a small yellow memo tablet from the pouch on his utility belt.

“Dear…” as he writes he reads the letter out loud to Alice, Jasper, and Edward.

Bella groans out as she rolls over in the bed. The sun was cascading through the blinds. Her body ached even more today. She could barely walk as she headed to the bathroom. She cried out as she went to go to the bathroom. She fell losing her balance. She gasped out and used the wall and tub to crawl back up. Her eyes watered.

“You alright?” She heard Cable outside the door.

“Um yeah…” She blushed in thought.

She finally managed to go to the bathroom. Each breath and step she took was torturous. She washed her hands and rinsed out her mouth. Bella dried her face off and made her way out of the bathroom. Cable looked to her concerned.

“Why don’t we get you something to eat and drink? Then you had better take one of those pills.”

She went to answer, but lost her balance and almost hit the nightstand in his room. He quickly grabbed hold of her. He looked down to her legs and saw how bad they were. She was in a dress he’d offered her that was his wife’s. Her bruises were even more pronounced today.
“You should’ve let us know you were this bad. You shouldn’t be walking.”

“I can walk just fine.”

He sighs as she walks away from him. She heads into the warehouse. He stays close out of concern. He hears her stomach growl. All that went through his mind was how badly these vampires must be biting it by now. He knew how Deadpool worked. He could only imagine what all he was doing.

Cable got Bella to eat and drink some water and Gatorade. She took her pills and put on some more cream. Before long she fell asleep at the table. He carried her back to the bedroom and placed her back in bed. He shook his head the more he took notice of the pounding her body took.

Day 2 of Deadpool’s wrath

Deadpool noticed how the Cullen’s eyes were starting to close. He figured they needed a bit of help in waking up. He took out his throwing knifes and began to use them as targets. They cried out and begged for him to stop. He began to sing the lyrics to Hit Me With Your Best Shot as he continued. When he ran out of knives. He folded his arms about his chest.

“DAMMIT! I was having fun.”

He sighed and got up. He picked up one of the skulls of their last victims. He went back and sat down. He sits the skull next to him.

“Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio!” He petted the skull.

“Who the fuck is Yorick?” He looked upon Edward directly.

Alice continued to scream and cry. She was completely freaking out. Deadpool snapped a look her direction. He narrowed his brows.

“Do either of you have anything that would pacify her? That’s getting really annoying.”

He looks to Jasper and pats him on the shoulder.

“Ah we both know you don’t buddy. You however…”

He reaches over and yanks Edward’s package right off. Edward screams out as well now. Deadpool pinches the bridge of his nose.

“No, no that wasn’t what was supposed to happen. This was supposed to shut her up!”

He stuffs the “item” into Edward’s mouth.

“What a waste!” Deadpool sulks.

“Dammit, Now I have to find something else!”

He ducked tapes Edward’s mouth shut.

“You choking?” Deadpool questions as Edward starts gagging.
“Yeah you’re choking. It’s ok just relax it’ll eventually go down naturally. Just you know swallow… like a good little bitch. Bitches always swallow.”

Deadpool snaps off Jasper’s hand. Jasper screams out next.

“DAMMIT!” He slaps him with the hand.

“You’re ruining this! First bitch tits over there and now Vienna Sausage? I thought you were real men! I’m so ashamed!” He makes a fist with Jasper’s hand. He stuffs it into Jasper’s mouth.

“Ever been fisted?”

Deadpool shrugs.

“Neither have I.”

He turns to Alice.

“What about you? Ever had a good fisting?”

She continues to cry out.

“Yeah that’s enough of that…” Deadpool breaks her neck and snaps it completely off.

He places her head in Jasper’s lap.

“I decided to give you some head!”

He makes num num sounds as he shoves Alice’s head against Jasper.

“He’s ok… you know that right?”

She looks over to Cable as he was working on something. She swallows back a bit.

“Um yeah…”

He nods and goes back to his tinkering.

“Yah play blackjack?” Logan says over the cigar in his mouth.

She shrugs.

“Sure I guess.”

He grins. He reaches back and takes out a deck of cards. He grabs them both a beer.

“Let’s see how good yah are.”

“NO beer for her she’s on medication!” Cable snaps.

“It’s just one!” Logan retorts back.
“And she doesn’t have yours or Deadpool’s healing abilities.”

Cable hops up and takes the beer away from her.

“I wasn’t going to drink it. Not in a beer mood.”

He nods and puts it up.
“Such a party pooper.” Logan grumbles.

Bella looks to Logan.

“What exactly do these healing abilities consist of?”

He clears his throat and explains best he can.

Day three of Deadpool’s wrath…

He teleports and grabs some pimp off the street back in New York. He returns and the pimp starts cursing and yelling.

“Not you too. Oh come on.”

Deadpool swiftly slits his wrists. The Cullen’s eyes grow pitch black.


He covers the man’s mouth with his hand. He squeezes the blood out from the man’s wrists. Just inches away from Jasper and Edward.

“Yeah I figured you were just dying for a drink. Go on now. Don’t be shy.”

He looks to them oddly as he finishes draining the pimp. He throws the body down once he’s done.

“What are you waiting for a straw?”

Deadpool pats himself down.
“Aw, what rotten luck I’m all out of straws. I shouldn’t have ever built that fort of straws! But that peppermint glue I used. Oh man that shit’s awesome! Wait…” He finds some glue in his pouch.

“YES!” He happily sits back and unscrews the lid.

“Num, nums!” He moans as he takes off his mask.

He starts eating the glue whilst eyeing Edward Cullen the entire time.

“Not very pleasant is it? And I don’t mean the glue… My face…” He says with a wink.

“To think this will be the last thing you see. Take a good look.”

He finishes his glue and tosses it across the room. He makes his way over and gets right in Edward’s face.

“To know that’s how bad you fucked up! When a pretty face like this loses to one like mine! You will die knowing she’d rather be with this, then either of you sparkly fairy fuckers!”

Edward closes his eyes.

“LOOK AT ME!” Deadpool shouts on top of his lungs.


He takes out his guns and begins putting holes through their entire bodies. Once he’s out of bullets.

“Rats, my doorknobs are all out of bullets! I’ll have to improvise.”

He takes out his katana. He takes what’s left of their body parts. He saves their head for last. Deadpool puts his mask back on. He places grenades in their mouths.

“Fire in the holes!” He announces as he takes out the pins. He teleports out of there and he appears outside. He throws a couple more grenades into the house.

He takes a bow before the house. He flips it off and slowly takes his departure. He starts humming his and Bella’s wedding reception song as he walks about the wilderness of Canada.

Bella looks around the warehouse.

“So what does all this stuff do anyhow?”

Cable grins as he continues working. Bella walks around gazing upon all his work.

“Ugh, why’d you have to go and ask him that? Now he’ll never shut up!”

Bella stops at the sound of his voice. Her heart does that funny flutter thing. She takes in a breath and slowly turns around. He was leaning back against one of the walls, with his foot propped back against it. His arms folded about his chest. He nods towards her and wiggles his finger motioning her towards him. She smiles and takes off towards him.

“Easy…” Cable reminds as she was still healing.

Cable sighs and rolls his eyes as they disappear.

“Dammit Deadpool.” He grumbles under his breath.

Bella winces in pain as they appear in the apartment. Deadpool took notice of the painful expression on her face and he loosened his grip on her. He keeps one arm around her waist and lifts his mask up enough to kiss her. His hands run gently along her rear. She carefully moved her arms around his neck. He eagerly continued to kiss her, whilst he carried her to the bedroom and laid her down.

Deadpool gently striped her down completely. His hands run along the marks upon her body. At his most lucid moment ever, he uses precaution with her. He pulled down the lower part of his suit and brought himself out. His cock was already seeping out in longing. He placed himself inside, her warmth made him throb even more. Something within him felt as though he needed to mark what was his. She was HIS wife. His lover! No one else was allowed to touch her. He’d fucking kill anyone that even tried it! Deadpool felt highly territorial now. He growled in thought as he continued fucking her. No one was taking her away from him. NO ONE! At this thought he released with a smile on his face.


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