Chapter 7 Take Me With You!

Chapter 7

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Bella smiles as she feels her husband’s bare body against her. Making a first he’s ever done this on his own. Something within him craved this. He wanted to feel her against him. She rolled over facing him. Yet again the city lights shined through the room. She kissed him and snuggled up against him. He ran his hands along her body, feeling whatever part of her he could. Even after she fell asleep he continued to caress her. She whimpered out in her sleep off and on. Halfway through the night, Bella got up. The pain became too much.

Her body was in agony. She went to the bathroom and splashed her face with some cold water. Ryan followed her around begging for attention. She scooped him up with a grimace. He licked her cheeks.

“Easy boy…”She whispered and handed him a treat once they got to the kitchen.

Bella grabbed her husband’s whiskey. Her meds were back at Cable’s place. She drank straight from the bottle. Her tummy grumbled in disagreement to the heavy alcohol. She stepped out to the patio and took in a breath of fresh air. Still she felt suffocated. She tried her hardest not to think about everything that had happened. Wade had found her, she was safe now. That’s all that mattered and should. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop the flashes, the voices, the fear. She felt foolish and weak. Bella found shame in how she still feared something that was no longer. He’d let her know they were all dead. Yet their memory haunted her. She continued to drink from the bottle. She was beginning to feel angry. She half laughs at her own misery. Bella reentered the apartment. She looked to the coffee table that was still smashed to pieces. Her heart dropped as she remembered how she was slammed into it. She just knew she’d died. She remembered trying to fight against it. The blackness overcame her, without her permission, without her will, her eyes had come to a close. Bella snarls back as the anger continues to rise. She smashes the bottle of whiskey against the wall.

Deadpool shoots up in the bed after hearing his. He rushes into the room. Her eyes were wild, she paced around the room.

“It won’t go away!”

He nods. He grabs her and flips her over his shoulder. He takes her to the bathroom. He starts a bubble bath. He sits her down on the toilet as the water fills up. Bella covered her face and pulled at her hair. After the tub was filled he lifted her back up and placed her inside. He got in as well and pulled her into his chest. He said nothing as she let her cry it out. She eventually cried herself to sleep.

Deadpool looks up from feeding Ryan. Someone was knocking on the door. He grabbed his gun and went to see who was at the door. He lowered his gun once he saw Cable. He unlocks everything and lets him in. Cable hands him a white bag. Deadpool looks inside.
“Oooh pills!”

“They’re not for you, but for your wife.”

“You’re my wife’s drug dealer now?”

“Something like that.”

“Stella, you’re drug dealer’s here!” He calls out.

Cable shakes his head.

“Thought her name was Bella.”

Deadpool doesn’t comment he merely sits at his recliner. Bella steps out of the bedroom. She was brushing her hair. She smiled warmly upon Cable.

“Good morning.”

He smiles in return.

“‘I brought your meds. Not sure how you slept last night without them. Figured you’d be need them soon enough.”

“Thank you Nathan.”

“Nathan? Hmmmm…?” Deadpool grumbles under his breath.
He nods.

“I better be heading out now, just thought I’d bring those by.”

Deadpool pulls Bella into his lap.

“OK bye now!” Deadpool waves him off.

“Be nice Wade…” Bella whispers.

“Ok, ok politely PISS OFF!”

Cable grins.

“Later you two.”

He heads on out and pulls the door shut. He chuckles to himself as he leaves the complex. Once Cable’s gone, Deadpool lifts his mask slightly and locks lips with Bella. He leans back and turns on the TV.

She runs a hand along his chest, knowing she’s about to probably piss him off. She clears her throat and softly begins to talk.


He raises a brow at this already knowing something’s up. He scrolls through the channels though and says nothing. He waits to see what it is she wants. She just had that certain tone to her voice. The… I want something from you sound.

“There’s a couple things we need to discuss.”

He nods.

“I thought we could leave for our honeymoon this weekend.” He says with a shrug.

She lowers her brows.


He nods again and continues to scroll through seeing what’s on.

“It’s about my father and school.”

“School?” He inquires with a wrinkled nose.

“Um yeah I’m still in high school.”
“Whoa! I thought you were 18!”

“I am! I just had my birthday a few weeks ago. I’m a senior in high school.”

“Eh… high school diploma? Who needs it?”


“Lots of people, you know if I ever want to get a job?”

“You don’t need a job! I make plenty of money for the both of us. School sucks total ASS why would you want to go back?” He chuckles.

“You’d be like all married and stuff. They’d all point and laugh!”

She sighs and shakes her head.

“I can’t believe you’re in high school and married! You really should be ashamed. Oh my God, you’re a statistic. I can’t believe you’re pregnant and in high school. Who’s the father?!” He remarks.
“WHAT?! Why do you keep yelling at me! It hurts my ears and makes them bleed! I’m very sensitive you know!”

“They’re not bleeding.”

“How do you know?”

“I just do ok!”

She folds her arms about her chest.

“I’d like to have my diploma! I worked hard to get this far! And I’d like to see my dad again and let him know I’m ok! I bet he’s freaking out.”

“Eh, he’s probably glad you’re out of his hair. You can be a bit high maintenance.”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s ok… I still love you babe!”

“Ugh Wade I’m being serious!”
“So am I. Don’t question my love.” He starts humming the Close To You song again.

She softly laughs and covers her face.

“Aw, is someone being shy now?”

She takes in a breath.

“Look, I really should finish school and see my father.”

“So you’re leaving me or what?” He says with slight agitation to his voice.

“No, I thought maybe I could finish school here in New York. This weekend maybe I could go see Charlie?”

“Who the fuck is Charlie?!” He demands all accusingly.

She pinches the bridge of her nose.

“My dad…”

He takes in a breath of relief.

“Oh… that’s right… I forgot.”

She looks to him oddly.

“What do you mean you forgot?”

“That your daddy’s a cop and all.”

She crawls out of his lap and cuts off the TV. She stands before him.

“How would you know that?”

He grabs the remote and turns the TV back on.




He tilts his head trying to see around her.

“Look I’m going to Washington this weekend to see my father. Then I need to see about how NOT to flunk out the year!”

“We’re going on our honeymoon this weekend!” He fires back.

“You don’t need to go to school! And I can take care of you now. You don’t need your daddy!”

She shakes her head furiously.

“That’s not how it works! You gotta have some respect for the life I had, before you came into the picture.”

“That part of your life is over.”

“Ok… ok now listen here. When it comes to my dad! That shit doesn’t fly. There’s only two people on this entire planet I truly give a shit about. That’s you and my father! But even you can’t come between my father and I. That’s not how this marriage works!”

He shuts off the TV and throws the remote across the room.

“Feel better?!” She snaps.

She watches her husband as he paces around looking pissed, just as she assumed he would.

“And what happens when you don’t come back?!” He points directly upon her.

She rears back a bit.

“Is that your concern? That I won’t return?”

“Oh come on look around you. You got a piece of shit husband and some crappy ass dog in a shitty ass apartment! Why would you come back?” Ryan growls at him.

“You’re such an ass!”

“Exactly! Only further proving my point! You’re going to go there and realize just how better off you are!”

She shakes her head and makes her way over.

“I love you Wade, but it’s up to YOU! To trust that and believe in it. I can’t force anything on you.”
He pouts a bit and sits back down in defeat.

“But what about our honeymoon?”

She smiles a bit on how he says this.

“What did you have in mind?”

“It’s a surprise!”

She raises her brows on this.

He nods with a huge beam behind that mask.
“Well would you mind terribly if we went next weekend instead?” She runs her fingers along his chest. He raises his brows and tilts his head.


He sighs.

She smiles and kisses his cheek.
“Was that so bad?”

“Yes it was terrible!” He crosses his arms and exhales.

She traces back to their conversation earlier.


“How’d you know my father was cop?”

“I looked it up before I took the job.”

She tilts her head a bit.


He nods.

“So you’re telling me you were hired to kill Carlisle Cullen?”

“Yep I’m a merc you know this babycakes.”

“I get that… and yes I know that, but who hired you?”

“Eh, it was like a third party thing. Your daddy hired someone to hire me.”

Bella froze at his words. She swallowed back.

“Wait, are you telling me my dad hired you?!”

He nods.

“Yep! He really wanted that bastard dead.”

“WHAT THE FUCK?! My father who’s chief of police fucking hired a hit man?!”

“Merc baby… I prefer merc.”

“What the hell was he thinking?! Oh my god I can’t believe he did this. And after all that bullshit of him not believing me, when I told him about the Cullen’s?”

“Do you want me to kill your old man?”
“Just putting it out there, I’ll kill whoever you want!”

“Why would I want my father to die?!”

“Because you’re mad at him?”

“Ugh I get mad at you like every damn day and multiply. I don’t go around putting a hit on you!”

He has a good laugh at this.
“Aw, you can’t kill me baby. Cute, truly sweet notion even, but nah. I won’t die trust me, I’ve tried.”

She stops and looks to him.

“What do you mean you tried?”

He shrugs.

“I blew out my damn brains, I’ve jumped off cliffs and skyscrapers, I even managed to chop off my own head. Eh, nothing…”

She covers her mouth in absolute shock.

“You seriously lived through all that? How did you live through chopping your head off?!” She felt nauseas at the mere idea.

“I dunno. Can you give me some head since I lost mine?!”

“Why would you try to kill yourself?” She ignores his pun.

“Long story, boring story. Look could we make out or something instead. This isn’t very fun now.”

“Yeah something tells me boring isn’t in the category of Wade Wilson. That also doesn’t answer my question.”

“So that’s a yes to making out?”
She rolls her eyes.

“So are you still trying to kill yourself?”

“I can’t, remember?”

“Dammit I’m trying to ask you if you still want to fucking DIE!”

He shrugs and sits back down he kicks his legs out on the new coffee table.

“Great… Just great… so my father hired you to take someone else’s life. And apparently my husband has a death wish! If you want to die so bad then why the fuck did you even marry me?!”

She grabs some quarters and storms out of the apartment.

“Gees, someone’s ragging!”


His eyes widen and he looks to the dog.
“Ryan! Why would you say something like that?! That’s a very bad dog!” Ryan bares his teeth and growls.

“Man, everyone’s bitchy today!”

Bella heads back to the payphone. There was no answer the answering machine picked up.

“Dad… It’s Me. I… well… I’m coming down this weekend. We need to talk. I love you. See you soon.”

She hangs up and leans against the phone booth. She takes in a deep breath and heads back to the apartment. Bella steps inside to see it was pitch black with just candles about the area.

She turns to the kitchen table. There was a single red rose in a clear vase. One plate in the middle of spaghetti and meatballs. Deadpool pulls out a chair for her. He was wearing a bowtie around his suit. She looked to him oddly, but sat down. He pushed her chair in and started some Italian music. She softly giggled as he tied a napkin around her neck. She wondered where he got the spaghetti. She was afraid to ask. He too took a seat right beside her. He only had one fork. He began to fork some spaghetti and was feeding her.

“Let me guess Lady and the Tramp?”

“I’m not a tramp!”

She shakes her head laughing. He feeds her another forkful. He then lifts his mask and goes to feed himself. Bella takes the fork and feeds him instead. A smile formed on his face. She couldn’t believe the night and day with her husband. It was a learning progress; she was slowly, but surely getting it. He purposely left a string of noodles hanging from his lips.

“You’re something else…” She says, but goes along with it.
She takes the noodle into her mouth thus leading to his lips.

“Hmm…” He wiggles his brows under that mask.

They continue until they get to the last meatball. He goes to feed it to her and he pulls back and eats it instead.

“That’s not how the movie went!”

“You’re right it wasn’t an X rated feature!”

She looks to him oddly. He swiftly scoops her up they appear on the couch. She covers her mouth as he yanks her panties down from under her skirt.

“Hmm, dessert!”

She gasps out and squeals into her hand. He reaches over and moves her hand.

“Much better…” He says and goes back to what he was doing.

His tongue continues to lap along her pink slit.

“Fuck Wade!” She moans out. He grins, but keeps going. Her cries only egged him on. He also hadn’t realized how good she’d taste.

He found himself getting even more into it. He wanted to taste her climaxing against his tongue. He drove her mad as he continued to lick. Deadpool soon got his wish. His lips vibrated against her as he let out a screaming moan. Bella only had one little strip of hair below and it was sexy as hell. The rest of her was completely bare. He loved it. He replaced his fingers with his tongue. He watched her organism and his fingers became soaked.

Deadpool felt her rubbing her hand along his straining erection. He moved his hips a bit enjoying the sensation. To his surprise she took him out and placed him into her mouth.

“SHIT…” He uttered out at the sudden warmth and the feeling of her tongue around him.

He slightly pulled at her hair and watched her sucking him off.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIIIIT! SUCK IT BABY!” She did her best not to laugh at his reaction.

She had to force him to stay still. He was the one squirming every where. He throbbed greatly in her mouth.

“Fuck it, I can’t hold it anymore. I’m coming baby. Spit or swallow I don’t give a damn!”

Bella couldn’t help the small giggle that left her mouth. After he was done she wiped her mouth clean.

“I take that back apparently hot ass angels swallow as well.”

She looked to him puzzled.

“Take what back? And angel…? Hardly…”

He nods.

“With a mouth like that you could revive the dead.”

He notices that sad look returning to her face. He tucks himself away.

“One day you will die. I will have to watch! So yes… I want to fucking die!”

She takes in a breath as he simply nods and heads to the bathroom. She hears the door shut and Bella pinches her eyes shut. The thought hadn’t occurred to her, but he was right.

Bella has her bags packed and is about to head out the door. Deadpool drops down and wraps his arms around her legs.


Wait what? What the fuck is wrong with you? Begging really?

Bella looks down and shakes her head.

“What’s come over you?” She tries to move, but his grip is too tight.


Holy fucking shit you pussy ass motherfucker! She’s got you whipped.

Dude, it’s not that. He’s concerned for her safety.

Nah bro, this bitch is whipped.

“Wade seriously, just how do you think you and my father will deal with one another? I don’t want you trying to kill one another!”

“Look I’ll only kill him once if I have to!”


“You’re not going!”
“BABY PPPPPLLLLEEASE!” He says like Roger Rabbit.
She sighs.

“Fine, you can go. But I swear to God Wade you had better behave!”

Behave? What the fuck is that shit.
Yeah man she’s talking to you like a child!
Are you going to take that shit?
“Ok…” He says to where she can hardly hear him.”

“Huh? I can’t hear you Wade.”

“I says ok.”

“So no killing anyone on this trip.”

“Hey I didn’t agree to that!”

Shit she’s crazy! Kill her!

He’s not going to kill her. She puts out.

Hehe, YEAH she does.

“UGH SHUT UP I CAN’T THINK WITH YOU ALL TALKING IN THERE!” He smacks himself in the forehead. Then he tilts his head as if trying to unclog something from his ears.

“Everything ok?”

“NO…” He complains.

She takes in a breath.

“Let’s go then.”

“Yes! Just let me go get my grenades.”




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