Chapter 8 Doctor? I Think I Have Blockage

Chapter 8

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They stand before Charlie’s house. Meanwhile, Deadpool was having a hissy fit. He’d his arms about his chest bitterly.
“I can’t believe you only let me pack one gun.”

“The only gun you need at the moment is the one between your legs. Now man up!”

“How can I do that without my doorknobs?!”

“Your what?”

“I need my doorknobs to be polished and taken care of. They neeeeed me baby!”

“I’m guessing you mean guns… UGH, please Wade you promised!” She takes his katanas and hides them in the flower bed.


“You can’t go in there like that.”
“Those are my babies! Stella, come on babe! I feel so naked!” He covers himself as if he’s exposed.

“He’s a cop you can’t just go in there guns a blazing and swords a pointing.”

“Ha! You made a joke babe! Good job!” He gives her a thumbs up.
“Oh would you look at that.”

He looks down to see he’s getting wood.

“Oh come on I can’t control that. Your bewbs are like right there! He has a mind of his own you know. There are some very useful methods in which you could help…” He hints.

“Not right now.”

And there it begins! DENIED! OUCH!


That’s what happens when you become pussy whipped.

Backhand her! Show her who’s boss! You don’t have to take that shit!

That’s his wife…


He can’t go around smacking his wife.

Who says?

She cockblocked him!

That’s a good point… hell you’re right. Tell her twice!

Deadpool puts his hands to his temples.

“Wade?” Bella questions softly.

“Are you alright?”

He nods, but looked as though he was in pain or something. Bella takes his hand.

“You ready?”


She laughs a little.

“Just keep your temper under wraps. Let me do the talking and…”

The door opens and Charlie looks to them puzzled.

“You gonna come in or just stand out here having some sort of discussion?”

“Dad…” She says with a touch of a nervous vibe.

Charlie instantly grabs hold of her and twirls her around.

“Thank God Bells. Jesus kid I had begun to fear the worst.”

Deadpool watched them curiously.

“So what happened? How’d you get away?”

Deadpool clears his throat and raises a hand.

“S’up…” He says nodding towards Charlie.

Bella shuts her eyes for a moment and takes in a breath. Charlie looks to Deadpool oddly.

“Isn’t Halloween over?” He looks to the calendar.

“Um no dad it’s coming up though soon.”

“Huh… celebrating early I see.”

Bella covers her mouth with nervous laughter. Charlie narrows his eyes towards her left hand.

He reaches over and grabs her hand.

“This had better be some meaningless jewelry…”

Her eyes widen.

“Meaningless?!” Deadpool scoffs.

“I actually paid for that one! I didn’t steal it or nothin’! I got a receipt and everything!”

Bella pinches her eyes shut. She takes in a deep breath.

“Wade baby…?” She says real sweetly.

“Yes sweetcheeks.”

She winces at his little nickname.
“Why don’t you sit down and watch some TV?!”

“Bells what the living hell is going on?”

“Dad please just calm down and let me explain.”

“You had better start explain, AND NOW!”

“Don’t you yell at her!”

“She’s my god damn daughter. I’ll yell at her all I want!”

“Well then, don’t yell at me! I’m not a tax exemption for you pops! And I say she’s my wife… so… I say you can’t!”
“What the hell did you just say?”

“That’s right daddio. We’re hitched!”

“WADE!” Bella says in damn near hysterics.

Charlie grabs Deadpool by the collar.

“You’re telling me some god damn idiot in a Halloween suit married my daughter!”


“Try the man you hired to kill a certain doctor or shall I say vampire. So I guess I should say… HI DAD!”

“SHIT!” Bella yells as Charlie pops Deadpool in the face.


Deadpool shakes it off.

That’s it the old man is dead.

Yeah he is.

So it was a nice run. You know before the divorce.

Yeah well she’s not taking his doorknobs.

Or the hidden porn stash in the back bedroom.

You honestly think she doesn’t know about that?

Kill, kill, kill!

Abort, abort, abort!

Deadpool grounds his teeth together. He goes to hit Charlie back.
“Wade…” She quickly steps in between them.

“Please…” She literally begs.

“He’s my dad…”

He snarls back.

“Whatever…” He bitterly plops down on Charlie’s recliner.

“Dad you can’t do that!”

“Why the hell not!”

“Because he’s my husband and he’s right he’s the merc you hired. You just hit a freaking assassin. Trust me dad. You just can’t do that.”

“You’re standing there telling me, that the man I hired is this man right here? That he kidnapped you, then you married him? What are you going to tell me next that you’re pregnant?!”

“We’re still practicing! Hey does this thing get porn or skinemax or the home shopping network?” Deadpool asks as he starts channel surfing.

Charlie cuts him a straight to hell look. Bella quickly stops him as he reaches for his gun.
“No dad. Please both of you stop this.”

“This is utter bullshit! You’re just in high school. How old are you god damn son of a bitch?!” Charlie pointed to Deadpool.”

Deadpool starts counting on his fingers. He gives up and shrugs.

“I dunno maybe 30s or so, but physically? Yeah I’m like 50s maybe 60s trust me not a pretty sight.”

“What in the hell?”

Bella does that nervous laughter thing again.

“What’s with the fucking costume?! He looks like a damn idiot.”


Both men rush up to one another. Bella grabs a gun she’d hidden on her. She fires a warning shot into the air. Both men look to her in shock. Deadpool puts his hands upon his hips.

“You told me I wasn’t allowed to bring any weapons! NO FAIR! And that was hot! Now I’m horny again! Dammit.”

She ignores him.

“Both of you will knock this off! I mean it! Neither one of you will cut down the other, or harm the other in any sort of fashion.”

She takes in another deep breath. She was shaking all over. Charlie sighs as he takes notice.

“Now please can we all just sit down and talk about this rationally?”

Deadpool and Charlie eye one another. They follow Bella to the table like a couple of wounded pups. She kept the gun in hand. She sits between them. Bella shakes her head and rubs at her temples.

“The voices huh?” Her husband remarks.

She looks to him lost.

“They suck.”

Charlie lowers his brows on this.

“Um… yeah…” She says with a shrug.

She clears her throat.

“Look dad I got a lot of things I need to tell you. I just need you to sit there and quietly listen at first. Please I’m begging you just let me get all this out. Then we’ll discuss whatever questions or issues you may have.”

She cuts her husband a very pleading look.
“And Wade… Just remember your promise…”

He sighs like a frustrated child.
“Fiiiiinnne…” He grumbles.

Bella begins to tell her story. Leaving out certain parts she knew would only cause more fights. Such as Deadpool shooting at her that one day and other things. She even tells him about how the Cullen’s kidnapped her a second time and how her husband saved her. Charlie looked damn near ill. Halfway through her story they both turn to hear the sound of Deadpool popping open a beer.

He shrugs.

“It’s ok I’m only drinking half!” He announces happily.

Bella bites her lower lip a bit. She knew she was eventually going to have to explain to her father about why Wade was well… Wade… She just wasn’t about to do that in front of him. Charlie shakes his head and rubs his face with full on frustration as he looks to Deadpool. Bella continues her story. By the end they turn back, to hear Deadpool snoring. He’d three beers half drinked. He’d marked them with a magic marker the bottom half said Charlie’s part. Bella softly laughed. Charlie looked to his daughter as if she’d lost her mind. She clears her throat and straightens up in her seat.

“Trust me that’s a nice gesture coming from him.” She mentions with a shrug.


She makes certain her husband’s really out cold. She rises up and takes her father’s hand. She leads him outside. Bella softly tells him the story of Wade Wilson and how he became Deadpool. She does her best to explain why he always wears the suit and why he’s mentally screwed up. Once she’s done he looks to her in complete bewilderment.

“Bells hun, what all have you got yourself into? I mean is this honestly what you want?”

She smiles.

“Dad, he’s really not all that bad. You just got to learn his quirks and how to deal with his mentality.”

“Bells, you deserve so much more than…”

“Dad, please don’t do that. Do you know how much hell that man has been through? You need to put yourself in his shoes. Think about how you’d handle everything that was done to him. Honestly, I’m surprised he’s not worse off. Even he doesn’t like the idea of spending eternity alone. He’s capable of love just like anyone else. I know he loves me and truthfully I love him too. I get him… I know it’s crazy, but I do. I truly get it and I think he gets me.”

“Jesus Bells, you’re just a kid. You haven’t even graduated high school.”

“That’s another thing we needed to discuss. I’ll be going to school in Queens, starting next week.”

“Queens? Are we talking New York’s Queens?”

“Um yeah dad.”

“The hell with that! You’re finishing school right here! In fact you’re moving back in and finishing out the year. This is all complete nonsense!”

“Dad… he’s my husband. I’m going back with him and finishing school back in his hometown.”

Charlie raises his hands in the air.

“AHHHHHHH! Dammit kid!”

Charlie paces around the yard, he was cursing under his breath.

“So you hungry dad?”

He looks to her strangely.

“You tell me all this and then ask me if I’m hungry?”

She smiles.

“Come on dad. I doubt you’ve had a home cooked meal in a while.”

He sighs in defeat. Just as they’re about to head inside. Bella turns to him.

“If you didn’t believe me, why did you hire a hit man to take Carlisle out dad?”

Charlie takes back a guilty breath.

“I’m sorry Bells. I was wrong. I can never make up for that. Honestly, I feared you were going through some sort of night terrors or even on drugs.” He admits shamefully.

“Jesus dad!”

“Yeah not my finest parenting moment. I should have believed you and done something sooner. I did some of my own investigating and saw for myself what they were capable of. I hadn’t a clue. I’m so sorry they hurt you. I… Jesus I can’t even begin to make up for this Bells.” He grabs hold of her again and hugs her. Charlie kisses the top of his daughter’s head.

“I love you so much kiddo and I’m so thankful you’re alright. You’re all I got. I just can’t stand the thought of losing you.”
“And you won’t dad.”

“You’re going plum across the country Bells!”
“And Wade has his ways… Trust me I can visit regularly and I promise I will.”

“So you’re telling me there’s no changing your mind. This is pretty much set in stone.”

“I’m sorry dad, but yes. I’ve made up my mind. I won’t leave Wade behind. That’d kill him.”

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine all this.”

Bella laughs.

“I never dreamed my father the cop would hire a merc to kill a vampire.”

“You got me there kiddo.”

Deadpool’s kicked back at table looking to the cooked meal before him. He tilted his head and looked to his wife confused.

“You cook?”

She nods.

“Why haven’t you ever cooked for me?”

“Get some groceries and I will.”
“I have groceries.”
“Beer and pancake mix is not groceries. You need certain things for cooking. I’d love to cook for you.”

“Eh… I don’t do shopping.”
“Then I’ll get something.” She says with a shrug.

“Ok, you can borrow one of my doorknobs.”

Charlie cuts Deadpool a disturbed look.

“Money… Wade…” Bella says nearly choking up.

“We pay for our groceries.”


Her eyes widen as she looks to her husband shaking her head. She makes the cut throat motion with her hand.

“What at the table?! Even I’m not that gross babe. Maybe later… That’s gonna suck though. Why would you want to see that?”

She pinches her eyes shut again. She swallows back. Deadpool lifts his mask slightly. Charlie saw the scars his daughter was referring too. He fought the urge to grimace. He didn’t understand how Bella could do it. Nor could he understand how she’d fall for him. He found himself wondering if it was a bit of Stockholm syndrome. The only part of this that even had him somewhat tamed on the idea? That this guy could keep her safe at least. That would somehow help him sleep better at night. Other than that Charlie hated this entire ordeal and he truly didn’t care for Wade Wilson. He felt for the guy and all, but still this was his daughter. He felt she was meant for better things, brighter even. This guy wasn’t it. It was clear however, she’d made up her mind. He felt rather robbed though. He didn’t even get to give his daughter away or have any say in her wedding. Here he was sitting before this mercenary that stole his little girl away. Charlie assumed it was karma being a huge bitch.

Deadpool ate his chicken fry like he’d never eaten a day in his life.

“Huh she’s hot, puts out and cooks.”

“Wade…” She hisses a warning.

“What? He should be proud.”

She flinches a bit.

Charlie sighs and rises from the table. They hear him toss his plate into the sink.

“You seriously should watch what you say.”

She laughs and hands him a napkin. He had gravy on his chin.

“What am I going to do with you?”

“Ohhhh I like this game. What are you going to do with me?!”

“Under my roof, he stays on the couch!”

“Dad, we’re married.”

“I don’t give a damn. You’re not sharing a bed under this roof!”

“Gee cockblocker…” Deadpool mutters.

Charlie cocks a brow.

“What the hell’d you just say?”

He goes to answer and Bella quickly covers his mouth.

“Look dad we can get a hotel or something it’s ok.”

“Hotel?” Charlie questioned as if offended.

“So you’d rather shack…”
“Dad please don’t… We don’t need to make this any harder than it is already.”

“Beyoncé told me to put a ring on it so I did.” Deadpool says with certainty.

Bella covers her mouth in laughter.

“Wait… what?” She questions.

“Yeah that song…” He starts humming it.

“She said if you want something then you had better put a ring on it.”

Silly as it was, Bella was taken back.
“So you heard that song and that’s what helped you decide.”

He nods confidently.
“We passed by a bar on the way home. That song was playing. So I figured I didn’t need to be told twice.”

“That’s actually like… kind of sweet Wade.”

“Huh… It is?”

“Um yeah…”

“Yes! You hear that?! She says I’m sweet! Boooyah in your face!”

Charlie grunts and moans under his breath and heads on to bed. Deadpool starts humming the Beyoncé song again… Bella simply shakes her head with a grin. She pecks him on the lips. She puts her finger to her lips and leads him to her room.

Once they’re inside she shuts her door. Deadpool looks around.

“Sure girlie…”

“Probably because I’m a girl?”

“Lots of purple, is that your favorite color or something?”

“I don’t really think I have a favorite color. Charlie picked it out when I first moved in.”

“So this is where you got all naughty and stuff. Did you ever make any videos?!”


“Please tell me you did! If so can I have them? Like All of them?”

“I never made videos and before you ask no there are no pictures.”

“Dammit.” He sighs and lies back on the bed.

“So what about a demonstration?”

Her eyes widen.

“Wade…” She hisses.

“No and keep it down would you?”

“Oh come on baby…”

“I can’t do that with us in the same house as my father. It just feels so…”

“So…?” He motions his hands about.

“It’s not like he’s watching. Just go at it like right here.”

She blushes in thought.

“Um no.”

“Ok fine I’ll scream rape.”

She has a good laugh at this.

“You… screaming rape?”

He nods assuredly.


“Ok… can’t say I didn’t warn ya!’ He sucks back a breath and goes to scream.

Her eyes widen and she quickly rushes over and covers his mouth. She’s straddling him as she does so.

“Hmm now we’re fucking talking baby. Ride me…” He mutters into her hand.

“Or better yet rape me! Dominate me!”

He slaps her on the rear. She shakes her head with a red hue to her face. She leans into his ear.

“Look if you promise me you’ll keep absolutely quiet. I’ll give you a small show.”

“How small we talking…” He was rock hard and ready to go at the mere idea.

She puts her finger to his lips again.

“Shh, and I’ll show you.”

Bella stands back up and starts to slowly strip down. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She looked over to see he was already poking away. He propped himself up on her pillows and watched excitably. This was certainly something she never dreamed she’d do. But he had her curious as to his reaction to it. She sat in the buff in her computer chair. He immediately sat up straight on the bed as she began touching herself. Her nerves however, were getting the best of her.

“Just relax…” He undertones as if he could sense it.

She lets out an apprehensive laugh.

“Trust me babe this is the fucking hottest thing ever. Keep going please…” He encouraged.

She arches back and shuts her eyes as she gets more into it. His spurring on seemed to help her nerves somewhat.

“Holy shit…” He voices softly as her fingers enter her sex.

“Fuck yeah baby keep going.”

Her jaw drops a bit as she opens her eyes to see he had himself out and was masturbating along with her. That got her riled up in ways she never imagined possible. Her hips lifted off the chair. She found herself climaxing and leaving a puddle on her chair. She gasps out as she suddenly ends up on the bed. He drives his cock into her instantly. He rips his mask off and starts madly kissing her. He gripped the post to her headboard. He didn’t hold back his thrusts he gritted his teeth as he continued his wild stride.

“Come on me like you did your fingers babe.” He whispers demandingly.

“I wanna feel it dammit.” He continued to keep his voice down, but with that hint of DOM to it.

He felt her and he bit into the pillow to keep from literally shouting out. He was already coming he actually felt a bit lightheaded, he was coming so hard. After he finished he pulled out. He looked to her and ran his hands along his bald head as though he were in shock.

“That just erased all porn history; you’re on my new favorites list! Numbero uno my fucking HAWT ass wife.”

She softly giggles and covers her blushing face.

Beewwbs she did stuff with her bewbs!

And her tight little puss!

I think we’re in shock.

I think he’s in shock.

Fuck we’re all in shock….

Release the subconscious




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  1. hey, great job! I love it so far have you considered doing any game story? Such as Skyrim maybe? There’s a mod call romance mod with a character called bishop that I think you could create an unbelievable story but that’s just my opinion. But anyway amazing job so far!

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