Chapter 11 The Times They Are A Changing

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Bella lies back on the bench. Her eyes closed. The slightly chilled breeze hitting upon her as she thought about the Joker…

Torment 2

Just as Selina had showed her she snuck through the vents, used the spray to show where the alarms were, thankfully today she only had to knock out the one guard that was in the control room today. Once again she felt for a pulse making sure he was ok. She softly apologizes and props him up somewhere he’ll wake comfortably.

She was now taking matters into her own hands after doing more research on the Joker, learning more about his and Harley’s history and abuse. What she couldn’t figure out though was why Harley’s history itself was so hard to come by. There was hardly anything to find on her. It didn’t make sense.

Bella props herself on the desk once more she crosses her legs and smiles for the camera, this time she uses white cardboard paper nothing too big because it had to fit with her in the vents. However big enough to get her point across to joker.

Card 1: How did you enjoy your birthday gift puddin?

She swung her feet around like a child at play.

Card 2: Aren’t you happy to see me?

Card 3: I’ve missed you!

Card 4: When you get out… CALL ME!

Torment 3

Yet again she manages her way to the Joker. Only this time she didn’t want to use the security camera’s to get to him. She wanted to personally watch him suffer.

“Hopscotch! Really Harley?”

She smiles and turns back around jumping along the pastel colored hopscotch game she’d made on the floor.

“Come on Harley enough of the games let me out sweetheart!”

She turns to him taking out her gun.

He cocks a brow and crosses his arms as he stares upon her.

“What are you up to cupcake?”

She smiles and holds the gun to her forehead.

“Harley…” He rolls his eyes.

His eyes widen as she fires the gun. It makes a sound like a real gun only it sends out a flag that reads.

“Couldn’t you JUST DIE?!” She blows him a kiss and quickly rushes out of the room as the guards have heard the gun.

Torment 4

This time she dresses as one of the nurses but keeping parts of Harley still alive the mask, but her blonde wig in pigtails. The outfit itself creeped Bella out as she looked up herself in the mirror. Today she’d use her voice…

“Hello, Mr. J looks like I’m your nurse for the day!” She smiles.

He paces around in his cell looking to her.

“That outfit could be a lot more fun Harley if you let me out.”

She puckers out her upper lip.

“What you don’t wanna play with me anymore Puddin?” Her bottom lip quivers and she looks to the floor.


He grits his teeth and slams his fist against the cell as she takes off running.

Torment 5

One of her trickiest ones and she feared she wouldn’t live through it. This time she dressed as a guard only used the blonde wig and painted her face. Bella waited patiently as they came to get the Joker. They strapped in him the gurney it was time for his medication. With complete fear in her heart she swallowed it back as she hurriedly made her way down without being seen. She knocked out one of the guards that were to help escort the Joker. She hides his body but once again apologizes and checks for signs of life. Once she’s satisfied with this she rushes over and walks with the guards. She was only an inch away from the Joker. So close she could touch him. This made her just as fearful though. She had an even better view now. She was close enough to make out the scars on his face. How deep that demonic grin through was. She thought she’d have a heart attack. She wanted this to be over and done.

Once they’re in the elevator. Harley quickly hits the lights and pushes the emergency button stopping the elevator.

“Uh oh boys seems there’s a glitch…” Joker mouths and laughs.

“Get it a glitch!”

Joker laughs even harder.

“I got it Mr. J!”

She flickers a flashlight across her face revealing the mask.

“Harley! You’ve finally come to your senses. See boys she truly loves me…” He laughs again excitably.

It grows dark again however. Joker feels something against his forehead as he struggles in the gurney. Once the lights come back on and the elevator starts to work again she’s gone.

“Harley?” He says looking around.



One of the guards narrows his eyes upon the Joker.

“Hey what’s that on his forehead?”

They all turn to see it said NOT in big red letters.

“Shit the Joker was right…” One says and the guards come to immediate attention looking around.

“What was your first clue boys?” The Joker says rolling his eyes but laughs again.

“Good one Harley…” He whispers not able to stop laughing.

She rolls over feeling nauseas. This was starting to get to her head. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could pull this off. Bella couldn’t believe what she’d been doing. She found herself seeking joy in this when she was actually pulling it off. Seeing the look on that son of a bitches face. However her hands shook more than usual as time went by. She’d constant nightmares each involving Joker. She was beginning to feel as though the suit was eating her alive.

(Laughter) BOOO!” Bella gasp out and nearly falls off the bench.

She comes to her feet looking around. That was the thing too her dreams… They felt so real, like he was watching her. She rubs her face tiredly. Bella makes her way to the peers and looks out to see the sun setting. Soon it’d be dark and Harley would consume her yet again.

“Catwoman…” She hisses.

“Relax we’re running a bit low again. Just this one kitten.”

“You always say that!”

Harley sighs pacing the room as Catwoman stuffs her bags full of jewels.

“Grab yourself a bag Harley load up.”

She rolls her eyes. Bella shrugs seeing a necklace that happened to be the same color of her Harley suit. She shrugs and places it in the bag. Not even caring about anything else she grabs a few more things just to shut Selina up. Her eyes widen as Catwoman opens the register and stuffs some money inside the bag she’s carrying.

“Jesus why do we need this?”

“Do you want to go back to work at that crappy video store again?”

Harley shrugs.

“I don’t need any of this…” She goes to hand the bag back to Selina and walk away.

But someone crashes through the window and grabs her.

“HARLEY!” Catwoman yells.

Catwoman rolls her eyes seeing who it was.

“What does he want another kiss?” She mutters and rushes out of the store.

“What the hell are you doing!” He yells and shoves her against the alleyway wall.

She smiles pissing him off more. She goes to run a hand along his chest and he forces her hand back down.

“Not this time Harley.”

“Aw what’s wrong loverboy?”

He grits his teeth.

“A girl’s gotta have pretty things.”

Since when do you care about those things Bella! He couldn’t believe this. He sighs shaking his head.

“Harley I can’t let you get away with this. Not this time.”

She laughs.

“Ok blue jay how bout you give me about a 5 second head start…”

He rolls his eyes as she fires her zipline taking off.

“HARLEY!” He yells and takes off after her.

He chases her about the rooftops. Finding himself a bit impressed by how well she was able to do this. Still he wasn’t too thrilled he was dating a thief. Harley however comes across a platform that’s eroded and falling apart. She begins to slip off the building. She goes for her grapple gun but it falls to the ground.

BELLA! He panics and dives after her the both of them headings straight for the pavement. He shoots off his grapple gun and catches her before she hits.

“Hold on!”

He shoots them back up and brings them to a roof top. He pens her to the ground.

“Are you alright?!”

She laughs.

JESUS CHRIST BELLA! YOU ALMOST DIED! He watches as she laughs so hard she starts crying.

“I’ve no choice Harley I have to take you into custody this time.”

She holds out her hands.

“Take me away loverboy!”

Her eyes widen though as he brings out his cuffs and snaps them around her wrists. She laughs again.

“What if I said I was framed! Those aren’t mine!”


He watches how she swallows back. She was freaking out he could tell. Bella was fighting to come out but Harley was holding her back. Bella catches him off guard bringing her legs around his neck and back she flips him around still in her cuffs. He’s now on the ground. Dammit why does she have to be BELLA AND HOT! I’d kill for this right here. He shakes his head trying not to look towards her crotch as it was right in his face damn near. She wraps her cuffed hands around his neck and crawls back down against him. She brings him in as if to kiss him. He rears back at her reaction as she gets closer to his lips. She freezes and reaches to her temples.

That’s right Bella baby think about what you’re doing…

“What’s wrong losing your touch Harley?!”

She forces that smile back and laughs.

“Sorry to say I’ve found someone else.”

She winks and comes to her feet.

Now it’s time to play…

He comes to his feet and grabs her.

“I still have to take you in!” But as he says this he presses her up against a building.

He allows his body to touch up against hers. He looks her in the eyes.

“We could make a deal you know?”


“Join me Harley…”

“Join you…”

He nods.

“No deal.”

“WHY NOT! You’d honestly rather go to prison?! Or worse back to the asylum.”

Harley actually flinched at the last part.

“Yeah that what you want? To visit your little loverman again.”

He flinches as she punches him in the face.

“Fine have it your way.”

He grabs her and heads back to the Batmobile.

“Aw does little blue jay not have his own car?”

He ignores her stuffing her inside. He undoes one of the cuffs and clamps it onto the stirring wheel. The war continued in his head. Do I actually hand her off to the station, take her back to the cave? Yell at her for weeks on in until something in her snaps! He didn’t want Bella in jail or any of the such. But she needed the daylights scared out of her even though the mere idea of that sickened him. Dick was in deep… He’d never want to hurt her.

“You should quit looking at me like that ya know.”

He rolls his eyes as he shifts gears.

“Amuse me Harley how am I looking at you?”

“Like you wanna play wama bama thank ya mam.”

I want a lot more than that Bella. If you only you had any clue. This is torture.

“So do ya?”

“Shut it Harley.”

She laughs. He curiously turns to her though.
“So what stops Harley from what she wants?”

She looks to him confused.

“You almost kissed me but refrained…” He clears his throat shifting gears and turning.

“Aw someone seems disappointed.” She shrugs with a grin.

Admit it Bella… You didn’t want to hurt me! You thought about Dick Grayson didn’t you! He grits his teeth again his hand slamming on the wheel.

“So you are mad. Oooo, oops!”

He turns to her about to say something to this.


He sighs as Barbara was calling to him. Harley looks to the radio grinning and shaking her head.

“So many toys and you never share.”

I would if you’d fight for a better cause than serving your idiot mentor.


“Batman’s not answering…”

“For how long?”

“About an hour or so.”

“I’ve got company…” Nightwing hints looking to Bella.



“Ok well do what you can. I last heard from him at the plant.”

“On my way.”

“What about your company?”

He sighs turning back towards Harley.

“I’ll figure it out.”

“So the dark knights in trouble? Poor bat brains.”

“You really need to knock that off.”

“Or what?”

She leans back propping her foot on Batman’s dashboard. Something Bruce would have a fit over. Dick knew because he used to do it just to piss him off.

“You’re gonna punish me?”

Come on Dick don’t you go getting all hard focus!

“If you only knew Harley…”

“Oh, oh what have you in mind?!”

He picks up Batman’s signal as to where he is and parks. Before he gets out he leans into Harley’s ear something comes over him. He places both his hands on her chair. Nightwing looks Harley in the eyes. He gets close enough to touch lips but he pulls back.

“You only wish Harley… You’re not my type.” He says but with a grin and makes his way out.

Harley sighs and leans back. She hums to herself looking around. But Dick was right Bella was still in there. She reaches to her temples shaking her head. She wanted out of this suit. She wanted to see Dick she didn’t want to be here. Harley yanks back on the cuffs doing a maneuver Selina taught her. Her hands were small enough to slide through if she scrunched them up enough. It hurt like hell but she managed to pull it off. The harder part would be figuring out how to break free of the Batmobile.

“So many buttons…” She grins and starts pushing them.

Yet none seem to be doing anything.

“Shit…” She mutters trying everything she can think of to get out.

She jumps back as the top randomly opens.

“Um ok I’ll take it.” She jumps out and takes off.

Her plans were ruined however as she turned her head. She covered her mouth at the scene before her. The entire building was covered in vines and they were moving. Harley steps towards the building and looks around for Nightwing. She pries open the door and steps inside. The strong scent of the plants filled the air it burned her nose and made her eyes water. She’d never seen anything like this.

These vines were everywhere all over the lab desk, the walls, the floor, ceiling. Glass shattered about the room as the vines continued to grow. Harley jumps as one of them wraps around her ankle. She uses her knife to break free.

“Nightwing?” She calls out rather nervously.

She sighs forcing herself to push onward. Bella makes her way up a set of stairs. A vine wraps around her waist and starts to lift her up and she cuts herself free. Harley tucks and rolls onto the ground as she comes down.

“Tell me are the rumors true or not!”

She peers around a corner hearing the voice. She lets out a breath of relief seeing Nightwing.

“QUIT attacking my babies!”

Harley watches as Nightwings destroying her vines and other plants about the room. A thicker vine however grabs him around the waist.

“Is she back in Gotham? Is she really alive?!”

He grits his teeth as it brings him towards the wild looking woman. She’d fiery red hair, her body was a faded green color with tiny green leaves about her arms and legs. She was rather pretty in a very exotic way. But Harley already knew who she was… she just wasn’t sure what to make of all this or how to go about it.

“IVY!” Nightwing yells as another vine wraps around his wrists making him drop his weapon.

Harley covers her mouth as Ivy opens her mouth and looks as though she’s about to kiss Nightwing, but a green cloud escapes and hits him directly in the face. Nightwing groans out in pain. The vines hold on him become tighter.

Harley knew she no longer had a choice. This would be her finest test yet… Fooling her “lover”…

Harley steps out.

“No Harley.” Nightwing grunts seeing her step out.

But his eyes were batting the toxins taking over his body.

“Ivy…” She says softly.

Ivy freezes looking directly towards Harley. Neither says a word. Nightwing comes tumbling to the ground as the veins release their hold. Ivy tilts her head and begins to slowly approach Harley.

“Harley?” She says in this broken quivery voice.

Harley nods. Ivy is face to face with her. She narrows her eyes. Ivy cups her chin. Harley swallows back as Ivy kisses her lips. Ivy closes her eyes and pulls back with a tear streaming down her face.

“You’re not Harley are you?”

Bella shakes her head.

“No… Ivy I’m not.” She looks Ivy in the eyes.

“I’m doing this to honor her.”


She nods.

“I’m bringing back her memory and making Joker pay for what he’s done.”

Ivy narrows her eyes as vines begin to wrap around Harley’s body.

“Ivy…” Bella says in her own voice now.

“I’m telling the truth.”

The vines tighten around her as she’s brought to the air.

“Please you have to let me do this. He needs to pay!”

“How do I know you’re telling the truth?”

They turn to the sound of a whip and Harley drops to the floor as it slices through the vines.

“She is Ivy…”

Catwoman sighs and looks to Ivy.

“This Harley is mine. She tells the truth and I swear to you Ivy she’s has been bringing her justice. She’s put fear back into the streets but as well as love and honor but more importantly Joker… She continues to haunt him. She pays him visits often…”

Ivy nods and helps Harley to her feet. Harley turns back to Nightwing.

“Just please Ivy don’t hurt him…”

She motions towards his body. Selina narrows her eyes and utters… “Fuck, don’t tell me you’ve fallen for him!”

Harley ignores her.

“Where’s Batman?”

Ivy smiles.

“Gave him a bit of a hit, he’s alive I assure you.”

Harley sighs in relief and nods.

“Will you continue to live out her name?” Ivy asks curiously.

“Ivy…” Bella says exasperatedly and looks to Ivy and Catwoman.

The broken look on their faces the pleading in their eyes.

Bella takes down the hood letting her hair fall.

“Yes Ivy but I wish to do it my way, if you can respect that. Why don’t we give Harley something even better? Why don’t we let her live out the name as if she’d never had to deal with Joker’s abuse. Let her live out the name if she had been given a second chance?”

“What have you in mind?” Ivy asks curiously.

Bella smiles.

“You’ll just have to trust me.”

Ivy comes up and hugs her, “do her proud” she says. Harley however catches her whispering as she lets go, “…goodbye baby…”

Harley nods and makes her way over to Nightwing. She turns to see Catwoman and Ivy leap out the window. Harley notices how the half the mask has melted off and the other covered in acid still.

“Jesus…” She grimaces.

“This might hurt.”

She rips it off like a band aid but he doesn’t even budge. She narrows her eyes looking upon him. Bella covers her mouth.

“You’re freaking kidding me…” She mutters in a whisper.


Bella punches at the bag, the anger coursing through her. She thinks about everything between her and Dick. This entire time… THE WHOLE TIME! She grits her teeth and punches again then swings back kicking at it.

“Easy tiger…”

Bella turns as Selina enters the shed. Bella wipes the sweat from her eyes. She takes a sip of water and goes back to swinging.

“No amount is going to work with that sort of anger.”

Bella grits her teeth again continuing to swing.

“Let me guess a little boy trouble.”

She rolls her eyes.

“He’s hardly little.” She murmurs and fires her fist at the bag again.


Bella comes down hunching over to catch a breath. She places her hands about her knees. Drops of sweat drip to the floor. Her cell rings and Selina grabs it handing it over. Bella rolls her eyes and hits ignore.

Selina laughs. Bella curses under her breath and grabs her bag.

“Where you going kitten?”

“To shower and raise some hell.”

“A girl after my own heart.”

“Ms. Swan…” Alfred says at the door.

“Hey Alfred.”

He nods and shuts the door.

“Let me guess the garage?”

“Hey Bella.”

She turns as Dick’s making his way down the stairs. He’s shirtless and wiping sweat from his face. You’re kidding me right? Well I’m pissed with you Mr. Sex on legs aka Dick Grayson aka Nightwing!

He makes his way down stopping right before her. She catches herself staring and going dumb.

“You ok there.”

She blinks a few times and clears her throat.


He rears back at this. She narrows her eyes and moves the hair from his face.

“Ouch how’d that happen?”

He shrugs.

“Just a little accident in the weight room.”

“Huh really?”

He nods.

“Would you like something to drink? I just got to jump in the shower.”

Gee Louise the shower… She swallows in thought.

“I’m good.”

He takes her hand leading her to the living room.

“I won’t be long. Don’t go running off.”

Bella sighs as he rushes out of the room.

“You’re so dead…” She mutters under her breath.

She lays back on the couch waiting. She starts thinking of how to break him, how to make him talk. Bella didn’t sleep at all last night. Her mind just wouldn’t shut off. She shuts her eyes and before long she hears the clearing of a throat. Bella rolls over and Dick’s crouched before her smiling.

“Going to sleep on me?”

She rises up and plants her feet to the floor.

“What can I say long night.”

He cocks a brow at this.

“Is that so?”

She nods.

“Yep… You were right though Gotham sure grows on you.”

“So you’re getting used to it?” He questions moving a strand of hair from her face.

He could see she was agitated but wasn’t sure why it was directed at him.

“Definitely.” She says with a smile.

“Good or bad?”

She laughs.

“That’s a loaded question Dick.”

She gets up and starts pacing the living room.

“Good or bad?” She crosses her arms.

“Yin and Yang, Light vs Dark, Red vs Blue… Isn’t there a center some where. I mean does it have to be one or the other? Why is it a fork in the middle of the road that says it’s one way or the other?”

“I’m afraid you’ve lost me?”

“Oh believe me I’m just as lost.”

“Bella what’s going on?”

“I should be asking you the same thing!”

“What’s with you?”

“Yet again!”

“What the hell Bella?”

She closes her eyes and shakes her head.

“Nevermind… Just forget it.”

Dick begins to back trace to what she was saying… How she’s acting… How she moved his hair from his face… The Red VS Blue comment… How his mask was no more when he got home last night… He winces in thought. She knows… But this is a two way street she hasn’t exactly come clean to me either! You wanna rumble baby let’s do it. He clears his throat and crosses his arms in thought. He taps his chin with his index finger.

“You didn’t answer my calls.”

“Must’ve had my phone off.”

Liar, liar.



Both however look to one another and fire the same question.

“Where were you last night?!”

The both rear back and take a step back from one another. Dick laughs shaking his head.

“Shouldn’t you be the one laughing about now Bella?”

She freezes looking upon him.

“I mean this is rather comical when you truly think about it.”

“I don’t see how…” She narrows her eyes and winces.

Both yet again…

“When were you going to tell me!”

Dick shuts his eyes and grits his teeth he’s first to answer.

“When was I supposed to tell you? When we were dating? Or when you were robbing jewelry stores!”

She closes her eyes lowering her head.

“You knew the whole time?”

“Yeah baby I did. The whole time!”

She nods. Bella swallows back and rushes past him to the door.

“Oh no you don’t.” He growls as slams the door shut.

Bella rushes out past the gates and into the woods. Dick rolls his eyes as he watches. He makes his way to the Batcave and he gets into Nightwing gear hopping on his chopper.

Bella finishes getting into her Harley suit. She wanted to blow off some steam and get away from that stupid mansion. She ducks into a corner and puts on her makeup tucking in her brown locks. With plans to go release her anger on the Joker.

She places her things back into her bag and takes off running. Someone grabs her though and speeds off on his bike. He holds her firmly coming to a stop in an alleyway.

“PUT ME DOWN!” She yells hitting his chest with her hands.

He shakes his head and throws off his helmet.

“Quit running all the damn time. It’s annoying!”

“You didn’t seem to mind the chase!”

He gets off his bike and she goes to fire her grapple gun.

“I’m not in the mood Harley!”

He yanks it out of her hand. He pens her against the building.

“Could have fooled me!”

“Apparently I did!”

She shoves him away from her.

“Nah you’re not pulling that not again. You’re not getting away from me this time! You hear me!”

He grabs her and fires his grapple and they end up on the roof. He picks her up and passionately kisses her. Her legs wrap around his waist, her arms about his neck. Nightwing reaches up and throws off his mask. Bella lowers her hood. He presses her against the wall of the building. Before either can truly think, Dick thrust himself inside her and hard. His eyes widen and he’s frozen for a moment already knowing… He was afraid he’d hurt her. But she was arching her back and bucking her hips about him as if egging him on. He swallows back as he throbs inside her.

Bella felt like she was having sex with a god. Having his body against hers the way it was like Christmas. Yeah it hurt a bit when he first plunged himself inside but she was too far gone to care. She craved and needed him desperately. With the pain came the most intense pleasure she’d ever felt.

“Dick…” She says in a pleading voice.

He nods and kisses her lips. If anything it was a prideful thing knowing he was her first. He kisses along his neck as he continues to thrust about her. Her fingers run through his midnight locks of hair and she slightly pulls at it driving him mad. She felt so good. Her smell was intoxicating. Bella kissed along his shoulders burying her face into the crease of his neck. He loved the way that felt. She wrapped her arms and legs tighter around him. He felt her warm breath against his neck. Dick pulled back to look upon her. This was all it took. She was arched back her breast now exposed to him, how she bit down on her lower lip, her long hair blowing about the breeze that suddenly picked up. The pressure below became too much to bare, he lets out a growling moan as he erupts within her.

Bella rolls over running a hand along his chest. She feels him kiss the top of her head. The sun cascades about Dick’s bedroom.

“Is it morning already?” She groans.

He chuckles a bit and pulls the covers over the both of them.


He wraps his arms around her and kisses her shoulders.

“So how do we go about this now?”

“How do you mean?”
“Well I mean who’s dating who and whom is sleeping with whom?”

He sighs.

“I guess we’re sharing.”

She playfully elbows him.

“Hmmm how about this… Harley gives up her evil ways and joins Nightwing… Dick seduces Bella into bed every night.”

“Or I could get Nightwing and Dick…”

He cocks a brow at this.

“Hmmm I was Robin once too you know.”

“Wow I’m going to be busy might have to invite Harley…”

They both laugh and roll over.

“This is so weird…” Bella softly says.

“Yeah actually it is…”

Bella sighs and rolls back over. She lays on his chest and he runs a hand along her back. Dick throws the covers off though and Bella looks to him oddly. He smiles and rolls her over on her back.

“I wanted to see all of you.” He explains.

She blushes as he looks her from head to toe.

“Amazing…” He says running his hands along her.

She giggles a bit shaking her head.

“I’m sure you’ve had your share of women Dick.”

“None that hold a candle to you.”

“Smoothly done.”
“It’s true Bella.”

She lifts up tucking her legs beneath her. Bella runs her hand along his cheek then his chest.

“You’re like unreal you know that.”

He chuckles and flings back down on the bed.

“I know.” He sighs egotistically.

Bella laughs.

“Way to be humble.”

“Oh I’m extremely humble.”

“Apparently extremely something else too.” She motions and he looks down.

“Well I do have this extraordinary naked woman before me.”

“Do you now?”
He nods and pulls her towards him. Bella straddles him and pens his wrists to the bed kissing his lips. Dick guides her hips to enter her. He watches in pure amazement as she rides against him. He lifts up having her wrap his legs around him. He moves her about him as he sucks on her breast. His excitement picks up even more feeling her becoming drenched. Bella wraps her arms around him feeling him release.

Dick sighs though as the phone in his room rings. That phone only ringed for one purpose and one only. He looked to Bella apologetically as he answers.

“On my way.”

Bella looks to him as he hangs up the phone. She runs her fingers through his hair.

“Duty calls?”
He nods. This was always the doom to his relationships. Being Dick Grayson and Nightwing put a damper on most things.

“Go get em…” She says with a smile and kisses his cheek as she rolls off him.

He smiles at this not expecting that.

“Just do me a favor…” He says as he rushes to get dressed.


“Keep Harley out of trouble for me will you?”

She laughs.

“I don’t know Dick she is trouble.”

He shakes his head smiling. He puts on his shirt and leans over kissing her lips.

“Later Bella baby…”

He stops as he starts to head out the door.

“Feel free to make yourself at home.”

“And how does that make you feel?”

“Ah, the cliché question of all therapist.”
“Please answer the question…”

“How do I feel?” He laughs in that maniacal laughter of his.

“Tell me Joker what was it like?”

“Like?” He turns to the woman at her desk as he is pacing about his cell.

He narrows his eyes upon the blonde locks of hair that peeked out from her laptop.

“Murdering her?”

The lights flicker and a popping noise begins to sound. The desk and woman disappear or so it seems. He peeks out from his glass cell looking around. The lights continue to flicker like that of a strobe light. He rears back as Harley’s laughter begins to play over the loud speakers over and over and over. Joker hears the sound of scrapping against the glass.

“How does it make you feel?” replays in Harleen’s voice but morphs into Harleys.

He makes out the familiar lab coat, name tag, black high heel shoes, and the glasses. Joker swallows back as he watches her circle his cell but she vanishes once she hits a shadow.


He laughs that demonic laughter of his as he paces around.

Harley runs that would be her last visit to the asylum, she couldn’t take anymore. She held up her end of the deal. She was done. Done with Joker. Now it was her turn. The tears streamed down her face as she ran towards the cliffs. Bella hated the way she felt each time she was done with Joker. She hated that place hated him it was like facing her ultimate fears each time. She takes the bottle of vodka from her bag and downs some of it. The holes were now being filled with certain memories the ones they’d made her forget. Jasper… today she remembered Jasper. And only because she thought of Dick and how he’d taken on Penguins men. Someone else had fought with that sort of accuracy and determination. Jasper Whitlock.

She downs some more and throws it into the ocean.

She drops down to her knees digging her fingers into the earth. Bella lets out a cry beyond the suit. She wanted out! She takes the collar of the original Harley costume and begins to shred it off her. After ripping it off her entire body she tosses it into the ocean. She grabs her bag and puts on her civilian clothes. She looks upon the sky.

“I did my part. Now let me do mine…”

Dick watches from a distance… He wanted to hold her to let her know she wasn’t alone. But he knew it was bad enough he was infringing on her privacy. He couldn’t help but to concern himself about her safety though. He gives a simple nod amongst the shadows and hops back on his bike. He just wasn’t sure what that all meant…




One thought on “Chapter 11 The Times They Are A Changing”

  1. The jumping from scene to scene with no break is a bit confusing. One moment they’re on the roof having sex…next minute they’really waking up in a bed somewhere…and next she’s back at the asylum torturing Joker. And how did he just thrust into her 8f she had Harley’so jumpsuit on? All she had done was take the hood off. Hell, all he’d done was take his mask off.

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