Chapter 12 Now For Something Completely Different

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Bella smiles and pushes past him clocking in.

“You can’t just show up after damn near a month and…”

“And?” She says menacingly and plants herself by the register.

The manager sighs.

“Fine last thing I need is that crazy ass boyfriend of yours back over here.”

She softly giggles and kicks out her legs as she sits behind the register. The manager grabs his jacket.

“Oh and George?”

He turns towards her.

“I’m still going to need that raise… Also my last couple checks.”
He grits his teeth before exiting the store.

“Of course…”

“Thanks and have a good day!”

She waves him off happily. Bella closes her eyes. She was tired from moving into her new apartment. Selina had a fit but she knew this was something she had to do. It was better this way. The apartment was very small nothing fancy. She couldn’t afford much but she didn’t need much. Selina hated the place. She felt Bella didn’t belong there that she deserved much better.

Bella put her headphones on since it was dead. She closed her eyes and bobbed her head to the music. After about half an hour in she opens her eyes as someone enters the store. She takes off her headphones.


The man smiles.

“Hello.” But he does a double take and rears back.

“Something wrong?”

“Um no not at all, you just looked familiar that’s all.”

She shrugs and crosses his arms. She noticed he was almost built like dick. He too had dark hair, was wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans with black biker boots. He looked around but kept looking back to her off and on.

“New to Gotham?”

She questions noticing the way he kept looking back at her.

“Not exactly I’m from Metropolis.”

“Oh wow.”

He smiles.

“I’m visiting a couple friends. One of them suggested I come here.”

She rears back at this.

“This Podunk video store?”

He grins but shrugs looking around.

“It’s not so bad.” He picks something out and comes to the counter.

“Clark Kent…” He says offering a hand.

“Bella Swan.”

“It’s nice to meet you Bella.”

She couldn’t help but to think he was rather cute. He reminded her of Dick.

“Likewise enjoy your visit Clark.”

He nods and she watches as he makes his way out. He hops into a cab and Bella softly giggles.

Normally, she’d practically drool over someone like that. She shrugs in thought and sits back down.

Hey Bella baby…

She smiles at the text.

Hey yourself…

When can I see you again?



She bites her lower lip in thought.

Been busy.



I could help…
And risk you seeing my collection of naughty lingerie?


She laughs shaking her head.
I’ll call you when I get off work.

Sounds good baby.

She takes in a breath. Dick Grayson calling her baby… holy crow! Nightwing double wow. She grins in thought. Bella out of boredom looks up the name Robin on the work computer. She covers her mouth in a slight giggle.

“Holy shit Dick wasn’t joking he did wear tights!” She narrows her eyes upon the pictures.

“But even so…” She continued to scroll throughout some of the old newspaper articles.

“Jesus, you were so young…” Bella noticed some of the pictures went from his late teen years to early adolescent.

“That’s too young…” She says with a grimace.

Bella pinches the bridge of her nose in thought. She’d not a clue he’d started out so young, all that responsibility at his shoulders.

“You were just a baby Dick… You should have been playing with action figures not being one!” She crosses her arms and shakes her head.

“So whaddya think?”

Dick questions as Clark gets in the cab. He grins.

“She’s awfully cute Dick. Could have warned me… I’d not a clue as to why you were sending me in there.”
Dick grins looking out the window.

“Just wanted to know your opinion about actually seeing her in person.”

“Honestly Dick would my opinion really matter either way? It’s apparent you’re hooked.”

He nods.

“I can see why though.” Clark admits.

“She’s had a lot to overcome. Yet she still smiles, carrying on a conversation and upon a total stranger. That takes some courage.”

“It’s far from over Clark… We both know that.”
“Very true but she has you to walk her through it every step of the way.”
Clark clears his throat.

“By the way Bella and I have dinner arrangements at 7…”
Dick cocks a brow at this and Clark starts laughing.

“What? She’s cute. You never said she was off limits.”

“Now who sounds like Booster?”

Clark laughs again.

“Heard from Ollie yet?”

“Nope I’m sure he’s around.”

Dick nods in thought.

“This isn’t an apartment Bella baby this is a shoe box.” Dick looks around to the tiny kitchen, bathroom, livingroom if you could even call it that everything seemed to connect like one room. He hated the mere idea of her living here. That and this side of town was the worst.

“Hush your mouth Dick!”

“If that wasn’t my actual name I’d swear you were calling me…”
“I was!”

He laughs as she stomps her way up the step stool to clean off the ceiling fan.

“We can’t all live in mansions.”


He’d let her live there in a heartbeat he just doubted she’d take the invitation. It was better than this… He shakes his head in thought.

“Bella… seriously I mean look at this place.”

She cuts him a look with narrowed eyes. Oh crap… She’s getting mad. He sighs and rubs the back of his neck.

“It’s mine. If you don’t like it there’s the door.”
“Jesus Bella.”

“Come on Dick I finally get my own place. I’m figuring this shit out and…”

He swallows back seeing he’d really hurt her feelings.

“Bella I didn’t mean it like that.”
She closes her eyes for a moment as she takes the globe off the ceiling fan to clean it.

“HEY!” Dick yells as he catches her and the globe before it shatters.


She blinks a few times.

“Are you alright?”

She nods as he places her down.

“Have you even eaten?!” He says putting his hand to her forehead.

“I’ll eat when I’m done.”

“Let’s eat now we got all night.” Besides it’s not like you have much to unpack. He thinks looking around. In fact she hardly had anything. She didn’t even really have groceries. He hated this. He’d rather her live with Selina. She didn’t even have a bed. She had a crappy futon she used as a bed slash couch. The words come live with me please burned against his tongue. But they hadn’t been together that long and he was afraid she’d hightail it.

Dick watched as she consumed her burger nearly whole.

“See you were hungry.”

She shrugs stuffing a fry in her mouth. He kisses the top of her head and leans back. Dick sips at his soda as Bella finishes her food and puts her head against his chest.

“Ready to go?”

She nods against him. They make their way back and Dick rolls his eyes seeing the police were already there a couple apartments down from her. Bad, bad side of town Bella baby dammit. Bella opens the door and locks it. He looks to the door keeping in mind to get her a chain lock. Hell make it like 5 of them.

“What?” She questions seeing the look on his face.

“Nothing baby.”

He crouches down grabbing one of the boxes.

“Where’s this go?”


He nods heading that way. Bella takes off her jacket and tosses it onto the futon. She opens the closet to grab a hanger and screams. Dick rushes out of the bathroom and looks to Bella as she’s standing on her futon.


“Frickin damn roach.” She continues to walk on top of the furniture.

He laughs. She’s Harley by night but can’t face a roach? She was too cute for words.

“I’ll save you.” He says with a wink and takes off his boot.

She covers her mouth gagging as he squishes it with his boot. He places his boot back on thinking of the irony. Her comment before about what she’d expected him to be living in when she first saw the mansion. Yet here she was living in these conditions. Dick cleans up the mess and the bottom of his shoe.

“I’ll send someone to bomb the place.”

“But I just paid for it…”
She says as he lifts her back down from the futon. Her arms wrap around his neck and he kisses her. She bites her lower lip though as he takes off her shirt tossing it to the floor. His hands run along her breast as he unclasps her bra. He swallows back it took him away each time. Dick runs his tongue along her nipples and runs his hand along her skirt. He yanks down her panties and picks her up placing her on the counter. Bella leans back as his fingers go to work. He smiles vainly as his fingers become saturated. He returns kissing her and undoing his jeans. Bella removes his shirt as he plunges his way inside. His hips thrust about her forcefully. It didn’t take her long to have nectars run down her legs in complete satiety. This only made him ache and throb even more as he urges about her. His hold becomes firmer around her waist. His lips are perched about her neck line, his hot breath driving her mad with lust. The buildup becomes too much and he moans out in a finish. Bella arches back feeling the warm liquid escaping within her. He teases as he goes to pull out but gives her one last good thrust. Bella gasps and bites her lower lip.

Neither move just hold each other for a moment. Dick narrows his eyes as Bella’s neighbors start arguing.

“Must’ve heard us and got jealous.” She whispers.

He laughs.

“You could be right.”

He pulls his pants back up kissing her once again.

I’d have rent money if you’d quit spending it on booze!

Maybe you should work a double shift this weekend.

Or you could get a job and help me!

Bella narrows her eyes as her and Dick overhear the couple fighting.

“Sounds like paradise.” Dick scoffs handing Bella her shirt.

“Certainly does. I’m almost jealous.”
He laughs and brings her down from the counter. They both hear the door slam next door.

Where you going?

None of your fucking business! Quit being a nosy bitch!

Dick takes in a breath looking to Bella as he puts his shirt on.

“Charming neighborhood.”
Bella smiles slipping her panties back on. He helps her finish unpacking and she puts up the things where she wants them. He chuckles as he takes something out of one of the boxes.

“It seems Harley wasn’t lying…” He says holding up the figurine of a blue jay.

Bella winks.

“Yep… What can I say trouble seems to have good taste… Even in men.”

He nods as he hands it to her. Dick picks up a photo and looks upon it.

“Photogenic kid…” He remarks.

She looks over and sees it’s a picture of her and Charlie. Bella swallows back taking the picture from his hand.

“That’s Charlie… My dad. He was Chief of police. That’s me when I was probably about 7 maybe 8.”

She runs her thumb along the glass in thought.

“You were a cute kid Bella.” He notes bringing out more photos.

“Hey now I’m still cute.”

“That’s no lie.” He says with a grin.

He looks over though and sees her wiping her eyes. Bella hangs the photo up. Dick clears his throat and makes his way over. He wraps his arms around her waist.

His cell rings and he takes a step back answering.

“Give me 5.” He says and hangs up.

“Everything ok?” He nods and kisses along her shoulders.

“I’m afraid I gotta fly though.”

She turns around kissing his lips.

“Watch your back.”

“Always…” He says grabbing his jacket.

He takes one last glance at the apartment before he leaves.

“You’re shaping it up to be pretty nice Bella baby.”

“Thanks…” She says with a shrug as he pulls the door shut.

She locks it behind him. Bella looks around taking in a deep breath. She sees the Batman signal outside and smiles.

“Ah, Ollie finally decided to make an appearance.”

He smiles as he plops himself into Batman’s chair.

“So what’s this meeting about?”
“I’m needing your help in finding this doctor. He’s literally fallen off the map. Even Bruce hasn’t been able to detect his whereabouts.”

Ollie and Clark look through the files.

“So what’s this about?”

“Bruce and I believe he’s making some sort of dna strand… in order to create a certain new vampire species… He’s also brainwashing victims of these supposed vampires.”

“How do you know this?”

“We don’t actually just a hunch. There seems to be more behind it. He’s up to something.”

Clark sighs piecing it together.

“This has to do with her doesn’t it?”

Dick nods but crosses his arms about his chest.

“I’ve a feeling this is about to erupt right in her face. Whoever this guy is… He’s far from being done. The more investigating I did…” He grits his teeth in thought.

“She’s only the only subject of his to be able to fight off whatever he was trying to accomplish. Something about her personally her body wouldn’t allow the affects to take place. Her memory is coming back somewhat as well. I rather fear the day it returns full fleshed. There’s no telling what there is we don’t know yet. I need to find this doctor. I figure between Metropolis, Starling and Gotham he’s bound to be around somewhere. He won’t go too far from the sources and money he needs. For him Washington was a joke. There’s no way he was able to gather all the sources he needed there. Hell I couldn’t even attempt such a thing.”

“So who is it you’re talking about?” Ollie questions and spins Batman’s chair around.

Bruce appears behind him stopping the chair. Ollie grins and waves. Bruce shakes his head.


Ollie sighs but hops out of his chair.

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”

“Why are you all in here anyway?” Bruce questions looking to Dick.

“Doing a bit of research.”


Dick sighs.

“This therapist doctor Bella was seeing.”

“I thought you were done with that.”

“I was or so I thought. Something just doesn’t set right with me.”

“Why does it take the three of you?”

“Well you yourself admitted you couldn’t find out anything.”

“I think this is going too far Dick. If I had known… I’d had never handed you those files. I only gave them over with a hunch and I was right. She’s no more than a criminal.”

Dick fires up from his chair looking upon Bruce like he’s lost his mind.

“Um what? I thought you were doing this to help her Bruce!”

“We both know what she’s been pulling. She won’t pull out from Catwoman’s shadows. This is no longer worth your time.”

“How the hell…” Dick says clenching his jaw.

“You should both go on home. Sorry your time was wasted. The case has been solved nothing more to it.”

“Jesus Bruce! Listen to yourself.”

“She chose her own path Dick. I get that you’re infatuated with her but it’s time that you open your eyes as well. She’s not changing. They never do… Look at Selina… They never learn.”

“Bella’s not Selina! Far from it!”
“Actually they’re both pretty dead on. Same in both personas even.”

Clark puts a hand to Dick’s shoulder.

“This was and open and shut case. Next crime she breaks that’s it Dick…” Bruce threatens and takes a seat.

“I can’t believe you! She’s one of us Bruce.”

“No she isn’t and she never will be. You’ll see a year or so from now… You’ll be chasing no more than a heartbreak! If anything she’ll only become worse than what she is.”

“This is you talking about her isn’t it!” He points to Catwoman on the screen.

“That’s what happened between you and Selina Bruce and you automatically assume Bella and I are to have the same fate.”

“I don’t assume I know. I’ve been around longer Dick. I know how these things go. Bella’s just one of them. She’ll never be one of us. It’s time you moved on and realized that.”

“Bella is one of us Bruce! She just fell through the cracks because she had no one to lift her back up. I had you Bruce! I was lucky! She didn’t have that! Bella’s going at this blindly!”

“I’m sorry for her misfortune.”
Dick starts laughing in disbelief.

“You never gave up on me Bruce. Through everything we’ve been through together. Not once did you give up… So why are you giving up on me now?”

Bruce looks to him confused.

“How am I giving up on you?!”

“By not believing I can help her! I can walk her through this dammit Bruce! Everyone else might have given up on her. BUT I HAVEN’T AND WON’T I don’t care how long it takes. If I’m still here a year from now with even a glimmer of hope then so be it!”

Dick growls out and gets in suit heading out for the night. Ollie and Clark share a glance not sure what to say or do. Bruce sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“You two should do whatever you feel is best. I just honestly feel he’s reaching into nothingness.”

Clark shakes his head.

“I don’t believe he is…”

Bruce twirls his chair around. Clark smiles.

“I just have a sense about these things. Nothing about her really reads hopelessness. Dick’s right… She fell through the cracks with no one to reach out to her. Maybe it’s time someone does.”

“Ok I’d like to know exactly who it is everyone’s making such a big deal about. Why am I in the dark?”

Clark laughs.

“You’ll meet her soon enough.”

“So I’m helping some chick I’ve never met?”

“Look at it like this. She makes Richard happy… When was the last time we saw him like this?”

Ollie sighs.


Even Bruce winces at this.


“Whatever happened to Starfire?” Ollie asks and Bruce and Clark share a look but say nothing on it.

“Um ok…” Ollie says with a shrug.

“I dig the new look.”

Bella turns from the rooftop as Catwoman makes her way over. She swipes her hand along her pigtails that were sprayed one side black the other red. Bella still worth the mask. She wore a leather corset of red and black, pants to match, She wore one black glove one red, keeping parts of Harley alive only with spades instead of diamonds about the outfit.

“Nice touch with the spades… Putting your own mix into it but still very much Harley. Love it kitten. However I’m afraid if your little Nightwing might just kill over when he sees you.”

Bella shrugs but smiles.

“So I take it you already know?” Selina hints.


“And you’re ok with this?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“He’s not one of us Harley.”

“You’re right he’s not.”

“Not sure I like your tone.”

“Look I came here to let you know I’m going off on my own.”

“Oh come on Harley. I knew you were moving out but now this?”

“It’s just something I need to do.”


“I need to find out where I fit into all this. I can’t very well do that between the tug of war of you and Nightwing. Like I’ve said before there doesn’t seem to be a center. It’s either one way or another. I love you both but this should be my decision and mine alone.”
“Kitten please think about what you’re doing… You could very well get yourself killed.”

“That’s a risk even if I choose you or Nightwing.”

“I’m not asking your permission Selina. I did what you asked of me. I’m done with our deal. Now it’s my decision on where to take this. I’m not a thief but I’m also not a hero.”

“You’re wrong… You are a hero.”

Bella laughs.

“No I’m not Selina I’m the furthest thing from that.”

Selina reaches out to her as she leaps off and vanishes into the night.

“You couldn’t be more wrong kitten.” Selina says feeling ill.

“Please don’t get yourself fucking killed.”

Harley sat on the edge of a rooftop. She’d wondered why the bat signal had come on earlier it seemed like a quiet night. Well as far as Gotham goes. Of course that didn’t last long. Once she shut her eyes and kicked her feet about she heard a scream.

Harley came to her feet and looked around. She zipped down the building and followed the sound.

“I bet the little bitch is tight.”

She narrows her eyes peeking around the corner. Her teeth grind together as one of the men rips this young girls shirt exposing her. The other man forces himself upon her.

Harley taps the one doing the raping on the shoulder.

“You’re making me all jealous. You see boys I’m a lot more fun.”

The man smiles as Harley runs her fingers along his cheek. She takes his hand leading him away from the girl.

“Oh fuck ya!” The guy says as she presses him against the wall.

She feels the other man behind her. Knowing now the focus was off the young girl and now onto her. She fought the grimace as the guy presses his hard on against her. The other man’s eyes widen though as Bella takes her blade to his package. She twirls about and holds her knife to the other one’s neck.

“Still wanna fuck?”

She punches him in the face. She looks to the girl and tosses her clothes back.

“Run.” The girl nods with tears and takes off running.

The other guy punches her in the gut. Harley catches her breath and laughs. She tosses her blade to the ground.

“So you wanna play?”

She grabs the man by the collar and shoves him against the wall.

“How about I play the abusive rapist and you play the victim?!”

She punches him in the gut, then punches him again and again. The other man grabs her from behind holding a knife to her throat. He starts to dig the blade in and she elbows him and takes the blade and goes to stab him.

She feels a cape wrap around her and she’s slammed into the pavement.

“What are you doing!”

He has a knee to her sternum.

“Get off me guano breath!”

“NO! You were about to kill those men!’

“Damn right I was!”

She gasps out as Batman picks her up by the collar.
“That makes you no better than they are!”
“They deserve to die bat brains!”

“That’s not for you to decide!” Bella shines through forcing Harley away at this point

“Yeah well where were you when they were rapping some teenage girl!”

He narrows his eyes looking back to the men.

“That’s right you judgmental prick!”

“I would have had no choice Harley. I would had to take you to jail if you killed them.”

She laughs.

“Your focus goes to me but not them? Fuck you Bats!”

“You might have changed the costume Harley but you’re still just the same.”

She flinches as he rolls off her and she dust herself off.

“He thinks he can help you.” Batman scoffs shaking his head.

“You’re already too far off the deep end Bella…” He whispers harshly.

He vanishes and Bella stumbles back. She grabs at her chest like she’d been stabbed. She continues about the streets as though in a nightmare. It only hurt that much worse knowing that was Bruce in there. It wasn’t that hard to figure out if Dick was Nightwing who Batman was. Her cell rings and she smiles at first but it fades. She hits ignore and stuffs it back into her pocket. She makes her way back home crawling through the window so no one sees her as Harley. She gets undressed. Still his words cutting like a knife. He thinks he can help you. You’re too far off the deep end Bella. She noted how he didn’t refer to her as Harley but Bella. For some reason him saying those words and saying her real name hurt twice as much.

The next morning…

She gets up to a knock at the door.


He eyes her black nightgown and swallows back. He starts to take off his jacket.

“Dick…” She puts a hand to his chest.

“Not now I’m sorry but… I’m just really tired.”

He rears back but steps back.

“That’s ok Bella we don’t have to…”

“I’ll see you later.”

He narrows his eyes but nods.

“Ok baby.”

She shuts the door but he swore she was bawling as she locked it. He sighs wondering what was about.

Once he makes his way back home he starts to head towards the garage.

“Take it you went to see Bella?”

He shrugs.

“You’re aware she almost killed a couple men last night?”

Dick rears back.

“How would you know this?”

“I saw her and put a stop to it.”

“How so?” Dick thinks back to how Bella acted and the way she looked this morning that broken expression.
“Wait what the hell did you do Bruce! What did you say to her?”

“You’re not focusing on what I just told you Dick!”

“What did you DO?!”

Dick shoves Bruce against the wall and Bruce grabs him by the collar of his shirt.

“She needed to know.”

“Needed to know what!”

“Where she stands! She can’t be trusted.”

Dick grits his teeth.


He grabs his jacket and rushes out the door.

Bella’s kicked back her eyes closed yet again headphones on. She feels a tap on her foot. Her eyes open and she sees Dick standing before her. Bella sighs taking off her headphones.

“I think we need to talk.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

She tosses her headphones onto the counter.

“Actually there is. Whatever he said to you…”

“He was right ok. I would have killed those fucking rapist ok! So there! He’s right Dick.”

He shakes his head.

“Yep see I’m all kinds of screwed up!”

“Yes you are! That’s what I’ve been trying to say!”

“Gee thanks tell me how ya really feel.”

“No that’s not what I’m saying. Bella I was just like you when Bruce first took me in! That anger, that rage that was ME! I wanted to make them pay! WITH THEIR LIVES! He forgets what it’s like. He forgets the pain the torment of what this feels like. You and I are so much alike in certain aspects it’s damn near frightening. It’s only through Bruce I learned to control it. I learned to see things a different way. You’re blinded baby. All you’ve had is Selina… I know you love her and I know she cares about you. But she’s not up to par exactly when it comes to mentors. Not that I can say that much at the moment for Bruce. I never dreamed I’d say that. You need someone Bella! You shouldn’t be scared to admit it. We all do! I had Bruce! Let me be yours. I believe in you I know you can do this. You gotta be willing to give me that chance though. Let’s mend the broken pieces together.”

She swallows back.

“How the hell do I do that Dick?”

“By trusting in me.”

He moves the strands of hair from her eyes.

“I should have told you this sooner. But through my own fears I haven’t. But screw those fears. You need to know!”

He cups her chin looking upon her.

“I love you Bella. In fact I’m madly in love with you.”

Bella covers her mouth taken completely back.

“I don’t care what anyone thinks! This is my life and as far as I’m concerned I’m doing what the hell I want to with it. No one’s going to tell me otherwise.” He kisses her lips and wraps his arms around her.

“I love you too.” She says with a soft sob.

He smiles deep down wanting to jump like an idiot for joy.

“You’ve no idea how glad I am to hear that.”

She smiles.

“Does this mean I have to join you and Batman?”

“No baby that’s your choice. All I’m wanting is to show you how. Let Nightwing shine a little light into your life. Now I’m not going to lie. I desperately wish you would join us, but teaching you Bella that would be just as much an honor. You’ve no idea how happy I would be to do that.”

“Will you give me some time to think about this?”

“Of course, all the time you need.”

Bella sighs but looks down.
“He hates me doesn’t he?”

Dick rolls his eyes.

“That’s just Bruce he can be a real jerk sometimes. He means well but it doesn’t always come out sounding that way. He’ll come around. What matters though is this…” He puts his finger to her heart.

“It’s about what you feel, what you want, what you believe. Believe in yourself Bella baby. Think about who you really are. Who is Bella Swan but more importantly… How do you mesh Harley and Bella into a single costume? Without one taking over the other completely.”

They turn as another customer enters. He kisses her forehead.

“I better let you get back to work. Look don’t you worry about what he thinks. He’s not the one in this relationship. This is me and you.”

She nods as he leaves the store and hops back on his bike.




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