Chapter 15 Flying Trapeze

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“How’s she holding up?”

Dick looks towards the stairs shaking his head.

“She’s blaming herself. All those people…” Dick shakes his head.

Bruce nods.

“She can’t control her neighbor’s actions.”

“Bella feels she added fire to the flame. We both know she’d no control over what that idiot did.”

Dick pinches the bridge of his nose in thought.

“She lost everything Bruce, all her clothes and other belongings.”

“I’ll have Alfred gather something’s.”
“She’s going to hate that.”
Bruce shrugs.

“Bella will have to learn that it’s ok to let other’s help.”

Dick sighs running his fingers through his hair.

“If I hadn’t had been there…” He says in thought.

Bruce puts his hand to upon his shoulder.

“But you were.”
He swallows back on this.

“She’s more than welcome to stay here for however long she needs.” Bruce offers and heads out the door.

“Where you off to?”
“I’ve a meeting. I won’t be back for a few days.”

Dick nods as a limo awaits Bruce outside. He makes his way back up stairs. The bed is empty but the patio door open. The wind causes his black curtains to flap. Bella’s bracing her hands on the rails. He makes his way out and puts his arms around her waist. Dick kisses along her shoulders.

She turns and buries her face into his chest.

“I won’t be long. I’ll find a place…”
Dick rolls his eyes.

“Knock that off will you? I want you here. Please don’t even bother looking just stay.”

She rears back.

“Um what?”

He chuckles nervously.

“I’m just saying we got plenty of room baby. Might as well.”

She narrows her eyes.

“In fact let me show you where I blow off steam. May very well be where we train as well, if you ever accept my invitation that is.”

He takes her hand leading her to the gym. Her jaw drops and he chuckles watching her reaction.

“You’re welcome here anytime.”

He watches curiously as she walks around. Occasionally she runs her fingers about some of the equipment. She grins as she looks up.

“You still do that?”
He grins.

“Sure do.”
“Care to show off?”

“What right now?”

She nods doing that cutesy shy thing he loves.

“Not really dressed for it.”

He chuckles.

“Ok, fine you’ve twisted my arm enough.”

She watches as he takes off his boots. He takes off his shirt handing it to her, then his pants, leaving him in just a pair of black briefs.

“Well by all means…” She taunts.

He winks and powders down his hands.

Dick makes his way to the ladder.

“Um don’t you need a net?!”

He cocks a brow her way.

“Would it make you feel better?” He questions noticing the nervous expression on her face.


“Very well.” He lowers one down.

He pats his hands together and reaches over. Dick grips the bar and Bella’s eyes widen as he swings about the air. She gasps as he twist and grabs the other bar across the way.


He does a backflip back onto the other bar and makes his way back towards the plate form where the ladder was. He grabs his pants stepping back into them.

“Now that was AWESOME!” He laughs as she high fives him.

“Maybe I could teach you one day.”

“Ugh I don’t come with that much dexterity.”

“Hmmm, I think you’d do just fine.”

“So this is where Nightwing gets all sweaty?”

“I’ve got a secret to tell you…” He leans into her ear.

“I’m Nightwing.”
“Oh really?”

He nods.

“Don’t tell anyone.”

“Oh well…”

He caresses her cheek before putting his shirt back on. Bella sighs as her phone rings.


“What the hell kitten?! When were you going to tell me your fucking apartment went down in flames?!”

“Um what? How’d you?”

“It’s in the paper my dear. How the hell did you survive?”

“It’s a long story Selina.”

“But you’re ok?”

“Where are you staying?!”

Bella sighs again looking to Dick.

“With Dick.”

Bella winces holding the phone for her ear.

“A little louder Selina I’m not sure if God heard you!”

“I can’t believe you’re living in the manor!”
“I’m not living here Selina it’s just temporary.”


“Why does it matter to you where I live?”

“Come on kitten just come home. You know you’re welcome here anytime.”

“Come on Selina you know why I can’t do that.”

“Actually no I don’t…”

Bella closes her eyes for a moment.

“Selina… I don’t belong there. Honestly I’m not sure where I belong.”

“Jesus Bella you could have been one of the 5 that were killed!”

Bella freezes.

“Um what?”

“Are you telling me you didn’t know?”

Bella drops the phone and Dick picks it up. He follows her to the kitchen where Alfred keeps a copy of the paper.

“Bella…” He says as she picks it up.

Front page… Apartment Complex Up In Flames – further investigation pending. Believed suicide attempt takes the lives of 4 others. The room spins as she reads this. Bella grits her teeth and slams the paper back down.

“Of course! I JUST KILLED 5 PEOPLE!”

Dick stuffs Bella’s phone into his pocket.

“Bella baby no you didn’t.”

“I created the monster that did this!” She slams her hand down on the paper.

She paces the kitchen. Bella screams out and Dick grabs her.

“No! I don’t deserve that! How can you even stand to touch me?!”

Dick rears back.

“Jesus Bella baby that wasn’t your doing!”

She starts laughing.



“What about her?”
“The suit…”

“YOU mean?”
Bella nods.


“Damn baby I’m sorry. I didn’t even think about that.”

He narrows his eyes in thought.

“How about we go have a little fun?”

Dick takes her hand and leads her to the secret cave entrance.

“Bruce is out of town.” He hints.

He turns everything and Bella jumps back. She takes in everything yet again.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever get over all this.”
He pats his leg. She sits in his lap as he twists the chair back around. He starts messing around with some buttons. Bella’s completely lost as suddenly she’s on the screen.


He grins and zooms in. He starts spinning the model that looks exactly like her around.

“That’s freaky!”

The grin gets wider as he dismisses her top.

“DICK!” He chuckles.

“Couldn’t resist.” He wiggles his brows.

He starts making some sort of design. After he’s done he pieces it together onto the Bella model.

“Wow! That’s like I mean wow.”

“Bella we could actually make you another suit, with added benefits of course.”

She breaks into a smile hitting him on the arm.

“I’m not wearing daisy dukes!”

“Hmmm. But I really like this one.”

“You would ya perv.”

She looks back to the outfit he created.

“That’s Harley as a prostitute? What street corner is trouble in that night?”

“Nightwing’s.” He says with a shrug.

She smiles again.

“See there’s my girl.” He winks patting her leg.

“Bella baby you gotta learn that you can’t control everything. In this business we will lose some. But look at it like this. For what little we lose we gain so much more just by being there. If they didn’t have us. The death toll would only skyrocket that much more.”

She nods but looks to the floor.

“There you go.”
She looks back up to see the exact replica of the suit she’d worn.

“That’s like perfect.”

“And we could add certain features and more padding. I’d strongly advice it. Such as Batman’s and Nightwing’s they have built in bullet proof defenses. We could do that with yours baby. To be honest I’d sure would sleep better at night.”

She shrugs.

“Wait, are you going to actually let me do this and not argue?”

“Well I can’t very well go out on the streets like this…”

“Very true.”

“But yes this time I’m not arguing. I’ve no means to create another. That took me forever. I’ve not even the sources now to do so.”

“I can imagine. With the sources we have it won’t take long.”

He spins the model around showing her.

“If this is what you want I’ll send it through.”

“Just like that?”

He nods.

“Well aren’t you just the sweetest thang!” She kisses his cheek kicking her legs about.

He laughs.

“Letting a hint of Harley out are we?”
She shrugs wrapping her arms around his neck. Bella grazes his lips. He slightly opens his mouth welcoming her tongue. His hand runs along her waist. He kisses along her neck and shoulders. He comes to his feet as he carries her out of the cave.

Bella softly giggles as he tosses her onto the bed. Both begin to strip down to nothing. Dick leaps onto the bed crawling over Bella. She bites her lower lip. He grabs her wrists penning them to the bed. He closes his eyes with sensitivity as he slithers his way inside her. Bella kisses along his chest. Dick’s eyes widen though as he feels her literally licking him now.

“Fuck…” He grunts and Bella freezes temporarily.

He feels her softly giggling. But she returns to what she was doing. He grins knowing he was going to hear about that after. He figured he might as well make it worth it. He grips the pillow beneath her and giving her all he’s got. She feels him slightly bite along her neck.

“Dick…” she softly moans as she comes against him.

Something ignites within him though.
“Again…” He says in a demanding voice taking her by surprise.

“Come for me again Bella baby.” Holy freaking hell! She bites her lower lip as her legs begin to tremble as she fires below.

“One more time I’m almost there.” He purrs.

I’m gonna die in ecstasy she thinks as yet again she obeys. Her eyes widen again as she feels him throb significantly and the warmth shooting from him.

He doesn’t move at first. He kisses her neck a few times before rolling over. She grins and rolls over to face him.

“So you do curse…”

He chuckles softly.

“I knew that was coming.”

She bites her bottom lip in thought.

“You’re kind of like a bad boy aren’t you?”

He shrugs.

“What can I say even Nightwing needs punishing from time to time.”

She grins on this and runs her fingers along his chest.

“Harley will have to keep that in mind.”

His eyes widen on this.

“Damn… keep that talk up we’ll never leave the bed.”

“What if that’s what I want?”

She crawls over him and lays her head on his chest. Dick wraps his arms around her.

“Then we won’t.”

Dick swallows back on this, wishing things was that simple…

Bella leans back with a grin. She shakes her head.

“Selina you’ve got a lifetime supply of tuna at home. Yet you order a tuna subway?”

Selina shrugs as she bites into the sandwich.

“I’m not knocking your turkey and bacon, which smells completely rancid by the way.”

Bella taunts Selina by waving a piece of the bacon in her face. Selina wrinkles her nose and Bella stuffs it into her mouth.

“How goes the manor life by the way?”
Bella shrugs.

“So that’s it?”

She nods taking another bite of her sub.

Selina sighs and sips from her drink.

“Whaddya say we get together tonight. Old times sake?”

“You mean the cat and clown…” Bella whispers looking around the restaurant.

“That depends what’s Pussyfoot up to this time?”

Selina smiles.

Hello fine citizens of Gotham and wherever else you maybe, as you can see I’ve got a smile planted on my face. But deep down I’m heartbroken. You see I’ve lost someone dear to me. What I would like from you all is to help me guide my little Harley Quinn back into my arms. Here is my challenge: the citizens of Gotham have until midnight tonight to bring her to me. Or, I will unleash all the inmates in Blackgate Prison. I’m sure they would love to help me! So, whataya say Gotham, I bet your just dying to go look…ha ha ha ha ha ha!” He was back in his purple suit, green vest, green flower was pinned to his suit. Joker fires a gun and the screen goes black.

Bella continues to stare at the screen. Everyone in the restaurant starts whispering in panics.

“Hell no kitten don’t you even think..”
Bella grabs her jacket and rushes towards the door.

“Dammit…” Selina grumbles and follows.




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