Chapter 17 Welcome Home Harley

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“Where is she?”
“Upstairs Master Wayne, west wing red room.”

Alfred grabs Bruce’s coat as he rushes up the stairs. Bruce peers into the bedroom Selina’s still out cold. He quietly checks her over and tucks her in. He makes his way back down the stairs rolling up his sleeves.

“Where’s Dick?”

“Last I heard sir he was going to Arkham to check on Joker.”

Bruce nods and hurries to the cave.

“Were you hurt Alfred?’
“No sir.”

“Was Bella?”

“As far as I know, no.”

Bruce starts bringing up the surveillance. He narrows his eyes upon what he sees. Immediately he suits up.

“Watch after Selina.”
“But of course sir.”

Batman nods and hops into the Batmobile.

Nightwing tumbles across and sends out his feet and a barreling twist. Clayface falls to the ground. Nightwing sends his electric current only to have it back fire as Clayface extends himself beneath his feet. He growls out as the voltage flows through him shocking him. He’s frozen in place for a moment as Clayface reforms and punches him in the face sending him into yet another room. The other inmates hoot and holler as the fight continues. Nightwing grows weary, his body aching all over as he tries to take him down. He wanted this over with. He wanted to get to Bella. His teeth grind together heatedly in thought. The more time passed and he found himself still fighting Clayface, the livider he grew. The guards helped by shooting at him but of course that didn’t seem to be doing a damn thing other than pissing Clayface off. He just needed to get a good enough current.

“Is this what you desire?” Clayface laughs as he poses as Harley.

“Come fight me now.”

Nightwing clenches his jaw tight as he morphs yet again.

“Or do you prefer…” He swallows back as he becomes Batgirl, then switches to Starfire.

“Which will it be?” He laughs again.

“It’s too bad you won’t ever get her back.” He flashes into Harley once more and becomes the great form and fires a solid mass around Nightwing holding him against the wall.

“Joker will be tapping that soon enough.”

Nightwing quickly slams his fists into the hold. He breaks it just in time to avoid Clayface’s massive fist. He tucks and rolls dodging his blows. Clayface sends spikes about the area as some of the guards and prisoners shout out in pain or dodging. Nightwing groans out as one hits him in the arm. He rips it out dropping it to the ground. Desperate for this to be over and done…

“Maybe he’ll send you the videos. Just how do you think he’ll feel when he finds out that Nightwing’s been screwing his little clown? He doesn’t know yet… But I do, can’t wait to tell him.”

He looks up and sees some of the pipes along the ceiling. With an idea in mind he starts to climb his way up. Firing his grabble gun he zips along one of the sturdier pipes. This is where his Robin days save his ass. Clayface begins to rise making himself bigger. But this is what Nightwing wanted. That cocky grin comes about his face as he spins around the pipe gathering enough momentum. He then releases and slams down his eskirma stick right into Clayface’s center at full power. Clayface groans out as he begins to crack. The bolts continue about and he starts to melt.

Nightwing looks up as Batman swoops down yanking the stick back out. He tosses it back towards Nightwing. Batman and the guards put Clayface back in lockdown.

Batman eyes Nightwing once they’re done.

“She’s gone isn’t she?!” Nightwing rumbles.

Batman sighs.

“They were ambushed at the manor. Someone must know of her identity or has been keeping a close eye on her.” They both turn to Clayface.

“It’s him… He knows. Something needs to be done…” Nightwing harshly hints.

“I agree, I’ll take matters into my own hands on this.” Batman assures.

Nightwing nods and sends out his grabble.

“Where are you going?”
“To get my girl back!”

“Easy! Joker said she was not to be harmed!”

“I’m not just looking that’s all.” One of Joker’s thugs runs his hand along Harley’s ass.

“Damn she’s fucking hot!”

“Joker won’t like you touching on his girl Frank!”

“Ah, what will he know?”


Harley maneuvers her legs up and wraps them around the guy’s throat. The driver of the limo starts laughing.

“She’s Harley alright.”

She flips her legs over and the guy ends up in the front seat.

“Ya know boys…” The driver takes off his mask.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

Harley jumps as she hears several rounds being fired. She swallows back as the familiar laughter follows.

“Such sweet sorrow… Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaa!” He repeats blows the smoke from the barrel away.

He reaches back after he parks the limo. He lifts the cloth sack from Harley’s face. She sees the bodies of his own thugs around them.

“Harley! Baby…”

He takes her in but narrows his eyes.

“You dyed your hair?” He says distastefully.

“Not so sure I like it… But this…” He wiggles his eyebrows upon the new Harley suit.

“Daddy like! How very modern of you cupcake!”
Harley does her best to keep Bella at bay. To do as Dick asked of her but truth was. It wasn’t just Bella Swan that was scared anymore. How long could she fake out Joker? Furthermore…. HOW?

“Mr. J?” She says almost shyly lowering her head.

He smiles even amongst the planted one already on his face. He reaches back and cups her chin.


Her bottom lip quivers.

“You really hurt me puddin!”

“Aw, now sweetheart you know I didn’t mean it.”

He makes his way out of the limo and opens the door for her. His eyes narrow as he looks her over. “I told them imbeciles not to harm you!” He takes out a long purple kerchief and wipes the blood from her lip.

“So you do love me puddin?”

“Why of course I do Harley! It was just all one big joke. I knew you’d live! I also knew you’d come to your senses.” He laughs shaking his head.

“Senses… HA! Get it Harley!”
“I sure do Mr. J.” She says moving her left foot about the ground again doing that shy thing.

“It’s just me Harley since when are you shy?”

He opens his arms. Don’t you dare Bella stay back! Harley warns knowing this was the only way for their survival. She smiles.

“PUDDIN!” She jumps into his arms and wraps her arms around his neck.

“I knew it was just a phase! However next time you decide to switch teams daddy gets to watch! Hmmm. You’ve been a very bad girl Harley!” He says growing angry in thought.

She swallows back nervously. He carries her into the Joker Funhouse.

“As you can see I’ve been very busy!” He chirps back up.

She kicks her legs about happily looking around.

“Ooh I love it!”

“I knew you would sweetheart.”

He places her down as his thugs open the doors for them.

“Welcome home my little Harley.” He says in half a growl.

Joker leads her down a ladder. He hops down as it doesn’t reach all the way. He holds out his arms for her to drop down. She swallows back as he runs his hands along her waist eyeing her. His deep green eyes bearing into her own. He takes her hand and starts walking. Within the suit she was terrified as she looked around. He kept his arm around her as they walked along the darkened area.

“Lookie here boys she’s back!” Joker announces twirling her around like a ballerina and they all clap.

There were at least 50 men about the area. She feels Joker’s hand along her rear and she fights the grimace and chills from surfacing.

“I really like…” He laughs popping her on the rear.

“Hmm, hmm, hmm.”

He takes her hand showing her around.

“Like what I’ve done with the place?”

She nods. Joker however come to a stop and pens her against the crème colored brick wall. He looks her over.

“Something seems… well, different.”

He cups her chin again moving her head around.

“Just can’t put my finger on it.” He winks as he runs a single finger along her crotch area.

Distraction she thinks quickly and turns to the giant brown teddy bear with a big red bow in the room up ahead.

“OH! MR. J!” She dashes towards the teddy bear and hugs it.

He chuckles

“I knew you’d love it.”
She kicks back one leg as she buries her face into the giant bear.

“Aren’t you just the sweetest thang!” She shrills excitably.

“I know what my Harley likes. I’ve another surprise for you cupcake.”

He opens the door the teddy bear is by. Harley covers her mouth. “He, he, he.” As she steps into the room full of teddy bears, purple roses, pictures of them together, the walls painted purple but splattered with green paint, there was a day bed of red the sheets black but a doll that looked just like him lay on the bed. Total creep factor… Still she swallows it all back.

She smiles and jumps up and down.

“You do still love me!” She squeals and jumps in his arms again.

He pulls her into his chest.

“Yes Harley I do.” But he places her down roughly and grabs her around the throat.

“You really hurt me as well Harley! That little stunt you pulled with Ivy will never happen again! Or anyone else for that matter! You belong to me sweets! Do you understand?!”

She nods.

“Mr. J I…”

He back hands her as she falls to the floor.

“You’re mine. Now one else’s or I will rip their lungs out!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaa!” He bows over in laughter.

“Nicely played by the way. That little stunt in Arkham. I couldn’t be prouder! I see I’ve taught you well! Ha, ha, ha Harley!” He shakes his head and offers her a hand back up.

He caresses her face and pulls her into his chest.

“Daddy’s got homework babycakes. So why don’t you go play?”

She nods and he leads her back out of the room. As he drops his hold and goes to walk away he turns back once more. But doesn’t look upon her.

“I got my eye on you Harley… Do not disappoint me again.”
He turns back and heads into another room.

Harley takes in a breath looking around. Joker’s henchmen scattered the place. She knew there was no escape. At least 1 in 5 had guns. She also figured she was being videoed everywhere she went. He’d want to make sure she was the real deal.

A purple velvet throne stood at the end of the area. The area was no more than an old sewer area. There were several rooms and the area was huge. Harley looked upon the area realizing he’d must’ve been out for some time but how? She nervously walks around and sees an elongated table. She runs her fingers along it seeing a mallet, knife, grenades, and tear gas all in Harley colors. These must’ve been the original’s toys. She thought as she picks up the wooden mallet. Curiously she twirls it about in her hand. It had black and red diamonds about the end of it. Each weapon in fact had her signature somewhere on it. The ideas coursed through of how easy if she could sneak that knife into her suit somehow. Slit his damn throat. Sure she’d be possibly shot to death but wouldn’t it be worth it if Joker lies dead? She grimaces as she thinks of Dick though. She puts the mallet back down and walks away from the weapons.

She welcomes herself to the throne and kicks back, her legs dangling off the edge. She peers over and sees Joker. He was sitting at a desk in one of the rooms that he’d turned into an office. She narrowed her eyes as he was writing something down. But there were tall canisters of a glowing green substance in the room beside him.

“Titan…” She whispers to herself at the words written in red.

Joker stops what he’s doing as if he’d heard her. He looks up and she smiles and waves.

“What have I said about that Harley?”
She shrugs.

“Off! Harley.”

She hops off the throne.

“Sorry Mr. J.”
He nods but leans back crossing his arms as he continues to stare upon her. He wiggles his finger for her to come to him. She does her best to keep herself in check. He’d his jacket off and was just in his shirt and vest. He pats his leg.

“Have a seat Harley.”

Harley sits in his lap and he runs his hand along her back. He takes his fingers and takes down her hair.

“Let’s dye your hair back Harley whataya say?”

She smiles and nods. He runs his fingers through her hair. Joker slightly pulls at it as he kisses along her shoulders.

“Hey boss.”

Joker lets out a hissing sound keeping his lips against her.

“What! You imbecile?!”

“I’m sorry sir but there seems to be an issue.”
“What sort of an issue!”

“You might want to come with me.”

Joker half growls.

“This had better be good! To your room Harley. It seems daddykins can’t get a break.”

Harley rises from his lap. Joker grabs his jacket.

“Don’t wait up sweets.”

She nods and heads to her room. Harley pulls the door shut. Still she fought to keep in character. But she wasn’t sure how much more she could muster. It was more than obvious Joker had other things in mind. She wanted to shower in scolding hot water. It was bad enough he had his disgusting hands and lips all over her. But he was popping a fucking boner as she sat in his lap! She wanted to scream on top of her lungs in misery.

Harley however yet again takes in a breath. Keeping in mind she was sure there were cameras somewhere about the room. Harley carefully picks up the Joker doll. She smiles and kisses it’s forehead. She places it down with her teddy bears. Then she plopped herself down in the bed. Harley buried her head into the pillow as she fought to keep herself together, when all she wanted to do was cry for a little girl named Bella who was in way over her head.


Nightwing growls out as Batman has him penned against a building.


“What do you think will happen if you do find her! You think you can take Joker and his men on alone!”


“Say you find her and you go in there. What’s your game plan to keep you both alive?! Don’t let yourself get clouded by the relationship! You still have to think of her as any other civilian we save! You have to have a plan in order for this to work. You have to be patient!”

“Patience could very well be her demise!”

Batman shakes his head.

“Her doom would be busting down the doors to something neither of us have a clue about what’s behind them! We know what he’s capable of! That is why you’re not doing this alone!”


He narrows his eyes as Selina rolls over.

“How are you feeling?”

He runs a gentle finger along the area of the gash on her head.

“Like I’m having the worst fucking migraine in history other than that peachy.”

He nods.

Selina raises up as it all comes together.

“Please tell me you got her!”

Bruce sighs.


She hops out of the bed but stumbles around a bit as she slips her shoes on.

“Easy Selina you really should be resting.”

“Is she resting?!”

Selina cuts him a glare.

“That’s what I thought!”

She takes a step forward and Bruce catches her.

“Selina I think you might have a slight concussion.”

“I’m FINE!”

“Selina!” He catches her as she starts to fall forward.

She goes limp against him as she starts breaking down. Selina pulls at her hair.

“I have to get her back Bruce! You don’t understand. That girl! She’s like my fucking daughter! She’s all I got! I can’t lose her! I!”

Bruce pulls her into his chest.

“I understand more than you may think Selina.”

She sobs harder, something he’s not use to seeing with Selina. He nods towards Dick as he peers into the doorway.

“Don’t let him hurt my kitten Bruce please!”

Dick scowls at this and makes his way to the cave.

He paces around in thought. Bruce was taking too damn long. He understood he had to take care of Selina. But he had to take care of Bella. Dick looks around the cave. He glares upon the Nightwing suit. But another idea came to play… Who does Joker obsess over even more than Harley Quinn? He looks towards the monitors and see’s Bruce still fussing over Selina. He nods at this and hits the button revealing all the Batman suits. Dick decidedly steals one of the suits and takes off with the Batmobile.




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