Chapter 18 Dying In The Pale Moonlight

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“Because we owe her that’s why Pam.”

Ivy sighs on the other end.

“You know how I feel about the Bat and his little orphan.”

Selina rolls her eyes as her and Bruce head into the cave.

“She’s in there because of me. Please, let’s not let this happen again.”

“You’ve become attached haven’t you Selina?”

“If you must know…” Selina sighs.

“Yes, ok, does that make you feel better?”

Ivy laughs.

“Actually no, but you’re right. We owe her, by the way you should turn on the news.”

Selina narrows her eyes. She notices the look on Bruce’s face. Total dead pan.

“Bruce?” She questions concerned.

“Um look we’ll get to that, but right now I better go. I think someone’s having a stroke.” Selina says taking notice of the missing suit and Batmobile.

“Very well let me know…” Ivy hints.

“Right…” Selina says as she hangs up.

Bruce continues to look frozen.


“I believe I know why some animals eat their young.”

Selina softly giggles.

“Did Bruce Wayne just crack a joke?”

He ignores her as he turns on the monitors. Selina smacks him on the rear.

“Good job!”

He rears back at this.


“Yes… I smacked your ass get over it.”

“No, look…”

She turns to the news on the left monitor. Selina swallows back.

Hundreds of civilians and even a few thugs in red and black were on strike. Signs that read FREE HARLEY QUINN, SAVE HARLEY, HARLEY SAVED ME, HARLEY’S GOTHAM’S NEW SHADOW OF THE NIGHT, BRING HARLEY BACK, WE LOVE YOU HARLEY. Selina stumbles back as Bruce cuts up the sound.

A man was being interviewed.

“Harley’s not our enemy! I owe her my life. Sure she’s not Batman, but she makes you laugh. She’s just got a way about her. You can’t help but to like her. We can’t let Joker get away with this.”

“And there you have it. Has Harley truly returned and changed her villainous ways? Is she indeed a hero of the night?” The pretty red head reporter smiled.

“I don’t normally add my personal opinions to my reports, but I happen to agree with the citizens of Gotham. We could use another hero, however here’s my question to Harley Quinn. Who do you serve? Batman? Catwoman? Joker? Furthermore, how can we trust that you’re not indeed back with Joker willingly? Was this all just a lure? I truly hope not for your sake. A lot of people have put their trust in you. I for one just hope you can hear this crowd.” The interviewer wipes her eyes and holds up her microphone to the crowd.

FREE HARLEY!” Was being chanted over and over.

Selina closes her eyes as the tears pour down her cheeks. Bruce turns.

“You know he’s not letting her see any of this!”

Bruce nods and hands her a tissue.

“We’re getting her back Selina.”

She nods.

“She told me she wasn’t a fucking hero Bruce…” Bruce kisses her forehead.

“I never said we all started as one, suit up.” She nods as she wipes her eyes.

“Together…” Bruce declares with his forehead against her own.

Dick looks onto the crowd from a nearby building. The cape flapped into the breeze, something he wasn’t used to. He couldn’t believe this. Even through the sheer hell he was facing, the smile formed on his face. “You did this baby.” He said as if she was right next to him. He looks back down to the tracking device in his hand. He was confused as there was nothing here. He narrows his eyes as he crouches down. At first he’d felt guilt about putting a tracking device in her suit. Now, he was thankful he had. He knew he should have told her though.

He tilts his head realizing the target seemed to be underground. He rears back at this.

“The sewers?”

Dick shook his head on this. If she was indeed in the area it showed there was only one way to get through. Just another damn interference, he grits his teeth in thought. He knew Joker had set this up purposely. Dick wasn’t about to give up though. He was determined even if he knew he was about to face one scary ass son of a bitch.

Joker slams his fists down on the table.

“Papa spank…” He growls shaking his head.

“She knows better! What in the world has overcome you Harley!”

He grabs one of his henchmen’s grenades and pulls the pin. He tosses it at the TV and covers his ears.

“Fire in the hole boys ha, ha, ha, ha, haaa!”

He laughs it explodes. He scowls looking at the other monitor showing his precious Harley sleeping.

Harley snuggled deeper into her pillow. She heard the door creak as it opened. Suddenly, she’s being dragged off the bed by her hair. Her hands wrap around his wrists. He tosses her into the middle of the floor.

“You think you can upstage me HARLEY!”

She rears back at this.


He shakes his head and crouches over and punches her in the face.


She bows over in a fetal position after he kicks her in the gut. She fights to catch her breath as tears stream from her eyes. She gasps for air as she rolls over. He straddles her and leans over. Joker squeezes her cheeks together.

“That’s another thing!” He slaps her again.

“There’s a hairdye kit in your bathrooom. USE IT!”

She nods. No Bella stay back don’t you dare fucking cry! STAY AWAY! Harley swallows back.

“Yes sir! Mr. J.” She flinches as he takes his hand caressing her cheek.

“Why do you make me do these things Harley? You know daddy loves you babycakes, but you’re trying my patience! Now to your room, and do not come out until I send for you!”

Harley comes to her feet as he rolls off her. She makes her way to the bedroom. Once she enters the bathroom she sees the dye. I’m sorry Bella. She takes in a breath praying there were no cameras in here. She got undressed. Harley scrubbed away her makeup. She took off the suit. She’d a long gaze upon herself in the mirror. Her eye was swelling up, her stomach already bruising. She leaned over and gripped the counter. Harley blinked a few times upon her reflection. Bella gasped out and fell to her knees. She brought her legs upon her chest and rocked back and forth. Her face was buried within her arms. The tears fell and she thought it’d never stop. Bella was terrified, tired, hungry and in agony.


Bella takes in a breath and nods. She comes to her feet. Her arms and legs trembled. She could barely manage to get the dye open. Once she did she quickly began. After her hair was good and saturated in the dye she spent the entire 30 minutes pacing the bathroom. She then hopped into the shower, and scrubbed her hair. Dick burned through her mind. She was beginning to wonder if she’d ever see him again. Bella did her best to rush through out of fear he could very well pop in. She brushed her teeth and hair. Then blow dried it. She put her suit back on. She found a drawer of the Harley makeup, and ribbons for her hair. She put her hair in red, and black pigtails.

A hint of fear hit as she looked upon the mirror. She wasn’t sure that she liked looking this close to the original. It was creepy. She steps out as she laces her boots. Nervously, she swallows back. Ok, Bella time to go. I take over from here. She plops down on the bed. After a couple hours her door opens.

“Joker wishes to see you.”

Dick continues about the sewer quietly as possible. He kept waiting for “him” as he zipped his way across. Is he asleep? He thought to himself. Avoiding “him” at all cost was what he needed. Still he remained quiet and in full on stealth mode. Killer Croc must be out scaring puppies…

Harley narrows her eyes upon the single white card table, with two chairs by the throne. There was wine and food about it. Joker motions her over. Once she makes her way over he hands her a purple rose. She grins and aims it towards a henchman. Joker claps with satisfaction as it goes off. “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” The green substance hits him in the back. He grits his teeth and comes after her. Harley hops into Joker’s lap seeking protection. Joker sighs as if merely bored, and takes out his gun.

“NO BOSS!” He fires and shrugs.

“I didn’t like his haircut anyway. Oh boys…” Joker picks up a bell and rings it. Three of his men rush over.

“Clean that up will ya? “He, he, he. Then leave us!”

They nod as they drag away the body. Joker runs his fingers along one of her pigtails.

“Much better.”

She suppresses the shiver as he takes a hand along her corset, and down her tummy.

“Hmm, let’s eat shall we?”

She nods, and he comes to his feet, carrying her to the table. Joker places her into the chair and scoots her in. Once he takes a seat he takes his knife, and fork. Harley nervously swallows back as he forks a piece of steak, and reaches over. Please don’t let it be poisoned. She thought as he fed it to her.

She smiles.

“How’s it taste my little sweets?”

“It’s scrumptious Mr.J!”
He nods, and leans back crossing his arms about his chest. They go back to eating in silence, but she could feel his piercing glance upon her. She did her best to ignore it. The both of them had steak, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. He poured them a glass of wine. Still Joker remained quiet.

“Is something wrong puddin?”

He says nothing he comes to his feet. He pulls a remote out of his purple jacket. Music starts to play. Joker takes her hand, and leads her away from the table. He twirls her about, and pulls her back into his chest. She giggles, and leans against his chest. He kisses the top of her head as they dance. Then comes to a stop as he dips her.

“This is what you wanted right?” He says almost menacingly.

“Is this what Ivy did? Did she sweep you off your feet my precious Harley?”

He roughly pulls her back up to him. Joker pulls at her hair, and kisses down her neck.

“Is this what you want?” He roughly kisses her.

His hands wrap around her throat as he pins her against the wall.


He growls at as he continues to pulsate against her. He takes out his gun aiming it at his henchman.

“Can you NOT see I’m fucking busy?!” He winks upon Harley, and goes back to kissing along her neck and shoulders.

“Get it Harley? Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaa!”

Harley swallows back Bella’s pride.

“I sure do Mr. J.”

“Sir this is something you’re going to want to see.”

He rolls his eyes. He leans into Harley’s ear.

“To be continued cupcake…”

Her hands shake as he walks off with his men. Harley quickly makes her way to her weapons. She tucks the knife away within her corset. She sits upon his throne. Harley kicks her legs about.

Batman turns to Ivy and Catwoman with his finger about his mouth. Catwoman rolls her eyes.



“Um ok we haven’t got all day.”

She takes another step and the ground starts to shake. The sewage around them starts to rumble. She turns back to Batman with widened eyes.

“Move!” He yells but a giant reptile like hand grabs her and pulls her into the water.

Batman dives under and Ivy looks around. She sends her vines about the area so they have something to grasp, as they come back up. Ivy paces about nervously waiting. Finally, she sees the black gloved hand clinging on to one of the vines. He tosses Catwoman over.

“Eh, I’m covered in shit.”

Ivy softly giggles.

“Um yeah you are.”

Ivy narrows her eyes. She watches curiously as Batman checks her over.

“Are you alright.”

She nods and rolls over.

“Someone’s twitterpated.” Ivy whispers with a shrug.

Batman cuts her a glance.

“Hey I call it like I see it.”

He quickly covers Ivy’s mouth, as the ground beneath them trembles again.

“Quiet, both of you. He can sense every bit of sound and motion.”

“Harley…” He scolds.

She smiles and slightly undoes her corset wiggling her finger. “He, he, he.” Joker softly laughs. He leans over her with both hands on the throne chair. He kisses her neck…

Joker feels the cold, steel against his throat. However, Bella hears the gun being cocked against her’s.

Both stare into one another’s eyes.

“Never bring a knife to a gun show! Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaa!” Joker sneers and Harley quickly shifts her body over.

Joker fires his gun. Joker sighs and waves his gun around.

“Fine..” He shrugs and fires again and dies in laughter as she screams out and it barely misses her crotch.

Joker fires, yet again the bullet through her arm. Quickly, she kicks out her feet and knocks the gun out of his hand. He knocks the blade out of her hand.

“How about one on one, sweets?!”

He punches her in the face. Harley flies out of the throne chair, and fires back with all she has.

She punches him in the gut. Then, digs her knee into his sternum as she grabs him by the shoulders.

She growls and goes to kick again, and he rushes her slamming her through the card table. Harley rolls over and grabs one of the chairs. She smashes it across his face. He laughs.

“FEISTY! DADDY LIKE! He, he, he, he , heee.”

Harley looks around and see’s all of his men are now surrounding them.

“Something wrong cupcake?”

He grabs her by the throat and takes out his purple kerchief from his jacket. He wipes the makeup from her face. He growls out and smacks her across the face. He then rips off her corset, then yanks her pants down.


He forces her up by the hair.

“You act and talk just like her, BUT YOU’RE NOT! “He crudely shoves his fingers in her.

“You wanted a piece of Joker? Was that it?! Did you honestly think I wouldn’t recognize THIS?!” Her head bobs about as the pain courses below.

“Very well be careful what you wish for.” He laughs and undoes his pants.

“JOKER!” They all turn to the familiar voice.

The sound of his cape fills the area as he comes down.


The henchmen aim their guns.

“Well, well what do we have here? It must be my birthday.”

“Release the girl Joker.”

“Ha, ha, ha… good one… now who’s telling the jokes Bats?”

Batman sighs locking his eyes with Harley. Harley narrows her eyes upon him.

“Get her dressed and release her.”
“Now why would I do that?”

“Because you know she’s not the original. She’s not what you want.”

“So what do I want Batsy?”

“I’m offering myself up in exchange.”

Joker rears back at this.

“Let her go Joker.”

“But we were having so much fun… As you can see.”

He grabs Harley and forces her against him. He runs his gun along her naked body. Harley can hold her back no longer. Bella gasps out as he forces the cold gun upon her mouth. He forces her cheek against his. “He, he, he, he, heeeeee!”

“JOKER!” Batman roars.

The tears stream down her cheeks.

“Looks like we’ll have to play another day.” He removes the gun from her mouth.

“Well you heard the Bat. Release the girl.” He turns to Batman with a smile as his thugs surround him.

“Oooo, this is going to be so much fun!”

“Her clothes Joker.”

Joker rolls his eyes.

“So demanding…”

Joker yanks her back over and shoves her clothes into her chest.

“Looks like I’ve got a new toy. Sorry sweets you know how these things work. We had a good run while it lasted.” Joker turns back to Batman.

“He, he, he, he, he!”

They nod and Bella rushes to get dressed. Still Batman’s eyes locked with hers. She shakes her head with disproval as Joker’s men start to drag her away.

“Batman please… don’t do this.” Bella pleads.

He says nothing as they continue to drag her away.

“He needs you Batman!” She cries as they drag her further off.

The other’s force Batman into Joker’s throne.

“Ah, sharing the throne now I see?” Joker laughs.

“I’ve got loads of fun prepared just, for us! Just like the good ole days!”

Batman watches as they lead Bella out.

Once they let her free. Bella takes off running to get help. She freezes as she hears someone. She backs up against the sewer walls. She rears back seeing Ivy, Catwoman and Batman? She looks back to the ladder.

“How!” She yells at Batman.

He sighs.


Her jaw drops and she bolts back up the ladder. She runs back towards the area. Bella makes her way back and sees Joker standing before Batman. They’ve got him on his knees. He’s aiming some sort of gun at him. His fingers go to the trigger, and Harley returns as she flings her body out.

“NO!” Nightwing yells as she falls to the ground.

Joker sneers and Batman knocks him to the floor. Harley hollers out, and Nightwing rushes over. The neon green substance began to sweat out through her pores. Her body began to seizure.

“NO baby!” He braces her against his chest.

“Fight it don’t let it take affect!”

She gasps out, for air. He gets flung back away from her.

“You ruined my little plan!” Joker yells shaking her.

Harley growls out, her eyes wild, she grinds her teeth together, she back hands Joker, and he’s sent flying Nightwing’s direction.

“NO!” Batman yells.

Nightwing stabs a batarang directly into Joker’s heart. He stares into his eyes with gritted teeth, and twist the batarang. He comes to his knees, and lays Joker upon the ground.

“What have you done?!” Batman shouts.

Nightwing doesn’t move. His eyes closed his hands stay permanently fisted. Harley takes notice of this as she continues to struggle against the titan flowing in her veins.

She lets out a growl and punches at a nearby henchmen. Ivy wraps a vine around Harley. She brings her in against her.

“IVY!” Catwoman yells.

Ivy ignores her and continues to squeeze. Harley gasp as some of the toxins begin to leave her body.

“I’m sorry… It’s all I can do.”

Harley’s eyes start to roll back, “Thank you Pamela.”

Ivy gently lays her down. She moves the strands of hair from her face, “for you Harley,” and vanishes.




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