Chapter 19 Prince Of Thieves

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Both men still dressed as Batman eye one another. Selina watches as they take down their cowls. Bruce is first to go off. Selina sighs and takes a step back

“Not only did you go behind my back, by taking the suit and Batmobile. You’ve disgraced Batman and what he stands for! You took a life today!” Bruce points towards the bedroom where Dick has her resting.

“THIS! This is all because of her!”

Selina’s jaw clenches at Bruce’s words. Dick grabs him and slams him down. He punches him in the face. Bruce swings back and Selina hollers out.

“Knock it off!”

Bruce holds Dick up in the air. Dick grits his teeth and shots his legs out breaking out of Bruce’s hold. He rushes him and swings away. Bruce fights to dodge the blows with gritted teeth.




“No! Just leave me the hell alone! I’m out of here! I’m done!”


Dick heads out of the cave, and to his room. He starts packing up his and Bella’s things. He clears his throat wiping his eyes. All he kept thinking about was the horror, he saw. What Joker was doing, once he finally managed to get there. He hated to even imagine what was going on before then. Bella whimpers out in her sleep.

Dick packs both their suits, clothes, and everything else he can think of. He gets out of the batsuit and puts on a black shirt, blue jeans and his boots.

“Going somewhere Master Grayson?”

“Yeah, I’m leaving.”

Alfred rears back at this.

“Yep, it’s been a journey, but the bridge is now burned. Time to move on…”

Alfred takes in a breath and closes his eyes. Dick shakes Bella awake.

“Come on Bella baby.”

She groans out a bit. He noted, how she was still running temp and sweating. He swallows back and picks her up.

“I got you.” She nods against him closing her eyes again.

“Master Grayson?”

Dick stops.

“Give him some time…”

“I don’t have anymore time to give.”

He says and exits the manor.

Bruce folds his arms about his chest.

“How dare you…” Selina says breaking down.

Bruce turns towards her.

“After everything! You saw how they called her name! You’ve seen for yourself, the difference she’s made in Gotham! Hell, no one even knew. She’s fucking humble as hell. You even took out the bullet, from her arm, and stitched it up yourself! Bruce, you saw for yourself how beat up she was! That, and we both know the titan, will forever be in her system! Ivy could only do so much! Yet you still find a way to blame Bella for what Joker did! She was the victim! NOT YOU! Your fucking precious Batman image! How dare you BRUCE! He’s like a son to you. Therefore, you can’t even fathom it was he that took Joker’s life! You expected it to be my girl didn’t you?! I can just imagine, what this would have been like, if the other way around. What hell, you’d give her, even after knowing she’s already been there! You simply cannot conceive, that it was NIGHTWING! So you have to pin the blame somewhere else. So why not my kitten! All your concern at the moment though is that Batman took a life today.” She fake gasps covering her mouth.

“What will Gotham think of their precious caped crusader now? You think I’m the one with issues. Take a long hard look in the mirror Bruce. My girl stepped in front of that gun to save your boy’s ass! Yet this! This is how you repay her!”

Selina turns on the monitors, the crowd still chanting Harley’s name. She turns up the volume and shoves the remote into Bruce’s hand.

“Why don’t you go tell them what you just pulled?”

Selina sneers and bolts out of the cave.

Bruce takes in a breath and closes his eyes.

Dick has the cab stop outside a hotel. He tips the driver to help carry out their things, as he carries Bella. He thanks the man profusely; he continues to help carry their things to the actual room.

“Don’t mention it.”

Dick nods in appreciation, as the short potbellied man places down their things. The cab driver locks up for them on his way out. Dick lays Bella down on the bed. He sits on the edge for a minute gathering himself. The heaviness weighed upon him. He’d not slept in over 48 hours now. He sighs, and lies down beside Bella. He couldn’t fight it no longer as he shut his eyes.

Bella gasps out. The room, pitch black. She’s sweltering, aching all over, and her entire body won’t stop shaking. She rolls out of the bed and feels her way around. Once she feels another doorframe she enters it and searches with her hands for a switch. After she finds one she flips it and rather stumbles back. The light hurt her eyes. She was confused as to her whereabouts.

She jumped as she faced the mirror. Her right side of her face was completely bruised and swollen. Her arm bandaged from where the bullet had hit. She swallows back and takes off her clothes. Her body covered in deep blue and purplish bruises. Every movement she made caused her pain. Bella turns to the shower. All she could think about was how hot she was. She felt as though she standing in a sauna. Bella turns the shower on and turns the arrow to the cold side. She steps inside and closes her eyes as the icy touch fills her body.

Bella’s hands rest against the wall in front of her. The water continues to soak through her hair and run down her body.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa!”

She staggers back in a gasp.


She shakes her head pulling at her hair.


Bella shrieks out and slams back against the back shower wall. She feels a hand touch about her shoulder and she starts to fall back.


She shoves him back. He takes in a breath and holds his hands up in the air.

“Ok… It’s ok.”

Her hand goes over her heart. Their eyes lock.

“It’s me baby. I’m right here. It’s all over.”

Bella’s bottom lip quivers.

He nods, but keeps his distance.

“Dick…” She questions softly.

“That’s right Bella baby. It’s just me.”

His strings are tugged however as Bella reaches out for him. Dick flashes over and immediately grabs hold of her.

“I got you.” He whispers as he holds her.

Her arms wrap around his neck. Bella begins to cry harder than she’s ever cried in her life. Dick shuts his eyes and holds her tighter. He carries her out of the shower and places her on the counter. She was still warm to the touch and he started to step away.

“PLEASE!” Dick’s eyes widen as he turned back to her.

“Don’t leave me!”

He nods not able to hold back anymore. He presses his forehead against hers.

“I won’t. I’m right here Bella baby. I’m so sorry. I should’ve protected you better. God, I could have lost you. That bastard…” He clenches his jaw tight in memory, of Joker’s hands all over her, the fear in her eyes, and everything else he was witness to.

Dick and Bella hold one another, as their emotions get the best of them.

“I love you.” He whispers and kisses her cheek.

She takes in a breath. Still, she continued to choke back as she cried. He pulls back and grabs a few tissues. Dick hands them over and she blows her nose. He turns on the faucet to the sink and lets the water get warm. He takes a washcloth and wets it. He then wipes her face clean.

“I…” She takes in another deep sobbing breath.

“I love… you too.” She sucks in a breath again.

“Look I’m just getting you some water and medicine. I’m not going anywhere…” He says as he places his hands upon her cheeks and looks her in the eyes.

“You got a fever. We need to keep it down.”

She nods. Bella brings her legs to her chest as he quickly darts out. Within seconds he returns with a first aid kit, bottle of water and medicine. She leans back against the mirror. Her body trembles and Dick grabs a towel. He dries her off.

“Let me get my robe ok?”

She nods as he leaves once more but returns with his black robe. He places it on her and ties it. He then opens the bottle of water, and hands her some Tylenol and Motrin. After she takes the pills she looks around once more.

“Where are we?”

“Hotel…” He says clearing his throat.

She narrows her eyes confused. Dick un-wraps her arm and doctors it. He redoes the gauze and places a dry wrap around it. Bella gasps out again and she squeezes her legs tightly together. Her entire face grows inflamed, and she flings her head back against the mirror.

“NO!” Dick yanks her up and checks her head over as the mirror shatters.

“No Bella! It’s over now! You hear me! The bastard is dead! He’ll never ever touch you again!”

“It hurts…” She undertones.

Dick grows pale at the hint. He nods, that wave of illness coming about him. He carries her to the bed and lays her down.

“I’m just looking ok. I’m not going to touch.”

She nods. He hated this. Hadn’t she been humiliated enough?

Her eyes close for a moment, that red tone coming to her cheeks.

“It’s just me and you baby.”

She nods and shows him. He fights the anger back. She was swollen, and red the area bruising as well. It takes all he has not to lose his mind. His eyes lock back with hers.

“He didn’t take me. It was just his hand.” He nods.

“I think we need to get you to a doctor.”

“No! It’ll go away on it’s own.”


“Dick, honestly if any other person, besides you, touches me I’m likely to fucking lose my mind and kill them. It’ll heal it’s just sore that’s all.”

Dick helps Bella back up on the bed. He readjusts the robe. Wishing he knew what to do.

“I messed up didn’t I?”

Dick rears back at this confused.

“That’s why we’re here… I’ve pushed him too far…”

“That couldn’t be further from the truth. This is between Bruce and I. This has nothing to do with you.”

“So he kicked you out?”

“No baby, I left.”


She goes to say something else, but grits her teeth, as the pain courses through her veins again.

“Easy…” He lays her down and tucks her in.

“I don’t want you concerning yourself with any of this now. I want you resting and focused on getting better.”


“I mean it. Let me worry about everything else.”

Dick crawled under the sheets lying next to her. He wanted to kiss on her, to feel her in his arms, to breath in her scent, but after everything she’d been through he figured he’d only frighten her.


“Yes baby?”

“Are you… well… I mean do you feel different about me now?”

He rolls over facing her.

“I mean…”

He shakes his head, knowing where this was going, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Don’t you even think that.”

She nods and wipes her eyes as she sniffles back.

“I feel so disgusting, like I can’t get him off me!”

More tears stream down her face. Bella rises however, and turns to him crossly.


He rears back.


“Why did you dress like Batman and offer yourself over! WHY!” She smacks him in the arm and she gasps as he flinches.

“Oh my god!” She grabs his arm checking it over.

“SHIT!” She scoots away from him quickly.

“I’m so sorry I…” She looks to her hands.

Dick looks to the mark on his arm.

“I’m ok Bella.”

“No I can’t believe I just did that!”

“It’s not you it’s the titan.”

Bella falls off the bed as she continues to back away from him. Dick sighs and comes to his feet.

“Bella, please don’t do that. I’m ok.”

She shakes her head burying her face into her arms. He gently puts his hand upon her shoulder.

“So I’m a freak now?”

“No Bella. You will just have to learn to work with it that’s all.”

“I thought I was barely popping you. I left a damn handprint on you!”

He chuckles a bit.

“I’ve had much, much worse.”

He sits next to her on the floor. He too brings his knees up. She raises her head back up,, to see him in his gray workout pants and no shirt.

“As to your question… I wasn’t about to let him do what he was about to.”

They both grimace at this.

“Don’t ever do that again!” She snaps.

He rolls his eyes.

“It should be me suffering with that titan strand not you. Haven’t you suffered enough? What were you thinking Bella?”

“What were you?”

She grits her teeth.

“What is it?”

“It keeps coursing through me. It’s feels like tiny rocks, streaming through my veins. Hurts like HELL!”

She closes her eyes for a moment with her hands in fists.

“It’s worse when I’m agitated.”

He nods.

She runs her fingers through her hair.

“You need to get some sleep. We both do.”

She crawls towards him and runs a finger along the mark on his arm. She kisses it and leans into him. He half smiles in relief, he then picks her up and carries her to bed.

They fall asleep in each other’s arms.

“Are you ever going to come out?”

Bruce turns away from the monitors towards Alfred.

“Ms. Kyle has been waiting for quite some time.”

Bruce rears back at this.

“Waiting?” He inquiries.

Alfred narrows his eyes, and puts his hand on Bruce’s shoulder.

“Why do we fall down Bruce?”

Bruce looks rather lost by the question, but answers.

“So we can get back up.”

Alfred nods.

“Ms. Swan has fallen. Yet, Master Grayson hasn’t given up on her. So why have you?”

Bruce sighs and folds his arms about his chest.

“You sir have more responsibilities than just to this city. You have them around this house just as well. You maybe Batman, but you were Bruce Wayne long before Batman ever existed.”

Alfred slightly squeezes before he lets go and exits the cave.

Bruce enters the living room and see’s Selina. She’s in a white blouse, black slacks, barefoot. She sips red wine from a glass. Her perfume carried over and so did the memories. Selina’s blonde locks draped over her shoulders. He’d sworn she only got more beautiful with age.

Selina notices the sadness in his eyes as he enters the room. His arms are folded giving Selina the view of his muscle definition. His hair was a mess yet somehow it only added to the sex appeal. She raises up.

Both however, were still on edge. Both hadn’t slept in 48 hours.

“Why are you still here?” He questions softly.

Selina softly laughs shaking her head.

“Well by all means I’m a big girl I can take a hint.”

She downs her wine and starts out the living room. Bruce gently grabs her by the arm stopping her.


He rolls his eyes.

“You want to run everyone off Bruce? Is that what you want?! Who’s next Alfred?”

“Watch what you say!”

“Why because it’s true? Truth hurts doesn’t it! It feels rather shitty to be on the receiving end of everyone’s disappointment doesn’t it?” She half laughs.

“Trust me I would know. I couldn’t keep my kitten grounded either! I too fucked it all up!”

“If you’d only wake up!”

He grinds his teeth together.

“Come on Bruce just admit it. We both screwed up! Both of us were guilty about running them off. I couldn’t get over my bullshit and nether could you! It’s irony at its finest. Perhaps, we’re more alike than we ever assumed!”

Their eyes lock.

“It hurts doesn’t it. It’s like a knife you can’t rip out. It just stays there! I fucked up so bad with that girl that I know no matter what I do there’s no possible way to ever fully fix it.”

Bruce closes his eyes for a moment.

“I went back against everything I said to her.”

Selina grows quiet as Bruce says his peace.

“I wasn’t even truly mad at her Selina. You were right. I didn’t want it to be Richard. I didn’t want his this for him!” He half growls shaking his head.

“I didn’t want blood on his hands least of all JOKERS! You know what’s so wrong about this!”

Selina takes in a breath waiting for it. Bruce does something he never does… Letting it all out.

“I WANTED HIM TO DIE! IT’S TRUE! I WISHED IT HAD BEEN ME! HE MANAGED TO DO SOMETHING, I COULD AND WOULD’VE NEVER DONE! JOKER WAS MY RESPONSBILITY! MINE! IF AT ANYONE’S HANDS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME! I MADE IT SOUND LIKE I WAS UPSET THAT IT WAS AT BATMAN’S HANDS! THAT THIS COULD GET OUT TO PUBLIC THAT BATMAN TOOK A LIFE. BUT HONEST TO GOD YOU WERE RIGHT… It was because it was Nightwing, my son took a life. I’ve not even said so much of this to him. All I’ve done as of late is disappoint him. There’s something wrong with me Selina, because at this very moment, with everything that I’ve seen.” Bruce takes in a breath. “All he’s done for Bella and Harley. I’ve honestly, never been prouder of Richard Grayson. Yet, instead of telling him these things, I’ve managed to push him away. I used Bella as a crutch for all things wrong as of late, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.” Bruce staggers back a bit and pinches the bridge of his nose.

Selina puts her hand upon his cheek.

“I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.”

Their eyes lock again and she leans in kissing his lips.

Bruce’s hands run along her back as they continue to kiss. Selina begins to lift off his shirt. Once it’s off she tosses it to the ground. Her soft hands run along his ripped chest. Paying extra attention to the scars he’d earned over the years as Batman. His fingers run through her curls as he kisses along her shoulders. Bruce gently takes her blouse and pulls it off her body. He unclasps her bra and starts backing her up towards the couch. Her arms go around his neck as he lays her down.

He unbuttons her pants and slides them off. They fall to the ground. Bruce takes her in admiringly. Her body still had that glow about it. It wasn’t just soft to the touch, but her skin looked just as soft as it felt. Selina swallows back as his warm hands run along her legs up her, hips, and tummy. He makes his way back to her lips kissing her. He takes his time with each touch. Bruce feels her undoing his pants. He braces himself over Selina. Her eyes close as he enters. She could feel his chest against her breast, his warm breath against her neck as he moved about.

He continued about the memories coming to play, of when they’d been together before. She still smelled and felt the same. Something he’d truly missed. She softly moans as he glides about her. Hearing this made him twinge harder with desire below. He’d always loved the way she moaned.

Selina’s warmth continued to surround him as she literally wrapped herself around him. She’d forgotten just how good he felt. How right it felt being in his arms. His scent was just as intoxicating as it was before. The silly urge to cry danced within her. The knot in her throat ached as he kissed her. Selina began to realize that she’d never gotten over Bruce Wayne. That she indeed was still in love. She’d spent all these years doing everything in her power to not think of him. To not remember! To push him away at all cost. Selina Kyle and Catwoman wasn’t worth the love of Bruce Wayne or Batman. But she’d grown tired of the games. Selina knew there was never a man that could make her feel the way he had. Even in their worst of times Bruce had a way about him. He always believed in her no matter the wrong she’d done. He always pushed to drive her towards a path, one she’d always sworn she’d never take.

She brings her hand to his cheek in thought, looking into his soft blue eyes. He nudges her hand with a kiss. Bruce before long lets out a moan gripping the couch tightly. He gives a few last strokes before pulling out. He then rolls over on the couch, and pulls her into his arms.

Dick shoots up as Bella shrieks out. Her hands are gripping the pillow. He takes in a breath and gently shakes her.

“Come on baby, wake up.”

She continues to squirm about the bed.

“Bella…” He shakes her again.

Her eyes fling open and she gasps out. Dick slowly moves towards her.

“It’s me Bella…” She nods as he reaches out to her.

She takes his hand and he brings her into his chest. He wraps his arms around her.

“I’m right here.”

She nods.

“I got you. I’m not letting go.”

“Where we going?”

Dick smiles and pecks her on the cheek.

“Let’s just say, we’re taking a little vacation.”


He nods, as he opens the door to the black stripped and baby blue 442 1970 Oldsmobile.

Bella looks back to the manor.

“Won’t he be pissed?”

“It’s my car Bella. That’s why I had the cab drop us off to get it.”

“You can drive?” She mocks.

“Yep I’ve got my license and everything. I even know how to tie my shoes; don’t let the boots fool you.”

She softly laughs, but looks back to the manor sadly.

“Don’t…”He says tenderly and motions for her to get in.

“Shouldn’t you tell him?”

“I’m a grown man Bella. I don’t have to answer to Bruce.”

She takes in a breath and gets in. He shuts the door and see’s Bruce standing outside the manor. He ignores him and gets into the car. He peels out not looking back.

Dick turns on the radio. He wanted to do whatever he could think of to get her mind off the literal nightmare she went through. He rather rears back in irony at the song playing and the lyrics.

Through It All by Device was playing.

I’ve been alone
Felt abandoned at times
Given into the fall
I can’t forget what it’s like

When I felt numb
And so hollow inside
You carried me through it all
Across the divide

And when I went through it all
You gave me your heart
I learned to forgive
And when I come through it all
I know you’re the one
I’ll never forget
I pray I’m the one
You’ll never forget

I’ve been lost
I’ve felt ruined inside
Watched it all crumble
In the blink of an eye

You were strong
And so hopeful inside
Saved this fallen one
When I wanted to die

(You’re the reason I’m still alive, the only reason I’m still alive)
(You’re the reason that I survived, the only reason that I survived)

Bella swallows back that knot forming in her throat and looks out the window. Neither says a word, yet shared the same thoughts. Dick takes her hand. They hang up their capes so to speak. Then begin their own little road trip.

Dick looks over after about an hour in and sees she’s fallen asleep. He leans back a bit fighting the images of recent events himself. After a few more hours he pulls into the city limits of his destination. Bella does that gasping out thing as she comes to. Her hands ball up as she gathers her whereabouts. She notices the tall skyscrapers as they drive past.

“Are we still in Gotham?”

He smiles.

“Nope Starling City, thought we’d visit a friend as we pass through.”

“Pass through?”

He nods.

“So where are we going?”

“We’re going to spend a few days in Metropolis…”

“Where Clark lives?”


“So who’s the friend?”


“The one you want to punch in the face.”

He grins.

“Yep, that’s exactly why I’m passing through.”

She nods with a hint of a smile, but reaches to her stomach, as though in pain.


“I’m fine.” She says with a bit of a grunt.

Twenty minutes later, Dick pulls up in front of a mansion. Bella wrinkles her nose a bit. It looked more like a damn castle to her.

“Something wrong?”

“Other than everyone you know being super prosperous? Nope, just frickin’ peachy.”

He presses his lips together with narrowed eyes. Dick says nothing though, he gets out and opens door for her. He takes her hand and leads her to the door. He knocks but there’s no answer.

“That’s funny. I just called him a few minutes ago told him we were on our way.”

He tries peeking through the windows, but sees nothing.

“Maybe, he’s in his bunker counting gold coins… or with his nephews?”

“Nephews?” Dick questions curiously.

“Huey, Duey and Louie…”

He chuckles.

“Maybe, you’re right…” Dick says opening the door welcoming themselves inside.

“He can be a bit a of a Scrooge.” He says a bit louder, but winks at Bella.

Bella looks around the place as they walk around. Dick quickly turns as Bella takes in a breath.

“What?” She turns to him with widen eyes.

He narrows his eyes, and shakes his head as she shows him the dust print on her finger.

“Why I never…” She pretends to be appalled.

“Where’s his maid? He really should fire her.”

Dick grins as Bella dust off her hands. His reflexes quickly pick up; he hears a small whistling sound coming right for them. He rolls his eyes and hastily catches the arrow. Dick sends the arrow flying back. The man in green smiles and catches it putting it back into his pouch. He laughs.

“Ah, nice to see you still have your senses about you.”

Dick notices the look on Bella’s face though and sighs. She takes a few steps back as Green Arrow leaps down.
“Bella baby relax. It’s just Ollie aka Green Arrow.”

“Hey, don’t be giving out my identity now.”

“Then don’t be giving my girl a damn heart attack.”

Green Arrow lowers his hood and looks to Bella.

“Remember me?”
She nods rather nervously. Ollie tilts his head on this.

“You ok there?”

Dick clears his throat.

She nods again. Ollie looks to Dick confused seeing the bruises on her face.

“Um, where’s your bathroom.”

“Upstairs, second door on the right.”

She heads that direction. Once they hear the door close. Ollie cuts him a look.

“What the hell happened?”

Dick exhales looking back towards the stairs.


“Man, if I had known. I wouldn’t have…” He hints about the arrow.


“So where is he now?”

“Dead.” Ollie rears back at this.

“Ah, and to whom do I owe the honors?”

“It was at my hands.”

Ollie’s eyes widen in disbelief.

“I can just imagine how Bruce feels about this.”

Dick shrugs.

“So is she alright?”

“No, far from it… I’m doing whatever I can, to get her mind off it. The things he did to her Ollie.” Dick says shaking his head.

Both men grow quiet as Bella makes her way back down.

“Look, you’re both welcome to stay as long as you’d like, me casa su casa.”

“Thank you, but we’re just passing through; we’ll be getting a hotel.”

“Hotel?!” He says as if offended.

“No you’re not. My place is much nicer, than the finest hotels in Starling. You’ll both be staying here.” He says with a shrug.

“In fact, I’m taking you both out, on me. Dick put on your best dress.”

Ollie winks at Bella.

“Seriously, I’m not taking no for an answer.”

Dick sighs.

“He means it. We’re just as good as prisoners now.”

Ollie laughs.

“That you are.”

“I’ll go get our things.”

Ollie nods as Dick makes his way out.

“And they say it’s not easy being green.” Bella retorts in memory.

“Now I get it…”

He grins. She glances the outfit over.

“Not too bad. You’ve got that Prince of Thieves thing going.”

“You really think?” He says beaming at the words.

“Certainly, only much more modern.”


He makes his way to the bar.

“Would you like anything to drink?” He says pouring himself a glass.

She shrugs.

“Hm.” He grabs another glass and fills it.

He makes his way over and hands it to her.

“Honestly, you look like you could use one.”

She swallows back and takes a swig. She starts to choke back a bit. He raises his brows and pats her on the back.

“Easy now.”

“Is that tequila?”

Dick makes his way in with their bags.

“Great, I’m gone for a few minutes, and you’re already getting her drunk?!”

Ollie laughs.

“She’s not there yet… give her time.”

Bella wrinkles her nose and her body reacts with quivers. Still, she downs the rest anyhow.

“How about another?”

“Um, sure.”

“Maybe, you should eat first.” Dick suggests.

Bella makes her way to the massive windows. She looks onto the city. The sun was setting and the lights of the city were starting to luster.

“That’s some view.” The mansion overlooked the city.

Ollie smiles.

“Yes, it is isn’t it?”

Ollie puts a hand to her shoulder; she jumps, and scoots away. He swiftly moves it and takes a step back. Bella lowers her head. Dick takes notice of this and makes his way over.

“I’m sorry…” She says shaking her head.

“Don’t be. I can’t even imagine…” Ollie hints.

Dick takes her hand and pulls her into his chest. Neither man says a word; there was no need it was said in silence.

Ollie looks to the time.

“I’ve got an errand to run. Say we meet up in about an hour? You know the place. Make yourselves at home.” He says to Dick.

Dick nods, and Ollie puts his hood back on, and leaps out one of the windows. Dick shows Bella around. He then gets out their clothes for the night. Bella ganders upon the black dress, he’s got laid out for her in the guest bedroom, they choose to stay in. The bedroom was vanilla colored with dark mahogany furniture. The silk curtains matched the furniture.

“Um what’s that?”

“A dress.”

“I get that, but why? I mean you didn’t actually take Ollie serious did you?”

“Because…” He says with a shrug and starts to get into a black suit and tie.

Bella raises her brows.

“Um, I thought we were just going to eat.”

“We are.”

“Um… ok…” She says with a breath and starts to get dressed.

She looks upon the dress, realizing it was a dress Selina had gotten her.

“I don’t think I’ve ever worn this.” She admits.

Dick smiles and rips the tag off in the back.

“Nope.” He confirms handing her the tag.

“Well I suppose I won’t be taking this one back.”

“I like it.” He says admiring the low cut back.

He runs his hands gently along her taking it in. The dress perfectly molded against her figure, ended just above the knees, only adding to Bella’s sex appeal. Still, Dick was careful about what he said and how he touched her.

Bella fixed her hair, pinning half of it up, and letting the rest drape down. She closes her eyes for a moment after looking in the mirror. Dick already knew without even asking.

“I’ll take you down first thing in the morning and have your hair done.”

She nods, however, he does something he’d not a clue about. He takes her hand and twirls her. Bella goes pale and breaks out of his hold.


Her hands shake and she darts to the immense bathroom. Dick peers in concerned as she’s scrubbing her face. She then scrubs her hands and arms. She’s got her teeth gritted. His eyes widen as she starts breaking skin.


He quickly takes the washcloth from her and turns the water off.

“He’s still on me! I can’t get him OFF! I can feel him!”

“He’s gone baby! He’s not coming back!”

She nods and makes her way back down the stairs. She helps herself to Ollie’s bar and pours herself another drink. Bella quickly downs it with a grimace. Her eyes shut for a moment and she keeps her hands firmly around the bottle of tequila and glass.

“Why don’t I call Ollie and cancel?”

She opens her eyes.

“No Dick. I’ll be fine just give me a minute.”

“Bella…” He says out of concern.

She half laughs.

“Seriously, I’ll be fine.”

She puts up Ollie’s bottle and she washes the cup she used. Afterword, she finishes getting ready. Dick’s fixing his tie looking out the window. Bella takes over and tucks it into his suit.

“Thanks.” She nods and kisses his lips.

“About earlier…”

Dick shakes his head and kisses her in return.

“We’re good.” He says with a wink.

“You ready?”

Bella giggles a bit as she and Dick walk inside the exquisite restaurant. There were white candles about each table, a single fresh red rose I a white vase on each, chandeliers of gold hung about the area, Everything seemed to be gold and white.

“I wonder how much it cost for a napkin…” Dick hears her whisper.

“I should probably ask my nephews.” Bella blushes a bit to the familiar voice behind them.

She turns and he grins.

“Glad to see you two actually made it.”

Bella holds her breath for a moment.

“He heard all that…” She hisses as Ollie leads them to a table.

Dick chuckles.

“I suppose he did.”


“No, Ollie, but he tends to think so sometimes.”

She grins on this as Dick pulls out a chair for her.

“You look stunning by the way.” Ollie says as they take their seats.

“Thank you.”

Bella didn’t feel attractive at all. Her face was still bruised up along with the rest of her body, that and she hated her hair now.

“I must say, I prefer the brunette version.” Ollie says as he points to a bottle of champagne on the menu. The waiter nods and walks away.

“I think the feeling is mutual.” Dick says with a warm smile directed her way.

Bella gestures in agreement.

Once their food arrives and they’re almost done eating, Bella looks to Ollie.

“So what’s your story?”

He looks to her a bit oddly at first.


“Everyone has one right?”

He smiles.

“I suppose you’re right.”

He clears his throat and leans back.

“I must say, your man here once hated my very existence.”

Dick rolls his eyes.

“You were an ass Oliver.”

Ollie has a good laugh at this.

“My friend here was a drunken buffoon and womanizer when we first met.”

“Now, now, Richard, be nice.”

Dick cocks a brow at this.

“Well it’s true.”

“Even so…”

“Ollie, was one of the few of us that let fame, power and fortune go to his head.”

“Ah, you’re only telling her the bad parts?!”

“Is there anything else?” Dick taunts.

“How about this Ms. Swan, my name is Oliver Queen? I spent five grueling years on a hellish island, I’d only returned with one goal, to save the residents of Starling, but to do so, I had to give up my foolish ways. Dick however, was right I was an ass. However, I was also once was a ruthless killing machine. It was how I survived. That island, well it does things to you. Things that make you recoil upon your own reflection. To honor a special friend’s memory, I became something else. You see Bella. I had to; there was no other way about it.”

“How’d you end up on the island?”

He clears his throat and sips from his champagne. Ollie begins his own story of how he became Green Arrow. Bella listens without interruption. Once he’s done he tilts his head upon her.


“So…” She says with exasperation.

“That’s some crazy shit.” Dick and Ollie chuckle as Bella polishes off her champagne.

“You could say that again.”

“Now your turn…”

Bella swallows back in thought. She tells him about Forks and how she came about Gotham, how she and Dick first met.

“So you thought I was hot?” Dick questions.

Bella blushes a bit and shrugs.


Ollie laughs.

“Oh, it gets better.” She looks to Dick with a menacing glare.

So ummm busty ladies part 3?”

It’s for my friend actually.”

Your friend huh?”


And what would this friend’s name be?”



So Bruce likes the well-endowed?”

Ollie dies in laughter and Dick’s got a red hue to his face.

“Thanks babe!”

“Aw, don’t mention it.”

“So you tried to pin it on Bruce?”

Bella smiles.

“I still haven’t told Bruce that story either.” She says in thought.

“And you won’t…”

“Oh is that so?”



“I must say, Bella, I can see why he’s smitten.”

Bella looks to him rather surprised and blushes. Dick nods and puts his arm around her.

Ollie leans back and puts his hand upon his chin. He turns his attention to the dance area of the restaurant.

“Well, are you going to ask your lovely lady to dance or not?”

Dick shrugs as they look over to the area.

“Very well, then I shall…” Dick shoots up from his chair, cutting Ollie an evil glare.

Ollie laughs.

“Would you like to dance Bella?”

She swallows back. It’s him Bella… It’s Richard Grayson. She takes in a breath and takes his hand. Her palms become clammy as he leads her towards the area. Once they get there Dick freezes looking her over.

“Are you alright?”

She okays, but her face says differently.

“We don’t have to do this you know.”

She shakes her head as the new song starts. It was all classical music. Bella covers her ears and rushes out to the balcony. She grasps the brick edge and leans over it catching her breath.

“I’m trying.” She says hearing him behind her.

She turns to him with tears.

“I love you Dick, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what’s overcome me.”

“I think we both do actually, and please stop, you owe me no apology…” He says softly.

“It’s going to take some time. I’m not going to force, anything, on you Bella. I’m here for you. We take this at your own pace.”

Dick clears his throat.

“So he stole my dance?” He says in almost a murmur.

She nods sadly. That’s about what he’d thought.

“Look at me.”

He lifts her chin and bares his eyes into her own.

“It’s me Bella. See? My eyes, my face, and my hands.”

Before Bella realizes it, Dick’s dipping her, and brings her back up, then twirls her about back towards him. He pulls her into his chest.

“Still, all me…” He whispers again.

“I’d never hurt you.”

She nods and leans against his chest. Her body begins to relax. They continue to dance, as the song comes to an end, he kisses her. Bella feels his hands running along her bare back. He stops before coming to her rear, he then bows and kissing her hand.

Bella bites her bottom lip, her cheeks left with that rosy tint.

“You two get settled in ok?”

Dick nods as he makes his way down the stairs.

“She’s out.”

Ollie nods as he takes a seat on his black leather recliner.
“By the way I’ve a bone to pick with you.”

“And that would be?”

“Those files… Why did you hand them off to Bella?”

He shrugs.

“I figured since they were about her anyhow, why not.”

“I wasn’t ready for her to see those yet Ollie.”

Ollie narrows his eyes.

“So this was all behind her back? Tsk, tsk Dick.” He waves his finger about as if to scold.

“Then I imagine she wasn’t too thrilled to find out you and Bruce were digging up information on her.”

“Don’t turn this around Ollie.”

Ollie smiles.

“Huh… But it’s so easily out there. So, she knows. What’s the big deal?”

Dick shakes his head.

“She’s been through so much already.”

“Well hiding things for starters certainly won’t help.”

Dick rolls his eyes.

“That wasn’t my intention. I was going to tell her. I just was waiting for the right moment. The whole identification thing that was Clark’s doing.”

“You always hated it when Bruce did you that way…” Ollie hints.

“I’m just trying to protect her.”
“So was he.”

“Look, are we really going to do this?”

Ollie shrugs.

“Do you want to?”

“Good, neither do I.”

Ollie however, leans back.

“I’ve done some more research.”


He nods.

“You’re not going to like what I’ve discovered.”

“What’s new?”

Ollie tosses him another file.

“Sean Shivell?”

“Seems at one time or another we had a mutual enemy my friend.”

Dick rears back at the photos in the file.


“That’s what I thought.”

“But the doctor in the files looks nothing like him!”

“We both know what he’s capable of.”

“Why would he go through all that trouble? Why her?!”

“That’s what’s got my curiosity, as well.”

“So he’s been going under this alter ego?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time, he’s managed his way to my home town once before. The bastard stirred up all sorts of mayhem.”

“Certainly, sounds like him.”

Dick sighs.

“Looks, like I’ve got more homework to do.”

“Yep, you’ve certainly got your work cut out for you.”

Ollie looks towards the stairs in thought.

“So how bad?”


“You did the right thing Dick. Don’t let Bruce tell you any different.”

Dick nods.

“He’s already tried. We’ve not exactly seen eye to eye as of late.”

“Joker… he should have died a while back. A lot of lives would have been saved. Other’s lives not affected.” Ollie hints.

Dick pinches the bridge of his nose.

“The bastard’s dead. Yet, I’m still furious. It still feels like it’s simply not enough. The things I saw him to do to her Ollie! It was sickening and I didn’t even see everything! I was only there in the span of minutes, verses the days, she spent with him! I may never know everything she went through.”

“I’m afraid if you did, it’d drive you mad.”

“I’m already there.”




One thought on “Chapter 19 Prince Of Thieves”

  1. I’m glad you had him kill Joker. I always thought Bats was stupid for continuously putting him back in a place that he kept escaping from. People argue that he would become just like the bad guys he puts away, but I think that would only happen when killing didn’t bother him anymore. A LOT of lives could have been spared, including Barbara’s paralysis if Bats had done what he should have long ago.

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