Chapter 2 Richard Grayson

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“You’re looking much better.”

Bella looks back from the mirror as Selena leans against the doorway.

“Um thanks.”

She smiles and starts playing with Bella’s hair.

“First things first you need to find you a job, something low profile.”

Bella rears back at this.

“Low profile?”

She nods and puts Bella’s hair in pigtails and smiles.

“Hmmm.” Selena says looking into the mirror.

“You’ll do just fine.”

Selena leans back against the wall in thought.

“We’ll start training this weekend.”

“Um training?”

Selena nods.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“Go find you a job kitten something you like something simple. Go mingle learn what Gotham has to offer. But here.” She places a Taser into Bella’s hand.

“Never ever leave home without that little toy. Aim for the balls or the mouth.” She raises Bella’s pant leg and places a knife holster around her ankle with a blade inside.
“Selena?!” Bella says confused.

“Now I don’t know where you come from dear. Hell I don’t care to know. But around here you don’t ever leave the house without some sort of protection. I expect you home before too late.” She hands Bella a cell.

“I do not mind hounding you like a mother hen. If you do not answer my calls I will come looking for you. And trust me darling I’m a real bitch when I need to be.”

Bella shakes her head and hands the taser back.

“You’re insane.” She goes to hand back the blade.

“That’s right and that’s what it takes to survive.” She shoves the taser back against Bella’s chest.

“Are you starting to remember?”

Bella nods but looks to be in pain.

“It may take some time. Don’t be a fool. You need me and you know it. I happen to know you have no home, no car, and no money. You came off a bus and not long after you got your ass handed to you. You need to trust me and quit running from your own shadow. Now get out there live a little but don’t be an idiot either.”

Bella stands there in disbelief as Selena leaves the apartment.

Bella makes her way into town on foot looking around. Her nerves are a bit shot. She buys her a hotdog and soda and sits down on a bench eating it and looking around. Across the street she sees a video store that has a sign that says hiring. She finishes her hotdog and soda and throws everything away. She wipes her mouth and takes in a breath as she makes her way over.

Bella ask the clerk for an application. What she didn’t expect was to get hired on the spot. The tall blonde haired man asked her a few questions and hired her.

“I just fired my last employee for stealing. I’m having to fill for him. Can you start today?”

“UM sure…” She says with a shrug.

“Awesome.” She rears back though as the man grabs his jacket and starts to head out the door.

“Um sir!”

He turns to her.

“Don’t I get trained or something?”

“You know how to count money?”

She nods.

“You know how to put things in alphabetical order?”

She nods again.

He smiles and leaves the store. Her jaw drops and she looks around.

“What the hell?” She looks around not even sure what to do.

She sighs and makes her way to the register. It was a decent enough store she thought. Not too big but enough for supply. After an hour in she gets her first customer. She hears the roaring of a bike and looks out admiring the slick looking black bike. However the rider takes off his helmet and runs his fingers through his hair. Bella blushed in thought as he starts towards the door. He enters the store and their eyes lock for a moment. He nods towards her and she nods in return. Bella bites her lower lip nervously as she checks him out. He was wearing black boots, blue jeans, and black shirt that showed off a bit of muscle definition. His hair was dark as midnight he’d deep blue eyes.

“Damn…” she mutters softly.

She clears her throat as he turns towards her. Bella looks down in a blush and pretends to be busy with something.

Little was she aware that he too had been checking her out. In fact he had forgotten what movie he’d come here to rent. He’d been coming here for years and never seen her before. He noticed how her shirt barely covered her belly button. In fact she raised her arms at one point and he almost stumbled into a tower of clearance videos. He’d a thing for brunettes and this one was hot. He couldn’t look away. She didn’t look like she belonged in a video store though. He clears his throat looking around.

“So where’s Jim?”


He smiles.

“The usual clerk.”

“Oh um not sure I’m new.”

Of course you are… He finds himself thinking.

“How new?”

“First day.”

His eyes widen a bit.

“And they left you to run the place alone?”

She smiles.

“He couldn’t wait to get away, hired me on the spot.”

Damn… what a jerk.

“That sucks…”


He nods and continues to look around. Bella however comes around picking something up off the floor. He rears back at this tilting his head checking out her ass. She turns towards him and he quickly turns and immediately grabs the closet video. Without even looking to it he brings it to the counter and takes out his wallet.

Bella blushes and shakes her head looking upon him. He raises his brows thinking she was about to say something.

“So ummm busty ladies part 3?”

His eyes widen and he looks down to the video.

Really? Oh come on what are the chances? He hears her giggling. He quickly thinks of the first thing that comes to mind.

“It’s for my friend actually.”

“Your friend huh?”

“And what would this friend’s name be?”


“Bruce?” She says shaking her head.

“So Bruce likes the well-endowed?”

He sighs knowing Bruce would murder him on the spot. He closes his eyes.

“Ok. Ok I wasn’t paying attention and just grabbed something.”


“No seriously.”
“And why weren’t you paying attention?” She says with a certain smile.
Damn is she flirting with me? He rubs the back of his neck with a hint of a nervous laugh.

“Um look why don’t you help me pick out something.”


His eyes widen again.

“No, no I mean a movie. Like what’s good?”

“Well what are you into?” She says but teases him as she picks up the video waving it about.

She begins to walk around looking at the different genres.

“What are you in the mood for?”

I’d like to take you on my bike, hit a movie, take you to dinner, make out somewhere… He struggles in his mind. But instead he gives a simple shrug.

“Well ok…” She places a movie into his hands.

He grins looking upon it.

“Indiana Jones?”

She nods.

“It’s got a little bit of everything.”

She starts towards the register again. He follows and places the video down.

“You’re certain you don’t still want this one?” She taunts.

“I’m good…” She laughs again.

“So you got a name?”


He nods.

“Dick.” He says offering a hand.

He sighs already knowing… but she takes his hand shaking it.

“Yeah I get that a lot but the names real.”

Bella smiles.

“My full name’s Richard Grayson but everyone calls me Dick.”

“Dick’s not so bad.”

He finds himself laughing now.

“Well it was nice meeting you Bella…”

“It’s Isabella Swan. Everyone calls me Bella.”

“Well Bella I’ll see you around.”

She nods as he heads out of the store and back onto his bike.

“Holy crap…” She says watching as he drives away.

“So how was your first day?” Selena questions as Bella enters the apartment.

Bella shrugs.

“Not so bad I suppose.”

“I got your text sorry I didn’t answer was a bit occupied.”

Bella peers over as Selena’s doctoring her knee up.

“Um are you ok?”

“Yep just another day in the office.”

Selena says with a wink. Bella opens fridge angry with herself for forgetting to get some groceries. All Selena kept around the house was milk, bread, tuna and catfood.

“Do you ever actually eat?”

Selena looks to her oddly.

“Of course I eat kitten.”

“I mean besides tuna?”

Selena makes an irritated face.

“What’s wrong with tuna?”

Bella shrugs and shuts the fridge door.

“Where you going?” Selena questions as Bella heads back towards the door.

“To get me a burger. Wanna join?”

“Hmmm… I’m tired you go on knock yourself out.”

Bella nod and heads out.

Irony has it that the guy she’d met at the video store was already sitting down with his burger. Bella pays for her burger and sits off to a corner. She keeps her distance but watches as his back is turned to her. After days of tuna, milk and water she hadn’t realized how hungry she was. All she’d had was the hotdog today. She devours her burger but see’s Dick is now at the door about to leave.

She gets the sudden urge to follow him. She felt wrong but wanted to know more about him. He heads around the corner and she sees him ball up a napkin and toss it into the trash. Bella however hears something else and see’s this woman being pushed around by five other guys. Bella freezes as the memory hits she stands back nervously. However she notices how Dick shakes his head as if irritated. She hides as he begins to turn around. Afraid he’d seen her she ducks into the shadows of a nearby building. Her jaw drops as he takes one of the men and slams him against the wall. Within a matter of a minute all five guys are down on the ground groaning in agony. Dick crouches down and helps the woman to her feet.

“Are you alright Ms?”

She nods she thanks him profusely and starts to cry. He pats her on the back and hails her a cab. He even pays for the cab and sends her on her way safely. Bella smiled amongst the shadows as he walked away.



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