Chapter 22 Too Good To Be True

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“Hey babe look Billy Zane!” Dick points to a guy coming out of one of the banks.

Bella shrugs as they’re standing at one of the hot dog stands.

“HEY BILLY ZANE!” Dick rushes up to the guy.

Bella narrows her eyes watching.

“Can I have your autograph?”

“I’m not Billy Zane.” The guy says as if irritated.

“Don’t you know who I am?!” He snaps all cocky like.

Bella continues to watch in wonder.

“Oh I know, you’re the guy with the spray on hair commercials. Wow, it always looked so real. Why aren’t you using the product now? It was quite fetching.” Bella covers her mouth trying not to laugh.

The guy grits his teeth and rushes off bitterly.

“So who is he really?”

“He owns this town or seems to think he does. That was Lex Luthor. Bella turns towards the Luthorcorp buildings and wrinkles her nose.”

“He’s anti Bruce Wayne. Clark can’t stand him. Yet, ironically they were good friends once.”

“Huh…” Bella shrugs biting into her hot dog.

“I’m kind of wanting watermelon for some reason.”

Dick grins.

“You’re right that does sound good. I wonder if Martha has any ready yet.”

Dick feels his cell phone vibrate again. He rolls his eyes seeing it’s Bruce yet, again.

He’s worse than a stalker girlfriend. Dick thinks as he hits ignore and shoves it back into his pocket. Clark and Lois come out of the bridal store. Dick softly laughs to himself seeing the look on his friend’s face. Something no guy wants to really be around.

“So which one did you like Clark?” He hears Lois asking as they make their way up.

Clark shrugs.

“They were all very nice Lois.”

“Well that doesn’t help me.”

“Isn’t it bad luck to see the dress anyhow?”

“That’s if I’m in it Clark! Get with the program!”

Bella softly laughs.

“Is that true?” Clark questions Bella.

“I wouldn’t chance either one honestly. I think the dress should be a surprise.”

Lois looks to Bella tilting her head.

“I should have brought you in there. You would have been more helpful.”

Bella looks to Dick wide eyed.


“In fact maybe…” Lois yanks Bella by the arm dragging her back that way.

She mouths the words help me to Clark and Dick. They both rub the back of their necks and look to her apologetically.

Bella’s jaw drops as they enter the store. It was wall to wall in dresses.

“Holy shit!”

Lois snaps a look at Bella. Bella clears her throat.

“Um sorry, just caught me off-guard.”

Lois laughs.

“It overwhelmed my hero over there as well.”

“I can see why. I mean where do you even begin?”

Lois shrugs.

“That’s exactly why I need you!”

“Eh… I’m not really all that…”
Lois takes her hand dragging her down the aisle.

“We should get you a dress as well. You know for the wedding.”


“Well you’re coming aren’t you?!”

Bella’s eyes widen and she swallows back.

“Well of course you are! “

Bella wasn’t sure what to say or think. Dick hadn’t even told her about their wedding. Nor did she realize she was invited until now.

“So… have you and Dick… well you know talked wedding plans yet?”
Bella’s eyes grew even wider.


Lois laughs.

“That’s a resounding no if I ever heard one.”

Bella swallows back.

“Um we haven’t been dating that long.”

“Oh please he’s ready.”

Bella let out a nervous laugh.

“It’s written all over his face. Any day now he’s going to pop that question and he’ll be sweating bullets, praying you say yes.”



“I think I’m going to hurl.”

Lois laughs, but rears back as Bella grows pale on her. Lois quickly grabs her and carries her out of the store. Dick and Clark rear back at the sight.

“Yeah this is different.” Lois says to Clark.

He chuckles.

“It would seem so.”

“Trying to steal my girl Lois?” Dick smarts.

“I think it was a bit overwhelming after all.”

Clark studies Lois though and shakes his head. He knew her more than anyone.

“Lois… what did you do?”

Lois shrugs with a nervous laugh.


Bella opens her eyes seeing Lois is still holding her. Bella quickly hops out of her arms.

She looks back to Dick and Clark blushing.

“Um… oops?”

Dick laughs shaking his head.

“Wow no hug? Or thank you?” Lois pretends to be miffed.

“Maybe if you were taller and were more masculine.”

Lois laughs.

“Guess I’ll have to do this on my own.”

“Um yeah sorry Lois…”

“So what happened?”

Bella takes in a deep breath looking to Lois. Lois cuts her a guilty expression. Clark pinches the bridge of his nose.

“I have an allergy…”

Lois quickly covers her mouth to keep from laughing. Bella cuts her an evil glance.


“Um yeah…”

“To wedding dresses?”

Bella shrugs. Dick narrows his eyes.

“Actually, I think the allergy is Lois Lane’s big mouth.”

Lois’s jaw drops at Clark’s words.


He smiles.

“I can only imagine…” He hints looking to her with crossed arms.

“Let’s find something the four of us can enjoy.”

Lois sighs.

“Ok fine, so what beer drinking and burping contest?”

“I’m game!” Bella says with a shrug.

They all laugh.

“Sounds good to me.” Dick says with a shrug.

“Same here.”

“It was a joke…” The three of them start walking down the sidewalk.

“Guys!” Lois hollers again.

“You know JOKE… Oh come on!”

Bella laughs as Dick takes her hand and they head to a nearby bar.

“Huh…karaoke night.” Lois says and Clark sighs.

“Maybe this won’t be such a bust after all.”

“Lois…” Clark warns as they sit down.

Lois ignores him as they take their seats. Bella grimaces at the girl currently singing.

Dick laughs putting his arm around her.

“A natural huh?”

“Natural at breaking glass.” She murmurs.

They order some drinks for the table.

“You had better bring her as your date!”

Dick rears back at Lois’s randomness.


“To our wedding! I want to see her there! How dare you not tell her!”

Dick leans back.

“Hadn’t crossed my mind honestly.” He looks to Bella.

“So you wanna go?”

“Of course she does! Don’t you Bella?!”

Bella downs some of her beer.

“I’ll go if he wants me to.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

Bella shrugs.

“See there, you’re both coming.”

Lois waves the server over.

“We need extra shots all around.”

Clark shakes his head at Lois.


She looks to him as the shots are placed down.

“Count of three.” Lois says and they each down a shot.

“Can he even get drunk?” Bella whispers to Dick.

“No, but Lois is determined.”

Bella laughs.

“I can see that.”

They each take another shot and Bella downs some more beer. Lois comes to her feet. She walks around taking Bella’s hand.

“Let’s show these girls how it’s really done.”

She turns back to Dick nervously. He presses his lips together and covers his mouth.


He shrugs and folds his arms about his chest.

“I’m going to kill you!”

“And that’s Lois…” Clark says, but with a smile.

Lois drags Bella up the stage. Bella looks to everyone frozen in place. Dick watches curiously as Lois reaches over and starts picking a song.

“Lois…” Bella pleads realizing it was directly into the microphone Lois had shoved into her hand.

She quickly lowers it as everyone starts laughing. Dick winces and looks around.

“You might have to save her…” Clark says.

“You maybe right…”

Clark watches though as Dick doesn’t even move. He continues to sit there watching.

“I’m not sure who’s crueler at this point, you or my fiancé’. You should see your girl’s heart rate right about now.”

Dick sighs in thought.

“What she means is that… Hi I’m Lois and my hot little friend here is Bella!” Lois takes her hand spinning her around.

Dick cocks a brow as the other guys in the bar start whistling. Bella blushes and looks down to the floor. Harley by night… he thinks shaking his head. They couldn’t be more different. Lois smacks Bella on the butt and she swallows back nervously. Lois sighs and quickly makes her way back down grabbing one of Clark’s shots. She hands it to Bella as she’s on stage. Lois brings the mic up to her mouth again.

“She just needs little convincing.”

Bella shuts her eyes downing the shot.

“Good girl…” Lois says winking at her.

“I’m going to wreck your wedding.” Bella threatens as she hands the shot back.

“Awesome, something to remember.”

Clark catches this laughing. Lois makes her way back up and starts the song.

Step inside, walk this way
You and me babe, hey hey!

Lois starts to sing circling Bella.

Love is like a bomb, baby, c’mon get it on
Livin’ like a lover with a radar phone

Lookin’ like a tramp, like a video vamp
Demolition woman, can I be your man?
(Your man, hey, hey!)

Bella takes in a breath as Lois keeps encouraging her.

Razzle ‘n’ a dazzle ‘n’ a flash a little light

Dick rears back in shock as she starts singing with Lois.

Television lover, baby, go all night
Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah

“Wow, you got yourself a natural.” Clark says with seriousness.

Dick takes in a breath watching in disbelief.

Come on! Take a bottle, shake it up
Break the bubble, break it up

“I think you’re right…” He clears his throat finding himself turned on.

Pour some sugar on me, ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me, c’mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me, I can’t get enough
I’m hot, sticky sweet from my head to my feet, yeah

Both girls are dancing around the stage, and jumping up and down. Bella had a genuine smile about her face.

Listen, red light, yellow light, green light, go
Crazy little woman in a one man show
Mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of love
Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up
(Loosen up)
I loosen up

You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little, tease a little more
Easy operator come a-knockin’ on my door
Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah yeah
Give a little more

Take a bottle, shake it up
Break the bubble, break it up

Both girls make their way down to Dick and Clark. Bella teasingly, runs her finger along Dick’s chest. He grins and wiggles his brows. Lois sits in Clark’s lap, the crowd going crazy.

Pour some sugar on me, ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me, c’mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me, oh, I can’t get enough
I’m hot, sticky sweet from my head to my feet, yeah

You got the peaches, I got the cream
Sweet to taste, saccharine
‘Cause I’m hot, so hot, sticky sweet

Dick’s eyes widen as Bella straddles his lap. She playfully shoves him back against the chair. Bella comes back up to her feet and Dick grabs the hoop to her jeans, pulling her back towards him.

From my head, my head to my feet
Do you take sugar, one lump or two?

Bella doesn’t break. She continues on as he runs his hand along her rear. She playfully slaps him and walks away.

“Holy…” Dick says.

“You going in shock there buddy?” Clark says behind a laugh as the girls go back on stage.

Take a bottle, take a bottle
Shake it up, shake it up
Break the bubble, break it up
Break it up

Pour some sugar on me, ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me, c’mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me, oh, I can’t get enough
Pour some sugar on me, oh, in the name of love

Both girls belt out the last lyrics. Clark and Dick whistle and clap along with the other customers.

Pour some sugar on me, get it, come get it
Pour your sugar on me, ooh
Pour some sugar on me, yeah
Sugar me

Everyone’s clapping even the guys.

“Another!” Dick taunts and Bella grins shaking her head.

She makes her way over handing him the mic.

“You’re turn.”

He laughs.

“That’s not happening.” His eyes widen as he the mic was still on.

Bella gets a mischievous grin on her face.

“Babe, I don’t sing.”

“Sure you do. You sing in the shower all the time.”

Dick winces as she announces this.

“You’re evil.”

The crowd and Lois help egg Bella on to get him on stage. Dick takes in a breath downing what’s left of his beer.

“Pay backs a bitch… “Bella mutters.


Dick comes to his feet bitterly yanking the mic from her hand. He grabs the collar to Clark’s jacket.

“Let’s go!”


“You heard me.”

Clark looks to Lois and she shrugs.

“You heard him.”


Dick stares Clark down as he picks out a song. He rears back at the one that came up. He grins not believing he’s doing this.

“Come on slacker…” He says to Clark.

Clark rolls his eyes and makes his way on stage.

You’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you
you’d be like heaven to touch
I wanna hold you so much
at long last love has arrived
and I thank God I’m alive
you’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you

Lois laughs at Bella’s reaction. Literal stars in her eyes as Dick’s actually belting out the lyrics and heartfelt. Clark shakes his head not knowing all the words. Dick smacks him in the back of the head and points to the screen. Lois and Bella laugh.

Pardon the way that I stare
there’s nothing else to compare
the sight of you leaves me weak
there are no words left to speak
but if you feel like I feel
please let me know that it’s real
you’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you

Flutters hit however, as Dick actually points to Bella and winks.

“He’s showing me up.” Clark says into the mic looking to Lois.

“I’m afraid he is!”

Bella laughs with a blush.

Clark goes back to singing.

I need you baby and if it’s quite alright
I need you baby to warm the lonely nights
I love you baby, trust in me when I say ok (its okay)
Oh pretty baby, don’t let me down, I pray
oh pretty baby, now that I’ve found you, stay
and let me love you, o baby, let me love you, o baby

You’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you
you’d be like heaven to touch
I wanna hold you so much
at long last love has arrived
and I thank God I’m alive
you’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you

The girls laugh as Dick grabs Clark’s hand and spins him around like Lois had Bella.

“Such the romantic…” Clark mutters into the mirocphone.

“It’s about time you notice!” Dick smarts and Clark rolls his eyes.

I need you baby and if it’s quite alright
I need you baby to warm the lonely nights
I love you baby, trust in me when I say its ok
Oh pretty baby, don’t let me down, I pray
oh pretty baby, now that I’ve found you, stay
and let me love you, o baby, let me love you, o baby

Dick makes his way down to Bella. He takes her hand and lifts her up from the chair. He looks her in the eyes.

I need you baby and if it’s quite alright
I love you baby, you warm the lonely nights
I need you baby, trust in me when I say its ok
Oh, oh pretty baby, don’t let me down, I pray
oh pretty baby, now that I’ve found you, stay
and let me love you…

The drunken crowd goes nuts as he locks lips with hers and dips her.

Once he brings her back up and drops his hold. Bella stands there as if in a state of shock.

“I think you broke her…” Lois says patting him on the back.

“I think you’re right.”

He hands the mic back to Lois and sits down bringing Bella into his lap.

“Embarrassment enough for you?”

She smiles and wraps her arms around his neck.

He wraps his arms around her kissing along her shoulders and neck.

“Let’s ditch them…” He whispers in her ear.

“That’s so wrong…”

But they look over and see Lois and Clark rather going at it as well. Bella grins looking back to Dick.


Dick smacks Clark on the arm before they leave.

“We’ll catch ya later…” He hints.

Clark nods, distracted by Lois.

Bella covers her mouth in laughter. Dick picks Bella up and flips her over his shoulder.


She pops him on the butt.


He carries her to the hotel across the street. The man at the desk looks to him strangely as he pays for a room and exits the office.

“Put me down!”

“Um… no.”

He grins and finds the hotel room.

Once he opens the door he reaches over with his free hand and cuts on the light. He shuts and locks the door behind them. He flings her down on the bed. Bella scoots back biting that lip of hers. Dick puts his hands on his hips staring her down.

He takes his shirt off and throws it about the room. He crawls onto the bed and over Bella. She giggles against him as he kisses along her neck. He grins, but continues kissing along her body.

Bella struggles to get her pants off.

“Allow me…” He says yanking them off.

She gasp a bit as his tongue runs along her leg once he comes back up. Dick slides her panties down and his tongue continues to work its way up. She grips the pillow. His hands grip her hips as he continues pleasuring her.

Her fingers run through his hair as he brings himself back up. Dick spreads her legs further out and places himself inside. Bella takes notice he’s watching as he works his way about her. For reasons she’ don’t quite understand, this makes her come and fast. His eyes dart towards hers. He just witnessed her coming across him.

“Damn…” He utters softly.

He continues to watch hoping she’ll do it again. He thrust a bit harder with more friction. He lets out a small growl as she does it once again. He shakes his head on this even more aroused. Dick continues to thrust about as he leans his body against hers. His hands become fists along the pillow beneath her. Beads of sweat drop from his chest onto her breast. The aching pressure below hit, he found himself biting into the pillow as he came at much intensity.

His eyes roll as he hears his phone yet, again. They’d been gone for nearly a month now. Bruce has been calling every day for over two weeks. He was still too angry to deal with Bruce.

“Everything ok?” Bella questions softly.

He kisses her lips and rolls away.

“Yeah Bella baby, everything’s fine.”

He rears back at the sound of a text. Bruce never sends text. In fact it was a well-known fact Bruce hated texting. Dick takes in a breath and reaches over Bella to grab his phone.

We need to talk a.s.a.p, quit ignoring my calls.

We have nothing to talk about. Night.”

He feels Bella’s hand along his back.

“Are you sure everything is alright?”

“Get some sleep baby.”

She nods and snuggles into her pillow.

The next morning they take a cab back to Smallville. Once the cab pulls up to the farm however, Dick grits his teeth at the familiar limo outside.

“You’ve got to be kidding?!”

Dick pays the toll. They make their way out and Clark steps out of the house.

“It’s for a good reason…” Clark says.

“It had better be!”

Clark sighs looking to Bella. Dick notices this and narrows his eyes.

“He found them…”

Bella looks to Dick confused.


Dick doesn’t answer he rushes inside.

“WHERE?!” He blurts out as soon as he steps inside.

Bruce peers over at Dick as he storms in. Martha pats Bruce’s shoulder and leaves the room.

“Lois…” Clark calls and she nods looking lost.

“Come with me…” She looks back to Bruce and Dick once more before taking Clark’s hand.

Bruce sighs and rises to his feet. Bella enters the room and stands back at the already building tension.

“Dick?” She questions softly.

Bruce nods towards her.

“Bella baby, go join the others outside.”



She rears back at this. He never talks to her that way it was almost hurtful and bossy how he said it. Bruce took notice as well. However, he could see Bella’s face. Dick couldn’t. She shakes her head looking to the ground, but does as he requested.

“Careful, not to take your anger towards me out on her.” Bruce says once she leaves.

“Is that what you came all this way to tell me?”

Bruce sighs.

“I figured you’d wish to know I found the Cullen’s.”

Dick narrows his eyes at this.


“Back in Washington.”

“All of them?”

“No the father and son, from the signs of things the others no longer reside with them.”

“Wait… how do you know this?”

“I personally paid them a visit.”


“I believe it would be safer for the both of you if you come back home.”

“Home huh?”

Bruce nods.

“Both of you…”

“Don’t you even pretend to care about that girl!” He shouts pointing to the front door.

“Every time you give her even a shred of confidence or hope from your side. You yank it right out from underneath her! You’re nothing more than a FUCKING HYPOCRITE!”

Bruce winces, but nods.

“I deserve that. However, you’re wrong I do care.”

“Oh is that what this is about now? Who deserves what?”

“You know it isn’t.”

“Just be straight with me Bruce. Deep down you’re hoping that it’s just me that returns to that manor! This entire time, I’ve been doing my damnest to not to convince myself that everything you ever taught me was a lie. What you truly meant back then was those you PERSONALLY deemed worthy.”


“No Bruce! You’re not who I thought you were. You want to tell me of your disappointment in me?! Well what about my disappointment in you!”

“I will take whatever you have to dish out and say. All I ask is that you both return with me immediately.”

“What is it Bruce? What are you not telling me?”

“Like I said I found them… but that’s just the beginning I’m afraid. I’ve reason to believe you BOTH maybe in danger. If you stay here much longer you may even put your friends in danger.”

“Against myself and Clark?”

“Possibly, yes. Trust me it is not something you wish to do, to have the boy seek you out here.”

Dick grimaces in thought and nods in agreement.

“I will wait.”

“That’s so cool…”

Lois laughs at Bella’s reaction as Clark shows off some of his abilities. He and Lana had just share Clark’s story of how he came to earth. How he became Superman and how they met. Bella thought the Daily Planet thing was cute. She couldn’t picture that with Clark.

“You’re both entirely too attractive.”
Bella says really taking notice.

“Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you and Dick. You both mesh so well, if you ever have babies, you’re going to give everyone toothaches.”‘

Bella blushes a bit in thought. Clark clears his throat and Bella turns to see Dick at the entrance, of the barn. She quickly looks back to Lois.

“What it’s not my fault he’s so dang quiet!”

“Bella baby, we gotta pack it up. Time to go.”

“Whoa, my little comment frighten you that much?” Lois questions, but Dick doesn’t answer.

Clark takes notice of the way Dick’s acting.

“Everything ok?”

Dick nods.

“Yeah, we just need to get back home.”

Clark nods in return. His arms fold about his chest.

“Both of you just keep in mind not to let that city eat you up. Take a break when you can. You’re always welcomed here. Even I need a break from Metropolis.” Clark hints.

“Thanks. I mean it for everything.” Dick says meaningfully.

“Hey that’s what friends are for.”

Lois reaches over and grabs Bella hugging her.

“You better be at my wedding next month!”

Bella softly laughs.

“I mean it! I’m so glad we got to finally meet. He finally picked a good one. You better not let this one out of your sight!” She points to Dick.

He smiles.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Bella hugs Clark and he twirls her around.

“You take care of each other.” Clark says as he pulls back looking Bella in the eyes.

He was still concerned about Dick. There was so much anger residing within him. Bella nods.

Dick hugs them both goodbye as well, but as Clark pulls back…

“Robin is still in there somewhere. Maybe, it’s time Nightwing lets him shine every once in a while. It won’t hurt for Robin to share some of the weight. Maybe he could even teach Harley a thing or two.” He says winking at Bella. She blushes a bit and takes Dick’s arm.

“I had such a good time. Thank you both.”

They turn back towards the house to say their goodbyes to Martha.

“Both of you don’t even bother calling. My home is yours.” Martha says as she hugs Bella.

“It was such a pleasure meeting you. Don’t become strangers.”

“You too Martha.”

Bruce escorts Dick and Bella to the limo after they’ve packed. The Kent’s wave them off.

“Think they’ll be ok?” Lois questions leaning into Clark’s shoulder.

“As long as they stand by one another… yeah, I believe they’re going to be just fine.”




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