Chapter 23 The Missing Piece

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Bella makes her way out of the bedroom. Quietly she pulls the door too as Dick’s still asleep. She turns and see’s Selina down the hall doing the exact same thing. Only she’s coming out of Bruce’s room. Both women glance upon one another. Bella’s in Dick’s shirt and Selina in Bruce’s.

“Selina!” Bella hisses.

Selina smiles and folds her arms about her chest.

“What? You’re not the only one with rights to get laid kitten.”

“But Bruce?!”

Selina shrugs.


“Sweetheart until you’ve seen the man naked. I wouldn’t be so quick to say that.”
“But he’s Bruce!”

“And what about you, screwing boy wonder over there?”

“That’s different!”


“He’s like HOT and stuff.”

“Is that so?”


Selina sighs.

“You want some ice cream kitten?”

“It’s 9 am Selina.”

“Precisely, it’s not like I asked if you wanted a shot.”

“I can’t believe you’re fucking the BAT!”

“I can’t believe you’re fucking ROBIN!”


Both women cover their mouths, realizing they were yelling as Alfred is coming up the stairs. He smiles upon the both of them.

“Well ladies once we’re done discussing who is fucking whom. Perhaps you’d both be interested in some breakfast?”

They both blush and Bella softly giggles covering her face.


“Did you just say…”

Bruce steps out of the room at that point. Bella quickly covers herself realizing she was now standing before Bruce, and Alfred, in nothing, but a pair of panties and Dick’s shirt.

“Oh my god!” She utters miserably and hurriedly rushes back into the room.

“What’s with you?” Dick questions tiredly as Bella’s leaning against the door with a mortified expression on her face.

“Did you know our mentors are screwing each other?”

“Huh… Did you see this?”

“Um no, but it’s more than obvious when Selina and I both walk out in nothing, but T-shirts.”

He smiles.

“Hmm… so that’s why Alfred cussed.”

“You heard that?”

He nods.

“Can’t blame the old man that’s the most action he’s probably got in years.”
“That’s so wrong!”

He chuckles.

“But true! Think about it if you had stepped out that door naked you’d have put Alfred in the hospital; with a permanent smile on his face.”


He laughs again and rolls over.

“This is like so weird…”
“What is baby?”

“The four of us under one roof… you know…”

“Would you rather them go back to battling it out?”

She sighs and plops back down on the bed. Dick runs a hand along her rear as he rises up.

“Maybe we could go back to battling it out.”

He cocks a brow.

“Hmm… I’m game. “

“I bet I’d win…”

“Oh really? And just how do you think you’d win baby?”

She grins and crawls under the covers. His eyes widen as he suddenly feels her mouth around him. A moan erupts from his mouth. His hips jolt a bit at the sensation. His fingers run through her hair as she continues to pleasure him. He loved the way her tongue lapped along him. Bella felt him throbbing against her tongue growing even harder. With a smile she comes back out form the covers.


He shuts his eyes for a moment and swallows back. His eyes open again and he grabs her pulling her back under. Dick places Bella on top of him and grinds her body against his.
“Thanks to you being a vixen, I’m not going to last long!” He grunts as he continues to rock her body against his. Dick’s grits his teeth in release. Bella smiles and leans over. She kisses his lips and rolls off him. He narrows his eyes confused as she heads to the bathroom.

“What was that?”

“Me winning…”

He takes in a breath, but grins realizing she was right. Dick hears her start the shower as he makes his way out of the bed. So many things ran through his mind. Neither Bruce or Dick talked on the way back to Gotham. He knew that was a bridge just waiting to come. That and he needed to come clean to Bella about the Cullen’s. He sighs knowing there was something else he’d need to discuss with her eventually, but he’d needed to talk to Bruce about it first; the truth about Bella’s therapist/doctor.
“Home sweet home.” He utters as he makes his way to the bathroom.

He joins Bella in the shower. He watches as she scrubs her hair and rinses it out. Dick noticed the hint of green in her eyes from the titan wasn’t going away. They were now cinnamon colored around the pupil itself, but around that was a deep green. It caused him a bit of concern. He still hadn’t a clue what all the side effects would be. Once Bella’s done she pecks him on the cheek and makes her way out.

She throws on some blue jeans, Metallica T’shirt, and her converse. Bella then heads downstairs. Alfred greets her on the way down.

“Are you hungry my dear?”

“Um sure.”

He smiles warmly and offers her his arm. She takes it and he leads her to the dining room. Bruce and Selina are already there eating. Bruce nods her way. She nods in return, but felt rather on edge around him now. Alfred seats her next to Selina.

“Is that my blouse?” Bella questions.
“Finders keepers…”

Bella sighs.

“Must’ve been in the laundry.” Bella grumbles.

“Actually, you left it in the closet. It was pushed to the back. That’s what happens when you take off abruptly and don’t pay attention.”

“Your roommate steals your shit?”

Bella’s eyes dart towards Bruce.

“I mean stuff.”

“Oh please… since when do you care if you cuss in front of him”

Since I’m having a HELL of a time getting him to approve of me, Bella thinks to herself, but refrains from answering. Alfred brings her a plate of waffles and bacon.

“Thank you.”

He nods and steps out of the room.

“So where’d you and wonder boy run off to?”

“Selina… Please stop calling him that! He has a name!” Bella hisses before taking a bite of her waffles.

Bruce finishes his last bite and looks upon them. Selina smiles.

“I know he does, but it’s what I prefer.”

“Well your preference sucks.”

Bella giggles into her fork as she takes another bite. Dick comes in at this point and the four of them exchange looks. Alfred manages to put his plate down just as he sits down. The room grows quiet and tense. Bella randomly giggles at the situation, but looks down to her plate. Dick and Bruce cock a brow her way. Selina just smiles.

“That’s my girl… laugh it up.”

“Oh believe me I am.”

Bella stuffs a mouthful of bacon in her mouth. Dick narrows his eyes and chews back on his waffle.

“Well are you going to tell me where you went or not?”

Bella sighs after she drinks some of her orange juice.

“We went to visit a friend of Dick’s.”

“And you couldn’t call or text because…”


“I get that you’re into this whole rebellious thing, but around here that doesn’t fly. Both of you had some sort of responsibility to let us know where you were.”

Bella laughs and scoots out of her chair.

“You’re not my mother Selina! Quit pretending to be.”

Bella grabs her plate and heads out of the room. Bruce notices the painful appearance on Selina’s face.

“Selina…” He says softly knowing exactly how she felt.

Selina clears her throat.

“Don’t… I’m fine.”

Dick shakes his head taking this all in. He thought of the irony between all their issues and just how similar they were. Ironically, Bruce was thinking along the same lines.

Bella heads into her and Dick’s room. She takes the Harley suit from the closet and lays it in the bed. Her fingers run along the suit, flashes of when she’d warn this last play out. Chills fill her entire body hearing his voice again, his laughter. She paces the area for a bit looking to the suit off and on. She grabs it and stuffs it into a black trash bag.

She looks up as Alfred knocks on the doorframe peering inside.

“Might I be of some assistance?”

Bella shrugs looking to him oddly. He makes his way over and opens the bag.


She nods.

“Are you certain?”

“Yes Alfred… I can’t even stand to look at it.”

“And why is that?”

“You’re really going to ask me that?”

“Madam, I believe I already have.”

Bella sighs.

“It’s just a reminder of all things bad. I no longer want it on my shoulders. I’m Bella Swan a small town girl. It’s time I face the fact. I’m no Nightwing or Batman. It was never meant to be permanent. I know I’ll be letting Pam and Selina down, but it’s time I face the facts. They’ll just have to understand.”

Alfred nods and takes her hand.

“Follow me madam.”

She narrows her eyes as Alfred leads her to the Batcave entrance. He cuts on the lights as they make their way inside. Alfred drops his hold on her hand and he takes it upon himself to sit in Batman’s chair. He spins around facing the monitors. She watches as he digs around through some files.

“Ah, yes there we are…” He says and spins back facing her.

“Please have a seat.”

He motions towards Nightwing’s chair.

Bella nervously swallows back as she takes a seat.

“Do you remember what I told Bruce as a child?”

Bella nods remembering the why do we fall down comment. He smiles genuinely.

“Very well…” He says a certain way then comes to his feet.

Before leaving the room, he hits play on the monitor.

Bella watches as the news starts. The pretty red haired reporter starts talking. She covers her mouth hearing the chanting in the background. Bella takes in the full scene. She sees the people standing in the streets of Gotham even some of Joker’s ex thugs now in red and black amongst the crowd. She saw the signs that read FREE HARLEY QUINN!, SAVE HARLEY!, HARLEY SAVED ME, HARLEY’S GOTHAM’S NEW SHADOW OF THE NIGHT, BRING HARLEY BACK, WE LOVE YOU HARLEY.

She watches as a man she’d saved was being interviewed.

Harley’s not our enemy! I owe her my life. Sure she’s not Batman, but she makes you laugh. She’s just got a way about her. You can’t help but to like her. We can’t let Joker get away with this.”

And there you have it. Has Harley truly returned and changed her villainous ways? Is she indeed a hero of the night?”

I don’t normally add my personal opinions to my reports, but I happen to agree with the citizens of Gotham. We could use another hero, however here’s my question to Harley Quinn. Who do you serve? Batman? Catwoman? Joker? Furthermore, how can we trust that you’re not indeed back with Joker willingly? Was this all just a lure? I truly hope not for your sake. A lot of people have put their trust in you. I for one just hope you can hear this crowd.” She watches as the interviewer wipes her eyes and holds up her microphone to the crowd.

FREE HARLEY!” Bella heard being chanted over and over.

Bella continues to have her mouth covered. Tears begin to stream from her eyes. Her heart raced as she continued to hear Harley’s name being called. She feels a hand along her back. Bella shoots to her feet and turns facing him. He nods looking into her eyes. He wraps his arms around her tightly.

Alfred smiles and pat’s Dick on the back as they watch from a distance. Dick looks upon Bruce and Bella in surprise.

“Did you…” Dick softly begins to question Alfred.

Alfred says nothing he just winks and exits the cave. Dick turns back to Bella and Bruce once more. Selina comes up behind him.

“Well I’ll be damned.” She utters softly.

Dick half smiles and puts his arm around her shoulder.

“Come on…” He leads her out giving Bruce and Bella their privacy.

“Follow me…” Bruce says as he drops his hold.

He leads her towards the Batman and Nightwing costumes. He hits a button revealing one next to Nightwing’s. Her jaw drops and she turns to Bruce in shock.

He nods and steps aside watching her reaction.

It was a blue, black and the spades on the suit were outlined in red. There were even boots to go with it. One blue and one black, the belt around it was black with outlined red spades around it. Both boots also had a outlined red spade.

“This is Harley Quinn’s fresh start; if she’s willing to take it. Maybe the two of you need sometime to think things over. The choice is yours.”

Bella swallows back on this not taking her eyes off the suit.

“You made this?”

He nods.

“Harley’s one of us whether she chooses to join us or not. This is where she belongs. I just hope she realizes that no matter her decision.”

She runs her hands along the weapons he had personally made to match.
“I’ll give you sometime to think on it.”

Bruce heads back to the monitors and takes a seat. Bella looks back towards Bruce then the suit. A smile forms along her face. She makes her way back towards Bruce. Once she takes a seat next to Bruce. He hears her quietly say.

“I’m in.”

He grins, but continues to face forward. However, Bella turns towards the monitors. Bruce takes notice her reaction. He zooms in on their pictures and turns facing her. He’s hunting you down. It wasn’t my intention to put you in danger, but I paid them a visit… Bruce begins to tell her the entire story now. From the beginning on how she’s not the only girl Edward’s done this to. Once he’s done Bella looks to him with a pale expression.

“Bruce…” She says startling him somewhat.

“What is it?”

“Edward isn’t just a vampire, he’s a mind reader.”

Bruce narrows his eyes upon this newfound information.
“Well that certainly explains a lot.”

He leans back crossing his arms.

“Then you and Dick could be in even more trouble then I realized. It won’t take him long to find you; if he hasn’t already.”

Bruce looks to her concerned. She looked to be having second thoughts or like she might be sinking back into her old depression. Instead she looks into his eyes with determination.


“What is it?”

“Would you train me?”

“What do you mean Bruce is training you?!”

Bella winces at his reaction. His face fiery red looking to her like she’d slapped him.

“Dick please… I need you to understand.”

He shakes his head pacing the garage.

“I offered to train you months ago! Not once did you take me up on my offer! And now you turn around and ask BRUCE?!”


“What the hell Bella?!” He tosses down his wrench bitterly and grabs his jacket.

“Dick just hear me out!”

“Why? So you can tell me how I’m obviously not good enough to train you! I can lead the teen titans, but not train my girl?! I offered Bella baby, not Bruce! I’ve had your back this entire time! NOT BRUCE! NIGHTWING HAS BEEN THERE EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! NOT BATMAN!”


He grits his teeth and eyes her bitterly.

“The reason I asked Bruce is because, I need someone that won’t hold back on me. Someone that can give me the proper training I need. I love you and I know you love me. We’d only go soft on one another and you know this. You don’t want to hurt me; therefore, you’re not going to give me your all.”

Dick shuts his eyes for a moment shaking his head. He brings his hands upon his waist.

“Please don’t take it personal. I love you that’s why I’ve come to this decision. I want to be trained the way you were. I want the full experience you had. Dick you’re not just my boyfriend, you’re also my best friend and someone I happen to idolize. The only reason I’ve come this far is because of you. You inspire me! You started out so young and you’ve come so far. I want to follow within your footsteps and to be able to do that. I need to go through the proper steps. So yes I asked Bruce. I’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention to hurt you. You know I’d never ever want to hurt you.”

Dick hops on his bike and puts on his jacket.

“Dick!” She says her bottom lip quivering.

He turns to her. Though his heart melted at her words, he still felt broken she’d not chosen him.

“I understand your reasoning and I can appreciate that. However, I wish you’d have come to me first. I’m only pissed on the fact that you didn’t even discuss this with me, believe me I get it. I’ll see you tonight.”

He revs his engine and takes off.

Dick gets to the end of the road, then takes the black box out of his pocket. He opens it and shakes his head, taking in a deep breath he slams the box shut. He then stuffs it back into his jacket and heads on down the road.




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