Chapter 24 One Of Our Own

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Come midnight, Dick hasn’t answered any of her calls or text. She paces by the door impatiently. Bruce takes notice of this.

“What’s going on?”

“Dick left hours ago and hasn’t returned, he said he’d be back tonight.”

Bruce nods and heads outside. He looks around.

“He was pretty rattled about you training me, he up and left said he’d be back tonight.”

“I’ll suit up and go looking. Whatever you do you’re to stay here. I mean it Bella.”

Bella nods, but her gut wrenched, her nerves were getting the best of her. She just wished he’d pull on up. Hell she didn’t even care if he wanted to yell at her some more. It was better than this, fearing the worst. She wanted to argue with Bruce and suit up along with him. But as her teacher now she knew she needed to respect his decisions and trust him, even if it went against everything she felt at the moment.

“Come on…” She pleads under her breath looking down the driveway.

Hours pass and still nothing. She looks to her phone off and on. She tries a couple more times to call or text, but no answer.

“Have you been out here the entire time?” She hears Bruce behind her.

She nods.

“It’s four am Bella get inside, it’s freezing.”

He leads her inside.

“You should get some sleep.”

“How do you expect me to do that?”

“He’s probably still venting. He’ll probably be here before we know it.”

She shakes her head fearing the worst.

“Why would he go out like that knowing he’s a target?”

“I doubt he even thought about it when he left.”
“I’m going to ring him a new one when he returns!”

Bruce nods.

“You’ll have to get in line first.”

He sighs though seeing she wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon. She was too wired.
Bella’s body finally gives in after ten am when he still hasn’t arrived. She’s fallen asleep on the couch and Bruce places a blanket over her and takes off her shoes. He too was beginning to fear the worst. Bruce decided if he wasn’t back by tomorrow night he’d call to watch tower. He wasn’t about to leave Bella alone. He scans some of the monitors in the cave in hopes to see him pass by one of his cameras, but no such luck. Bruce rubs his face tiredly.

Selina had to leave on business and wouldn’t be back for a while.

Bruce also took notice the Nightwing suits were still intact, so were his gears. That meant if Dick was in harm’s way he literally had no other defense hand to hand. Bruce didn’t like the odds of that against a daywalking vampire. Bruce now knew that there were two types of vampires out there the original blood strand, from centuries ago, and now there seemed to be this daywalker strand, and their bodies were icy cold to the touch. He’d never seen or met anyone like the Cullen’s.

“You should eat something.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“With all due respect madam you’ve not eaten since breakfast yesterday. I do wish you’d eat something.”

Bella continues to flip through the records, scribbling down notes on a memo pad.

“Alfred is right you should eat.”

“Like I said I’m not hungry.”

He puts a hand to her shoulder.

“We are both going to sit here and eat breakfast.” He says sternly and takes a seat next to her. Bruce’s eyes were baggy and bloodshot. For the first time ever she noticed his hair was unkept. The both of them looked the way they felt. Alfred brings out their breakfast and sits it down. Bella looks upon it like it’s merely poison. She grips her pencil firmly as the flashes of possibilities run through her mind. She was truly beginning to hate vampires and all they stood for. If anything happened to Dick… That’d be the last straw.

She thought about all Bruce had told her about Carlisle and Edward. Still she found it hard to believe, but then again this was the same vampire that had her locked away. The same vampire she’d fallen for with just merely a glance. Now she couldn’t stand the very idea of him. She loathed Edward Cullen with even more passion than she had when she’d once loved him; which was enough, she was willing to become one of them in order to be with him. Nausea hit as she thought about how that would have turned out. To be turned and mated to the jackass. To have never known Dick’s warmth, true love and embrace.

The food set in front of her. Her hand shook along her fork as she forced herself to take a bite. Bruce took notice and put his hand along hers.

“He will return.”

She nods the guilt rising within her. Bella grabs at her chest as her heart rate kicks in.

“Are you alright my dear?” Alfred questions and Bruce turns towards her.

“I’ll be fine.”

She clamps her hand over her heart area. Bruce noticed the way her veins were moving. He shuts his eyes for a moment. When he opens them again he looks to Alfred with concern. This had stopped, but he saw where the green in her eyes had spread even more.


Her hands ball up as she comes to her feet.

“Allow me…” Alfred reaches for her plate and glass.

“I got it Alfred, thank you.” She says looking to her feet.

She walks out of the room. Alfred and Bruce exchange glances.

“Any word from Master Grayson?”

“No Alfred. Actually, I was going to see if you’d keep an eye on her so I could do some more looking around.”

“But of course.”

Yet again Bruce spends all day in Gotham desperate to find something himself. Still there was no sign of Dick Grayson anywhere. In an hour would make a full 48 hours. He heads back not wanting to leave Bella alone for much longer. When he returns he see’s her on the porch with her cell in hand rocking back and forth. He shakes his head on this. He drapes his jacket over her.

“Don’t stay out too late. It’s supposed to get below zero.”

She says nothing as he heads inside. After a couple more hours Bruce sends Alfred out to check on her and bring her back inside. Bruce swallows back as he comes down the stairs to see Alfred carrying Bella in.

“She’d fallen asleep Master Wayne.”

Bruce nods and takes her from his hold. Bruce takes her upstairs to their room. He tucks her in before making his way out. He calls to watchtower once he’s in the cave. They two had nothing it was like Dick and the Cullen’s had fallen of the grid. Considering he now knew Edward to be a mind reader. He was sure he picked up through Dick’s mind how to hide. Without realizing it Bruce had fallen asleep in the cave still in his chair. He awakes the next morning. He swore he heard screaming. He jumps to his feet and spins around in his chair.

Sure enough he continues to hear it and he rushes out of the cave. The screaming becomes louder as he enters the mansion. He runs outside and stops in his tracks.

Right at the door was Bella… His eyes widen as she looks to him and she’s rocking Dick Grayson back and forth in her hold.

“PLEAASSEEE HELP ME!” She pleads holding him to her chest.

Bruce’s world felt as though it’d come to a close. He drops to his knees as well. Bella continues to cry and rock him as Alfred’s on the phone with the police.

“Please Dick baby wake up.”

Dick was covered in blood, he was beaten beyond belief. Bruce felt for a pulse, it was there, but faint.

“Bruce…” She whimpers.

“Alfred take Bella inside make sure she gets dressed.” He says as she was still in her black silk robe.

“NOOO!” Bella screams out as Alfred goes to pry her away.

Bruce rubs his face.


Alfred drops his hand. Bruce nods in defeat. They hear the helicopter landing on the pad in back. Alfred takes off to show them where they are. Bruce grabs Bella forcing her back as they place his neck in a brace and strap him on the gurney.

“We have room for one.” The man says looking to the three of them.

“Bella go with them. Just keep in mind he needs you.” She nods and wraps her arms around Bruce before the man leads her towards the helicopter.

“We’ll be there shortly.”

He kisses her forehead and places his jacket over her.

Alfred has his arms around Bella and Bruce paces the waiting room. The three of them await word. Before long Clark and Lois show up. Eventually Barbara and then Oliver join them in waiting for news. Lois takes over giving Alfred a break as she wraps her arm around her shoulder. Clark sits on the other side of Bella and takes her hand. Bruce gives Oliver and Barbara a rundown of what’s taken place or at least as far as they know or assume.

Bella, Bruce and Alfred snap their heads towards the doctor as he comes out.

“He’s stable… however, he’s in a coma. It could be brought on by either blood loss or moderate head injuries. The good news is there didn’t seem to be any sign of stroke or clotting. When we ran the CT scan we also didn’t take notice of any other injuries to the head. However, It seems he also has a couple broken ribs and a L4 fractured vertebra the damage small, but there nonetheless. Our main concern of course is if there is some head trauma not being detected by the CT. We would know more if he would wake. We’ve no idea yet, how his motor functions or speech have been affected.”

“Is there anyway to tell how long this coma could take place?”

The doctor sighs. Bella comes to her feet at this listening.

“I honestly don’t have the answers to that. He could very well wake any minute on the other hand it could be weeks, months or worst case scenario… “

“CLARK!” Lois shouts and he barely catches Bella in time as she passes out.

“Come on Bella…”

Bella blinks awake, to see Bruce crouching over her.

“Is she alright?” She hears Lois’s voice.

She swallows back as it hits. Where she is and why they are here…


Bruce narrows his eyes.

“He’s going to be ok Bella.”

“I need to see him!” She demands tugging at Bruce’s collar.

“Easy…” He sighs and looks to everyrone.

“I’m going to take her.”

They each nod towards him as he escorts Bella to Dick’s room.

She walks in and see’s all the machine’s. Tubes run along his body one for blood, oxygen, and his IV. Bella makes her way over and takes his hand. She covers her mouth with the other. Stitches ran across his forehead. His lip and cheek had swollen his right eye bloodied, and black. She kissed upon his hand. Then fixes his hair away from his face. She leans over and pecks his lips tears drop from her eyes onto his face and she gently wipes them off.

“I’m so sorry.” She cries and Bruce shuts his eyes he too not able to hold it back anymore.

To him it was as though waiting to see if his son would ever wake. He’d never seen Dick Grayson in this bad of shape.

“God baby…” She sucks back a breath.

“You have to wake up. You hear me. You can’t do this to me. Don’t you dare even think about giving up. You fight! Fight! I love you and I’m not giving up on you, so don’t even think about giving up on me.”

Bruce walks to the other side and takes his other hand. He sits down looking to all the monitors. Bella looks up to see Bruce tearing up into Dick’s hand. He puts his forehead to it looking down.

“Bella… You should know that the reason Dick moved out had nothing to do with you. It was me. I used you as a target, my own self defense mechanism to blame someone anyone, but myself or my son. I had said something’s that I knew were not true. I knew this even as I said it. I used my son’s love for you as an excuse for all things wrong as of late. The truth is however, none of these things could have been controlled. All I did was add fire to the flame and go back against everything I had taught him. He caught me on it and I knew it, but instead of admitting to it. I let him walk out that door without so much as an apology or admitting the way I really felt. He might not ever see me as a father. However, to me he will always be my son. I wanted to blame you for my son having the courage to do something I should have done along time ago. But once I put on that cape and became Batman. I made a sworn oath to myself to never ever take a life, no matter the circumstances. I’d vowed to keep that oath and always have. You see I wanted to kill Joker. There’s so many things wrong with what I’d done and my thoughts as to where they were. I never wanted blood on my son’s hands. I never wanted him to have that on his shoulders. I also never wanted him to take on something that should have been my responsibility years ago. If I had only done years ago what my son recently did. So many lives would have been saved and others not affected by Joker’s demonic ways. He was never my son’s cross to bear nor was he yours. It should have been me Bella. Not Dick . Not you, but me handling this. My son called me out on this. I retaliated and let him walk out that door taking you along with him. I cannot apologize enough. It seems that’s all I’ve done since I’ve met you. Now here we are both living a nightmare… ” Bruce’s face grows red as he takes in a breath.

“She’s right son you have to fight. You better wake up because neither of us are giving up.”

Bella makes her way over and wraps her arms around Bruce’s neck as he holds Dick’s hand.

Once they’re done Bruce grabs Dick’s things on the way out. He narrows his eyes and locks eyes with Bella. Bruce takes the black box out of Dick’s pocket and opens it curiously. Bella gasp and covers her mouth. The both look back towards Dick then back to the ring.

The next chapter is going to be VERY DARK. It is the truth behind what happened to Dick Grayson. You’ve been warned please seek caution when reading.




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