Chapter 27 The Titans

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“Ok so I’m Cyborg, Garfield is Beastboy, Rachel is Raven, Roy is Speedy aka Red Arrow now, Donna is Wonder girl, Karen is Bumble Bee.”

Bella nods taken back by the sudden revelation Victor was giving.

“Um cool…?”

Rachel laughs.

“So… what’s your story?” Roy questions curiously.

He wanted to know why she had that hint of darkness about her.

“What do you mean?”

“Well if you’re with Dick Grayson… There’s gotta be more to this. Especially, considering he told you his secret. So what’s yours?” Beastboy asks.

Bella takes in a breath.

“Um… I’m not really at liberty to say at the moment.”

“That hardly seems fair.” He remarks.

“In all fairnesss I didn’t ask you to reveal yourselves. I never said I was going to do such a thing.”
Victor grins.

“So you do have a secret?”

Bella leans back in her chair.

“I’m currently training under Dick’s mentor. That’s all any of you need to know.”

Victor’s eyes widen the other’s look to her in surprise as well. Each knew who his mentor was. Each now knew they had better shut up. Bella takes notice of how they back off her. She nods and sips at her soda.

After they eat they all stayed back a bit talking. Slowly, but surely she found herself warming up to them. She realize they weren’t so bad, past the constant interrogations. In fact she was actually having a good time towards the end. She really liked Beastboy and Raven she seemed to have the most in common with them. All of them seemed pretty nice once they let down that suspicious barrier of theirs. Which she understood, yet at the same time she wasn’t about to let anyone fuck with her. She’d enough to concern herself with.

They visit for another hour and Bella see’s it’s nearly 4pm. She comes to her feet knowing there were only 4 more hours to visit Dick. However, just as she does Clark and Lois enter the restaurant. Both lock eyes with her. They make their way over and they begin to explain about Kori. Bella stumbles back at first.

Clark puts a hand upon her shoulder.

“That’s history Bella. You need to realize that. I can promise you without a shadow of a doubt. That Dick has no romantic feelings towards her.”

She nods, but felt ill all the same. It was more anger that resided in her than jealousy. Lois told her what they walked in on. Bella wanted to smack the shit out of this woman. That and she was rather upset with Dick. Why hadn’t he told her about this Kori girl and who was she exactly. She looks back to The Titans.

Garfield looks to Bella.

“Bad blood there… she was one of us Titans once. Look if he didn’t mention her to you. Don’t take it personally; he never talks about Kori to anyone. She was Starfire. They’d been together for some time. In fact things got pretty serious between the two of them.”

Rachel looks to Bella as well.

“Look I normally keep out of these things.” Garfield nods and puts his arm around Rachel. He knew she hated the subject so for Rachel to talk about it was a big deal. “Bella, Kori ripped his heart out and stomped on it basically. No one ever talks about Kori. Even we don’t talk about her. When it comes to that we all have Dick’s back.” Bella noticed the wounded expression on her face. She wondered if she and Kori were close at one time.

“She’d break up with him. Then come back begging for him to take her back. He’d give in. He’d always hoped that the next time round she’d truly open her eyes. That she’d one day realize how much he loved her. Well the last she cheated on him. Not just the one time either… Apparently being a princess gives you many suitors. Whilst, she had Dick back here on earth. She’d other lovers back home. She never was one that could make up her mind about what she wanted.” Garfield adds.

“Jesus…” Bella utters softly feeling horrible for Dick.

What a BITCH! She found herself thinking. She looks back to Lois and Clark.

“So she honestly thought she could just fall right back into play, just like that?”

Clark sighs.


“What the hell?!”

She turns back to Garfield.

“So is she really a princess?”

They all nod.

Her eyes widen.

“Dick Grayson dated a freaking princess?!”

Rachel wrinkles her nose at this.

“Oh believe me she’s not all that…” Karen mutters.

Roy laughs.

“What… seriously guys are so stupid.”

Bella pinches the bridge of her nose. She realized that the way everyone was acting. This woman must’ve be a knock out or something. Great so a princess and she’s hot and she’s molesting my man while he’s in a coma and making claims to him. Could this get any better?!

“Hey… you ok there?” Clark puts a hand upon her shoulder.

She nods.

“Yeah… I’m fine. I just need some air. I think I’m going to head to Selina’s before the hospital. She’s just a block away from here.”

“You know what Bruce said…” Clark reminds.

“Fine you can walk me.”

Lois laughs as Bella latches on to his arm. He laughs.

“That I can.”

“It was nice meeting you all.”

“You too Bella.” Garfield says.

“Yep glad you got to see me.” Victor says with a grin.

Bella laughs and they all wave her off.

“Take care of him Bella.” Garfield says before they exit the restaurant.

“I will.”

Clark walks her to the apartment.

“Just keep in mind you’re not safe. No going out alone!”

Bella nods.

“Yes sir I promise not to walk and chew gum!” He laughs as she salutes him and Pam opens Selina’s door.

“You take care.” He says and walks away as Pam steps aside letting Bella in.

“Selina should be here shortly.”

Bella nods. It was hard to tell where Selina lived as of late. She spent so much time at mansion. Pam tilts her head watching Bella as she paces the apartment.

“Something on your mind?”

Bella shakes her head. However, she stops in her tracks. She reaches to her heart yet again. She sucks back a breath. Pam jumps to attention.


Bella fights for a breath. Her heart continued to race.

“I can’t do this! I CAN’T!” Bella shouts.

Pam quickly makes her over.


Pam grabs her and pulls her close.

“I can’t lose him! I can’t! Pam I fucking love him so much! I can’t live without him! I DON’T WANT TO!” Pam closes her eyes and holds her even tighter.

She knew more than anyone what Bella was feeling. There were still times she didn’t know if she could muster another day since she lost Harley.

“I got you.”

Selina comes in the door. Pam nods towards her. Selina nods in return, but covers her mouth at the sight. Bella was completely losing it.

“It hurts. It hurts so much. Seeing him like this. Knowing it’s my entire fault.”

Selina shakes her head at her words.

“Don’t you even kitten. You know that’s not true.”

“Seven days Selina! A whole week! What if…” She couldn’t even bare to say the words. It pained her just to think them.

“That’s it…” Selina tosses Pam her jacket.

“Let’s go.”

Pam narrows her eyes.

“We’re taking kitten out.”

“I can’t… Dick… he needs me!”
“Sweetheart, that man wants you to fucking breath, and take a break every now and then! You’ll see him in the morning! For now you’re going out! You’re going to get drunk and act like a normal young girl your age! You’re not responsible for the world! You’ve taken care of that man every day since! I also know about you and Bruce!”

Pam looks to her oddly.

“Not that you idiot, he’s been training her damn near 3 hours every night! She hasn’t had room to think! This girl hasn’t made anytime for herself. She spends all day at his bedside and the rest of the night training. Then she goes to bed and starts all over! Jesus it’s a wonder you’re not falling off the EDGE! You’re human Bella! We all need a little time to be selfish.”

“Drink up kitten.” Selina slams down a shot.

Bella’s nose wrinkle’s as she takes the shot. Pam giggles watching Bella’s body twitch as she downs the shot. Selina slides the beer over.

“It helps.” Bella nods and takes the beer to the label.

By her third beer and third shot. Bella’s feeling pretty good. In fact she and Selina are both pretty wasted. Pam was barely buzzed yet, enjoyed watching the two of them nonetheless. Bella’s a giggly drunk she noticed. Everything to Bella seemed funny she thought it was rather cute. She taps Pam on the shoulder.

“I want to get a tattoo.”

Pam narrows her eyes and shrugs.

“Is that really what you want sweetheart?”

Bella nods with a childlike expression.

“What?” Selina questions leaning over.

“She wants a tattoo.”

Selina rolls her eyes.

“You’re clearly drunk and are full of shit.”

Bella shakes her head.

“No I really waaaannnnttt this one!”

“Which one?”

Bella smiles.

“Please take me Pam!”

Pam shrugs and comes to her feet. Selina sighs and downs the rest of her beer. She follows them up as Pam keeps Bella stable as they walk to the nearest tattoo parlor. Once they enter. Bella grabs the nearest tattoo artist by the arm.

“I want Nightwing right above my ass.”

Both women look to Bella in shock. The tattoo artist grins shaking his head.

“For one thing lady you’re drunk it’s against the rules. Secondly. Why have Nightwing when you could have Batman?”

Selina stifles a giggle and Bella grabs the man by the collar of his shirt.

“I want the Nightwing symbol, right here…” She points to the location. “And now!”

“Jesus lady… obsess much?”

Bella plops down on the table with her stomach against it.

“And watch the hands.”

Selina and Pam are laughing as they look on.

“I’m getting paid right?”

Pam flashes a couple hundred dollar bills.

“On me, but you had better not infect her and give her exactly what she wants. Don’t jack it up!”

After he gets the tattoo outlined. The artist hears Bella snoring. He’s taken back by this and turns back to Selina and Pam.

“Um you ladies still want me to follow through with this?”

They both look over and nod.

“Well ok then.”

He starts the cobalt coloring of the tattoo.

“Oh wow.” Selina says looking over.

“She’s going to love that.” Pam says watching as well.

Pam looks to Selina mischievously.

“You know I believe Batman should make an appearance as well.”

The tattoo artist’s eyes widen as Pam pants Selina right there in front of him. She twirls her around smacking her on the ass. The artist takes in her black and hot pink thong.

“Put em there. I always thought his symbol should be put on the moon.”

He swallows back.

“Pam!” Selina scolds.

“Nah, you earned this one.” Pam utters.

“When you’re done with her you start on this one.”

“And what about you?” He offers seductively.

“Oh hun this body’s already marked…”

“Damn…” He shakes his head and finishes up with Bella.

Bruce is coming down the stairs as Selina enters the manor with Bella.

“She’s got 3 minutes…” Bruce however, tilts his head.

“Is she?!”


Selina nods with a grin.

“Wait are you both?”


She nods again.

“But she’s got training!”

“Not tonight.”


“Bruce! Give the girl a break will ya!”

She continues to lead her up the stairs. Bruce sighs and makes his way over. He picks her up.

“I got her.”

“Watch the back.”

He looks to her in question.

“That’s going to be sore for a few days.”

He rears back and looks to see what Selina’s referring to.

“What happened there?” He asks referring to the gauzed up area.



Selina smiles and blows him a kiss.

“Goodnight Bruce.” He watches as she heads to his room and shuts the door.

He sighs and finishes making his way to Bella and Dick’s room. Bruce was furious with the both of them for their negligence. However… Bella catches him off guard as he lays her down.



“Tell Dick I’m sorry, I never wanted him hurt because of my messed up life.”

“None of us ever do, Bella.”




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