Chapter 28 End Of The Nightmare

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Sail by Awolnation blares in her ears. She wipes the sweat from her brow and tosses the towel back over. Bella comes up from her set ups, then downs some water. She was still hung over from last night. However, she forced herself up at 5 am. Bella took it upon herself to get to work, knowing Bruce would be pissed that she missed last night.

Coming up to the dummy she begins her punches. The more she fired though the more the urge to vomit came. She swallowed back trying to fight it. Bella swung out her fists even harder. Her eyes widen though as it hits. Quickly, she grabs the trash bin under one of the weight benches, and hurls.

She sinks to her knees grabbing at her gut as she hurls once more after. Bella comes back to her feet and drinks some more water. Yet again she wipes her face and goes back to the dummy. Bruce leans against the doorway shaking his head on this. A slight grin formed on his face as he enters the room.

With her back turned to him she sends a flying kick towards the dummy. Bruce quickly moves it and taking it’s place he grabs her foot. She narrows her eyes and nearly loses her balance. He flings back her leg with great force and for the first time ever Bella manages a backflip. Her jaw drops as she lands perfectly. He smiles and nods. Bruce then reaches over and yanks out her earphones.

“Where we’re you last night?”

She swallows back nervously.

“Um… I was with Selina and Pam.”

“Doing what?”

She looks to the ground shamefully.



She shakes her head, continuing to look to the ground.

“I don’t know Bruce. I’m sorry. I should have been here and I…”

“It’s 5:40 am…”

“I’m sorry…”

“You’re clearly hung over, tired, and you’ve stunk up the entire gym with your bile!” He points to the trash bin.

She sighs shaking her head. He lifts her chin with his fingers.

“I couldn’t be prouder.”

She rears back in disbelief.


“You could have stayed in bed. You could have given up the moment you vomited. Instead you got out of bed, you came into this gym and got to work, and you threw up and got back to business. That takes the utmost in dedication. Now drop down and give me 20. You also owe me 15 laps.”

Bella nods behind that grin of hers and drops down.

“No I demand to know who had their head up their asses!”

She points to the six foot tall burly guard. Bella’s finger jabs into his sternum with each point.

“This room is to be secured! No one’s to get through without mine or Bruce’s permission. You let a girl come through here yesterday. One that wasn’t given pass to enter!”

Dick makes out the commotion outside the door. Bella?

“Do you not realize the potential danger you put that man in?! That is Richard Grayson, you’re to guard him with your LIFE! That’s what you’re paid for. That woman that came through here yesterday, did not pass mine or Bruce Wayne’s security pass. Which only means one thing! You let her right through that door!”

The Titans are coming around the corner as they witness this.

“What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I didn’t see her Ms. Swan.”

“You didn’t see her?!”

He nods and takes out his cell phone. Her jaw drops. The guy starts texting as she’s talking to him. She yanks the phone from his hand.

“Let me guess. You were doing this! Instead of guarding my man! WEREN’T YOU! You’re not paid to text and play Angry Birds. Mr. Wayne pays you to watch that man right in that room.”

The man rolls his eyes and reaches for his phone.

“Did you just roll your eyes at me?!”

Oh no… you’re a dead man.

“You’re fired! Go home take your precious phone and this with you!” She stuffs a pack of donuts into his arms.

“You can’t fire me only Bruce Wayne can. I work for him not you!”

Bella smiles.

“Oh really?” He nods confidently.

“Huh…” Bella takes out her cell and speed dials Bruce.

She hands the guard the phone.

“Ask him yourself!”

He narrows his eyes as Bruce answers the phone.

“Yes sir, Mr. Wayne, it seems I’m having an issue with Ms. Swan.”

“What’s that precisely?”

“She seems to think she can fire me.”

“What did you do?” Bruce questions as if irritated.

“Well sir.. I… Well you see. It seems a young lady came to visit Mr. Grayson yesterday. She told us she was his fiancé… and… Ms. Swan has brought it to our attention that she indeed wasn’t. So…”

“You’re replacement will be there in ten minutes.” Bruce says and hangs up the phone.

The guard looks to Bella ruefully. Bella holds out her hand for her phone back. He slams it into her hand.

“You’re a real bitch you know that.”

You didn’t just call my girl a bitch!

Bella sighs and shakes her head. Victor goes to step in, but Roy stops him.

“Nah, I want to see this.”

Bella’s hand becomes a fist and she punches the daylights out of the guard.


What an idiot! I swear Bella… the things you say and do. I freaking love you!

“I’m in love.” Dick hears Victor say.

Awesome, they saw that!

“I think I am too.” Lois says as she and Clark come up behind the Titans.

“Hey Rachel and I already have claims.” Garfield utters.

Clark is cocking a brow towards Lois as she continues to look at Bella in awe.

Bella stand her ground as the guard leaves. She awaits the new replacement as the Titans walk up.

“Marry me.” Victor spouts off.

Roy smacks him in the back of the head.

“Dude, Dick’s in coma you ass.”

“He’ll understand bro.”

“Sure with his foot up your ass.”

Bella laughs.

“That he would, you all go on in. I’m waiting for the new guy. I’m going to make sure he knows the drill. Tell Dick I’ll be in there shortly.”

I hear ya baby…

Roy leans into Dick’s ear as they enter the room.

“I get it now… gotta love a bad girl.”

Dick felt himself grinning on this.

Roy… That’s right buddy. Bella… she’s got a bit of it all though.

“She’s a real firecracker.” He hears Garfield comment.

Clark laughs.

Wow, who all is here? He wondered just picking up Clark’s voice.

“Yeah you might want to wake up soon or Victor’s going to try and take your place.” He hears Donna say.

I’ve noticed…

“I don’t know… I’m willing to fight you on that one.” Lois chimes in.

Lois?! Ha! You’re certainly leaving an impact Bella.

Clark sighs as if disheartened by her words.

Bella enters the room and everyone turns to her.

“Remind me not to ever piss you off.” Karen says with a smile.

Bella softly laughs, but doesn’t comment.

Dick feels her sitting beside him. She pecks him on the cheek. Bella reaches over and tosses Garfield something.

“What’s this?”

“One of his favorites.” Bella says with a shrug.

“I thought we could put it on. I’m having some chairs sent up.”

What’s that Bella baby?

Garfield smiles.

“He’d like that.”

Bella nods and swallows back that knot forming in her throat. She wanted to give him this and she prayed that he’d somehow knew that they were all here. Clark gives Bella a certain look as he wraps his arms around Lois. Garfield kisses Rachel’s forehead as she wipes a few of her own tears. Roy answers the door as there’s a knock.

Sure enough there are the chairs. Not only that, Ollie’s the one bringing them in.

“Ollie!” Bella says in full surprise.

He winks her way as Clark and Garfield help bring them in and set them up.

It’s about time jerky… So what are the chairs for?!

Victor sets up the DVD player to the hospital TV. He then puts the movie on. Dick feels Bella lay against his chest. Her arm around his waist. He wished he could move his arms. He wanted to hold her. The movie starts and yet again, Dick felt that urge building in his throat.

“You have him pegged.” Garfield says.

“That she does.” Clark adds.

Robin Hood Men In Tights begins; with the lights out to the room, and everyone sitting around Dick watching the show. None were aware of the single tear that dropped down his face.


The Titans, Lois and Clark, Ollie, and Bella all laughed along with the movie off and on. Bella stayed snuggled against him. Dick’s heart had never been lifted more than it was that very day. More than anything he knew for sure he wanted to marry Bella. She was all she’d ever want. He’d learned more about her than he ever knew possible. Her heart was bigger than anyone he’d ever met.

He hears Bruce sigh as he takes a seat.

“Well I knew she’d pull something eventually…”

What’s that Bruce?
“Just like you Bella had to have a rebellious moment.”

Oh no… what did she do? And don’t be so hard on her dammit Bruce! She’s going through so much right now!

“It seems she went out with Selina and Pam last night. Got herself good and drunk. She came in three minutes before training. She was far too drunk to even think about training. I had to carry her to bed!” Bruce says as if getting angrier by the moment.

Come on Bruce lighten up. Give her a chance…

“Something happened though… She said something as I laid her down. Bella wanted me to tell you to say she’s sorry. She never wanted you to get hurt because, of her messed up life. I told her we never do. We both know the truth though. She blames herself nevertheless.

Jesus Bella this isn’t your fault! She can’t control what that asshole does!

“That’s not all. Dick… I got up this morning. Bella was already in the gym. I could tell she’d been working out for a bit it was still around 5 am. She stops in the middle of practice and literally throws up. Not just once, but twice. She shook it off and went back to what she was doing.”

He hears Bruce softly chuckle.

“She’s got it Dick. I’m telling you… She also pulled off an accurate backflip. It wasn’t even my intention. I was trying to throw her off-guard. Instead of her letting herself get taken down, she worked with it rather than against it. Bella’s shown much improvement. She’s a fast learner. I think we’ve got ourselves a fighter. “

That’s my girl. I knew you could do it! Damn… Baby I wish I could tell you how proud I am of you!

“About Edward, he’s yet again fallen off the grid. I believe there’s too many of your friends around Gotham for him to make a move. However, things could soon change once they start to scatter out and leave town. We both know he’s too obsessed with Bella to fully let it go. I’ve not let my guard down. She’s well protected.”

Thanks Bruce. Please take care of her.

Sorry kind of got caught up with some things.”


“Not sure what to say… we’ve a bit of awkward history.” He feels her holding his hand.

“I will say this much. She’s a keeper Dick. Just keep that in mind. Don’t let this one fall through the cracks. You deserve some light in your life. Ironic, considering she’s a bit shaded herself. I think I like that about her. You two seem to balance each other out. Anyone that questions whether that girl loves you or not is a fool. Same can be said about you.” She sighs.

“I love you hun. You had better wake up. Life just isn’t the same without Dick Grayson in it. So many of our lives are effected by you. You’ve brought us all together again. Only you could pull something like this off. You’ve got people that admire and love you Dick. All the more reason to fight.”

I love you too Babs. Believe me I’m trying. This is so frustrating. I know you of all people understand. You also haven’t a clue what your support means to me. You’ve always been a good friend to me. I know we didn’t work out as lovers, but I still care about you and always will. I truly hope you find someone that makes you feel the way Bella makes me feel.

Barbara kisses his forehead and squeezes his hand.

“Hey Barbara!” Bella says as she walks in.

“Bella, how are you today?”

“I’m good and you?”

“I’m doing good hun.”

If only Kori was so accepting of my happiness… you’re wonderful Babs. A true friend to the end.

Another month later…

Bruce tosses her the mallet. Bella catches it and twirls it around. Bruce grabs one of the bokken’s and come at her unrelenting. She blocks his movies and spins around swinging at his ankles. He jumps missing the swipe. She comes back up and hits against his sternum. He nods as she pulls back. He strikes the bokken towards her neck. She tilts back just in time to dodge.

He suddenly crouches down and brings her to her knees. He fires quickly down the center of her body. She sternly blocks the hit with the mallet. He puts his entire weight behind the bokken her back arches still she keeps her stance strong. The two eye one another as they fight to make the other break first. Bella however, pulls off a maneuver he didn’t expect. From her current position she leans back keeping her block on him. Causing him to lean more into her. Quickly she jolts back her arms causing the blocking position between the two to be broken. She then takes the end of her mallet and jabs it at his gut. He groans out and falls back she hops up and pins him down. Her mallet to his throat.

They turn hearing the clearing of a throat.

“Should I be jealous?” Selina scoffs with her arms folded about her chest.

Bella grins, but Bruce takes advantage of the distraction. He swiftly reverses the pin and Bella’s eyes widen as he holds the end of the bokken at her jugular.

“Dammit Selina!” Bella scolds.

“Oops.” Selina says with a shrug.

“But honestly, kitten I taught better than that.”

Bella sighs and Bruce offers a hand helping her to her feet.

“Hmmm…” Selina looks upon Bruce.

She takes the bokken from his hand and tosses it Bella’s direction.

“This sessions over… He’s all mine now kitten. Get lost.”

Bella grins.

“Well by all means, if you’re into rodents…”

She bows towards Bruce and leaves the room. She softly giggles to herself as she makes her way up the stairs. Bella towels off and looks upon Dick’s picture on the nightstand. She picks it up running her fingers along it. Bella kisses it and heads to the shower.

Once she’s done getting ready for the night. She lies down and as always snuggles up to his pillow.

“I love you.” She whispers and closes her eyes.

That morning she has her breakfast and heads out to see Dick like usual. The Titans had already gone their separate ways again. Clark and Lois visited often. Ollie kept within Gotham city limits in hopes to hear some news soon. He and Bella would meet for lunch off and on.

Bella headed to the gift shop before the room. Dick’s room was beginning to look dreary. She started to put up pictures of loved ones around the room. Today she was getting him some more roses.

Bella enters the room and tosses down her jacket and keys. With the roses in hand she continues to walk to the other side of the room.

“And how are you today?” She says like usual.

“I’m good and you…”

Bella stops in midstride. The vase falls to the ground. Slowly she turns towards him. He looks upon her with a smile.

Bella shrieks out covering her mouth. The security guards rush in to see what he commotion is about. Bella ignores them and races over to him. Her heart raced as he continued to smile and reached out his hands.

“Dick…”She says softly.

He nods.

“Come here Bella baby.”

She smiles and crawls over him on the bed. He looks into her eyes and runs his hands along her face.

“Leave us.” He demands.

The guards leave and Dick brings her lips upon his. Tears stream down her face as he kisses her. His warm hands run along her body. Bella lifts back up. His hands lock within hers as they continue to gaze into each other’s eyes. He reaches up with one of his hands and wipes her tears away.

“No more baby…”

She starts crying though again and kisses the palm of his hand. With his other hand though he feels something else… He lifts her hand and narrows his eyes.

“You’re wearing the ring?”

She nods.

“Does that mean?”

She nods again not able to currently talk.

“You’re going to marry me?!”

She nods again covering her face.

He softly chuckles. He scoots himself up in the bed a bit. He couldn’t pull away from touching her.

“I love you Bella. I love you so much. If you only knew… I’m not kidding, you’re amazing. There’s so much I want to say. So many things …”




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  1. I LOVE Robin Hood Men in Tights! Also I did that annoying girl squeal when Dick said “I’m good and you…” So happy their engaged!

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