Chapter 29 Little Robin

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Bella lays her head along his chest. Dick wraps his arms around her. Bella tried her hardest not to cry, but she simply couldn’t stop. Her worst fears were finally, pushed aside. Richard Grayson had been in a coma for a month and a half. When doctors were ready to give up on him she and Bruce were not.
“Bella baby…” He whispers kissing her forehead.

“When I opened that door and saw you… Dick, I thought you were dead.”

He grimaces.

Oh no… she was the one that found me? He thinks feeling ill.

“I’m so sorry baby. You shouldn’t have had to go through that.”

“You wouldn’t wake up… I…”

“I know and I was trying. Believe me not a day went by that I wasn’t trying. It was the strangest feeling. I didn’t like the way it felt. It was like that feeling where you know you’re dreaming but can’t wake up. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t open my eyes Bella.”

Bella rises and stares into his eyes.
“Wait, are you telling me you knew what was going on around you?”

He nods and her jaw drops.

“Oh my god Dick!”

“Yeah baby…”

“So you…” She hints shaking her head in full on disbelief.

“You never gave up on me… I know everything.”

“Everything…” She says and swallows back on this.

He smiles.

“Yes, everything…”
Bella thinks back to everything that was said and done. Her heart rate picked up a bit at this.

“So… everything.”

“Yep, the good, the bad, and the ugly so to speak.”

Bella rather breaks into a smile. A blush comes about her face.

“I can only imagine…” She hints.

He softly laughs.

“Oh it was interesting to say the least. Yet torture all the same. There’s no true way to describe it.” Dick reaches to his temples.

“Dick…” She says with slight alarm.

“I’m ok, just a lot to take in. My body’s starting to catch up to all this as well.”

“Let me call the nurse…” She reaches for the call button.

Dick stops her shaking his head.

“I don’t need anything, but you right now. Pain, I can deal with that.”

“How long have you been awake?”

She runs a hand along his chest.

“Just a few hours. I had them take out that nasty feeding tube and…”

“And you didn’t call me?!”

“I knew you were asleep. You needed to rest and I needed to comprehend if this was even real. Honestly, I was afraid I wasn’t truly awake yet. It took me at least an hour to convince myself to even call to a nurse…”

Bella gets this horribly sad expression on her face. This startles Dick and he rises up a bit more in the bed.


“I wanted to be the first one you saw, Selfish I know, but…”
“Aw babe, trust me I understand. I’d feel the same way. I was just thankful; to find out I wasn’t conjuring up things. When you came through that door… Damn. I knew you were coming just like on cue everyday. I didn’t expect my own reaction. It was like I was seeing you for the first time or something, it was the video store all over.”

Bella blushes again and nibbles a bit on her lower lip.

“Hmm… and then you go and bite that lip of yours…” He gruffly says as if in misery.

He pulls her back towards him, and starts kissing her. Bella’s hips move about him. She stops in a gasp however, remembering his back. Dick takes notice and shakes his head. With the pain came great pleasure. He’d longed for this; he didn’t care how badly his body ached. He ached for her even more. He presses his hands along her ass. Bella’s eyes widen somewhat as he places his hands inside her jeans. His hands were beneath her panties as he felt around.

“Dick…” She halfheartedly scolds with a grin.

“Hmm.” He continues kissing along her neck.

“I love you.” She says doing her best to keep her emotions intact.

“I love you too Bella baby.”

He flinches though and clears his throat.

“Dick… I think we should call the nurse now.” She starts to move away.

“Please… Just let me hold you five more minutes. I just want you no interruptions.”

Yet again, that bolder like sensation builds in her throat; she nods and lies back down against him. He holds her running his hands along every part of her he could reach. The both of them said nothing else just held one another.

After ten more minutes, Bella calls to the nurse. She makes her way off him. The doctor then comes in and explains everything to Bella. His belief was that Dick might’ve had a small lesion on his brain. Honestly, she could tell they were all stumped as to what had actually taken place. They’d never known anyone that could hear everything that was going on during. There had been some closely related situations, but nothing quite like Dick’s.

Once the rather disoriented doctor leaves, Bella looks to Dick.

“A marvel in everything aren’t we? Even medically speaking.”

He grins shaking his head.

“Hardly, but appreciate the compliment nonetheless.”

Bella waves her cell about.

“You ready?” She hints.

He sighs.

“I suppose…”

She smiles and dials Bruce first. Then she makes her way down the mental list in her head. However, as she makes her way down to the Titans she grimaces in memory. Dick takes notice of this. The guilt hit him hard.

“There are a lot of things I should have told you. Other things I should have done as well. I’m sorry. I never meant for you to get hurt by my past.” He rears back at his own words. The de ja vu hitting on what Bruce had told him, about what Bella said. She had said something along the same lines about Dick getting hurt because, of her past.

Bella sighs. She sits her cell down and paces the foot of his bed.

“I understand why, but I still wish you would have told me about her. I mean you told me about Barbara… From what I’ve heard you and Kori were pretty serious, more, than you and Barbara ever were.

He takes back a breath and nods.

“We were. Bella, we almost got married.”

Her jaw drops.

“So you were engaged?!”

He nods again.

“I was young and foolish. I thought that maybe planting a ring on her finger could make her open her eyes somewhat.”

“Wait… are you saying you were engaged? When Kori slept around on you!”


She paced a bit more and looked to her ring. It was white gold with a diamond, with two sapphires one on each side of the diamond. Bella twirled it about her finger in thought.


“Yes baby?” His nerves were getting to him.

He feared she was about to chunk the ring at him and tell him to shove it. He wasn’t sure he’d blame her if she had.

“Why did you keep taking her back?”

A nervous chuckle escapes his lips.

“I take it you were somewhat filled in as to mine and Kori’s relationship?”

She nods looking bleak.

“I fell for her because of her beauty, I kept taking her back, because of her heart, but it wasn’t her heart I was seeing. Just the face she put on for everyone else. When I realized that I had to let it go.”

Bella freezes and looks back towards him.

“She really did a number on you. Didn’t she?”

Dick sighs shaking his head.
“Honestly… yes she did. I however, allowed it to keep happening. All the signs were there still I continued to play the fool.”

“You and me both…” She says in thought.

They look upon one another. It seemed they continued to have more and more in common. Bella breaks into a smile and runs her fingers through her hair. He cocks a brow at this.

“What’s that grin about?”
“It’s just nice to know that someone’s just as fucked up as I am!”

He has a good laugh at this. Bella gives him a wink as the door opens. They both clear their throats as Bruce enters the room with Alfred. Bella hadn’t told Bruce he’d awaken. She wanted him to see that for himself. All she did was make it noted that it was important he and Alfred came. Bella walks up to Bruce and takes his hand with a slight squeeze. She glances back to Dick once more and leaves the room to give them their privacy.

Bruce takes Dick by surprise as he says nothing. He merely makes his way over and hugs the hell out of him.

“Easy Bruce… Fractured spine and all…” He hints playfully.

Bruce nods and takes a step back.

“Master Grayson, such a wondrous event.” Alfred says with a genuine smile and hugs him as well.

Dick narrows his eyes however, upon Bruce.

“Are you… wait… is Bruce Wayne crying?”

Bruce clears his throat.

“Huh… Well wonders never seize.”

“Shut it son…”

Dick grins ear to ear. He leans back in satisfaction. Bruce himself cracks into a slight grin shaking his head. Alfred noticed what Bruce had said as well. He nods in approval and takes a seat. Dick explains to Bruce what the doctor had told him. Bruce felt about like Bella did about it. Like no one truly knew for certain. Like Bella as well all he cared about was that he was now awake and seemed to be in good health.

They catch up a bit more before Bella reenters the room. Dick observes how Bella and Bruce interact with one another now. They’re definitely seemed to be somewhat more of a bond. He looks to Alfred in thought.

“How long was I out?”

“Over a month and half sir.”

He shuts his eyes for a moment.


He then opens them and locks eyes with Bella.


She shakes her head gathering his meaning.

“Not yet.”

“He will and soon.”

She nods.

“I know. I’m prepared.”

“Bella baby there is no preparation…”

Bruce and Bella look to one another. He narrows his eyes at this.

“She’s aware of the possible circumstances.”

Dick grits his teeth on this.

“No amount of training is going to help her!”

He flinches and scoots back down a bit.

“Dick baby calm down…”

“How can I possibly do that? When I know you’re in danger! I need out of here!”

“DICK!” She rushes over as he yanks out his IV.

He starts to get out of the bed. Bruce holds him down.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Bruce demands.

“Knock it off or they’ll make us leave!” Bella reprimands as she uses her hand to stop the bleeding, where he ripped the IV out.

Alfred quickly makes his way out to find a nurse.

“Bella please… I can’t allow this. I can’t let him near you!”

Bella gasps out covering her mouth as Dick’s face turns red. His heart monitor goes off.

“Bruce!” She clings to his arm with her free hand for help.

Bruce nods as the nurse enters the room.

“Give him something for the pain…” Bruce demands.

“NO! I don’t need…”

Bella helps the nurse fix the IV. The nurse takes a syringe and shoots some morphine into his IV.

“No… I don’t want to sleep! Dammit Bruce!”

Alfred quickly grabs hold of Bella. He pulls her into her chest. Bruce paces a running his hands along his face. The stress written all over it. Dick grunts out trying to fight it.

“No…” He repeats over and over.

Alfred gets a better hold on Bella as she’s falling apart, once Dick is out. Bruce looks to Bella, but continues to pace.

“We need to find the Cullen’s and take care of the situation now.”

She nods in agreement.

“Alfred take Bella home. We will be there shortly.”

“We?” Bella questions with confusion.

Bruce says nothing as Alfred escorts her out. Once they get into the limo, Bella looks to Alfred.

“What did he mean by we?”

Alfred simply shrugs with a hint of a smile.

“He can’t seriously mean… Dick isn’t ready!”

“Suit up, you’re coming with us.”

Bella looks to Bruce oddly as she comes down the stairs. He and Clark are helping Dick inside the manor.

“WHAT?! I thought you said…”

“That I did, but the plans have changed.”

Bella helps them get Dick into the cave. She’s taken back as Clark and Bruce start to help him into his Nightwing suit. She grabs Bruce by the arm.

“What are you doing?!” She hisses with annoyance.

“Taking him where there’s better medical attention. That and you and I need to take care of business.”

Bella reaches over grabbing Nightwing’s domino mask. She gently places it on.

“I don’t understand, why you’re suiting him up!”

Clark pats her shoulder.

“You need to trust Bruce. He knows what he’s doing.”

She half groans, but pecks Dick on the lips. He was still groggy from the morphine.

“Bella…” Dick says softly looking lost.

She cups his cheek with his hand.

“It’s ok.” She says, trying to force the assurance into her voice.

Dick shakes his head as Clark vanishes. Bella’s jaw drops she then back then turns to Bruce astonished. What just happened? Where did they go?

“Suit up Bella, we go next.”

Bella makes her way over to the new Harley suit. Her hand grows unsteady as she runs her fingers along it. She knew what putting on this suit would mean. Bruce puts a hand upon her shoulder.

“Harley’s rested long enough.”

He walks away and Bella glares upon the outfit once more. With the deepest of breathes she decidedly accepts her fate. After she’s done she sees Batman already waiting for her. Bella took a few steps towards him. Like a tidal wave however, it hit. She froze in place. Batman tilted his head in concern watching her. She swallowed it back and locked onto Batman. As though walking in sand she slowly approached him.

“Are you alright…”

She’s looking to the floor. Batman lifts her chin with his fingers.

“Harley…” He says softly, yet with certain sternness.

She opens her eyes and a smile forms along her face. He nods in approval.

“Let’s go.”

He wraps his cape around her and they vanish into the teleport that sends them through to Watchtower. They appear in Watchtower and Batman looks upon her as he drops his cape back down.

Harley aspects the area around them.

“Where are we Bats?”


The big, green mass rose from the chair. He looked upon Harley with his crimson eyes then to Batman.

“What is this… Why is she here?”

He stands before her, towering over her.

“I do not believe you belong in Watchtower…”

Batman shakes his head and pulls Harley back behind him.

“She’s with me.”

“Why would you allow…”

Superman enters the room. Harley’s eyes widen and she literally beams.

“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes…”

Batman rolls his eyes and Superman smiles.

“Not so bad yourself, dig the suit. And how are you Harley?”

She nods yet both men could see she was still adjusting.

“She’s with us.” Superman says with a nod.

“Harley Quinn this is Martian Manhunter. He’s usually the main one that keeps an eye on things around here. “

Martian Manhunter crosses his arms about his chest.

“Hmm.” He then returns to his seat.

Harley swallows back at this and looks to Superman then Batman. They both shrug.

“Where is he?”

Superman motions his head for her to follow. She follows him into another area.

“This is our medical wing here at Watchtower. We’ve better technology here. Nightwing’s in good hands.”

Harley looks through the window.

“What’s he hooked up to?”

Superman grins.

“What’s he not hooked up too…?”

She narrows her eyes at this.

“Can I see him?”

“Of course, he will heal much faster this way. It’s what Batman and I were waiting for. We just needed him awake.”

Superman opens the door for her and she enters the room. Harley slowly approaches and takes his hand. He was sleeping due to the morphine. She leans over and kisses his forehead.

“He’s going to be alright.” Superman however, tilts his head.

“Um, Harley?”

She turns back around facing him.

“Is that a tattoo?”

She merely grins.

“Huh… well… I like. You know he’s got the name from me.”

Harley sits down beside Nightwing’s bed and crosses her legs.


“Nightwing… Of course they didn’t have the same birds Earth has on Kandor, the capital of Krypton. So I chose the name of two birds. One for me and one for my friend Jimmy Olsen, I was Nightwing and he was Flamebird. We had our own little mission to take care of. We even had a cave called the Nightcave. That was all before Brainiac (A personal enemy of mine) , stole the planet and had it shrunken. It’s currently under my wing so to speak and hidden somewhere safe. That is until I can figure out how to fix the issue. Well Robin was looking for a new name as he got older and started to take a bit of a different path in life. He wanted a fresh take on his existence. I offered the name up to him. He’s kept it ever since.”

“But I suppose you learn something new everyday.”

“It seems we all do. I better head back to Metropolis.”

“You take care.”

He turns his back and Harley grins ear to ear.

“Hey Sups…” He stops in his tracks and turns.

“Did ya lose a bet?”

He looks to her puzzled.

“How do you mean?”

“Oh nothing… Nice red underoos, but shouldn’t they be on the inside of your suit. You know with your physique you could probably get away with a thong. I wouldn’t attempt a G-string though.” She hints. Actually causing Superman to blush as he looks down.

He scratches the top of his head on this. Harley giggles at his reaction. After he lifts his head back up Harley winks upon him.

“Later Sups.”

“Um yeah… later, Harley.”

Harley peers over Batman’s shoulder as he sits beside Martian Manhunter. Batman narrows his eyes feeling her presence.

“What is it Harley?”

“Nightwing’s asleep and I’m bored.”
Martian Manhunter looks upon her bewildered. Batman sighs.

“Would you like for me to show you how to do this?”

He questions as he scrolls through a couple of the monitors. She beams at this and reaches for a button. He slightly pops her on the hand.

“No Harley.” She puckers out her lower lip and rubs the area where he hit.

“Sit.” She exhales bitterly and sits in his lap.

“In the chair Harley…” He comes to his feet and shoves her into the chair next to him.

She crosses her arms about her chest.

“Stay there.”

They hear someone laughing and they turn.

“Green Arrow!” Harley jumps to her feet.

He hugs her and spins her around.

“I like…” He says taking in the suit.

“The Bats took it upon himself to design it.”

“Well, I think he got your taste pegged. I see touches of Nightwing as well.”

She nods.

“Speaking of which…” He looks around.

“I was told he was here…”

Harley starts to lead him that way.

“I thought you wanted to learn how to do this.” Batman says turning towards her.

“I got a new toy now… Yours is mind-numbing. This one doesn’t hit back.”

Green Arrow looks to Batman.


Batman grumbles under his breath and turns his chair back around. Harley leads Green Arrow into the room.

“I thought he’d be awake.”

“I am…”

Harley grins. Green Arrow laughs. Nightwing lifts up in the bed. His eyes widen as he looks upon Harley.

“Holy…” Nightwing utters.

Green Arrow takes a step back


“In the flesh!”

“Damn babe…”

He clears his throat and continues to stare. He took in the entire outfit and black and blue pigtails.

“You gotta little drool…” Green Arrow teases motioning towards Nightwing’s lip.
“I wouldn’t doubt it.”

“Well it’s good to see you managed to pull through. Even if I do not exist at the moment.” Green Arrow comments as Nightwing continues to gawk.

Harley makes her way over and Nightwing reaches out pulling her into his lap.

“Hmm, well anyway… I wanted to come check on you.”

Nightwing nods finally looking towards Green Arrow.

“How you feeling?”

“I’m feeling ok actually.”

“That’s good to hear. I can’t stay long. I just wanted to stop by and see how you were for myself.”

“Oh I’m good…” He says with a smirk.

“I can see that.” He replies with a smile.

Green Arrow starts to turn away, but yet again turns to face him.

“Have you told Batman yet?” He clues in about Bella’s doctor.

“No haven’t had a chance. I plan to.”

He nods.

“I’d do it soon.”

“I will.”

He leaves the room and Nightwing turns back to Harley.

“Told Bats what?”

He goes to answer, however Harley leans over reaching for his covers. His jaw drops and he’s instantly aroused. Harley giggles as she feels his excitement. She feels his hand running along the tattoo.

“Easy there blue jay… we didn’t bring a spare costume for you.” He shrugs.

“That’s gotta be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

He softly chuckles.

“That’s so awesome.” He says still mesmerized.

He looks around.

“Is this Watchtower?”

“Is it?” Harley questions.

“Looks to be.”

Nightwing was rather floored that Batman brought her here. He doesn’t comment however. Nightwing looked upon the ring on Harley’s finger. He then thought about the tattoo and new color scheme of her outfit. He couldn’t stop smiling.
“What’s the smile for loverboy?”

If she doesn’t quit talking like that I’m going to be in big trouble. He thinks to himself.

Batman enters the room at that point.

“It’s time.”

Harley nods jumping to her feet.

“Time?” Nightwing questions.

Batman says nothing as he turns around. Harley pecks Nightwing on the lips.

“Don’t wait up.”

“Harley…” Nightwing says with disappointment.

She starts to walk out and he comes to his feet. Harley whips her head back around towards him.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

Batman turns as well. Nightwing stumbles about the room.
“I’m going.”

Harley shakes her head. A big smile forms on her face.

“Do you want children?”

He narrows his eyes looking a bit confused.

“Well yeah eventually.”

She nods.

“Then lay back down!”

Batman gets a slight grin on his face. Nightwing’s jaw drops.

“You wouldn’t. I mean considering…”

“Oh I so would, now lay the fuck down or I’ll give you such a pinch.”

He tries to ignore her, but feels faint.

“Damn it.”

“That’s right back to bed!” She demands pointing.

Batman nods towards him.

“It’s him isn’t it?! You’re going after him!”

Harley rushes over. Batman helps her put him back to bed. She cuffs his hands to the metal post.

“Stay put maybe we can have fun with this later.”
She playfully slaps his cheek.

“Harley…. Please you can’t do this.”

“What you’re the one hurting our little Robin.”

His eyes widen.

“Oh yeah, boy or girl?” But he felt the need to play along.

“Both, all of our children will be named Robin.”

“And how will we tell them apart?”

“Easy… They’ll all have a distinct freckle above their left eye. You best get to learning who is who now!”


“Yep and I’d hurry before one of them turns twelve.”

Even Batman shakes his head on this and pinches the bridge of his nose.


“That’s right. Now get to crackin’!”

Harley clears her throat however, and looks into Nightwing’s eyes. “I’ll be back. I promise.” She kisses his lips once more. Nightwing continues to struggle against the cuffs. She and Batman take off.




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