Chapter 3 A Swan With Claws

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“Please tell me you can at least muster up one little chin up.”

Bella groans out trying to bring herself up on the bar. She drops back down rubbing her hands.

“Why is this so important? What is this so called training about?”

Bella was already covered in sweat. Her gray tank top now soaked with it and her sweat pants clung to her body. Bella goes to take a drink of water and Selina yanks the bottle from her hand.

“Five more… proper ones. You have to earn this…” She says waving the bottle into the air.

Bella shakes her head frustrated.

“What is this all about Selina?! I barely know you!”

“I saved your ass remember? I offered you a home, shelter, food etc… Least you could do is play nice and shut up. I’m trying to keep you alive. If you can’t even manage one chin up. You have no business being on the streets of Gotham at least not past 8 pm.”

“There’s more to this and you know it!”

“You’re right there is but for now don’t worry your pretty little head on it.”

Bella rolls her eyes and grabs her backpack and starts heading out of the self-made gym. Selina had made herself a place in an abandoned shed.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m moving out. I got a job now. I’m sure I can find an apartment.”

Selina has a good laugh at this.

“You wouldn’t last a month. I’d find you dead in some alleyway. That and on your salary. There’s no way you can afford to live on your own.”

“I’ll manage.”

Selina appears in front of Bella as she reaches for the door. Her eyes widen and she looks back.


She doesn’t answer but she shoves Bella back and she lands on her ass.

“What the fuck!”

Bella gets up bitterly dusting herself off.

“Remember…” Selina demands.

She shoves her again and Bella stumbles back.

“Turn it on and remember! Then you tell me if you still want to move out! Tell me if you still wish to remain defenseless!”

Bella shakes her.

“The hell with you!” Bella pushes past Selina.

“I’m late for work! I’ll be by later for my things.”

Selina smiles.

“Whatever you say kitten.”

Bella turns to see Selina punching at a bag. She narrows her eyes as the bag falls to the floor and it’s ripped to shreds. Selina winks and Bella makes her way out.

“Ten kinds of fucking crazy ass bitch.” Bella mutters as she rushes to work.

She makes her way into the video store and hurriedly heads to the bathroom to change. She hears the knock on the door.

“You’re late.”

“I know I’m so sorry. I just gotta change I’ll be right out.”

Bella makes her way out running a brush through her hair and stepping into her boot. Her body was sore as hell from all the training.

“This won’t happen again. You’ll find yourself without a job.”

Bella sighs as he storms out of the video store.

“Thanks… ass…”

She hears someone laughing and she turns with a blush.

“Long day?”

He questions with a grin.

“You could say that.”

Bella grabs her a drink and makes her way behind the counter.

“You already finished your movie?”

“Yep, came back to get another.”

“So what’ll it be this time?”

He shrugs looking around. Bella downs her bottle of Gatorade and tosses it into the trash then grabs her a bottle of water. She grabs a towel wiping her face, a hint of embarrassment hits on how much she’s still sweating. She winces sorely as she lifts her arms. Bella jumps as her cell phone goes off. Dick raises a brow at the questionable ring tone.

“Oh come on.” Bella mutters eyeing Dick as she answers the phone.


“Look kitten. I say you give me at least another month. We need to have a little girl talk when you get home.”

“I already told you I’m moving out!”

“Don’t be an idiot.”

“I’m not an idiot. That’s why I’m moving out!”

Selina laughs.

“One month… Give me that.”

“Why what’s in this for you?”

Dick narrows his eyes pretending not to listen as he walks around.

“There’s just as much in it for you. Honestly you should think about it.”

Bella pinches the bridge of her nose.

“You’re a crazy bitch you know that.”

Dick pauses not expecting to hear that.

“Hmmm I’ve been called worse.”

“Jesus Selina! Fine you got one more month. But you had better tell me what the hell is going on. That and change my damn ringtone! Honestly The Pussy Cat Song?”
Selina laughs and hangs up.

Bella rolls her eyes and flings her phone down onto the counter. She paces the area a bit running her fingers through her hair. She laughs a little shaking her head. He picks out a movie and makes his way over.

“The day continues to get longer?”

“That’s no lie.”

“I’ve had those myself.”

She nods and smiles at the Mel Brooks video.

“Love this one actually.”

“Robinhood Men In Tights?” He questions surprised.

“Oh definitely hilarious.”

He grins.

Some men come into the video store and begin looking around. Bella narrows her eyes keeping an eye on them. Dick notices the way she’s looking at them. He finds a reason to stick around long enough for them to leave.

“So rent one get one half off?” He says and takes a step back as he goes to find another video.

Bella looks to him oddly. But her attention goes back to one of the other men as he’s eyeing her and whispering to his friend laughing. She rolls her eyes as he looks upon her and pretends to hump one of the tables.

Bella pretends to pick up something from the floor but grabs the knife from her boot. She tucks it into the sleeve of her sweater. Her hands a bit shaky as she continues to keep an eye on them She could tell they were waiting for Dick to leave. One of them rolls his eyes as Dick continues to look around. Bella sees the gun that one of them menacingly flashes. She closes her eyes for a moment. When she opens them he’s at the counter. He says nothing just holds the gun in place and motions towards the register. For some reason Bella starts laughing.

The man narrows his eyes.

“You’re fucking kidding me right?” She mutters angrily.

Dick turns around at this point. He was preparing to jump in and put an end to it. However she takes him by complete surprise.

“Look I’m tired and you’re pissing me off.”

Bella snaps and sends her blade through his hand and dodges the fire as the gun goes off. Dick quickly disarms the man and the others start running outside. Bella stares the man in the face and yanks her blade back out of his hand. She reaches over the counter and grabs the man by the collar. Dick rears back in disbelief.

“Come here again I’m taking your balls and making them into a coin purse. Ka Peach? Have a good day now!”

Damn… Dick finds himself thinking. He wasn’t sure if he was turned on or a bit fearful himself. Maybe a bit of both…

Dick grabs the guy by the collar and shoves him out the door. He locks the doors and turns back towards Bella. She’s gripping the counter her eyes now closed.

“Hey…” He tilts his head concerned.

“You ok?”

Bella jumps back a bit as if something socked her.


She blinks her eyes a few times.

“Dick?” He rears back at this as her eyes flutter back.

“Easy!” He leaps over the counter and props her up on the counter.

Her head bows over as he tries to brace her against him.

“Bella I think you’re in a bit of shock ok…” He reaches over for her bottle of water.

“Drink this.”

She nods and takes a swig. She narrows her eyes looking around.

“What happened?”

He cups her chin looking her over. Bella’s attention turns to the bloody blade on the counter. Her jaw drops.

“Dick?! What happened! What did I do?”

He turns to the knife she’s staring at.

“You honestly don’t remember?”

She shakes her head. He nods troubled and dials the police. Both give their statements and they replay the surveillance. He watches Bella’s jaw drop as she watches the playback. She looks to him with complete innocence.

“I did that?”

He nods still taken back.

“Wow we could use someone like you on the force… Both of you. Quite a team.” One of the officers says replaying the tape.

“How did I?” He hears her softly whisper.

Once the officers get all the information they need they suggest Bella close up the store for the rest of the day. Dick calls her manager and explains what took place. Dick helps her lock up and walks her out to the parking lot. He looks around for a car.

“Do you need a ride?”

“It’s ok I can call my roommate or hail a cab.”

“You’ve had long enough day. In fact let me buy you dinner then I’ll take you home.”

Bella bites her lip in thought. Dick smiles with a bit of a chuckle.
“Come on now Bella.” He gets on his bike eyeing her.

She shrugs and makes her way over. He places the helmet on her head.

“Hold on.” She wraps her arms around his waist.

He smiles feeling her head resting against his back. He picks a place and helps her off the bike and takes off the helmet.

“That’s like way cool.” She says looking to the bike.

“First time I take it?”

She narrows her eyes.

“I think…”

He wasn’t sure what else to say. He takes her hand leading her inside the pizza joint.

“Skies the limit.” He says as they sit at a booth.

Dick leans back as she looks upon the menu. Her hands were still a bit unsteady. He couldn’t help but to think about the amount of confidence she had during the time of though. It was like night and day now. This girl was scared out of her mind. He wasn’t sure what to make of any of this. All he could sum it up to was pure shock. Her body went into defense mode once it was done she blanked out. To this extent is rare but not completely unheard of.

The waitress makes her way over and they order their drinks.

“So how long have you been in Gotham?”

“A couple weeks now.”

“That new…”

She nods.

“Where’d you come from?”

She reaches to her temples.

“A small town…” She acts as if she’s about to say something else but refrains and looks out the window.

She clears her throat.

“What about you?”

Hmmm before or after the teen titans? He gives a simple shrug.

“Eh… a while.”

“Tough city.”
“It grows on you.”

“Oh I’m sure.”

“So what brings you to Gotham?”

Bella bites her lower lip as it forms into a grin.

“Actually I’m not even sure. Impulse maybe?”

“What about your family?”

He takes notice of the sadness in her eyes but something else as well. He just wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“I don’t have any family… not anymore.” Her hands clench into balled up fists.

“I’m so sorry I had no idea.”

“How would you?” She says darkly.

“And you?”

“Ironically same boat.” He says with a shrug.

“Small world.” She says softly.

They decide on the kind of pizza they want and wait in silence eyeing one another every now and then. Once they’re done eating he turns to her.

“Did you enjoy?”

“Yes it was very good thank you.”

“Perhaps another time then?”

She smiles.

“I’d like that.”
He nods and throws down the money.

“So where to?”

He says as they walk towards his bike. She gives him directions to the apartments. Once he gathers the information he hands her his helmet.

“Sounds easy enough.”

After they arrive she steps off handing the helmet back to him. He starts to get off the bike to walk her to her apartment. She thinks of crazy Selina though and stops him.
“I got it from here.” She says with a smile.

“Let me guess… married?”

She rears back at this.




“So you’re single?”

She blushes at this.

“Maybe…” She says with a shrug.

“Then you’ll let me take you on a real date one day?” He calls out as she’s walking away.

“Maybe!” She calls once more.

He shakes his head but smiles as he puts his helmet on and takes off.

Bella still grinning as she enters the apartment.

“You look awfully chipper.”

She shrugs but frowns remembering they still had issues to discuss. What she didn’t expect was the world of crazy that was about to pour from this woman’s mouth. Once Selina’s done she just sits there.

“Earth to Bella… come in Bella.”

Bella nods and comes to her feet.
“And they thought I was crazy.” Bella says and grabs her jacket.

“OH hunny you haven’t even begun to see crazy.”

Selina throws down a stack of files at her feet.

“Look through there… once your done go to the library do some of your own research. But be careful not to be caught with those. Those are stolen files… direct from headquarters themselves.”

“Stolen? Who…”

Bella rolls her eyes as Selina grins.


Bella squats down and picks them up.

“How do I know these aren’t fake?”

“If you’re that unsure take them to headquarters yourself. See their own reaction to a citizen such as yourself having access to such secrets. I guarantee the commissioner would take you out himself on the spot, no questions asked.”

“You’re bluffing.”

“Am I?”

“Come on Selina… Do you even hear yourself? You dress like a fucking cat damn near every night? People with certain abilities and this Joker guy? I’m sorry about your friend but how am I expected to believe any of this? I’m the one that was released from an asylum you’re the one that belongs there.”

Selina smiles.

“You were in an asylum?”

Bella rolls her eyes.

“Yep is that a problem?”

“Actually quite the opposite that makes you even more perfect for what I have planned for you, that also certainly explains a lot.”

“And what exactly are those plans?”

“Just read through those. Do your homework. Then we’ll talk. I can assure you once you’ve learned what I know. You’ll be practically begging for this.”

“For what?!”

Selina says nothing. She makes her way to the bathroom and comes out in her suit. Bella half laughs. She screams however as Selina leaps out of the window. She rushes towards it and looks down seeing she’s nowhere in sight.




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