Chapter 30 Doctor And His Frankenstein

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Batman places the red cloak over Harley. He clasps it tight. He tucks her hair into it. The cloak was Bella’s idea she wanted it to remind them of the Volturi. Batman nods in approval once he’s done with the adjustments. There was no way you could see what Harley was wearing under the cloak. The idea was to make it look as though Bella was giving herself up. He’d pick up her scent immediately and he couldn’t read her mind. Batman would be far enough away they wouldn’t pick up on his at first.

Batman looked to her once more. They lock eyes and he simply nods. He points out the direction, before lowering her down from the Batwing. Harley keeps her head down and makes her way through the city, to the outskirts of town. Carlisle and Edward were hiding out at an abandoned parking garage. One that had been deemed to be condemned by the city. Apparently they hadn’t got around to it yet. Harley continues about her heels clanking against the asphalt.

Half an hour later she comes to a stop. She slowly turns facing the garage. She nods at this and signals discreetly that she’s arrived. She then makes her way about the building. Harley makes a game out of counting her steps before they make her out. Counting to herself 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43.


A smile forms beneath the cloak. A very demonic one.

“Carlisle! It’s her!”

She could hear him breathing her in; from where she stood.

“I can’t believe it’s you.” He says in that same tone. The very one he used when he was being loving towards her.

“Please lower your hood. Let me see your beautiful face.”

Harley takes a few more steps towards his voice.

“I’m so sorry. I tried to come to you sooner. There were just too many though. Carlisle and I had no other choice, but to go into hiding and wait for you to come to us. I knew you would.”

She feels the air hitting against her as he circles her. His fingers graze along her cloak.

“Bella?” Carlisle says in a soft voice.

Harley slightly lifts her head to the sound of Carlisle’s voice. Harley however, wanted to play. She was also happy to see that his arm hadn’t grown back yet. Nor had it been reattached. She wondered if it was somehow beyond repair now. She wasn’t certain how that worked.

“Carlisle?” She says in her best innocent Bella voice.

“Oh thank god.” He retorts as if relieved by the sound.

“I’m so glad you’re alright.”


She feels him directly behind her. He kisses the neck area of the cloak. He comes around facing her. He starts to move the cloak from her face. She starts to cry like Bella would.

“You left me!” She shrills.

“You all left me.”

Edward grimaces at her words.

“I had to. But we can be together again. That’s all in the past now.”

He cups her chin beneath the robe. His fingers still icy cold as she remembered.

“I love you Bella. I want you to be one with me. I want you as my mate.”

He takes a ring out from his pocket. He opens the box with his only hand. Harley lowers her hood. He sneers back. Harley puts her hands upon her cheeks.


She reaches for the ring and he slams the box shut. This disgusted look washes over Edward.
“What have you done to yourself Bella?”

She makes this pouty face.

“But my ring!” She holds out her hand.

“You look like ridiculous!” He snaps.

Harley starts laughing.

“Do keep going…” She circles Edward.

She runs a hand along his chest, her eyes locking with his.

“I love a man that can talk dirty.”

Edward grabs her by the straps of her outfit.

“Stop talking like that! This isn’t you Bella! You sound as though, you belong back in the asylum.”

“I want to tell you a little secret…” Harley lets Bella out for a moment.

She leans into his ear as he continues to hold her in his clutch.

“I do…” Bella whispers.

He cocks a brow at this. Harley fires her grabble. She crouches over one of the top garages. She drops her cloak completely. Both Carlisle and Edward look to her in utter disbelief. She smiles and waves.

“Hello boys. I don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced. I’m Harley. Harley Quinn.”

She blows them a kiss. Harley comes down and swings out her mallet as she does. She sends Edward soaring across the parking lot. Carlisle comes towards her.

“No Bella you don’t want to do this”

“Eeeehhh! Wrong… Bella Swan is no longer here. If you leave your name and number… Ah, whom I kidding not even then. She’s a busy girl these days! Gotta hand it to her. She’s certainly got way better taste in men these days.”

Carlisle keeps approaching.

“Bella hun I seriously think; you need some help. I think that maybe we got you out of there too soon. You’re showing all the classic signs of what’s referred to as MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder).”

He tilts his head upon her.

“We can help you.”

She squeals out in excitement.

“You can?!”

She jumps up and down.

“Ohhh Eddie isn’t this wonderful news?!” She says making him out from the corner of her eye.

He coming to his feet. Not only that but he was pissed.

“You’re coming back with us one way or another.” He scowls.

Harley see’s Batman now. She nods towards him and grabs Edward. She backflips into a higher area of the parking garage.

Batman’s cape flares out as he lands behind Carlisle. Carlisle freezes already knowing.

“It’s time to come with me Dr. Cullen.” He says gruffly.

Carlisle nods.

“I get that he’s your son. I can sympathize, believe me. However, Bella Swan doesn’t belong to Edward Cullen. She belongs with Dick Grayson. Your son struck out in more ways than one. You Dr. Cullen had a choice in how Edward turned out. You answered to his every beckon call. You even turned your back to the rest of your family. Your very own progenies so to speak. No other would stand behind you and your son on this. You’ve created the monster. It’s time to put you both away. Frankenstein and his doctor.”

Carlisle closes his eyes for a moment.

He whips around and sends Batman flying across the garage. Car alarms begin to sound. The war between Batman and Carlisle begins…

“Now someone’s not playing fair.”

Harley looks around the garage. Edward’s nowhere to be found.

“Oh Eddie boy… getting kinda lonesome here.”

A grin comes about her face as she makes out his shadow. She immediately tucks and rolls coming down in a crouching stance.

“HOW!” He yells bitterly.

He soon learns just how fast Harley can be. She dodges most his moves and is able to get a few hits in. He wanted to break that mallet of hers. It was irritating and childish!

“Well you’re not the only one that knows how to play. What fun would that be?! Do tell me… Do you still sparkle?”

“I SHOULD HAVE KILLED HIM!” Edward roars on top of his lungs.

He flings himself over and knocks her back. He pins her to the ground.

“I’m sorry Bella. I’m so, so, sorry.” He says and leans down as if he’s to kiss her. This broken expression comes about his face.

“You leave me no choice. I’m doing you a favor sweetheart. I love you far too much to watch this take you over. You’re better than this. This isn’t you. The Bella I know is beautiful, shy, smart. You’re nothing more than a monster a lunatic!”

Harley gasps out as he slams her back. Her back arches in pain. NO! Don’t you do this Harley! GET THE FUCK UP! He twirls her around. She grits her teeth as he over powers her. His entire body of marble lies on top of her, it felt like a ton.

I need to know you can lift your own weight. Say you’re in this position when an enemy drops down on you! How are you going to manage a way out of this if you can’t even lift their weight?”

What are the odds?”

Bruce nods and presses his foot deeper into her back.


Her eyes begin to water as Edward becomes heavier against her back. She feels her back trying to give on her. BELLA screams out. She brings her hands about the ground. Tears run down her face. She brings her and Edward’s weight off the ground. She brings her legs up as Edward grabs hold of her neck. The two of them struggle about the ground. She reaches to her grabble and fires sending them both in the top level. Bella swings her body about. She slams Edward against one of the walls with all her force. She then looks him in the eyes. She takes down her ribbons. She rips Edward’s shirt from his body and wipes the makeup off her face.

The tears continue as her determination rises within. She continues to stare upon him.

“You!” She sneers.

And for the first time ever. Edward Cullen feared Bella Swan. It was all over his face. He knew this was no longer Harley. He’d unleashed Bella’s wrath. He swallowed back in thought.

“You! YOU said it’d be as though you never existed! You! Had me locked away! You! Broke every promise you ever made me. You! Left me and my family and friends in danger! You! Walked out of my life! You! Hurt the only man I ever truly loved! You! Almost killed that man! I! Hate you! I! Wish you were fucking dead! I! I’m going to end it once and for all. I! Will take you away from any life you currently know. I! Will make certain; that you never see more than four walls each and every day, of your pathetic excuse for an existence. You! However, deserve true death Edward Cullen. You! Don’t deserve love! You! Don’t deserve a real family! Why do you think they all walked out on you?! I! Wasn’t given a choice! You! Were. You! Choose to run off your own family. I! Didn’t ! I was robbed of that! All because I met YOU! So I’m fucking insane right? Baby you haven’t seen nothing yet! You’ve only seen Harley go ape shit on your ass. You haven’t seen Bella Swan! The fiancé of Dick Grayson and lover of Nightwing!”

Bella flips back her hands on the ground as she quickly wraps her legs around Edward’s neck. The war between Bella and Edward begins…

Batman growls out as Carlisle blocks his moves. His arms becoming numb from each sting. Both were having a hard time breaking through each other’s movements. Carlisle gets in a blow to the gut. Batman flings down his teargas. He then fires his zipline and kicks the bottom of his feet into Carlisle’s sternum. Batman heard the popping sound as he was knocked back against a van. The van toppled over as Carlisle came back to his feet.

Carlisle looks around. Batman stays in stealth mode able to see every move Carlisle makes. Batman patiently waits…

“This isn’t possible!” Edward hisses out as she continues to squeeze.

“Bella please… think about what you’re doing.” His neck begins to crackle.

Pieces of Edward chip off to amongst the ground.

Don’t do it Bella… She heard in Dick’s voice. Don’t… She swallows back. She loosens her hold and flips him back around.

“Ah, now everyone give Eddie boy a hand…” She leans into him.

“So how did that happen anyway?” She taunts.

She sends Edward spiraling back where Carlisle and Batman are fighting. Just as Edward comes down Carlisle’s sent that same direction by Batman. Through his own fear and anger; Edward assumes it’s Batman. Without another thought, he punches his fist through his own father’s chest. He then promptly snaps his neck. Edward hasn’t a clue what he’s done until he opens his eyes. Edward’s eyes become widened in a state of complete shock. He falls to his knees.


Edward brings his father upon his lap.


Bella leaps down beside Batman. Batman looks upon her oddly. Bella covers her mouth as she truly takes in; what just took place. Batman quickly gathers her cloak and places it back on her.

Edward rocks back and forth. Not another word escapes his mouth. Nor does he even budge. Not even when the sirens begin to sound as the police are making their way over.

“Go on. I’ll catch up to you soon.”

She glances upon Edward as he remains in his catatonic state. She nods and quickly takes her leave. Bella watches from a distance as she’s crouched down on one of the nearby roofs. Batman quickly rids of Carlisle’s remains. Edward’s taken away. He doesn’t even put up a fight. Like a wave the memory hits. The first time she’d ever lay eyes on the Cullen family. When they walked into that cafeteria… The way she felt rather drawn into them. Him mainly, how she once thought she’d simply die without Edward Cullen. Never did she dream of the actual route all this would take her.

She feels a hand upon her shoulder. Neither says anything. She comes to her feet and turns around. They nod to one another and head back.

Harley enters the room. She leans her mallet against the wall. She takes the key from her pocket. Quietly, she undoes his cuffs. Harley spin the cuffs around one of her fingers. She then pulls up a chair and straddles it. She awaits for Nightwing to come to.

“Are you certain Mr. Wayne?” Bruce nods.

“I want only the best care for Mr. Cullen.”

The men nod as they strap Edward down.

“We just need you to sign right here Mr. Wayne.”

They hand him a pen. He signs the paper checking Edward Cullen into Arkham Asylum. Ironically, placed the very spot Joker was.

Mr. Wayne watches through the glass. His arms folded about his chest. He tilts his head in wonder. Edward started to rock back and forth as he looked around. Bruce narrowed his eyes.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” Edward blinks a few times hearing the voice about the room.

Yet there wasn’t a soul in sight.

Welcome home Eddie boy. I’ve a feeling we’re going to be good friends!”

Bruce watches for a few more moments; once his curiosity is met. He turns his back to Edward Cullen. From here on this was now the norm for Edward Cullen.


She smiles as he comes to. He raises up rubbing his wrists. Harley comes to her feet. She places the cuffs onto a nearby table.

“Is it?” He hints.

She nods. He closes his eyes for a moment. Nightwing takes in a deep breath.

“You’re alright?”

Harley crawls over him. She overlaps him. Nightwing narrows his eyes as he seems to be checking her from head to toe. His hands go about her face. He pulls her towards him. Nightwing kisses Harley. He clears his throat.

“Is the door locked?”

Harley nods.


He returns to her lips and undoes her top. Nightwing welcomes himself to her breast. His tongue grazing about the both of them as he takes turns. Meanwhile, he struggled to get her pants off. Once he managed to get them off he tosses them about the room. He throbbed below as though it was their first time. He couldn’t free himself quick enough. Without another word, he grips her hips and firmly places himself inside. Both simultaneously let out a moan. It’d been awhile for the both of them. Harley felt herself already releasing against him. She’d nearly forgotten the way he felt; so warm, inviting, provocative.

Nightwing kept her rocking about him. He gave into the fight as he fired within her. It didn’t take him long at all. Once he gets off. He flips her around on the bed.

“I believe someone deserves to be punished. Cuffing me to the bed Harley?! Really?!”

She grins with a shrug.

He reaches for the cuffs. With a grin he cuffs her to the bed. He places the key in his mouth. He shows her that it’s under his tongue as he snaps his mouth shut.

“Now try and break free.”

Something about seeing Harley Quinn beneath him, cuffed to the bed, had him grow hard all over again. She felt him growing inside her. He prods about her again. He groaned out feeling her literally saturating him. Nightwing knew he’d come again and soon. He had been entirely too backed up. Harley slightly pulls at his locks of hair. She brings him down and starts kissing him. He grins knowing what she was going for. He continues to play along. He keeps that key planted where he stuck it. However, she does that thing that drives him mad with pure longing. Every time, Nightwing and Dick Grayson would become thunderstruck. She starts kissing along his neck. Every once in a while he could feel her warm wet tongue against him. She traveled up to his mouth. Within seconds she managed to steal the key away. She holds it firmly within her teeth. He grits his teeth at the sight Nightwing fiercely shoots his load.

Before he can even open his eyes from the high she’d just given him. Harley manages to break free. She’s spinning the cuffs around her finger again.

“You never could catch me, loverboy.”

He softly chuckles and pops her on the butt.

Back at the cave…

“Are you certain?”

Dick nods looking grim. Bruce replay some of the videos of Bella’s interviews. Dick slants his head about.

“Freeze the screen…” Bruce pauses.

Dick zooms in on the doctor. He swallows back. He continues to zoom in on the doctor’s neck. Bruce and he share a glance.

“Latex…” Bruce confirms.

“Sure as hell is.” Dick says with vexation.

“So it was him the entire time?”

Dick nods.

“He’d visited Starling City once as Dr. Sean Shivell. He and Green Arrow seemed to have a bit of a run in at one time.”

“Aka Dr. Travis Woodlarf , Aka Sean Shivell, aka Edward Nigma(Nygma).”

“Now why in the world would he be mixed up with vampires? Furthermore, what would his interest be in Isabella Swan?”

They both lean back in thought.




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  1. It is very Harley a split personality? Thats how they keep treating her. And it seems like she has to switch Harley on like one. If so. She does still need serious help. I can see how Bats & Nightwing are personas, but they dint treat them like separate entities…they are them. When she came back to him after the fight..whuch to me was a tiny bit unbelievable as vamps move like the flash & have strength like Clark, he kept calling her Harley like she was a different person. =/

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