Chapter 31 Flying Trapeze II

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Bella rolls over and looks upon Dick as he’s sleeping. A smile forms along her face. She swallows back feeling a bit emotional. This was the first time they’d slept in the same bed since he returned from the hospital. She reaches out and gently runs her fingers along his face. Dick opens his eyes. He pulls her closer into him.

The both of them react like teenagers. Simultaneously kissing and rubbing against each other. Neither truly paying attention to where they’re going. Dick chuckles as they land on the floor. That doesn’t stop them. Bella runs her hands along his chest and arms as he hovers over her. She then reaches up and runs her fingers through his hair. He kisses the palm of her hand and starts making love to her. They take their time. Dick embraces each touch he feels from her. It only further stirs him below. He literally ached with intense pleasure. He lost himself within her.

Bella breathed him. Her face buried into him as she kissed along his chest and neck. She wrapped herself around him. Dick continued to drive himself within her. His moves became more desperate. The both of them were covered in sweat.

“I’m gonna come baby.” He moaned out and gave one last good thrust.

Dick didn’t move right away. He stayed put and returned his lips to hers. If he had his way they’d never leave the bedroom. She continued to run her hands along him. Her fingers grazed along his biceps.

“I love you.” She says softly.

“I love you too Bella baby.”

She smiles, but her stomach starts growling. Dick laughs.
“I think someone’s hungry.”

She shrugs not moving. Dick comes to his feet and helps her up off the floor. They look around the room realizing how big of a mess they made.

“Alfred’s going to kill us.” Dick says rubbing the back of his neck.

“Nah, I’ll take care of it.”

“Hmm, I say we shower and eat first.”

“Sounds good to me.”



Bruce tilts his head about. He brings his hands behind his head curiously.

“Is that a tattoo?”

She turns bitterly.
“What you just now noticed?!”

He cocks a brow.

“When did you get that?”

“The same night my little kitten got hers.”

He motions her over.

Selina sighs, but makes her way over. He twirls her around taking a closer look. Bruce smirks shaking his head.

“Now who’d have thought?” He says running his fingers along the black and yellow Batman symbol.

“Don’t tell me you like it.”

“OK I won’t.”

“Hmm.” She crawls into his lap.

“I figured you’d hate it.”

“I do.” He says with a shrug.

“Really…?” She says with a sarcastic tone.

“Absolutely, appalling. ” He adds but moves her blonde curls away from her face.

He zealously kisses her. He flips her over on the bed.

“You should find a way to get rid of that.”

She shakes her head with a grin. Bruce grits his teeth as thrust into her.

“You do realize how much I hate tattoos?” He continues to complain.



“Shut up.” She demands as she makes her hips move in a way that has him surrender to her.

A moan escapes his lips. Selina’s eyes widen as he pops her in the butt before he gets off. After he rolls off her, Selina shakes her head as if dealing with an unruly child.

“Yeah you hate it alright.”

She scoffs as he heads to the bathroom. Bruce chuckles as he shuts the door behind him.

After they shower and eat, Bella makes her way back upstairs. She frowns seeing Alfred had already taken care of their mess. She stops him in the hall.

“You don’t have to do that you know.”

He smiles.

“It is my job Mrs. Swan.”

She puts her hand to her head.

“Do I have to train you all over again Alfred?”

A huge grin comes about his face.

“Well by all means my lady please do.”

She finds herself floored by Alfred. He continues to walk past her, like it was nothing. Bella hears Dick laughing downstairs.

“You heard that?”

“Sure did.”

She sighs and makes her way back down. Dick tosses her jacket over and a set of keys.

“What’s this?”

He just smiles and starts heading towards the garage.

“She’s all yours.”

He motions towards the cobalt bike.

“Um what?”

He nods and pets it like it were a loyal dog.

“Truth is I’ve been wanting to give you this bike for some time. I remembered the look on your face when you first saw it.”

“Dick… I can’t take your bike.”

He shakes his head on this and puts his hands to his hips.

“Look at this garage Bella baby. What use to I have for another bike.”

“But this one’s your favorite.”

“Precisely, that’s why I want you to have it.”

Bella runs her fingers through her hair. He makes his way over and zips up his old jacket; that she was wearing. He then fixes her hair and places her helmet on.

“Let’s go for a ride.”

He gets on the black bike beside. It he puts on his helmet and starts the bike. Bella softly laughs to herself as he revs up his engine and heads out of the garage. Bella hops on the bike and follows him out. They drive throughout Gotham. She follows him curious as to where he was going.

He stops and parks in front of a massive garden. He takes off his helmet and turns facing her. Bella gets off the bike and takes her helmet off as well. She looks around in amazement. She couldn’t believe this was in Gotham of all places. It was so bright and beautiful. Dick watches her reaction closely. He puts up his helmet and takes her hand. He says nothing as he walks her through the garden.

There were flowers, trees, and shrubs of all sorts of vibrant colors about the area. There were water fountains and even a small pond. Dick keeps walking as he leads her under a bridge of nothing, but blue, violet, white and magenta flowers. Rolls of benches were underneath the bridge. Dick sits her down then he sits beside her.

“So whattya think?”

“It’s beyond gorgeous.”

He beams at this.


“Seriously, I’ve never seen such a place.”

He nods.

“This is where I’d like for us to get married.”

Her heart nearly flies out of her chest. She swallows back in thought.

“That’s right… we are getting married.”

He softly chuckles.

“Well I hope so at least.”

“I don’t know Dick. I’m a busy girl these days…” She teases, but leans against him.

Dick wraps his arm around her.

“When I saw this place, you were the first thing that popped into my head. In fact I came here a lot after we started dating. Cheesy huh?”

Bella giggles.

“Your secret’s safe with me.”

She looks around the area again.

“I can’t get over how beautiful this place is.”

She lies in his lap and kicks her feet out on the bench.

“About the bike…”

“I’ve already put my foot down.” He says sternly.

She sighs.

“Think of it as a bribe.”

“A bribe?” She looks to him oddly.

“Yeah, like please don’t dis my ass on our wedding day.” He says teasingly, but honestly had a bit of a fearful look to him.

She takes his hand and intertwines her fingers with his.

“Not a chance in hell of that happening.”

He nods and caresses her cheek.

“Speaking of weddings we missed Clark’s didn’t we?”

“Actually we didn’t. They postponed it to next weekend. Clark didn’t want to go on without his best man.”

“That’s really cool of them both. I just wish they hadn’t postponed on my account.”

“We’d have done the same.” Bella says with a shrug.

“Yeah you’re right.” He leans back in thought.

“So when did you want to become shackled to this bad boy.”

She grins.
“Bad boy huh?”

“You know it.” He says with a wink.


“Hell yeah let’s do it!” They both laugh.

“Hmm…” Bella says in thought.

“Well if Lois and Clark are going to bring in the New Year. Then I say we go totally cliché and boring as hell.”
“How very anti Bella and Dick of you.”

“And when would this extremely boring day take place?”


He breaks into laughter.

“You’re right that’s so cliché.”


“Yep! I say we go for it!”

“Done deal.”

Bella holds out her hand. They shake on it.

“I think there’s no hope for us.” Dick mutters.

“Why’s that?”

“We’re both complete dorks.”

“Speak for yourself Dick Grayson. I for one am frickin’ awesome.”

He takes in a breath and runs his hand along her tummy.

“Actually, you are pretty awesome.”

“You got that right.”

Bella raises up and climbs into his lap.

“All jokes aside Dick… I can’t wait to become a Grayson.”

Dick thought he’d pass out on the mere words. He didn’t realize how that would sound. But she was right she would be taking his name. Something in him rather snapped to attention on this. He found himself laying her down on the bench and kissing her like there was no tomorrow. Her legs wrap around his waist as they continue to kiss. He looks around making certain no one was around. Not another thought enters his mind. He takes her right there on the bench. Like they were Nightwing and Harley. At that moment and there wasn’t a care in the world.

“Um who?”

“The he’s a psychopath kitten.” Selina says with a sigh.

“We’ve all crossed paths with him at some point.”

Dick nods.

“She’s right. He seems to get off to puzzles and riddles.”

“Hence the name?” Bella says looking through The Riddler’s files.

Bruce watches her reaction to the file.

“So this guy Edward Nigma, was in disguise as Dr. Woodlarf? He was he one having the shock therapy sessions done on me?!”

Dick felt ill as he saw the way her hands balled up.

“A latex mask…” She half laughs shaking her head.

“So why me?”

“That’s what we were wondering.” Bruce admits.

“It seems he took special interest in you. There were files where he’d been recording your brain waves, heart patterns even had your sleeping habits down. Something about you had him quite fascinated. Not really a good thing. We’ve all witnessed the Riddler’s obsessiveness. I think it would be wise just to take extra precaution. This man is clinically insane. But he’s also highly intelligent.”

Dick sighs in memory.
“Yes it seems he even had a knack for stunning Bruce himself. Damn near almost found out our identities. If he had we’d have both been screwed.” Dick explains.

“Yes he made quite a mess of things for a while.” Bruce agrees.

“I don’t care for the little bastard myself. Not to mention he’s got the worst taste in clothing.”

Bella raises her brows on this.
“That’s your go to on this Cat?”

“Well you should see for yourself Kitten.”

“That stupid bowling hat for one thing.”

Dick chuckles.

“Yeah even I agree there.”

“Um ok. If I run into him that’ll be my first concern, change of wardrobe. Maybe Harley has something up her sleeves. She seems to be good with the psychopaths. Maybe something frilly and pink.” She says with exasperation and tosses down the file.

Bruce catches her off-guard.

“Well I for one would find it quite fetching.”

She raises her brows on this, but grins shaking her head. She kicks up her feet on the desk. He sighs with full on irritation. He always hated when Dick did that. Bruce grabs her boot.

“Feet down Bells!”

Bella freezes for a moment. She swallows back. Slowly she turns to face Bruce as he’s scanning over more files. Bella comes to her feet and hugs the daylights out of him. Dick grins and Selina cuts him a confused look.

“What..” Selina starts to say as Dick begins to lead her out of the cave.

Bruce clears his throat.

“You’ve got training in 15 minutes.”

Bella nods.

“Thank you.”

She doesn’t even take notice as she exits the cave. Bruce smiles shaking his head…

“Ow… what was that for?”

“Bella’s waiting for her training.” Bruce says as Dick rubs the back of his head.


Bruce takes Selina’s hand.

“Um where you going?”

“On a date.”

Dick turns back towards the training area. He then looks back to Bruce.

“Batman’s taught her everything he can son. Now it’s time for Robin and Nightwing’s touch.”

Dick beams at this.

Bruce gives him a nod and heads out of the mansion.

Page break

Dick quietly enters the gym. Bella was already at the punching bag. He takes in a breath and does his best Bruce impersonation.

“Drop down and give me 20.”

He cocks a brow as she doesn’t even look back. She instantly drops down and starts her pushups. Damn baby he must’ve had you on a short leash… He clears his throat. Once she’s done he folds his arms about his chest.

“Now I want you to give me 15 laps and say the alphabet backwards.”

She finally turns and faces him. He was in black sweatpants nothing else.


He chuckles and waves.

“That’s creepy by the way.”

“You sounded just like him. It’s like a mere glance into the future.”

He grins.

“Well let’s just hope I don’t become as jerky in my old age.”

“Why are you thinking of taking in a little Robin?”

“I think I got my hands full with Harley.”

Dick tosses her something.

“I’m taking over from here.”

Bella holds up the outfit. She grins ear to ear.


“Yes mam… If you’re going to be a Grayson you need the full experience.”


“Well get dressed.”

“What? In this?”

He nods assuredly.

“Dick you wore this when you were just a boy I seriously doubt… and where’s the pants?!”

He gestures her differently. She sighs and strips down. Dick sets up the powder and the net. As he’s bent over adjusting one of sides of the net he hears…

“I can’t believe this fits me. But it’s hardly hiding much!”

He turns around and his jaw literally drops.

“Holy freaking hell!” He swallows back taking it in.

His old Grayson outfit fit her like a mini dress.

“Now that I need a picture of.”

Bella blushes a bit.

He does his best to shake it off. He closes his eyes for a moment.

“Um… might wanna put your hair up. It can get tangled.

“You mean we’re…” She hints looking to the trapeze bars.

“But your back.”

“It’s all good now baby. Enough time in Watchtower ward does a body wonder.”

Bella looks back up top.

“It’s so high.”

“Wait.. Are you afraid of heights…?”

“No…” She says offensively.

“You are, aren’t you?!”

“Shut up!”

“You’re so afraid!”

“I am NOT!”

He smiles and grabs her pulling her into his chest.

“Ok then…” Without warning he cuts a certain rope and they are flung upwards.

Bella slightly yelps out with surprise.

“I thought we were climbing up.”

“We could’ve, but it’s time consuming.”

They end up near the platform and he gets her on first. Bella holds on for dear life. Dick looks to her thinking about how Harley’s not afraid of anything. Yet Bella’s looking down like she’ll come crashing down any moment. He makes his way to the platform as well.

“We’ll start with the basics.”

“I’ve heard that before.”

He nods.

“It’s where it all begins. Always make certain your powdered and ready to go. Let there be no distractions whatsoever. And always, always watch your landing. I’ll give you some examples of proper landing.” He says and takes off.

She watches in amazement as he goes from bar to bar like it’s nothing. He lands on the platform across the way. He does this a couple more time then he takes a couple falls showing her how to land on the net.

“There’s no way I can do that.”
“Sure you can.”

“Um no I can’t!”

“And Bruce Wayne trained you? Finding it hard to believe… You’re awfully whiny for a student of his.”

Her jaw drops at his taunt. That’s right baby get mad. Let’s go, show me what you got.

Bella powders her hands and reaches for the bar. He gives her an assuring nod and she takes back a breath as she drops down.

“Now!” He says.

She lets go and grabs the other bar. Thattya girl.

“Again!” She barely misses the last one.

She comes tumbling down. He gives her a thumbs up on the landing.

“I suck!”

He comes down on the net as well. Her body rolls towards him.

“You don’t suck.”

They both laugh in thought.

“Well at this anyway.”

“Come on let’s go again.”

This time they climb up. He shows her yet again and awaits on the other side.

“Ok Bella baby.” He encourages.

She nods with determination. She powers her hands and positions herself. He grins as she makes it to his post. He gives her a high five.

He continues to show her a few more basic moves. He’d build up as time went. This was something that ironically enough saved his ass more than he could ever count. Acrobatics could only prove to be a lifesaver in some situations. There were times even Bruce couldn’t pull off what he could. That’s what went through his head. If Bella can keep what Selina, Bruce, Robin and Nightwing have taught her. She’d be one hell of a powerhouse. The titan in her system would only heighten her capabilities. Bruce had told him how it seemed to come into play against Edward. That she didn’t even seem to notice it.

“You’re going to catch me?!”

“Yep that’s the idea.”

She blushes in thought and looks back down.

“It’s about trust Bella. You’ve got to trust your partner always. You can never second guess them. You’ve got to put your life in their hands and trust that they got you.”

“That sounds like a mouthful of crap!” She says pacing the platform.



“Just trust me.”

She takes in a breath.


Bella grabs the bar. She comes swinging his direction.


She lets go and he catches her.

“Now that was awesome.” She praises and looks up towards him as they swing back and forth.

He nods and pulls her up. They both sit up on the bar now swinging back and forth. She continues to laugh off and on, shaking her head. She turns towards him looking upon him a certain way.

“Something on your mind?”

“You’re just kind of amazing you know that.”

Dick takes in a breath on this. He rather melted at her words. He puts his arm around her and kisses her forehead. He brings them down on the bar and swings once more towards the other side. They land on the platform. Dick presses his fore head against hers.

“You still trust me?”

She nods. A grin comes about his face.


He grabs hold of her and he goes falling back onto the net. They bounce a bit as he keeps a good hold on her. Once it stops he rolls her over. He takes in the sight of his old uniform on her. The hint of her black panties showing, he was glad; he hadn’t gave her the tights as well. He’d meant this as a joke. He never imagined; he’d find himself this turned on. He runs a hand up her thigh. Dick slides off her panties. He runs his fingers inside her first. He wanted to see her come. Sure enough it didn’t take her long. Dick couldn’t hold back anymore he fixated himself on top of her. He gripped the rope tightly as he began to grind himself against her. He was so aroused he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He was thankful to feel her orgasm yet again just before he shot a heavy load. He was baffled by his own reaction. It wasn’t just the suit. It was sharing this with her period. Something within him felt like a kid again. Bella brought that out in him. He was beginning to truly see that. Around her it was like his life was being rebuilt in ways he’d never imagined or deemed possible.




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