Chapter 32 Back In The Saddle

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Harley taps on the familiar window. She smiles as the little girl tiredly rolls over in her bed. She wipes her eyes.

“HARLEY!” The little girl throws the sheets off her.

She takes off running to the window. The little girl was in purple and white polka dot feet pajamas. Harley smiles as she opens the window. The little girl’s bottom lip quivers as she reaches out to Harley. Harley picks her up and swings her around. The little girl giggles. Harley places her back in her room safely.

“What’s your name kiddo?”


Harley smiles on the irony.

“Isabella huh?”

She nods, but the sad expression returns to her face.

“We thought you died Harley. That bad man had you.”

Harley swallows back in thought. She tilts her head as she peers through the window.

“I no like him! He’s mean!”

Harley grins.

“I’m gonna tell you a secret.”


“The bad man is gone.”

“Good, he was scary!”

Harley nods not sure what to say.



“Were you scared? When the bad man had you?”

She thinks on this before she answers.


“No? But how?”

Harley smiles.

“I knew my friends were coming for me.”

Isabella smiles.

“You mean Batman and Nightwing?”


The little girl blushes and hugs the stuffed bear in her hold.

“Can I tell you a secret too?”

Harley crosses her heart.

“Your secret’s safe with me.”

Isabella leans over and whispers.

“I think Nightwing is cute.”

Harley softly laughs.

“Between us girls?”

The little girl nods with a grin.

“I kind of think he is too. Just don’t tell him I said so.”

The little girl giggles.


Harley winks.

“You get back to bed now.”

She nods and Harley shuts the window for her. She waves as she rushes back to bed.

Harley comes to a stand overlooking the city.

“Goodnight Isabella…” She whispers and leaps back down.

Harley makes her way deeper into town. She freezes as she hears clapping. Cautiously, she turns. She realized she had a slew of thugs behind her. In the old Harley colors.

“She’s back…”

One of the men says and bows before her. He holds out a rose. Harley raises her brows at this. She makes her way over and takes the rose. The man was easily 6 ft tall all meat and he had wiry charcoal hair.

“Well aren’t you just the sweetest thang! Such chivalry!”

“Anything for you Harley.”
“Yeah, man we’re glad you’re ok.”

She smiles.

“And why wouldn’t I be?”

“We heard the Joker…”

Harley turns her head another direction. She takes in a breath.

“Speaking of which.” She nods towards some other men coming their way.

They were in green and purple.

“There’s the bitch!”

Harley giggles.

“Aw, I love flattery!”
The other henchmen sneer towards Jokers.

“Where is he?!”

One of the men shout pointing directly at her.

“Now you’re going to have to be more specific. There’s a lot of he’s such as Herman, Hercules, oh, oh and my fav HE-MAN! Love that guy!”

The man tries to come towards her. The others shove him back.

“No one touches Harley!”

“Yeah man! You leave our girl alone!”

“Now, now boys I got this.”

She pats the one that gave her the rose on the back. She pushes her way through her protectors.

“Where’s Joker?!”

One of the men yells picking her up by the straps of her top.

“Gee ask me to dinner first will ya?”

He shakes her and the men behind her cock their guns.

“Easy boys…” She warns motioning for them to lower them.

Both sides were aiming guns at one another. Harley sighs and digs into her top.

“I think I got him here around some…OH LOOKIE HERE!”

She takes out a deck of cards; all jokers. She sends them flying into their faces an entire deck of 52 joker cards.

“What the…”
The man goes to back hand her. She grabs his wrist and quickly snaps it back. She brings the man to his knees. Joker’s thugs all aim their guns directly at Harley now.

“HEADS UP!” She yells and swings her mallet around knocking the guns out of their hands.

She quickly kicks them out of reach. She grits her teeth as one of her guys fires his gun.

Harley quickly turns and grabs him by the collar.

“What are ya doing?!”

He looks to her confused.


She sighs. Joker’s men take off running.

“Did momma say shoot?”

“Well no but…”

“Then why ya shooting?!”

“I’m sorry Harley I…”

She shuts her eyes for a moment. Thankfully, they’re terrible shots.

“Tsk, tsk…”
“Harley please…”
“Do I look like Joker to you?!” She leers.

“Of course not…”
“You’re much better looking.”

“Yeah you’re hot Harley!”

“The big man’s dead. So why you still acting as though one of his?!”

“You said that before!”

“Yeah she did.”

“Survival of the fittest.” She curtseys.

“How do we know you’re telling the truth this time?”
She ignores them and starts to take her men’s guns. She dumps them into a green dumpster. They look to her confused.

“We don’t use these.”

“Then how do we fight?”

Harley looks around the neighborhood. She smiles and points to a nearby area.

They each turn their heads.

“Tai kwan do? Harley wants us to take martial arts!” The guy laughs.

“Yeah that’s pretty funny Harley.”

Harley nods.

“I thought so…”

She turns with a smile. She motions over the guy that handed her the rose. He shrugs and looks to his buddies first. They laugh and egg him on.

“Whattya want Harley?”

“Hit me…”

“Hit you?!”

She nods.


“Aw, is the big bad thug all scared of little ole me?”

He sighs and comes at her. She dodges. He swings again and yet, again she dodges.

“Come on now. I thought I told ya to hit me!”

“I’m trying! You won’t stay still!”

Harley has a good laugh at this. She bows over grabbing her gut.

“No, no wait. I thought I was the one to tell the jokes around here.”

They all look to her confused.

“I never said I was actually going to let you hit me! You have to earn it! NOW HIT ME!”

He grits his teeth and comes at her again. Only this time she doesn’t move. He swings his fist. She quickly grabs it and twists around and sends him down to the asphalt. She braces his fall against her knee.


She rises back up. She motions the other guys over. They each shrug upon one another and make their way over. They team up trying to get in a hit.

“Come on now boys. I thought you were supposed to protect little ole me? How can you do that if I can kick your asses?!”

The burly man that gave her the rose comes back to his feet. He grabs her from behind and pins her against a nearby building. He smiles flirtatiously.

“I got you Harley.”

“Do ya really big boy? Or do I got you?”
He cuts her a puzzled look as she reverses the pin and puts a knee to his back.

“Kinky huh?”

He gasps for a breath.

“Damn Harley.”

She twirls him back around and grabs him by the collar.

“You gonna fight under the name of Harley Quinn; you had better do it right. NO guns, no blades, no thievery. You will go get you some lessons in how to fight properly! I’m not JOKER! Therefore, you will not serve me as you would him. If I catch a single one of you terrorizing any civilians; I will give you such a pinch! If you have a problem with anything I’m saying then perhaps you should go back to serving the dead clown. Cause momma don’t play like that!”

She looks to the main guy again.

“What’s your name hero?”

“My name?”
She nods.


“Well Travis I expect you to make sure they follow orders. Make me proud boys.”

She says and fires off her grabble gun. They all look to one another stumped.

“Momma don’t play like that?”

She hears as she drops down on the roof. She turns and see’s Nightwing leaning against a pipe. His arms folded about his chest. She grins and makes her way over.

“That’s right…”
“Hmm, I thought Harley was all about playing.”

“It depends on the game.” She runs her fingers about his shoulders.

He raises his brows beneath that domino mask of his.

They both turn to the sound of security alarms going off.

“And that’d be our cue.” Nightwing spouts off.

He grabs Harley and takes off firing his grapple gun.

“Come on Joe! Hurry it up!”

“Shut it will ya!”

“The police will be here any moment.”

The robber named Joe looks into the rearview mirror.

“What the…”

She smiles and waves.

“So where to boys?”


“Last time I checked.”

“What do you want?”

“A new mallet.”

“A new what?”

She thwacks them both in the back of the head. She sighs and grabs the loot. Both men are knocked out. Harley steps out with a frown. Nightwing chuckles as she hands him the bags of cash.

“What’s with you?”

“That was nearly mind-numbing; it was so easy.”

“I’d prefer easy any day.”

He utters and returns the cash. Harley waits for the police to arrive. Once they arrive she helps apprehend the men she’d knocked out.

“Thanks Harley!”
“Yeah thanks.”

However one cop didn’t look too thrilled by her. He makes his way over.

“I’m Commissioner Gordon.”

Harley nods.

“So we finally meet again been awhile…” He says looking around.

“You’ve made quite a name for yourself.”

He puts his hands to his hips.
“How many times have I personally arrested you?”

Nightwing comes out of the bank at this point. He looks over and shakes his head. Harley shrugs.

“Remind me again boss man.”

Nightwing makes his way over.

“I’ll be watching you Harley… You’ll step out of line eventually. And when you do…” He threatens.

“I’ve a feeling we’re going to be such good friends!” Harley fires back.

The commissioner turns with a scowl.

“I mean it Harley.”
“So do I.” She blows him a kiss and takes off.

The commissioner looks to Nightwing.

“You’ve got questionable taste.”

“And you’ve got questionable judgment. Harley didn’t deserve that Gordon.”

“You honestly believe she’s changed? They never do.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.”
Nightwing says and he too vanishes. The commissioner sighs and motions for everyone to leave the premises.

The next morning Bella and Dick are eating some cereal at the table. Bruce comes in and slams down the newspaper; directly in front of Bella. Harley was on the cover. She sips at her orange juice and reads the article.

Harley Returns From The Dead Yet Again…

She continues reading and sees a couple of pictures. One of her dealing with Joker’s men. Then one where she’s talking to Commissioner Gordon. She shrugs and slides the paper back over to Bruce. Selina smiles.

“It would help if Harley would at least try to be discreet?”

“Since when is she modest Bruce?” She questions and grabs her cereal bowl.

“This isn’t how we do things.”

“We? As in who exactly?” Bella fires back.

Dick pinches the bridge of his nose. Bruce shakes his head.

“It just so happens; I could pull up articles on all three of you! So don’t judge me Bruce. Harley isn’t Batman. She doesn’t hide out in the shadows of Gotham.”

“Perhaps she should.”

“Then she wouldn’t be Harley; now would she?”

Bella mocks and leaves the room.

“They grow up so fast…” Selina beams.
“And you’re not helping.”

“Oh come on Bruce. You know she’s right. Harley never was one to hide out. We all have our own ways. Let my kitten have hers. She’s not doing anything wrong.”

“Putting herself on the spotlight like that and directly after Joker’s death. You might as well strap a target to her back.”

Dick and Selina flinch in thought. Selina takes in a breath.

“You know she’ll never agree to that.”

“She had better come up with something then. Or this could very well read a different headline one day…” Bruce hints and shoves the paper into Selina’s hands.

Dick leans back in thought.

“Dammit.” Selina grumbles as she sips at her coffee.

“Never a break for that one.” Dick mutters with distaste.

“That’s what I was thinking.”

Bella reaches up into the closet to grab her backpack containing her gym clothes. It was time for training. She knocks down a shoe box directly beside it. She tosses the backpack onto the bed and makes her way back over to pick up the box. Bella becomes frozen in place. She swallows back as her heart races with disbelief. She crouches down and picks up one of the pictures.

The box was filled of pictures of a beautiful red haired woman. She was perfectly tanned and voluptuous. That wasn’t the worst part. She was naked. She shut her eyes for a moment feeling nauseas.

“Hey Bella baby. I thought we could do an extra hour today.”

She jumps at the sound of his voice. Bella comes to her feet bitterly. She says nothing she makes her way over. Bella shoves the picture into his chest and walks away. Dick narrows his eyes perplexed. He then looks down to the picture.

“SHIT!” He yelps and looks towards the closet to see all the others on the ground.


Dick was confused. He could have sworn he threw those out. In fact he knew he had not long after Bella and he were engaged. Did Alfred get them back out?

“No, no, no…” He panics and hurriedly picks the pictures back up.

He stuffs them into the box. His hands shook beyond belief. He takes the box and dashes down the stairs. He hears Bella taking off on her bike. Alfred comes out from the living room.


Alfred narrows his eyes.

“Yes Master Grayson?”

“Did you dig this box out of the burn pile?”

“I do not believe so sir.”

Dick rubs his face with full on anxiety hitting.

“Great…” He hurriedly grabs his jacket.

“Something wrong?” Bruce questions as he makes his way over.

Dick shoves the box into Alfred’s hands.

“Do me a favor; don’t look inside! Just burn the entire box and its contents!”

Dick rushes out the door. Bruce inquiringly looks to the box. He reaches out for it.

“Master Wayne?”

“He didn’t say I couldn’t look inside.”

Alfred shakes his head with full on disapproval.

“Just give me the box.” Bruce yanks the box out from his hand.

He opens the lid and his eyes widen. He quickly places the lid back down.

“Alfred burn that immediately.”

“May I ask what it was sir?”

Bruce looked rather ill himself.

“Dick Grayson’s future going down the toilet.”

Alfred cocks a brow at this as Bruce walks away.

Bella grits her teeth as she speeds throughout Gotham city. She looks through the rearview mirror as she’s at a stop light. She makes out Dick’s bike a few cars back. She growls out under hear breath as soon as the light’s green she takes off. Bella heads down an alley and cuts through an intersection losing him.

“DAMMIT!” He throws off his helmet as he’s stuck a red light.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?!” He makes a U-turn and tries another way around.

After half an hour he finds her bike. It was parked outside of a library. Dick darts his way in. He doesn’t see her at any of the computers or tables. He starts to check the never ending bookcases. He finally finds her in the classical section. His nerves were shot. He wasn’t even sure what he could say or do to fix this. He never dreamed he’d be facing this situation.

He slowly approaches her as she’s flipping through a book.

“So who is she Dick?” She probes as she continues to flip through the book.

Dick took in the deepest of breathes.


She turns with a nod.

“As in the girl that molested you while you were in the hospital? The same one you were engaged to? The girl that cheated on you while you were engaged?! The one you said I had nothing to worry about? Yet you kept a box of erotic pictures filled to the brim of her?!” The entire library looks upon them now. Dick’s face was a nice red hue and he recoiled at her words.

“Bella baby…”

She shakes her head and pops the shit out of him.

“You really are a DICK!” She snaps and shoves the book she had into his chest. He rubs the side of his face and moves his jaw about feeling the sting.

He looks to the book and rolls his eyes. It was titled Engagement For Dummies.

“Wait this is a real book? And why’s it in this section?” He asks in disbelief.

She flips him off and heads back out of the library.

He catches her outside before she hops back on her bike.
“Are you even going to give me the chance to explain?!”

“And just how are you going to explain; having pictures nudie pics of your ex fiancé? When you’re engaged to someone else now?”

“I know you’re not going to believe me, but it’s the truth. I don’t know how those got there. I threw them out after you and I were engaged.”

Bella half laughs.

“Jesus Dick, to think I thought you weren’t like the others.”

“I’m not…”

“Whatever… you even pull the same classic lines.”

“I’m telling the truth. I know how it looks and I’m sorry. I truly am. I never meant for you to see those.”

“Of course you didn’t. So how does this go Dick? When you have a few moment’s alone you reminisce?”

“Come on now! You know I’m not like that!”

“NO Dick, you see I THOUGHT you weren’t like that!”

“That’s just it. I’m really not. I’m serious. Bella I haven’t a clue how those got back into my closet. Please just trust me on this baby. You know me…”

She shakes her head looking to the ground.

“Why would I risk screwing up what we have Bella? I don’t even think about Kori. That ship has done sailed.”

Bella sighs and Dick notices the way she twirls her ring about her finger. He gently takes her hand.

“It’s me Bella. Look me in the eyes and tell me I’m lying!”

A few tears form in Bella’s eyes. Dick felt awful he wasn’t even sure what to do. He pulled her into his chest.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispers.

Bella sucks back a breath.

“I can see why you had a hard time letting her go.”

“How do you mean?”

“She’s a knock out.”

Dick makes a disgusted face as she says this.

“You’re the knock out Bella. You’re beautiful inside out. Something she lacks greatly. Don’t even compare yourself to her. She doesn’t even hold a candle to you.”

“Dammit.” Bella groans out against his chest.


“I believe you.”

“Um ok and what’s wrong with that?”

“Now I have to apologize for being a bitch and punching you.”

He chuckles.

“No need, I actually didn’t blame you for doing so.” He cocks a brow and clears his throat.

“Besides I barely felt it.”
He smirks and grabs hold of her tighter; so she can’t squirm out.

“Dick…” She warns.
“Aw, I love you too baby.”

“I swear!”

He keeps her arms tucked to her sides as he continues to hug her.

“You know you really shouldn’t.”

“What are you packing up for?” Selina ask as Bella tosses her dress shoes into a bag.

“Some friends of ours are getting married.”

As Bella tosses over some clothes; Selina folds them and places them into a bag.

“How bout a girls night when you get back? Just for old times?”

Bella grins.

“What have you in mind?”

Selina shrugs and kicks back on Bella and Dick’s bed.

“It’s been awhile since the Cat and Clown have got to play.”

“You’d be right.”

Dick enters the room and opens the nightstand drawer. He rears back as though he’d been slapped. On top of his and Bella’s airplane tickets was another picture. Of him and Kori; they were kissing at the beach. She was in a purple bikini and he was in black and blue surf board shorts. He quickly stuffs the picture into his jacket. Dick grabs the tickets. He knew there was no way that picture should’ve been in there.

“Everything ok?”
Bella ask he nods and pecks her on the lips.


He hurries out of the room. Selina and Bella cut each other a glance.

Dick quickly makes his way to the living room. He tosses the picture into the fire place and burns it to ashes. He didn’t even take notice of Bruce on the couch.


He jumps a bit. Bruce lowers the newspaper looking to Dick peculiarly. Dick sighs.

“I’m not sure what to make of anything anymore.”

“What was that?”

Dick looks around before he whispers.

“I think someone’s trying to set me up.”

“How so?”

Dick hears Bella and Selina making their way downstairs.

“You ready?” Bella questions peering into the living room.

Dick nods, but as he grabs his jacket. Bruce notices the look Dick’s face.

“Um… Just keep an extra eye on the security around here.” Dick hints.
Bruce nods as Dick pulls the door to.

“What does that mean?” Selina inquires curiously.

“It means someone’s out to sabotage Dick and Bella’s wedding plans.”
“You’ve got to be joking!” Selina retorts.




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