Chapter 33 Cutting In

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“Just breathe Lois…”

She shakes her head looking into the vanity mirror.

“It’s time to go…” Bella hints looking to the time.

Chloe touches up Lois’s hair once more. The girl’s eyes widen as the music starts.

“Shit!” Bella says and hurriedly grabs Lois.

She starts to drag Lois out. She hands her off to her father. Lois’s father cuts Bella and odd glance.

“Have we met?”


He nods. Bella giggles a bit as Dick gives her the once, twice and thrice over. The bridesmaids were in crimson strapless dresses that draped to the floor. Chloe clears her throat. Dick nods and he hurriedly takes Chloe by the arm leading her down. Ollie leads Bella down. He leans into her ear halfway down.

“You know this could be us instead…” He hints.

“Are you proposing?”


“Huh… I’ll think about it.”

He chuckles as he drops her arm they take their positions. Bella takes a moment to admire Dick in his tux. He winks her direction. Lois’s father begins to walk her down the aisle.

He was in his military suit. Bella couldn’t help, but to find the guy rather intimidating. However, she beamed at the look on Clark’s face. He was struck stupid. His eyes were literally locked onto Lois as she came down the aisle in her strapless white wedding gown. Lois looked beyond gorgeous Bella thought. As she was focused on the perfection of Lois and Clark. Dick was focused on Bella. He found himself wishing that it was two of them at the very moment. He couldn’t get over how beautiful she was.

Once the wedding began; Bella twirled about her own engagement ring in thought. Though she found herself anxious for the day; a hint of sadness washed over her. She’d wished Charlie would be the one giving her away. That her mother would be somewhere out within the guest; embarrassing her with uncontrollable tears. That Jake and her other friends from school would be in there as well. Bella’s side would be empty though. Sure she had Selina and Pam, but no one else. Whereas, Dick had a lot of friends. Bella just wasn’t aware though; that Dick’s friends already saw her the way they saw him. She was a part of them as well now; the Titans for certain. Ollie and Clark also had grown rather attached to Bella. There also wasn’t a single one of them that didn’t take notice of Dick’s happiness. Since Bella entered his life Dick was back to his old self again. Something Kori had managed to destroy.

After they said their vows and I do’s. Clark kissed his bride. There was clapping, hooting, hollering, whistling… which came from Dick. They made their way back down the aisle and began to head out for their honeymoon. Lois hugged Chloe and Bella on the way out. Clark gave his best men a firm hand shake. They mingled for a short period before a limo arrived. One in which Ollie and Dick had taken upon themselves to decorate. There were empty beer cans dragging against the ground as it pulled up. Red and white balloons were tied to the front and back. Just hitched was written out in white shoe polish. Bella laughed at the diaper that hung like a flag on the antenna of the white limo.

Clark shook his head as he took a good gander.

“Gee thanks guys.”

“You’re quite welcome!” Dick smarted and patted him on the back.

Ollie laughed.

“Yes we worked awfully hard to make certain Lois bitches you out for this.”

“Oh I believe it.” He says looking to the diaper.

He sighs and opens the door for Lois. Lois waves everyone off. She blew her father a kiss and got in. Clark hopped in after. Martha put a hand upon Bella’s shoulder.

“And you’re next…”

Bella blushed a bit in thought.


She turned and hugged Martha.

“And how are you two doing?”

“Good and you?”

“Wonderful, can’t believe my son finally took that leap.”

Bella softly laughs.

“Thank you for helping Lois through her little moment.” Martha hinted.

Dick narrowed his eyes overhearing this.

“We all have them. I can just imagine what mine will be like.” She and Martha both laugh.

“Oh I bet you’ll do just fine.”

Bella nods as Martha’s led away by Chloe. Bella smiles as Victor blows her a kiss from across the way. She pretends to catch it and plants it on Ollie’s cheek. Dick laughs catching this.

“Hmm…” Ollie cocks a brow her direction.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy that.” She taunts and starts to walk away.

Rachel and Karen lead Bella towards the dance floor. Garfield and Roy drag Dick that way as well.

“You guys better start practicing now.” Roy says.

They get shoved into the middle of the dance floor.

“Um… weren’t Lois and Clark supposed to have the first dance?” Bella nervously mentions.
“They’re long gone getting that honeymoon started. You two are the next best thing.” Rachel hisses.


She giggles and pushes Bella more towards Dick.

“Someone’s gotta start it.”

Dick stumbles a bit as Garfield gives him one last good nudge. Bella and he simultaneously sigh as they’re now both in the middle of the dance floor. Forced to begin the first dance of the reception.

“I say we go at this Gundam style.” Bella taunts.

“Sounds good to me…”

He chuckles in thought and takes her hand. He twirls her around as the music begins. Avril Lavigne’s Let Me Go was playing. Dick pulls her back against him. He leans into her ear.

“As much as I love that dress on you; I kind of want to rip it off you.”

She laughs and tugs at his tie kissing him.

“This was expensive Dick.”


“Might I cut in?”

They turn towards the gorgeously tanned voluptuous woman in a lavender dress. Dick shuts his eyes for moment.

“What are you doing here Kori?”
Bella starts to laugh. Dick gets a firmer hold on Bella.

“Just came to see an old friend tie the knot.”

“I don’t believe you were invited.” Dick harshly states.

“Is that anyway to talk to an old friend?”

“That’s just it… You just said it yourself Kori. OLD FRIEND!”

He starts to lead Bella away from the confrontation.

“Don’t you even pretend you don’t have feelings for me!”

The entire group of wedding guests looked upon them now. Bella swallows back nervously. She’s blushing not able to believe the nerve of this woman. Dick does his best to ignore her as he keeps walking.

“I mean honestly, Dick look at her and then look at me?!”

Bella winces like she was slapped. Ollie automatically takes Bella by the hand leading her away.

“No! She needs to hear this! HE BARELY KNOWS YOU! You can’t replace what we had. I’m sorry, but you need to face reality hun. It was always Kori and Dick! That’s how it began and that’s how it’ll end. You’re only embarrassing yourself. You’re average at best. Dick Grayson deserves much more. Only I can give him that.”

Bella sighs and pulls away from Ollie. She turns towards Kori. Dick reaches over and grabs Bella by the waist.

“You’re wrong. It is me that doesn’t deserve her! I’m the one that’s lucky. You just don’t get it Kori.”

“You’re going to regret this and when you come crawling back to me. I’m going to laugh in your face!”

Bella turns around at this point.

“Look around you Kori…” Bella says softly.

“Don’t you find the least bit of shame in how you’re acting?”

Kori looks around to see all eyes were on her. Bella nods once she glances back upon her.

“I’d like to say it was nice meeting you. But it was… Well it was just awkward to say the least.”

She and Dick walk away. Kori grits her teeth and starts to head towards Dick and Bella.

The Titans grab hold of her and drag her out.

“Are you alright?” Bella questions.

Dick takes a seat at one of the round white clothed tables. Each had a red rose about them in a clear vase. He leans back folding his arms about his chest. He cuts her a confused glance.


She nods and sits in his lap.

“I should be asking you that.”

He places his arms around her waist. Dick rests his head against her shoulder.

“I’m sorry Bella baby. I truly can’t believe she even showed her face here.”

“Don’t apologize on her behalf Dick. You don’t owe me an apology.”

He sighs.

“That’s not how I see it. If I was smart you wouldn’t have to be paying for my past.”

She laughs.

“Speaking to the choir.” Bella reaches over as a server comes by with some wine.

She grabs her and Dick a glass. She hands him one and she leans back against him.

Bella downs her glass and sits it on the table. Dick twirls the contents around in his glass then downs his as well.

“Bitter…” He comments.

She laughs.

“I was thinking the same.”

He kisses along her neck. Bella’s body began to react she squirmed around in his lap a bit. He chuckles, but continues down along her shoulders. She nibbles upon her lower lip.

“Let’s go.” He whispers.

She nods and comes to her feet.

“For how long?”

Bruce inquires as he watches Edward through the glass.

“The last couple weeks or so…”

Bruce nods and narrows his eyes. He continues to watch as Edward rocks back and forth in the Joker’s old cell. The only area that could contain him. He continues to laugh a demonic expression on his face.

“What do you make of it?”

Bruce takes in a breath.

“Not so sure yet.” He rubs his face tiredly.

He freezes however as he hears.


Bruce slowly uncovers his face. He looks back to the cell realizing that came from Edward Cullen. Still he continued to rock back and forth in the straight-jacket they had him in. Bruce himself fights the chills. That sounded just like him… He finds himself thinking. Edward’s eyes were sunken in; his eyes were no longer golden amber, but crimson red. His hair was feral. His body restless.

“Keep an extra eye on him and I want two more guards in there.”

“But Mr. Wayne.”

Bruce cuts the warden a look. He swallows back nervously.
“Yes sir.”

Bruce nods and makes his way out of the asylum.

Dick carries her into the hotel as they continue kissing. He shuts the door behind them. He tosses his keys and wallet onto the table of the hotel. He lays her down on the bed. Dick lowers the top of her dress. His lips latch onto her breasts. He fights be freed of his tux. He struggles with his tie. Bella’s unfastening his slacks. A soft moan escapes his lips as she begins to stroking him. He was warm to the touch and throbbing against her hand.

He lifts her dress and his eyes practically bulge at the red thong she’s wearing.

“Holy…” He utters running his hand along it.

He takes in a breath and leans over sliding them off with his teeth. Once he’s got them off. Dick breathes them in before tossing them across the room. Bella immediately bites into the pillow. Dick puts his tongue to work. He switches between his tongue and fingers pleasuring her. He pushed her legs further apart. All he wanted at the moment was to make her literally scream in ecstasy. Bella screams into the pillow and her hips gyrate along with the motion of his tongue. He grips her hips more forcefully. He was trying to keep her still; so he could work his way into her further.

Dick crawls back over her. His eyes gazing into hers as he pushes his way in. He grips the headboard with his hands. From there Dick continues to look upon her with each thrust harder than the last.

“Fuck…” Bella gasps out and he feels her gushing against him.

He grits his teeth at the intense pleasure. He comes back down from the headboard. He steadfastly grabs her waist and rolls them around on the bed. With her on top now he watches the show. Dick he continues to slam her down upon him. Her breasts swayed about beautifully. Her hair was a wild freaking mess. Bella was by far the sexiest thing he’d ever laid eyes on. Just watching this display of her moving about as though a sex goddess. Dick started to come he let out a deep growl as he shifted her a couple more times against her. He finished draining his load even after that he still felt a bit of a high.

Bella lay against his chest. She ran her fingers along the beads of sweat; that had formed during sex.

“I think you dehydrated me.”

Bella softly laughs.

“I’ll go get us some ice.”

“Nah, I can do that.”

She pushes him back on the bed. She makes her way off him. Bella puts on one of Dick’s shirts and her pajama shorts. Bella grabs the ice bucket. Dick rolls over and pulls the covers up over him. He watches as she heads out of the hotel room.

Bella heads towards the ice machine.

“You and I never got to finish our little conversation.”

Bella slowly turns and see’s the familiar red head directly behind her. She was still in her dress.

“I’ve nothing to say to you.”

Bella narrows her eyes in thought.

“Did you follow us here Kori?”

She shrugs and tilts her head; looking upon the shirt that Bella was wearing. She sneers upon the ring on her finger.

“Where I come from I’ve many suitors. Ones that would benefit you more than myself. I could introduce you to some very wealthy attractive men.”

Bella starts laughing.

“Ones that have already slammed one into home?”

Kori’s jaw drops.
“That’s right I went there.”

“Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?! I demand more respect.”
“Then go back home Princess. Spread your legs and holler out come and get it.”


Kori soars right for her and punches her across the face. Bella grits her teeth. She spits the blood out on the asphalt beneath them.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!”

Kori merely smiles. Bella nods and wipes the blood from her mouth. She returns the blow knocking Kori back against the wall of the hotel. Bella stares her down.

“That’s right bitch bring it!”

Kori fires off some sort of energy from her hands. Bella’s eyes widen and she quickly dodges.

“What the…” Bella hisses wondering what the hell that was.

“There’s not a chance in defeating me.” Kori confirms.

Bella shrugs.

“I don’t know; I’m willing to give it a shot.”

“Very well you’re funeral.”

“Funny, you’re the one in the dress.”

Kori instantly grabs Bella and slams her back against one of the coke machines. Bella’s eyes flicker with that hint of green about them. A smile forms along her face. She sends out both her hands and slams Kori back. Kori dashes back and grabs Bella by the hair.

“Oh come on that’s so fucking cliché! Hair pulling?!”

Kori ignores her and slams Bella’s face against the machine. Canned sodas come pouring out of the machine. Bella quickly reaches back and she grabs Kori. She flings her over and tosses her onto the ground.

“That’s right ten kinds of crazy! I’ve got my own little secrets! I can fuck you up just as badly!”

Bella picks Kori up by the collar. Her eyes as green as they were when she fought Edward. She throws her out into the parking lot of the hotel. Kori comes up dusting herself off.

“How are you able to do that?!”

Bella circles her waiting for it. Sure enough Kori fires off again. Bella pulls off one of Dick’s moves and swings around one of the night poles dodging the blast. She comes back spiraling at Kori. She gets Kori pinned to the ground. She sends her several jabs to the face.

Kori brings up her knees and sends Bella sailing into the air.

“He’s been teaching you?!” Kori roared wrathfully.

Bella lands on the hood of a nearby car. She sorely rolls off as Kori’s coming at her again. Kori grabs her by the collar of Dick’s shirt she takes off in flight.


Bella see’s the pool not too much further. Sure enough Kori flies right over it. Bella does the last desperate thing she can think of as Kori’s taking off even higher now. She pries herself free from Dick’s shirt. She flinches realizing she’s going to miss the pool. Bella lays flat a she comes soaring down she lands on one of the patio covers to one of the tables surrounding the pool. She rolls right off it into the pool. Kori looks down to see Bella landing in the pool. She comes diving back down.

She comes for Bella before she can even come back up for air. Bella’s forced back against the bottom of the pool. Kori has her hands wrapped around her neck. Bella wraps her hands around Kori’s wrists and tries to pry her off. Swinging under water seems to have no affect for either really. Bella does the only thing she can think of before Kori drowns her. He sends back one hell of a head butt.

Kori releases as Bella bust her nose and lip open. Bella desperately reaches to the surface. She goes to crawl out of the pool finally catching a breath. She starts to cough and Kori grabs her yet again. Bella screams out. She twirls her body around maneuvering out of her hold.

Bella grabs Kori by the hair this time. She slams her face up against the corner of the pool. She grits her teeth and keeps knocking her face into the concrete.

Dick’s hopping over the pool fence at that point. Bella takes notice. She sighs and drags Kori out of the pool by the roots of her red hair. Dick’s eyes widen; seeing how Bella was now completely topless. Bella looks to Dick and wipes the blood off her face. Bella yanks Kori up and harshly she whispers in her ear.

“Be glad he’s here… or I’d have taken measures much further!”

Bella heaves Kori over the fence. Dick cocks a brow at this. He was struck stupid at the moment. Bella nods towards him, but heads back inside the hotel. Kori comes to her feet. She turns to Dick pathetically.

“Did you see what she did to me?!”

He rubs the back of his neck.

“Um yeah…”

“And you’re going to let her get away with that!?”

He lets out a nervous laugh.

“Um yep…” He says with a shrug.

He too goes to walk away.

“I should have ended her. I could have you know!”

He nods and slowly turns back around.

“That just proves you never were my friend. Anyone that could do that to someone. And out of sheer jealously; is no more than a monster. Then I would have hunted you down like one and tore your heart out. Keep that in mind. She’s not to be touched Kori not ever again. If she hadn’t already fucked you up real good. I’d be returning the favor. Come near her again you’ll have me on your ass! Good bye Koriand’r.”

Kori’s looks upon him in utter shock… That made a first she’d ever heard Dick Grayson cuss before. In fact a first he’d ever talked to her that way.




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