Chapter 34 Manbat?

I do not own DC Universe or Twilight. Please read then leave your review. Kory is actually Kori… So when I write her character; that’s how I’ll be spelling it.

Sweat runs down Bella’s face. She continues to punch at the bag. Her teeth ground together. Tried as she might; she couldn’t get that bitch Kori, out of her mind. The motherfucking NERVE! Her heart kicked up pace just at the mere thought. Bella had never felt so territorial in her life. The urge to demand that Richard Grayson was hers stayed on the tip of her tongue; the whole time she had to deal with the little slut. What made her maddest about the situation? The fact that she’d treated Dick like absolute shit. Yet, she has the audacity to come back and try to rip whatever happiness; that man has in his life now?!

Sure Bella and Dick’s life was no fucking fairy tale. However, it was what it was. She was madly in love with the man. It didn’t matter the steep amount of hell; they had to go through. He was the man she wanted to marry. The man who she’d willingly die for and with a fucking smile planted on her face. Her eyes widen as she punched through the bag. Sand poured everywhere.

“Shit…” She gripes and puts her hands upon her waist.


She raises her brows towards Dick. He’d just entered the room and saw the sand about the floor. He was in his black workout sweats; nothing else.

“Yeah, I think we need a new bag.”

He chuckles. Dick heads into closet and picks up another bag. He lifts it over his shoulder and makes his way over.

“Awesome.” She states wiping the sweat off her forehead; with a gray towel.

She downs some of her bottled water. Bella then starts cleaning up the mess she’d made. Dick set up the other punching bag. He gives her a little smooch.

“You ready for some fun?” He says gesturing towards the trapeze.

“Sure…” She says with a shrug.

She unwraps her hands. They both began to set up. She powders her hands. Dick smacks her on the rear; leaving a nice white powdery handprint.


“Don’t mention it!” He says with a smirk.

Yet again, he wraps his arm around her waist. They’re hurled back up. His mind was also a scrambled mess. It seemed as of late he was being tested, constantly. By tested… his patience. He didn’t want to think about Kori. If he did he’d want to hunt her down. He never dreamed he’d feel that way. It was there though and it was heavy. After they’d gone back to the hotel. He saw the damn cuts and bruises Bella was covered in. Established, Bella handed Kori her ass, much deservingly. It was the measly idea that Kori would go this far! He couldn’t lie though even to himself. Seeing Bella kick his ex’s ass like that. Huge turn on… He wasn’t near ignorant enough to mention it, but yeah totally hot. He grinned in thought. He patted his hands together and powder scattered into the air around them. Bella performed a textbook flip and was making her way over. He clamped his hands around her wrists catching her. He gave her a simple nod and sent her flying towards the other bar.

Bella caught the bar and brought herself up. She then swung about; picking up speed. She waited for his cue. He patted his hands together again and she came soaring back. He found himself impressed. She was becoming rather fluent; when it came to the trapeze. He found it uplifting. Having someone to enjoy this with; that was something he truly thought he’d ever experience again. Sure it brought back old memories. Only with Bella they were good ones. He could remember when his parents had taught him. Those recollections came so easily and for once instead of feeling; that old lump forming within his throat. Dick found himself smiling in their reminiscence.

They tried some more flips and twists. Bella had mishap on just a few. Other than that this girl had precision. He laughed as Bella was the one hanging down now. She clapped her hands together.

“You think you can hold my weight?”

She smiled with confidence.

“Sure I can!”


“Bruce Wayne trained me loverboy…”

“Ah, a bit of Harley coming out to play?”

“You only wish.” She said sultry like.

“You can both come to play. That’s perfectly fine with me.”

“I’m sure it would be!”

“Hey, now I remember a certain someone; saying the same thing about Nightwing once.”

“I’d never!” She acted with aghast.

“You’re right you’re so innocent. I forgot.”

“Are you going to talk or swing?”

He sits on the bar. Dick shakes his head.

“Are you certain about this, Bella baby?”

“Yep, now quit being a pussy.”

He cocks a brow. She giggles a bit.

“Someone, really ought to wash that mouth of yours out.”

“Ohhh, and what have you in mind?”

He takes in a deep breath. He gripped the bar firmly. Dick he tried to gather himself. His mind went off to fantasy land for a moment. All he could think about was the certain way; he’d like to wash that mouth of hers out. He grew rock solid in thought.

“I’m sure I could come up with something.”

“Yeah, yeah, quit your jabbering and let’s go.”

He shrugs.

“Alright, good thing we have a net.”

“Dick, now be fair…”
He takes position and begins to swing back and forth picking up pace. Once he’s ready he takes off. To his earnest surprise Bella got a firm hold. Even more to his amazement she was able to send him towards the other bar. He pulled himself up and looked to her in damn near awe.

“Holy crap babe.”

She softly giggled.

“You’re really not all that heavy.” She articulates as she pulls herself up.

He falls back onto the net. He signals for her to drop down as well. The net bounces around a bit as they wait for it to come to a stop. Dick rolls over facing her.

“Perhaps, it’s time to work some other acrobatics in as well.”

“Such as?”

He presses his lips together in thought.

“We’ll start with the basics. Then go from there.”

“Ugh, you sound just like him you know?”

“Now who needs to be nice…?” He rolls directly over her.

His arms wrap around her. Dick makes a swift twisting motion and they tumble off the net. He continues to spool as they hit the blue mat beneath them. When they come to a stop she’s on top of him.

“Pretty clever.”

He grins.

“All part of the learning experience babe.”

“Is the boner as well?”

“You keep that up; we’ll never get to the actual training.”

“Bells, I had no idea you liked gymnastics so much. You were already working the uneven bar.” Bruce declares as he enters the room.

Dick flinches.

“Really Bruce?” Dick expresses with distaste.

Bella blushes and covers her face.

Bruce chuckles.

“This hardly looks like training Grayson.”

“Well no one asked you… did they Wayne?”

Bella comes to her feet and dust the powder off herself.

“I thought you both should know. The city called and you’re booked for the February 14th at that park you requested.”

“I’m surprised we got through.” Dick says and tosses Bella her water.

“I never figured you two would go for a wedding date that’s so…”

Bella cuts Bruce a death stare.

“So what?” She challenges.

He smirks, but clears his throat.

“What’d you expect we’d go all “The Crow like and get married on all Hallows Eve?”


They both look upon Bruce now.


“Now who’s the demented one?”

“Hmm, so how’d the wedding go?”

Dick and Bella sighed simultaneously.

“That good or that bad?”

“A little of both.” Dick says with a shrug.

“Did you give them my gift?”

“Yeah, about that…”

Bella starts to giggle in recollection. The look on their faces; when they opened their gift, it was priceless. She hadn’t a clue the Man Of Steel could blush. Right in front of everyone poor Lois had taken out a cat of nine tails. Clark had leather cuffs in his hand. He had looked to Dick accusingly. Only neither, Bella or Dick was aware.

“I’m not so sure that Lois and Clark, are into S & M.”

Bruce looks to Dick oddly.

“S & M?” He inquires with interest.

“Yeah your gift… What were you thinking Bruce?”

Bruce narrows his eyes. He shakes his head in thought.

“Selena…” He enunciates with full on exasperation.

Bella covers her mouth in laughter.

“Oh, we should have known.” Bella admits.

Bruce pinches his nose for an instant.

“I can’t believe you had Selena; pick out your wedding present for Lois and Clark.”

“Even I must agree.” Bella settles as she finishes her water.

“She offered…” Bruce gruffly says.

“And why do you think that was Bruce?” Bella questions as though he was in a therapy session.

“To make my life hell?”

“Now you’re getting it!” Bella states joyfully.

He grumbles under his breath and leaves the room. They hear him calling Selena throughout the mansion. They both die in laughter.

“Are you going to give me that much hell?”

“Are you inquiring that I don’t already?”

“Your right…” He hints.

Dick gets down to business and they finish her training session for the day. Bella had a bit more trouble; with the ground acrobatics. Nevertheless, Dick knew within time she’d have it down. She had a knack for picking up these things rather quickly.

After they were done; they both headed for the shower. Dick watched as she soaped herself down. It never failed. Every single time he watched her either in the bath or shower. He came into direct attention. Or more like erect responsiveness… Either way it was there and obvious. Bella opened her eyes once she was done. She grinned taking notice.

“Well hello there.”

He chuckles a bit. She lets him over. Dick scrubs down and rinses the soap off his body. His eyes were closed; when he felt sudden warmth enwrapping him. He instantaneously moaned out. He looked down; to observe Bella giving him a more thorough washing. He greatly throbbed within her sweet little mouth. He began to return the favor with his fingers. She bucked her body against his fingers. A very clear indication she wanted more. At this knowledge; he gently pulled himself out of her mouth. He ran a soothing and seductive hand along her ass. Dick then bent her over. He reached around cupping her gorgeous breast into his hands. Something he loved doing during this position. That and he loved the perfect show it gave him. At times, he wished their bedroom was covered in mirrors. This way he could watch every position they tried.

Bella felt herself releasing all down her legs. Dick’s hands ran along her breast, waist, and ass. At times she’d feel a slight blush come over her. There were three thing’s Dick would do and she wasn’t sure he even took notice. The heavier they got into it. The more she took notice. Dick was a bit of an ass spanker and grabber. Not that she had any complaints. He just took her by surprise often enough. The third thing being; the only time she truly heard him cuss; was during sex. It was usually about the time; he was about to get off. For some reason that always had her gushing all over the place. Just the way he went about it. So huskily… It was like he truly couldn’t control; whatever escaped his lips at that moment.

His movements became more forceful. He gripped her even more steadfastly. He pulsated significantly within her. They both let out a moan as he flooded her. He helped her raise back up. Dick pulled her up against his chest. He kissed her and they just stood under the shower, for a tad longer.

Fog escaped Catwoman and Harley’s mouths. It was a particularly cold night. The wind had also begun to pick up. They leaned against one of the alleyway buildings in Gotham. Harley’s men had built them a fire; in which to keep warm. They’d also showed off a few of their new moves. Harley clapped happily. She even wiped a few prideful tears from her eyes. Her men were becoming experts in the martial arts fields. That and they were doing as ordered. They’d each cleaned up their lives somewhat. Not perfectly, but enough to make Harley content. Catwoman couldn’t believe the amount of work Harley had put into these men. The difference between Joker’s thugs and these guys… It was unbelievable.

“Don’t be an idiot…” Harley voiced.

As one of her men had their hand on Catwoman’s ass.

“Can I break his hand now?” Catwoman beseeched.

Harley shrugs.

“Sure why not…”

“Harley!” The guy quickly moved his hand as he pleaded.

Harley giggles.

“What? You got two of them. Aren’t ya being mighty selfish? You only need one! If you needed both; ya wouldn’t have put your hand on her ass now. Would’ve you?”

Harley kicks back and opens a candy bar. Catwoman shakes her head on this. Harley was leaned back against the building; with her legs crossed stuffing her face with candy.

“This is what you’ve stooped down to?”

Harley looks to her confused.

“You get together with your boys and eat chocolate?”

Harley grins ear to ear.

“Every girl’s dream!”
“Hmm… I think prefer the good ole days.”

Harley gasps back as if truly hurt by her words.

“And what would good ole Batbrains have to say about that?”

“Hmm, what would boy wonder think if he saw you about now?”

“That I’m a sweetiepie?” Harley says all cutesy.

“Yeah you are, Harley!” Travis agrees with a sincere beam about him.

“See…” Harley bats her eyes and continues to finish her candy bar.

“Ugh, that’s going to go straight to your ass!”

“It is pretty nice isn’t it?” Harley says as she leans over looking to her ass.

“I’m bored…” Catwoman complains.

Harley nods and tosses her an extra candy bar.

“You do realize that’s nothing, but poison.”

“How is Ivy these days?” Harley questions, but narrows her eyes towards the sky.

She comes to her feet.

“You just had to complain!”

Harley scoffs and throws down what’s left of her candy. Catwoman shrugs and hands hers off to Travis. The men however, were looking to the sky as well.

“What the fuck is that?” Travis utters in disbelief.

Catwoman finally turned to see what it was. There was a massive creature in the sky. He looked as though a giant bat. Clearly, it wasn’t Batman. In fact it looked nothing like him. It looked more like a humanoid bat. Its wing span was magnificent and spread across the sky. Its wings alone covered the entire courthouse.

Catwoman looked on in a hint of shock. Harley had her grapple around the creature and was trying to yank the beast down from the sky.

“NO!” Catwoman shouted as the grapple snapped.

Harley barley managed to miss it’s backfire as it swung back at her. The creature suddenly sniffed the air. It looked back down to Harley; with a confused look about it. Catwoman began to make her way over and aid Harley against the airborne creature. It wasn’t until Catwoman got closer; she realized that Harley was trying to free a civilian. It had a woman in its grasp. It breathed in the air around it once more. Catwoman didn’t like how it kept looking to Harley off and on. He shook his head even as if puzzled by something. Suddenly, the great manbat like being drops the blonde woman.

“CAT!” Harley shouted.

Catwoman nodded and quickly caught the young woman. The woman was crying and freaking out.

“You’re ok now.” Catwoman lowered the woman back down from the roof with her grapple. The woman thanked her profusely.

“Go home lock your doors. Then pour you a nice glass of red wine. You deserve it.”

The woman nodded and took off running. Catwoman looked back up to see the creature and Harley were gone.

“Dammit!” Catwoman bitched.

She fired off her grapple again and began searching. It didn’t take long to find them. The problem? They were a good eight feet in the air now. There was no getting to them. Catwoman tried to come up with some sort of plan, but she had nothing. Other than calling to the boys…

“Gees Louis guano breath!” Harley wits as the creature breathes directly onto her face.


She covered her nose and mouth in disgust.

“WHY DO YOU SMELL SO FAMILIAR?!” He said in a thick Jamaican accent, yet shrill like.
“Oh so ya do talk, big boy!”

Only the girl under the mask knew that voice. All too well… But it couldn’t be. She tapered her eyes. He began to squeeze her in his hold. His immense bat like hands were wrapped around her torso. Harley continues to struggle in his hold. He rips her domino mask off. He then cups her chin looking her over.

“Impossible!” He softly releases a bellowed laugh.

“Someone’s been looking for you… My precious Cullen Pet!”

She rather rears back these words.

“But I’m not so sure I want to share.”

He brings her closer to his mouth. She grits her teeth as she manages to break one arm free.

“Just as mouthwatering as I remember.”

She breaks out her other arm. She pushes against his hands and brings up her knees. Harley uses all her strength to break free. However, she forgets about her grapple gun being snapped. Harley waves to the creature as she freely falls back. She reaches to her grapple and her eyes widen. Harley had nothing to work with. She shrieked out; knowing she was about to plunge to her death. Someone grabbed her just in time. She looked upon him and sighed in relief. Her arms wrapped around his neck. He carefully lowered them down.

“You alright?”
She nodded still a bit shaken up.

Nightwing made certain she wasn’t hurt. He noticed her domino mask was gone. They also noticed the creature was as well.

“What was that thing?” Nightwing asked.

Harley sighed.

“I do believe he’s an old friend; of a small town girl. We’ll just call him Manbat.” She states with a shrug.

“Not so sure I like her choice in friends.”

“Neither do I.” She says looking back to the sky.

“How was your little outting my friend?”
Laurent smiles.

“Did ya have fun?!”

He nods.

“Huh… Did you meet any old friends?”

“No Doc…”

“Interesting. Hoooow very thought-provoking!”

Riddler sits upon the chair at his wooden desk. He twirls around his pure gold question mark cane. His grabs his green bowling hat; with the purple strip going around it. He has it roll perfectly down his arm and it lands on his head.

He comes to his feet.

“Do follow me!” He says all exuberantly.

Laurent follows the Riddler to the monitoring room. Doctor Edward Nygma had been living in this abandoned hospital; for a couple years now. He’d slowly, but surely began to fix it up according to his needs. Riddler flipped a switch. A grin planted about his face. Until, the footage of Laurent’s most recent events played out. He frowned. Laurent takes back a few steps nervously.

Riddler clutched his cane tightly. Anger rose within his core.

“Didn’t I give you specific orders?” He zooms in on the girl.

He rubs his face in thought.

“You were to bring the girl to me. If you hadn’t had mentioned the Cullen’s… I’d have ever known who she was!”

He sighs with irritation.

“You have disappointed me beast! You know what happens when you disappoint me.”

“But Doc!”

Riddler snaps his fingers. Laurent falls to his knees in agony. An electric current flowed through his entire body. His wings wrapped around his body protectively. Still there was no getting away from it. Doctor Nygma had the device planted into his body; amongst other things. He had complete control over Laurent. It was just the way he’d planned. Laurent existed for one reason and one reason only; to find Isabella Marie Swan. Doctor Nygma wasn’t quite done with her. It was only because of Doctor Cullen he even stopped his sessions. He’d grown obsessed with the mind that is Isabella Swan. He found himself going through literal withdrawals. He had to have her back! He’d go by whatever means necessary. She was one of a kind. She intrigued him thoroughly. Dr. Carlisle Cullen was no longer running the show. With him out of the picture; that gave Dr. Nygma full reigns. He could do whatever he wished with that precious, wonderful, mind of Swan’s. He couldn’t wait!

“You seem to forget… I own you!” Riddler laughs.

“I know your body, better than you do! So in a way; I’m your GOD! Don’t you ever forget that! Next time you find the girl. You will bring her to me. If you do not… YOU will find out just all I have up my sleeves!”

Riddler turns to another monitor. He sees the boy rocking back and forth in Joker’s old cell. A smirk comes about his face…




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