Chapter 35 Memories

 I do not own DC Universe or Twilight. Please read then leave your review. Author note for those that are confused. Dr. Woodlarf was Edward Nigma (Nygma), aka Sean Shivell. “The Riddler”. He’d been her doctor, during her entire stay, at the Seattle asylum.

“This is all your fault!”

Bella looks upon Selina confused. Selina slides over today’s newspaper. Bella was sipping from her coffee. She read the headline. Old Duo Turning New Leaves?

Is it possible our beloved renowned clown, has indeed changed Catwoman, for the better? Is there anything, Harley can’t do?

It showed an interview, with the woman Catwoman saved from Manbat. Bella laughed as she continued to read.

“What’s it like?” Bella questions innocently whilst, batting her eyes.

“What’s what like?” Selina retorts, stealing a piece of bacon, off Bella’s plate.

“Knowing Harley Quinn saved you, from a life of crime?!” She softly giggles.

Selina grumbles under her breath.

“Well…” Bella says flicking a piece of scrambled egg, off her fork at Selina.

Bella bites her lower lip and flicks another one, into her curly blonde locks.

“Knock it off, grow up.”

“I don’t wanna!” She utters bratty like.

“NOT, until you can admit. That this is true!” Bella slides the paper back over.

“Watch yourself Kitten.”

Bella sighs and grabs her biscuit crushing it, into her hand.

“You wouldn’t.”

Bella grins mischievously.

“You really are a brat.”

“Me? I’m not the one that thinks, she needs to be surrounded, by luxurious diamonds.”

Bella looks to the new piece around Selina’s neck.

“So what’d you have to give Bruce, in order to get that?”

Selina lowers the paper and tilts her head. She takes off her glasses. This time, she’s the one with a snide grin.

“Something, you and boy wonder, wouldn’t even know about. I’m sure your sex lives, are rated P.G 13 in comparison. It helps to have experience. Something in which you and Dick lack greatly I’m sure.”

Bella drops the biscuit and leans back in her chair. She clears her throat.

“So spill the beans. What dirty filthy thing, did you have to do to earn, that hunk of junk? Did you clean his dentures or something?”

“I’m going to give you some tips Kitten.”

“Oh and what might that be? Never go ass to mouth? I’m sure you’d know, all about that. For all I know, it could very well be Bruce!”

Selina’s eyes widen, but not to what Bella said. No, it was to the group standing behind her. Bella nods with a sigh. She already knew… from the look on Selina’s face.

“Which one? Grayson or Wayne?”

Selina smiles.


Bella nods. She takes in a deep breath.

“And it seems they have a friend…”

Bella nods again.

“Kent or Queen?”

“Try Kent, but not the one you’d assume.”

Bella hers her giggling. Bella slowly turns around.

“LOIS!” Bella leaps out of her chair.

Lois laughs. Dick grins shaking his head.

“I think I need a vacation.” Bruce gruffly utters.

Bella hugs Lois.

“So what brings you down?”

“Well it wasn’t to learn about, the sexual escapades of Bruce and Selina. I can assure you that.”

Bella blushes a bit. Dick was running a finger over the other, in a tsk, tsk, motion. He’d a huge grin, on his face. Bella merely shrugged.

“It’s not my fault they perfect stealth mode, even when it’s not needed.”

“I hadn’t realized, you had such a perverse mind, Bella.” Lois admits.

“You’ve no idea.” Dick says shaking his head upon Bella.

“Apparently, Mr. Wayne shares this sense of humor as well.” Lois adds referring to her and Clark’s wedding present.

Bruce sighs and cuts a look towards Selina.

“Oh come on. They call him the Man of Steel…” Selina says as if that explains her reasoning.

“And don’t you come from a military background?”

“Selina, I can’t believe you!” Bella hisses.

“Says the ass to mouth girl.”

Lois and Dick die in laughter; as Alfred just happened to walk in the room. He promptly turned back around and headed right back out. Bella covered her face in misery.

“So babe… Looks as though, we have few things to discuss.” Dick says with a wink.

Bella’s jaw drops. Dick grabs his stomach. He began laughing so hard. Bella growls under her mouth, she takes Lois’s hand and drags her out of the room.

“I didn’t realize you were that kind of girl!” Selina calls out.

Bella flips her off and keeps walking.

Once Lois and Bella are out of the dining area; the three of them look to one another.

Bruce looks upon Dick.

“Again congratulations… You must be quite proud, of your soon to be bride.”

Dick genuinely beams.

“Actually, I am.”

He says with a shrug and heads out of the room.

“Who pissed in your cereal?” Selina utters.

Bruce cocks a brow.

“I don’t eat cereal.”

“That may very well be your problem. You need more fiber in your diet, makes you cranky.”

“So you’re here to help me shop for the wedding?” Bella asks and Lois nods.

She looks around the living room.

“This room alone, would swallow up mine and Clark’s apartment.”

Bella softly laughs; as she brings her legs beneath her, on the leather sofa.

“Yeah, it takes some getting used to.”

“I can only imagine.” Lois sits beside her.

“So time to discuss colors, decorations, dresses!”

Bella groans in misery.

“You really aren’t all that into this are you?”

“It’s not that. I just never was one to make such a big deal.”

“But you only get married once! And it’s Dick Grayson! And…”

Bella reaches over and puts a finger to her mouth. Lois giggles a bit.

“Okay, how about this? We go have a few drinks first. We get you nice and relaxed. Then we go crazy with the shopping.”

“Sounds awesome, let me go tell Dick and we’ll head on out.”

“No rush, I’ll be right here. I’m afraid if I move, I’ll get lost.”

Bella half laughs.

“Not too far from the truth.”

She heads on out the garage. He was working on one of Bruce’s cars today. She playfully popped him on the rear. He was bent over the hood. He comes up and wipes the oil from his hands. He was one of his usual sexy white tank tops. This tended to be his usual wear in the garage. He was also covered in sweat. She wanted to lick him all over. Bella watched in lust as a drop ran down his temple. She nibbled a bit on her lower lip.

“You needed something?”

“Um right… I was just going to let you know Lois and I are heading out. Shopping for the wedding.”

“You do realize, that’s only three days away?”

She nods running hand along his chest.

“And you haven’t done any shopping yet? “

She shrugs. Dick shakes his head. He leans into her and kisses her on the lips.

“Then you had better get started.”

He takes out his wallet and hands her one of his credit cards.

“Um… what’s this?”

“It’s called a credit card.”

He goes back to what he was doing.
“I know that… But…”

He sighs knowing, she was going to pull this.

“In three days, I’m going to be your husband. What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is yours. I’ve already come into terms with that.” He says with a smirk, rotating back to face her.

A small smile forms on her face.

“Dick, I can help with the wedding. I got some money.”
“And you can hold onto it and save it.”

“I’m serious Bella baby. Go have a good time on me. Then get whatever you want for the wedding. Don’t worry about the price.”

She frowns a bit.

“Don’t do that. Jesus Bella, just go enjoy yourself. You deserve it. You and Lois both, just get out there let loose.”

He turns back towards the car.

“Fine, I’ll buy the most expensive champagne there is!” Bella taunts.

“Good!” He said, but with meaning.

“I want you to. Just be careful. We still don’t know, where that Manbat creature went to.”


“What colors do you want? You know for the wedding…”

He turns back towards her.

“I thought maybe, we could have parts of Harley and Nightwing in the wedding.” He hints.

She grins.


He nods.

“Now away with ye!”

She pecks him on the cheek and dashes out of there. Dick grins amongst himself; as he watches her leave.

Lois and Bella head into a few wedding décor shops first. It wasn’t quite time to be getting hammered, it was only 10 am in the morning. Lois wrinkled her nose, when Bella told her she wanted a black and blue wedding, with red roses. However, she was quick to change her mind, once she saw how it would all come together.

“That’s beautiful!”

“Yeah actually, it really is.”

The decorator smiled; as she zoomed in on everything, they’d chosen and set up.


“Think Dick will like it?”

“He’s going to love it.”

Bella smiled.

“OK then you have yourself a deal.”

“We can have it set up for you if you’ d like.”

“Um how much more would…”

Lois literally pinches her.

“Ouch, what the hell Lois!”

Lois sighs.

“Dick told me to do that every time you pulled that.”

Bella half growls. The décor woman looks upon them oddly.

“Fine, yes we’d like that.”

“Very well just fill out the date, time and exact place and area.”

Bella nodded and did just so. She cringed, when she saw the price. She felt as though she’d hyperventilate. Lois pinched her arm again.

“OUCH! Stop that would you!”

Lois grins.

“Oh look you’re breathing now!” She smarts.

Bella rolls her eyes.

“Hmm, maybe we should go get that drink now.”

“I think you’d be right.” Bella mumbles through gritted teeth.

They realized, they’d been in here for hours now. It was already 3 pm. Bella never realized it’d take so long. She felt a migraine coming on. Namely, Lois Kent…

“I can see what Dick sees in you!” Lois states all exuberantly.

“And that’d be?”

“You’re simply adorable, when you’re angry.”

“Cute Lois, real cute.”

“So how’s the married life going?” Bella questions, as she takes a plunge off her beer.

“It’s really not all that different. We’ve been together for so long now. I don’t think there are any real surprises or dark skeletons in the closet. We both know each other’s quirks.” Lois says with a shrug and she orders them another round of drinks.

“That’s really cool Lois. I’ve always heard horrible stories. That and well my parents weren’t the greatest example.”

Lois looks to Bella peculiarly.

“Spit it out.” Lois randomly demands.

“Spit what out?” Bella questions confused.

“I can see it all over your face. You’re scared aren’t you?”

Bella shuts her eyes for a moment. She finishes off her beer. Lois slides over another.

“It’s just often enough…” Bella looks around and whispers.

“Harley and Nightwing couldn’t be more different…” Bella hints.

“Yet Dick and Bella are a lot alike. We even have the same taste in music, books, and movies. Just life in general even…We pretty much agree on everything, it’s downright scary at times.”

“I don’t see how that’s a problem.”

Bella sighs.

“My mother grew bored with my father. She even hated the town, in which we lived in. She eventually left my father and filed for divorce.”

“Are you saying you fear, you’ll grow bored of Dick Grayson?”

“Hell no, that’s not even possible. It’s him I’m worried about.”

“Oh hun, Clark and I are boring in comparison, to the two of you. You both got fire and it’s not going out. I can promise you that. I wouldn’t even begin, to worry about your luster. That’ll never fade. When it comes to you, he’s got it bad.”

“And then there’s Harley…” Bella whispers softly again.

“She’s still…” Bella sighs shaking her head.

“A bad girl?” Lois says with a smirk.

“Extremely… There’s no containment for that one.”

“She’s not all that bad… I’ve read some of the articles. She’s getting a bit of a name for herself. Before long Smallville may get jealous!”


“That’s just my little nickname for Clark.”

“Ah…” Bella leans back in thought.

She grins.

“Blue Jay.”

“What’s that?”

“Blue Jay’s mine… He absolutely hates it. You should hear how he growls. Nightwing!” She mocks in her best Nightwing voice.

Lois dies in laughter.

Once again it’s Nightwing, not Blue Jay.” She mocks again.

“You guys are too funny.”

Bella smiles and finishes off her third beer. They order some burgers and fries.

“Now, I really won’t fit into whatever wedding dress, I pick out.” Bella says with a shrug as she stuffs a fry in her mouth.

“Back to what I was saying. Nightwing’s so upright, courageous, tough, and honest. The list goes on and on. Harley’s well… She’s…”

Lois narrows her eyes and tilts her head a bit studying Bella.

“You honestly, believe she’s none of those things? Do you have any idea? How jealous I am of Harley Quinn? She’s freaking bad ass! You haven’t a clue, just how many women envy her. Sure she’s still somewhat of a mouthy bad girl. But isn’t that what men want? By the end of the day Harley is all those things you said Nightwing was. Men want her and women want to be her. I’d even go as far as to say, that women want to sleep with her as well.”

Bella blushes a bit.

“Lois…” She hisses looking around.

“I’m just saying… she’s a minx and a half.”

Bella and Lois take a moment, to sip from their beers.

“Harley just has an edge to her. She wouldn’t be Harley if not. And about Nightwing or even Dick’s reaction to Harley and her badgirl ways. Do you truly feel he’d marry you, if he concerned himself with anything of the such. Bottom line is…. That man loves the angel and devil side of you. He’s not just marrying you Bella. And you’re not just marrying Dick. This is merely a foursome. A rather hot one, if you think about it…”

Bella giggles a bit and covers her mouth with a small burp.

“Um wow, excuse me.”

Lois shrugs and lets one go herself. Bella’s eyes widen.

“Military upbringing…” Lois says with a shrug.

They both laugh.

After they finish their food and drinks. They decided to get the rest of their shopping done. Thus, making a rather buzzed Lois and Bella… Shopping for the wedding. They pick out Cobalt blue bridesmaid dresses for Lois and Selina. Bella picked out a white wedding dress. Martha offered to make the wedding cake. Which Bella nearly cried, when she got the call. She thanked her profusely, it meant so much to her.

“Yeah she’s like the best mother in law, in the world.” Lois said once Bella got off the phone.

“I can imagine so.”

“Clark’s a lucky man, to have such a wonderful mother.” Lois says in thought.

They finally finish up for the day. They loaded up Dick’s baby blue 1970 Oldsmobile convertible. Lois wanted rocky road ice cream. The ice cream place was right across the street. So they both headed that direction. After this they’d plans to head on back.

Only they don’t even make it across the street. The both of them are snatched up by the back of their shirts. They look to one another as Manbat takes off in flight.

“Dammit.” Bella grunts.

Lois’s eyes widen as Bella rips her shirt open. A girlie giggle escapes Lois’s mouth. Bella looks to her oddly; as she finishes ripping out of her clothes. She puts on her domino mask and finishes preparing.

Lois couldn’t believe how chill, Bella was going about this. However, Lois was about to learn all about Harley. Harley gave Lois a wink.

“Heads up!” Harley shouted.

She forced herself free from Manbat’s clutch. She came barreling right for Lois. She gripped her tightly. Harley was thankful, Dick thought to replace her grapple gun.

“Where the hell were you hiding that?”

“You should be ashamed. You know we girls don’t ever give out our secrets!”

Lois had a beam on her face the entire time. Harley pulled her and Lois up to a nearby building. “Stay put.”

Lois nodded.

“What are you doing?!” Lois yelled as Bella fired her grapple right at the creature.

“This place ain’t big enough for two Batbrains.” She declares as she zips back into the sky.

Manbat dives right back for Lois.

“Oh no you don’t. You wouldn’t wanna make me jealous, now would ya?”

He stops as she starts wrapping her grapple rope around and around him. She straddle’s his back, wrapping her legs tightly around him. His wings would no longer spread as she had them in the rope. She prayed it wouldn’t snap again.

“NOOO!” Lois shouted as she saw the two of them crashing down.

Harley was now on her feet. She literally looked as though she was in it, just for the ride. She was positioned perfectly, executing her hand onto Manbat’s back, breaking her fall. Manbat’s body slid across the rooftop, where Lois was. She jumped back dodging the hit. Harley yanked back, on the grapple rope; as though dealing with an unruly horse. Manbat squirmed around, trying to break free.

Harley hopped off him. Lois continued to watch experiencing a bit of a girl crush. Harley merely paced about, for a few seconds. She then twirled around and kicked Manbat hard as she could. He nearly went flying off the roof. Harley caught him before he fell. However, she was laying down, her back to the sky. A smile planted on her face. She held him with both hands as he dangled a good 60 feet in the air.

“Who are you working for?!” Harley demands.

He shakes his head and looks down. Cars, lights, signs, and pedestrians were below. Some even looked on from below.

“Awe, don’t you just love the view?”

He continues to try and break free.

“Sorry, my little Blue Jay got me a newer, shinier, stronger toy! And lucky you guano breath! You’re my first test. I gotta admit. Pretty sturdy…” He rumbles a growl at her. She pretends to lose her grasp a bit, dropping one of his arms.

“Oops!” She giggles a bit.

His eyes widen.


“My bad, I guess I’m not as strong; as I thought. I really should work out more! Now again! Are the Cullen’s behind this? Who are you working for?” Harley was really about to lose her grip now.

She hissed out bitterly. She reaches out getting a better hold.


He goes to answer. But an electric current flows through his entire body. It hits Harley as well. She ground her teeth together. Her hair stood on end.

“FUCCK!” She growls.

She tries everything in her power to hold on. Harley continued to be electrocuted along with him.

“That’s it! I call the shots, in this relationship buddy. I’m dumping you!” She forces from her mouth.

She drops him and he’s dropping down . That struggle within her came about. Let him die? Or do what Batman or Nightwing would do? She rolls her eyes.

Lois screams out again. Without warning, Harley dives off the roof heading right for Manbat. She manages to get to him, but because of her retracting her grabble gun before dropping him earlier. His enormous wings had begun to spread about.

“Oh no you don’t!”

Lois looked on from above the roof in a panic. Her jaw dropped. Harley was punching Manbat repeatedly in the face, whilst in midair. She fired off her grabble again, with her legs wrapped around him snuggly.

“SHIT!” Lois yelled as the both of them, went crashing into another building.

“Take cover!” Harley shouted to the employees that were still working.

She looked around; making certain no one was injured. Manbat decked her across the face during this and managed to reverse the pin, she had on him.

“Leave her alone!” One of the men that was working there shouted.

“Yeah you leave Harley alone asshole!”

Harley grinned as one of them threw a stapler. They hit him right in the head. Manbat grabbed her by the hair and came to his feet. He turned his back to take off. The entire group of employees began throwing stuff at him.


He ignored them and took off in flight again. Only he made the mistake; of reaching for Lois yet again. Through his attempt Lois began to fall. Harley’s heart sank. She ripped the shoulder of her costume to break free from Manbat. She caught Lois and switched the grabble to zipline. She had her back facing the building, they were heading straight for. Harley took the hit in protection of Lois. Lois heard the impact as she hit. Harley groaned out in agony. She looked around to see that Manbat was gone.

“I’m going to drop you now.”


“I’m sorry Lois…”

Harley held on to Lois as she quickly maneuvered her legs, to be dangling from the zip line. She had her dangling as close she could.

“Hold your breath army brat.” Lois shrieked out, the entire fall.

She dropped Lois and she came plunging down, into a nearby hotel pool. Harley then released, once she saw Lois made it out safe. She held her breath as she braced for impact.

Lois helped her out of the pool.

Harley gasped for air; as she rolled over on her back.

“What was that thing?!”

Lois and Bella looked to the hood; of Dick’s car in wonder. There was a black package, with a green question mark, in the middle of it. Bella grimaced remembering the last few gifts, she’d received from Joker. She took in a nervous breath. She picked up the package. Her hands shook a bit. It was rectangular and slender. It felt as though a book.

“You might want to step back.” Bella warned.

Lois looked to her oddly, but took her advice. Bella swallowed back her nerves. She cautiously opened the package; as though she were performing surgery. She reared back puzzled, it was a thick black piece of cardboard. Green letters, that looked to be cut out from magazines or newspaper clippings, were glued to it. The letters spelled out a message.

Riddle me this – I can bring a smile to your face, tear to your eye, a blush upon your face, or a thought to your mind. But I can’t be seen. What Am I?

Bella flipped the cardboard over and observed it thoroughly. From the description Dick, Selina, and Bruce gave. She already knew, who it was from. She also had her answer now…

“My Memories…”




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