Chapter 36 Magic Mike? Nah Dynamic Dick!

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Bella nibbled upon that lower lip of hers. She felt Dick kissing along her shoulder and neckline. She grinned a bit as one of his hands traveled towards her sex. He found himself throbbing along with the wet sensation his fingers felt. He was too wound up. He didn’t bother repositioning her. He guided himself on in. Little purring cries escaped Bella’s lips. Dick had been having sex dreams all night. Not just about Bella, but Harley as well. They were still vividly running through his mind. His jaw clenched tightly as he greatly throbbed within her. Each stroke felt as though he were literally being milked.

“Fuck…” Bella heard him softly moan out as he’s movements became more desperate.

He cupped her breasts and Bella drenched him. At this he went even harder his kisses along her neck became more eager. She let out a gasps for air. Bella found herself climaxing again. Dick ground his teeth together at the feeling, she was giving him below. He quickly pulled out he rolled her over. He crawled over her. Dick grabbed her wrists and pinned them down to the pillow. He fixatedly kissed her lips and reentered her. He never wanted her to stop coming.

“I wanna feel you again…” He said in soft yet demanding voice.

Her body instantly reacted.

“Bella baby…” Dick felt as though he was sheer ecstasy.

“Dick…” She cooed his name in another release.

Dick pulled out once again, he found himself marking her with his seed. Bella’s eyes widen as she looked to her tummy and breasts.

“Ok and why haven’t we done that one yet?”

He softly chuckles.
“Now that was hot.”

“Was it now?” This time he’s the one caught off guard.

She takes some of what was on her breast and wipes it off with her finger. She licks it clean.

“OK you keep that up we’re going again!” He warns.

“Awesome!” She says wiggling her brows.

He shakes his head. Bella gets up to shower and he pops her on the bed.

However, he lowered brows a bit. He saw the massive bruising on her back and tailbone. He hadn’t really noticed it during sex.

“Bella, what happened to your back babe?”

She freezes at the doorway. He hears her sigh a bit.

“I’m ok Dick. Just had a little encounter that’s all.”


“I was going to talk to you about it over breakfast.”

“That hardly looks like a little encounter babe.”

He rises up from the bed. He makes his way over and runs a hand along her back.

“Jesus Bella baby, that looks painful as hell.”

“I’ve had worse. I’ll be fine.”

“I wish you had told me…” He says and kisses the area.

“Like I said, I was going too and still am. Just let me get showered and ready.”

He nods. Bella starts her shower and Dick steps in joining her. He found himself wincing though once he took notice of her entire body. It’d been put through the ringer. Bruises and scrapes were scattered about. Bella scrubs down and then washes her hair.

“I take it, it was that Manbat thing again.”
“Dick…” She warns hesitantly.

He takes in a breath.
“Right…” He says raising his hands in defense.

She giggles a bit. Bella pecks him on the lips and lets him over.

“I’ll meet you downstairs.”

He nods yet again and starts his shower. Once Bella heads down stairs she takes a moment to take in the odd scene before her. There sat Bruce, Selina, Lois, Clark, and Ollie.

“I wasn’t aware you two were already down.”

“Well hello to you too!” Ollie sprites.

Bella smiles.

“Haven’t had my coffee yet.”
“Trust me wait until she’s had her coffee.” Selina warns.

Bella heads into the kitchen. She pours herself a cup of coffee and is about to prepare it. Her cellphone rings.


Bella sighs with slight irritation.

“I can hear you breathing now who is this?”

An odd snapping sound is in the backroom. Then a recording begins to play.
“My name is Dr. Woodlarf. I’m here to help you Bella. We’re going to become good friends. You can tell me anything. You can trust me.”

Bella froze.

“Your scare tactics won’t work on me Riddler. I know who you are Dr. Nygma.”

She hangs up the phone. She clasps it firmly in her hold.

“Everything alright?”
She turns to see Ollie behind her.

“Peachy, as always.” She utters with exasperation.

Bella leans against the counter. Ollie takes it upon himself to finish making her coffee.

“One or two creams?”

“I got it Ollie.”

“Just answer the question. I can make a cup of coffee you know.”

She half smiles.

“Can you now? Do you need an arrow in which to stir?”

“Ha, and maybe…”
He watches curiously as Bella takes out a meat tenderizer. She smashes her cellphone to pieces. She sighs she thought it was bugged, but it wasn’t.

“Dammit, well that was a waste of a good phone.” She laments and grabs the garbage can.

She tosses the remains of the phone into the trash.

“Well I suppose I know what to get you for a wedding gift now.”

Ollie smarts and hands her cup of coffee over.


She takes a sip and looks to Ollie.

“So Dr. Shivell?” She inquires.

Ollie nods and he folds his arms about his chest.

“It seems he’s got a few personalities, one with each persona he takes on. All the more reason you should take extra precaution. With you it seems he maybe slightly confused and is taking on that of two personas, both very dangerous men. One more sophisticated than the other. Mine and Dick’s main concern is that Dr. Woodlarf seems to be rather obsessed with your mind. I might even go as far as to say in love even. He likes the rarity. Apparently, you are one of those. He also seeks a good challenge, you’re obviously highly intelligent or he wouldn’t even bat an eye your direction. Something about you has to be different from anything he’s ever seen. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be worth his time.”

“There’s nothing highly intelligent about me. Trust me Bruce and Dick is far wittier than I could ever dream of being.”

Ollie takes in a breath.

“Hmm, I believe you’re standing too close to the picture. I for one can see that you’re extremely intellectual. In your case you have to be. Bella Swan by day Harley Quinn by night that should eventually consume you. Why do you think the original totally lost her mind? She lived only as Harley Quinn once the persona took over. There was no switching back. There was no chance for sanity. Dr. Frances Harleen Quinzel was eventually no more. She was swallowed up by Joker’s new side kick. You however, have something Harley never had the chance to have. Ollie points to his temple. You my friend still have your mind, free will, it is your choice on who you want to be and when. Harley never had that. She never had a moment’s rest from the mask. There no longer was a woman behind the mask. Harleen no longer existed. Just as Joker had wanted and planned. He’d created the monster. Only sadly Harley never quite was a monster. She was merely misunderstood, abused, molded, and then shaped, to what Joker wanted. Just as he’d tried to pull with you, but with you it’s not possible. That’s what the infatuation with Riddler is as well. You’ve so much control over your mind and body that even through him attempting hypnosis he simply could not break through. Bella…” Ollie sighs with a shameful look.

“Because of that man, I at one point lost my mind. I let Green Arrow take over. Only I was hurting innocent people. I honestly believed they had it coming to them. I let my abilities go to my head. That man warped and manipulated my mind so much, that I truly believed everyone else to be the enemy… Because of Dr. Shivell a man that I’d trusted at the time and hadn’t a clue he was the Riddler. I almost killed the one man I never thought possible to kill.” Ollie looked towards the dining room where everyone else was.

“Bella, I almost killed Clark Kent. That’s what he wanted. He wanted to see if I could be pushed so far. If my strings could be controlled so much that I’d turn on one of my best friends. Clark and I go back a ways. He was one of the first of the JLA I ever met. Before there was a JLA there was Superman and Green Arrow. I’ll admit at first Clark and I didn’t quite see eye to eye. Then again that also has to do with the fact that I dated Lois for some time.”

Bella’s jaw drops.

“You what?!”

He softly chuckles.

“The bastard stole her from me.” He says with a wink.

“In all seriousness it would have never worked between us. It always was and always will be Lois and Clark. Such as it will always be Bella and Dick.”

Ollie takes in a breath.

“I’m getting off subject. I tend to do that. I think I have slight adhd or something.”

Bella softly laughs.

“Dick does that.”

Ollie has a good laugh at this.

“Perhaps great minds think alike.”

He clears his throat.

“Just watch your back. I’m taking it that was him on the phone?”

Bella nods.

“Then the games have just begun. He will start of slow and torturous. He will make you wish he’d just get it the fuck over with. But that’s not how he works. He wants to see you hop in a hot pan like a shrimp. He will play with your mind and your emotions. He will see what gets under your skin and what your pressure points are. Once he’s done with his little experiment. He will begin to set up for whatever plans he has for you. Then he will find a way to collect you. What he does from there? Who knows?”

“Well I for one couldn’t think of a better wedding gift!” Bella smarts.

He chuckles a bit.

“Couldn’t agree more.”

“I swear since I’ve put on the mask… I’ve created more enemies.” She mutters.

“Touché… Every single one of us as our one line of enemies. So yes, it happens more than you think. It just comes with the territory. That doesn’t mean to put up the cape Bella. Too many lives depend on you. If anything it just means to put up even more of a fight. Think of it as practice. A chance to take those levels of yours to an even higher test. To become even quicker, smarter, more agile. Through Riddler you’re sure to get one hell of a test drive before even getting plunged into the deep. I can tell you now. There hasn’t been a single one of us even Batman himself that hasn’t thought about putting up the cape for good. Just because of this fact alone. But before there ever was a JLA a Batman, a Superman… there were always threats to our world. There always will be. That is why we mustn’t ever give in. No matter how far we’re pushed. We always come back up and I must say I like Harley’s way…” He says with a smug grin.

“Our middle fingers in the air.”

Bella laughs.

“I happen to agree!” They both turn as Dick enters the room.

“Harley’s way does seem to be best.” He says with a wink.

He wraps his arms around her waist. Dick pecks her on the neck.

“I’m already getting a toothache.” Ollie complains.

“Hmm.” Dick half moans ignoring him.

“And on that note I’m out.”

Bella giggles a bit as Dick nestles against her neck. She wraps her arm back behind his neck.

“So tomorrow, you become Isabella Marie Grayson.” He whispers in a seductive tone.

“Easy loverboy I haven’t quite said yes.”

He chuckles a bit.

“Don’t be cruel babe.”

He drops his hold and goes to pour him some coffee.

“Guess you’ll just have to find out.”

He nods and finishes making his cup of coffee. He then walks back over and spanks her on the butt.

“So what were you going to tell me?”

She frowns.

“Come on now…” He encourages.

Dick places down his cup of coffee. He props her up on the counter. He moves lose strands of hair from her face. They’re hip to hip as he looks into her eyes. She takes in a breath. Bella begins to tell him everything that took place between Harley and Manbat. She tells him about the riddle that was left for her on Dick’s car. Then the phone call. He nods looking a bit ill. He pecks her on the lips once she’s done.

“So it’s begun.” He states softly.

She nods.

“It seems so.”

“Well he’s just going to have to wait. We’re getting married. No one’s standing in the way of that.”

Bella wraps her arms around his neck. She leans into his chest and wraps her legs around his waist. He swallowed back on this. He found himself feverishly kissing her. Something about her about to be his wife had his libido completely through the roof. All he could think about was how badly he wanted her. He grew hard again and pulsated against her. If it weren’t for the guest he’d had already been screwing her against the counter. He wanted to desperately. They hear the clearing of a throat.

“Food is prepared in that area you know.”

Bella half growls.


Selina laughs. Dick’s eyes widen as Selina smacks him on the butt.

“Did you just…” Bella says in full disbelief.

“That’s right Kitten and what are you going to do about it?!”

“Well I sure as hell am not going to go around smacking old man Bruce in the ass!”

Bruce entered the room at this point. Just as Alfred had the other day he promptly exited. The three of them started laughing.

“I love when you do that to him.” Selina admitted as she placed her empty cup and bowl in the sink.
“So where’s Alfred?”
“He’s on wedding errands.” Selina says with a shrug.
Bella looks to Dick accusingly.

“What I didn’t personally send him!” He defended.

She sighs with hesitation.
“That’s not his responsibility.”

“Oh hush Kitten. That man loves you as much as Grayson and Wayne. He wouldn’t have taken no for an answer. I’d even go as far as to say he has a bit of a crush. But that’s just me.”
“Actually, I was thinking the same thing.” Dick admits with a hint of grimace about his face.

Bella blushes with a slight giggle.

“Ugh, that’s so wrong.”

After Selina leaves the room, Dick goes back to their heavy make out session.

“Just so you know Nightwing starts training you after the honeymoon. He’s a bit harder than Robin.”

“Is he now?” She teasingly hints, wrapping her legs around him tighter his erection burrowing into her.

“I don’t know… Robin’s pretty hard.”

He chuckles.

“What Robin wouldn’t give to have heard that back in the day. You would have given him a heart attack.”

They both laugh.

“Actually, I would have loved to known teen or even kid Robin.”

He takes in a breath and looks her in the eyes.

“Certainly, would have saved us both some heartache if we’d met back then.”

He helps her down from the counter.

“I’m just thankful you’re in my life now Bella.”

Dick takes her hand and leads her back into the dining room. Even more guests had arrived now. The Titans were now here. Bella let out a full on laugh at the image. Bruce looked to of had a headache. Victor let out a whistle Bella’s direction and winked. Dick rolled his eyes. Victor makes his way over. He hugs Bella and twirls her around. She winces a bit.

“Easy…” Dick warns putting a hand upon Victor’s shoulder.

He nods and places her down.

“You alright there?” Victor says catching the painful expression on Bella’s face.

She gives a thumbs up, but takes in a watery eyed breath.

“Damn… I’m sorry I didn’t know…” Victor explains.

“How would you? It’s cool Victor. I’m fine.”

Lois sighs with guilt. She knew why she was in agony. Clark knew too, Lois had told him about their little adventure. He was thankful Harley kept Lois safe. Neither however, liked that she ended up taking such a beating. Dick pulled out a chair for Bella and seated her down. Everyone in the room looked upon one another.

Bella looked to Bruce mischievously.

“Sooo… strip poker anyone?”

Everyone, but Bruce dies in laughter.

The guys and girls pull Dick and Bella way from one another. Clark had a hand upon Dick’s shoulder and Lois on Bella’s.

“You two can’t see one another until the actual wedding.” Lois demands.

Clark nods in agreement. Both Dick and Bella whine looking to one another. Dick sighs, but does a slight now. He winks as he comes back up. Bella giggles a bit as the girls drag her out of the manor. So that left Dick with Bruce, Alfred, Clark, Garfield, Victor, Ollie, and Roy. Bella was stuck with Selina, Lois, Rachel, Karen, and Donna.

Garfield and Rachel however, gave each other certain nod before they parted. Dick caught this, but wasn’t sure what it meant. He didn’t feel too comfortable, with the way Garfield looked upon him. He’d this menacing smile about his face.

“So… just how much are you willing to make your girl sweat?”

Dick rather rears back a bit. Clark pinches his eyes shut for a moment.

“Gar…” Clark warns.

The other men look to Garfield oddly. He dies in laughter.

“I got a plan…”

“Don’t be such a wimp!” Selina scolds sliding over another shot.

“Ugh, I don’t want to look like utter SHIT on my wedding day!”

“Sweetheart, that’s downright impossible.”

“Agreed.” Lois says patting Bella on the back.

“FINE!” Bella downs her shot and grimaces all over.

Rachel laughs and slides her beer over.
“Here suck on this.” Selina hands her a red dick shaped lollipop.

“Ironic when you think about it.” Selina mumbles looking to the sucker and twirls it around in her hand.

“Oh MY GOD! I’m so not sucking on that!”

“What’s the difference?” Selina questions with a shrug.
“That’s just so…”

“So?” Rachel questions as she had one in her mouth.

Bella’s eyes widen as Lois also had one in her mouth.

Bella freaks imagining the look on Clark’s face.

“She goes to take it away.”

Lois stops her.

“It’s watermelon!” She says with a huge grin.
“I can’t believe you’re all sucking on those and right here! IN public!”

The girls laugh. Karen and Donna had their noses wrinkled, but they too had unopened suckers in their hands. Selina opened Bella’s and forced her cheeks open.

“Selina!” She recoiled she grabbed the dick shaped sucker and threw it onto some biker table.

Her eyes widen.

“Oh shit.” She whispered.

Selina sighed.

“Way to go Kitten. You should have just ate it now you’re about to suck it hardcore.”

“I’m going to kill you!”

One of the bikers picks up the sucker. He looked over to Bella. She rolls her eyes as he comes to a stand. She covers her face and turns back towards the bar. She downs her beer. Sure enough the 6 ft something tall biker man with an earring, tattoos and mustache and beard. Pats her on the shoulder.

“I believe this is yours?”

She blushes as he places the sucker down by her beer bottle. She nods and clears her throat. Meanwhile, the women are dying in laughter.

“Um, thanks!”

He leans into her ear.

“You know if you wanted to suck on some cock…” He hints and actually has the nerve to press up against her.

“OH SHIT!” Selina and Lois chorus.

“You idiot!” Selina mouths towards the biker.

Bella had already shot out of her seat. Within a matter of seconds she had sent the man flying back. He was smashed up against his table of friends. They all came to their feet eyeing Bella. She half laughs. Selina grinned seeing Harley coming out a bit. Bella grabbed the sucker. She unwrapped it and she dove after the guy as he was still down. She forced his mouth open and crammed the sucker in his mouth.

“Now why would I do that. When you’re doing such a good job?”

The other guys go to yank her off their buddy. Karen and Donna grab two of them and shove them back. Lois and Selina nod towards one another and punch the other two that were about to grab Bella. Bella kneed the man in the groin and hopped back up.
“Oops, looks like I just ruined your entire weekend.”

She waves upon him.

“OUT! ALL OF YOU NOW!” The manager yells.


The girls sigh as they’re dragged out by bouncers. Once they’re outside Bella dies in laughter. She’s leaning against a stop sign outside.

“Now, that was some funny shit.”

Lois and Selina help her to her feet as she stumbled around a bit.

“Don’t go passing out on us just yet Kitten we got one more stop.”

“Ugh, now what? Seriously, can’t we just go to a hotel. Have a few more drinks and pass the fuck out.”

“She’s a reach peach when she’s drunk.” Rachel says with a grin.

“Yeah she is!” Donna agrees.

Rachel saw Karen with a sucker in her mouth now. Not only that, but she still had a beer in her hand.

“How’d you manage that?”

She shrugs. Everyone one of them were smashed.

The guys led Dick to the area Garfield and Rachel had set up.

“What exactly are we doing?”

Garfield beams at this.

“OH you’ll see…”

They enter this building that looked as though a strip club. Only at the moment there was no one there other than them.

“Guys…” Dick said nervously.
“What is this exactly? I clearly stated no strippers.”

“Ah, is it really fair to punish the rest of us now because of your personal morals?” Ollie complains.

“GUYS! I’m serious! I would actually like to follow through with this marriage!”

They all smile…

“What are you doing?!” Bella snapped as the girls began to blindfold Bella.

They dragged her along.


Selina rolls her eyes Lois cuts her a worried look.
“Oh she’ll be fine. She’s just being dramatic.”

“OH AM I?!”

“YES!” The girls all chorus.

Bella growls under her breath. They all laugh. They drag her inside a building. The girls shove her into a chair and bond her to it. It takes a good fight to even do so.


Her jaw drops as For Your Entertainment By Adam Lambert starts to play.

“NO! I can’t believe this!” Bella struggles in her seat.

The girls try their hardest not to lose their shit.

She hears a deep voice whispering in her ear.

“You have the right to remain silent. Do we have an understanding?”


“Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand Ms?”

She sighs with full agitation. She shakes her head.

“Do you? You’ve not a clue who the fuck you’re messing with!”

He nods again and leans into her other ear.

“You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you.”

“Such a good little stripper, you’ve got the Miranda rights perfected. Now run along while you still have the ability to have children!”

Bella gasps out as she felt a set of cuffs clasp around her already tied hands.

Bella feels someone running their hands along her legs.

“SHIT!” She yells and jolts back in her chair.


The girls are literally dying. The man circles Bella running a hand along her shoulders. She jumps hearing the crack of a whip.

“What the hell?!” Bella barked she continued to struggle in the chair.

He straddles her lap and runs a red rose along her cheek, down her neck, and chest. Bella shakes her head.

“I don’t know who you are, but you should know you’re a dead man if you don’t get the fuck off me!”

She gasps back in shock as she feels bare skin up against her chest. She was in a black and red midriff and a black mini skirt. She shakes her head.
“I’m so dead…” She whispers in sheer misery.

“Dick’s going to rightfully kill me.”

The man gives the ladies the cue. They all nod and leave the room. He braces his hands on the chair. Her jaw drops as he licks her neck and starts grinding against her. She growls out furiously. He fights the urge to chuckle. He lifts her chin with his fingers. His lips graze hers. Just through that alone she already knew…

He leans into her ear.

“That’s Officer Grayson.”

He lifts the blindfold and tosses it down. A full on blush hit her face. He was in a cop uniform his shirt was unbuttoned, explaining why she felt bare skin.

“I take that back… you’re so dead!”

He laughs and kisses her lips.

“Am I?”

She nods and he kisses her again. He ground himself against her again.

During Dicks’ strip tease…

The guys:

They were all watching from the office of the strip club. Dick wasn’t aware there was live surveillance feed going on. He only knew the girls were temporary watching at the moment. Even through his embarrassment on knowing they were watching. He went with the plan. He was just glad the guys couldn’t see any of this… OR SO HE THOUGHT!

“Huh! Well lookie here!” Gar points to a monitor in the office.

Ollie died in laughter as it was showing everything going on in the other room. He and Victor high fived one another. Clark’s eyes widened. Bruce pinched his eyes shut. Roy gathered popcorn and beer for everyone. Ollie and a very reluctant Bruce had helped in renting out the strip club for the night. They all pulled up a seat and watched the show.

Ollie and Clark lost it as Dick entered the stage in full uniform. They watched the other girls reactions each were covering their mouths in laughter. Some even seemed to be praising the man.

Clark sighed noticing even Lois was giving him the once over. Ollie patted him on the back.

“Sorry Clark.”

Clark shrugged like there was nothing much he could do. Each man jumped and reared back at the part with the whip. He’d used one of Selina Kyle’s whips. He promplty threw it back towards the ladies once he was done.

“Can you read lips?” Ollie questioned Clark as they watched Bella shouting away.

“Unfortunately, yes. This might very well end in an annulment.” Clark said with a raised brow.

“DIBS!” Victor shouts.

Each man looks to him with disapproval.

“What? I’m just saying if this doesn’t go down so well.” He says with a shrug.

“You wouldn’t stand a chance.” Ollie mouths.

“Whoa… you’d think that’d hurt his back!” Roy uttered as Dick had leaned back and ripped his shirt open.

They watched as he pressed himself against her.

“Nice dance there dimples.” Ollie wits.

“I know right I bet you could crush a walnut with that!” Everyone looks to Victor shaking their heads.

“I’m just saying it’s there!”

“HOLY SHIT! DICK’s got game!” Roy says in laughter.

“Unfortunately, he does…” Ollie says as he and Clark share an odd glance.

“A little too well.” Clark added as Lois looked to be screaming and jumping up and down.

Everyone in the room cuts Bruce a certain glance at this.

“I can’t believe I’m still watching this.” Bruce complains.

“Well you are so deal with it.” Ollie fires back.

Bruce cuts him a go to hell glance.

“It’s like watching your son and daughter go at it!” Victor announces.

“REALLY BRO? That’s where you went?” Roy fires back.

“I’m just saying, it’s gotta be a little awkward you know.”

The girls enter the office after too long. Their jaws drop as they see the guys watching. Clark cuts Lois an accusing glance. She blushes a bit, but gives him a wink. However, he’s got a tub of popcorn in his lap. He too was watching the show. Lois turns to the screen and her eyes widen as Dick starts to lift Bella’s blouse. She quickly steps in front of the monitor.

Clark and every other man and woman in the room tilt their heads trying to see around Lois.

She shakes her head upon her husband.

“What?” He questions.

“You know what!”

He shrugs and was still trying to look.

He clears his throat. Bruce mumbles under his breath and walks away. Selina’s crying she’s laughing so hard.


Dick lifts her shirt and unclasps her bra.

“I’m still going to kill you.”
He nods and starts sucking on her breasts. He places a hand up her skirt. She gasps out as he rubs his hands along her black bikini panties. Dick swallows back breathing her in. He unties her feet and moves his hands along her legs. They make their way up her thighs. Once he gets to her panties he slides them off. Her hips squirm off the chair a bit as he spreads her legs a bit. He bares her sex to him and puts his tongue to work.

“Dick…” She uttered breathlessly.

He kept firm hold on her legs keeping them apart. He continued licking her back and forth. She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming out. After he gets a good climax out of her he comes back up. He softly chuckles to himself at the struck stupid look on her face. He walks around and unties her wrists. He leaves the cuffs on. He lifts Bella up and has her in a suspect hold. He drags her towards the counter of the bar.

He picks her up places her on the counter. Dick takes off the holster with the gun and badge. He places it on the counter and he unfastens his pants.

“I do believe this is sexual harassment. Officer Grayson, you could lose your job.”

He vainly grins. He frees himself and instantaneously plunges on in.

“Worth it.” He says in an animalistic nature.

Dick was in total DOM mode at the moment. Bella was in absolute shock. His kisses got more forceful his drives became harder. She couldn’t hold back. Bella literally screamed out in full on pleasure.

The entire group was still in the office. Selina covered her mouth in laughter.

Dick at the moment could care less if anything her cries only egged him on further. He no longer cared who was listening in or not. He was in complete lust. He gripped her tighter. He kissed her even longer. He grew even harder.

Selina and Lois ran the entire group out of the back exits of the strip club. They both giggled the entire time.

“I’m gonna come baby…” Dick announced breathlessly as they were both covered in sweat.

She felt the warmth escaping him as he throbbed within her. He stroked himself within her a few more times then pulled out. A string of it followed along with him. She found herself wishing they’d had that on tape.

They both blush a bit now as they look around. He reaches around and undoes her cuffs. They fix their clothes.

“Was this your plan all along?”

He half laughs shaking his head.

“Not really, just something I went with. Long story….”


“Well Officer Grayson. You had better watch your back. I’m engaged to a very jealous man.”
“I don’t think it was my back you were watching, Bella baby.”





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  1. They seriously just watched them have sex? That’s not creepy at all. =/ And to be honest, it was borderline wrong that she was saying NO before she knew it was him & he kept going. It was obvious she was uncomfortable & didn’t want him touching her, but the girls & guys were just laughing. That’s not cool at all.

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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the free one


Rickie Bansbach - fanfiction and stuff

Brookie Twiling's Books

Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan

An Awkward Elf

Fanfiction by Cuinawen

Missrissa81's Blog

This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

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Wordpress Whisperer!

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