Chapter 38 Honeymoon The Grayson’s Way

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“Holy crap! This is where we’re staying?!”

Dick smiles and watches as Bella leaned over the pier overlooking the ocean.
“The water’s like so clear! I can see the fish!”

He couldn’t get over how she was acting. He loved it. She was damn near childlike. Dick placed their things down. He opened the door and scooped her up. He carried her inside traditionally.

“My hero…” She beams and kisses his cheek.

He chuckles and places her down. Dick gathered their things into their personal bungalow. It was directly over the water.

She grabbed his arm and pointed to the living area. Right in the middle was glass, so you could see the bottom of the sea. He curiously watched as she headed that way. She hunkered down and looked into the glass.

“That’s really cool.”

The furniture was all vanilla colored. There was a big screen TV and glass coffee table about the living area. A very fancy love seat and matching couch set. Square tan pillows decorated the couches. They made their way to the bedroom. It had a white oak bedroom set. There was one king size bed it too had a vanilla theme only with hues of red off and on throughout the room. Red, pink, and white Hibiscus and other types of Tahiti flowers lay across the bed. The bedroom led to a little area with their own personal spa with two white lounging chairs beside it. It too overlooked the ocean. There was a connecting bathroom to the bedroom. It had two sinks, a shower and a separate area with a Jacuzzi tub. Next to that were stairs that lead right into the water if they wanted to go for a swim.

“Jesus Dick… Do I even want to know the price bracket?”

He clears his throat somewhat and shrugs. He wasn’t about to answer that. But for once he wanted to give Bella something she truly deserved. Bruce had gone in on half as a wedding gift.

“So you like?”

“Like? This is like freaking awesome. I’ve never seen such a place.”

He nods.

“I’m glad you approve.”

She steps out and looks out into the water. Dick came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I can’t get over how beautiful this is.”

“Not near as beautiful as you.” He whispered in her ear and kissed along her neck.

“Good one…” She said with a grin.

“I do try.” He replies with a smirk.

“So can you stand me one on one for two weeks?”
“Two weeks?!”

He nods and rests his head against her shoulder.

“I don’t know Dick that’s a bit of a tall order don’t you think?”

“Hmm…” He drops his hands and smacks her on the rear.

“Guess we’ll find out if this marriage is make or break then Bella baby.”

She softly laughs.

“I guess so!” She fires back and shakes her head.

“I got some side things planned as well.” He calls out as he was getting into his black and blue swim trunks.

She merely gawked at him for a moment.

“Yeah huh?”

He raises his brows her direction.

“Something wrong?”
“Nope… Not at all.”
He tosses her swim suit over. It was half red on one side and black with blue spades on the other side. It was very Harleyish. He’d gone to the bathroom and when he returned he nearly had a stroke. The bikini she was wearing hardly covered much those neon letters appeared directly above her head. SEX in bright bold letters they were even flashing tauntingly.

“Holy freaking bikini!” He winced at his own words.

Yeah that was Robin coming out. What the hell was that? He thought miserably hoping she didn’t hear him.

“Huh?” She questioned looking to him bewildered.

“Yeah can you forget I said that?”

“Nope it was completely corny. Hard to forget something like that…”
“Dammit… thank you Robin.” He utters under his breath.

“You ok there?”

“Not really…” He still couldn’t believe he let that slip.

She giggles and runs a hand along his sculpted abs.

“Not so bad yourself Dick.”

He picks her up and flips her over his shoulder. Dick leads them into the water. It was surprisingly warm. He tosses her in.

“DICK!” She shouts as she comes back up.

He laughs and shrugs his shoulders.

“I figured you needed to cool off.”

“I can’t believe how warm the water is.” She remarks and looks to the clear bottom.

He makes his way over and looks as well. She grins however and splashes him right in the face.

He grabs her and twirls her around dunking the both of them.

“We might be married now, but I could still kick your ass.”

“Keep dreaming babe.” He keeps his hold on her to prove a point.

“That day will never exist!”

“Way to be modest.”

“I’m just being honest.”


She turns around facing him.
“I’m sure I could find a way to distract you. Knock you off your game.”

He cocks a brow and sucks back a breath. She was fondling him under the water.

“Not really fair…”

“Who ever accused me of playing fair? You use whatever works.”
“So seduction?”
“It depends on the situation and if it calls for it.”

“How many men do you go around seducing?”

“Two maybe three…” She utters with a grin.

“Three?!” He says with a scowl.

“It’s not my fault I’m married to someone with three different identities.”

“Actually it is. You did agree after all.”

She starts to mouth off again. He stops her with a kiss. A kiss that leads them back into the bungalow, Dick backs her up against the bed. He lowers the straps to her bikini exposing her breasts. He takes his time worshipping them with his mouth. Whilst he does this he takes off his swimming shorts. Bella was wiggling out of her bikini bottoms. He raised his brows seeing how she was waxed below.

“Heart?” He questioned with a grin and ran a single finger along the heart shaped patch.

“Well it is our honeymoon.”

“Huh… That’s extremely sexy…”

He wrapped his arm around her waist and lifted her onto the bed he scooted her back as he did. For the first time ever they began to make love as husband and wife.

They became lost within one another. They kissed throughout their session. Bella’s arms and legs wrapped around him. As he picked up pace her nails dug into his back a little. This made Dick even stiffer as he ached for release. His chest was pressed up against her breasts as he continued. She moaned into his mouth as an orgasm was freed. He felt her tighten just as she flooded him. He pumped himself within her just a couple more times before he too released.

He then rolled over and brought her against his chest. Dick wrapped his arms around her. In some ways this still felt surreal to him. It didn’t take long for his wife to fall asleep. They’d had a long flight. He merely watched her sleep for a little while. He moved loose hair away from her face. Dick did his best to try not and worry about Manbat and the Riddler. However, it was creeping up on him. All of these threats to his wife’s life were driving him insane. It was even more sickening to him that the Riddler had taken away her teenage years through his brainwashing and abuse. Yet here he was again harassing her. He’d make certain Bella relived all those horrible memories. That’s just how he worked. That’s what had Dick the most concerned. What would happen to Bella’s psyche if she had to relive it all over again? If he got his hands on her. That’s what he’d do to her. He’d find it a challenge to see if he could break her. Since Dr. Woodlarf could not succeed before. The Riddler would go about it even more drastically. Hadn’t Edward and The Joker put her through enough? He pinched his eyes shut in thought.

He swallowed back and desperately tried to get some sleep. But he couldn’t… He had told her not to concern herself with all that at the moment. Ironically, Dick Grayson couldn’t stop thinking about it. He quietly made his way out of the bed. He pecked her on the forehead and grabbed his robe. He stepped out onto the patio. Dick looked out into the ocean. The skies were clear and the stars were brightly shinning. The sea salt filled his nostrils as he took in a deep breath. The fear of losing his wife was great in his heart. She might be Harley Quinn by night, but he truly wondered how much more she could take. He and Bruce were used to this kind of life. They’d years to adapt to the craziness Gotham had to offer. His wife had only been here for about a year now and it were as if she’d lived here for a decade with the amount of crap she’s dealt with already. Then again this started out in her life way before she even made her way to Gotham. That he just couldn’t fathom. Why her?

Bella woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon. She rolled over and stretched out her arms and legs. Bella entered the living area to see two plates of breakfast set out on the coffee table. Her husband was outside talking to someone that worked for the place. He handed them a tip and shook their hand. The guy walked back towards the pier. Dick headed back inside. He was in a pair of black shorts and a white tank top.

“Hello sleepy head.”

She smiled as he pecked her on the lips. She popped a grape in her mouth.

“Kind of fancy for breakfast. Alfred would throw a fit if he saw this. He’d think they were trying to outdo him.”

Dick has a good laugh at this.

“I’m sure he would. Maybe we should text him a picture?”

“That’s just downright cruel.”

Dick shrugs and pulls out a chair for her. He scoots it in once she sits. They both ate in silence looking to the beach off and on. Bella noticed how his eyes looked a bit sunken in as though from lack of sleep.

“Did you not sleep well last night?”

He chews on a piece of bacon.

“Just a bit of jet lag I think…” He says rather submissively.

“I slept like a rock.”

He laughs.

“That you did. I think you were out the moment you hit my chest last night. You even had some drool action going.” Her jaw drops and she looks to him wide eyed.

Bella chunks a grape at him.

“Shut up.”

After breakfast Bella hit the shower. Dick had already showered. He hadn’t slept at all. Still he felt highly alert. He didn’t even feel tired. He sipped at his coffee and waited for her to get ready. He decided to take his own advice. He needed to deal with all this back home. For now this was about celebrating, for the both of him. He couldn’t very well give her his all if he was constantly making himself sick with worry.

Bella stepped out in a white skirt and azure midriff that covered her swimsuit underneath. He wiggled his brows

“So back to bed?” He taunted.

“I have a headache…” She fired back cruelly with a smirk.

“Ouch, already? At least wait until we get back from our honeymoon to pull that line.”

“But it’s much more fun seeing you sweat.”

“I prefer to sweat for a different reason.”

She makes her way over and wraps her arms around his neck. His ran along the slope of her back.

“The day I ever actually turn you down in that department Dick baby you need to have my head examined. That or check to see if someone’s taken over my body.”

“Dually noted.”

From there they went into town and visited a museum and some of the local shops. Throughout the two weeks they’d gone snorkeling, to other museums, canoeing and a few other things the area had for attractions. The last couple days they chilled out on a night cruise. Something that had just a romantic flare for newlyweds.

They’d had champagne and spent most of the night dancing. When they took a break from that, they were off to a corner making out. By the time the boat got them back to the docks. They rushed back to their bungalow. Both were slightly tipsy from the champagne. They began to strip one another down the moment they got in the door. Dick reached back and locked it with one hand. The other was wrapped around her as he kissed her. He pinned her up against the doorway. She was in this short little black dress and heels that had him in lust the entire night. He was in a black suit and midnight blue tie. Only they didn’t remain that way for long. Bella pulled on his tie lastly leading him to the private whirlpool.

She dragged him inside locking lips with him. He picked her up and he sat down. Dick maneuvered her slit right over him. A growling moan left his lips as he entered. He watched as she grinded along him. He wrapped his arms around her bring her closer into him. He buried his face into her breasts. He licked and sucked to his heart’s desire. It didn’t take either long to get off. They’d been pent up for hours.

Bella didn’t even bother to move at first. She simply lay against him. He held her and shut his eyes. Neither wanted to head back in the morning. Neither truly wanted to face what awaited them back in Gotham. But there was no running from it. Eventually, it’d find them no matter where they were.

The next morning they both began packing it up. They knew they were exiting their own piece of heaven and were about to reenter the outskirts of hell. They said nothing on it. Just looked upon one another as if in silent understanding.

Bella and Dick took their seats and prepared for takeoff. Only an hour into the flight, Bella had to go to the bathroom. Something neither of them ever expected was taking place in the first class area. The area of the bathroom was in that direction. They were in coach so Dick and Bella hadn’t a clue. Bella went to the bathroom. When she stepped back out she heard a child crying. She looked that direction only there was a blue curtain separating first class and coach. She curiously peeked in to see four men with guns walking the aisles of the area. The crying was coming from a little girl. Her mother was holding her. Bella quickly ducked back. Her heart was racing as she tried to come up with a plan. She rushed back over to her husband. She sat down trying to act as normal as possible so not to freak out the others passengers and cause a ruckus. She whispered into Dick’s ear.

“First class hostage situation. Terrorist four of them AK47s. Children on board.”

“You were gone for like two minutes. This isn’t Air Force one and I’m way hotter than Harrison Ford.”

“Dick I’m being serious.”

“So am I!”

She rolls her eyes and takes him by the hand.

“Mile high club?”

She covers his mouth with widened eyes.

“Dammit Grayson!”

“You’re a Grayson too now you know.” He mumbles into her hand.

“Shh…” She shakes her head with irritation.

Bella carefully pulls back the curtain. His eyes widen. She quickly fixes the curtain before they are seen.

“Shit…” He whispers.

“I was hoping this was some sort of first time bluff. To see if I’d fall for it.” He whispers.

Dick quickly grabs her as they hear footsteps coming their way. He yanks her into the bathroom and shuts the door. They quickly back away from the door.

“So now what?” She whispers harshly.

“Well Nightwing and Harley aren’t a lot of help at the moment. I suppose we’re on our own.”

“That doesn’t help.”

He shrugs and tries to come up with a plan. They hear a knock at the door.

“Occupiedo…” Dick calls out.

Bella narrows her eyes at her husband as if he’s lost his mind. He winks and puts a finger to his lips. He has her squat down and he backs up against the wall. They bang on the door again.

“Just a few more minutes.”

Bella shakes her head at this.

They bang yet again.

“Wait I’m naked!” The banging momentarily stops.

Sure enough the door is busted down. They both react quickly. Bella kicks out the guy’s feet from her position. Dick quickly disarms him and knocks him out with the blunt of the gun.

“You’re good with a gun aren’t you babe?”

He tosses her the gun.

“What and go against old man Wayne’s orders?”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. You know what to do.”

She nods and a smile forms along her face. He nods as she sets up the gun. They jam the door to the bathroom shut. They peek into the curtain again. Dick looks over to see an orange on one of the passengers trays. Bella quickly grabs one of the stewardess that was about to head that way. She covers her mouth and pulls her into a more private area. She whispers to her the situation and tells her to stay put. The woman nods with the look of shock.

“This is my first day…” She explains.

Bella winces at this.

“Sorry… just stay right here. We don’t need to cause alarm. They think coach isn’t aware yet.”

Bella makes her way back over. Dick then rolls the orange into the first class area. He and Bella back up against the wall in silence. They lock eyes and wait for it. Before long one of the guys peeks through the curtain. Bella grits her teeth and grabs him by the collar. She places the gun up against his chest. He goes to holler out. Dick covers his mouth and kicks out his back. He swiftly stuffs the guy with the other one in the bathroom.

“Two down, two to go.”

However, they get caught off their game as one of the men reach into the curtain. He didn’t even see Dick on the other side. Apparently, he only took notice of Bella. He grabs her by the hair taking her as a hostage. He noticed how she promptly rid of the gun before the man took notice she had it.

“Idiot…” Dick utters in disbelief.

“Now you’re in for it.” Dick takes another gander.

He sees her being dragged into the cockpit. That left one gunned man in the first class area one in coach. Dick knew soon Bella would have already dealt with the one that took her. Once the terrorist back was turned Dick snuck up behind him the passengers watched in angst. Unfortunately the guy turned just as Dick was about to take him out. Dick hurriedly slammed him back before he had the chance to shoot. He kicked the gun out of the guys hands. He knocked him out as well.

Before long the plane shook as though they were experiencing turbulence. Dick heard the ruckus coming from the cock pit. The words…

“You dumbass son of a bitch… ” Was heard throughout the plane.

The doors to the cockpit flew open. The guy was sent sailing down the aisle. One pissed off Bella Grayson stepped out following after. She eyed the guy ruefully. Dick raised his brows on this. She grabbed the guy by the hair as he had done her.

She kicks down the door to the bathroom and makes her way inside. Bella shoves his face into the toilet and flushed it repeatedly.

“A swirly babe really?”

She nods and brings the guys face back up. It was covered in the blue solution from the toilet. Dick died in laughter. Bella dragged the guy back into first class.

“This is what happens when you mess with American’s.”

Every passenger began clapping. Somewhere even whistling, hooting and hollering. Dick grinned shaking his head. He and Bella tied up the men and locked them away until they could land.

“Hey kids… so how was your trip?”

Bruce cocked a brow at this. Selina was leaned back against Bruce. She had a glass of red wine in her hand.

“How was your flight?”

“Uh…” Dick says rubbing the back of his neck.

“Heard you took down some terrorists!” Selina says with a grin.

“Why were you both in the bathroom?” Bruce adds to that.

Dick rears back a bit.

“Um wait how’d you?”

Bruce sighs and turns on FOX News.




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