Chapter 4 Normal Tendacies

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Bella skims through the files in skepticism. All this sounded so farfetched like a horrible science fiction movie. She rubs her eyes tiredly. However she comes across “his” file and freezes. She’d read through ones such as Harvey Dent aka Two face, Death Stroke, Bane. Some with tragic histories some she just didn’t understand at all. But Joker… That was a different story entirely with no real name to go on other than Joker. So many lives had been affected by this psycho. She also noticed the pattern of certain other villains that seemed to evolve around the dark clown. She noticed how crime had picked up dramatically since his first discovery. Bella however also saw how he was currently locked away in the asylum. She rolls her eyes at the irony. She takes in a deep breath but looks to the file once more.

Chills ran down her spine even more so as she flipped through the pictures. She’d somehow felt his eyes were piercing through hers in each photo. She grimaces and shuts the folder. Bella didn’t understand what Selina wanted though. What would Bella have to do with any of this? With any of these… She scoots her chair back and decides to hail a cab. Out of curiosity she asks to be driven to the gates of the asylum where the Joker and other current villains were currently kept. Once the cab pulls up to it the driver looks to her oddly.

“You sure you wanna be let out here?”

She nods staring at the place.

“Ok lady…” He says as if she’s lost her mind.

She pays the driver and gets out. Bella finds a nearby bench and sits down. She looks to the gigantic place every so often then back to his file.

“So where are you?” She mutters curiously.

Bella looks around the gloomy area. This heaviness began to sink in and she found herself suddenly wanting to get away from this place quickly as possible. She stuffs the files into her backpack and begins to walk at a quickened pace away from the area.

(“Just a little prick… you’ll feel so much better darling.”


“It’s for your own good! It will help you Isabella.”

She’s slammed back. Nurses holding her down as she does her best to struggle free.

“Please stop. Please I don’t belong here! I don’t understand this any of this!”

His eyes… someone watching her through the window of the door.)


She jumps up from the bench and looks around.

Her heart races as she turns to see she’s still sitting in front of the asylum after all. She grabs her bag and reaches to her head confused. Bella thinks back to her dream… She begins to rush out of the area on foot. Was he really there? Was he simply just standing there letting all this happen? Bella felt lightheaded as she leaned against a tree at a nearby park. There was something missing though… Someone… Who? She runs her fingers through her hair feeling like something was wrong. Like parts of her memory were somehow skipping around.

She didn’t have enough money to get another cab. But Bella hated this side of town. She’d never felt so gloomy so out of place. Even the people in this area seemed zombie like somehow. She was desperate to get out of here. A few of the nightlights shut off and her heart races even more. She remembered what Selina had said about the four kinds of people that walked the streets of Gotham at night. She knew she was on the wrong side of town. Bella took out her cell and dialed Selina but there was no answer. She picked up stride walking fast as possible. Every little noise made her jump. Odd characters roamed about every so often eyeing her like mere prey.

Bella had no idea where she was… She was completely lost and freaked out. She found herself wishing she’d had least gotten Dick’s number. He was the only other person she knew in Gotham. Bella jumps at the sound of a gun going off. Someone screams and Bella turns her head the direction it came from. Her jaw drops as she sees Selina… Whip in hand she knocks the gun out of a man’s hand. Bella watches in practical aw on how fast she moves disarming and getting the man that was in danger to safety. But Selina slowly turns her head Bella’s direction. Bella swallows back nervously staring upon her. Selina shakes her head as if scolding a child. She makes her way over and grabs Bella by the collar.

“What are you doing here?”

Bella’s eyes widen.

“You remember what I said right?”

Bella nods.

“Go home kitten. Now’s not your time to play.”

“How’d you…”

Selina smiles and drops her hold on Bella.

“All within time but for now…”

Bella groans out and rolls over in bed. She reaches to the back of her head feeling a knot.

“What the hell?” She jumps out of bed her head pounding.

“How’d you sleep?”

Bella narrows her eyes.

“Did you knock me out!”

Selina shrugs sipping at a cup of coffee.

“That’s so fucked up! You could have killed me.”

Selina sighs and sits down on the couch.

“I’ve been doing this for years. A blow to the back of the head isn’t going to kill you. Just going to piss you off and give you one hell of a headache.”

“What the hell did you hit me with?”

She doesn’t answer.

“I don’t ever want to see you on that side of town again. What were you doing there anyhow?”

“Your damn homework that’s what.”

Selina smiles.


“Yeah ya freak.”

“Hmmm not sure I like your tone.”

“Not sure I like being knocked out.”

“You’re rather cute when you’re angry.”

“Sorry can’t say I feel the same.”

“About the homework. I never told you to go roaming parts of Gotham you’ve no business in. What were you doing there?”

Bella sighs pouring her a glass of milk.

“I wanted to see where they kept him.”

“And what did you think?”

“Don’t really care to ever see it again. My curiosity has been satisfied enough.”

Selina’s smile fades.


“Something about that entire area…” The chills filled her body again.


Selina nods towards Bella.

“What is it you want? I mean why are you showing me all this?”
She rises and takes a photo from a book on her bookshelf. She tosses it into Bella’s lap. It was a beautiful blonde haired girl.

“Her name was Harleen Frances Quinzel aka Harley Quinn. The friend I’d mentioned.”

“You mean the one…”

“The one the son of a bitch killed.”

Bella narrows her eyes at the picture of the girl.

“She was really pretty.”

“Apparently not enough for him to want alive.”

“So he killed her out of jealousy?”

“Now I don’t know how you feel about same sex relations but Ivy and Harley loved each other. Anyone around the two of them could see it. For once Harley knew what it was like to be loved, really loved. To not be abused every day. There was a time where she’d have died for his sorry ass. He used her manipulated her. He never truly loved her. Ivy on the other hand… It’s because of her that Harley ever knew what real love was like. Ivy would have gladly died for her. The two hit it off like fireworks during Fourth of July. However Joker couldn’t help himself. If he couldn’t have Harley no one could. Therefore he put it to an end once and for all. I’ve not seen Ivy since and we both lost Harley. Now we’re all bitches we’ve even tried to take each other out of the equation few times. But eventually we became partners the three of us. After that we had each other’s backs. You ask me what it is I want Bella… I want that son of a bitch Joker to pay! To pay for everything he’s ever done. I want him to suffer. I want him to scream in horror each morning he wakes. I want him to feel what Harley felt. I want him fucking humiliated, tortured, deep fried and fucking battered.”

“And how do I fit into this Selina… I don’t understand.”

“You my dear are going to be the one that brings my friend to justice. Bella you will be the first to cause him true fear. You will bring back Harley Quinn and with a vengeance. “

“Why me?”

Selina tosses another file down on the coffee table.

“Because you know what it’s like to be her…”

Bella looks down to see the file was none other than her own. She swallows back nervously and picks up the file.

“Tell me Isabella Swan did you check yourself into that asylum or was it someone else?”

Bella picks up the file with narrowed eyes. Selina watches her face as she reads over it. Her hands begin to tremble and she throws the file back down.

“Kitten…” Selina says softly.

Bella grabs her jacket and keys.

“Bella…” Selina calls again but Bella doesn’t even look back.

Selina watches as Bella exits the apartment. The broken expression on her face was enough to even make Selina cringe.


Bella turns towards the cab driver and she slams her hands on his hood. He jumps back wide eyed. Bella grits her teeth wiping her eyes. Dick was on his bike a couple cars down and took notice. He zips through following her. She runs through town towards the peers. He narrows his eyes wondering where she’s going. He jumps off his bike as she runs across the peer. He rushes through the crowd and pushes his way through.

He makes his way over and sees her leaning over the edge. He slowly approaches her. He sighs in relief as she comes back down but she buries her face within her arms and brings her knees to her chest.

“Bella?” He says softly and crouches down beside her.

She turns towards him and scoots back alarmed.


Bella clears her throat and quickly wipes her eyes.

“Are you alright?”

She shakes her head and closes her eyes.

“They left me.”
“Who left you Bella?”

“Everyone! They left me! There’s no one!” She yells and the tears stream down her face.

“I’m alone everyone was taken from me!”

Dick grabs hold of her as she caves against him. She swings her fists against him trying to break free. He holds her tighter taking the hits.

“I gave him everything! I would have done anything. I’m the reason they’re dead! Because I loved him! He turned his back… His father… He…”

Dick feels her go limp in his hold and he picks her up.

Bella gasps out and comes too. She looks around her eyes widen.

“Where the hell?” She rolls over in the huge king size bed.

Bella brings her feet down from the bed. Her shoes had been taken off.

“Great I’ve been kidnapped by royalty.” She mutters looking to the massive bedroom that could easily swallow Selina’s apartment whole.

She walks around the room and narrows her eyes at the video on the dresser.

“You’re kidding…” She picks it up looking around.

Nervously she makes her way out of the room her eyes grow even bigger as she walks down the hallway.

“Holy shit.”

“Perhaps I can be of service?” She jumps and turns around.

“Are you looking for Master Grayson.”

“WHO?!” She says to the tall then older man in a black tux.

“Um actually I think I just need to go home.”

She hears the clearing of a throat and turns yet again.

“He’s working on the bike.”

She rears back at the other man. He narrows his eyes and offers his hand. He was tall, he also had dark hair and built almost like Dick was.

“Bruce Wayne.”

“Bella Swan.” She says shaking his hand.

A small giggle escapes her mouth and she quickly covers it nervously. Bruce raises his brows.

“I really should be going.” She says timidly.

He nods turn his back towards her.

“Alfred take her to the garage.”

“Which one sir?”

Bruce turns back with a grin.

“The east wing that’s where he is.”

“Trippy…” Bella whispers to herself as Alfred takes her arm.

He leads her into this huge garage full of bikes and cars.

“Which garage…” She mutters sarcastically.

“Master Grayson?”

“Quit calling him that…” She utters softy and Alfred raises a brow.
“I’m sorry but that’s just so…”

“So…” Dick questions overhearing.

She turns to see him under a bike that’s on some sort of lift.

“Um yeah ok… so it’s like time for me to go…”

Bella turns and starts to walk away. Dick sighs and rolls out from underneath.

“Leaving so soon?”

“Yep it’s been fun but reality’s called, seems it’s time for another checkup.”

He grins and scratches the back of his neck with a wrench. Alfred raises a brow watching him.

“Well are you going to catch her or not?” Alfred nods towards Bella with a slight smile.

Dick shrugs and throws down his wrench.


Bella turns back confused.

“How do I get out?” She whispers and he laughs.

“It’s not funny. Do you have any idea how bizarre this is! There is no way you live here!”

“Actually I do.”

“Shut up!”

She starts to walk away again.

“Would you relax?”

“Relax… Come on Dick my tax dollars are sky rocketing each time I take a breath in this place.”

“That’s actually impossible, I mean do you even pay taxes?”

She narrows her eyes.

“This doesn’t even seem like you.”

“And what did you picture?”

She shrugs and looks around.

“A nice little bachelor pad? A single bedroom apartment… maybe a minor roach problem.”

“Ouch…” She laughs and blushes.


He chuckles.

“It’s cool. It’s not really my place though. I just live here.”

“Who’s place is it?”


“You mean that really big mean looking guy. I met earlier.”

She winces at Dicks’ reaction.

“He’s right behind me isn’t he?!” She hisses.

He nods and she closes her eyes. She slowly turns around. He’s got a brow cocked looking upon her.

“Geez Louise…” She takes a step back.

“Easy… He’s harmless.” Dick whispers in her ear.

“Sure doesn’t look like it.”

Bruce sighs.

“Why do I keep talking…” Bella utters watching his reaction.

“Sorry…” She says and Bruce smiles.

“Whoa…” She says and turns back to Dick.

“See told you…” He pats Bruce on the shoulder.

“Quit scaring the guests would you.”

Bella bites her lower lip.

“Would you like something to drink?” Bruce offers.

“Nope I’m pretty good.”

He smiles again.

“Well it was nice meeting you Ms. Swan.” She nods not sure what to say or do.

“Alfred…” He calls and she watches as the man in the tux follows him out.

“What the crap?” she hears Dick chuckling.

“You’re kind of cute you know.” He’s got his arms crossed watching her.

“And you’re kind of creepy! And he’s freaking HUGE!”

“He’s not all that bigger than me.”

“He’s like taller or something… somehow I don’t know but it’s freaky.”


He shrugs and head back towards the bike.

“So that’s it… that’s all you have to say for yourself is hm?”

He nods and slides back under the bike.

“Pass me that wrench.”

“You’re just going to work on that bike like all this isn’t completely insane.”

“Yep now the wrench please?”

She half growls and shoves the wrench into his hand.

“What if I want to go home?”

“I’ll take you back when I’m done.”

“What if I want to go now?”

He rolls back out and looks upon her.

“Nah… you’re good…”

He rolls back and starts back to work.

“I thought you were normal!” She hisses and crosses her arms looking around.

“Sorry to disappoint.”

“Me too.” But she finds herself laughing.

“Why did you bring me here?”

He shrugs.

“Well I couldn’t very well leave you passed out on a bench. Now could I?”

“Actually yes… yes you could have… I’d expect that but this? This is madness.”

“Why don’t you try to relax Bella? Look around make yourself at home.”

She giggles again.

“Home huh?”

He nods.

“It would be easier if this one didn’t eat up an entire neighborhood.”

Bella sits on the cobalt blue bike next to the one he’s working on. He grins as he watches her pretend to drive it.

“Maybe you should learn how one day.”

She shrugs.

“I could teach you.”

“You’d teach me?” She says looking to him oddly.

“Sure why not?”

She blushes a bit in thought.

“So you feel better?” He says rolling back out and wiping his hands clean.

“Um yeah… Sorry about that by the way.” She says looking embarrassed.

“It happens to us all.”

“I doubt it…”
“What do you mean?”

She looks back towards him and grabs a screwdriver flipping it around in her hand.

“You just don’t seem like the type to have mental breakdowns.”

He has a good laugh at this.

“Oh trust me I’ve had my share.”

“You’re going to have a late fee on that movie by the way.”

“Is that so?”
She nods.

“Well my cashier wasn’t working today.”
“It’s my day off. I have those you know.”


“So you mean you went to the video store and didn’t return it?”

“Like I said you weren’t there.”
“So you just like walked out? Knowing you could have returned the video right then?”

He nods.

“You work tomorrow?”

She nods.

“Then I’ll return it then.”

She laughs softly.
“You’re kind of strange.”

“So are you.”

“Maybe that’s why we work…” He says with a shrug.

“There’s a we now?”

“Could be… Guess we’ll have to find out.”

“You haven’t exactly me asked me out.”

“I know.” He looks around then leans over and whispers.

“I’m waiting until I come into some money.”

She shakes her head laughing.

“Oh really?”

He nods.

“Things are tight as you can see.”

“You’re so full of it.”

“Yep, so you hungry?”

She shrugs and he takes her hand.

“I know a great cook.”

“Why does that scare me?”

He leads her back inside the house.

“I just got to wash up.” He says and starts towards stairs.

“Dick…” She whispers harshly looking around.

He chuckles but continues about his way.

“Grrr.” She growls and walks around in a circle.

Bella’s eyes however practically bulge out as he comes back down the stairs. He’s got his shirt off and placing on another one. The guy’s like walking sex… She finds herself thinking.

“Everything ok?”

“Yep…” She says with a tad of high pitched voice.

“Come on. We’ll get you something to eat.”

He pulls out a chair for her at this long extravagant dining room table.

“Um yeah that’s normal.” She says as she takes a seat.

“I’ll be right back.”

Once he goes leaves the room she puts her hand to her forehead and rubs it. She jumps at the sound of a grandfather clock going off at the hour.

“Jesus…” She mutters under her breath.

Her phone goes off in her pocket.


“Where are you kitten?”

“With a friend.”

“You are aware you have training today?”

Bella sighs.

“Come on Selina you know I haven’t actually agreed to that yet.”

“I expect you there around 7 don’t be late.”

Bella rears back at this and looks to her phone bitterly as Selina hangs up.

“Did it bite you?” Dick says as he enters the room with bowls of pasta.

“Damn near…” She says with a scowl and places it back into her pocket.

“Wow this is really good.” She points to the bowl with her fork.

“Glad you like it.”

“Did you make it?”


She laughs.


She looks around again.

“So this is where you dwell?”

“You’re really having a hard time with this aren’t you?”

“It’s just never what I imagined.”

He nods.

“To be honest I’d the same reaction when Bruce first took me in.”

“After…” She hints.

He nods and takes a bite of his pasta.

“How old were you?”


Bella winces.

“I’m so sorry… What happened?”

She covers her mouth.

“Nevermind you don’t have to answer that. That’s like wow… rude…” she says miffed with herself.

He narrows his eyes.

“It’s ok. I don’t mind telling you… My family we were part of an act known as the “The Flying Graysons” of the Haly’s Circus. They were murdered in order to extort money from the circus that employed us.”
Bella looks to him wide eyed and places down her fork.


He nods and takes a sip of his drink.

“So… you saw it happen?”


“That’s horrible.”

She felt a knot forming in her throat.

“So what was the act?”


She rears back at this.

“So you’re like… wow… that’s really cool.”

“It’s been a few years Bella.”

“Even so… You’re kind of extraordinary.” She says with a shrug.

“I’ll take it as a compliment.”

“Actually it was.” She blushes a bit on this.

He smiles.

“So what about you though. What’s your story?”

She looks down to her bowl.

“I’m not even sure I know to be honest. My mom and dad…” She shakes her head her hands become fists.

“They were murdered is all I really know…” She reaches to her temples though as the flashes go through.

“Did you witness as well?”

She nods and clears her throat.

“When did this happen? 3 years ago now I was 17.”

Dick nods and crosses his arms. He knew there was more to this he just wasn’t sure what.

She wipes her eyes and he hands her a napkin.


He nods again as she wipes her eyes.

“My dad…” She swallows back the huge knot.

“He was Chief of police and…” She stops and pinches the bridge of her nose.

“My mom and he were divorced… She didn’t even live in the same town Dick. Yet they killed them both in my father’s house. They set everything up perfectly. But I don’t even remember…” She shakes her head.

“I used to but it’s like this wall… I see flashes of it now… But that’s it. All I remember is I watched them die and it was all my fault. They died because I was selfish.”

“I doubt that Bella.”

“You don’t understand…” She shakes her head.

“I was this naïve girl that was in love… I was in love with someone that… ended up not loving me back. He walked out of my life his head still held high. While I watched my family and someone else…”

“Some else?”

She nods looking confused.

“There was someone else… That died too.” She reaches to her temples.

“My parents ended up paying for me being some love struck teenager that was in love with no other than a monster.” She covers her mouth at her own words. Words she’d never thought she’d say but the truth was he had turned his back. He’d lied to her and she thinks about the name signed on her charge papers.


She looks back to Dick.

“Where were you during those three years? If you don’t mind me asking.”

She looks to him without batting an eye.

“Hell… I was in Hell.” Not quite the answer he was looking for but he could tell she was frazzled.

“So you’re 20 now?”

“Actually I turned 21 yesterday.”

He rears back.

“OH well happy belated birthday. Wish I’d had known.”

“Ugh…” She shakes her head.

“Trust me I’m glad you didn’t.”

“Seems like something to celebrate to me.”

She shrugs.

“So how old are you?”


She laughs.


“Yep… I’m 24.”

However he smiles looking behind her.

“And Bruce is 65? 70 I believe… Lost count.”

She grins hearing the him coming up behind her.

“Funny…” Bruce mumbles.

Her cell goes off again and she jumps. She rolls her eyes at the text message.

“Look I better get going.”
Dick nods and takes their bowls back to the kitchen.

“You can take the Jag.” Bruce says tossing Dick some keys.

“Jag?” She turns to Bruce but her eyes widen as he’s directly behind her.

He nods looking down upon her. Dick takes her hand and leads her towards the Jag parked outside.

“Is he always that intimidating?”

Dick shrugs as he opens the door for her.

“He grows on you.”

“What’s that?”

“That’s what you said about Gotham City.”

He grins at the irony.

“Huh that’s right I did, didn’t I?”

Once he gets in he turns to her.

“Um actually could you take me to this storage building?”

He narrows his eyes.

“Isn’t that abandoned?”


“Then why would you want to go there?”

“Meeting a friend.”

“Drug dealing Bella Swan?”

“Yep how’d you guess?”

“You just look like the type.”

“Damn you caught me.”

If I was in Nightwing getup I’d have to arrest you… Now that could be fun… He grins at the thought turning towards her.

“What’s that grin for?”

“Oh nothing…”

He pulls up to the area and turns towards her as she reaches for her bag.


He nods.

“I mean for everything. Despite the crazy… I actually had a good time.”

“Me too Bella. Should do it again sometime.”

She nods and reaches for the door handle.

“So you’ll be at work tomorrow?”

She nods with a smile.

“Then I’ll see you then.”

He wanted to kiss her but hadn’t even taken her on a real date yet. He’d planned to change that soon enough. I’ll be asking you out tomorrow… He thinks as he watches her head inside the building and he drives away.




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