Chapter 40 The Cowl

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The gun upon his hand had a big flag that had popped out of it that read BANG!

“HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA Woooooooo! You should have seen your face Harley!”

“I know it’s you Edward… Joker’s dead…”

Riddler scowls as his plan didn’t work.

“HOW?!” He banged on the table he was at childishly.

His plans for Joker haunting and tormenting her had been ruined. He’d had to find another way now. He’d wanted her to believe Joker had somehow returned. He’d gone out his way to make Edward perfect the look and voice! All that precious time and energy was wasted. HOW DID SHE SEE PAST?! He angrily threw a nearby garbage bin.

Day 1, Case # 532 Isabella Marie Swan:

“What is your name?”


“What is your full name.”

Isabella Marie Swan

“Good, and how old are you?”

“I’m 17.”

“Who are your parents?”

Charlie and Renee Swan.

“Do you have any siblings?”


“Do you know my name?”

Harley looks to the floor. Everything was still blurry. The bright lights were hurting her eyes.


“My name is Dr. Woodlarf. I’m here to help you Bella. We’re going to become good friends. You can tell me anything. You can trust me.”

Harley starts laughing once she recognizes the recording.

“Who are your friends Bella?”

Angela, Mike, Eric, Jessica, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Jake and Edward is my boyfriend.

“Bella is not available at the moment, but if you leave your name and number. She’ll gladly tell you to go fuck yourself! I’m sure you have a lot of experience in that department!” Harley says with a cutesy giggle.

“You have a lot of friends Bella.”

Harley sighs as if bored now. They had her ankles and wrist strapped to a gurney. However, she lifted her head up and saw some sort of projector displaying something on the wall before her.

“Now Bella you’re safe here. You can tell me anything. Anything at all. I already know some of your secrets and I’m just here to help.”

It was a home video of her, Charlie, and Renee. Charlie was pushing her on the swing. Bella was asking to be pushed higher. Her mother was telling Charlie not too high. It flashed between Christmases’s to birthdays. Then the videos came to a stop as that wasn’t long after her parent’s divorce.

Another film began and Harley recoiled. The video was of her parents and Jake’s bodies. One that was stolen from the police department evidence. That was when Harley got a good look around the room her vision was coming back and she was surrounded by brutal pictures of that day. She shakes her head and starts laughing again. Tears stream down her face as she continues to laugh.

“Is something wrong Ms. Swan?” Riddler questioned.

Harley couldn’t stop laughing. That’s when she noticed the gas coming in through the vents of the room.

“You always did like a good laugh didn’t you Harley?” She heard Joker’s voice over the intercom.

“That’s a good girl laugh it up. It really is quite hilarious isn’t it? Basically everyone you know is dead! And more are soon to die! Yet again you will find yourself all alone. And you’ll be right back in my arms, just like old times! Oh Harley I can’t wait! This is just so exciting!”

Harley struggled in the gurney as the images continued to play. It was like a never ending nightmare. Harley knew what they were doing. They were trying to break her so Bella would come out. But she had to protect Bella at all cost. She would take whatever they dished out and keep Bella Grayson at bay. It was a massive struggle. Bella was freaking out! She was frightened out of her mind and couldn’t stand the images before her. She was reliving this all over again this continued for 14 hours straight. Along those videos of her old sessions was ones of Dr. Quinzel and her patient aka Joker. The sessions replayed so many times they began to blend together. Before his voice broke through yet again.

“State your name please.” She heard Dr. Woodlarf’s voice now.

“Harleen Frances Quinzel.”

“No, no you’re real name.”

“That is my name. I’m a doctor you know.”

“Haha! She’s right! She is! Oh Harley how I’ve missed you!”
“That’s right Mr. J I’m right here.”

“Would you knock that off! I told you this is my show!” Harley heard Riddler scold ‘Joker’.

She grinned ear to ear. This is what she’d hoped for.

“You know puddin’. It’s getting rather lonely in here.” She starts laughing again.

“But let’s face it I’m having a KILLER TIME!” She giggles still tears literally poured down her face.


“Oh Harley sweetheart I get it! HAHA!”

The feed goes dead after a loud painful ringing sound. She prayed her plan was working. She’d hoped to get them riled up enough they’d simply cancel one another out. Leaving her with just the one to deal with. Still she didn’t understand what had happened to Edward Cullen he sounded exactly like Joker and was dressed exactly like him. He even wore makeup to look like him.

The intercom is back on and Harley hear ‘Joker’ singing

“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do
Two can be as bad as one
It’s the loneliest number since the number one

No is the saddest experience you’ll ever know
Yes, it’s the saddest experience you’ll ever know
`Cause one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do
One is the loneliest number, worse than two

It’s just no good anymore since she went away
Now I spend my time just making rhymes of yesterday HAHA!

Oh Harley!”

Harley gasps backs as a nice round of electric currents flowed throughout the room and through her entire body.

The door to the area she’s in opens. Edward rips her free from the gurney and starts dancing with her. He twirls her about and dips her. His eyes go black though as he breathes her in.

“My, my…” He takes in a whiff and licks her neck.
“I do believe you’re just good enough to EAT!”

He bares his fangs to her and is about to bite down.

“NO! We do not nibble on our patient!” Riddler says as he enters the room.

Edward shook his head and reached to his temples as if confused.

“Please do excuse his mannerisms. He still needs just a little tinkering.”

Riddler leans into Harley’s ear and he taps on the head device he’d planted on her.

“You see… I’m the king of mind manipulation. However, what I can’t seem to figure out is how I can make a vampire into my little puppet, but you’re untouchable. I mean he truly believes himself to be Joker. You see I wasn’t just case number 532’s doctor. I was also case 941 the case of Edward Cullen. No, no, no need for applause. Even if I am simply AMAZING! How I do love your mind. It’s got so many vibrant shades of coloring. All those little heat signatures just showing off the waves. So extraordinary… You should have seen them popping up it was like Woodstock all over again!”

Harley turns to Riddler.

“So you brainwashed him?”

Riddler nods with pride.

“Precisely… he’s at my beckon call. Just like a dog he has to answer to me!”

“And you don’t think this will backfire at all? I mean if he truly believes himself to be Joker. Just how long do you think he’ll continue to let you run the show and outstage him?”

Harley whispers with a very menacing grin. She turns to Edward. She makes her way over and circles him. She runs a seductive hand along his chest. She eyes the Riddler as she leans into Edward’s ear.

“Do tell me puddin’ since when do you let anyone else run the show? She places a hand upon his shoulder. Things were sooo much better when it was just the two of us.”

“That won’t work Ms. Swan.”

“First of all there is no Ms. Swan she no longer exists. Secondly, you haven’t a clue just what you’re getting yourself into. Now you’ve been a very bad boy and I do believe you need a good whoppin’!”

“Just one step closer and you’re little heroes are NO MORE!” Riddler declares holding up his cane.

“Is that what you want? To go through all that again Ms. Swan? To have their blood on your hands? Especially that of your precious Nightwing?”

Harley snaps and chunks the gurney at Riddler. He barely dodges in time.

“Very well if you’re going to act out you leave me no choice. Kill the bat and his adorable sidekicks! Make certain the one in black and blue suffers the MOST!” He says on some sort of walkie talkie.

“NO!” Harley growls and the Riddler smiles.

“TOO LATE! Soon you’ll be able to see the entire thing for yourself. You won’t be needing them anyhow! You’re home now!”

Harley dives after the Riddler and socks him across the face. He takes the end of his cane and presses a button. The end of it reveals a blade and he sends it right through her arm. She growls out in pain.

“Teach her a lesson then get her strapped back in at once! Her mind belongs to me!”

Riddler rushes out of the room. Harley gasps out as Edward slams her up against the wall.

“You’ve been a very bad girl Harley. Papa Spank!”

She brings up her knees and shoots them out. Edward flies back.

They circle one another. He comes sailing right back for her. She dodges his blows as it felt like concrete slamming against her wrists and arms as she blocked.

“Why do you make me hurt you Harley?! Can’t you see it hurts me more than it hurts you? I might be laughing on the outside, but on the inside I’m in crying!” He manages to backhand her knocking her for a loop.

Harley starts laughing. He knocks her head up against a glass window and smashes it to pieces. Harley spits the blood out from her mouth. She breaks out of his hold and fires back with her fist. Her knuckles begin to split open as she punches Edward in the face. What he did to her husband comes to play all over again. She ignores the pain of the flesh and meat being peeled back with each strike she gives him.


Edward growls out and picks her up by the throat. He tosses her through the window. He leaps through it. His shoes crunched against the broken glass.

“ENOUGH! I want her alive. Now get her in that gurney! I still have a lot of work to do! I’m nowhere near done with her!”

There was a puddle of blood though beneath Harley. His eyes became dark again.


“Gee how about a date first?” She spouts off as he has her pinned to the ground now.


Edward shakes his head as if conflicted.

“BUT I’M STARVING!” Edward shouts back at Riddler.

“Look at me… No you’re not. Now put her in the gurney!”

“It’s done boss.”

Harley hears over the radio.

“So each of them are no more?”
“That’s right boss and we made certain the other one suffered.”

Harley’s heart came to a full on stop. She just stood there.

“That’s wonderful news! Remind me to have Joker give you a raise!”

Riddler slowly turns back towards Harley.

“Well you heard the news…”
Harley merely nods. Within seconds she had the Riddler’s head and was smashing it into a nearby console. She didn’t stop there she continued to shove it through the nearby monitors. Electric sparks spread across the area.

“HAHAHAHAHAAAAA Ooo you really made her mad! Oh Harley! GOOD TIMES!”

She hears the cocking of guns. Her makeup was now smeared all across her face from the hidden tears she’d been shedding. She ripped off her domino mask and spread her hands about.


A devilish smile came about her face. Edward shrugged and waved his gun about just like how Joker used to do when he was being smug. That’s when she kicked the gun out from his hand she caught it without another thought she shot his right eye out.

“I always told you that if you didn’t stop playing with it one day you’d go blind!”

“Well don’t just stand there BOYS shoot her!”

Harley waves and backflips into another room through another glass window. She takes off and runs throughout the abandoned hospital they had her in. She kept running Joker’s men right behind her. Bullets flew about as she desperately dodged them. Once she saw she was hitting a dead end Harley came down to a sliding motion. She took the one gun she had and fired a couple of kneecap shots. She took off again and jumped up grabbing a pipe up on the ceiling. She flung out her legs and knocked a few of the men down. Harley quickly grabbed one of their guns and twirled her body around smacking the other’s in the head before they could get a hit in. The pain shot through her arm as she brought it back down.

Once she came back up she saw she was surrounded. Riddler and Joker stepped inside the ring they had her in.

“What can I say I’ve been a very bad girl.” She starts laughing again and drops down to her knees.

What no one saw was that she’d swiped one of the henchmen’s grenades. She lowered her head. She discreetly took the grenade from between her breast. She takes the pin out and holds in the air.

“Now Ms. Swan are you willing to take yourself out of the equation as well? You throw that and we all go down.”

“Well didn’t you know?”

“It’s every girl’s dream to blow two men at once! How do we say it Mr. J? Fire in the hole boys!”
She felt a hand wrap around her as she held the grenade.

“How’d you … I was told you were all DEAD!” Riddler scowls.

Harley shut her eyes for a moment recognizing his touch. He pried the grenade out from her hand. He quickly tossed it into another room and covered the both of them as it exploded. Batman tapped Riddler on the shoulder.

“You’re done here.”
Nightwing locked eyes with Harley as he had her up against the wall now. He flinched seeing the beating she’d taken. He took a moment to lean his forehead against hers. Harley’s men now greatly outnumbered Joker’s as they came up behind Catwoman. Catwoman did that sultry smile of hers towards Batman.

“Take em down boys.”

Travis looked back over towards Harley.

“You alright there Harley?”


He smiled and nodded her way.

“We rather owe your friends there Harley.” Nightwing hints.

She looked to him oddly.

“I’ll explain later.”

“Glad to see you’re alright boss lady.” Travis called out.

Harley smiled and blew him a kiss. Travis chuckled and helped the others take down and lock away what was left of Joker’s men. Batman seized Riddler. However, Nightwing turns his focus onto Edward now. He saw his Joker getup and rolled his eyes.

“Haven’t I killed you once before already? I take it my girl did that?”

Nightwing noticed that both Riddler and Joker were pretty banged up. He also took notice of Edward’s eye missing.

Edward soars towards them and Catwoman promptly takes her whip and wraps it around his ankle. She flings him around like a rag doll, until Batman comes back from locking up the Riddler in the Arkham van that was waiting outside. He sighs and makes her stop.

“Fine… He was giving me carpal tunnel anyhow!”

The Riddler however was short lived as Edward soon snapped his neck once he was on the van.

“No one upstages me ever!”

Batman and the other guards slam him back. He starts laughing as they chain him down. After a couple hours they finally get everyone locked away and sent where they need to be sent. The three of them assumed all was well as they brought Harley back to the cave and began to doctor her up. Bruce had given her something to knock her out so she wouldn’t feel the pain. Selina sewed up her wounds. They all three waited for her to wake. Nightwing didn’t even take time to get out of his suit. He paced around looking to her off and on.

“Jesus kid sit down you’re making me nervous.” Selina comments as she sat in Bruce’s lap.

Nightwing ignored her and kept pacing about the area. Bruce patted Selina on the leg in a hinting matter. She rose up and they left Nightwing alone with her.

After a couple more hours Harley finally came to. Nightwing froze and looked over. Harley rubbed her temples and hopped down sorely from the metal table they had her on.

“Easy…” Nightwing uttered softly as he made his way over.

“Blue Jay!”

He cocks a brow and nods. She runs up to him and gives him a smackeroo on the cheek. One of her legs kicks back as she does. He manages to smile.

“Glad to see you too Harley.”

She hops into his arms and he kisses her.

“You need to take it easy Harley.”

“You know what they say loverboy if it’s easy take it twice.”


“Yes…?” She questions batting her eyes innocently.

He carefully places her back down.

“Let’s get out of these suits and get cleaned up. You can tell me what all took place afterword.”

He takes her hand and they head into the manor and then to their room. Nightwing helps her get out of her clothes first and runs them a bath.

“Taking my advice Blue Jay?”

He raises his brows and helps her inside the tub. He takes the ponytail holders out of her hair.

“Don’t get the stitches wet.” He warns.

She shrugs and starts playing with the bubbles in the tub. She giggles off and on as she blows them out of her hand. He gets out of his suit and gets it sitting across from her. He narrowed his eyes seeing the marks around her head. He reaches over and runs his fingers along them.

“What’d all they do to you Bella baby?”

“Why don’t we talk about what you’re going to do to me?!”

“Bella… come on now…”

She crawls towards him and braces her hands along the tub over him.

“Bella you’re going to rip your stitches open!”

He quickly grabs her and braces her against him.

“Would you be more careful?!”

“What you don’t wanna play?”

Dick cups her chin and looks her in the eyes.

“That’s enough Bella. It’s just us. Let’s put Harley and Nightwing at bay for now.”

“But I’m much more fun.”

His eyes widen as she starts stroking him below. He swallows back enjoying how it felt, yet knew something was wrong. He grabbed her hand and forced her to stop.

“Bella…” He says softly.

“Come on now baby…”

Harley ignores him.

“You’re not being very fun!” She says in her Harley voice all huffy like.
“Knock it off Harley!”

She places her arms about her chest.

“You first DICK!” She giggles.

“Heh… dick! Dick, dick, dick!”

Dick nods and comes to his feet. He flips Harley over his shoulder and carries her to the bed. He lays her down.
“Where is she Harley?!”

“She who?!”

“You know damn well who! Don’t you pull this shit with me! I want my wife and I want her NOW!”

“You know you suck! Bring back my little Blue Jay!”
“You bring Bella Grayson back!”

She knocks on her head.

“You there?”

She shrugs.

“Oops sorry bad connection. Try again later!”

“NOOO! Dammit! WHERE IS SHE?!”

Harley sighs and rolls over on the bed. She kicks back her feet and crosses her ankles.

“I don’t like you very much.”

“Oh believe me right now the feeling is pretty damn mutual!”

Harley looks to him as if he’d slapped her. Dick winces once he realized what he truly said.

“Harley…” He said softly.

“I’m sorry it’s just…” He pinches the bridge of his nose.

“I just want my wife. Just bring her back to me please Harley.”

She shakes her head.
“Sorry pal no can do.”

“What do you mean?”
“She’s gone. Like faraway! Do ya get it now? Do ya kapeach? She’s not coming back!”

Dick’s heart sank to the pit of his stomach.

“What have you done Harley?”
“Trust me it’s better this way. I always was a bit more on the wild side of things. So you’re welcome!”

“No Harley… You can’t do this. There’s you and Nightwing and then there is me and Bella. Do you understand?”

“Well now I get you both!”

“No Harley that’s not how this works!”

“Sure it does!”

“Why?! Why are you doing this?!”
“It’s for her own good! She was weak! This way she’ll never have to worry about getting hurt again!”

“So she’s still in there….” He whispers feeling like he’d pass out from anxiety.

“Are ya hard of hearin’ or something?”

He shakes his head and grabs one of Bella’s dresses.

“Get dressed!” He barks furiously.

“But I wanted to cuddle!”

“There will be no cuddling no nothing until I get my wife back!”

After they’re both dressed he drags her down the stairs.

“Ow! Easy now will ya! That’s no way to treat a lady ya know!”

“Knock it off Harley.”
“Whattaya gonna do spank me?”
Selina and Bruce hear the commotion as he brings her down the stairs. They look to one another oddly. Alfred tilts his head slightly.

“Oh believe me babe you haven’t a clue just how much trouble you’re in!”
Dick shoves her onto the couch.

“You just stay right there!”

Selina raises her brows.
“I don’t even want to know what sort of sick games you two play.” She remarks.

Dick rolls his eyes at Selina.

“Instead of adding your sarcastic remarks why don’t you help me bring her back!”

“What do you mean?”

“See for yourself! Talk to her!”

“See for yourself! Talk to her!” Harley mocks.

Dick folds his arms about his chest bitterly.

Bruce looks to her in wonder.

“I never knew you were such a stiff! Just like daddycakes!”
“Kitten…” Selina says softly.

She hunkers down Harley’s level and cups her chin.

“Her eyes are still dilated from whatever they did.” Selina also noticed the marks on her head.

“What the hell did they do to her?” She to runs her fingers along the indentions.

Bruce sighs as he took takes a gander.

“Looks like shock therapy.”

Dick staggers back. He madly runs his fingers through his hair.
“So we didn’t get to her in time… I… I failed her.”

Selina moves the strands of hair from Harley’s face.

“Harley hun… we need you to let Bella come back now.”

Harley folds her arms about her chest like a child.

“NO! She went bye bye comprande?! Why are you all picking on me?! This isn’t very nice.”

Dick grits his teeth and shakes his head. He grabs Harley by the dress and lifts her up off the ground.

“Dick..” Bruce warns.

Dick shakes her.



He growls and pins her back against the wall.

“You’re not doing this to her Harley! You owe her! After everything she’s done for you! This is how you repay her, by taking over!”

Harley grips her hands around Dick’s wrists.

“So feisty!” She kisses his lips and pulls at his hair as she does.

Dick forces her hands back down to her side

“I want my wife back Harley. That’s all I want…” He cups her cheek.

“Don’t do this… You just can’t…” She shrugs and skips away after he places her back down.

The three of them look to one another with the same ill expression.

“Jesus…” Selina whispers.

Bruce looks to Dick.

“And what are you going to do if Bella doesn’t return?” Bruce asks curiously.

“She will!”

“But if she doesn’t?”

“I’m not giving up! I don’t care how long it takes!”

“What is it you want me to say Bruce? That’s my wife! Whether she’s Harley or Bella! I married them both! I just wasn’t planning on losing one to the other!” He shouts and punches at the wall on the way out.

Selina and Bruce look to one another afterword.

“So now what?” Selina asks.

“I wish I knew…” Bruce admits in defeat.

Selina shuts her eyes and sits down. She covers her face.

“He’s right we can’t just give up. She’s in there somewhere. We both know that Bruce.”

“That she is. What we don’t’ know is just how far back we’d have to dig to even bring her back. Nor do we know the damage behind it all. We have to take precautions with these types of situations. There is a reason as to why Harley’s decided to take over and why the personalities have decided to split.”
Selina’s jaw drops.

“Dear god are you saying what I think you are?”

Bruce nods looking bleak about the idea himself.


“I’m sorry Selina. I’m just calling it how I see it. Bella’s no longer attached to Harley and visa versa and at the moment Harley is stronger than Bella.”

Selina covers her mouth in shock.

“No! No! I’m not accepting that! There must be something anything! I want my Kitten back!”

“I thought you were all about Harley!”

“Dammit Bruce! It’s like Dick said they’re both a part of our lives. We can’t have one without the other! That’s like losing Dick Grayson and only having Nightwing! There’s a difference and you know it! I want my daughter back!”

Bruce takes in a breath. He’d spent years studying this very thing when he first dealt with Joker.
“There’s only one thing I can think of, but it’s going to be a bumpy road ahead.”

“We’ll do whatever it takes.”

Bruce raised his brows realizing Selina was talking for Dick’s behalf as well.


Bruce nods.

“You really think that will work?”

Bruce shrugs.

“I can’t honestly answer that. I figure it’s worth a shot. We need to somehow get Bella’s attention. We need to wake her up and get her to realize what’s happened. The only way to do that is to stir up the nest a bit. She needs all the support she can get. But we must be careful not to attack Harley. Son you must keep in mind like you said yourself. You married both women. Therefore, you must treat Harley with the same love and respect you would Bella. Now I myself can’t believe I’m saying that, but it’s true. Joker spent years abusing and tormenting Harley. You need to get her attention in another form.”

Dick winces in thought.

“I wasn’t trying to… I mean…”

Bruce puts a hand upon Dick’s shoulder.

“I know son. Trust me I know you’d never hurt either one of them. Still though you must watch how you talk to Harley. She too is still your wife. That’s something you need to come into terms with. If worst scenario proceeds itself.”

Dick nods.

“I get it… and I’d never turn my back to Harley. I love her too… it’s just I fell for Bella first.”

Bruce sighs as he sees Harley standing in the doorway. He knew she’d just heard what was said.

Dick sees the look on Bruce’s face and already knew.


She says nothing. She just gets suited up and hops on her bike.


She doesn’t look back as she peels out of the cave.

Bruce sighs.

“We seem to forget Harley has feelings to.”

Dick hurriedly gets in his Nightwing suit. He too hops on his bike and chases after her. He uses the tracking device Bruce put on her bike to find her. She was hiding out in an abandoned warehouse. Dick’s heart dropped and he truly felt as though he were Joker now. There was Harley in the corner of the warehouse crying her eyes out. Something that was an extreme rarity. True this wasn’t the real Harley, but she had her memories.

“Harley baby…”

She lifts her head slightly.

“What do you want?!”

He swallows back.


“Thought you wanted Ms. Goodie Tissues!”

“Be nice now Harley. You know she’s not like that.”

“No one wants the clown…” She cries into her knees.

Nightwing looks around. He takes off his domino mask.

“Look at me Harley.” He cups her chin.

“Nightwing and Dick Grayson will always want you. I love you. It’s because of Harley Quinn that I changed and for the better. You made me see things in a different light. I have you to thank for that. I never meant to hurt you Harley. I just need you to realize that you’re also hurting yourself by holding her back, just as Nightwing does. Harley needs a break. We can’t always stay Harley and Nightwing. Dick and Bella need to coexist somewhere out there as well.”

He doesn’t give her a chance to reply. He kisses her. He takes off his Nightwing suit. He wanted to prove to Harley that Dick Grayson loved her just as much. With no one around. Dick gives her his all and takes his time. He kisses along her neck and shoulders.

“I love you Harley…”

He lays her down and undoes her corset. Dick runs his tongue along her breast and continues to kiss along her body off and on. He gently slides off her pants along with her panties. His fingers run along her sex as he pops out of his boxers.

“Harley baby…” He whispered slid inside.

Her warmth was so inviting and she was so incredibly tight. Dick moaned out and made his way back to her lips. He pumped himself within her and continued to kiss her. Harley moaned out and clawed at his back.

“Come for me Harley baby….”
“Fuck yeah…” Harley cried out.

He lifted his eyes towards her.

“Very bad mouth Harley.”

She softly giggled. He grinned and kissed along her neck and shoulders. Harley continued to have slurs of curse words and giggles. He picked up the pace needing to come badly. Dick gritted his teeth as the pressure became too much to bare.

Harley cooed as she felt Dick coming inside her. He kissed her once more before pulling out. Dick rolled back, but pulled Harley in against his chest. He kissed the top of her head. He caressed her as he held her. Before long she’d fallen asleep. Dick took in a breath. He didn’t move though. He held her until she woke. Then they dressed and headed back to the manor.

When they walked in, Lois, Clark, Ollie, Bruce, Selina, Alfred and Pam were all there waiting. Harley sighed and looked to Dick.

“What is this?”

“They’re here to help you Harley. These are our friends.”

“I don’t need help sweet thang! You’re just being silly now!”

She hops into his arms and rubs against him lovingly. Dick kisses her then places her back down.

“You might not need help Harley baby, but Bella does.”

He sits her down in his lap as everyone takes their seats.

“Oh goodie an A.A meeting! I say we drink to this!”

“Harley be a good girl and focus baby.” Pam softly said and winked her way.

From here everyone shares their own stories. Such as Ollie about how Riddler and how he’d manipulated his mind. Clark flinched in memory of Ollie almost killing him. Ollie half chuckles.

“Yeah sorry about that Clark.”

Clark grins and shakes his head.

“You know it was so long ago I hardly remember it now!” Everyone even Bruce laughs.

All worked on the positive sides to Bella and Harley. The biggest thing they each repeatedly made clear was how this wasn’t Harley’s fault. It was evident now that Harley blamed herself for letting Bella get hurt. This was all Harley’s defense mechanism. It was because she knew she owed Bella she was protecting her. It wasn’t until everyone got her to finally open up a bit that it all began to make perfect sense and come together.

“You maybe my hero Harley… But Bella’s also my best friend. I’d like to have her back now.” Lois said with a warm smile.

Clark had everyone talking about the first time they’d met Bella and Harley. He too kept a grin on his face. They were doing their best to not make this feel like a personal attack on Harley. She wasn’t truly trying to hurt Bella. She wanted to protect her. That was the only way she knew how was to simply take over and take charge. They each had to convince Harley that it was more damage than good. Everyone wanted Harley and Bella and equally. Dick brought up the ways Harley and Bella had changed the lives of each person in this room. Pam talked about Bella’s sacrifice for Harley and how she admired her. How she thanked her each and every day for bringing Harley’s memory back, but noted that she too wanted Bella back as well.

Nearly three hours had gone by. Harley came to a stand. Everyone grew quiet and watched curiously. She turned to Dick. He lifted his eyes towards her. Harley leaned over and put her hand upon his cheek. She passionately kissed his lips. Ollie and Clark raised their brows on this.

“Thank you…”

He narrows his eyes in question. She rises back up and she takes just a few steps. Clark quickly picked up on it.

“DICK!” Clark shouted.

Dick hopped to his feet and caught her as she passed out cold.

“NO! What the hell just happened?!” Dick panicked.

He laid her down gently and checked her over. Clark scanned her over.

“She’s ok… She’s just sleeping.”

Dick sighed and pinched his eyes shut.

“I don’t get what happened? She was fine!”

Bruce lowered his brows and came to his feet.

“Call to her.”

Dick looked to him confused.

“Call to Bella son.”

Dick nodded.

“Bella baby… time to wake up now.”

Bruce shakes his head.

“You need to really get her attention.”

Clark sighs realizing what Bruce meant.

“He’s right. You need for her to really hear you buddy.”


She groans out and rolls over.

“Jesus what the hell is your problem Dick!” Bella snaps at him as she rises up.

“Um… did I miss something?”

Everyone in the room takes in a breath of relief as Dick helps her to her feet.

Dick merely says nothing he just grabs ahold of her and holds her tight.

“Don’t ever leave me again. That goes for both of you! I mean it!”

20 years later…

Dick ran his hands along the Batman suit. He reaches over and pushes a button putting away the old Nightwing ones. Bella walks in ready to suit up. She freezes however and watches her husband curiously. A small smile formed on her face as he put on Bruce’s old Batman suit. He was about to slip on the cowl. Bella walked over and kissed his lips. She then placed the cowl on him. She ran her hands along the Batman symbol on his chest.

“He’d be honored…”

“I truly hope so. I still can’t believe he’s gone… First Alfred now Bruce…” Dick sighs in thought.

“I know…”

He ran his finger along her cheek.

“I love you.”
“I love you too Dick.”

“I’ll be right behind you.”

He smiles.

“I know… you always are Harley baby.”

He pops her on the rear as he hops into the Batmobile.

“Go get em Batman!”

Dick softly chuckles.

“Yeah that doesn’t feel weird or anything.”

“You’ll get used to it!” She calls out as she opens the way out.

“Don’t be late…”

“Does this mean I can’t call you Blue Jay anymore?!”

He grins, but doesn’t answer as he peels out of the cave.



5 thoughts on “Chapter 40 The Cowl”

  1. I Had left a review on Fanfiction’s site on this story. It is truly one of my favorites! Kudos to both you and Jinx for writing such a wonderful story. I loved it from the very first sentence to it’s last. I was almost teary eyed when Dick pulled out of the Batcave at the end. This will be one of those stories that I will come back to read, again and again! Job well done!!

  2. Wow, awesome, awesome…this story was so amazing…I enjoyed reading every word…thanks for sharing…you’re both amazing authors…thanks again…until next time…bigg huggs

  3. Thus the problem with them treating the 2 as different people instead of different personas. I could have told them that it would blow up in their faces…especially with all the trauma she had already undergone in the mental asylum before. Where was Selina in the end? No mention of her & what happened to her when Bruce died. Thanks for a good read. =)

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