Chapter 5 Job Security

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Bella groans out she ached from head to toe. She trained for 4 hours straight yesterday. She wanted to kill Selina. Bella forced herself out of bed and winced with each step. She hears Selina laughing and flips her off before heading to the bathroom.

“Feel that burn kitten it actually means you accomplished something.”

“Sure it does…” She mutters and runs her a bath as she pours some Epson salt into it.

“I’ll be out late tonight kitten so don’t stay up.”

Bella cuts her a worried expression.

“Don’t you go getting soft hearted on me now. I’m a big kitty I can take care of myself. You just be a good little kitten and stay out of trouble.” Bella sighs at Selina’s cat talk and shuts the bathroom door and she slides into the tub emerging herself into the water.

Once she’s done with her bath she slips into a red tank top and black skinny jeans. She notices Selina staring at her.

“Switching teams?” Bella teases.
“I just may… actually you just reminded me of someone. The colors look good on you kitten.”

“Um thanks?”

Selina nods and grabs her purse.


“See ya.”

Bella grabs her a bagel and rushes out the door.

“Watch where you’re going!” She hears a man bark and she rolls her eyes.

“Pedestrians rights you ass!” She yells as she’s got the green walk light and she’s crossing the walkway.

He flips her off and she smiles.

“I bet you pick up a lot of women that way!”

She shrugs and waves. Bella swings open the door and quickly covers her eyes.


The manager clears his throat and hurriedly zips his pants. The girl fixes her skirt. She turns back around.

“Well that wasn’t awkward.” She mouths and starts to clock in.

“Now hold on there.”

She turns around oddly.

“You’ve been replaced… sorry kiddo it’s how it goes.”

She rears back.

“You’re kidding right?”

He narrows his eyes and looks back to the young blonde he was fucking when she entered the store. He sighs and comes a bit closer.

“You know we could fix this…”

“Um what?”

He motions towards his office.

“You’re not suggesting what I think you are?”

“Everyone’s got to make their way in this world somehow. And you’re the only one that hasn’t given it up.” He hints looking back towards the blonde at the register.

He motions towards his office.

“I hadn’t got off yet.” He hints
Bella’s eyes close. No one hears Dick enter the store but he feels the tension about the room.

“So what do ya say?” He runs a hand along her ass. Dicks grits his teeth.

“I say get your hand off my ass before I shove my foot up yours!” His hand continues to stay where it is.

Dick taps him on the shoulder and he turns. Bella screams out and covers her mouth as Dick punches the hell out of him.

“Are you ok?” Dick questions checking her over.

She nods. He nods in return but grabs her boss roughly by the collar and shoves him into the office. Dick slams the door shut and Bella stares at the shut door with wide eyes. She takes notice of the blonde making her escape. Bella covers her mouth in nervous laughter as she hears Dick lighting into her boss. She takes in a deep breath as the door finally opens. Dick walks out as if it was nothing. He starts looking at the movies. Her boss comes out and he’s been a bit roughed up.

“Shit…” Bella mutters under her breath.

“You can have the rest of the day off. You’re also getting a raise. I apologize for any stress I may have caused you. Your job here is secure for however long you wish to stay.”

She turns back to Dick as he grabs a video and slams it down.

“On the house.” The manager says.

Dick nods and takes Bella’s arm gently as they walk out of the store.

“Um what was that?”

He shrugs.

“Job security…Hope you like comedy.” He says and hands her the video.


“Get on Bella.”


“Let’s hit a movie or something.”
“Are you asking me out?”

“In a roundabout way…”

She blushes.

“So you swoop in beat the shit out of my boss and ask me on a date.”

He nods handing her his helmet.

“I think I earned it.” He winks.

She laughs and looks over to her boss at the window. She waves him off as she gets on the bike.

“Hold on.”

He pulls up to a theater and Bella laughs shaking her head. She hands him the helmet back.

“Is everything in this town huge?”

He grins.

“Pretty much.”

He takes her hand and they walk up to the ticket booth.

“What would you like to see?”

Bella shrugs but clings on to his arm. She wasn’t used to this many people. He liked how she clung to him though. Since she wouldn’t decide Dick just picked out something he figured they’d both be into. He got the tickets and both of them something to drink, popcorn to share. It’d been awhile since he’d dated anyone. The last person he dated was Koriand’r. He rolls his eyes in thought and forces it out of his mind. He’d rather avoided it since. There was a time he actually thought he’d marry Koriand’r .

“You ok?” Bella asks as they walk towards the theater room.

“Yep.” He was beginning to realize he was actually a bit nervous. That’s strange he finds himself thinking… He really liked Bella though and didn’t want to do anything to screw it up.

They take their seats and wait for the movie to start. Bella turns off her phone and puts it back into her pocket. Dick decides to bravely pull the cliché guy move. He coughs and stretches out his arm placing it around her.

“That was so cheesy.” She comments to taunt him.

He looks to her with a raised brow. She laughs.

“You didn’t have to do the fake cough bit Dick.”

Holy crap… she knew what I was doing? He goes to move his arm but she places a hand on his.

“What I meant was you could have just put your arm around me.”

He shakes his head.

“You like to torture men don’t you?”

She bites her lower lip in thought.

“Actually just you Dick.”
Ok let’s see what you got… He thinks looking back to the screen. Bella wasn’t even sure what it was. He just brought out something in her. She felt more herself around him. She leans against him in thought. Dick however was having trouble focusing on the movie. He was trying his damnest to remain a gentleman especially considering this was their first date. All he could think about though was making out with her. More or less playing tonsil hockey and seeing who could win. He leans back trying to keep the feelings at bay. It didn’t help by no means that she smelled so damn good. That was the last thing she needed though was him making the moves after her jerk of a boss had already tried that. He wrinkles his nose in thought.

I can’t believe he had his hand on my girl’s ass… Wait did I just… Ah, crap. I just referred to her as my girl. Hell I even reacted like she was… He continues the onward battle of his mind. But his eyes widen as he feels her arm go around his chest. She was even leaning deeper against him now.

After the movie’s over Dick clears his throat as she moves away from him.

“Did you like the movie?”
“Yeah actually wasn’t so bad.”

He nods as he come to his feet and takes her hand.

“What would you like to do now?”

“Kinda hungry.”

“Me too.”

He thinks of a place a bit nicer than the pizza joint. Bruce however took his girls to high price extravagant restaurants. After the way Bella reacted to seeing where he lived he wasn’t about to go anywhere like that. But he still wanted to keep it nice show his interest but not make her feel like he was damn near proposing. He rolls his eyes when he thinks of his mentor. Freaking million dollar playboy… He thought it was rather refreshing that Bella wasn’t all that impressed by it. Instead it rather freaked her out. Not that he wanted to cause that reaction. But he’d been with a few girls in the past that were merely gold diggers. Bella was the furthest thing from that.

He takes her to one of the nicer seafood restaurants.

“So are you wine drinker or…” He questions as he peers over at her over the menu.

She shrugs.

“Haven’t had much experience with that. I’ve e only been 21 for a couple days.”

“Right. You’re still a baby.” He winks.

“I like me some hard whiskey though…”

He laughs.

“I’m perfectly fine with a soda actually.”


“Had me worried there for a moment…”
“Why’s that?”

“Thought you were trying to get me drunk.”
“The night isn’t over yet.” He taunts in return.

She makes a mocking face of terror.

“You should be ashamed of yourself.”

He shrugs.

“Don’t know of any man that wouldn’t be trying to get you drunk.”
“What’s that another roundabout way of flirting Dick?”

“You could say that.”
“A bit dark don’t you think?”

He grins at the irony yet again and leans back.

“Careful I’m starting to like you Bella a bit too much I’m afraid.”

Bella smiles and bites her lower lip.

“I like you too.”


After dinner he takes her to the apartments.

“Still not going to let me walk you to the door?”


He shakes his head but grins.

“You’re very strange.”

“So I’ve been told.”

He takes her hand and kisses it, Bella smiles.

“I had a great time Bella.”

“Me too.”
“See you tomorrow?”

She nods.

“Goodnight then.”

She waves him off and watches as he peels away…

Bella notices that Selina isn’t home. She grabs her workout bag assuming she’s already at the shed. Bella heads out and begins to rush towards the area knowing Selina will make her do twice the amount if she’s late. She downs some water on the way. Bella however hears something on one of the rooftops. She narrows her eyes and see’s Catwoman’s shadow. Curiously Bella quietly climbs up the building using a rusty stair case. However it doesn’t lead all the way up. She shakes her head knowing it was time to use some of her training. However the climbing part was her weakest she couldn’t count how many times she’d busted on her ass.

Bella’s heart drops though as she hears Catwoman grunt out in pain. She closes her eyes and sucks up her own fears as she manages to swing from the stair case to a flood pipe. Her eyes widen as she starts to slip off a bit. She grits her teeth forcing her body to work its way up to reach the edge of the roof from the pipe. Once she grips ahold of it she forces her body to roll. She quietly turns and see’s Catwoman’s outnumbered.

She sees a man in some sort of odd looking hood and mask made out of a potato sack, gas masks hung from his mouth area. He had Selina by the throat. Bella continues to roll and as she maneuvers towards him she ankle swipes him knocking him down. He growls out in this horrific sound and Bella leaps over him punching him in the face. Something escapes from him and hits her in the face. She raises up forcing him to his feet. She turns back to Catwoman.

“Are you ok?”

She feels someone grab her shoulder and she turns around. She grabs him by the throat and shoves him against a building on the roof. Bella fires with everything she’s got hitting him in the face and gut. He gives and falls to the ground. She turns back to check on Catwoman. But she sees the man in the mask and he’s laughing. She narrows her eyes and turns towards the man on the ground. Only it wasn’t him…

“Thanks Kitten…” She says weakly.

“NO!” She turns back and Bella gasps out.

He grabs her and tilts his head. Bella screams out as he continues to grow towering over her. She reaches to her temples in terror she continues to back up on the roof. Bella loses her footing and begins to fall back…




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