Chapter 6 Jenga

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“Come on kitten…”

Selina catches her pulling her back with her whip.

“Come on now… Snap out of it.”

Bella’s eyes are rolled back her back arches and her hands are permanent fists. Every once in a while Bella shrieks out. Selina scoops her up.

“Don’t you do this to me kitten. Not now!”

She rushes her to the apartment. Selina wipes the blood from her mouth onto her suit. Nothing she does stirs Bella. Selina rubs her face in a panic.

“No… not again this isn’t happening.”

She paces the room a bit and reaches over tucking Bella in.

“I’m going to have to do something I hate.” She says looking back to Bella.

“Groveling…” She says with a snarl.

Selina rushes out of the apartment praying she finds who she’s looking for. If not she knew Bella could die. With no luck in searching time flies and Selina grows more and more desperate. Decidedly she steals the bat signal and calls to him herself. She paces the area in waiting.

Bruce and Dick are going over something with Barbara in the batcave. Bruce however turns his attention to the window.

“That’s strange…”

Dick narrows his eyes that direction as well.

“Did someone move the signal?”

Bruce sighs.

“I got this one.”

“You sure?”

Bruce nods.

“It’s probably a prank for all we know. I better check it out though.”

No… please… no not again… They drag her down the halls. Please I don’t belong here. I proved I was ready for civilization please! I’ve done my time let me out! She screams as they stuff her into a cell. She jumps back as his face fills the window in the door way. He laughs. She backs away from the door.

Strap her down.”

Bella’s yanked back and strapped into a chair. No not again please anything. You can’t do this. I don’t belong here! LET ME OUT! SOMEONE HELP ME! STOP THIS!

Full voltage…”

Her eyes widen as she sees Carlisle giving the demands.

NO! Please Carlisle help me! I know you don’t want to do this! Please! Carlisle!” She screams as the voltages hit. She rears back in terror as his eyes are red. His mouth covered in jagged teeth blood running down the sides of his mouth. He smiles and Bella looks down as hundreds of spiders start to crawl up her legs. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! She struggles in the hold.

HIT HER AGAIN!” He demands and the current hits and the spiders bite down along her body as they continue to make their way up.

They undo the straps and raise her up.

To your room Ms. Swan.”

She nods as her eyes are heavy. She looks down to see she’s in the white shirt and pants again, barefoot, her medical bracelet back on. Like clockwork the memory hits as she walks down the long hallway. The screams, the cries, the laughter… the insanity. The ground beneath her becomes sand as she struggles in her steps. She reaches for her cell. She’s shoved inside and locked in.

Bella narrows her eyes and sees someone else in white in a corner of the room. They rock back and forth crying. She taps them on the shoulder.

Are you ok?”

They turn with an malicious grin. Bella’s eyes widen and she jumps back. Her eyes were black and snakes crawled out of her mouth.

The girl laughs and comes to a stand. Bella scoots back trying to get away from her.

Stop it!”

She backs into her cell door and it opens. Bella quickly darts out and runs down the hall. She stops however as she sees a trail of blood. She swallows back nervously and begins to follow the trail. It gets thicker with each step. Bella’s feet become soaked in the blood and she continues to thrive on. She looks up as she hears someone scream out.

DICK!” He was cuffed to a wall beat all to hell. She rushes towards him and the man before him turns with a smile.

The room spins as he’s covered in blood. His eyes red his fangs as though a sabertooth tiger’s.

Hey Bella fancy a drink?” Edward says and runs his long finger nails across Dick’s chest as he screams out in pain.

NO Edward!”

He comes towards her holding Dick’s blood into the palms of his hands.

You wanted to become one of us…”

She feels a hand along her shoulder and turns to see the rest of the Cullen’s all truly looked like monsters.

Yes Bella one of us.”

Join us…”

She shakes her head and goes back to release Dick but he’s gone. She blinks a few times and a set of stairs appear before her. A familiar house… Bella takes in the smell of freshly baked cookies. She makes her way down the stairs.


The woman turns and smiles.

MOM!” Bella rushes over and wraps her arms around her neck.

Bella starts to cry.

Mom I can’t believe you’re here!”

What’s come over you Bella we never left.”

Yeah Bells what’s your deal kiddo?”

DAD!” Bella nearly knocks him down.

Charlie swings her around and kisses her forehead.

I can’t believe this. You’re both here! You’re both ok!”

They narrow their eyes upon her. There’s a knock at the door however and Bella answers it. She stumbles back and looks to her parents.

RUN!” She screams and tries to shove Victoria back. Her hair was of literal fire, eyes charcoal her fingers of blades. She smiles and rushes past Bella.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Bella turns around.

Yet again she watches as she snaps their necks only this time. She takes their heads and tosses them at her feet. Bella falls to her knees.

KILL ME! JUST KILL ME!” She reaches out and hangs upon Victoria’s legs.

Please take my life too. PLEASE!”

Victoria winks and caresses her cheek. She walks out of the room and Bella comes to a fetal position. Her eyes close as she prays for death.


She jumps to her feet.


She freezes for a moment.

Is that really you?””

Of course loca.” He smiles with open arms.

Come on now… I’ll watch over you…”

He holds her tight his warmth casting over her.

I almost forgot…” She says burring her face into his chest.

Bella however gasps back as she looks up and sees Laurent behind him. Jake continues to look upon her but he falls to his knees. She looks down and sees Laurent’s hand sticking out of his chest. He grins and wiggles it around.

Bella collapses… her eyes roll back.

Get up kitten!”


Bella rolls trying to force herself up.

You better fucking fight! GET out of there! RUN!”

Bella looks around and sees a white hallway.

RUN kitten run like hell!”
Bella looks down and see’s she’s in uniform. She turns to a mirror and she’s dressed like Harley. Her heart races as she stares upon herself.


She nods and takes off.


She turns as his cape flaps into a breeze.

“What are you up to now?” He says gruffly turning off the light.

“I need your help.”
He narrows his eyes.

“Now why would I help you?”

“Just hear me out. Scarecrows back to his usual. I had a bit of a run in with him today.”


She nods and looks to her nails.

“I need your help in taking him down.”

“You’d help?” He questions.

“What’s in this for you? Since when do you care about taking down scarecrow?”

“Since he just fucked up some young girl’s life and she’s dying! I need the antidote as well Bruce. I know you have it.”

“How can I trust you?”

“You can’t but on this Bruce I’m begging you. Please… Her life depends on this. The fucker gave her his heaviest dose we both know what that’s like. Don’t make her suffer.”

“Who is this girl?”

She rolls her eyes.

“I can’t tell you that.”
“Then I can’t help you.”

He goes to drop down.

“BRUCE!” She says in such a way he’s never heard.

He turns to see actual tears in Catwoman’s eyes. She takes off her mask.

“Please… I’m at your fucking misery.”

He turns around like he’s about to leave. He turns his head towards her once more.

“Follow me.”

Dick enters the video store. He was eager to see Bella again and ask when he could take her out again. Only she’s not at the counter. It’s her shithead boss. He backs away a little as he takes notice of Dick.

“Where’s Bella?”

“I don’t know she never came in. Didn’t call in… nothing…”

Dick narrows his eyes.

“Try again buddy where is Bella? What’s going on?”

“Look bro I’m serious. The bitch never came in!” Dick’s eyes widen.

“First thing’s first I’m not your bro. Secondly.” He punches him in the gut.

“Don’t you ever refer to that girl that way again? How many lessons do you need?” Dick shakes him again.


“I fucking told you asshole I don’t know!’

Dick shakes his head and slams the guy’s head against the counter. He leans in pulling at his hair.

“If I get one little inkling that you’ve done something stupid causing that girl more turmoil of any kind. I will make your life a living hell before taking your life!” Dick just realized what he said and backs away. He runs his fingers through his hair. His eyes wild because he realized he meant every word.

He rushes out of the store and hops on his bike.

“Come home kitten…” Selina caresses her cheek praying she gave her the antidote in time.

She noticed her screams had seized, Bella’s body no longer tense.

Bella finally gasps out and she shoots up. Selina’s eyes close in relief. She wraps her arms around her. Bella narrows her eyes thrown off by her reaction. Selina pulls back and caresses her cheek.

“How you feeling kitten?”

Bella rubs her temples. Selina rushes over and hands her some Tylenol and water.

“Down this hun.”

Bella nods and takes the pills downing the water. She flings back on the bed. Her eyes dart towards Selina.

“Who was that?”

Selina sighs.

“Scarecrow… bad costume, bad hair, bad attitude, can’t fight worth shit but one hell of a toxin. He got you pretty good. I must say you got me pretty good in return. You beat my ass.”

Bella winces.

“I’m so sorry I thought it was him!”

“I know… that’s how it works. It also gives you illusions from hell. I can only imagine how much that must’ve fucked you up.”

Selina rises.

“You should take a bath, get you something to eat and head back to bed. It’ll take you a few days to recover. By the way or little deal is done. Just please stay… no conditions asked.”
“What do you mean the deal is off?” Bella rises.

“All that bullshit I fed you about revenge… forgotten…”


“Let’s just say a bit too close of call for comfort. You’re young Bella. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you. Live it.”

“What are you talking about I have nothing! Everything I’ve ever had as been ripped away from me!”

“And you’ll get over and rebuild. That’s what we do.”

Selina starts to head out again.

“I don’t want out!”

Selina turns to her rearing back.

“This? Coming from the girl that was more or less scared of her own shadow a couple weeks ago.”

“After what that son of a bitch did to me! You’re damn right this is what I want!”

“Forget it!”

Selina leaves the room and Bella stumbles out of bed.


Selina closes her eyes as she’s at the sink placing Bella’s glass inside.

“Please just let me do this. I can do it! I can prove it! I can be Harley! I can make them all FUCKING PAY!




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