Chapter 7 Blue Jay

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A week later…

“What’s with you?”

Dick rolls his eyes and leans back in the chair. He props his feet up on the desk.

“You know I hate that.” Bruce remarks shoving his feet back down.

Bruce scrolls through the files on Scarecrow. Dick narrows his eyes.

“Why are we bringing that file up again?”

“Seems he’s back.”

“Great… sounds fun.”

Bruce turns back towards Dick.

“Something’s up… what is it Dick?”

Dick sighs.

“Just hard lesson in love again.”
“Love?” Bruce questions and Dick shrugs.

“If I can even call it that. Wasn’t even long enough to make much of it I suppose.”

“You mean that pretty brunette you had over here not long ago?”

Dick manages to smile.

“So you thought she was pretty too huh.”

Bruce nods.

“She didn’t seem too keen on me.”

Dick laughs.

“No she wasn’t. Hey that’s a bonus for me. How many times can I actually say… hey Bruce she’s just not that into you?!”


Dick rubs his face and turns back to the files.

“So what went wrong?”

“I’m not exactly sure. I’m beginning to think thought that maybe it was a bit soon to bring her here. It’s just ironic that it’s not long after she seems to vanish.”

“Just give her sometime she’ll come around.”

“Not so sure about that. She hasn’t even been coming to work. Hell if I didn’t know any better I’d swear she up and left Gotham all together.” He shakes his head.

“Maybe it’s for the best.”

Bruce narrows his eyes at this.

“You really liked this one…”

Dick shrugs.

“Yeah well whaddya gonna do…”

Bruce smiles.

“Who knows she might come around again. Just give her sometime.”

Dick wasn’t sure what to think. One of the things he feared most though what if something happened? He grimaced in thought… As big as Gotham is… There’s no telling. The mere idea though made him feel slightly insane. He hadn’t let himself get this involved in a girl in sometime. He’d put up a barrier but took it back down for her. Dick didn’t like the way this felt. It rather sucked. He was beginning to think he was cursed when it came to relationships. Had he truly run Bella off? But it just didn’t seem like she was ready to run… Sure she was freaked about by the mansion… but the girl seemed down right happy around him. So what’s the problem? He grits his teeth and comes to a stand.

“Where you off to?”

“Just need to get my mind off things. Perhaps some fresh air.”

Bruce narrows his eyes as Dick gets in his Nightwing gear.

“Fresh air huh?”
He nods and jumps onto his chopper. Bruce sighs as Dick speeds away.

Bella grits her teeth as she punches at the bag. She turns with a round house and begins to punch again. The music blared, she poured with sweat, she ached all over but welcomed the pain. The flashes clawed through her mind. Everything Scarecrow made her see. She hollers out and punches at the bag with a quicker pace.

His name… His signature… His betrayal… Her hatred… Her prison… Her devastation…

She drops down and begins to do pushup, before she couldn’t even attempt one. Now it was a fucking cake walk. The more pain she felt the more alive she felt. She brings herself back up and hops on to the chin up bar. She crosses her legs and grunts with gritted teeth. Once she drops down she decides to call it a night. She could barely see from all the sweat pouring into her eyes causing them to burn. She grabs her bag and water and locks up before ducking out into the shadows of the night.

Selina was against it. But Bella thought it best… She needed the fear… The reality check. She began to lurk the streets of Gotham at night. Bella thought this was the best way to learn. She promised Selina she wouldn’t tackle anything on her own. That she’d call. She kept to herself and noted how certain things worked. Not just civilians and suspects but everything from the police, to certain sounds, what time the nightlights of Gotham actually came on. She even took notice of some of the Jokers men that still came out in honor of him. They even dressed and acted like him but clearly thugs. She stayed in the shadows as though a gargoyle. She even began to make it a game to see if anyone even noticed her as they passed by. She’d grin when someone would be an inch away so close she could touch them but never even noticed she was there.

He pulls up to the shed where he’d dropped her off before. Once he makes his way towards the building he knocks curiously on the unit but no answer. He decidedly jams the lock open and steps inside. He uses his flashlight to look around. He rears back as he hits the lights and sees it’s nothing more than a gym. He cuts his flashlight off and puts it away. Dick walks around confused. It looked as though someone had just been here. Making his way to a nearby punching bag he crouches down seeing a few drops of something amongst the concrete floor still. He takes his fingers upon the substance realizing it was sweat.

“Bella…” He utters softly in wonder.

Dick sighs realizing he’s practically stalking the poor girl now. But it was driving him mad. He just had to know she was ok at least. Even if she wanted nothing more to do with him knowing she was alive and well… But he couldn’t lie even to himself. He knew he’d already fallen for her. Perhaps he’d let his guard down a bit too much around her. This was beginning to swallow him up. He tried to let it go but wasn’t sure how…

She hadn’t realized she’d fallen asleep. Not until she feels someone trying to yank her bag out from her hands. She stirs awake and jumps up. Bella smiles at the irony. Joker’s thugs…

“Dude is she smiling?”

“Looks like it.”

“Hello boys…”

One of them rears back.

“Dude you know who she sounds like?”

One of them laughs.

“Yeah she kinda does doesn’t she?”

He yanks at the bag again but Bella tugs it back.

“This one’s mine get your own.”

Bella shoves her way past them trying to keep her word to Selina.

“Hey bitch…”

Her eyes close for a moment and she turns.

“Now how on earth did you know my name?”

He rears back and takes out a gun. Her eyes widen. Bella shrieks out but covers her mouth after word in laughter.

“Dude she’s crazy.”

“Yeah do the bitch a favor shoot.”

Bella doesn’t blink. She continues to step towards them.

“What are you waiting for shoot the fucking bitch!”

The guy’s handshakes as he begins to pull the trigger. Bella disarms him slamming his hand against the wall. She knees him in the groin. She then flips him around and forces him up against the wall, with his arm in a snapping position. Bella feels a knife upon her throat and she steps away.

“Dude… She’s still smiling.” She hears one of them whisper.

She swings back her elbow, stomps on his foot and yanks the blade away. She holds it to his throat. She forces his mouth open and places the blade inside.

“Hold that will ya?”

Bella starts off like she’s going to walk away. But she flies back with a kick sending the blade out of his mouth into one of the other thugs. Their eyes widen. They take off running and Bella rolls her eyes grabbing her bag.

She hears clapping however and turns.

“Nicely played… You broke the rules… but I must say well done… In fact I’d even come as far as to say you’re fucking insane!” Selina smiles and she crosses her arms looking to Bella.

“To think of the mess you were when I first took you in. These last few months have done you some good.” Selina laughs.

She unfolds her arms and walks up to Bella and whispers.

“Don’t disappoint me. By the way perfectly done… you sounded just like her.” Selina shoves something into her hands.

“Put it on time for a little girl bonding.”

Bella turns to Selina.

“Have you been watching me?!”

Selina smirks but with her back facing Bella, she says nothing and takes off. Bella sighs and looks inside the bag Selina handed her.

Bella beams at what’s inside.
She rushes back to the apartment and puts on the costume. She looks to Harley’s pictures and does her makeup. She tucks her brunette locks of hair into the hood. She places on the mask then looks back to the picture and upon herself in the mirror.

“Holy hell…” She says wide eyed.

Bella makes her way back to where Selina and she were. She narrows her eyes looking around. Suddenly she feels a whip hit against her back.

“Selina…” She hisses and turns.

She’s smiling and tilting her head looking upon Bella.

“Outstanding…” Selina says walking in a circle around Bella.

Bella’s eyes widen as she smacks her on the ass.

“Knock it off.” Bella scolds annoyed.

Selina laughs.

“Couldn’t resist you wear it a little too well kitten. I must say… meow. Harley’d be proud. However… it’s one thing to wear it… Entirely something else to bring it justice… Everything you do kitten reflects on who Harley was… How you fight, talk, body mannerisms, your smile, laughter… if you screw up on any of those things especially in front of the wrong people you will give yourself away. You cannot afford to be soft. If you cannot fool the streets of Gotham into believing Harley is back. Then you’ll never be able to fool Joker. So first things first, let’s start by getting her legacy back out there. Shine some terror upon the streets see how they react. Put Harley back into the headlines, back into Gotham and then into Joker’s nightmares.”

2 weeks later…

“Honestly Selina more diamonds? Haven’t we got enough.”

Selina covers her mouth in mock terror.

“Watch your mouth… A girl can never have too many diamonds.”

Bella rolls her eyes. This isn’t what she signed up for, to be a jewel thief. This was their forth robbery within the span of two weeks.

“I thought we were supposed to be protecting the streets of Gotham?”

“Who do you think we are Batman?”


Selina narrows her eyes in thought realizing she’d forgotten to tell her all about the bat and boy wonder.

“Great…” Selina mutters.

“It’ll be time for another girl talk later.”

Selina goes to duck into the jewelry store. Bella grabs at her arm.
“Can’t we do something else? Like find Scarecrow?”

“It just so happens I’ve taken care of him already.”

Bella rears back at this.

“So don’t worry your pretty little head on it. Now if you may.”

She rolls her eyes as Selina crawls through one of the air vents leading into the jewelry store. Bella thought they were going to take care of the criminals she’d read up on the files. That they’d already be tormenting Joker. That she’d have a hand in taking down that son of a bitch Scarecrow. But no, she’d become nothing more than a jewelry thief amongst other things she wasn’t too proud of. Sure they had their share of helping out citizens but at randomness. At first Selina swore it was because they needed the money in order to deal with Joker’s torture but she was beginning to see it was just an addiction for Selina. She liked pretty shiny things, Bella could fucking care less.

Bella grits her teeth and makes her way inside. She drops down and Selina puts a diamond necklace around her neck.

“You really should learn to enjoy such pretty things. Keep it.”

“Oh gee thanks…” Bella says rolling her eyes.

Selina smiles.

“Don’t mention it.”

Bella sighs and sits down on one of the displays as Selina walks around picking out whatever she wishes. Bella kicks her legs about bored out of her mind.

“Don’t…” Selina starts to say watching how Bella’s feet were about to hit the glass.

Selina winces and Bella quickly jumps down as the glass shatters and the alarms go off. Selina shakes her head as the doors start to lock them inside sending metal bars around the place.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” She says looking to Bella.

“Oops…” Bella says with a shrug.

Selina sighs and begins to look for a way out.

“Just stay put. Don’t touch anything else.” She scolds and exits the room.

Bella laughs a little shaking her head.

“Just stay put… Don’t touch anything else…” She mocks in Catwoman’s sultry voice.

“That might be a good idea…” She turns to see a man decked out all in black except for the blue that ran across his chest and down his arms in a bird like shape. He wore a black mask over his brow. Wrong as she felt for it she couldn’t help but to find him highly attractive. But hadn’t a clue who he was.

Bella narrows her eyes.

“Who the hell are you?”

“Funny I was going to ask you the same thing… You may look like Harley but you’re not.”

Bella smiles.

“Oh is that so?”

He nods.

“I’m going to need that necklace back and I’m going to need you to come with me.”

She runs her fingers along the necklace and looks to him.

“You sure don’t look like the police.” She takes out her gun aiming it at him.

He smiles.

“You’re right… I’m much worse.”

Bella jumps back as he slams down his eskrima stick down sending an electric current her way.

Her eyes widen as she barely jumps in time to miss the hit. Her gun hits the ground as the current hits it and splits it in half. She grins as she comes down in a crouch.

“Now I want one of those and you owe me a new gun.…” She says keeping in mind to sound like Harley.

He rushes towards her and Bella plants her feet down. She grits her teeth and shoves him back.

He laughs.

“Is that all you got?”

“Wrong question little boy blue.”

He rears back at this. Bella flips back and swings out her legs knocking him to the ground. She smiles looking down upon him and blows him a kiss.

“Come blow your horn now! Later boy blue!”

She starts to take off as the bars are now lifted. He appears in front of her landing on his feet. He steps towards her menacingly.

“Like I said I’m going to need that necklace back and you’re coming with me.”

She laughs and charges him swinging her fist. He dodges and she continues to swing as he blocks every move.

“You’re not playing nice.”
“Who said I was nice!”

“Oh shit…” They both turn to hear Catwoman’s voice.

“Run Harley!” Catwoman yells and Nightwing rears back at this.

He turns as he sees her taking off. He grits his teeth and chases after her. Batman appears.

“I got this one. Catwoman’s the other direction. Batman nods and vanishes. Nightwing turns to see Harley climbing up the roof. He shakes his head in confusion. He makes his way up and she’s her use some sort of zip line to make it across another building. He continues to chase after her.

Once he catches up to her he slams her back against the building.

“Who are you!”

She smiles.

“Harley Quinn.” She says proudly.

He shoves her back again.


“So feisty… getting me all hot under the collar badboy.”

What was that… He questions himself looking upon her as he holds her back. He shakes it off…

“I knew one day my prince would come.”

She sounds just like her but it can’t be. Somethings different… He rips the necklace off her neck.

She puckers out her lip pouting. However she brings up her legs and uses them to break his hold.

Harley twirls around and this time slams him back. She smiles and leans into him remembering something Selina taught her. The art of seduction can save your ass… She runs a hand along his chest looking him in the eyes.

“I always did love a man in uniform.” He swallows back going dumb something he’s not ever used to.

She leans in and catches him off guard yet again as she locks lips with his. Nightwing goes to shove her off with disgust… only finds it the furthest thing from disgusting. In fact he finds his hands along her ass as he presses her more against him. Neither breaks away until they hear the clearing of a throat. Batman yanks her off Nightwing.

“Wait!” Nightwing calls and Batman rolls his eyes.

“Aw is someone jealous? Come on I’ve got plenty more where that came from…” She smarts as he’s holding her up in the air looking upon her.

Batman and Nightwing share the same expression.

“WHO ARE YOU!” Batman roars.

“HARLEY!” Catwoman yells and whips Batman across the back.

He winces and turns. Harley kicks him and shoves herself away from his hold. She takes off running. And Nightwing watches as she ziplines down and hears her laughing.

Batman grabs him after they’ve both managed to get away.

“Where’s your head at!”

Nightwing blinks a few times. Batman shakes his head irritated and shoves him back.

“Are we capturing or kissing thieves?!”

Nightwing cocks a brow at this.

“Like you can talk…”

Batman rolls his eyes and makes his way down.

The guilt weighed on Bella as she thought about the kiss. She thought of Dick and shook her head. Dammit she thinks… It would have never worked out anyway. She tells herself but the urge to break down was there heavily. She just kissed another man and found herself wanting to do it again… She’d hoped Dick would have kissed her the night of their first date… But considering everything. She knew that was now over. There was just no way… Considering her life and how it was now he’d only end up getting hurt.

Nightwing sighs as he hops on his chopper. That was strange beyond belief. He thinks of Bella and winces… I’m in love with a girl that’s fallen off the map and I just let Harley Quinn of all people kiss me and actually enjoyed it… Hell I’m still aroused… What the hell is my problem? Since when did I become Batman? He thinks of Batman and Catwoman in this scenario. But that’s just it… He knew that wasn’t Harley it couldn’t have been. There’s no way he would have enjoyed that kiss if so. He would have yacked all over the place… Besides Harley was dead everyone knew that.

“What the hell!” Bella gets slammed into the ground.

“Are you trying to get us both caught!”

Bella grits her teeth and goes to shove Catwoman off her.

“Who were those guys?”

Selina shakes her head.

“Tweedle Dee and Dum.”

Bella narrows her eyes.

“NO they aren’t I’ve seen their files.”

Selina rolls her eyes.

“NO you idiot. That was Batman and Robin! Well Nightwing whatever the fuck he calls himself nowadays.”

“But who are they Selina?!”

“The supposed hero’s of Gotham.”

Bella rears back at this.

“Wait what?”

“Remember what I said about the four kinds of people?”

Bella nods.

“Those are the ones saving the sorry asses.”

Bella covers her mouth. Selina rolls her eyes again.

“Ugh here we go…” Selina mutters rolling off Bella.

“You’re telling me I just attacked a good guy!”

“Don’t be so melodramatic he’s fine. Boy wonder’s a big boy now he can take it. Besides from what I saw he rather enjoyed himself. I bet he never thought he’d be kissing Harley. Nice touch by the way… It’s so… Well so… me…” She says with a grin.

Bella bites her lower lip in thought.

“That’s not the point Selina… Jesus… don’t you realize what this makes us? IF they’re the ones coming after us?!”

“Don’t even go there…”
“Honestly Selina! I mean what are we?”

“We’re girls that like to have fun and enjoy pretty things. We don’t concern ourselves with the entirety of the world and its problems. If we did we’d be like those schmucks and never sleep. Believe me kitten we have it pretty damn good.”

Bella rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

“When do we go after any of those people! When do we deal with JOKER!”

“Fine you want to deal with Joker?”

She nods.

“And what if I told you that would mean you have to check in! Dye your hair blonde! Change your name?”

Bella stumbles back.

“Wait what?”

Selina smiles.

“That’s about what I thought.”

“You never said anything about me having to actually go there.”

“Then tell me my precious new Harley how else did you think we were going to do this?”

Selina watches Bella’s face.

“Relax it was a joke. That was never my intention but we will have to figure out other means.”

Bella turns to her.

“How could you joke about something like that!”

Selina backhands her busting her lip.

“You just proved you’re not ready! You are fucking Harley Quinn and you honestly just asked me that!”

Selina scurries off and Bella shakes her head.

“Bitch…” She mutters and heads towards the shed.

There was no way she wanted to be under the same roof at the moment. Bella took off her outfit and put on her gray tank top and sweats. She laid on one of the yoga mats trying to get some sleep but couldn’t sleep. She rolls over frustrated. She puts on her headphones and starts her setups. Her body was still alert and full of energy.


Dick punched at the bag gritting his teeth. He took off his sweat soaked shirt and tossed it aside as he went back to letting everything he had out on the bag before him. Bella pops through his mind again and he punches through the bag.

He hears an annoyed sigh coming from behind him.

“Another one Dick?”

He shrugs and wipes his face.

“What do you want Bruce?”

“Actually just thought you might be interested in these…” Bruce slams down a folder on one of the weight benches.

“And what are those exactly?” He says taking wraps off his hands.

“Those are Isabella Swans…”

He narrows his eyes wiping his brow again.

“Why would you be looking that up Bruce…”

Bruce shrugs.

“Out of my own curiosity. That and something else… But I’ll wait and see what your thoughts are first.”

Dick rolls his eyes.

“I’m not looking at those Bruce. That’s her personal life.”

“I strongly advice that you do.”

“Come on Bruce do you run a background check on every girl you date?”

“Yes as a matter of fact…”

Dick sighs as Bruce walks out.

“Of course you do… weirdo.”

Dick eyes the folder and looks around the room.

“Nope.. Not gonna do it.” He grabs the folder and throws it away.

“I actually like this girl…” He huffs.

“That’s her business.”

Besides he already knew everything about her, for the most part anyway. What more was there? They were more alike than he’d realized. Both lost their parents both had tragic histories but both turned out ok… Not perfect but who would be considering the circumstances.

He walks away from the folder and heads into the shower. Still the folder burned into his mind. Dammit Bruce. Dick scrubs his hair trying to think about something anything other than that stupid folder. He towels off and heads to bed. He tosses and turns and puts a pillow over his head even. But he couldn’t sleep no matter what.

He gets out of the bed and grunts miserably as he heads back into the gym. He takes the folder out from the trash.

“I’m sorry…” He says and opens the folder.

Dick flips through it as he sits upon one of the benches. He winced as he got to the part where she’d spent three years in the asylum, in fact he’d realized she’d come from there straight to Gotham. Something wasn’t setting right with him though. Nothing about her ever set that off in him. Why would she of all people be locked away in a place like that?

He rears back at something else. The doctor signatures and the person that had her committed… they had the same last name, Cullen.

“That’s strange and highly coincidental.”

He read where she finally admitted to what she was having was no other than illusions, thus eventually led to her release within the same time span. Dick clears his throat and shakes his head.

He continues to read her stories of the vampires, the wolves, the volturi, the murder of her parents and best friend… He grows pale though as something else dawns on him… The boy’s name was Edward… The same name that had her committed that was the same name she gave as to the vampire she was dating. Carlisle was one of the coven members in fact he was Edward’s father.

Dick’s hands become fists and he slams the folder shut. He goes to his room and gets dressed.

He grabs his keys and catches Alfred on the way out.

“If Bruce asks I’ll be gone for a few days. I got something’s to take care of.”

“Is everything alright?”

“No actually it isn’t… far from it.”

Dick says and rushes out the door.




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