Chapter 8 Behind The Mask

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“Hey baby…” Bella tiredly rolls over and cuddles up next to him. She smiles feeling his arms around her. “Hmmm…” He moans kissing about her neck and he rubs against her. He kisses her lips and rolls her over…

Bella groans out as she lands on the floor and she hears Selina die out with laughter.

“Must’ve been some dream kitten.”

Bella stares at the ceiling crossing her arms.

“You have a bed you know…”

“I’ll make a note of that next time.”

“Might be best, besides I don’t want you humping my couch.”

Bella covers her face and rolls over.

“You need to get laid kitten…”

Bella half laughs in misery.


Selina laughs.

“For once I agree.”

Bella takes in a breath thinking of Dick. She wondered if he was ok… She comes to her feet and heads to the bathroom. Bella smiles and cuts on the sink letting it drip for one of the little white kittens. This one just happened to be her favorite.

“You should name it…” Selina says looking in.

“That thing loves you.”

Bella shrugs.

“I’ve never named anything before.”

“Well now’s your chance. I gotta fly I’ll see you tonight kitten.” Bella nods and pets the kitten as it drinks from the faucet.
She starts her shower and brushes her teeth. She tried her damnest to get Dick out of her head. But that wasn’t the only man in her mind now. Dick might have been the one in her dreams… however the kiss she never expected it to feel the way it had. It was meant to be a decoy she blushes in thought. However she smiles remembering that his hands and been running against her rear. She bites her lower lip realizing Selina was right he enjoyed it just as much.

“OH MY GOD KNOCK IT OFF!” She scolds herself.

“Stupid virgin, thinking about two men at once. I’m a mind slut!”

Something about that makes her giggle and she covers her face in misery.

After her shower she gets dressed, with a chill about the air she puts on her red and black hoodie over her blue jeans and white sweater. She decided to head to the library she wanted to run some more research on the Joker and the asylum itself. She even hoped to find a way to some blue prints. If she could just see the set up… without ever having to actually go inside. That and she wanted to begin taking on some of the suspects that were still running loose about Gotham. She planned to do that with or without Selina. She felt lied to.

Bella passes by a newsstand however and grins as she picks up on of the papers. The headline…

Harley Quinn back from the dead? Anti or Hero? So it was working… The name was finally getting out there. She pays for the paper and takes it with her to the library to read.

She clinches the paper into her hand though realizing over half of it was lies.

“Terrorizing? Murderer?” She rears back at this.

“Idiots…” She mutters and throws down the paper.

“I don’t take lives.” But then she remembers what Selina said when she first came here.

Bella closes her eyes feeling ill. But I have killed someone… She looked upon her hands as though they were stained. The shook a bit she clears her throat tucking them into her lap beneath the table. No matter how much she tried to hide it though she knew the truth.

She had taken a life, she has stolen, her and Selina have scared the living shit out of civilians in order to get the name back out there. But the way they had her described the paper… It were as if she’d taken life and life within the last month or so. That she was no more than a thief and a murderer. There were very few instances in there where someone admitted that Harley had indeed saved them. In fact there was one big whopping lie with a civilian that said Harley beat me with every inch of my life. It’s because of Nightwing I owe my deepest gratitude. However she half laughs at the irony as well.

Curiously she makes her way to the computer and types Nightwing into the search engine. She rather smiles at the amount of photos that were brought up.

“You certainly get around…” She mumbles looking through them.

Each one was some sort of action photo where he clearly wasn’t aware of the camera. Bella comes across one though that rather grabbed her attention. She zooms in on it. She covers her mouth as he’s crouched over his hand on one knee. Nightwing was reaching out to a little girl who was crying. For some reason the photo really knocked her for a loop. Bella closes her eyes for a moment trying to take this all in.

“Ms. Swan?”

Bella quickly darts back at the familiar voice.


He smiles.

“I thought that was you.”

Bella jumps up surprising the both of them as she hugs his neck. She clears her throat nervously.

He narrows his eyes to the screen behind her.

“A fan?”
Her eyes widen as she quickly turns and exits out of the internet.

“You could say that…” She says with a shrug.

He nods.

“Well I’ll let you get back to what you were doing. I just thought I’d come say hello.”

“I’m glad you did Bruce.”

He smiles again and starts to walk away.

“Um how is he?”

Bruce stops and slowly turns back towards her.

“He’s actually left town for a few days. Maybe you should stop by sometime once he returns.”

“Stop by?”

Bruce nods.

“So just stop by…” She questions feeling awkward about that.

Bruce softly chuckles.

“Yes Ms. Swan.”

“Please that’s like really weird. Call me Bella.”

“Take care then Bella.”

“You too Bruce.”

She watches as he walks away. He wasn’t near as intimidating feeling this time. She wondered why. But that urge hit again… that lingering in her throat.

“Stop by…” She mutters softly again.

She sighs and shakes her head. That just wasn’t her thing. Besides she wasn’t even sure how to find the mansion. That and she felt guilty about how things rather went between her and Dick. In fact she felt rather like a jerk. Like she’d lead him on… Why would he want to see me again? She pinches the bridge of her nose. She wished she could just get Richard Grayson out of her fucking head.

Dick rubs his eyes tiredly. Washington was a lost cause… he finds himself thinking as he looks to the box of unwatched videos. They were the only things left he could get his hands on. It seemed as though everything else about her case had been “lost”. He was lucky to even get those. He had to steal them. He figured better his hands than someone else’s. But when it came to any sort of real records, there was hardly jack about her. He’d wondered how Bruce gathered what he had but that was just Bruce he always found a way.

He wasn’t quite ready to give up on this though. He wanted more answers. So he goes to the one place he can think of. He’d decided to take his time and go over the videos while he was there. He’d also see what else he could figure out. Besides he hadn’t been to Watchtower in a while now…

“Just make her feel like she’s some sort of fucking hero. But don’t hurt the girl.”

He smiles.

“And why would I want to do that?”

“Because you owe me that’s why.”

“Hmmm, she’s looks delicious.” He says looking to Bella’s picture.
Selina rolls her eyes.

“Knock it off she’s off limits. She’s not that kind of girl. Besides I have a higher purpose for her. All I need from you is to make her feel like she’s made some sort of silly difference in this pathetic city.”


“Just do it!”

“I’m just saying if she’s your little side kick…”

“I’m not playing games Penguin. I don’t care who you use for your little victim. Just make sure my girl saves the day at the end. Do we have an understanding?”

“And just what are you going to do when she finds out the truth? Think she won’t think to look up Harley’s files? Yours even? Then what’s your precious plan?”

“Don’t concern yourself with that. All I need from you is to set this up. I mean it penguin rough her up a little make her earn it but you’re not to go too far! And you most certainly won’t lay your filthy hands on her. She’s a lady not a dog.”

He rears back at this.

“Have you gone soft Catwoman?”
“Just shut up and do as you’re told.”

He chuckles.

“As you wish my little minx.” Selina wrinkles her nose and rolls her eyes as he runs a hand along her ass.

“That right there won’t fly… not with her Penguin.”

He smiles and takes his hand back.

“Such a shame…” He hisses looking back to her picture.

“Well look who’s decided to finally make an appearance.”

Dick smiles shaking his head. Ugh Booster I’m so not in the mood. He thinks but takes the egotistical idiot’s hand and shakes it.

“How’s it going kid?”

He shrugs .

“Eh it goes…”

“I hear ya.” Booster sits back down kicking out his legs. He picks at his teeth and looks into a mirror.


He turns to the familiar voice.

“Hey Clark!”

Dick gives Superman a hug and Booster cocks a brow at this.

“Oh sure give the big guy a hug why don’t ya.”

Clark laughs. Dick takes a seat and shoves the box of videos under the table next to him.

“Everything ok back home?” Clark asks curiously.

“Yeah same ole same ole.”

“How about Metropolis?”

“Had a bit of a run in.”

“Oh yeah?”

Dick raises a brow at this.

“Huh… so how’d that go?”

Clark just smiles and takes a seat.

“Guess that answers my question…” Dick utters and begins to sign on.

“So where’s your buddy?” Dick questions Booster looking around.

“He’s around somewhere.”

Great… Blue Beetle and Booster Gold… This will be fun. He thinks sarcastically leaning back in his chair. He’d rather deal with Wally. At least he had some sort of filter.

“So just you three?”

They nod.

“Well hello…” Dick rolls his eyes he knew it was coming.

Clark grins shaking his head with his arms crossed.

Dick feels Mike behind him now, his hand on the back of his seat as he peers over his shoulder.

“Now who is that…”

Dick sighs.

“First of all… Space…” He pries Booster off his chair.

“And secondly none of your business.”

“Hmmm… Maybe I outta just scoop her up.”

Clark cuts Booster a look shaking his head. Booster grins.

“She’s out of your league Mike.”

“Out of my league?” He scoffs.


“No woman’s out of my league.”
“Oh this one certainly is…”

“I take it you learned your lesson with red heads.”

Dick half laughs looking to Clark.

“A bit dark even for you Clark.”

Clark laughs.

“Had to say something can’t let Booster have all the fun.”

“Look at that little waistline…” Booster continues on practically drooling.

“Uh Oh Mike looks like you got a hair out of place…”

Booster rushes off to the bathroom.

“Idiot…” Dick mutters.

“So who is she?” Clark whispers once Mike’s out of the room.

“Just some mystery girl.” Dick narrows his eyes.

“Ah one of those?” Clark says with a grin.

“Yep the one that kind of appears and disappears right before your eyes.”

“That’s too bad.”

“It really is actually.”

“So is that what you’re here for is to find her?”

“Not exactly… it’s to do with her but just some little research that’s all. If she wants her space I’m giving it to her not about to start mapping her out. Especially from here…” They both look back towards Mike who’s coming back out of the bathroom.

“There wasn’t a single hair out of place.”

“Huh must’ve just been the lighting in the room.”

Dick backs out of this and begins to look up information on the Cullens.

“She dated that…” He mumbles at a picture of Edward.

“Who’s that?” Clark questions twisting around in his chair.

“Her off the wall ex. Something just doesn’t set right with me…”

“Probably because he’s the ex.”

Dick slightly smiles.

“That too.”

Dick narrows his eyes as he continues to scroll through. He rears back at something and begins to type in different other names of asylums all in which were places they had at one time lived.

“Dear God…” Dick says feeling ill as he’s starting to put it all together.

He rubs a hand across his face as he’s growing with anger.

“What’s up?”

“This guy… He’s a real piece of work…”

Dick’s hands ball up the more he discovers. Once he pieces it all together he looks up Alice Cullen curiously seeing as how she too was once in one of the asylums Edward and his father had each played a role in. His eyes widen at the unraveling…

“She was one of his girls at one time!” He scoots back from his chair.

“They freaking turned her! Made her forget! That’s what he was going to do with Bella. Only something must’ve changed his mind… Met a new girl possibly? Lost interest? Dick counted 17 teenage girls including Bella with similar stories. Each had the same Cullen signatures spread over the years. This vampire would get these girls to fall for him… once things got too serious he’d have them committed and try to have their minds washed of any belief of their existence or memory of the relationship. Bella was one of their hardest to cleanse. It seemed the father a doctor himself was covering up for his son. He saw where it them over two years with the others only a span of a few months and they had them believing whatever hogwash they fed them. However Bella… He turns towards the video footages in thought.”

Dick grabs the first one on top. He wished Booster wasn’t here. He didn’t want to hear his comments. He didn’t care that Clark was but Mike got on his nerves. That and well honestly he hated the idea of Booster seeing whatever was on these tapes. Dick himself wasn’t for sure what he’d might find. All he knew was they simply said Swan Girl on each tape and they were dated. He began to dig through the box and found the earliest one’s about the time she was committed.

He took in a breath and played the video.

Day 1, Case # 532 Isabella Marie Swan:

“What is your name?”


“What is your full name.”

Isabella Marie Swan

“Good, and how old are you?”

“I’m 17.”

Dick noticed how she trembled. She looked so young, innocent and frightened out of her mind.

“Who are your parents?”

Charlie and Renee Swan.

“Do you have any siblings?”


“Do you know my name?”

Bella shakes her head looking to the floor. She was barefoot and all in white. Her hair slightly unkept.


“My name is Dr. Woodlarf. I’m here to help you Bella. We’re going to become good friends. You can tell me anything. You can trust me.”

Dick leans back shaking his head at this but continues to watch. The guy was tall and skinny. He wore reading glasses and looked to be around his 50s.

Bella shrugs and swings her feet about still looking to the ground.

“Who are your friends Bella?”

Angela, Mike, Eric, Jessica, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Jake and Edward is my boyfriend.

The doctor nods.

“You have a lot of friends Bella.”

She nods shyly.

Dick notices how she still bites her bottom lip when nervous about something.

“Now Bella you’re safe here. You can tell me anything. Anything at all. I already know some of your secrets and I’m just here to help.”

Dick didn’t like where this was going… What sort of therapists says that? This almost sounded like some sort of form of hypnosis or brain manipulation.

I can’t tell anyone. I must keep them save. Everyone all of them…

But you’re parents have been murdered… who are you trying to keep save Bella? Jake is gone too now isn’t he?”

Dick notices how her hands clench up.

Who killed them Bella?”

What the hell kind of therapists is THIS! Dick was growing with fury as he continued to listen and watch.


You stated right here that it was vampires… You do realize that they do not exist.”

Clark and Dick shared the same expression knowing that was bullshit. Hell Bruce himself took on freaking Dracula and barely lived to tell about it.


No Bella I can’t do that. Right here in your statement to the police you go on about your friend the wolf, how this Victoria and Laurent were vampires. That they are responsible for these deaths.”


Dick and Clark rear back as Bella jumps out of her seat and paces around pulling at her hair.

Sit down Bella!”

“That guys no therapists…” Clark remarks.

“You’re telling me.”

Dick and Clark however were about to learn something that Dick ever dreamed about… Proving this all to be even more jacked up.

We know who killed your parents and your best friend don’t we Bella?”

Bella shakes her head pacing around.

Who killed them Bella.”


No Bella we’re friends remember. Your secrets are safe with me. Now tell me who really killed your loved ones? Who was there for each event. Who had blood on her hands.”

Dick closes his eyes for a moment his heart dropping to his feet.

“Jesus…” Clark says.

Bella turns towards the doctor.

I know what happened. I know what I saw. You won’t make me believe otherwise! I didn’t kill my mom or dad! I didn’t kill my best friend! I loved them! I would have died for them!”

They were in your way though… weren’t they? They were in the way of you being with Edward.

No they weren’t!”

You killed them so you could be with Edward. Admit it Bella. There never were any wolves, vampires or Volturi members. This was all something you made up in your head. To cover the blood amongst your very hands. You fabricated this story. In fact you worked upon it so deeply that you’ve even managed to fool yourself!”


Tell me doctor… if you really believed that to be true… then why the hell are you in a room with me alone! Shouldn’t you be terrified! Aren’t you afraid that I might snap!”

Bella flips the coffee table over. The doctor remains still.

“Is he smiling?” Mike questions and Dick turns his attention back to the doctor.

“What the hell?” Dick says noticing this as well.

Thank you Bella that is all for today.”

The three of them look to one another in shock. Clark shakes his head.

“Something’s fishy.”

Dick nods and grabs another video. He looks upon it oddly knowing that it had skipped this was session 7… where were the others? He sighs irritated and puts it on.

Day 7, Case # 532 Isabella Marie Swan:

“Hello Bella.”

She nods as she takes a seat.

“How are you today?”

She shrugs.

“How are the pills treating you?”

She shrugs again and starts to twirl her fingers about her hair. She bites her lower lip and rocks a bit on the couch.

“What is your name?”

Isabella Marie Swan

“How old are you?”


“Who are your friends?”

She rocks a bit more.

Angela, Mike, Eric, Jessica, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle, Jake and Edward is my boyfriend.

Clark clears his throat. Wasn’t there an Esme in there somewhere last time?
Dick nods

“Very good Bella.”

She swings her barefeet about looking to the ground.

“Who are your parents?”

Charlie and Renee Swan.

“What happened to them Bella?”

They were murdered.

“Who murdered them Bella?”

She sighs.


“That’s wrong Bella. Now tell the truth. Who killed your parents?”


“And who is Victoria?”

A vampire.

“One more time Bella… who really killed Charlie and Renee?”

A red headed bitch vampire named Victoria!

“Bella… We both know that to not be true.”

She shrugs.



Yep I’m tired can I go to my room now?

“Who killed Jacob Black?”

Laurent also vampire. She laughs a little.

“Why are you laughing Bella? Do you find this funny?”

You think I don’t know what you’re doing? I’m a smart girl Dr. Woodlarf. You plan to keep doing this everyday until I finally agree to whatever lies your feeding me. Well you won’t win. I know the truth. I saw it with my own eyes. So go right ahead give me your worst.

IS that really what you wish?”

She nods.

Dick however jumps back from his chair as men burst into the room and grab Bella. She screams out. The doctor makes his way to his closet and drags something out.

“NO…” Dick says feeling sick.

They watch as they strap Bella in. Dick paces the area.

Give her a bigger voltage than last time.”

“LAST TIME?!” Dick yells.

They place the plates on her head. One of the men force a popsicle stick into her mouth.

Without warning they send a jolt through her entire body.

Dick freezes as she passes out. Another man enters the room.

How is she?”

He lifts her head up checking her over.

Not to worry Dr. Cullen we’ll get this straightened out soon enough.”

He nods.

Release her once it kicks in. But not until then.”

That could take some time.”

He nods.

Take all the time you need. You know what needs to be done.” He walks out of the room.

All three men share the same expression. Clark puts a hand to Dick’s back.

“I’m sorry I know that must’ve been hard to watch.”

Dick nods and shuts down the unit not sure how much more he could take. He turns to the other videos as if they were merely bombs waiting to go off.

“Damn…” Mike mutters. Even he wasn’t heartless enough to make jokes about this.

None of them know what to say. Dick walks towards the window looking back to earth.

“I wouldn’t let her fall out of your life Dick. She needs someone, someone that cares. If she’s truly alone out there. Well we both have seen how that can turn out.” Clark says.

Dick crosses his arms and nods.

“I just gotta find her first.”

Clark smiles.

“This is Watchtower…” He hints.

Dick didn’t sleep that night. He watched a few more of the videos.

Bella forgot Emmett, and then Rosalie… as the years progressed. She eventually forgot Jasper. The others stuck through her mind. The shock therapy sessions continued and only escalated more violently. He saw however as the years progressed. She soon begins to give into what they wanted. The sessions became less. But the meds became heavier. They never could get her to admit she killed her parents and best friend instead she admitted that they were never vampires but humans. She swore that the gruesomeness of their murders made her create another illusion because she could comprehend nor fathom the fact that a human had done all this. Dick could see this wasn’t exactly what they’d planned or wanted but went with it considering there was no more mention of supernatural creatures. Edward and his family what she could remember of them anyway became human again. Jake was human etc… But Dick saw it in her eyes as she told the story they wanted to hear. The story that would make her free again. She knew the truth still. Sure parts of it were nothing more than holes in her memory but he could tell she knew. But she somehow managed to convince them otherwise. With a clean bill of health and with Edward and Carlisle’s permission she was set free.

That was another thing that royally messed with Dick. There were a few times that this Edward and Carlisle seemed as though they actually cared about her. They’d check on her after her sessions but always made sure it was after she’d passed out. He even watched once as Edward asked to be alone with her and he was kissing on her and holding her. Dick wanted to rip him to shreds. It was because of him that she was there in the first place.

He came to a decision and prayed it was the right one. Once again he logs on. Only this time he begins his sure for Bella Swan. He wouldn’t rest until he found her…

Little was he aware of what he was about to unravel…

Making a certain kiss make even more sense to his reaction…




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