Chapter 10 Domino Effects

Chapter 10

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“How’s the new board working out?”

“Pretty awesome Clark.”


He hops on his board joining me. Clarks spins around me as he comes back down. We’re just messing around showing off to one another; when Clark pulls off this swift move. He grabs hold of me my board continuing to roll along the half pipe. My eyes widen a bit as I realize he’s skating with me in his hold. He comes back down spinning around the area and places me back on my board.

“Show off…”

He laughs.

“Had to try it.”

“Well you succeeded.”

Once Clark and I talked about everything that had taken place, at school. I was able to trace down the source. I had remembered that ugly looking flower Lana received. There was only one problem; we hadn’t a clue where the flower came from. Clark however, managed to find a way into Lana’s house. Wrong as it was he took it and rid of it. Last thing anyone needed was that repeating its course.

He shrugs like it was no biggy. I look to the time and sigh. I step off my board.

“I gotta go to work.”

Clark makes this cute little pouty face. I can’t help, but to laugh.

“Sorry Clark.”
He makes his way over and walks me to the truck.

“I’ll see you tonight then.”


Clark leans in and kisses me.

“Have fun.”


I hop in and start the truck. Then I rolled down the windows and turn on the radio. I waved him off as I hit the road.

Once I get to work I throw on my vest and clock in.


I smile and turn around.

“Hey Kenny.”

“Well it’s just you and I tonight.”

“Is that so?”

“Oh it gets better… You’re training me.”

I laugh.

“I’m sure you’re going to do just fine Kenny.”

“Well just in case I apologize ahead of time.”

Kenny seemed a bit nervous.

“We’ll make it work.

I look upon the bracers that Kenny always wears. I never had a good look until now. They were kind of cool looking. They were silver with his initials engraved in gold.

“I like those. It’s different.”

He smiles, but says nothing.

“Well let me show you the ropes.”

About an hour later we’re swamped. Kenny’s getting the tickets and I’m dealing with the snacks.

“You idiot can’t you count!”

I rear back as I hear this and turn around. Kenny looked flustered. I clear my throat and make my way over.

“Is there a problem?”

The bulky man rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, this guy doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing!”

I put a hand along Kenny’s shoulder seeing his embarrassment.

“It’s his first day. Let’s cut him some slack.”

“Well I want my dollar. He shorted me!”

Kenny sighs.

“Sorry Bella…”

“Hey don’t…”

They guy was being a real jerk. I can’t stand people like that. Kenny was doing the best he could considering there were only two of us, and the place was packed.

“Here’s your dollar. It was an honest mistake.”


“You enjoy your movie.” I say with a smile.

“Hey what’s holding up the line?!” I hear a customer complaining from the back.

I take in a deep breath.

“Look I’ll hurry and get the line. Can you get the snacks?”

He nodded.

I start going as quick as possible to get the customers their tickets.


I turn to see Kenny has spilled one of the customer’s drinks all over his hands and shirt. Poor guy worst first day ever for him; I quickly grab a towel and toss it his way.


I nod as he wipes himself off. Things finally, start to die down. After I count the money in the drawer, I clean up our area.

“I’m so sorry. I think I did more harm than good today.”

I softly laugh.

“Relax Kenny you didn’t do so bad. You’ll get the hang of it.”

“I hope so. Talk about a long night.”

I’m wiping down the area as Lex enters. I roll my eyes.

“You do notice you do that everytime you see me?”

I shrug and go back to what I’m doing.

“Look Bella I just wanted to apologize.”

I narrow my eyes and turn towards Lex.

“It seems I’ve done somethings as of late. I’m not too proud of. Not only have I hurt mine and Clark’s relationship. But I’ve managed to offend you repeatedly.”

“So what is it exactly you’re apologizing for Lex?”

He sighs and stuffs his hands into his pockets as he looks around.

“I wanted to apologize on behalf of Lana. I heard what she said Bella. She had no right to say such things.”
“You’ve come to apologize for Lana? Wow…”

Lex acts as if truly lost.

“You never learn do you Lex?”

“What is it I’m to learn?”

“Take action for your own mistakes. Instead of apologizing for what Lana said; you should have been apologizing for the hell you’ve caused me since I saved your sorry ass!” I cover my mouth and take a few steps away from Lex.

I lower my head. I couldn’t’ believe I just said that. I swear he brings out the worst in me. Everytime he’s around me, I say and do things that make me feel like a horrible person.

“Lex… please… just go.”

“Bella…” He puts a hand along my shoulder.

“I truly am sorry. I’d like for us to be friends. I’d like for Clark and I to be friends again. This was all one big misunderstanding.”

“I don’t know about that Lex.”

“Just give me that chance. Let me show you. You once said you’d like to see what it was Clark saw in me. Let me have the chance to show you who I really am.”

“And who are you exactly?”

“You’ll never know unless you give me that chance.”

“You say this as if I owe you something.”

“That couldn’t be further from the truth. It is I that owes you everything. That about the…”

Lex turns towards Kenny. He clears his throat.

“I wasn’t aware someone else was here.”

Kenny cuts Lex an odd glance.

Lex rubs the back of his neck.

“Look just consider it at least. Maybe we could all go out sometime.”

“Maybe you should focus on convincing Clark more than me.”

Lex smiles.

“I plan to.”

He looks back over to Kenny.

“You’re that Braverman kid right?”

Kenny nods.

“You’ve got some arm on you! Quite impressive, aren’t you top of your class now?”

Kenny shrugs.

“Clark’s managed to knock me down a couple pegs, so not this year.”

“Didn’t he quit the team?” Lex questions.

“Yes, but the record still stands, just as his track records from last year.”

Clark still did somethings such as track, but anything that could cause other’s physical harm or risk to his abilities he seemed to away from. Clark however, was constantly pushed to do so by his peers. They just never understood why Clark turned down so many opportunities to show off. Then again I was the only one besides his parents that knew Clark’s secret. Even I’d seen Clark catch a football or basketball without even looking when it came his way. Sometimes Clark did things without really thinking about it. Thankfully, nothing to give himself away. So of course the guys wanted him on their team who wouldn’t. Unfortunately, there were times Clark as of late especially had to pretend he couldn’t do certain things. He’d purposely miss a catch, he’d run slower so others could beat him, and he’d act a bit clumsy sometimes to fool others. The clumsy part I had a good laugh at sometimes. Clark was the furthest thing from a klutz, me on the other hand. Sure, I can skate circles around you, but that’s about it for my athletic ability. I don’t do track, cheerleading or other things. I’ve played basketball with Clark at home. Which is awesome, to watch him leap up and slam one in like he’s freaking Air Jordan. It amazes me each time. However, I SUCK at basketball. No matter how much Clark has taught me. I can’t seem to get it down, not enough to play at school anyway. Sure I’ve beat Pete one on one a couple times, but other than that it’s just not my thing.

“Huh, well you’re both inspiring.”

“Thank you sir.”

Lex nods.

“Well I better get going. You two have a good night. Anytime you wish to talk Ms. Swan you know where to find me.”

I notice how Kenny wrinkles his nose as Lex leaves.

“That guy gets on my nerves.”

I laugh.


“So what’s his deal anyway?”

I shrug.

“Wish I knew.”

“He’s got it bad…”

“What’s that?”
I say as I grab the trash to take out.

“He’s over the moon for you.”

“Ugh… please don’t set off my projectile vomiting.”

He laughs.

“Sorry he just makes it a bit too obvious. Honestly, I never could see how Clark was ever friends with the guy.”

I bite my tongue on the issue and continue cleaning up. The customers start coming out ready to head home for the night.

“Hmm… baby you got it going on!”

I ignore the guy and start preparing to close for the night.

“What’s your name darling?”

I take in a breath and turn.

“None of your business.” I narrow my eyes upon the flask in his hand.

“Did you bring alcohol in here? You know the rules.” I reach for it and he laughs raising it in the air.

“Gotta earn it baby.”

I grit my teeth and reach for it again. I stumble and my body falls against the nasty drunk guy.

“Hmm, now we’re talking. Fuck …” His hand runs along my rear and he forces me closer to him.

I try to pry out of his hold.


I gasp out as the guy is shoved against the wall. But I swore Kenny didn’t even touch him. He just shot his hands out. That or it was my imagination.


“APOLOGIZE!” He demands grabbing the guy by the collar.

Kenny slams his fist into the guys gut.


I wrap my hands along his arm trying to make him stop.


They guy looked as though he was about to piss himself.

“Ok… damn dude! I’m sorry!”

“Kenny, please just listen to me.”

He started to swing again, but looked upon me.

“Enough, ok he’s learned his lesson.”

Kenny nods and puts him back down.

“Are you alright?” He asks as the guy hightails it out of there.

I look upon him in wonder.

“Kenny… how were you doing that?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” He says with a shrug.

He was pulling off moves I’d only seen Clark do. Even Clark though couldn’t send someone flying without touching them. Did that even really happen though or am I losing it? We both turn to the door and see Clark. He tilts his head looking to my hands. I clear my throat and quickly move them off Kenny’s arm. Clark looks around in wonder.

“What happened?”

“Some drunken asshole tried to put the moves on Bella.” Clark snaps to attention checking me over.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes Clark I’m fine.”

I hand Kenny the broom.

“It goes in that utility closet.”
Kenny nods and heads that way.

“Are you certain you’re alright?”

“Yep, just one of those things; we’re locking up for the night.”

“You remember I have the truck right?”

Clark smiles, but says nothing as he takes a seat. I count the money and bag it up. I then lock it in the safe in Tony’s office.

“You ready?” I call out to Kenny.


“Well let’s get out of here.”

After we make our way out I lock up.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Kenny calls out as he heads to his car.

“See you then.”

We watch as Kenny drives away. I turn back facing Clark.

“So what brings you here?”

He grabs my hand pulling me towards him. He digs into my pocket and takes my keys.

“Let’s go.”

I half laugh and get in the truck. Clark drives us to a secluded area.

“Something on your mind Clark?”

He unfastens my seatbelt and drags me towards him. He kisses me and my breath is taken away. Clark does something completely new. I felt his hand rubbing me below. My hips moved uncontrollably against his hand. He stops and moves his hand.

“I’d like to try something.” He says as if uneasy.

In fact his hands were even shaking a bit.

“If you don’t want to though I understand. Bell, I know we can’t have what normal couples do, but I’d like to give you whatever I can.”


He steps out of the truck and appears at my door. He opens it and takes my hand. We appear in the back of the truck. Clark clears his throat as we both look to the stars.

“I know we can’t have sex, but I’d like to try something else, something more personal Bell. You won’t hurt my feelings if you decide against it.”

“What do you have in mind Clark?”

“What would you say to me pleasuring you?”

I rear back at this.

“But what about you Clark?”

“That’s not what I care about at the moment.”

“That hardly seems fair.”

Clark laughs rather nervously.

“Trust me Bella; just the idea of this is pretty exciting for me, but I won’t lie either. I’m not sure how to go about it exactly.”

Ok now I’m nervous… Clark has totally taken me by surprise like usual.

“Um… well.”

We both look to one another. I go to say something else, however, Clark leans into me and starts kissing me. My back arches as his hand starts to rub along my jeans again. I can’t even begin to explain how good that felt. This heat sensation traveled below and I’d swear I was running fever down there. His movement becomes a bit more vigorous with his hand. A moan escapes my lips. I feel him tugging at my jeans as he brings them down enough to expose me.

Clark looks upon me and another gasp overcomes me. His warm hand touched along me below. Clark however, makes this painful expression and turns his head at first.


“Sorry…” He says softly.

“You’re entirely too sexy.” He utters as if in pain.
“Clark… we don’t have to…”

Suddenly, I feel a finger inside me. Very slowly he moves it back and forth. I cover my mouth to keep from making too much noise. I couldn’t control my body though; it was reacting to everything he did.

“If I hurt you…” He hints.

“Far from it…” I utter breathlessly.

He grins and I feel another finger enter me.

“Clark…” I moan out and his eyes widen.

My jaw drops as Clark grits his teeth. He rips his jeans open and I witness the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. He continues with his fingers about me. Naturally, I’m flooding against him. Clark however, he’s stroking himself, but aiming away from me. I wiggle out of my shirt and take off my bra. He looks upon me this certain way that has me even more riled up. Clark moves his fingers from me and quickly scoots away from me. His eyes however, stay on me as Clark lets out this sexy grunt. His eyes shut as he grits his teeth. I witness Clark coming for the first time, highly erotic yet, strange. He came like a normal man, but it was like this air pressure like thing escaped him as well. So when he came it shoot straight up with great force. Like a damn geyser or something. He was covered in sweat. What I wouldn’t do for a video or picture even of this. Clark was HOT!

“Bell…” He says frightfully now.

He covers his face and shakes his head.

“I’m so sorry… I.”

“Why? That was hot Clark. I’m serious.”

I swore he blushed as he adjusted himself. He looks to his pants. The poor guy’s hands were shaking. His nerves were completely shot. I think he thought I’d be grossed out or something. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

“These were new…”

“Yeah you won’t be wearing those again.”

He softly chuckles.

“There’s a puddle underneath you.” He points out and I look.

“I like the way it smells.”

I blush with widen eyes.


He shrugs.

“You have this smell to you… it messes with me sometimes. I noticed it got heavier when I was pleasuring you, when the liquids came out.”

“That was me coming Clark.”

“Well whatever it was. I want to do it again… and again.” He wiggles his brows.

We both shyly turn to one another. He helps me pull my pants back up. Clark grabs my shirt, but freezes.

“Can I try one more thing?”

I shrug.

My hands shoot over my mouth as I feel his hot breath against my breasts. I feel his tongue lapping against my nipples and breast. This other alertness like thing hits and I realize he’s sucking on them. It was crazy he was doing that, but I was feeling it below as well. I didn’t even know that was possible. My hips started that bucking thing again and I moaned heavily into my hands.

I hear Clark chuckle against my breasts. He pulls back looking to me.


I feel myself blushing yet, again. He clears his throat.

“I’d been wanting to do that.” He says and runs his hand along them before handing my bra and shirt back.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?”


“I’m serious Bell. I find it hard to believe you’re my girlfriend sometimes.”

It’s the other way around Clark.

He crawls towards me and leans back against the cab of the truck. He pulls me in between his legs. His warmth wraps around me and before I realize it I must’ve fallen asleep. I awoke in my bed the next morning.

I hop in the shower and start to think about last night. This strange heart dropping sensation comes over me. I find myself stumbling back again. What was that? The little flutters come about my chest and I grin. In some ways it felt as though I lost my virginity. Like it was Clark’s and I’s first time last night. I suppose in a way it was. I found myself running my hands along my body a certain way as I soap myself down. I kept picturing his hands all over my body, his warm breath against me, how he looked upon me, and how he sounded when he moaned. Before I realize what I’m truly doing I’m pleasuring myself in the shower. The images wouldn’t leave my head and I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. I come to a closure and spill out his name.

Once I’m done I blush in spite myself. I finish my shower and get out. Once I step out though Clark’s in the hallway. His eyes are as big as an owl’s. I quickly cover my mouth. His face turns a bit red.


He swallows back. He leans into my ear.

“You made me leave another hole in my room.” He whispers as if slightly irritated.

“You shouldn’t have been spying on me Clark.”

“I couldn’t help it, I could hear you Bell.”

We appear in the bathroom. Clark pins me against the wall kissing me. After he pulls back he laughs a bit.

“Once I heard… I had to take a peek.”

“CLARK KENT!” I whisper harshly and smack him in the arm.

“Like you wouldn’t have!”

I blush in thought. I knew I would. Hell if I had the ability to see Clark naked when I wanted…

I step out as Clark starts his shower. My eyes widen though as Johnathon is making his way upstairs. He pauses as he sees me. He narrows his eyes towards the bathroom.

“Is Clark in there.”
“Eh, yeah he’s taking a shower.”

He looks baffled.

“Didn’t you just come out of there?”

“No…” I lie off my ass.


I laugh a bit, biting my lip nervously. He folds his arms about his chest. I quickly make my way to my room.



I come out of the bathroom after my shower. My dad’s leaning against the wall of the hall. His hands folded about his chest. He looked furious.

“Something wrong?”
He shakes his head.

“Get dressed and come downstairs. It’s time we had a talk son.”

“Um ok.” I say with a shrug.

I make my way down once I’m dressed and see Bella on the couch. She looks to me with a frightful expression. My mother’s sitting beside her. My father’s in his recliner.

“Sit down son.”

I go to sit next to Bella.

“Not there…”

I rear back at this.

“Um why?”

“Because things around here are getting a bit too close for comfort, that’s why.”

I sigh and sit down in the other recliner. What was this about?

“What were you two doing in the bathroom this morning?”

Poor Bella’s jaw drops and I wince. This was my fault and I knew it. Dad had the wrong idea. Well in a way he had. If only he knew about last night. I grimace in thought. My mother I thought was going to pass out.

“What?” She questions looking directly at me.

“It’s not what you think dad.”
“You were taking a shower and I saw Bella step out of the bathroom.”

Bella sinks into the couch. Her face was a vibrant red.

“It’s my fault dad. I pulled her in there. I was just showing her something.” I wince directly after I say this knowing how bad that sounded.

“Oh, Really? Son and what is it you had to show her?”
Bella covers her mouth, her eyes bigger than ever. My mom is frozen.

“Dad please…”

“No son, you listen to me! I told you there were rules! You both live under our roof! If you cannot abide by my wishes then perhaps you both should call off this entire thing.”

Bella moves her hand and looks to my father in disbelief.

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t stutter son. If you cannot handle this relationship maturely; then perhaps you both should take a break from this.”
“Are you even listening to me dad?”

“Son you know damn well I’m not an idiot. I was your age too once. I know what goes on in that head of yours. You will not be fornicating with my best friend’s daughter under our roof!”


Bella covers her face and mutters…

“He’s telling the truth, we’re both virgins.”

“Oh thank God.” My mother whispers.

I cut her a look shaking my head.

“Then why are you in the bathroom at the same time Clark is showering?”


My father hops up and grabs me by the collar of my shirt. Bella and my mother jump to their feet.

“You will abide by my rules! If you do not you will pay the consequences!”

“DAD!” I shove him off me.


He narrows his eyes as though he doesn’t believe me.

“How do you know that?”

“Just trust me, I do! So there you’ve got nothing to worry about! I’m still your freak of a son! I will never be able to give her what a human could. I will never be able to make love to my girlfriend!”

I grab my board and rush out the door.


I bring my knees up and bury my face. I feel Martha’s hand along my back.

“Bella…” Johnathon says and I can’t bear to look either of them in the face.

I head upstairs into my room and slam the door.


My husband and I look to one another. He rubs his face and comes to his feet.

“I had no idea Martha.”

“How could we?”

We both knew what that meant… the bigger picture to all this. No wonder our son was so upset. I looked towards the stairs where Bella was.

“I can imagine it’s affecting them both, just as much.”

He pinches the bridge of his nose and paces.

“I just got the wrong idea.” He says softly as if ashamed of himself.

“Anyone would have. We have to keep in mind they’re both 17, in love and we can only imagine how hard this must be especially under the same roof. They’re good kids though John we both know that. Clark would never do anything to compromise his relationship with Bella. He’d never hurt her.”

“I understand that, but even Clark isn’t fully aware of everything he’s capable of. Just as the barn incident. We all saw how quickly that got out of hand.”


“I’m just saying Martha. Maybe, they need to see this isn’t for the best after all.”

I shake my head. I was actually furious with my husband. How dare he think like that?!

“You can’t do that John!”

“Do what?”

“You can’t come between the two of them! It’ll destroy them both. Especially Clark! Bella’s been there every step of the way for our son. You can’t just waltz in and say no because they happen to have fallen in love. Even if they could have sex, we have no real say on when they are ready. They would find a way.”

“How do we know this is even love?”

“I can’t believe you John! How can you honestly look at them and not see it?!”

“They’re too young!”

“People said the same thing about us!”

“We weren’t 17!”

“We weren’t that much older and they’re dating, not getting married. You can’t condemn our son to be alone for eternity; these things are not his fault!”

“I never said nor do feel like that. He just need to realize he cannot do what we can.”

“Jesus Johnathon! Listen to yourself. He’s OUR SON! Try putting yourself in his place! THINK ABOUT IT!”

I wipe my eyes with a tissue. I knew this was killing Clark. To me however, this also showed just how much Bella loved our son.


I don’t leave my room until it’s time for work. I noticed Clark still wasn’t home. Martha and John were out working on the farm. I grab my keys and head on into town. Kenny was already setting up for the night once I arrived.

“Not bad…” I say with a smile looking around.

I high five him.

“See I told you, you’d get it down.”

He shrugs as if still not fully convinced. Yet again the night runs hectically, but not as bad as last night. He seemed to manage a lot better today.

“Pretty cool Kenny!”

I look to the time.

“An hour to spare!”

He laughs as he sweeps up some of the spilled popcorn. I prop myself upon the counter to get off my feet for a bit. Kenny empties out the dustpan. He kicks an empty can of nacho sauce towards me. I kick it back.

“A game of kick the can?” He offers.

“Sure why not.”

We laugh as he tosses the can over the counter. He leaps over the counter like it’s nothing.

“Damn you’re going to pull a hamstring or something.”


I make my way over as he kicks the can towards me. We get in this funk of seeing if we can keep the can from touching the ground. He was a lot more successful than I was. Kenny though is obviously stronger than he realizes. He kicks it at one point it goes sailing across the theater and smashes into a movie poster.

“Oh no…” I say laughing.

I reach up to try and grab the poster to see how bad the damage was.

“Wait there’s no way you can reach that.”

He lifts me up like I’m merely a feather.

“Um thanks…” I say as I grab the framed poster.

However, as I come back down we’re chest to chest. His arms are around my waist. I swallow back uncomfortably.

“Um Kenny.”

I blush and put the poster down on the counter.


“I don’t have anything to say to you Lex.”

“Clark, don’t be like that just hear me out.”

I turn back.

“No Lex you hear me out. I thought you were my friend. You told me once that you thought of me like a brother. Tell me Lex is that how you treat family? Do you lie to them and try to screw them over? I trusted you Lex! I’ve always defended you. I’ve always had your back. Every time my father has looked down upon you each time I saw your face with the things he’d say. But now I’m beginning to wonder if he was right all along. I don’t think I can trust you or ever will again. You sat there and lied right to my face. And don’t even get me started on how you’ve treated my girl! She saved your life not just once, but twice! TWICE Lex and you still can’t seem to get your act together! So no Lex I’m done hearing you out.”

I start to walk away again.

“I’ve already talked to Bella. I’ve apologized and…”

I snap back.

“You what?” I say with gritted teeth.

He sighs.


“That’s going to be rather hard to do.”

“Why’s that!”

“Because I’m now her boss.”

I half laugh.

“Yeah right…”

“I’m serious Clark. I own the Talon now. She works for me. I’ve not had the chance to tell her yet.”

“You did this on purpose didn’t you! You just can’t stand that she’s with me and not you! You’ll do anything won’t you?”

“I did it for Lana. The Talon was going downhill. Lana was crying and upset. It wasn’t just about losing her job, but the history behind it. The Talon holds a lot of memories to this town Clark. I’m sure even you have a few of your own. I can assure you my decision in this had nothing to do with Bella.”

I take in a breath. What do I believe anymore? I’m beginning to see all I have that I can trust is Bella. I can trust my parents sure, but I can’t tell them everything, only Bella. She knew me inside out.

I say nothing else on this. I needed to see her. I wanted to wrap my arms around her and breathe her in, for the world to feel right again. All this anger coursed through me. However, as I walk away from Lex. I peer into the window of the theater. I clench my jaw tight as I see Kenny with his arms around my girl. I reach for the doorknob, but refrain. My hand balls up into a fist. I stumble back feeling as though I’m being socked in the gut. I bow over in pain. What’s happening to me? I step away from the door. I simply walk away.

Later, that night, I’m in the loft, my mind going a million to nothing. My deepest fears resided within me. What if I’m wrong for Bella? What if she’s better off without me? Am I being selfish with this relationship? She deserves so much more. I hear her coming up behind me. I swallow back my jealousy on seeing Kenny with his arms around her waist.

“How was work?”

She sits beside me and leans against my arm.


I nod, but I was angry with her. Something I’m not used to. I don’t ever get mad at Bella. Sure I’ve been irritated, but this was entirely different.

“Long huh?”

She nods against my arm.

“How was your day?”

“Just another day.”
“That good?”

“Yeah Bell that good.”

“I missed you.”
I sigh as she says this.

“Did you?” Even I wince on how I said this.

She pulls away from me and looks at me.

“Um, where’d that come from?”

I roll my eyes and cross my arms about my chest.

“Don’t worry about it.”
“Nah… something’s up and I want to know.”

“Like I said don’t worry about it.”

I come to my feet.

“Did I do something?”

I half laugh shaking my head.

“I did, didn’t I? You’re mad at me?!”

“Just go on inside Bella.”

She looks to me in utter shock.

“Excuse me?”

“Fine, you stay here, I’ll go in.”

Her jaw drops.

“What’s with you?!”

It just comes out and I rip her heart out with my words. Hating myself the entire time.


“Saw what exactly?”


She staggers back looking muddled.

“Oh don’t even try too…”

“I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about Clark!”

“OH come on I saw him with his arms around you!”

She flinches like I slapped her.

“Clark! It wasn’t even like that!”

“Sure didn’t look like it.”



“He was helping me take down a poster from the wall! It wasn’t intentional. WE both know I’m a damn klutz Clark. I lost my footing. That’s it. That was all that took place, it was obviously just bad timing from what you thought you saw! It wasn’t like that Clark. Dammit Clark! I love you, but the way you went about this… You didn’t even question me or give me a chance. You just assumed the worst and went with it! YOU KNOW ME! AT LEAST I THOUGHT YOU DID!”

Tears are streaming down her eyes. Her face is fiery red.


“Goodnight Clark.” She turns her back to me and heads back towards the house.

Not able to bear anymore, I take off.


I step outside the next morning. I see Johnathon damn near throwing his back out; tossing the hay into the back of the truck. I look around wondering where Clark was. This was his job.

“Where’s Clark?”

John sighs.

“I don’t know. He never came home last night.”

My heart sank a bit at this.

“Um ok…”

I pick up a stack and start towards the truck.

“Bells what are you doing?”


“That’s too heavy…” He grins however, as I lift it inside.

“Well I’ll be damned.” He says shaking his head.

“That’s at least a good 60 pounds.”

“I can lift John…”

“Apparently, so.”

By the time I was on my fourth bale I was covered in sweat.

“Bella you don’t have to do this.”



“I love you old man, but hush.”

He chuckles lifting another one in the back. Once we’re done I start raking and sweeping it up. I then hop in the truck and help John spread out the bale amongst the field for the cattle. I drove the truck as John tossed the bales out. After we got back I helped finish with the rest of the chores. Every part of me ached however, once we were done. I took a long shower then got dressed. Clark still hadn’t returned. I decided to head into town with the off chance I might run into him. That and I needed to go to the library and work on a project for school.

I’m about to pull out of the drive, when I see a black car parked not far from the farm. I notice a man looking out with binoculars. I back my truck up a bit and watch curiously. He takes his binoculars down. I see it’s the same bastard that was snooping around that day. Investor my ass! I half growl amongst myself and get out of my truck. I grab the bat from the back of my truck. I cross through the cornfield so he can’t see me coming.

Everything as of late was building up, that and I was concerned about Clark. However, a dark side of me was about to creep out. One I didn’t know I really had.

I come up to the car and bust out his taillight. He jumps and turns looks to me through his side mirror. I twirl the bat around in my hand.

“Investor huh?”

His jaw is dropped and he looked slightly frightful. I make my way up to the door. I lean against the window looking in.

“Out of the car!”

He laughs shaking his head.

“I’m merely scoping out the area…” I don’t even let him finish.

I open his door and grab him by the collar. I yank him out of the car.


“I’ve told you and your family already.”

“BULLSHIT! Why would you go to this length, just to buy land! NOW ANSWER ME!”

“Look I can see we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot here.”

I shake my head and bust his side mirror off.

“How about your windshield next?!”

He sighs and takes out his cellphone.

“Who are you calling?”

“The police.”

“Good call the police, go ahead, and explain why you’re looking upon the Kent’s farm, with binoculars, and how you’ve been caught snooping once.”

He smiles and shrugs.

“Yes I’m in need of assistance…”

“You’re about to be in need of a fucking ambulance! YOU WILL LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE!”

After he tells the police where he is, he hangs up the phone. The bastard winks at me.

“I know…” He shakes his finger in my face.

“I know you’re different. There’s something about you. They’re covering for you aren’t they?”

I rear back at this.

“Know what?”

“You’re special. Why are you hiding out here? Why not let the world know? It’s selfish.”

My heart raced. I felt nauseas… as the area around me spun. Protect Clark. Protect him… I grab the guy by the collar.

“You can’t hurt me. It’ll give your secret away. We can’t have that now, can we?”

I shove him back I take the bat as though to hit him. He jumps and screams as I take his windshield. That’s about the part where the sirens are heard. The cops pull up; still I continue to eye the jerk.

“You stay away from the Kent’s! I swear to GOD I will personally take matters into my own hands if you do not!”

“Drop your weapon!”

I rear back at the cop on the loud speaker. That’s when I realize that the police officers had their guns out, but they weren’t aiming at him. They were aiming at me.

“Mam, if you do not lower your weapon. We will have to shoot.”

“BELLA!” Martha yells as her and John run up on the scene.

What the hell just happened? I look to them in shock.

“Bella drop the bat hun.” John says and I look to the bat, the man and the cops. My eyes widen as it’s truly hitting, what’s just taken place. The bat clings against the asphalt as I drop it.

“John?” I question scared out of my mind now.

He shakes his head looking around. The cops run up to me and slam me against the car. I’m being searched and handcuffed.


“JOHN!” Martha yells.

They ignore him and start reading me my rights.

“We’re going to get you out of this.”

“John it’s him.” I motion towards the guy.

“He was spying on the house. I saw him.”

“She’s crazy. I was simply here about interest in other land around here…” He begins to bullshit his way through as I’m shoved into a squad car. Making a literal first time I’ve ever been in trouble with the law.

John comes up to the window.

“I’m going to get you out of this Bella. Just do whatever they tell you.”

I nod, but was honestly freaking out. I never dreamed I’d be arrested ever!

I’m taken to the station. Where I’m searched thoroughly, finger printed, have a nice little photo taken, and stuffed into a cell. I half laugh at the situation as I pace the cell.


“You think you can get away with this?! All you’ve done is stir up the hornet’s nest!”

The man heads to his car.

“As I’ve already told you, I was here about the land. You might want to tell your daughter to keep her anger in check. I won’t press charges this time, but next time. I might just expose her for all she’s worth.”

My eyes narrow at this. Expose her?

“Get away from our land and you stay away from her!”

He raises his hands in the air with a smug smile and gets in the car. Martha puts a hand along my shoulder.

“Did he say what I think he just did?”

I nod, but wasn’t sure what that fully meant. There were too many cops about the area to push the issue further.

“Johnathon what are we going to do?”
“We’ll figure it out.” I lead her back inside the house.

I get on the phone and start sorting out our finances. I was getting her out one way or another.

“Didn’t it sound like he’s been watching Bella? Why else would he say what he did? It honestly makes no sense.”

“Why would he have reason to?”

Martha and I both grimace.


“You don’t think…”

“It’s a possibility.”

“If he knows something…”

I sigh as it’s coming together. We wasn’t sure how much this guy knew. It was certainly evident now that Bella had been right about him all along. I should have listened. She tried to warn each of us, now she’s the one paying the price.

“How would he know though John?”

“That’s just it. He obviously doesn’t if he thinks its Bella. This is all assumption.”

“You don’t think he’d hurt Bella do you?”


We both turn to see Clark as he just entered the door.

“Where’ve you been son?”

He shrugs and enters the kitchen.

“Where’s Bella?”

Martha and I look to one another.

“Now son you need to listen. Keep in mind it won’t do us any good to over react.”

He narrows his eyes looking to me oddly.

“Over react to what?”

“Bella’s been arrested.”

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