Chapter 11 Bad Luck Bella

Chapter 11

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“What do you mean arrested?! BELLA?”

“Son now calm down and listen.”

“Calm down?! How does Bella Swan of all people get arrested?!”

My father sighs and my mother places a hand along my shoulder.

“Clark, you remember that man that Bella said was snooping around?”

“Yeah, the investor.”

“Well we all have even more reason to believe now he’s not who he says he is.”

“From the looks and sounds of things he’s been spying on us.”

“Great…” I take in a breath swallowing back my nerves on this.

“But what does this have to do with Bella being arrested?”

“Well… Apparently, Bella caught what he was doing. She took matters into her own hands.”

No… why would she do that!

“What did she do dad!”

“She took a bat to his car and threatened his life.”

I pinch the bridge of my nose. Bella… Why would you do that? She’ll only end up getting herself hurt or worse!

“Clark, this may prove to take sometime. When she threatened him it was in front of the police. That and well…”
“Well what?”

“She was still holding the bat. They consider that a weapon. She’s been stacked with all sorts of charges.”

“He pressed charges?”

“No son, but the city itself will have fines for her to pay. That and this could very well be on her record now.”

“JESUS! Dad we have to do something!”

“I’m doing what I can.”

However, both my parents were acting as if there was more to this. I looked upon them both studying them. I could always tell when they were hiding something.

“There’s something else isn’t there?”

My mother pats my hand and gets up heading to the fridge.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“You’re kidding me right? Bella’s in jail and you’re asking me if I want something to drink?”
“Don’t go disrespecting your mother now. We’re all having a hard time dealing with the situation.”

“I could just get her out right now dad!”

“Sure son! Let’s just break her out! Reveal your secret and get Bella stacked with even more of a record.”

Fine, I’ll take her and run! I really would too! I’ve about had enough of SMALLVILLE! Make that enough of EVERYTHING and damn near EVERYONE! My hands become fists in thought.

“Then what can I do? I have to do something. I’ll go crazy just standing here.”

“Why don’t you go visit Bella? Let her know you’re back.”

I look to my mother as she says this.

“What is it you’re not telling me?”

They both look to one another. My father exhales and leans back against the fridge his arms crossed about his chest.

“Your mother and I have reason to believe that this man seems to think Bella has your abilities. He’s hinted something along the lines of that. He mentioned something about exposing her for all she’s worth.”

My entire body reacts to my father’s words. This wave of fear washes over me.

“Please tell me you’re joking.”

“I wish I were son. I’m hoping that we’re perhaps reading too much into this. But I still feel we have reason to watch our backs.”

“This was who you were talking about… when I first came in wasn’t it?”

My mother nods looking as ill as I feel.

“You really think he’d try to hurt Bella?”

“We honestly, haven’t a clue what this guy is capable of. It wouldn’t hurt to take all precautions.”

My mother looks directly into my eyes.

“Which means for now under any circumstances, Clark, you’re not to use your abilities; it is clear now that we are being watched. We cannot take anymore chances.”

“Something tells me he won’t stop no matter what we do. I have to do something. I can’t allow Bella to have this on her shoulders! If anything happens to her…”

“We won’t let that happen son. But we’re going to need you to trust your mother and I. Under any circumstances you are not to use your abilities. That includes chores. As of now you’re more human than ever Clark. It’s not just about your exposure now. It’s about protecting you and Bella as well. We stick together on this as a family and figure it out.”

I nod at this, but the darkest thoughts lurked within me. I winced amongst myself. All I kept picturing is how much easier it would be to simply take this guy out of the picture. To merely remove the threat. It’d be so easy… I look upon my parents though and think of Bella. When I think of Bella is when it truly hits. Bella willingly stepped in front of a bullet for Lex and Lana. Yet, here I am thinking about murdering someone. What’s wrong with me?

“I’m going to check on Bella.”

They nod. I start towards the door.

“Remember son, keep those emotions in check.” He hints.

I nod at this and grab Bella’s keys on the way out.



“Ethan…” I put my hands around the bars.

“What in the world kid?”

He looks to me bewildered.

“I never thought I’d see the day. How did this happen?”

“Long story.”

He shakes his head.

“Does Johnathon know you’re here?”

“Yes he’s trying to get me out.”

He nods and walks over to a desk looking over my paperwork.

“This doesn’t even sound like you! Have you been drinking Bella?”

My jaw drops.

“OF course not! Come on Ethan. The guy was spying on us, he has been. He’s a total wack job!”

Sheriff Ethan Miller was a good friend of the family, mainly John. Making this even more humiliating. Great… now I’m going to be noted as the bad girl of Smallville, the troublemaker. I half laugh at the mere idea, considering who I’m dating. Then again let’s face it. It’s more than obvious I’m far more shaded than Clark will ever be.

“Is this some sort of rebellious stage?”

“Yes Ethan I’ve decided I can no longer endure the upbringing of the Kent’s. Therefore, I randomly took a bat to some jackass’s car for no reason.”

“That mouth of yours kid I swear.”

I half smile and lay back on the cot.

“Did they do any drug testing?”

I hear him chuckle and I raise up from the cot.

“That’s so wrong.” I realized he was pulling my leg with these questions.

“I had to kid, but honestly. I never thought I’d see the day one of you Kent’s end up in here.”

I smile in pride, realizing he just referred to me as one of them.

“So what did this guy do earn the wrath of Bella?”

“Like I said he keeps snooping around the farm. John can tell you himself. We’ve even caught him on our property. Now he’s parking alongside of the road with binoculars.”

“Huh… I’ll look into it.”

“Thanks Ethan.” However, as I say this I hoped I didn’t just do more harm than good.

I run my fingers through my hair. I lay back down thinking about Clark and hoping he was alright.

“Hey…” I lift my head to the familiar voice, ironically there he stood.

He nods and I practically leap off the cot.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.”

Clark places his hand through the bar and places it on my cheek.

“Dad’s doing what he can to get you out.”

I nod against his hand.

“So he told you?”

Clark looks around the station then back to me.

“Yes, I really wish you wouldn’t have done that Bell.”

I shake my head.

“What was I supposed to do?”

“Wait, let me handle the situation. You’ve got to quit doing these things.”
“Wait huh?”

He nods as if that solves everything.

“You just left without even telling anyone Clark. Yet, you expect me to just stand by and do nothing, while there are so many things at risk? “

“Things that are not your responsibility. How many times to we have to go over this?”

“Is that what you came here to do Clark?”

He winces and drops his hand.

“I’m sorry. I just…”

Ethan puts a hand along Clark’s shoulder. He reaches over unlocking my cell. We both look to him in wonder.

“Your bail has been paid kid. You’re free to go.”

“That was fast…” Clark says.

“I guess dad paid by phone?”

I shrug. I didn’t know that was possible. Clark takes my hand leading me out of the station. We walk to the truck. Before opening my door he leans against me.

“Where’d you go Clark?”

“I just needed to clear my head Bell. I was in Metropolis.”

“I can understand that. You still should have told someone Clark I was worried.”
His fingers loop around my belt.

“I’m sorry Bell. I screwed up and I know it. I…”

I put a finger to his lips.

“Please, it’s ok Clark. You and I… we’re good.”

He tugs on my belt pulling me closer against his hips.

“I love you.” He says pressing his forehead into mine.

“I love you too.”
He kisses me as I wrap my arms around his neck. Neither, of us can seem to break away; not that we wanted to.

“Let’s get you home.”
He opens the door for me as I climb in. We sit in silence on the way back. Clark however, holds my hand kissing it every once in a while. When we get to the farm, Clark stops me at the door pecking my lips once more. I smile as he opens the door. Martha and John turn to us in utter surprise.

“Son please tell me you didn’t…”

The four of us look to one another.

“How’d you get out Bells?”

I look to him rather lost.

“Wait, you didn’t bail me out?”

“No, I was just about to head down to the bank to do so.”

“Then who?”

We all share the same confused expression.

“I’ll call Ethan and find out.”

Clark tosses me a Gatorade and I sit at the table. I’m drinking my Gatorade as I hear Johnathon say the name… Lex Luthor. I damn near choke and spray Gatorade all over the table.

“Bella…” Martha scolds and sighs handing me a paper towel.

I’m still choking a bit as Clark pats my back.


My hands firmly grip the bottle.

“How’d he even know?” I say with gritted teeth.

“Seriously, HOW? I mean…”

I scoot my chair back, shooting to my feet. No… is it possible? The car, Lex’s assumption, this guy, his assumption, now he’s posted bail… This guy works for Lex! My entire face is burning, my heart races, slight nausea hit… I remembered the name now. When I looked in the car there was a business card that said Roger Nixon. I grab my keys.


“There’s something I got to take care of.”

They looked to me as if I’ve lost my mind.

“Bell…” Clark gives me that look as if I’m a puzzle needing solving.

I start towards the door.

“You’re not to leave this house young lady. I think there’s been enough drama for one day.”

I turn back towards John.

“You either let me do this or put me back in jail because, I’ll be damned if I owe LEX LUTHOR ANYTHING!”

“BELLA!” Martha yells in disbelief on how I was acting.

John grabs me and slams the door. He pins me against the wall. His eyes lock with mine.

He pulls me into his chest and hugs me. I lose all composure and break down.

“I got ya… you hear me Bells. I got you.” I thought he was going to yell at me, ground me or something, but he just hugged me for a while.

“Bella, sweetheart…” Martha says taking my hand as John drops his hold on me.

She leads me upstairs and sits me on her bed. Martha hands me a warm wash cloth.

“Put that on your face. Trust me it helps.”

I place it on my face and she sits beside me.

“Just breathe…”


I blush as I hear his voice and realize how pathetic I’m acting. I shake my head into the washcloth.

“Clark? Why don’t you take Bella outside? I think some fresh air might do her some good.”

I move the washcloth away from my face to see Clark crouching down, his hands along my knees.

“Let’s go…” He offers a hand as he comes to a stand.

I follow him out to the loft. He plops down on the couch reminding me of how childlike he can be sometimes. He winks and pats the empty space beside him. I manage to smile and make my way over. I lay next to him as we face one another. He wraps and arm around me and pulls me in closer.

Clark moves the hair from my face.

“This is where we have no more secrets between us Bell. I want you to tell me everything. What has you so freaked out about Lex?”


“Wingman remember? I need you Bell. So spit it, out all of it.”

I tell him about the day I went there. The same day Lex kissed me. I tell him about the car and the blackboard. I tell Clark everything that was said. I also tell him about my own assumptions when it comes to Lex, even about how I think that Roger Nixon works for him. Once I’m done Clark looks the way I feel. He kisses my forehead and shuts his eyes for a moment.

“That certainly explains a lot. I wish you had told me a lot sooner.”

“Even at that Clark what can we possibly do about it? I mean I know we have to think of something.”

“Let me think on this ok. We both have to be rational. Which is hard I know, trust me, it’s so tempting, just to go to the mansion and bust down the doors checking each and every room. But there has to be another way. We just got to put our heads together on this.”

I bury myself against him. My eyes felt heavy, my body started to give.


I breathe her in as she sleeps. The guilt weighed upon me. I shouldn’t have left. I could have prevented all this. My fears are starting to come true; Bella’s already getting hurt because, of me and what I am. I hadn’t a clue what this Roger Nixon guy was capable of. I run my hands along her waist. Wasn’t it bad enough I snapped at her over Kenny? Truth was I was madder at Lex and how that situation was getting out of hand. I trusted Bella. However, I wasn’t so sure I trusted Kenny now. If Bella says it was nothing, I believe her. It was Kenny that had his arms around her, not the other way around. I saw the look on his face as well. Bella might not be able to read it, but I sure could. He was digging it a bit too much. Of course, then I think about Lana kissing me and feel even more like a jerk. Great I’m already becoming the green eyed monster with my girlfriend.

I needed to find out who this Roger Nixon was. If he was indeed working for Lex. By no means would I allow for there to be any threat to my family. They seek out to protect my secret; however, my main concern at the moment was protecting each of them. I’d never forgive myself if someone caused harm to Bella because; they thought she was me so to speak.

There was no way I could sleep. I felt wired. I kept thinking about everything trying to solve each issue in my head. Trying to piece some of it together. A couple hours have passed and Bella stretches out her arms. I pull her back towards me so she doesn’t fall.

“Sleep well?”

She nods tiredly. Bella runs her hand along my neck. I squirm underneath her and roll her over me. She smiles already knowing.

“You happy to see me Clark?”


I look around using x-ray making sure no one’s around. I lift her shirt and unclasp her bra. My hips involuntarily react. I bring myself up as she stays straddled to me. I take off my shirt. I wanted to feel her bare skin against me. Having her breasts pushed up against me, drove me mad. I was finding it easier to control I noticed. We could make out longer without me needing to literally go off. I kept learning now things about my body. I was no longer scared about rubbing my hard on against her. When we first started I just knew I was going to blow through my pants. I still feel it, but can sustain. This right here felt so good. Yeah it was also a bit of a tease. I wished we could go all the way. I kiss her lips and intertwine my fingers with hers as I continue to get friction off her. If this was the most we could do. I was determined to make the best of it.

I hear someone approaching as we’re going hot and heavy. I quickly grab her shirt and bra. I throw mine back on and help her get clothed. I clear my throat as we both set up and adjust.

I’m taken back not expecting him.


He smiles.

“Oh hey Clark.”

I come to my feet. I wasn’t sure what to make of this random visit. He hadn’t been on the farm in a couple years.

“Come on up.”

I turn to see Bella blushing as she double checks herself.

“Hey Kenny.”

“Actually, you’re who I came to see.” He points to Bella.

Bella makes this rather confused look.

“Um ok…”

He looks to me then to Bella.

“Think you’d like to take a walk with me?”

I already knew what was coming. Bella however, hadn’t. She shrugs.

“Um sure I guess is everything ok?”

He nods.

She looks to me strangely as she follows him out. I roll my eyes. Here it comes I think and sit back on the couch. I zero in on them picking up everything that’s said. Jerk move I know, but I’m not an idiot either I knew why Kenny was here. I could see it in his voice even heard it in his heart rate. He was nervous… meaning only one thing…

“So what’s up Kenny?”

A nervous laugh escapes his mouth. I roll my eyes and lean back on the couch. They were walking down the trail. I could hear the leaves rustling with each step.

“Well actually, Bella I came here to ask you something.”

“And what would that be?”

And here it comes…

“I was wondering if maybe you’d go out with me sometime. You know maybe I could take you out to dinner or to a movie?”



“You know I’m dating Clark.”

“It’s just dating though right? I mean it’s nothing serious obviously.”

I grit my teeth, but keep my butt firmly planted on this couch.

“Actually, it’s it is serious Kenny.”

“Come on Bella just give me a shot, just one night. Quit worrying about your morals so much. Clark will be fine. I’m sure he’s dating others as well.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m just saying it’s not like you’re married.”

I half smile. Uh oh you’re in trouble now Kenny. I softly chuckle at this shaking my head.

“With that attitude you’ll never get a date! How could you even say that?!”

“I’m just being honest Bella. You should play the field a bit. Make sure he’s what you really want. I mean can you imagine only being with your high school sweetheart and that’s it? I mean honestly, to have no other experience other than that one person. Talk about boring!”

“You should go.”

“Bella, I really like you. You’re sexy and fun to be around. You make me feel different. I like being near you.”

“Sorry to say you’ve managed to change my opinion of you entirely.”

“Don’t let Clark hold you down to this silly farm, this god forsaken town, once I graduate I’m moving to Metropolis. I’m going to have a real life, run a business.”
“Good for you Kenny.”

“I just can’t picture you of all people spending the rest of your days on this farm. You seem so much more adventurous. He’s holding you back.”

It was taking everything in my power to stay on this couch.

Bella laughs.

“Oh Kenny, if you only knew how ignorant you sound right now.”

“What did you say?”
I hop to my feet at his threatening tone.

“I didn’t stutter. I want you to leave Kenny.”

“So what is it about me? Give me one good reason you won’t give me just one shot!”

“You’re not Clark Kent.”

I automatically beam at this. I didn’t expect that! My heart even picked up pace at her words.

“What did you just say?!”

Ok enough of this…

I make my way over and he’s pointing at her like a disobedient dog.

“She said to go home Kenny.”

He snaps a look at me. He then looks back to Bella and takes a step towards her.

“Bella, look I’m sorry.”

She shakes her head and starts to walk past him to head inside. He reaches out to grab her arm.

“I wouldn’t do that.”

I hear his teeth grinding together, dropping his arm. Once Bella is inside; I look to Kenny and shake my head.

“So is that how it is Clark? You get everything? Even the girl?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means everywhere I go, there you are, always one step ahead of me. Like breaking my records isn’t enough. What the perfect family isn’t enough for you Clark! I finally get the courage to ask Bella out and you’re already dating her? I thought you were dating Lana! Since when were you ever interested in Bella?!”

I look to him bewildered.

“I mean damn Clark! It’s bad enough you blew me off for that stupid million dollar playboy idiot and the geek squad. You just can’t help but to step on my toes everywhere I go yet, you don’t even see me.”

“Kenny, I never meant to…”

“Nah, just forget it man. I get it like she said. I’m not you. I’m tired of standing in your shadows. It’s time I bump up in the world.”

I narrow my eyes wondering what that was supposed to mean. He smiles.

“See ya around Clark.” He looks back towards the house.

“She really is something isn’t she? Hm.”

WHAT?! He heads back to his car and I can’t help, but to feel on edge.

After I head inside still baffled by what just took place. Bella looks to me concerned. I give her a simple nod as she and my mother set the table. We all sat in silence as we ate. It was a long Sunday for each of us. I take notice of how Bella goes to bed directly after she’s done with the dishes.

“Is she alright?” My mother asks looking towards the stairs.

“Yeah mom just a long day for her.”


“Wait you’re going to work today?” Clark says as I pack my vest into my backpack.

“Well yeah I’m on the schedule.”

He scrunches up his face.

“Why would you want to continue working there?”

“You mean Kenny?”

“Well partially, but no… I mean Lex.”

“Lex? What does he have to do with my job?”

Clark pinches the bridge of his nose as we step out heading to the truck.

“Oh no… I thought by now you knew Bella or I would have told you.”

“Tell me what Clark?” I question as I open my door and climb in.

“Lex owns the Talon now…”

I half laugh.

“Um ok. Cute Clark, but seriously.”

“Unfortunately, I am being serious. He told me himself. Bella he’s your boss now.”
I start laughing so hard I’m crying.


“That guy truly believes in monopoly. I’ve not even had the honors of thanking him yet, for bailing me out.”

Clark takes in a breath.

“NO! I’m not letting him do this. I’m not backing down. I’m going to work.”

“Bell, please just think about this… you really want the offset chance of being left alone with Kenny and Lex?”

“Well I can’t just tuck in my tail and hide Clark!”

“That’s not what I’m saying.”

He presses his lips together and gets in the truck. Once he starts it he looks to me.

“I just don’t think it’s a good idea Bella. I can’t tell you what to do. But I really hope you’ll listen to me on this. I think you should just quit. Find you another job if you so wish.”

“I’ll consider it Clark.”

He gives me that look of disappointment.

“I’m sorry Clark I just don’t like being pushed around. I feel like I’m letting Lex control my life and I’m not the one dating him.”

“I’m sorry; I wish I knew what to do.”

As soon as we arrive Chloe’s already making her way over. Clark and I laugh exchanging a glance.

“She must have some new subject for her wall of weird.” Clark says.

She opens my door and starts dragging off with me. I hear Clark laughing.

“Chloe Chillax!”

“Sorry, you have to see this Bella…”

We both turn and Kenny’s peering into the room. He looked terrible his eyes were bloodshot, his hair was untamed, his clothes wrinkled as if he’d fallen asleep in them.

“Can I see talk to you? Privately?”

“Kenny, I think you said all you needed to say last night.”

I turn back to what Chloe’s trying to show me. Chloe screams out as he grabs me by a lock of hair.


Chloe makes her way over and tries to shove him off.

“NOO! CHLOE!” I yell as he sends her flying out of the window.

Proving it wasn’t my imagination. He didn’t even touch Chloe.

“CHLOE!” He quickly covers my mouth roughly. Kenny starts hauling me around with one arm keeping the other one over my mouth. He drags me into the parking lot. He pops open the trunk to his car.

I swing my arms and legs with everything I’ve got trying to break free. Kenny was just too resilient against any thing I had to give.

“I’m sorry…” He says just before knocking me out cold.


“Pretty cool!” I yell over the radio.

“Yeah I got all their albums now Clark.” He hollers back.

“Bell’s about to ring though.”

He nods and takes the keys out of Bella’s truck. He hands them to me and we head inside.

We make our way down the hall. I hear this faint call for help. I narrow my eyes and look around.

I hear it again and use my X-ray vision to try and pinpoint where it’s coming from.


Pete looks to me oddly as I hurry towards the classroom.

“CHLOE!” Pete shouts as we see her lying outside the window in shattered glass.

She was scrapped up pretty good.

“Bella…” She says and is crying.

“Clark he took Bella.”

“Who took Bella?”

“Kenny! He just flipped out and took her. He said something about how you “couldn’t have everything, especially her”, and took off with her.”

No… not her! I try my hardest to keep collected. Why would he take Bella? What was he going to do to her!

“Call 911 Pete, stay with Chloe!”

At human pace I make my way out of the building. I head to the parking lot and see Kenny’s car is gone and he’s left a trail of tire marks behind. Once I’m without viewers I break my parents’ wishes.

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