Chapter 13 The Nightmare Within

Chapter 13

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I nudge her as she’s sleeping on the porch swing.

“Bell school’s about to start.”

She rolls over nearly falling out of the swing.

“Hey easy now…”


“Did you sleep out here all night?”

She nods rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Come on sleepy head we got 15 minutes.”


She jumps up and looks at her clothes.

“Oh my god!”

I chuckle a bit as Bella rushes past me and heads to the bathroom. I hear the shower start and sigh deciding to wait on the couch. The latest events played out in my head. Yet again my hands balled up into fists as I thought about how Bella almost got raped. Not only that, but by someone I was had thought was my friend. Even at all this I never meant for him to die. The vision won’t leave my mind I saw it through x-ray first when I was looking for her. Entering that lab and seeing he’d ripped her shirt and was trying to have his way with her. Yet again, I also knew this was partly my fault. He somehow knew about my secret. I’m not sure how, but he did. Causing his obsession to try and outdo me in everything we competed in, such as Bella for instance. He apparently saw something he really liked in her. Kenny wanted to steal her away from me. To have at least one thing in his belt of accomplishments, if he couldn’t defeat me he was going to get the girl in the end. Unfortunately, he accomplished none of these things, and do to this fixation he met his demise, through his own doing. As much as I feel guilt on this and wished I could have saved him. Deep down I knew it wasn’t my entire fault. There was something clearly wrong with Kenny. Something in him cracked. I’m just glad no one else got hurt in the process, but I hated that Bella got caught in the middle of everything. That just seems to be the case with everything lately.

I lean back in thought. Maybe this weekend I could take her out, get her mind of things. Have some sort of normalcy, for the both of us. That and the concert would be coming up soon. That’d give me at least something else.

Bella finally comes down her hair still damp as she rushes to get it brushed. She steps into her black boots and throws on her jacket. She was wearing black jeans and a gray slight midriff shirt. I swallowed back trying to behave, especially considering what recently happened. I wanted to be respectful and not do anything that might haunt her with what Kenny had pulled.

I hand Bella her backpack on the way out. My parents wave us off from the pasture. When we get to the parking lot I notice Bella leaning against the window.

“You alright?”

She nods batting her eyes a bit. Bella must’ve been up nearly all night. We head to our lockers, then to class. Bella takes her seat as I follow behind and take mine. She lays her head down on the desk and shuts her eyes. Pete nudges her as he enters class. She groans out opening one eye.


He laughs.

“What’s with you?”

“Ugh, I feel like shit.” I cover my mouth to keep from laughing.

That’s just Bella she catches you off-guard like that. Her eyes widen and she covers her mouth.

“I mean crap. I feel like crap.”

He laughs again as she rises up making sure the teacher didn’t hear her. Once she sees she’s in the clear she lays her head back down. I turn away realizing I’m staring at her ass as she’s leaned over. Why am I such a jerk? Here she is clearly exhausted and after what happened that’s the last thing she needs. Knock it off Clark. All I could think about was sex. Sex this and that, I rub my face in misery and lean back in my seat.

The teacher walks around and hands out the assignment for the day. He kicks at Bella’s chair. Bella jumps and wipes her eyes.

“Are you alright Ms. Swan?”

She nods as she takes her assignment. Before long Bella’s out again her face planted on the assignment and pencil in hand. I wish I had known she hadn’t slept. I’d have tried to get her to stay home. Oh things get worse from there. Bella has the worst luck. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one thinking of sex. I become completely frozen in my seat as Bella starts talking in her sleep. At first it’s slight moans and I notice her heart rate picking up somewhat. Her body twitches around as she sleeps. I clear my throat thinking it’s just me, since that’s where my mind kept going. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The loudest of moans escapes followed by the words “Oh Clark baby.” Pete and Chloe shoot me a glance as the entire class looks upon Bella; then to me. Oh no…

I take in the deepest of breaths and reach over shaking her. Yeah that just makes the moaning worse. Even through my pride on my girlfriend having sex dreams about me during class, I felt myself blushing.



She says tiredly and I nod.

“Um you might want to try staying awake.”

The class starts laughing. Whitney pats me on the shoulder as he walks past to turn in his paper.

“Lucky dog….” He mutters.

Bella meanwhile looks around totally lost about what just took place.

“Clark?” She whispers seeing how the class and our friends were looking at us.

She then looks to see she’s not even touched her assignment and there is only 10 minutes left to class.

“You’re kidding me!”

She hurriedly starts to rush through her assignment. Not that Bella ever had to struggle when it came to her grades. Bella finishes just as the bell rings and she hands in her paper. As soon as we get out of class Chloe puts her arm around Bella’s shoulder.

Oh, Clark baby…”

Bella gets this odd expression on her face. I shake my head elbowing Chloe. Naturally, she just laughs. Petey pats me on the back and I sigh.

“Ok guys you’ve had your fun.” I hint hoping they’d let it go.

“What’s with everyone?”
“Not sure…” I bypass knowing she’d freak if she knew the truth.

Bella’s cell goes off. She looks upon the text rolling her eyes. She hands me the phone.

Are you coming to work today? Lex

I narrow my eyes in thought.


She sighs shaking her head.

“And what does that prove Clark?”

That he has no control over you Bella, but another idea was coming to mind. One I’d been putting some thought into.

“What if I had a proposition?”
“And what would that be?”

“What if we were to do something of our own?”

“That would be?”

I move a strand of hair from her face and slightly press her against the lockers I lean into her ear.

“What if we ran our own business?”

She giggles a bit.

“I’m serious.”

“Hmm, and what business would this be Clark?”

I shrug.

“Well I was thinking maybe this town could use something a bit different. What if we added some Bella and Clark flare to it?”

“What have you in mind?”

“Seeing about opening our own skate park? A shop as well.”

“Here in Smallville?”

“Precisely, we all know there needs to be more to do around here, especially for our age group.”

“Let’s just think about it, before you go blowing me off on this.”

“I’m not blowing you off it’s just besides you, Pete and myself I don’t know any other skaters in town.”

“All the more reason.”

“Think about this Clark. Where would we even get the money?”

“Why don’t you let me worry about that part?”


I start texting Lex back with her phone.

Nope. I QUIT!

I place the phone back into her hand and kiss her lips. Only can’t really stop once I start. I go to pull away only to find myself kissing her again. The bell rings for our next class and we both laugh as we take off down the hall.

When lunch time comes we both take one look at the trays they were handing out. Then exit the cafeteria, with looks of disgust. It was some sort of meatloaf or something; it smelled as bad as it looked.

We start walking towards the parking lot. I lean against the truck and wrap my arms around her. Once again I’m trying to watch what I say or do. I wasn’t sure just how much Kenny had said or done. She takes me by surprise though as she slowly turns and faces me. Her hands run along my chest and she starts kissing me, heatedly.

I look around making sure we’ve no audience. After I know we’re in the clear I grip her ass pressing her even more against me. I wanted more of her. I look around once more and pick her up pinning her against the truck. I run my hands up that gray midriff of hers. However, I come to a complete stop. My heart literally sinks to my knees.


Her arms are around my neck and she’s literally sobbing. I quickly drop my hands. I swallow back my nerves completely shot. She takes a few steps back covering her face.

“I’m sorry Bell, I wasn’t thinking. I…”

She looks to me like she’s confused.

“Why are you sorry?”

I take in a breath.

“It’s too soon… you know after…” I hint.

“Bell hun… I…”

I felt ill and like the worst boyfriend ever. I knew what Kenny had done and yet, I just had to push my limits! She cries even harder and I’m nearly having a full on panic attack. At this point I wasn’t sure what to do. I was afraid to even touch her.

Bella does this thing of leaning against one hand on the truck. She literally starts gagging she’s crying so hard.

“Bella!” I put my hand to her back.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“Stop please!” She practically shouts.

I move my hand.

“It’s not you Clark! You haven’t done anything wrong.”

“The hell I didn’t. After what Kenny…”

She snaps around. She looks to me pale as a ghost.

“Of course you would think that’s what this is about. Jesus what’s wrong with me…” She says in this soft defeated tone.

Bella closes her eyes for a moment.

“Clark… I’m not a good person. I’m not even a good girlfriend!”

I’m floored by this. Why would she say such things?

“I’ve betrayed you and in the worst way!”

Um what? How could Bella of all people possibly betray me and how?

“I didn’t come to you Clark and I should have. I’m so sorry. I fucked up and big time. I was… I was scared Clark.”

“Scared of what? Of me?”

“No… of losing you!”

This is usually the speech a girl gives a guy when she’s been cheating on him. So what the hell because, I know Bella! Even if we can’t have sex I know she’d never pull something like that.

“You’re going to hate me! I won’t blame you! You might even dump my sorry ass.”

My eyes widen. Did she cheat on me?! This is Bella Swan! Of course she hasn’t Clark, you IDIOT! She loves you, she’d never. She digs into her pocket, placing something cold and silver into my hand. I narrow my eyes upon the item. My fingers run along the familiar engravings. I’m taken back to the point; I can’t even think a coherent thought or so much as speak at the moment.

I take a minute to grasp this. How long has she been hiding this from me and why?! The heat begins to flush along my entire body. I look upon her and shake my head. She closes her eyes again. Bella’s never ever done something like this.

“Wingman huh…?”

She grimaces at my words. My jaw clenches tightly.

“How long have you been hiding this from me?”

“I found it when you were dealing with Kenny; the engravings were the same as what was on his bracers.”

“So you’ve been holding on to this since?”

She nods shamefully.

“I should have told you and I know that!”

“That’s right you should have. I thought we were in this together Bell. You should have said something the moment you had a chance. Why didn’t you come to me with this last night?!”

“Clark baby, I know I messed up. I don’t even know where to begin, on how to gain your trust again.”

“I told you Bella, I told you. I said you were the one person I could trust. If I can’t trust you…” I make myself stop, I felt sicker by the moment.

Ok, so she didn’t cheat on me. Bella however, was the one person on this entire planet I trusted. The one I knew would always have my back no matter the situation. The one I’d literally do ANYTHING in this world for. The girl I’m madly in love with. So this felt like a SLAP TO MY FACE! Why would she of all people do this? This wasn’t Bella. Not by a long shot. What’s come over her?! I HATED THIS FEELING I WASN’T USED TO THIS NOT WITH HER! Here I was thinking I’d touched her wrong or something along the lines of that, but no a lie was amongst my girl’s pocket. One she’d taken upon herself. She’d broken the one promise she’d made me. I knew what this was. IT WAS THE KEY TO MY SHIP! THE ANSWERS TO EVERYTHING I’VE LONGED TO KNOW! THE VERY PERSON THAT HAD SWORN TO HAVE MY BACK WAS THE ONE ATTEMPTING TO HIDE IT FROM ME!

This anger continues to flow through me.. I roar on top of my lungs as it hits me.


Her bottom lip quivers. Streams of tears continued down her flushed face.

“I was afraid ok! I’m still afraid!”


The both of us lock eyes upon this. I was so determined to find out who I am, what I am, where do I come from, who are my biological parents? I never once thought about the fact that this could mean ripping me away from her permanently. But yes… that’s a possibility. All I can say about that is it’d take one hell of a battle to EVER keep me away from her. Whoever tried would simply have to take my life in the process. She’s my one weakness besides the meteor rocks. I can’t live without her nor do I want to. Even as pissed as I got. I still love her more than anything in this entire world. Bella has me heart and soul. Only now, I wasn’t so much mad as frightful of the outcome as well. Could this key be the destruction of any life I’ve built here in Smallville? Ironically, considering how often I feel like up and leaving Smallville behind. Deep down though I knew that wasn’t true. It didn’t matter where I went. I can’t run from who I am. I’m a freak anywhere I go. I stuff the key into my pocket. I reach over and take Bella’s hands. I put my hand upon her cheek and look her in the eyes.

“No matter what happens Bell, I will always find a way back to you. I mean it. Don’t you ever give up on me because, I can assure you whatever happens I’m on my way back to you. I need you to believe that. I need you to have faith in me on this. Nothing’s tearing us apart not even my past and sure as hell NOT our future. I love you Bell. You hear me…”

She nods and looks back to the ground sadly.

“I want you to believe in me. I’d never turn my back on you.”

She nearly knocks me down as she hugs me. Her hands clasp tightly around my neck her feet dangling from the ground. I couldn’t help, but to smile a bit and hold her. Strangely enough I understood why she’d done what she had. I’d have probably done even worse than she did if this was Visa Versa. In fact I know I would have.

“I’m so sorry Clark baby.”

“Don’t its ok. We’re good, just no more secrets.”

She nods her head against me. I swallow back trying to think of how to lighten the situation.

I clear my throat and drop my hands. I let out nervous laugh.

“Um well, this was certainly light in comparison to what I thought at first.”

She looks to me puzzled.

“The way you were going on about this… I thought you were going to tell me you were cheating on me.”

Her jaw drops and she punches me in the arm. A good one too only it hurts her more than me. She grits her teeth.

“Dammit Clark, what are you made of steel?!”

I shrug and check her hand over.

“You’d think you’d learn by now…” I hint about the hitting.

She rolls her eyes.

“What am I supposed to do carry a bat around?”

“If it makes you feel better…”

Still that shameful look resided in her eyes. I cup her chin and look her in the eyes.

“Don’t, I understand now. I get why you did this.”

She hugs me yet, again and I swore my heart melted. I knew it tore her apart. There was no shadow of a doubt whether she loved me or not. This right here was all the proof I needed. Her guilt alone became too much to bare. She couldn’t make it past a day without it eating her alive.

After school we meet with Chloe to work on The Torch and Wall of Weirdness. Bella’s at the computer scrolling through something. She cuts Chloe a disapproving look.

“Um Chloe?”


Chloe’s got her head down, working on the last touches to the school paper, before we hand it out tomorrow.

“What was your meeting with Lex about?”

Chloe’s heart rate picks up significantly I notice. She swallows back her body tense. What?!

“Oh nothing really, we were just discussing certain grant programs for graduation next year.”

Bella leans back in her chair crossing her arms about her chest. She wasn’t buying it neither was I. Chloe’s body language was all over the place.

“Oh… Huh, So he’s showing interest in such things?”

She nods.

“So there was nothing else?”


Bella nods, but makes a certain look. I knew that look. Bella however, says nothing else. She returns to the computer. Every so often she scans the Wall Of Weird then goes back to whatever she’s doing.

On the way home, Bella peers over at me as I take the key out from my pocket. I twirl it around in my hand. A mixture of emotions stirred within me. She pulls up to the house. The both of us sit in the truck in silence for a moment.

“I think Chloe is lying to me. She’s never lied to me before, so why now?”

She was. However, I wasn’t quite sure what to say about this. They were best friends have been since we first started school. There’s only been a handful of times that I ever knew of where they’d actually fought, each quickly resolved.

“So what do you believe she’s lying to you about?” I say in roundabout way.

“I think Lex is trying to gather information from Chloe.”

“What kind?”

“Not sure, either way… I don’t like the mere idea. Too close for comfort.”

I nod in agreement. She too looks to the key in my hand.

“You going to tell your parents?”

I look to the house in thought.

“I don’t know… What do you think?”

“Honestly, considering the subject Clark. I think you need to this time. We have no idea what this could mean.”

Something else occurs to me.



“Is this why I found you sleeping on the porch?”

She nods looking shameful again.

“Did you go to the ship?”

She nods again.

“You didn’t…” I hint about the key.

She looks upon me with widened eyes.


I have a good laugh at her reaction.

“Lord knows what happens when you stick that in there!”

Exactly… What would happen? Do I even want to find out for sure? Was I even brave enough?

“You want to look don’t you?” She says with a smile.

“Yes and no.”

“That’s what I felt when I went last night.”

She looks out the window and exhales.

“You should go take a gander.”


I clear my throat.

“Would you go with me?”

“Is that what you want?”

I nod. Ok not very manly. I know, but I felt better with her there.

“I can do that.”

I stuff the key back into my pocket.

“We’ll go after supper.”

She nods.

“Sounds like a date.”

I grin at this shaking my head.

“Yeah a cheap one.”

“But interesting nonetheless.”

“Speaking of which, I thought maybe I could take you out this weekend. Hit a movie? Dinner even?”
“Clark Kent are you asking me out on a date?!”

Bella… she drives me crazy. I shake my head grinning.

“Yeah, I guess I am.”

“Huh, well I’ll have to think about it.”

“Hmm, well while you’re doing that…”

I reach over and pull her into my lap. I kiss along her neck and shoulders, making my way to her lips. I look around making sure my parents were nowhere within sight. Slowly, I lift up her shirt. I lower her bra so I can have at least one peek. Then I bring my lips to them. A moan escapes her lips. I wanted her so bad. I force myself to stop. Last thing either of us wanted was getting caught. I quickly adjust her bra and shirt.

I lean back and take her all in.

“I think we need to sneak out tonight.” I hint in longing.

She smiles biting her lip.

“I think we can arrange that.”

I was desperately trying to come off my high before we got out of the truck.

“You ok?”

“Yep, just need a minute.” I hint yet again.

She leans into me only causing more friction. I’m literally a rock down there now. She giggles letting me know she could feel it. Bella however, can be very cruel. With this certain grin about her face she continues to move her hips about me.

“Bell…” I moan out and obsessively start kissing her.

Grrr why can’t we have SEX?! She then opens the door the smile still about her face. She pecks my lips once more before getting out of the truck. I shake my head on this. She knows just how rile me up. I give myself a moment before grabbing our backpacks and heading inside.

We get our homework and the evening chores done before supper. Halfway through supper I look to Bella then my parents. I take the key out and place it in the middle of the table. My father starts to choke on his tea and my mother covers her mouth. Bella pops a chunk of carrot in her mouth and loudly crunches it. She folds her arms about her chest.

“Yeah we might be one step closer to finding out if Clark’s really an alien or not.” She says and winks at me.

“I’ve got ten bucks, which says I’ve been right about Mork all these years.”

She was doing her best to lighten the mood. However, both my parents were frozen in place just staring at the key.

“Where’d you find this son?”

“Actually, Bella did.”

She swallows back on her carrot. They both look to her. She shrugs and sips at her tea.

“Kenny had it. I’m not certain where or how, but I believe he’s had it since the meteor shower.”

“All these years?!” My mother exclaims in disbelief.

Bella nods.

My father, I was having a hard time reading. To be honest he looked like he could flip out any moment. He clears his throat and stands up from the table. He starts clearing off the table and doing the dishes.

“So how does it work if you’re from another planet? I mean is that still considered a green card?”

“ENOUGH!” My father snaps back at Bella.


“No more jokes like that young lady!”

Since when? Bella’s always made jokes like that. It’s never bothered me. So why should it bother him?

“I wasn’t meaning any…”

He cuts her a death stare. I shake my head and scoot out of my seat.

“Dad seriously, what’s with you?! You know Bella means nothing by it. She’s just messing around.”

“Well enough’s, enough.”

Bella shakes her head and raises from the table.

“Well what would you suggest John? We all run and hide? Screaming in panic?” Bella fires back angrily.

Oh no… My father slams his fist down on the counter.

“Bella, I don’t want to hear another word about this!”

“Well that’s just too damn bad!”

He looks to her in disbelief.

“What the hell did you just say to me?”

“You heard me! I’m part of this family too! You can’t keep me quiet just because you don’t like what I have to say!”

“You’re just spouting off nonsense that doesn’t have any business being said.”

“Exactly, NONSENSE! Jesus! Clark knows I don’t mean anything by it!”

“You might be a part of this family Bella. However, when it comes to this right here. YOU KEEP YOUR DAMN NOSE OUT OF IT! This is between Clark and us NOT YOU!”

HELL NO! I grit my teeth at my father’s words.

“You don’t ever talk to her like that again! I mean it dad! I don’t want her keeping out of it! I need her!”

“Need her doing what son? Making jokes at your expense? Acting like this is all just something to laugh at!”

“Dad you seriously, haven’t a clue. You have no idea what either of us goes through! If you did you wouldn’t even think such accusations.”

“Why don’t we all calm down now? Let’s just take a breath.” My mother says softly putting her hands upon Bella and John’s shoulder as they stare one another down.


She storms out of the kitchen, grabs her jacket and keys.

“You leave this house and you’re grounded for a month!”

She nods and slams the door on the way out.

Well there goes our date this weekend. I sigh in thought yet, oddly enough, found myself turned on by the way Bella stood up to him.

“Why do you do that dad?”
“Do what son?” He says gruffly.

“Say that kind of stuff to her. You do realize you keep sounding as if you’re trying to push her out of my life?! At first it was about how maybe we shouldn’t be dating after all. Now you pretty much told her that this isn’t her business.” I say holding up the key.

“Do you have any clue just how much she’s done for this family? For me? Not cool dad. I have her back on this one. You had no right to say what you just did. Keep trying to push her away dad. See where it gets you.”

“That’s not what I’m trying to do and you know it Clark!”

“Then what exactly are you doing dad?”

“And now where are you going?”

“I’m going to find Bella. I’m going to let her know that despite what you say, she is a part of this, all this! Bella has kept our secret for years! She’s been put in harms way because of what I am. You taught me better than that dad! Yet, you’re going against everything you taught me, each time you backlash at her! All of this because she made some silly jokes! Jokes that I should be taking offense to not you!”

“It wasn’t the jokes son!”

“Then what?”

“It’s that!” He points to the key in my pocket.

I take a few steps back in disbelief. Wait… so all of that was his anger towards this? So him lashing out at her had nothing to actually do with her, but me?! WHAT?!

“Unbelievable.” I say with true disappointment.

“Screw this.”

I take off. I knew I was told, not to use my abilities, at this point I didn’t care. Dad just took blame upon Bella for who and what I am. NOT COOL. I don’t understand him as of late. He does and says things I never dreamed he’d do. I love my father; he’s one of the best fathers anyone could have. He’s also very honest, hardworking, and caring. However, as of late the way he treats Bella has me hacked. Why was he treating her like a threat? If he wanted to take it out on someone it should have been ME!

I finally find her, but stand back. She was visiting her parents. She crouches down and puts her hand upon Charlie’s grave. Bella however, bows back and drops to her knees. My heart sinks as I watch her break down. I hear her say something I never knew she felt. Ironically, it’s something I’ve always felt.

“Dad… I think there’s something wrong with me. I’m trying. I really am, it’s like I just don’t fit in. I’m so different. I’m not like any of the girls at school, even my best friend she’s nothing like me. I’m always saying or doing the wrong thing. I don’t dress or act right.” She grabs at her gut and sits upon her legs. “All I keep doing is disappointing him. We used to be so close and it’s like the older I get. I’d swear that man can’t stand me! It’s like ever since he found out I’ve fallen for his son…” She sucks back a breath.

“It’s like… hell dad I don’t even know for sure. Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough for Clark. Like I’m not worthy of his affections, he’s so much more than I could ever be.”


“I miss you both so much.” She looks towards Renee’s grave.

“You were always so beautiful. Your dresses, makeup, I still can smell your perfume sometimes, and the way you carried yourself. I’m nothing like you though. I’ve got dirt under my nails, my hair’s a mess as usual, and I’m about as klutzy as they come. But that’s how I know there’s something wrong with me. I don’t want to be like those other girls. It’s just not me. I don’t do manicures, pedicures, makeovers or any of those things.” She shakes her head.

“I just don’t see what he sees in me.”

Yeah I can’t do this… I make my way behind her. She jumps a bit as I wrap my arms around her. I kiss her neck then place my head about her shoulder.

“I see you Bell, my best friend, my partner, my lover. I see the little girl I grew up with only she’s a woman now; one that’s beyond sexy and drives me mad with lust. Each day I find myself anxious to begin another day with you. When I think of my future, I’ve not a clue what to expect all I know is that, you’re there every step of the way. All I want is right here in my arms.”


I twirl her around facing me. I kiss her lips, desperately wanting her. Lately, I’d swear my hormones or something were lit ablaze when she was around.

“I suppose I’ll let it slide for now.” She says with a slight grin about her face.

“What’s that?”

“You spying on me.”

“Hmmm. It wasn’t intentional.”

“It never is Mork.”

I grin and take her hand. I lead her to the park not far from the cemetery. For old times sake I push her on the swing. Something she always loved, still does at time. Often enough I catch her with her headphones on, her eyes closed and she’s going high as she can possibly go. Neither of us were in a rush to go home. All I knew was I was going to have to sit my dad down. It was time for a one on one. I wasn’t going to allow this, not again.

Once she gets high enough I appear before her. I hold out my arms. She giggles and comes sailing off the swing. I catch her just as lightening spreads across the sky. She frowns as she looks up to the overcast sky. She gasps out as it begins to pour down on us. She starts to run towards the truck, but I yank her back over. Bella was dripping wet and beautiful. Something about the rain pouring down the way it was made me desire her even more.

“Clark!” She yells over the thunder and rain.

She breaks into a smile as I pull her into my chest. She jumps as the thunder rumbles again.

“I’m right here. Nothing to be afraid of.”

“We could get struck!”

“You’re right, we could.”

With no one else around I kiss her lips, from there we start making out. Something comes over me though something I’ve never done. I knew no one was around and with the weather and how far away from town we were, no one was coming. I roll up her soaking wet shirt and toss it off her body completely. I then snap off her bra. Before me was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. Here she stood before me sopping wet, topless and the rain only continued to pour. She’s blushing, but with a smile. I welcome myself to her breast and start sucking on them pressing her hips against me. I couldn’t help the words that desperately left my mouth, but they were honest.

“Do you have any idea, how badly I wish I could make love to you? Bell, I want you so bad, it’s damn near killing me!”

She nods looking the way I felt. Her breathing was a bit erratic and her heart rate. Bella drags me to a nearby tree. We look around yet, again. She takes off my shirt and hangs it up on the branch. Her hands ran down my chest and along my back. I undo her jeans and place my hand inside her panties. I couldn’t believe how warm she was in there. I swallowed back liking the way she felt against my fingers. I start doing things with Bella I never thought I’d do. Things that I wasn’t even sure what came over me; all I knew was how badly my body craved hers.

“Clark…” She says in this soft alluring tone with her back arched.

I can’t help, but to grab myself through my jeans. There was something else I wanted to try. Something else I’d learned through the things Pete talked about. I always pretended like I knew, but hadn’t a clue. I was curious. I lean her up against the tree yanking her pants off. I then hike up her leg. Her fingers automatically lock into my hair as I taste her below. Honestly, I’m nervous even though I’m seriously turned on. I didn’t want to gross her out or hurt her. Bella tasted so good and something about it felt good. She goes to unzip my pants, but alarm comes over me. I’m entirely too turned on one touch from her could prove to be deadly. I understood her wanting to pleasure me as well, but that wasn’t really an option. Not something I’m willing to chance.

I gently move her hand once she has me unzipped. She looks to me disappointed which I HATE! If she only know how much I wanted her to touch me down there. I come back up after I take notice and kiss her. Decidedly, I try one thing… I turn around with my back towards her and I take her hand. My eyes were already crossing at the mere idea. I prayed this wouldn’t be a mistake. I take her hand to me I guide it letting her feel me. I ached so much I feared I’d come immediately. Keeping in mind her hand is right beneath mine I carefully move it about. Bella actually let out a moan just to this and I saw her peering over to look. I took extra precaution to aim far away. most people especially women might be offended by this, but it was all Bella and I had to go on at the moment. We craved one another and had no other way of release. I slightly have her grip more firmly and stroke about me harder now. If her hand alone feels this good I couldn’t even imagine how good the real thing would feel.

“Bell…” I say softly in warning.

My eyes widen as she kisses along my neck and her hand becomes even tighter on me. I shoot and I swear it was even harder than the first time I got off. Just her hand being there alone was so hot it was unreal. I kept picturing it being the real thing. It didn’t take much with her breath right against my neck. Keeping it real as possible I reach back and kiss her. I fix my pants surprised I actually managed not to rip them this time. We hold one another, still it continued to downpour. The thunder becoming even louder, but for once Bella wasn’t acting fearful, in fact she seemed content. Both of us were. I catch some headlights however, coming our way. I quickly grab her shirt and bra. I help her get dressed first and then rush to get my shirt on.

Bella of course is giggling the entire time. We hear the sound of a car door.


We both look to see Lex. His face was priceless as he finally took notice I too was there.

“Sorry I saw your truck and grew concerned, with the weather and all.”

“I’m fine Lex.”

He nods. Really? You came all this way? I seriously doubt you were visiting in this weather! What’s your game Lex?! It’s obvious you didn’t think I’d be here! My jaw clenches at this and I tilt my head upon him. Lex Luthor was beginning to cross certain lines that would eventually lead to me kicking his ASS!

“Well I’m here and she’s safe and sound.” I hint bitterly.

He smiles.

“I can see that. Are you certain you won’t come back to the Talon?”

We both look to her at this point.

She nods.

“That’s a shame, I think we’d have made great partners Ms. Swan. It’s not the same without you.”

She wasn’t even there that long Lex!

The rain beats down on his black umbrella.

“Well I’ll be going then.”

I nod and fold my arms about my chest. We watch as he exits the cemetery.

“Bell, I think you really need to watch your back with Lex.”

She shrugs looking that direction again.

“I’m serious, something’s not setting right with me about all this. Just please listen to me on this.”

She nods.

“I’ve no reason to be hanging around Lex anyway Clark.”

I nod and kiss her forehead.

“Let’s get you home before you get sick.”

After we get home, I have Bella go wait for me in the loft. I head inside the house to grab us some dry clothes. My father comes down the stairs as I’m wringing my shirt out in the sink.

“Son why are you wet?”

“It’s raining.” I say with a shrug.

“I can see that, but…”

The both of us freeze completely as we hear a gun shot outside. I look to my dad.

“BELLA!” I take off towards the barn.

There she lay right in the middle of the barn. My nightmare had come true. I rush to her side and see the hole in her chest.

“NOOOO!” I cover it with my hand.


I pull her into my lap as I do my best to keep pressure on the wound.

“Clark…” She mutters softly, but starts coughing.

“OH MY GOD!” My mother says as she and dad rush inside.

“Mom! This isn’t happening! TELL ME THIS ISN’T REAL!” I literally shriek out as I rock her.

I come to my feet.

“I’m taking her!”

My parents don’t argue.

“We’ll meet you there.”

I nod and take off.

As soon as I get to the ER I grab the nearest doctor by the collar.


He narrows his eyes and looks to her chest. He nods and throws his coffee in the trash. He takes her from my arms and places her on a gurney.

“I’ll take it from here.”

“She lives! You understand me! My girl lives!” I say and realize I’m shaking him by the collar.

I drop my hold. My world crashing down on me, I watch as the double doors continue to swing, the nightmare revealing itself, over, and over, each time that door swings open again. This time I’m the one to drop to my knees. I’m the one that’s just had my heart ripped out of my chest. Not HER! This isn’t real! This isn’t happening. WAKE UP CLARK! But it was. Someone shot Bella with ill intentions.


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