Chapter 15 Shock Through The Heart!

Chapter 15

I do not own Smallville or Twilight. Please read and review. Someone left a review asking if some JLA members or other Twilight characters will be introduced. Yes they will ;). As to Bella I have certain plans for her as well… you’ll see. Just be patient. One more thing I’ll touch on, a reviewer had a complaint about this story being in pov’s. If enough reviewers request narrator version then I can fix that. It’s not an issue. I just know I can’t please everyone, but am willing to fix a bothersome issue if it’s a problem. It’s easily fixed I just need time to go back and fix other chapters. Thank you for reading. On to the story!


“Well come on in.”

I push my way past him.

“Something wrong Clark?”

I begin to scan the entire mansion with my X-ray vision. He puts a hand to my shoulder.

“Clark? Are you alright?”

I shrug it off with gritted teeth. How dare he act like my friend! I whip around and grab him by the collar.


“She?” He shrugs out of my hold.

“Don’t you play games with me Lex!”

“I’m actually at a loss Clark. By all means feel free to look around.”

He makes his way to his living room. He pours himself a drink.

“I’d offer you one…”He hints knowing I don’t drink.

“I swear to GOD Lex, if I find out you had anything to do with this! I’ll end you where you stand!”

He narrows his eyes.

“Did something happen to Bella?”

I pace the living room eyeing him. At this point I wished I could read minds. I desired the truth.

“Where is Roger Nixon?!”


I take his precious globe and toss it across the living room.

“I know he was working for you! NO more lies Lex! I want to know everything and now!”

“Jesus Clark. What’s happened? What’s going on? Please tell me Bella is alright… It is her isn’t it? What’s this about?”

I walk over to him and grab him once again.

“YOU KNOW IT IS!” I do my best to keep my powers under control. Believe which is no easy task at the moment. I know though if kill him and he is behind this. I could lose her forever.

I pin him up against the wall.

“Now again! Roger Nixon! WHERE?!”

Lex sighs.

“I wouldn’t know anything about that.”

“Just so convenient for you isn’t it? You’ve taken this obsession entirely too far Lex! You’re lying to me and I know it. Damn it Lex! I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND! I CAN’T EVEN STAND TO LOOK AT YOU!”

I punch him in the gut.

“That’s not even HALF of what I’ll do to you if I find out you’re behind this. I MEAN IT LEX! THAT GIRL IS OFF LIMITS! NO ONE TOUCHES HER! EVER!”

“Step aside Clark.”

I turn to see the Sheriff Miller and his officers in the mansion. I grit my teeth and drop my hands. I turn back to Lex ruefully.

“Go home Clark. We got it from here.”

I tilt my head hearing something… What is that? I look around again. Ethan grabs my arm. I swore I heard what sounded to be some sort electronic beeping, from a distance. Where?! I’m led out of the mansion as I’m trying to focus on this.

My parents are already outside the Luthor gates waiting for me. I look back to the mansion once more. Meanwhile, I’m being escorted to my parent’s truck.

“Are you trying to get yourself arrested?! If Lex wishes to press charges…” He hints.

“He knows where she is!”

“And we’ll take care of it. You need to go home Clark and let us handle this. We all witnessed you being violent towards Lex Luthor. He could very well use that against you. If so we have no choice…”

“I dare him to even try!”

“CLARK!” My father yells as he gets out of the truck.
“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. Go home!” Ethan snaps.

“In the truck son.” My father says eyeing me.

I slam the door as I get in.

“You called them?”

“We had to son. You know that. With this we need the law on our side. That and we can’t very well go having you exposing yourself!”


“I mean it son. You need to listen to me on this.”

“It’s BELLA!”

“You think I don’t get that! We’re all suffering. You’re not the only one affected by this!” He snaps.

“All you’ve done as of late is pick on her dad!”

“Clark!” My mother scolds.


“First of all, watch your mouth son. Secondly…” He grips the wheel.

His knuckles going white. Dad pulls over and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Dad…” I swallow back realizing he was actually crying.

“You’re right son. You’re right…”

He clears his throat and wipes his eyes. My mother wraps her arms around him.

“We need to stick together on this. It’s what Bella would want. We’re family not enemies. Your father is right however, Clark we have to go about this legally as possible. If Lex is behind this. He will face prison time.”


“Clark we understand your anger on this, but you need to promise me, you will not take matters into your own hands on this!”

“The hell with that! I’m not about to make such a promise. Dad I’m going to do whatever it takes to find Bella!”

“That’s what we want you to do. But WITHOUT giving yourself away son. What I want you to promise me is that you will not take anyone’s life. Not ever son. That’s not what we do.”
“And that would make you no better than he Clark. You honestly believe within your heart that Bella would want that for you? You’re not to take Roger Nixon or Lex Luthor’s life or anyone for that matter. You’re not a murderer son. You’re a Kent and that’s not how we do things. You need to think about Bella. Think about what she’d want you to do.”

“She’d want me to find her at all means necessary! Every time I turn around someone’s hurting her! I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE! HOW CAN SHE?!”

“That maybe true. But I highly doubt she wants her future with someone that’s taken a life. That’s not who she is either. She’s a good kid just like you. She’d expect more out of you. We all do. You’re just angry son. Trust me I understand your feelings on this. Your mother and I have grown to love Bella like our own. The thought of someone causing her harm.” He winces shaking his head.

“Look we’re going to get her back. That’s the first thing we need to focus on. Focus on finding Bella. We do this discreetly, legally and without anything you could very well live to regret. You’re better than that son.”


“Do we have permission to search the premises?”

I shrug.

“By all means do whatever’s necessary.”

“You sure you don’t want us to get a warrant.”

“Seriously, Sheriff Miller you’re just doing your job. No need for me to add to the stress. Make yourselves at home.”

The sheriff nods and sends his men to look around. I do my best to keep myself in check. I need to keep as calm as possible. The key around these idiots is to play along. Besides I knew there wasn’t a chance they’d find her. She was hidden too well. That and if I play it off well enough they wouldn’t suspect anything other than Clark’s losing his mind. If he only knew I’m doing this to help her. She truly is in better hands now. I’ve got the only the best lined up in Isabella Swan’s care.

Just as I suspected they find nothing. They didn’t even go into the basement. They checked a few rooms and that was it.

“Sorry to have bothered you Mr. Luthor.”

“Please no issue at all. I just hope they find her. I can only imagine what the Kent’s must be going through. Though I’m rather hurt by the fact that Clark thought I had something to do with it. I’m sure he’s just under a lot of stress.”

Sheriff Miller sighs.

“Well if you hear of anything please let us know. The Kent’s are beside themselves. I’d never seen Johnathon like this.”

I narrow my eyes at this. I truly wished I could get through to the Kent’s. If I could find a way I’d let them know she’s alright. I won’t let anything happen to her. I respect the Kent’s, always have. I just hate that as of late Clark and I haven’t been on very good terms. I really thought he was my friend. If he was he wouldn’t let certain things get in the way of our friendship. Honestly, what’s wrong with a little healthy competition? That’s this was. That shouldn’t mean we cast aside our entire friendship.

I decide to lock up for the night and go check on the lovely Isabella. Now I could give her the proper attention she needed.

“How’s she doing?”

The doctor looks up from his seat.

“She’s stable. Her vitals aren’t quite where I’d like to see. She’s going to need a lot of TLC Mr. Luthor.”

“That’s why she’s here.”

He nods.

“Well I’ve done all I can for now. I’ll return in the morning.”

“You just be sure to stay by the phone in case I need you to return before then.”

“Of course.”

“Also remember that this is between the two of us. This gets out to no one. I’ll even throw in a bit of bonus…” I hint.

He smiles. Yeah I had him hook line and sinker. It’s funny what throwing a bit of cash around will do. I escort him out and lock back up. After that I make my way back to Isabella. I get an ice chip and run it along her lips. They were getting pretty chapped. I caress her forehead as I do this. I couldn’t get over how young, how innocent she looked.

I take it upon myself to look upon the stables in her chest. I wanted to blow that bastard’s brains out all over again! I couldn’t believe the amount of damage he’d done. HE ALMOST KILLED HER! I was growing angry all over again! This girl would be forever scarred thanks to him. Way to ruin a nice pair of breasts. Very nice breasts… Hopefully the scar will diminish within time. If not I could get her a good plastic surgeon we’d get that nipped in no time. Respectfully, I cover her back up.

She whimpers out softly in her sleep. I check her monitors over as I cup her hand with my own.

“It’s going to be ok now. You’re in good hands.”


Out of sheer ridiculous hope I enter Bella’s room once we get home. Of course, she’s nowhere to be found. I sit on her bed and look around. I turn to her nightstand and pick up the picture of the two of us. It was one of my favorite ones. I had her on my back and she had her arms locked around me. She was sticking out her tongue. My mother took this right before Bella and I even started dating. Only further proof of what a fool I was. Why didn’t I see things the way I do now back then? All I kept doing was trying to push those feelings I had for her away. All because I felt they were wrong. When the truth of the matter was I was wrong. I was wrong by not giving into them and stupidly believing Lana was the one.

I sit the picture back down and lay back on her bed. I could hear my father talking on the phone with Ethan. Apparently they searched the place high and low and found no signs of her. That just didn’t set right with me though. So what now? I can’t just stay put while god knows what is happening to her. I’ve no way of knowing what was being done to her. What if she’s awake now and scared out of her mind? I grimace in thought. Yet again I felt powerless even with what I’m capable of.

3 days later…


I feel someone holding my hand.

“You’re looking a lot better.”

Lex? Wait…

“Her vitals are strong today. She should be waking soon enough.”

“Let’s hope so.”

The urge to open my eyes was strong. However, my survival instincts must’ve been kicking in. Something within me told me not to. I feel someone kiss the top of my head.

“I’ve a meeting. I should be no more than a couple hours at the most. Can you stay with her until I return?”

“Yes sir Mr. Luthor.”

“Thank you.”

I hear a door of some sort sliding open and then closed. My entire body ached, my chest felt as though it was on fire.

“Just you and me again.”

It sounded as though he was flipping through a magazine. I open one eye and bravely look around. I peer over to see a man sitting at a desk. He was in a midnight blue suit. His back was to me. He was the only one in the room. I see all the monitors around me. What was I not hooked up to? Where was I? I quickly shut my eyes as I hear the man coming to his feet.

“You’re heart rate’s sure going.”

I feel him checking my pulse.

“Hmm, so what’s your story? Why does Mr. Luthor indulge so dearly to your needs?”

What the fuck is going on?! Am I in the manor? Where’s Clark? Where’s Johnathon and Martha! Why am I being looked after by freaking LEX LUTHOR of all people?


The beeping on my heart monitor picks up.

“I better give you something to calm that? Are you sure you’re not awake?”

I hear him sigh and he starts digging in some sort of bag. No way am I letting him stick me with anything! I try to think quickly. I see a metal bedpan on a table beside me. This was going to suck… I quickly take out my IV and whatever else was connected to me. I reach over and grab the pan. I rapidly lay back down and drape the pan over the railing of the bed. I prayed he didn’t take notice of it. He turns back around. I quickly shut my eyes.

“What on earth…” I hear him utter.

I open my eyes and as he’s leaning over me . I swing with all I’ve got. The man groans out and falls to the floor. I gasp out in agony. I felt like my chest damn near ripped open. In fact I even look down my gown to make certain. Thankfully, all was good yet I felt like freaking Frankenstein’s bride. I force my feet to dangle off the side of the bed. But they were numb from being in bed too long. I moved them around trying to get some feeling into them. I feared this doctor or whatever he was would come to soon.

Once I manage to get some feeling back I come to a stand. My hands shook and I felt weak. I needed to get out of here though. My knees tremble with each step I took. I make my way to the sliding door and pry it open. That’s when I realize just how SICK Lex Luthor truly is. It was all coming together for me. I was in a basement. No better yet a room built within a basement. I knew I didn’t have time to diddle daddle so to speak. This guy could wake up any moment and I knew I hadn’t the strength to take him on. With every bit of strength I can muster I find the way out of the basement. I walk down the hallway. It seemed so far away. I knew there was a phone in Lex’s office. However, I could barely move as it was. There wasn’t a part of me that wasn’t hurting. I thought I’d cry like a baby on how badly my chest hurt.

The determination flowed through me though. I continued to walk down the never ending hallway. After what seems like forever. I manage to make it to his office. Weakly, I take it upon myself to sit in his chair. I had to catch my breath. Whilst, I do this I curiously dig through his drawers. When I tilted my head a certain way though; I found the hidden gun strapped under his desk. I reach under and take it out of the holster. I check to see if it’s loaded and sure enough it had 5 bullets. I sat there in thought.

I place the gun in my lap just merely eyeing it. My intentions were to come in here and call the police, then the Kents. Why wasn’t I? I pinched the bridge of my nose. The pain only grew worse. It all hits me though. Kenny Braverman, Roger Nixon, and now Lex Luthor? I grit my teeth in thought. I WAS TIRED OF BEING THE VICTIM! LEX LUTHOR JUST UNLEASHED TRUE HELL! I wanted to make him see just who the hell he was messing with. So I sit here and I wait. I take whatever agony that courses through my body. Just so I can see Lex Luthor’s face when I aim this damn gun at his head! I painfully reach over and get the phone ready to dial. The plan… I was going to kill Lex. Then call and tell them I was kidnapped. I’d lie and say there was a confrontation when I tried to escape. That I had no other choice. In order to live I had to kill Lex. I kept that plan as I leaned back in his chair.

Another hour passes still I wait. Within time I hear the front door open. I hear him coming down the hall. Lex enters the room, but doesn’t even see me. He’s tossing his jacket onto the couch. I’ve my gun aimed right for him. KILL HIM BELLA DO IT! END HIS MISERABLE SORRY EXCUSE FOR A LIFE! I just sit there though. I watch his every move. The bastard pours himself a drink and downs it. His glass clings against the bar as he does this. I cock his gun. I pick up the phone. I already had the Sheriff on speed dial. Lex turns to me with this wide eyed expression. A smile succeeds along my face.

“Hello Lex.”

He raises his hands in the air.

“Now Isabella let’s be reasonable.”

He takes a step towards me and I fire right at the floor barely missing his foot.

“Sheriff’s office…” I hear on the other end.

“Yes this is Isabella Swan and I’ve been kidnapped. I’m in need of assistance. I’m being held at the Luthor Estate.”

Lex shakes his head.
“Let’s talk about this now.”

“There’s nothing to talk about. In fact it would be wise for you to shut your trap. Mr. Kent taught me a thing or to. I can assure you Lex I won’t miss the second time around. As of now you belong to me. Not a soul on earth will have an eye to bat if I shoot you where you stand.

He was working for you wasn’t he?!”

Lex sighs.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I merely brought you here, because you needed proper care. Care that only I myself can provide. The Kent’s do not have the means necessary…”

I shake my head and fire another round at his bottle of scotch. He needed to see I wasn’t lying about my good aim.

“I bet that was expensive. What year was that? Now no more lies. Did Roger Nixon work for you?!”

“It wasn’t what you think. This wasn’t supposed to happen! I never meant for you to get hurt!”

I nod at this. I hear the sirens outside.

“Please just listen to me. You’re making a big mistake.” He pleads as his door is busted down.

Once the police enter the room I place the gun on Lex’s desk. Ethan nods my way.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m far from alright.” I say as I eye Lex.

I dial the Kent’s as they arrest Lex. I close my eyes to the familiar voice.

I swallow back.


“Clark the police are already, here. I’m at Lex’s.”

I hear the sound of him hanging up. The other officers help me to my feet and escort me out. This was playing out like a really bad movie. They sit me up in the ambulance. The police begin to question me left and right. Often, they’d kept asking me the same questions over and over. I start getting agitated as I’m not sure how much more pain I could tolerate.

That’s when I see him though. He’s peering into the ambulance with this wounded expression. Our eyes lock and he pushes his way past the police. He climbs into the ambulance.

Neither of us says a word. We just hold one another ignoring everything else around us.

Once I’m good and doped up. On the ride to the hospital, I tell Clark everything. I knew he’d freaking blame himself. Apparently, we learned something else. Clark can’t see through lead. I remembered the room all too well. He told me how he looked around and saw nothing. He even skimmed the basement area. Clark had gone as far as to search each hospital in Metropolis amongst other surrounding areas. He broke into Luthorcorp as well. The poor guy tried everywhere. I could see it all over his face. I was where he originally started. Clark took that pretty hard. He told me about hearing the beeping. He was angry at himself for not recognizing what it was.

Clark never left my side. No one dared question him about it either. Even when I pleaded for him to go home and rest, he wouldn’t. He slept in the tiny couch in the room. As big as Clark is I knew that couldn’t be comfortable, but he didn’t complain. Johnathon and I finally had a heart to heart that was long overdue. He explained why he’d been acting the way he had. Martha and I also shared a moment. Chloe came by with Whitney and admitted what she’d done wrong. Like Clark she blamed herself. What I didn’t expect was Petey… The moment he saw me the poor guy broke down. Making the first I’d ever seen him cry ever! He too blamed himself. He and Clark told me about what took place. I felt ill on the subject. I didn’t even remember it. Pete felt it was his fault they got away with it. Everyone even Mr. Kent wanted to somehow take the blame. There was only one person however, that should, Lex Luthor…

A few days later I’m released. I couldn’t wait to get home. Of course Martha and Clark can’t help, but to pamper me. Which I happen to hate. It’s bad enough I’m always getting caught in these situations. I know they mean well, but ugh. Lex wasn’t about to get out of jail anytime soon as well. The charges were stacked on pretty thick. This time they had proof of his wrongdoings. There was no questioning what type of man Lex Luthor was now.

Martha and John are gone dealing with a lawyer. Clark’s in his room watching TV. Meanwhile, I was getting prepared for my bath. It took some work as the doctor gave me some sort of plastic wrap to place around the stabled area. I grimace as I look into the mirror. I finish unbuttoning my shirt. No matter how many times I looked it still got me everytime. Gently, I run my fingers along the area.

I turn to the knock on the door.


“Um just a sec.”

I quickly cover myself with my blouse holding it together. I open the door and Clark’s leaning against the doorway. His usual blue jeans only I noticed he was in a black shirt today. Not his usual colors.

“Can I help?”

My eyes widen at this. Good god, no and see how nasty I look?!

“I got it.”

Of course this is freaking Clark Kent. He ignores me and steps inside as he pulls the door shut.

“Um Clark…”

“Just let me help you Bells.”

“Clark please.”

I try to shove him out and wince.

“Easy…” He says with a sigh.

He gently forces my hands down to my side. I was pissed I didn’t want him to see me like this.

“Dammit Clark!”

He looks at me as if completely lost.


I cover myself back up.

“Just go. I got this.”

“Why won’t you let me help you?! You let mom help you!”

“That’s different! I’m not dating your mother!”

He breaks into a smile shaking his head.

“That’s not funny Clark.”

He ignores me yet again. Then takes it upon himself to finish taking my shirt off. He narrows his eyes staring right at it! I felt my face flush vibrantly. Clark reaches up and runs his fingers down the area.

“Does it hurt?”

I nod feeling humiliated. He was the last person on earth I wanted seeing this. Clark however, leans over and kisses the area. He then helps me get undressed. HOT tears come down my face and he looks to me in alarm.

“What is it Bell? Do you need your medicine?”


He puts his hand to my cheek.

“Then what?”

“I didn’t want you to see me like this Clark.”

He looks to me in disbelief.

“Why not?”

“It’s gross. How can you even stand to…”

He puts a finger to my lips.

“Enough of that, it’s not gross. Nothing about you is.”

He starts the bath. He then wraps up the area. He even takes it upon himself to sponge me down and wash my hair. Clark… there are no real words for this man. He didn’t seem at all phased by the grotesqueness before him.

Things were falling back into play. However, it was a cold night and I was hurting pretty bad. I try to limit myself on the pain meds. I don’t like that feeling of having no control over my body. That’s the feeling they gave me. So I’d gone all day without. Clark’s doing his chores. Martha asked me to get a can of her homemade pickles from the cellar. It’s where they keep most of their homemade jarred stuff.

I make my way down and realize how high up it is. Without truly thinking, I reach up to grab it. I stumble back a bit reaching to my chest. The pain coursed through my entire core. My attention quickly goes to something else. I look over and see that Clark’s ship is glowing beneath the tarp. I just stood there dumbfounded. I swallow back nervously as the glowing begins to cascade across the entire cellar.

“CLARK!” I shout as I cover my eyes in a blocking matter with my hands.

I scream out as I’m lifted up into the air. Something jolts within me. My arms are forced apart. A beam of light hits directly over my chest. What seemed like forever ended in a matter of seconds. I’m lowered to the ground. The ship stops glowing and Clark’s already crouched over by my side. His eyes were as big as an owl’s.

“Did you see that?!”

He nods looking dazed.

“CLARK!” I yell as he randomly rips my shirt open.

He then looks back to the ship and back to me. His fingers run along between my breasts. I look down and scoot back in sheer panic and disbelief.

“I believe my ship just healed you Bell.”

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  1. For some reason this fic has a different writing style with all your other works…hmmm…just something I’ve noticed…

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