Chapter 16 Dropping In Like Flies

Chapter 16

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“So the key flew out of your pocket?” Clark’s father questions.

“So right now the key is in the ship?” Bella asks.

“Yes Bell.”

“So the ship healed you?” Martha says again in disbelief.

“You realize this something else you’ll have to watch.” Johnathon hints.

Bella nods.

“I know. Thicker clothes, groan out in pain, every once in a while. No professional wrestling?”

Clark grins shaking his head. He folds his arms about his chest though and looks back towards the shelter.

“SO you think that was it? The ship lived its purpose?” Martha inquiries.

Clark shakes his head.

“I’ve a feeling this is just the beginning.”

“Well something about the ship must’ve deemed, Bella, worthy enough of its care.”

Johnathon looks to Bella in thought.

“Maybe it’ can sense certain things…”

Bella put her hand to her chest in thought. Clark takes notice of this. He places his hands about her shoulders. Martha takes her hand and pats it gently.

“Hmm.” Clark moans out.

His hands go under her jeans. They continue kissing, but freeze when they hear the clearing of a throat. Clark narrows his eyes looking up from the couch.
“Can we help you?” Clark questions rather irritated.

The man smiles.

“Yes actually, I was told that you could possibly tell me where the Luthor’s are?”

Clark tilts his head on this eyeing the man. He looks back to Bella.

“Stay right here Bell.” He says with a pleading expression.

She nods. He helps her adjust her blouse. Bella sits up on the couch. The man nods towards her.

“How are you?”

“You can talk to me.” Clark hints sternly.

The man in the black suit nods. He was tall like Clark, he’d midnight hair, and he too was built a bit like Clark. Only Clark was slightly burlier. He looked to be about Lex’s age. He offers a hand to Clark.


“Bruce Wayne. I’m from Wayne Enterprises. I was to have a business meeting today with Mr. Luthor. Only he’s not at the manor nor is he answering his phone. I was told that you two were good friends. Thought that maybe…”

Clark refuses to shake the man’s hand.

“Any friend of the Luthor’s is no friend of mine. I also do not want you on our property. Go back to where you came from.”

The man raises his brow on this.

“Forward aren’t we?”

“I’ve my reasons Mr. Wayne.”

“Well I can assure you I meant no disrespect. It’s just I’ve come a long ways…”

“Try Metropolis’s finest prison. You can find him there.”

Bruce Wayne looks to be in surprise.


Clark nods.

“Irony at its finest; let me guess a raw business deal?”

Clark narrows his eyes at this.


Bruce looks to Bella then back to Clark; like he’s piecing it together. Bruce however, tilts his head looking back to Bella.

“I know you…” Bruce says pointing towards her.

Clark goes into guard dog mode. He grabs the man by the collar.

“No you don’t. NOW OUT!”

Bruce sighs and pats Clark’s knuckles.

“Easy now… I’m not the enemy.”

He looks back to Bella.

“You’re last name doesn’t happen to be Swan does it?”

Bella comes to her feet. Clark grinds his teeth together. He shoves Bruce down. Johnathon comes into the farm just in time to see this.

“What are you doing son?”
“This here is Mr. Wayne. He’s looking for Lex.” Clark hints.

Johnathon sighs.

“Well then I can see why my son’s reacting the way he is.”

John offers Bruce a hand.
“He needs to leave dad!”

“I got this son.”


“Clark… that’s enough.”

Bruce dusts himself off and looks back to Bella.

“QUIT LOOKING AT HER!” Clark growls.

Bella covers her mouth in shock.

“CLARK!” John and Bella both chorus.

Bruce feels the tension about the room. He knew Lex Luthor must’ve screwed this family royally. He found himself wondering what he’d done to the girl in particularly.

“Clark why don’t you take Bella inside?”

“Actually, I’ve other business concerning her as well. I’d not expected to find her here of all places. You’re rather hard to find.”

Now Clark and Johnathon look to Bruce like a couple guard dogs. Bella nervously, comes to a stand.

“Now why would you be looking for me?”

“If you’re who I think you are. You’re uncle has been looking for you for a couple years now.

“You must be mistaken. I haven’t any family left.”

“Correction he’s the only family you have left.”

Johnathon sighs.

“I happen to know that not to be true.” Johnathon replies.

“I knew her family quite well.”

“That maybe true… Mr…”

“Johnathon Kent.”

Bruce nods.

“Mr. Kent… However, her Uncle never dropped the other n in Swan. There seemed to be a family feud of some sort, causing some members to drop the extra n in their name. Mr. Virgil Swann was Charlie Swan’s uncle. Making Virgil Bella’s great uncle. He’s been trying for quite some time. He came to me. I had some other personal issues hit and couldn’t look right away. But I swore to him I would first chance I got. I just never imagined I’d rather bump into her.”

“You said you knew her just by looking at her though.”

“That I did. Your Uncle is a brilliant man. He managed to take your childhood photos, and develop them into what you may look like as an adult. I must say its dead on. You’ve come out as a very striking young lady. He’d be honored to know this.”

Johnathon shakes his head on this looking to Bella.

“Have you ever heard of this man before?”


Bella says making her way down.

“Your name is Isabella Swan, you’re 17, you were born in Forks, Washington, and your parents were Charlie and Renee Swan. Unfortunately, I wasn’t looking for you in a place like this. Like your uncle we’d been trying all the orphanages around the Washington area. Kansas is a bit of a stretch as you can see. We’d have no reason to ever believe you were here.”

“Everything you just said is a matter of public record!” Clark fires back.

Bruce nods on this.

“Like I said I’ve had my own matters to deal with. I cannot force you to believe me of course. However, I do wish you’d allow for me to personally bring Mr. Virgil Swann to your residence. Let him have the opportunity to speak for himself. You should be aware though Bella your uncle isn’t in the best of health as of late. He’s put up a good fight.”

Bella has this fixated bewildered look to her face.

“I’d like to meet him.”
“Bell! Come on this guy’s lying!”

“I don’t think he is Clark.”

“You’re honestly going to believe this! He comes here looking for Lex! Then he gives you this hog wash story! This has Luthor written all over it! And we still don’t know what happened to the other guy…” Clark hints.

Bella flinches and lowers her head.

“I can assure you I do not work with the Luthor’s. To be honest when I said I came here on business. It was to call Mr. Lex Luthor out on some rather fishy business deals he’d been making, considering the situation. I suppose, I no longer have to concern myself with the such. Granted I can earn your family’s trust. Ms. Swan I’d take pleasure in bringing him down myself to meet you or visa versa. Whichever would make you more comfortable? I can promise you that neither he, nor myself mean you any harm. He simply wishes to meet you.” He hands her his business card.

“That’s my home and cell. Call me anytime.”

Bella nods looking to the card. Clark shakes his head bitterly.

“I’ll be on my way now. I apologize for any inconvenience I might have caused.”

He turns to Bella.

“It was a pleasure to meet you. I do hope to hear from you soon.”

Bruce nods towards Johnathon and Clark. Clark watches as he enters a black limo. He half laughs shaking his head. Not a friend of Lex huh… He thinks and looks back to Bella.

“If you’re to do this, FINE! But, you’re not doing it alone, understood!”

Her jaw drops on how Clark snapped at her.

“Son…” Johnathon says catching this himself.

“No, she needs to hear this. We almost lost you. Frankly, I think this is a really stupid idea! You’re far too gullible!”

“I’m sorry you feel that way.” She says softly and exits the barn.

Johnathon sighs and puts his hands to his hips.

“Excuse me?!”
Bella stares upon Lana in disbelief.

“You actually expect me to believe that! Lex Luthor’s not a murderer! What have you done Bella! Honestly your lies are getting you nowhere! They will all come crashing down on you soon enough.”

“You walked over here just to tell me this?”

Lana nods.

“Huh… well you can go home now.”

“Not until I’ve talked to Clark. Even he has to know this is complete nonsense!”

Bella smiles
“Well by all means princess.”

She points towards the house. Lana turns that direction and stomps out of the barn. Bella laughs shaking her head. However, as Lana leaves. Bella looks around seeing she’s alone. Not only that, but in the very spot… That heart sinking feeling hits her. Chills run down her spine. Her body felt clamy.

She looked up and saw him standing there. Right at the entrance, he aimed right for her. She didn’t even have time to scream or call for help. He simply fired and with a damn smile on his face. Bella staggers back reaching to her chest in memory.


Lana welcomes herself inside. John and Martha look to her oddly. Clark tilts his head in wonder. Lana paces the living room.

“You should all know that what Bella’s saying is nothing, but lies. Honestly, Clark! You know Lex better than anyone. How can you stand there and believe him to be a murderer? You really think he’d try to hurt Bella?!”

Johnathon scoots out of his chair angrily.

“Now you listen here young lady.” Johnathon points his finger right at Lana.

“How dare you come to our house and call Bella out like that! It would be wise if you learned to keep that trap of yours shut. You obviously know nothing about this. I’ve always pegged you for a smart girl. Right now however, you’re proving otherwise.”
Lana’s jaw drops.

“We know what took place. We have Bella’s back on this. Don’t you ever come into this house and use such a disrespectful mouth again!”

She covers her mouth in shock. She starts toward the door and Clark leans against it with one hand.

“What happened to you Lana? You never used to be like this. What’s come over you?”
Tears fill her eyes and she reaches for the doorknob.

“Let her go Clark.”

Clark sighs and opens the door for her.

Bella’s at the door just as he opens it. She and Lana lock eyes for a moment. Bella’s eyes widen and she looks to Clark in shock. Lana wraps her arms around Bella.

“I’m so sorry.” Bella gets this uncomfortable look on her face as Lana hugs her.

She narrows her eyes.

“Um… ok..?” She says patting Lana’s back slightly.

Lana then drops her hold and takes off.

Bella makes her way inside. She shakes her head confused.

“Anyone mind telling me what just happened?”

The three of them look to one another. Each shake their heads upon Bella.

“Well… ok then.” She grabs a Gatorade from the fridge.

She drinks it leaving the door open as she does. Something Martha can’t stand. Martha takes in a breath. She makes her way over and shuts the fridge. However, as she does this a jar of pickles lands on the floor, with a loud bang and it shatters. Bella gasps out and jumps back.


Bella reaches to her chest, looking to the pickles and glass on the floor.

“Bella dear… are you alright?”

Bella nods. Martha cups Bella’s cheeks and looks her in the eyes.

“You’re ok now…” She says soothingly.

Clark picked up her racing heart rate. Martha pulls Bella in hugging her. Clark quickly cleans up the mess.

“Sorry…” Bella whispers and rushes off to her room.

“I can’t even imagine.” Martha says looking towards the stairs.

“She’s been through a great deal. It’s going to take her sometime.”

Clark nods at his father’s words.

Bella paces around in her room. She takes out Bruce Wayne’s card. She runs her finger along the digits. Bella then turns to her computer. She begins to search anything that has to do with Virgil Swann. He’s an astronomer and satellite communicator. That was all she could really find on him other than his date of birth. She leaned back in her chair thinking of the irony on that.

She looks back to the card. Just as Clark was curious about where he came from. Bella was curious about the only member left of the Swan family. She and this Virgil guy where the only remaining ones. If this Bruce guy was telling the truth.

Bella decidedly, types in Bruce’s name.

There was a lot more to him. He was an orphaned raised by his butler. His parents were murdered when he was just a boy. He was a billionaire industrialist now.

“Well you’ve certainly done well for yourself Mr. Wayne.” She utters and twirls around in her chair.

Still even she couldn’t deny his profile alone… sounded a lot like Lex Luthor.

Bella rises up hearing a car door outside. She looks out to see another limo.

“Is he back?” She says thinking it was Bruce Wayne again.

Bella makes her way out of her room. She dashes down the stairs to answer the door. She opens the door to see a tall man, with semi long and wavy hair, he’d a beard and mustache, and he was dressed in a black suit. He smiles as he looks upon Bella.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes, are your parents’ home?”

“Um yeah…”

John and Martha make their way over. John immediately places Bella behind him.

“Ah, Mr. Johnathon Kent. It’s been awhile.”


Clark makes his way down stairs and freezes.

“Might I come in? It seems we have a few things in which we need to discuss…”

“Clark why don’t you and Bella head into town for a bit.”


Johnathon take out his wallet. He hands Clark a fifty dollar bill.

“Take Bella out on that date son.”
“HE HAD IT COMING!” Clark barks at Lionel.

“CLARK!” His father snaps.

“You and Bella go on now.”

“Yes, go out and have a good time.” Martha says with a smile.

She walks them to the truck.

“What’s going on mom?”

“Now I don’t want you two concerning yourselves with this. Just let it go. Let your father and I handle this.”

“You know he’s just here to try and swindle his way in to lessoning Lex’s charges!”

“And we’re not going to let that happen. You need to trust us. Now I mean it sweetheart. You take Bella out and you both just let everything go. Be teenagers again, have fun.”
“It’s a school night.” Clark reminds.

“Well we can let that slide just this once can’t we?”

Clark hesitates for a moment and opens the door for Bella.

Clark pulls over halfway to town.

“Bell…” He takes her hand.

“I’m sorry… about earlier. I just…”

“It’s ok Clark.”

“No it’s not. I can’t believe I talked to you that way. I…” He pinches the bridge of his nose and grips the wheel.

Bella undoes her seatbelt. She scoots over and kisses his cheek. He shuts his eyes feeling undeserving, of her affections at the moment.

“Stop that Clark. Even you can’t always be the perfect boyfriend. That’d hardly be fair to all the other men out there!”

He grins shaking his head.

“I’m far from perfect Bell.”
“That’s exactly what I just said!”

He chuckles. Bella smiles and pecks him on the lips. She takes in a breath though.

“I just need you to try and understand me on this Clark. If Mr. Wayne is telling the truth… Virgil Swann is the last relative I have. Not only that, but he said he was in poor health.”
Clark sighs and pulls her into his lap.

“If this is really what you want.”

“It is Clark.”

“Ok then… but together.”

“Thank you.”

Clark nods and places a strand of hair behind her ear.

“So wanna try to hit that movie, we never got to hit?”
Bella bites her lower lip in thought.


Clark chuckles.


“I’m game!”

Bella crawls out of his lap. He starts down the road again as she leans against him.

They get their tickets, popcorn and drinks. As promised Clark picks the very back seats. Bella giggles to herself as he wiggles his brows and plops down. He chunks a piece of popcorn at her.

“Now don’t be giving us away.” He hints.

She chunks a handful into his hair.

“That’s not right.”

“I know… you might get lice now… Can you get lice?”

Clark dusts the popcorn out of his hair.

“Now it looks like you have dandruff.”


“You’re welcome!”

Clark puts his arm around her. He pretends he’s going to kiss her forehead. He smashes a fist full of popcorn into her hair.

“Clark Kent!”

“Shh… movie’s about to start.”

She half growls and shakes her hair out.

“Now you really do look like you have dandruff.” He whispers in her ear.

He pulls her in and kisses her forehead.

“Such the romantic.”

He chuckles.

“I try…”

Halfway through the movie; Bella ends up in Clark’s lap. He moves her about him as they make out. At one point Bella just leans against him. She lays her head on his chest. Clark swallows back on this and wraps his arms around her. Both felt like emotional time bombs, just waiting to go off.

“I love you.”
“I love you too.” He says and runs his hands along her back.

After the movie they walk around downtown. Clark comes to a stop though. An empty building caught his attention.

“Hey this way.” He took her hand as they crossed the street.

Clark peered in through the windows.

“This would be perfect.”

“Our skate shop remember?”

Bella laughs.

“Seriously look…”

He steps aside and Bella peers in.

“Not bad, but where would we come up with the money?”

He ignores her and takes her hand yet again.

He walks her towards the back of the building.

“Even more perfect.”

“It’s just an empty lot that no one uses Clark.”
“Precisely.” He says with this childlike expression.

“What’s going on through that head of yours Clark?”

He puts his arm around her and looks around.

“Something that’s just for us. Adding a bit of Bella and Clark flare to Smallville.”
She grins, but with a sigh.

“Sounds a bit too big of a dream Clark… Running a business and at our age?”

“What? We’re both smart capable people.”

“That we are. But we’re smart capable broke teenagers.”

He chuckles on this.

“I’m sure we could find a way…”

“A petition…”


“Yeah… We could take it to school and door to door. See how many members of the Smallville community would take interest. At least this way we’d know if it’s even worth the shot. Last thing we won’t is to open up a business and go bankrupt the first week. I think it would be wise to do this petition first Clark.”
Clark nods.

“Maybe we can also get away with this being a city governed matter.”

“How so?”

“Well a skate park gives something for teenagers and others around Smallville to do. Not only that, but it would be free access to the public. Something like that should be seen as a civic issue. That in itself should qualify for funding such as grants.”

“And you can’t have a skate park without a skate shop.” Bella says with a smile.

Clark laughs.

“See we already got it figured out. I say we start tomorrow.”

“Yep I’ll make a petition spread out tonight.”

“Maybe Chloe and Pete would be willing to help spread the word as well. With Chloe’s skills who knows what she could come up with.”

“See we’re freaking genius’s Clark.”

“That we are. However, you more or less lined up the plan.”

“You do realize however. Just who we have to turn to in order for this to fly.”

Clark sighs.

“Yeah I thought about it too.”

“They’d be the ones that have to go up against the board in our defense.”


“So how do your parents feel about this?”

“Guess we’re about to find out.”

Clark takes one last look around the area. Bella couldn’t help, but to notice just how into this he was getting. He truly seemed excited on the mere idea. She just hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed and that they could truly pull it off.

“Is that a threat?” Johnathon says his fist balled up.

Martha puts her hands upon her husband’s shoulders. Lionel smiles.

“Now I wouldn’t call it that. Let’s just say we both care about our sons a great deal. The way I see this is middle ground. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. This adoption thing continues to stay under wraps. The hearings are to come soon enough. Until then you and your wife should seriously discuss these issues.”

“He had someone shoot that girl and kidnapped her from the damn hospital! You honestly expect for my wife and I to…” Lionel cuts him off.

“Hmmm. We do not have full proof of this assumptions.”
“The hell we…” Martha squeezes his shoulders.

“It is your choice Mr. Kent. Like I said we’ve got sometime to make some sort of arrangement. I’m sure we’re to see a lot of each other soon enough. Until then I will take my leave. I do hope you both have a pleasant evening. Such a pretty day isn’t it?”

Johnathon’s shakes his head and crosses his arms about his chest. They watch as Lionel exits the house. Martha kisses her husband’s neck.

“HE can’t get away with this.”

Martha takes in a breath.

“And he won’t. We just have to find a way.”

“I won’t allow them to hurt our kids again!”

Martha smiled on how her husband said “our kids.”

“WE… won’t. We just have to find a way around this.”

He sighs.

“We can’t let this adoption process leak out either. I don’t want Clark to know anything about this. He’s got enough to concern himself with.”

“What would you like to do next?” Clark questions as they finish their pizza.

“Actually I’d like to stop by and visit my parents.”

He smiles.

“I think that’s a good idea Bell.”

He wipes his mouth clean. Then he sips from his drink. They both rise from the table. Clark throws down a tip and takes her hand.

They drive to the cemetery. Bella lays down her usual white lilies. She kisses her fingers and touches them to her father’s then her mother’s tombstones. When Bella raises back up, Clark wraps his arms around her. He rests his head on her shoulders.

“I wonder why my father never mentioned him.”


“Virgil Swann.”

“Maybe that’s where the feud begin. I suppose you can ask him about that when you meet him.”

Bella nods and takes Mr. Wayne’s business card out from her pocket.

“Go ahead Bell.” He says pecking her on the neck.

She takes in a deep breath. Bella takes her cell out. Clark noted how her fingers were a bit unsteady as she dialed. He ran his hand soothingly on her back.


“Mr. Wayne?”

“This is he.”

“Um… This is Bella Swan.”

“I’m so glad you called.”

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