Chapter 17 Rebuilding Bella and Clark

Chapter 17

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“HA! Five more signatures than you Clark.”

“Hardly fair when you’re going through the entire football team Bell.”

“Aw… is someone jealous?”

He grins shaking his head.

“Nope…” He says and heads over to the cheerleaders as they enter the building.

“Well he’s either brave, stupid or became suicidal.” Chloe says placing an arm on Bella’s shoulder.
Bella laughs.

“He’s just Clark.” She says with a shrug.

“You’re entirely too chill of a girlfriend.”

“What do you expect me to do? Nag at him? He’s just trying to get under my skin anyhow. He wants me to get agitated with him.”

“He does?”

Chloe narrows her eyes at this. Clark turns to them with a grin. One the cheerleaders uses his back to sign the petition. Chloe notices the disappointed look on his face when Bella merely waves. Chloe laughs and waves in return.

“Holy crap you’ve got Clark Kent pegged to a T.”

“Something like that.”

The cheerleaders all giggle as he continues to talk to them about the petition. Three more of the jocks enter the school. Bella grins.

“Watch this…” She whispers to Chloe.

Bella slowly approaches the guys. Chloe watches as Clark darts his eyes that direction. Bella gets on her tippy toes and smiles warmly. She points to the petition. One of the guys gives her the nod. Chloe covers her mouth in laughter as Clark gets that death stare. Bella starts this giggling thing. The guys nod and all sign the petition. Bella gives Chloe a thumbs up. Clark’s jaw drops once he realizes what she’s up to. Bella blows Clark a kiss and holds up her completed petition list.

“Oh girl you’re evil…” Chloe says wrapping her hand around her arm.

They head to their lockers. They hear Clark directly behind them clearing his throat.

Bella grins, but doesn’t look back.

“So?” She says grabbing her books for class.

“You beat me huh?”


He sighs.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” He groans miserably.

“Wait what?”

“Oh did I forget to mention Clark and I had a bet?”

Pete and Whitney pipe in on this.

“Oh and what was this bet?”


Ok, if I get the most signatures Monday. On our next date you have to wear a dress.”

Bella nods at this.

Ok, ok gotcha. Touché.”


I mean if I win. You Mr. Clark Kent have to wear a dress on our next date.”


Goodnight Clark…”

Wait… what….?”

“Clark has to wear a dress. I say something blue. It brings out your eyes.”

Whitney and Pete die laughing.

“Bell, I say we talk about this.”

“A bet’s a bet Clark.”

“You really want me to take you on a date wearing a dress?”

“Yes Clark it would please me.”

Chloe, Pete and Whitney are losing it. Clark moans unhappily and heads on to class.

Clark hands their friends some flyers to hand out.

“Cool.” Pete says with a shrug.

“And what about those of us who can’t skate?” Chloe questions.

“That’s what the skate park is for. It can also be a learning environment Chloe.”

She wrinkles her nose at this.

“Eh, maybe I could just help run the shop or something.”

Bella laughs.


Chloe sighs with distaste.

During lunch Clark and Bella put on their own little skate show. Both in hopes of convincing others to want to learn or get involved. However, Bella couldn’t get away with showing her true skills. She had to pretend to still be wounded. Halfway through lunch they had half the school watching them in awe. That is until the principal came out. He put a stop to it and threatened to take their boards away. Once the principal’s back was turned… Bella and Clark high fived one another. Everyone started heading to their classes. Bella put her board back in her bag.

Clark zipped over picking her up from the ground as he continued to skate.

“You’re going to get in trouble.” He shrugs.

Clark skates towards the corner of the building. He places her back down. He hops off his board.

“I missed this.” He says heartfelt.

“Me too Clark.”

He takes her hand and they head to their next class.

After school Clark drives them to one of their secluded areas. Neither of them wanted to go home. As of late they wanted to be alone unbothered. Bella lies in his lap. He intertwines his fingers with hers. The both of them listen to the radio. Clark brings her hand up to his lips and kisses it. Bella rolls over pressing her face against his stomach. She felt like an emotional basket case as of late. Clark swallows back on this. She feels him running his fingers through her hair. He took in the way she curled up to him her legs brought up in a fetal like position.

Bella was also easier to anger since the whole Lex situation. Clark knew without a shadow of a doubt. She hated feeling so vulnerable. Bella would much rather be doing the damage to someone’s face; then to be the one having to be saved from the situation. He could see it all over her face each time. Clark knew that’s where the anger was coming from. Bella was one of the strongest girls he’d ever known emotionally and physically.

She sighs and rolls back over facing him. Bella reaches up putting a hand upon his cheek. He shuts his eyes for a moment cupping it with his own. When he opens his eyes, Bella’s crawling into his lap. She wraps her arms around his neck. She finally let’s go. Clark holds her close. Sure she had a few shed tears here and there. But Bella hadn’t truly allowed herself to drop that barrier. Bella almost died. She hadn’t truly faced that fact or the fear.

Clark didn’t dare tell her not to cry. He didn’t tell her to quiet it down. He knew this was what she needed.

“I’m sorry…” She said with a sobbing gasp.

“Don’t Bell. Please.”

She swallows back and wipes her face. She places her hands about his face. Bella starts pecking him on the lips.

“I love you. I love you so much that you were the last thing on my mind. I mean I knew I was dying. But that wasn’t my worst fear. You were… the thought of being ripped away from you.”

He parts her hair away from her face.

“Trust me, I know. I felt the exact same way. I love you too Bell. I don’t ever want to have to face anything like that again. The thought of you dying?! I just can’t fathom it.”

“Guess I have no choice.”
“What’s that?”

“I have to become bullet proof as well.”

He chuckles.

“Hmm…” He mutters and kisses her lips.

“Yes let’s make that happen.” He says with a grin.

He wished he really could think of something to make her more resilient. Not just for protection, but to make her personally feel more at ease. Also for another selfish reason. By no means was it her fault. And he knew she was going through the exact same issue. This no sex thing was getting to Clark big time. He was becoming more and more frustrated. Sure they had other ways around it. But he wanted to the full experience. He wanted to be able to make love to his girlfriend like any normal man would. Clark just didn’t know how Bella would feel a few years from now. How could she possibly want to go years without the real experience? As long as she was with Clark, she’d have to remain a virgin. Granted, he was as well. But it bothered him even more so that she had to go without.

Bella kisses him again more fanatically. She wraps her arms back around his neck. Clark lays her down and takes her pants off. He then slides off her panties. He ached with desire. What he wouldn’t give… He thought as he spread her about with his fingers. So badly he wished he knew what that would feel like. She was so inviting. He took off his shirt and crawled over her. Clark took off her shirt and unclasped her bra. She now lay completely naked beneath him.

He wanted to give her that feeling if at all possible. He pressed his body against her. Clark kissed along her neck and began to stroke his fingers within her. He went with the motion of his body. Even he found himself rather getting into it. She was saturating him below. He didn’t stop if anything he went more robustly.

“This is what I want to do… right here.” He whispers.

Chills filled along her body.
“I want so badly to make love to you Bell. I need you.” He practically hisses meaning every word he said.

“I want to feel you.”

Bella couldn’t control her orgasms. His words alone drove her mad. She wrapped herself around him. He kissed her lips, but was having his own issues. He literally bulged in his pants now. He always hated that part. Like a damn caged animal he had to abruptly make his way out of the truck. He hurriedly freed himself. They hadn’t messed around since she’d returned. So he was beyond backed up as was she. In fact it was so bad that Bella witnessed him falling to his knees as he came. He literally gave one simple stroke and he shot off like a rocket.

“Feel better?” Bella says softly peering over.

He grins shaking his head.

He was thankful that Bella was as understanding as she was. None of this ever truly fazed her. He couldn’t believe he came like that. If there ever were a time they could make love. All he knew was that he was going to kidnap his own girlfriend for months on end. He wouldn’t let her out of his grasp.

Bella hops out of the truck pulling up her pants. She tosses Clark his shirt.

“By the way … I swear you’re getting bigger Clark.”

He gives her this odd stare down glance. She narrows her eyes at this.

“Wait… you thought I meant…” She covers her mouth in laughter.

“Well that’s certainly so… but I meant like in all. Burly… you know.”

He clears his throat on this.


Bella’s cell rings and she answers it. She and Clark get back into the truck.


“Ms. Swan?”


“This is Bruce Wayne. I wanted to let you know, I’ve already arranged everything. Mr. Virgil Swann will arrive at your house Saturday 9 am.”

She takes in a breath.

“Yes sir, thank you.”
“No need. We’ll see you soon Ms. Swan.”

She looks to Clark. He takes her hand and squeezes it gently.

Bella and Clark show John and Martha their petitions. They begin to tell them their idea. Both in hopes of convincing them to stand on their behalf on the board. John and Martha look to one another.

“I see you’ve both given this a lot of thought.”

Bella and Clark nod.

John leans back in his recliner.

“You both realize just how much work would truly behind all this?”

They nod again.

“This could interfere with your social lives, homework, chores etc..”

“We’ve got that covered too.” Clark says.

“Just how so son?”

We got Whitney, Chloe and Pete willing to help with the shop. Martha smiles.

“Well I don’t mind helping as well. IN fact I’m pretty sure I could do some positive convincing on your behalves. I think it’s a wonderful addition to the community.”

John sighs.

“Are you sure about this Martha?”

“Well of course not. Nothing’s ever certain. But I’ve got a feeling… I think this would be a good thing for Bella and Clark. Imagine what this will do not only for their confidence, but as in a step towards adulthood. I say let them take this responsibility.”
“And if it proves to be too much?”

“Well then they’ll have to clean up their own mess. That’s what being an adult is about. We can have your back and defend your cause. But that’s where it would end. Once this picks up you and Bella would be on your own for all other decisions.”

Bella and Clark high five one another.

“That also means no slacking on your other responsibilities. If either of you show signs of this I’ll take it upon myself to shut it down and quickly.”

Bella salutes John. He grins shaking his head.

“I’m serious Bells.”

“I know.”

John chuckles a bit.

“OK then we’ll see what we can do.”

Bella paces the living room. Her nerves getting the best of her. She hadn’t a clue what to expect. She just hoped this was real. That she wasn’t being set up. Last thing she wanted to hear was… I told you so.

Clark came down the stairs. He watched curiously as Bella continued to stride.

“You’re going to leave a trail if you keep doing that.”

“Ugh, I can’t help it.”

“Where’s mom and dad?”

“One of the heifers is giving birth, another breech.”

Clark frowns on this.

“Poor thing.”

“Yeah I was up most of the morning with her.”
“Why didn’t you come get me?”

Bella shrugs.

“You were sawing logs. You looked so peaceful.”

Clark grins on this.

“Still you should have waked me.”

Bella freezes as they hear a car door.
“Jesus Bell, calm down will you?”

He kisses the top of her head as he opens the door. They see a fancy gold colored van parked outside. Bruce Wayne steps out of the van. The driver also does. They open the back doors to the van and lower some sort of lift.

Clark puts his hands along Bella’s shoulders. The man comes out and they wheel him off the platform. He then maneuvers the electric wheelchair himself. The man wore brown wire frame glasses, he’d dark brown hair he kept parted to the side. He was wearing a hunter green cashmere sweater over a white dress shirt. The collar was folded into the sweater he wore. Bella also took notice of the tube that ran from his throat.

Nervously she made her way over to properly greet them. The man smiled immediately.

Bella nods. He holds out a hand. She shakes his hand and he cups it between the two of his.

“I’ve waited so long for this. I’m so glad you’ve accepted Mr. Wayne’s offer. We have much to discuss.”

Bruce looks to Clark. Clark takes in a breath. He was remembering how he shoved the man down in the barn last time he was here.

“I took my pills today…” Clark teases in a friendly gesture, but merely for Bella’s sake.

“That’s good to know.” Bruce says with a slanted smile.

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