Chapter 18 Uncle Swann

Chapter 18

I do not own Smallville or Twilight Characters. Please read then review. (Note: there seems to be some argument in my reviews on where to take Bella in this story. Truth is I already have plans for her. I do not wish to reveal what it is. I may lose some readers on my choices, but my decision stands firm. I will say this much there will NOT be any transfer by lightning strike nor meteor powered abilities (wall of weird style). My plans for Bella are much bigger than that. Something on a deeper level. Just be patient and soon you will see. I will not rush the issue due to total cheese factor if I do. The story must play out and gradually lead where I’m wanting it. Thank you everyone!) On a personal note to those that do not know who Virgil Swann was… He was on Smallville. He was played by Christopher Reeve (the original Superman R.I.P), making the character even that much more lovable. I had to put him in the story. It seemed some hadn’t a clue who he was. I just decided to play with the name a bit and make him Bella’s uncle. This way he also has more draw and play to the plot line. Someone also asked about Ryan… Honestly, I’ve not decided that yet. I can say there will be some Twilight and JLA characters introduced throughout the story.

“Would either of you like something to drink?” Bella offers.

“No I am fine Ms. Swan.” Bruce says respectfully.

“Yes, please just have a seat. Let me really see you.” Mr. Swann says.

Bella timidly take a seat across from her uncle.

“You’re such a beautiful young woman. You must get it from your father’s side.” He teases with a warm smile.

Clark sits beside her and takes her hand. Martha and John make their way inside. Bruce comes to a stand.

“Mr. and Mrs. Kent.”

He makes his way over and shakes both their hands.

“A pleasure to make both your acquaintances again.”

Bella found herself smiling on how proper both men talked. Mr. Swann caught her smile and beamed. He couldn’t get over the fact that he’d finally found her. Yet he himself was nervous. He too wanted to leave a good impression. He and Charlie weren’t on the best of terms when he died. He always wished he could have made up for that. It was so long ago though now. Even with these thoughts though. He stood firm on his belief’s. He would always believe there was something else out there. Something much bigger than mankind. That was the feud… that’s where it all started. Virgil Swann was a believer in extraterrestrial life.

Johnathon nods and the three of them come take a seat.

“It pleases me to see you’ve had such a wonderful upbringing.” He turns to Martha and John.
“I wish to personally thank you in the upbringing of this young lady.”

Bella blushes a bit.

“The pleasure was all ours. She’s such a wonderful addition to our family. We couldn’t picture it any other way.” Martha says genuinely.

“Yes we’ve grown very fond of her. So has our son…”

Bruce grins on this. Mr. Swann catches this grin as well. He looks back towards Bella.

“So you’ve got yourself a boyfriend.”

Bella nods towards her uncle.
“Yes I’m dating Clark Kent.”

Mr. Swann raises his brows on this. A soft chuckle escapes him.

“And all under one roof…”

“They have certain rules they’ve to abide. I can assure you they are both good kids.”

Bruce breaks into a chuckle and quickly clears his throat.

“Ah, well I’m afraid I’ve witnessed just how behaved they are.”

Bella’s jaw drops and Clark flinches. Martha and John turn to Bruce then back to Bella and Clark.

“Son? Something you’d like to explain?”

Clarks sighs.

“Nope not at all.”

Bella covers her mouth trying to keep from nervously laughing.

“Hmm, perhaps we shall change the subject?” Mr. Swann says, but cuts Clark a bitter look.

Clark catches this and shakes his head.

“How close to my father were you?”

“Well I’m ashamed to say, that towards the end we were not. WE hadn’t spoke in years.”
Bella takes in a disappointed breath.

“However, as a child. I knew your father quite well.”

Johnathon tapers his eyes on this.

“Charlie was around the age of thirteen when the feud began.”


“Yes my dear. It seems they did not agree with my belief’s nor the time I spent observing the such.”
“That would be?” Bella questions curiously.

He watches his nieces face closely as he answers.

“I believe in higher life and purpose.”

“And this purpose?”

He smiles.

“I’m not quite certain yet. But I will say this much. There is something out there. something bigger than you or I or anyone else in this room. Something wondrous…”

Bella clears her throat nervously. Avoiding the urge to glance upon Clark.

“Do you mind entertaining me with this theory?”

“Let’s put it this way dear child. What do you believe? Do you believe we’re the only ones that walk amongst this entire universe?”

Bella’s biting on her cheek so hard it’s nearly bleeding. Clark’s hold on her hand becomes slightly tighter.

“No… not really.” She nearly chokes on the lie as it escapes her mouth.

He sighs with true disappointment.

“Everyone’s titled to their belief’s though Mr. Swann.”

“Yes you’re very correct on that. I just had hoped…” He sighs.

“Nevermind, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure we’re to find other things we’ve in common. I do not wish for this to drive you away as well. I’ve just found you. I’d like to get to know you. And call me Virgil.”
“Bella…” The guilt hit her hard.

The look on her uncle’s face were as though she’d hit him. Her heart raced beyond belief. All she knew was she had to protect Clark by all means. She forces a smile.

“I’m sure we’ve quite a bit in common. I agree we shouldn’t let one issue bring us down.”

“How very right my dear. It is really too bad you weren’t around to mediate back in the day.” He says and winks upon her.

She softly laughs.

“Yes it is. However, I highly doubt my opinion would have mattered.”

“Something tells me that’d be incorrect. You seem like a very bright young woman.”

“I try to be.” Everyone laughs.

It was obvious to Johnathon why Charlie never mentioned this man. If he’s telling the truth that would mean the family was embarrassed by Virgil Swann. His belief’s alone had him shunned away. However, there wasn’t a Kent in the room now that wasn’t on edge. None had expected the words that came from Virgil’s mouth.

“Won’t you both stay for lunch?”

Virgil and Bruce look to one another. Bruce smiles reading his face.

“We’d love to actually Mrs. Kent.”

“Please call me Martha. We’d love to have you.”

Virgil and Bella caught up a bit more about the family. They even talked about their lives at the moment. Such as his work and her going to school. They even mentioned the skate shop and their ideas about it. Surprisingly, he seemed like he got a kick out of hearing about it. Virgil found himself full of pride when Clark let it be known that Bella was top of her class in Chemistry. In fact for Bella like her uncle science was her strong suit. She found entertainment and love in the field. If it wasn’t for her protection over Clark. They’d have much more to talk about on that subject alone.

Bella then offered to take Virgil to her parents. He fell in love with the idea and beamed at the very invitation. Bruce drove them in the van. John and Clark joined them as Martha stayed back and got supper ready.

Bella watched her uncle as he made his way to the gravesites. She lay down her usual white lilies. Like usual she crouched down between the tombstones. She’d kiss her hand then put it to each stone.

“I’m glad they are here. To know that they are not alone Bella. They must be very proud.”

She comes to her feet and turns back towards her uncle.

“So you’ve spent all these years alone?” She says almost sadly.
He smiles.

“I’d my studies to keep me more than occupied.”

“Still that just seems…”

She swallows back on how he said this.

“Yes… it can be and was. That is why I’ve taken much pride in finding you. I do not wish for any of our differences to get in the way. I do not wish to ever make those same mistakes again. However, I will say this. There is no changing who I am.”

Bella smiles.

“Then you and I my dear niece shall get along perfectly.”

Bella nods on this and turns back towards her parents once more.

“I’m very sorry that I wasn’t there for you during your hardest trials. Especially in the loss of your loved ones.”

Bella helped Martha with supper.

“Are you alright?” Martha whispers hintingly.

Bella takes in a breath and nods. They both peer into the living room as all three men sit and carry on a conversation. Bella looks to Martha.
“Seriously? What are the odds?”

Martha softly laughs.

“My thoughts exactly.”

“I swear this stuff follows us.”

Martha pats her on the shoulder.

“And like always we’ll find a way to adapt.”

Bella places the chicken on the table. She giggles to herself as she looks upon Bruce. Martha catches this.

“What is it sweetheart?”

“Something tells me Mr. Wayne isn’t a fried chicken lover.”

Martha finds herself laughing as well. Clark of course can hear everything the women are saying. In the middle of the conversation between the men he starts laughing. They look to him oddly. He clears his throat and folds his arms about his chest. He then leans back on the ottoman.

“It’s ready.” Martha calls.

Of course Virgil didn’t eat, but did join them at the table. To Martha and Bella’s surprise. Bruce ate the chicken like it was going out of style. Bella noticed this and grinned. Bruce caught this.

“Alfred isn’t a big fried chicken fan.”

He clears his throat and wipes his face with a napkin.

“My butler.”

Bella chokes back on her tea. Clark gently pops her on the back. Bruce cocks a brow.

“Something amuses you?”

“Nope… Not at all… “

Bella couldn’t resist thought. She looks back over to Bruce.

“Do you have a maid too?”

“Bella Swan!” Martha scolds.

However Johnathon was losing it. Clark was trying his best not to. Virgil just grinned looking upon his niece.

“Why you need a job?” Bruce taunts with a grin.

Bella’s jaw drops. Clark dies in laughter.

“Shut up!” She rebukes.

“Well I for one wouldn’t mind seeing you in the outfit.”

“Clark Kent!” Martha says shaking her head.

Bruce himself chuckles on this however, forces himself to stop. He notices the death stare Clark was getting from his father and Virgil.

“I’m so glad we got to finally meet.”

“Me too actually.”

“Let’s do stay in touch Bella.”

She nods and reaches over to hug him. He beams at this and hugs her in return.

“You both have a safe trip.”

Bella says looking to him and Bruce. Bruce takes her hand and kisses it.

“A pleasure and we’ll do.”

They watch as the gold van leaves the farm and heads down the highway.

Johnathon questions putting an arm around her shoulder.

“They’re telling the truth.”

“I believe so too.”

Clark nods in thought.

“Still we’ve to take extra precaution Bella.” Johnathon hints.

Bella sighs.

“What’s new?”

Clark winced on this. She didn’t mean it the way it sounded. Nor did she see his face when she said this. He shook his head and went back inside.

Clark takes a few steps towards the stairs. He falls to his knees and covers his ears.

He shouts out in pain.

“CLARK!” She rushes over and crouches to his level.
“Clark baby, what’s wrong?”

He grits his teeth as the loud frequency continues to ring in his ears.

“JOHN! MARTHA!” Bella yells frantically and grabs hold of Clark.

She pulls him into her chest.

“What is it?” John questions rushing to their side.

“I don’t know!”

She continues to hold him as he growls out. It finally dies down. Bella drops her hold and checks him over. She runs her hands along his face. He was covered in sweat. Martha took notice and took off to get him some cold wash clothes.

“What was it son?”

“I don’t know.” Clark says weakly.

Bella props herself up against the wall. She places his head in her lap. Johnathon helps lay him down. Martha begins to wipe him down. He closes his eyes for a moment. Bella runs her fingers through his hair.

The three of them look to one another as Clark falls asleep in Bella’s lap. After ten minutes pass by he comes to his feet.

“How are you feeling?” Martha asks.

“Better now. I just wish I knew what that was.”

Bella narrows her eyes with concern. Johnathon helps her to her feet.

“It was so loud.” He shakes his head in thought.

“What was?”

“You mean none of you heard it?”

They shake their heads.

“Of course.” He half laughs.

“Just another day right? What’s new?” He says looking directly at Bella.

“Clark…” She says reaching out to him.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that I…”

“Nah, I get it.” He shakes his head with frustration.

He heads upstairs and slams his door shut. The three of them jump at the echoing sound that travels about the house. Bella grits her teeth and heads upstairs. John and Martha exchange glances.

Bella enters his room. He’s sitting at his desk tossing his baseball up in the air and catching as it comes down.

“I’m sorry Clark…”

“Don’t Bell. I don’t need your apology. You were right. If anything I just proved that.”

Bella takes the ball from his hand. She sits in his lap wrapping her arms around him.

He caves and brings his arms around her.

“Together…” She whispers.

“You’re not alone Clark. You never will be. I love you.”

He takes in a breath.
“I love you too sorry I lost my cool.”

“Yeah, this happens so often. I’ve been thinking about getting you into anger management.”

He grins.

“Is that so?”

“Yep, you gotta get that anger in check Clark!”

He chuckles.

“Anger issues huh?”

“Oh the worst!”

“Hmmm.” He says and picks her up.

“I’ll show you anger issues…”

“Sounds kinky!”

The next morning Bella and Clark come down the stairs. They sit down like usual for breakfast. After they eat John looks to the both of them.

“Thought you two could head into town with us?” He offers.

They look to one another oddly, but shrug.

“Um ok.” Clark says.

They notice how Martha and John share an odd glance upon one another. Once they’re done with their breakfast John has them follow Martha and him out. They follow them into town. John stops at the empty building that had the lot behind it. Bella and Clark step out of the truck confused.

John tosses Clark a set of keys.”
“All yours.”

Bella and Clark’s eyes widen like that of children.

“OH my God!” Bella squeals.

Clark grins ear to ear.


They high five one another.

Martha smiled thinking back to when they were little. Clark opens the door. The both of them floored completely as it was already decked out.


“Surprise!” Pete, Whitney and Chloe all jumped out from hidden areas of the shop.

Bella covered her mouth in utter surprise. A lump formed in her throat. Martha put her hands upon her shoulders.

“How’d?!” Clark says stumbling back in disbelief.

“It’s what you and Bella deserve son. The five of us worked together.”

Bella loses the battle as tears stream down her face. Clark swallows back emotional himself.

“Man… thanks guys! Mom, dad!”

“You’re very welcome son. But like I said this is all your and Bella’s responsibility from here. Do us proud son.”

John and Martha nod towards them and take their leave.

“Awww.” Chloe says pulling Bella into her chest.

Pete pats Clark on the back.

“This is going to be AWESOME!”

“I know right.”

“And to think it’s almost summer! It’s going to kick ass!”

Whitney chuckles.

“I’m serious guys. You’ve not a clue what this means to Bella and I.”

“Honestly, Clark both your faces says it all. It’s worth it just for this alone.”

Clark swallows back taking it all in. He then leans over kissing the top of Bella’s head.

“Well… let’s get this started…”

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