Chapter 19 Cave Of Wonders

Chapter 19

I do not own Smallville or Twilight. Please read and then review. Someone asked if Bella and Clark will eventually have actual sex. YES! Plenty of it too… All within time…

First Day Of Summer…

Bella runs her hands along Clark’s chest as he counts the drawer.

“So what do we got Mork?”

“You keep doing that I’m going to have to keep recounting.

He sighs and goes back to counting.

“51, 53…” She interrupts breaking his concentration.



She looks to him all innocently.

He chuckles. Bella reaches up putting a board upon one of the displays. He lifts her up.

“Clark!” She gasps out in surprise.

“Warn a girl will ya!”
Once she gets the board in place. He lets go then catches her.


She hits him against the chest. He places her on the counter next to the register. Clark kisses her; whilst running his hands up her shirt.

They’d been running the shop and park for two months now. To their surprise they were actually doing quite well for themselves. The closer summer came the more business picked up. Between them and their friends they hadn’t any trouble running the place. Chloe and Whitney usually worked together as did Bella and Clark. Pete preferred to spend more time on the park. As Clark called it goofing off. Clark built the park himself. Something he and Bella kept covered and secret until it was done. Which didn’t take Clark long at all.

Bella and Clark had bonded even more during this time. They took pride in running the shop together. That and in teaching others how to skateboard. Bella thought it was funny some of the girls that suddenly took interest in being taught. Not by her or Pete. No by Clark Kent. It wasn’t just Bella that took notice in how Clark was “blooming”. As time progressed Clark became taller, broader, and more muscular. Bella often teased him about how he’d been stung by bees or was taking steroids. Bella naturally, felt jealous at times on how girls flocked to him. However, she trusted Clark. She didn’t question his loyalty.

She also never made Clark wear the dress. She only made him sweat bullets. Bella even bought a dress and laid it out on his bed the night of their date. Just as he was about to miserably put it on she stopped him. He was more than relieved however; she did make him wear a Mork and Mindy shirt. She found it online. It was a nice vibrant red with a rainbow on it on the bottom it read Mork and Mindy. Not only that, but it was nice and snug. She also ordered the suspenders that Mork had worn. She tucked Clark’s shirt in that night and put on the suspenders as well. Clark wasn’t too thrilled he even asked if he could maybe wear the dress instead. Since then she’s been wearing the shirt as a nightie. She has a picture of Clark on her nightstand; in the very setup from that night. He keeps hiding it. Bella finds it and puts it back up.

They had a few more strange cases of meteor freaks; so to speak, throughout the year. All in which they continued to add to the wall of weird. Thankfully, these cases didn’t get too out of hand before Clark put a stop to it. Between him and Bella they were able to bring them back off whatever took them over. Together they were learning more and more about what these rocks were capable of and the affect they had on others. The irony was that Clark’s one weakness was somehow their strength. Bella had begun to keep her own personal logging of all these things. Even about Clark. She kept thus hidden in her room under a loose board.

Clark places her back down and takes her hand as they go to lock up. After they got home they warmed up some leftovers. Then they got ready for bed before much longer. Once they were in bed. Clark grinned amongst himself. He saw the lightening and sure enough the thunder followed. He was already waiting for it. Sure enough he hears Bella making her way down the hall. He heard the creaking of his door being opened. Then it was pulled too. The covers were lifted and he felt her leaning into him.

He rolled over and put his arm around her.



“I love you.”

“Love you too Bell.”



She giggles a bit. He grins shaking his head.

“What is it Bell?”

“Is that a banana in your pocket or are you happy to see me?”



“I’m always happy to see you.” He hints and presses himself more against her.


He pops her on the butt.

“Go to sleep Bell.”

She giggles again.

“Whatever you say Clark.”

Clark shoots up in the middle of the night. He covers his ears the high pitch frequency returning.

“Clark baby…” Bella puts her hands to his chest.

He grits his teeth and pulls at his hair. She quickly turns on the lamp and overlaps him.

“Look at me Clark…”

He’s covered in sweat again. Bella lifts his chin.

“It won’t stop.” He growls.

She presses her forehead against his. He gently rolls her off him. He exits the room and makes his way down the stairs. Bella quickly grabs his robe placing it over her. She rushes out the door following him as he’s heading for the storm shelter. They both see the light cascading through the storm shelter doors.

“Clark!” Bella shouts rushing to his side.

“I knew it!” He paces in a panic.

“It’s the ship!” He comes to his knees.

“It’s calling to me.”

He gets on all fours. Bella quickly crouches down by his side. The lightening scatters across the sky. It begins to downpour.


He locks eyes with her.

“What do I do?!” He looks to her pleading to her.

She swallows back in thought. She turns back to the shed. The light begins to fade. So does Clark’s pain. She takes in a deep breath and wraps her arms around his neck.

“I got you.” She says not even noticing the thunder as it continues to grow.

His arms wrap around her waist.

“It’s going to keep calling until I go to it.”

She nods knowing he was right. She pulls back and puts her hands upon his cheeks.

“Then together… Like we agreed. Next time it calls we get our happy asses down there. I mean it Clark baby you’re not alone in this! You hear me!”

Clark shakes his head and comes to his feet.


“What do you mean no?”

He looks back to the shelter. Bella nervously follows him as he makes his way inside. Bella follows him inside. Clark rips the tarp off the ship and he takes the key out of the ship.

“I just got you back! You almost died. I haven’t a clue what this will do! I’m not taking any risks!”

“Clark that’s the key to your past!”

“I know! But all I’m concerned about is my future! That’s you Bell! You’re my future!” He stuffs the key into his pocket.

“Whatever this is! I’m not allowing it to control me!”
“But Clark!”


“I don’t want to be the one that holds you back!”

Clark shakes his head on this. He grabs her hand pulling her towards him. He kisses her intertwining his fingers within the locks of her wet hair.

“I said together! We both agreed on that. Nothing’s ripping me away from you! Bell I fear that’s what this ships going to do! I can’t have that.”

“What if you’re making a mistake Clark?”

He sighs and looks back to the ship.

“Then it’s my mistake to make. But I can assure you. You Bell are NOT a mistake. You’re the one thing I know I’ve gotten right.”

Clark high fived Bella as she came back down from pulling off a flip. Whitney rolls his eyes.

“Aw, is Whitney all mad I showed him up?” Bella taunts and skates circles around him.

He shakes his head laughing.

“Yeah, yeah we get it.”

“So now how do you feel about girl skaters?”

He’d been mouthing off about how there was no way Bella could pull of what the three of them could. So far she’d topped of everything Whitney dished out at her. He rolls his eyes.

“You know there are such thing as sore winners too.”

Bella laughs and circles him on her board once more.

“You know not all of us can do everything. I’m sure I can dig ya up a ball or something to play with.”

She takes off her ball cap and tosses it Clarks direction. He catches it with a grin. She playfully slaps Whitney’s cheek and skates on through the shop. She steps of her board. And props it up against the wall. Whitney sighs shaking his head.

“How do you put up with that?” Whitney questions Clark.

Clark laughs.

“You have no idea…”

He makes his way into the shop. Bella’s wiping the sweat from her forehead onto a towel. She downs some Gatorade. Clark smacks her on the butt.

“Not very nice Bell.”
“Who said I was nice?”

Chloe enters the shop and Whitney comes up to hug her.

“Ugh sweat much?”

Bella raises her brows on this. Chloe puts up a hand stopping him.

“What Chloe you never sweat?” Bella teases.

“Not like that?”

“Then you’re not doing it right.”

Chloe’s jaw drops and Bella winks. Clark chokes back on his Gatorade. Whitney dies laughing.

“That’s Bella for you. Her day isn’t complete until she makes someone blush.” Pete says bracing his board against the wall as well.

“Damn skippy, finally an end to my sleepless nights.”

Clark wraps his arms around her waist. Then leans into her ear.

“Thought I was the end of your sleepless nights.”

Bella gets a red hue to her face. Clark chuckles.

“Don’t know what you just said to her Clark. But I think we know the one person that can put Bella in her place.” Chloe smarts off.

Bella clears her throat. Then fires back yet again.

“No you’re the reason I have sleepless nights.”

Clark’s eyes widen.

Pete covers his mouth jumping up and down in laughter. Bella pecks Clark on the cheek and walks away.

“She’s a riot today.”

“That she is…” Johnathon pipes up as he enters the shop.

Bella gets this wide eyed look.

“Um hey Uncle John!”

He gives her and Clark a disdainful look.

“Just came by to see how things were going.”

“It’s going good dad.”
“That’s good to hear son.”

Bella softly giggles to herself as she begins to clean up the place. John puts a hand to her shoulder.

“Missed a spot.” He points out on the floor where she’s sweeping.


“Maybe you should be getting more sleep. You’d have noticed that.”

She turns to John in shock. He winks and exits the shop.

“Did your dad just…”

Clark sighs and looks towards the door.

“Yeah… I think so.”

“That’s like…”
“Weird?” Chloe says shaking her head.

“Right?” Bella says with a grin.

They finish closing up for the day and head out. They all head to the Talon and grab a bite to eat. Lana was serving them today. Her eyes were sunken in and she kept quieter than usual.

“You ok there Lana?” Bella questioned softly as she poured their drinks.

“I’m fine.” She forces a smile and takes their orders.

Bella and Clark exchange glances.

“How are you feeling?” Lana asks Bella.
“Much better actually.” Bella answers, but a bit uncomfortably.

She wondered if Lana and Lex was still an item; yet feared to know. Surely, by now Lana was smarter than that. The mere idea made Bella want to vomit. She couldn’t fathom anyone wanting to be with Lex. Especially, someone as pretty as Lana.

Pete groaned out wrinkling his nose. Whitney and Chloe started making out right next to each other. Bella’s eyes widened however, as she noticed the look on Lana’s face. She’d returned with their food. Lana then looked to Clark and Bella as they were holding hands. She starts laughing a bit as she places their orders down. She promptly walks away once she’s done.

Bella sighs and leans back. Clark took notice of this. He put his arm around her and kissed her forehead. After they ate they all went about their way. Bella and Clark weren’t quite ready to go home. When no one’s looking Clark picks Bella up and takes off. They end up in the woods. He places her back down. She leans into his arm as they walk throughout the woods.



“We’re going to be Seniors.”

Clark nods.

“You do realize come September we’ve been dating for a year?” Clark says in thought.

“Easy Clark it’s only June.”

He chuckles.

“Seriously, I think it calls for a celebration.”

“What have you in mind?”


Bella stops as Clark keeps walking. She leans down to get a thorn out of her boot. She quickly jumps back up as Clark yells out. Bella sees him falling through the ground.


She rushes over and she sees the hole in the ground.


Clark comes to his feet and dusts himself off. He looks around realizing he was in a cave of some sort.

“I’m ok Bell.” He calls out, but continues to look around.

Bella takes in a breath of relief.

“Drop down I’ll catch you!”

“Um what?”

“Just do it Bell.”

“Um sure ok…”

She sighs.

“You better catch me!”

He grins.

“When have I not?”

She drops down and Clark catches her. Bella looks around as he places her down.

“Are we in a cave?” Her voice echoes about the area.

She covers her mouth.

“Guess that answers my question.” She says more softly this time.

Clark takes her hand as they walk around.

“Could use some more light.” Bella says running her hand along one of the walls.

The leaves beneath their feet made a crackling sound with each step they took.



They both made a complete circle as they looked around.

“Did you just discover a cave? And in Smallville?”



“You might want to look at this.”

She looks over and sees him running his fingers along an octagon shape in the wall. Next to it the very symbols that were on the key to his ship.

Bella’s heart picked up pace at this. With a quivery hand she too runs her fingers along the area.

“What does it mean Clark?”

“I’ve no idea.”
Clark takes the key out from his pocket.

“You have it on you?”

“I figured it’s safest…” He hints.

Bella thinks back and nods.

“Yeah you’re probably right.”

“What do you think it would do?” Clark says hesitantly holding up the key.

Before either of them can even think. The key flies out of Clark’s hand. Bella and Clark share the same look of disbelief.

“Shit…” Bella says as a light begins to shine around it. The symbols around the keyhole light up. They then begin to rotate. They both look on in utter shock.

“CLARK!” Bella screams out on top of her lungs as the light shoots out and fires directly through Clark.

“NO!” Bella shrieks as he’s lifted into the air.

He grits his teeth and his arms and legs spread out.

“PLEASE!” Bella continues to shout out in full on panic.

After a few more minutes; Clark falls to both knees.

“Clark baby…” Bella says softly.

She makes her way over and puts her hands to his face.

“Clark?” He questions confused.

More panic sets in.

“Yes… That is your name… Clark…”

He narrows his eyes upon her. He moves her hands away from his face.

“My name is Kal-El.”

She takes in a breath. Fear coursing through her.

“Your name is Clark Kent…”

His entire body shudders and he bows over. Clark’s hands go to his gut.


She covers her mouth and drops down to his level.

“I’m right here Clark.”
He looks up to her.

“Bell… that really sucked.”

She laughs in relief and helps him to his feet.

“Man, do I got some stuff to tell you…”

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