Chapter 20 Hell Freezes Over

Chapter 20

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The three of them sit at the table listening to Clark. He tells them everything learned from the cave.

“I come from a planet named Krypton. A planet in which blew up due to the mistakes of the council aka Krypton’s rulers. My biological mother Lara and father Jor-El put me in the ship as an infant. So I would have a chance to survive. Making me the last of my kind my given name was Kal-El. My father was a scientist and my mother was an astronaut. It’s because I was sent to earth that I gained the powers I have. The sun is what feeds me. On Krypton we do not have the powers I do here.”

Bella nibbles on her lower lip in thought.

“So… Your name isn’t Mork?”

He half smiles.

“Fraid not. “

She takes in a breath.

“Kal-El…” She says in thought.

“That’s what you first told me.” She swallows back and her hands shake a bit.

“You didn’t remember me at first Clark. You also didn’t seem to remember being Clark Kent.”

“Yeah sorry about that Bell.”

Bella looked to Clark. She couldn’t help, but to think he looked different somehow; even seemed to act differently.

“I also can read and comprehend the language as well now.”

“Sounds like you two had quite an adventure today.” Martha says looking startled herself.

“Something like that.” Bella remarks still thinking about what she witnessed.

Bella looks over to see Martha wiping her eyes. She couldn’t deny even to herself; she felt the same way. Still Bella kept on a brave face for Clark’s sake.

“But you are an alien…” Bella half teases hoping to break the tension.

“Just as we assumed.”


Johnathon rubs the side of his face with one hand. He then comes to a stand and gets a beer out of the fridge. Bella felt like grabbing one herself and she doesn’t even drink. Not to mention still underage.

“So what now…” Martha’s the first to say.

Bella doesn’t look Clark in the eyes. She was afraid to.

“I’m not sure to be honest.”

“So that was it son? You just fell through the ground. Randomly came across a cave. That happened to have the same key hole the ship did. It flew out of your hand. Now you know your entire history?”

“Something like that.” Clark says with a shrug.

“And you believe all this son?”

“Well I haven’t any reason not to.”

“I guess I’ll be the one that puts it out there then…” Bella says and they each look to her.

“If the cave revealed your history and helped you decipher the language. Then what’s the ship for? I mean did it mention anything about the ship other than what you’ve told us already.”

“Everything I’ve told you is all I know.”
“So they never gave you up like you thought Clark. It was to protect you.”

He nods. Clark reaches out and takes his mother’s hand.

“You’re still my mom and dad. You both raised me. I don’t see you any differently mom.”

She nods wiping her eyes again.

“I know sweetheart.”

The phone rings and Johnathon answers it. He looks to Bella oddly.

“It’s for you.”

Bella comes to her feet and answers the phone. She narrows her eyes and looks to the phone strangely.


“Bella… you might want to come over here.”

“Um what?”
“Look just please walk on over…”

“Um ok.”

The Kent’s cut Bella an odd glance. Bella grabs her jacket.

“Um I guess I’ll be at Lana’s.” She says with a shrug.

“What for?” Clark questions curiously.
“I haven’t a clue.”

Clark sighs.

“Are you sure you should be going over there?”

“I’ll be fine Clark.”

Bella exits the house and walks on over to Lana’s.

“This day just gets stranger and stranger.” Johnathon scoffs taking a plunge of his beer.

Clark nods and comes to his feet.

“Where you going son?”

“Get some fresh air.”

“What about the shop?”

“Chloe and Whitney are running it today.”

He nods.

“Just be careful son.”

Bella knocks on the door. Lana answers it and immediately takes her by the arm dragging her inside.


She leads in her into the living room.

“Ah, there she is.”

Bella looks upon the man. He had a bit of a bot belly. He was a middle aged man with the beginnings of white roots to his hair. He smelled heavy of alcohol.

“Do I know you?”

He smiles and comes to his feet.

“Perry White…” He offers a hand.

“Doesn’t ring a bell.”

“I’m a journalist from X-styles. I’m here to interview you and Ms. Lang.”


The man drops down a couple of magazines.

“I’d come by the other day. But Lana insisted she wouldn’t do the interview without you as well. I figure why not. Kill two birds with one stone this way.”

Bella picks up the magazine. She and Lana were on the cover. It was from the day of the meteor shower. There was a picture of Lana crying during the occurrence. There was also a picture of Bella crawling from the wreckage. Chills filled her spine. She ran her fingers long the magazine.

“This is what you called me over here for Lana?”

Bella shoves the magazines into Lana’s hands. Bella starts out the door.

“Actually, I figured this was the one thing we could stand together on.”

“Just how so?” Bella questions her back turned to them both.

Bella’s eyes widen as she hears the cocking of a gun. She slowly turns. Lana’s aiming a gun at Perry White.

Bella shouts her hair literally stood on end. She swallowed back nervously. Lana starts to cry and her handshakes along the trigger. Perry White raises his hands in the air.

“This guy hasn’t stopped harassing me since he came to town! He wanted to interview you first! When I wouldn’t give out where you lived; he figured out I was the other child! I CAN’T GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT THIS MOTHERFUCKER FOLLOWING ME!”

Bella felt ill. The phantom pained returned to her chest. She put her hand to it in memory.

“Lana… put the gun down.”

Lana shakes her head and wipes her face with the back of her hand.

“Listen to me now…” Bella raises her hands in the air and slowly approaches.

“Come on now lady there’s no need to get all…”

Bella points directly at the man.

“Shut up!” She snaps.

Bella continues to make her way towards Lana.

“This isn’t you Lana. This man isn’t worth your time.”

“Gee thanks kid.”

Bella ignores him and continues towards Lana, her hands unsteady, her body clammy.

“I want to be left alone!” Lana shouts tears coursing down her face.

“I don’t want this shoved in my face anymore!”

Bella reaches out and gently lowers the gun. She pries the gun away from Lana’s hand. She takes out the bullets and places them into her pocket. She then places the gun down on Lana’s mantle. Lana comes to her knees.

“Leave!” Bella demands pointing to the man.

“Not before I call the police!”

He takes out his cell. Bella approaches the man.

“And do what? Say how I was a witness to Lana Lang protecting herself? As far as I can tell you’re on her property. You’ve harassed her to the point where she no longer feels safe.”

He sighs and puts his cell back up.

“It wasn’t my intention to make the young lady cry. I simply wanted to interview the both of you. You both survived such a…”

Bella roughly grabs him by the arm and starts to drag him towards the front door.

“You’ve worn out your welcome. Go back to where you came from.”

He chuckles a bit and takes out a flask. He takes a swig.

“Perhaps I could talk to Ms. Sullivan.”

Bella narrows her eyes at this.

“And what would she have to do with any of this?”

“I must say I’m a fan of her work. Shall I say both of yours to be exact.”
“What are you referring to exactly?”

“The Torch of course.”

“The school paper?” Bella says in skepticism.

“Precisely, seems to be quite a bit to write about. Such a small town as well… She’s even managed to point out the significant. I must say her work tends to outshine yours. You don’t seem near as driven and you always seem to…”


He smiles.

“Work around the actual point. Your work is rather messy.”

Bella rolls her eyes.

“And what would this actual point be?”

“I suppose we’ll never know as long as you keep working your way around it. Why not try focusing.”

“Hmm, I’ll try that; after I work my foot up your ass. Now get lost.”

Bella slams the door in his face.

She makes her way back into the living room. Lana’s laying on the ground in a fetal position. Bella crouches down beside her.


Bella hands Lana a tissue. She sits on the floor beside her. Lana sniffles back.

“I can why he chose you now.”

Bella looks to Lana confused.

“I’ve been awful to you. Yet again who you are… I don’t deserve your kindness Bella. I get why they’re both obsessed with you.”

“What are you talking about?” Bella softly questions.

“Clark and Lex of course.”

Bella doesn’t say anything. She wasn’t sure what to say. She didn’t care to hear Lex’s name however. Bella noticed something else as well. She noticed the huge rock on Lana’s finger. She shuts her eyes for a moment.


“Yes?” She says sucking back a breath.

“Is that an engagement ring?”

She nods.

Bella pinches the bridge of her nose. Full on nausea hit Bella.


“Don’t you even begin to judge me.”

“I wasn’t Lana… It’s just…”
“Just what?”

“You’ve got your entire life ahead of you. We’re going to be seniors. Lana… I mean… At least think about it…”

Lana half laughs and comes to a sitting position.

“Our entire lives huh?”

Bella forces a smile and reaches over. She moves the hair away from Lana’s face.

“Just between us girls Lana…” Bella takes in a breath as she places her hair behind her ears.

Bella hands her another tissue.

“Why Lex?”

Lana looks down to the floor.

“I’m pregnant…”

Bella’s eyes widen. Literal shock hits her like a sack of bricks across the face.

“Um… what?”
Lana twirls the rock on her finger around.


“Jesus Lana…”

“Does he…?”

Lana nods.

“That’s why he gave me the ring. He says he’s not sure when he’ll get out. That once he does we will wed. He will be a proper father to the child; unlike his father. “

“Lana… please just think about what you’re doing.”

“It’s so easy for you isn’t it! The girl that has the perfect man! The perfect life! The girl that does everything perfectly!”

“Lana… that’s hardly true.” Even though she did agree with the perfect man part.

She sure as hell wasn’t about to rub that in. She knew she was lucky when it came to Clark Kent.

“Oh please Bella. You’re the perfect package. The fun, smart, and pretty girl that all guys desire as much as I hate to admit it. You’re also one of the least selfish people I’ve ever known.”

“That’s also not true. I’ve plenty of selfish intentions.”
“That maybe, but you never show it. Like right now. Why are you still here?! Honestly, you could be with Clark right now.”

Bella smiles.

“We may live together, but we’re not connected at the hip.”

Lana manages to laugh.

“Could’ve fooled me.”

“How far along?” Bella hints.

“Three almost four months.”

“So right before…” She hints again.


Shouldn’t this be along the lines of statutory rape? Bella wondered. She thought it was rather sick to be honest. Despite the fact Lana slept with Lex to begin with. The fact that Lex knew he was screwing a high school girl. Not only that, but impregnated her and is to marry her?

“Do you love him?”


“Lex Lana… Do you love Lex Luthor enough to marry him?”

“Whether I do or not… What choice do I have?”

“There’s always a choice Lana. Don’t let Lex make you feel any different.”

“You sound like him you know.”

“Clark. Sometimes when you talk… it’s like hearing his advice flowing from your mouth.”

Bella beams on her words.

“That’s something I take pride in.”

“You should.”

“But trust me I’m not near as noble as Clark. Often enough I’m rather the dark side to our relationship.”

“I hardly call cussing like a sailor a dark side.”

Bella softly laughs and helps Lana to her feet.

“Oh believe me there’s a lot more behind that.”

“You never show it.”

Bella nods taking back a breath.

“That’s because I have the Kent’s to balance me out.”

“You’re lucky.”

“That I cannot deny.”

Bella sits Lana down on the couch.

“Can I get you something? Maybe some water? Decaf coffee perhaps?”

Lana shakes her head. Bella sits across from Lana on an ottoman.

“Lana… just do yourself a favor. You need to really think about all this. This is YOUR life after all. No one should have reins over it. If you wish to take a different direction; I say go for it.”

“You don’t get it do you? I’m pregnant and with a Luthor.”

Bella takes Lana’s hand and looks her dead center in the eyes.

“I was shot and kidnapped… Yet here I am. He’s bad news Lana. Don’t even think for a second that he won’t harm you or this child. Lex has been proven to be unstable. Personally, I think you and the child would be better on your own. It’s time to ask yourself what does Lana Lang really want. Is being a Luthor really in the deck? Sometimes doing what’s easy isn’t the right direction. Sometimes it’s the long road down crazy lane to get where you want in life. It’s bumpy, swerved as hell, bat shit crazy… But often enough the better alternative once things die down a bit.”

“You must think I’m so selfish.”

“Why’s that?”

“With everything Lex has done to you personally. Yet here I am crying you a fucking river…”

“At least you’re not knocking my sense of style or trying to steal my man at the moment.”

Lana half laughs.

“God… I was terrible.”

“Eh…” Bella pinches her fingers together.

“It’s crazy actually, ever since I saw the sonogram. It’s like something in me snapped. To think that I’m going to be responsible for someone else; that I’m going to be a mother.”


Lana lifts her head up.

“Have you known about this the entire time?”

She nods.

Bella winces at this. Realizing just how much this explained.

“So that night you came by the house?”

“Yes… I’m so sorry Bella. I just didn’t want to believe…”

Bella nods.

“Just think about what I said Lana. Don’t make any rash decisions yet. Whatever you do… Watch your back.”

Bella comes to her feet.


She turns facing Lana.

“Thank you.”


“Everything… Maybe if I hadn’t screwed up so bad… you know with Clark and everything else. We’d have might have been friends.”

“It’s never too late to start making changes Lana Lang.”

Bella states and exits the house.

Clark hadn’t returned home last night. The Kent’s figured he needed sometime alone to think about everything he’d just discovered. Bella was sure it was a lot to grasp. She couldn’t even begin to imagine. Bella helps John and Martha with the chores then heads on to open the shop. Before she can even get the key in the door; she hears the sound of a motorcycle pulling up behind her.

Bella turns immediate shock factor hits. He was on a black bike, black leather jacket, black boots, white shirt, blue denim jeans, and black shades.


He grins and hops off the bike. She takes in a breath as he comes right up to her. He picks her up and twirls her around. Clark then pins her up against the skate shop. He grabs her ass and starts eagerly kissing her. Her eyes widen as he’s rock hard against her.

She softly giggles and wraps her arms around his neck.

“Well hello Clark…”

He smiles and takes off his shades. He hangs them onto his shirt.

“Come with me.” He says and starts kissing along her neck and shoulders.

His hands running along her tummy as he lifts her shirt a bit.

“Clark…” She looks around lowering her shirt back down.

“You have any idea how sexy you are?”

She blushes.

He leans into her ear.

“I want you so bad it’s unreal.”

Her heart literally flutters. Bella kisses his lips and heads back towards the shop.
“Let’s have an off day.”

She looks to him oddly.

“We can’t Clark. Chloe and Whitney ran it yesterday remember?”

He grabs her hand pulling her back towards him.

“Come on Bell. Let’s just go. Let’s get out of this town.”

“And go where?”

“Anywhere… Skies the limit. I’ll take you anywhere you want to go!”

“Just hop on.”

Bella looks towards the bike.

“Where’d you get that anyway Clark baby?”

He closes his eyes for a moment.

“God, I love it when you call me that.” He utters with a half growl.

He picks her up and starts kissing her again. He carries her towards the bike.

Clark places her on the seat. He then does something that floors Bella Swan. Clark drops down to one knee.

“Bell… let’s go to Vegas. Let’s get married!” He takes out a ring from his jacket.

Bella covers her mouth. Her mind becomes a tangled mess.

“Married… Like now?!”

He nods with a genuine grin.

“Damn right! Come on… we both know this is what we want. So why hold back?”
“Clark… we haven’t even graduated high school yet.”

He narrows his eyes.

“What difference does it make? I love you Bell! I know you love me. Let’s just do this! Let’s get out of this God forsaken town and get married! I want you to be mine! I want to leave all this behind! Just the two of us!”

“Clark… What about your parents? Our friends?”

“They’ll just have to understand. I say we let nothing hold us back!”

“Clark… You know I want to marry you…”
He starts to put the ring on her finger. She yanks back shaking her head.

“What’s going on in that head of yours Clark baby?”

“You… Screw everything else Bell! I’m not losing you not ever again!” He reaches for her hand again.

“You’re not losing me Clark… Look I want to marry you. One day I will, but like this? Not like this Clark. Something’s not right…”

“What do you mean it’s not right?!”

“You… What’s come over you Clark?”

Chloe and Pete come around the corner at this point.

“What do you mean what’s come over me? I just told you how I felt! Why are you dismissing it?”

“Clark please…”
He shakes his head.

“So you’re not coming with me?!”


“So you just turned me down? I just proposed to you and you’re telling me no! IS THAT IT?!”

“Clark!” Her entire face reddens as people are looking onto them.


He sneers and looks to everyone.

“Why the hell do you care what this stupid town thinks?!’


“Look either you’re coming with me or not!”

“I guess I’m not then…” She says completely heartbroken and confused.

“You never wanted to marry me did you?! Let me guess you’re waiting to see if there are other options?! Maybe someone you won’t have to turn down because, they won’t hurt you like I would.”

Bella’s jaw drops.

“If that’s really how you feel about me; then perhaps we shouldn’t be together after all!”

“You’re kidding me right?”

He half laughs.

“Actually, this is so far removed from even being funny Clark.” Tears begin to run down her face.

“YOU?! You’re breaking up with me?!” He shouts bitterly.

She slaps him across the face.

“There’s your answer!” She snaps and walks away.

Clark hops on the bike and revs the engine.

“SCREW THIS!” He barks directly at her and speeds out of the parking lot.

Bella quickly unlocks the shop and heads straight for the bathroom. She locks the door and a full on anxiety attack hits. She dashes towards the toilet and upchucks.

“Bella…” She hears Chloe outside of the restroom.

“Come on hun let me in.”

Bella forces herself up. She rinses out her mouth and washes her face off. She opens the door.

“Um did I just witness hell freezing over?”

Bella shuts her eyes for a moment.

“Since when do you and Clark EVER fight? Since when do you call it quits?!”

“I can’t believe I did.” Bella says as her entire body quivers.

Her eyes widen and she rushes back to the toilet and pukes again.

“Look why don’t you let me run things today?”

“You did yesterday.”

“So… I’m not up to anything important. Take a break. Get some fresh air. Then go fix things with farm boy.”

“He’ll be fine Bella. I’m sure he just needs some space. We guys tend to do that when we feel pushed over the edge.” Pete says.

After much convincing Bella lets Pete and Chloe run the shop. Bella heads on home. However, things tend to get worse… She could hear John and Martha arguing as she was on the porch. She heard them fighting about Lionel, Lex and something about Clark’s adoption. Bella discreetly stayed within listening range. It seemed she was learning all sorts of new things. Such as how Lionel was the one that helped the Kent’s handle Clark’s adoption procedure. He was now using it over their heads; in order to lesson his son’s sentence.

Once she made out all she needed to know. Bella got back in her truck. She floored it all the way to Metropolis State Penitentiary.

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