Chapter 22 The Sacrifice

Chapter 22

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“Um thanks by the way.”

He chuckles a bit.

“Seriously, who does that?”

She sighs.

“Me, apparently.”

They both look around the cave.

“I wasn’t aware anyone else knew of this place.”

Bella nods and shines the light along the walls. She looks back to the man.
“So how’d you get in here? You know without breaking your legs?”

He merely shrugs his shoulders and smirks.

Bella narrows her eyes upon him.

“Who’s Clark?”

“My boy…” She winces realizing she could no longer claim that.

She sighs.

“A friend.” She hated the word.

It felt like a razor slitting her tongue open as she said it.


She nods.

“Hmm, as I stated before you must have a lot of faith in this friend.”

Bella’s the one shrugging now as she shines her flash light about the inscriptions.

He watches her curiously. He couldn’t help, but to find the girl rather eye-catching. Even if she did seem a bit unbalanced; she was undoubtedly different.

He leans back against one of the walls of the cave watching her with full interest.

“Do you know of the paintings?” He inquires in wonder.

She looks back towards him.

“Um no. Not really.”

He nods and folds his arms about his chest.

“They are done by the Kawatche; I am of the Kawatche.” He makes his way over. He points to a certain area she’s by. They call him Naman the hero and Sageeth the enemy. It is said that Naman will come in a rain of fire. He has the strength of ten men and can start fire with his own eyes. It is said that he’s fated to be with lover of dark hair. One of wisdom, strength, and much beauty. She has the love of ten women and the understanding of a saint.”

Bella swallows back on this.


He nods with a warm smile.

“Our people have been awaiting him for some time. He is the sacred one that is to protect the world in it’s entirety.”
Bella takes in a deep breath on Jacob’s words.

“How does one man protect the entire world?”

“It is amazing what a single man can do; when he knows others stand in his corner. My uncle has been looking for these.”

“Billy Black… He actually knows how to read these better than I can.”

She nods in thought.

“Think he’d read them for me if I asked like really sweetly?”

Jacob laughs.

“One way to find out.”

“How’s that?”

“Come with me.”

She looks back towards the hole.

“And how do we get…”

Before she can finish her sentence he scoops her up and climbs out like it was nothing.

“How did you do that?!”

“This coming from the same girl that just took a leap of faith?”

She blushed a bit. He chuckled.

“Follow me Bella.”

Bella follows him out to a bike. Her eyes widen in thought.

“Um on that?”

He nods.

“You wanted to meet him right?”

She swallows back nervously. Clark burned a hole in her mind. Guilt poured through her. But she wanted to know what those paintings meant.

She nods.

“Ok then you can wear my helmet.”

Bella timidly makes her way over; cursing herself the entire time as she puts on his helmet.

“Hold on.” He says and starts the bike.

They drive a little outside of Smallville city limits. He pulls up to a white house. Jacob takes her hand leading her to the house. He walks on inside with her. She looks to the older man and woman about Jacob’s age nervously. The man was tall and looked a lot like Jake. Only hair was flowing about freely.

“Billy this is Bella. Bella this is my uncle Billy.”

The man holds out his hand and she gives him a firm shake.

“Nice to meet you sir.”

“You two. Now what’s a pretty thing like you doing out with this rambunctious one.”
Jacob sighs rolling his eyes.

“Actually, we met in the caves.” Bella mentions curiously watching his reaction.


“I found them Billy!” Jake says with a hint of excitement.

Billy grins ear to ear.


“Yes sir.”

“Huh… So two great discoveries…” He says winking at Bella.

“And that’s my sister Kyla.” Jacob motions towards the beautiful young girl next to Billy.

She too smiles and offers a hand.

“Bella was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling her what the paintings in the caves meant. I could only decipher a few. It seems she’s taken great interest in our culture.”

“Ah, so she’s smart as well?”

Bella softly laughs.

“I try…” She says with a shrug.

“Please have a seat. It is too late tonight of course. However, yes I would take great honor in helping you.”

“Thank you.”

“Would you like something to drink?”

“No sir. I’m fine thank you. I actually can’t stay very long my uncle and aunt are expecting me soon.”

He nods and Jake looks disappointed.

“Well perhaps we could tomorrow. Do you tend to sleep in?”

“No sir, I live on a farm.” She hints.

He smiles.

“I can imagine.”

“I do have to work tomorrow.”

“Oh and where do you work if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I run the Crow Skate Shop in town.”

Jake looks on with full interest.

“You run that place?”

She nods.

“Huh… I was just there today. Some blonde haired girl and I think her boyfriend was running it.”

“That’d be my friends Chloe and Whitney. We tend to share the load of running it.”

“Cool. You run the park as well?”

He beams at this and motions towards a skateboard.

“Perhaps I’ll pay you a visit sometime.”

“That’d be cool.”

“I suppose I better get you home.”

“Before you drop her off Jake. Give her my number.”

“Yes sir.”

“Call me when you get off work. I’d love to meet you at the caves if you have a chance tomorrow.”

“Thank you!” Bella says with full gratitude.

“No, thank you. It’s not everyday someone actually wants to hear my stories.” He cuts Kayla and Jake a certain look.

They both clear their throats and look around. Bella giggles a bit.

“Well I for one can’t wait.”

“Have a good night Bella.”

“You too Mr. Black.”

“Please call me Billy.”

Jake opens the door for Bella. She’s already heading to the bike.

“If you don’t ask her out I will son.”

Jake’s eyes widen. Billy laughs and Kayla hits him on the arm.
“That’s so gross!”

Billy shrugs and wanders out of the room.

Jake drives Bella back to her truck as she gives him directions. He comes off the bike.

“Like the truck.”

“Um thanks. It was a gift.”

He nods and makes his way over checking it out. He pats it down with his hand.

“Old and sturdy, perfect.”

Bella laughs.

“Dig the bike too.”

“Built it myself actually.”

“You built that?”

He gets a smug grin to his face.

“Sure did.”
He notices a certain sadness in her eyes though as she looks upon his bike.

“Everything ok?”


She clears her throat and opens her truck door.

“Guess I’ll catch you around sometime.”


“It was nice meeting you even if you are a bit crazy.”

Bella smiles.

“You wouldn’t be the first to think so.”

“You take care.” He starts to head back to his bike.

He freezes.

“Oh and Bella?”


“No more random jumps… This Clark nor myself might not be there to catch you next time.”


She watches as he hops on his bike and drives away. She takes in a breath and looks towards the caves again. She’d really hoped Clark was there. Now she had to go home empty handed. The only good thing was at least she found someone that could tell her what it all meant. Yet she was confused clearly it sounded as if Naman was Clark. However, Clark made it clear he was this Kal-El person.

Bella got in her truck and she dialed Clark before heading home. Naturally it went to voicemail.

“Look… Clark please just come home. You’re parents are really worried about you.” She sighs and looks out the window. She pinches the bridge of her nose trying to keep it together.

“So am I. But look if you just come back home. I promise. I’ll keep my distance and respect you wishes. Like I said I’m willing to move out. Just come home…”

She hangs up. She closes her eyes and leans against the stirring wheel she wished she knew what to do. Bella was lost as to what step to take next.

Once she gets back. John and Martha look to her. She cuts them both a disappointed glance. She grabs a bottle of water from the fridge. She sits at the table. Bella grabs the paper. She looked to the headlines of the recent crimes around Metropolis. How they’d skyrocketed within the last few days. Mostly stolen goods all in which the person responsible wasn’t able to be identified. She kept reading along and swallowed back on her water. She shook her head knowing there was no way… It couldn’t be…

She tosses the paper into the magazine holder. John comes up behind her and kisses the top of her head. He pats her shoulder.

“He’ll come home. We just need to give him sometime.”
“Yes I’m sure this break up was hard on the both of you.”

Bella flinches on this.

“Sweetheart that’s not what I meant and you know that.”
“She’s right. Even I can understand why you reacted the way you did Bella. However, I will say this much. I don’t think it’s over between the two of you.”

Martha smiles and makes her way over as well. She sits down.

“These things happen. Who knows maybe it’ll make you stronger?”

“You should have seen his face. I ripped his heart out. He’s not taking me back. Not anytime soon if at all. I just hadn’t a clue how to handle the situation. I honestly didn’t even want to break up with him. It killed me just saying the words. I just felt… Well I felt damn well humiliated the way he went about it all. That’s not exactly my dream proposal.”

John laughs and Martha cuts him a glimpse. He clears his throat.

“I can imagine so.”


Once nighttime hits and the Kent’s are in bed; Bella sneaks into Clark’s room. She looks around and picks up his baseball. Bella sits in his chair and tosses it about in the air. She spins around in his chair. He had a picture of them on his desk. She laughed realizing it was the goofy looking one from the dance.

“Why the hell did you put this one up?” She whispers.

She turns it around however, seeing another picture behind it. Bella curiously takes out the cardboard backing. He heart stops as a stack of pictures drop into her lap and onto the floor. She picks one of them up and sees. It was a picture of her from middle school. She picks up another one to see it was from 4th grade year. Every picture she picked up was of her. The one that got her the most was of one where she was kissing his cheek. She’d never even seen this one. She covered her mouth. He had a big grin on his face they had to of been only 9 or 10. She shut her eyes for a moment.

“Where are you Clark?” She whispered looking out his window.

Tears fled from her eyes as she put the pictures back. Bella made her way to his bed and pulled the sheets up over her head. She leaned into his pillow taking in his scent.

“DUDE! You broke his fucking jaw!”

Clark shrugs.

“Not my problem. Who’s next?”

Clark looks around to the men around the underground fight club. He’d recently joined. He was making bank off these idiots. However, lately he was getting annoyed. Everyone was becoming too frightful to face him. He rolls his eyes as if bored.

“Look you owe me!” Clark demands.

“Sure just go to Hank’s office. He’ll give you what you’re owed.”

Clark nods and barges his way inside. He places his white shirt back on. The guy was screwing some girl on his desk.

“Do you mind?” The guy asks with irritation. The girl does her best to cover herself, unsuccessfully.

“I’m here for my payment.”

Clark winks at the girl and she blushes a bit. The guy sighs and tosses Clark a bag of money.

“No… I mean tonight’s shares all of it!”

“But you didn’t finish!”

“I have no more competitors. Not my problem. We both know I’d lay them all out.”

One of the guys enters the room.

“The son of a bitch broke his motherfucking jaw!”

Clark laughs.

“That’s my brother asshole!”

Clark sighs.

“I want my money and I want it all NOW!”

He picks up the guys couch and tosses it across the room. The girl screams out and takes off running in the buff. Clark gives her the once over and nods. He looks back to the guy with a smile.

“She’s got Tweety Bird on her ass… Cute…”

“That’s my woman you had better watch yourself!”

Clark cocks a brow and picks up the guy by the throat.

“The rest!”

“Jesus kid!” He shoves another bag into Clark’s chest.

Clark drops him where he stands.


Clark walks out of the room, but as he does he smacks the girl on the rear. He heads on home and throws down his keys, jacket and his winnings for the night. He slams his door back and he stumbles back a bit. Clark reaches to his temples and lets out a growl. She kept entering his mind. It wouldn’t stop! He hurried into the bathroom he cut on the sink and scrubbed his face. After he dried it off he looked into the mirror. He flew back in anger.

“Stop…” He says gripping the sink so hard the marble was crumbling.

He smiles into the mirror.

“You are Kal-El. Clark Kent no longer exist.”

He gritted his teeth and ripped his shirt open. He let out a shout. He had grown furious with himself. The inner battle continued.

“I could always rid of the distraction.”

Just as he says this he drops to his knees in pain. He pulls at his hair hating his very existence. He just didn’t understand why or what was happening to him.


Bella wipes the sweat from her brow.

“Why don’t you go on and get ready? I got the rest.” John says looking to the time.

“It’s ok.”

“Bella you’re going to be late.”

She sighs looking to the amount of work John still had to do.

“Don’t do that Bells go on now.”

She nods and pecks him on the cheek. She rushes off and gets ready for work. After she gets showered and dressed. She tries to get ahold of Clark again. Only this time she’s not so nice.

“Ok now you’re just pissing me the fuck off. You wanna go act all childish then fine. I’ll continue to help YOUR parents with the farm. I’ll run OUR skate shop. I never dreamed that you of all people could be such an ASS!”

After she gets into town; Bella slams her door on the way out of the truck. She unlocks the door to the shop and starts to set up. Her cell rings and she answers as she’s setting up the decks.


“Ms. Swan?”


She hears him softly chuckle.

“That’d be me. I got the information you need. I thought that maybe I could bring Virgil down with me in a couple weeks. I could give the file to you then?”

“That sounds perfect.”

“You should know though; I have matters to discuss with you as well on the issue.”

“Oh?” She questions curiously.

“It can wait until then Ms. Swan. For now just keep this between us.”

“You’ve my word.”

“Take care.”

“You too Bruce.”

She wondered what he meant by “matters”. She shrugged her shoulders on this and put her phone into her pocket.

That damn knot yet again formed in the back of her throat. Her eyes felt watery. You’re not going to shed one more tear over Clark Kent! He’s being a righteous JERK and you know it. A few betraying and much heated tears ran down her cheeks despite the fight she gave.


She jumps at the sound of his voice. She quickly wipes her face.

“Are you alright?”

Bella clears her throat.

“Jake… I’m fine.”

He narrows his eyes.

“Are you sure?”
She nods.

“So what brings you here?”

“Thought I’d try out your skate park…” He hints looking towards the exit out that way.

Bella forces a smile.

“Go right on ahead.”

He nods and looks around a bit.

“So when you say run?” He hints yet again.

“I share ownership.”

“That’s like really cool.”

She softly laughs.

“Actually it is pretty awesome.”

He shows her the bottom of his board.

“I needed some more treads too.”

“I can see that.” She grimaced on how bad they were.

“It’s a wonder you can even skate in a straight line.”

“That’s just it. I can’t.”

She shakes her head with a slight grin.

“Hmm, so what brand.”

“What would you suggest?”

She looks to him oddly. She didn’t know of a true skater out there that didn’t have a go to brand. Such as Clark’s was Element. She naturally was more old school and dug the Birdhouse still which nowadays was hard to come by. Jake’s she noticed was Zero. She opened the case and showed him the Zero brand wheels she had.

“Take your pick.”
“Is this the brand you use?”

“Nope, but it’s the brand of your board so I figure it’s best. I wouldn’t go mixing unless you just really want to. She takes out the set she’s currently using. This is my brand.”

He nods.

“Happy with it?”

“I wouldn’t use anything else!”

He smiles.

“Then I want that board and those green wheels.”

She looks upon him oddly.

“I’ve had this board for a few years.” He says with a shrug.

“So you’re just switching brands all a sudden?”

“Not much of a label kind of guy. Just skate to skate.”

She shrugs and reaches up to the reaper bird skull board he pointed out. He genuinely smiles as she hands it over.

“Anything else?”

He gives one more sweep over of the place.

“That’s it.”

She rings up him and he pays.

“Now I’ll have backups.”

She smiles again and watches as he heads out to the park. Bella tiredly rubs her face. She hadn’t really been sleeping well. That and she were having the worst nightmares about Clark. A couple hours had passed she was surprised that she’d managed to sell a few more boards. The park she noticed was growing more popular. Jake came back into the shop covered in sweat.

“Take it you enjoyed?”

“It’s pretty cool I must admit. A lot of work went into that.”

Clark’s doing so yeah… She thought, but didn’t comment.

“Might be more fun if you could join me one day. Like to see what moves you got.”

“Perhaps when I get some time.”

She hands him a towel.


“I got some water or Gatorade on the house of course.”

“Actually I’d take a date.”

She goes to laugh until she realizes he’s dead serious.

“Did you say date?”

He nods.

“I’d like to take you out sometime.”

“Jake… I’m sorry. You seem like a really nice guy…”

He sighs.

“That’s about what I figured… so what’s the but?”

“Even if he doesn’t deserve it at the moment. My heart rather belongs to someone else.”

Jake looks to her bewildered.

“So you have a boyfriend?”

She takes in a breath.

“No. Not anymore.”

“I’m afraid I’m lost.”

“You’re not the only one.” She admits with a scornful expression.

“It’s that friend of yours… Clark huh?”

Just hearing his name coming from someone else’s mouth felt like a sting. She simply nods. He half laughs.

“I should have known. The way you jumped in that cave yesterday. That didn’t seem like you expected any “friend” to catch you. I could tell I caught you way off-guard.”

“You could say that.” She confesses.

“So what’s the problem if you don’t mind me asking.”

“Yeah why aren’t you two together. He’s gotta be crazy if he’s…”

She quickly interrupts.

“I dumped him.”

Jake’s eyes widen.


“Yeah not my finest moment, but in all fairness. He wasn’t exactly acting like Prince Charming either.”
“Is that what you’re into?”


“Prince Charming?” He taunts with a smile.

She softly laughs and feels herself blushing a bit.

“Actually far from it.” She sighs thinking of how to describe Clark.

Pete comes in and looks to Jake and Bella oddly.

“Like I said Jake I’m sorry, but my heart wouldn’t be in it. That wouldn’t be fair to either of us.”

He nods, but truly looked disappointed. He forces a smile.
“Worth a shot.”

He grabs his things and starts for the door.

“I almost forgot…” He makes his way back and hands her his uncle’s number.

“He said anytime you’re ready just to give him a ring.”

“Thanks Jake!”

He nods again.

“See ya around Bella.”

He exits the shop and Bella sighs. She couldn’t believe he asked her out. Truth of the matter was she didn’t want to date anyone. All she could think about was Clark. Pete looks out as the guy hops on his bike.

“Clark would be kicking himself about now.” Pete comments knowing damn well what that was all about.

Bella sighs with a broken look about her face.

“I seriously doubt that. He won’t even answer my calls.”

“None of this even sounds like him Bella.”

“I know…”

“I’m heading to Metropolis. Just came by to see if there was anything you needed?”

“I think I’m good, but thanks Petey.”

He shrugs.

“You sure?”


“Ok well I’ll see you later.”

She waves him off.

After her shift Bella closes up and heads on to the caves. She was about to call Billy once she got there, but she saw they were already inside.

“Hello?” She called out.

She heard Jake chuckling.

“Drop on down Bella I got ya!”

She takes in a breath.

“Um ok…”

She jumps in and he catches her.

“How do you all get down here?” Jake places her down.

Billy points to a new entrance way Jake had found. She looks to Jake accusingly. He rubs the back of his neck nervously.

“He just likes catching you.” Billy says with a shrug.

Jake pinches the bridge of his nose. Bella noticed Kayla was also there; as she started laughing. She couldn’t get over how the three of them seemed rather unusually attractive; even Billy for his age.

Billy begins to tell the story of the skinwalkers. Human’s that can transform into wolves at will. He lets it known that this place is known the Kawatche Cave and that it goes throughout the underground of Smallville. He tells her more about Naman and how he will one day save the world from his brother Sageeth’s destruction. Not a single thing he read said anything about about what Clark had told them. She continued to listen to his story and took great interest as he decoded the paintings for her. She couldn’t help, but to find beauty in the art their ancestors had left behind. Once he’s done she turns to them.

“So you really believe there are men that can turn into wolves?”

The three cut each other certain glances. Jake clears his throat and pipes in.

“It’s just a legend Bella.”

She sighs as if disappointed.

“Do you know how cool that would be though?”

Billy grins on this, but doesn’t comment.

“Wouldn’t that mean that your ancestors were skinwalkers?”

Jake nods.

“Wow…” She says in thought and runs a finger along one of the paintings of a wolf.

She frowned realizing it was about to be dark that and the Kent’s were soon to worry.

“I had better get back I suppose. Thank you so very much Billy.”

He beams as he continues to walk around. He takes off his black cowboy hat.

“It was a pleasure Bella.”

She and Jake nod towards one another.

Bella exits the cave and Jake takes in another disappointed breath of air.

Pete walks past one of the bars as he was heading to the theater. However, he came to a complete stop. Pete turned in sheer disbelief.


Pete looked around the area. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Clark had some girl pinned up against the building of the bar. He was heavily making out with her. Pete shakes his head and grits his teeth. He taps him on the shoulder.

“What the hell are you doing Clark?”

“Can I help you?”

He sarcastically questions and goes back to kissing the young Asian girl.

“Clark, think about what you’re doing now buddy. If a certain person happened to be seeing this…” He hints.


Pete couldn’t believe how Clark was acting.

“Jesus… so what this is middle school all over again? You honestly think I’m going to stand here and watch you destroy Bella Swan all over again?!”

Clark growls under his breath.

“Clark is dead. Now leave me the fuck alone! I’m busy.”

Pete had never heard Clark cuss like that before. He was thrown completely for a loop.

“I can see that. Busy ruining a good thing you didn’t even realize you had. Everyone back home is worried about you. I mean honestly Clark what would you think if things were the other way around. Bella’s been beside herself. So are your parents. Everyone’s been freaking out with worry. Yet here you are sucking face with some girl whos name I doubt you even know.”

Clark rolls his eyes.

“Don’t need to know her name.” He says slyly and the girl drops her jaw insulted.

“Oh hush…” Clark hisses at her.

She slaps him and walks away. Clark turns back to Pete.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“Nah, Clark what the hell are you doing?! Just imagine if it weren’t me, but Bella that walked by. You’d never have a chance with her again! She’s always been in your corner Clark! Always and this is how you repay her? And your parents? That’s pretty jacked up. You don’t even know a good thing when you got it.”

“You want her so bad why don’t you date her?”

Pete smiles.

“Fine… I just might… I’d kill to have what you had Clark.”

Clark roughly grabs him and slams him back against the wall. He grits his teeth and goes to punch him. His fist is right at Pete’s face. His entire face turns red as he forces his fist back.

“Pete…” Clark says in a different matter that catches Pete’s full attention.
Clark gasps out and looks to his fist as though confused.

“Pete… I…” He shakes his head as though frightened out of his mind.

He pulls at his hair and paces the area in front of Pete. Clark suddenly grabs a nearby Patio table. He tosses it through another nearby building across the street. Pete’s jaw dropped.

“Clark?!” He utters astounded by what he’d just witnessed.

He turned back however, to see Clark was gone.

Bella reaches into her pocket she answers her cell; as she’s doing the dishes.



“Um hey we need to talk…”

Bella dries off her hands.

“Ok shoot.”

Bella listens to everything Pete says. Only he left out the part about Clark making out with some other girl. He knew Clark wouldn’t stand a chance if she found out. Bella shuts her eyes and her heart pivoted in her chest as he got to the part about tossing the table across the street into another building. Pete kept going on about how he couldn’t believe it. Pete expresses the potential danger letting her know she shouldn’t go alone.

Just as Pete’s telling her the story. John and Martha turn on the news. It was talking about another robbery taking place. They still claimed that no one was ever seen. They went on about how fast everything took place. Like a gust of wind passing by them. Suddenly they’d look over and something would be gone. Big things too such as beds and couches even. There was only one person she knew of that could pull off such a stunt. Her hands balled up into fists. The three of them looked upon one another already knowing who it was. John looked to the ground closing his eyes for a moment. Martha covered her mouth with tears rolling down her face.

However, Bella…

She was downright pissed the fuck off. Bella grabbed her jacket and without another word she darted into the loft. She grabbed the meteor rock. She stuffed it into her pocket. Bella dashed out into the storm shelter. Something within her ignited. She ripped the tarp off Clark’s ship. She placed the key inside. The ship didn’t even react. Still she pointed directly at it.

“Tell me how! How do I help him?! PLEASE! Cause I seriously doubt this rock alone is going to do the trick. DAMMIT TELL ME SOMETHING ANYTHING!”

The ship comes to life and she jumps back shielding her eyes.

“Who are you?”

“Bella Swan!” She hollers over the sound of the ship.

A gust of wind blew about the shelter as it began to hover off the ground. Slight fear came over her, but she stood her ground.

“How dare you come to me with such disrespect!”

Bella swallows back nervously. Her heart raced. Still she didn’t back down. Bella finds herself being lifted into the air by a beam of light.

“Please I mean no disrespect. But Clark… he needs our help. Please tell me how to help.”

“My son needs to come into terms with his fate. I cannot help him otherwise.”

“Fate what fate?”

“That is between my son and I. In fact you seem to pose a threat to his future. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t end the threat right here?”

She sighs.

“You must be Jor-El.”

“That does not answer my question.”

“Because he needs me and you know it! I can help him if you’d just let me! Give me something anything in which I can bring the Clark I know back!”

“Would you be willing to sacrifice anything for my son?”

“Yes sir anything. I just wish to help him. He’s not himself. He needs guidance. He’s always been there to guide me and others. It is only right that for once he has someone in which to help him as well. He can’t be expected to do this all alone.”

“Would you be willing to give your own life in order to save his?”

Bella takes in a breath and tears stream down her face.

“I’d do anything for your son Jor-El. Whatever it takes I will accept my fate.”

“Very well… I shall grant you this in exchange. In the long run it is what is best after all.” Jor-El states with assurance.

Bella’s slammed back against the wall. The meteor rock in her pocket explodes. She screams out as the light from the ship pierces through her entire body. She felt as though she were being burned alive. John and Martha overhear this from the house and rush out towards the shelter.

Bella’s arms and legs were forced apart. Her screams came to a stop and her body began to hover into the air. Her head swayed about.
“You will have full Kryptonian power now. You’re to bring me back my son. Once you’ve both returned; your purpose will be considered already served. Do we have an understanding?”

Her heart sank at his words.

“Perfectly sir.”

Clark tosses his keys onto the counter like usual. He takes off his jacket and throws it on the floor.

“And how was your day… Clark baby?”

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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the free one


Rickie Bansbach - fanfiction and stuff

Brookie Twiling's Books

Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan

An Awkward Elf

Fanfiction by Cuinawen

Missrissa81's Blog

This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

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Wordpress Whisperer!

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